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Bom Amhurst, Mass., Nov. 24, 18S2; dau. Prof.
Richard H. and Elizabeth (Carmlchael) Mather;
mem. for two years of class of IS^A In Smith
Coll. ; m. June 1, 1885, Prof. Williston Walker;
children: Amelia, b. 1894; Elizabeth, b. 1902.
Pres. Woman's Congregational Home .Missionary
Union of Conn.; pres. Oonn. Soc. Colonial Dames
of America; mem. New Haven Colony Hist. Soc,
Soc. for New England Antiquities, Order of
Colonial Governors, Consumers' League, United
Workers of New Haven (ex-pres.) Anti-Suffrage
League of Conn. Clubs: Our Society, Fort-
nightly, Saturday Morning (assoc. mem.), Lawn
(New Haven). Congregationalist. Against wo-
man suffrage.

WALKER, Auielia Himes (Mrs. Robert Hunt
Walker), 25 W. Chase St., Baltimore, Md.
Born New Oxford, Pa. ; dau. William A. and
Katharine Wirt (Gitt) Himes; grad. York Col-
legiate Inst., '98; Swarthmore Coll., A.B. (Kappa
Kappa Gamma); m. New Oxford, Pa., June 4,
1910, Robert Hunt Walker; one son: Talbott
Hunt. Interested in charities pertaining to chil-
dren; mem. Board of Managers of Friends
School, Board of Managers of Hollywood Summer
Home for Children. Favors woman suffrage;
mem. Just Government League, Equal Suffrage
League of Md. Mem. Society of Friends. Recrea-
tions: Slnein£ for charitable entertainments.

athletics of all kinds, tennis, horses for driving
and riding. Mem. College Club.

WALKER, Anna Williams (Mrs. John C,
Walker), J84 Pleasant St., New Bedford, Mass,
Business woman, cashier; b. Grosvenordale,
Conn., July 17, 1865; dau. Joseph Cady and Marj
(Hutohins) Williaaus; ed. Wellesley Coll., B.A.
'87 (five-year musical course, class of '86) ; m.
Concord, N.H., Dr. John C. Walker (deceased);
one datrghter: Ruth Williams Walker (deceased).
Has been interested in the humanitarian move-
ment for the last 20 years; started a league in
the Bertshlres with another Wellesley girl and
has the Animal Rescue League started in New
Bedford. Has written for the papers on humani-
tarian subjects. Unitarian. Mem. Wellesley
Alumnse Ass'n, College Settlement Ass'n, Inter-
national Sunshine Soc, Mass. Anti-Vivisection
Soc. and many other societies. Was teacher prior
to marriage; sent West by Wellesley to an
academy; taught in Chicago, Wisconsin and New
England; preferably Greek and literature. Fa-
vors woman suffrage. Recreation: The woods.

WALKER, Bene Maude, 46 Gramercy Park,

N.Y. City.

Editor; b. Newtonville, Mass.; dau. Joseph and
Sarah L. (Monlton) Walker; ed. public schools
in Western Mass. and private school, Cambridge,
Mass. Associate editor of the Bookseller, News-
dealer and Stationer (semi-monthly) since 1901;
compiler and editor of Persian poets; cc-ealtor
(with Nathan HaskiU Dale) Encyclopedia Ameri-
cana, 1903; compiler Handy Book of Cards and
Games, 1S07; contributing editor to the Authors'
Press under Rossiter Johnson and The World's
Best Fiction; contributor to newspapers; short
stories to magazines, etc.

WALKER, Bertha Elizabeth (Mrs. Samuel J.

Walker), 670 Lincoln Parkway, Chicago, 111.

Bom Germantown, Pa., 1867: dau. Joseph Frai-
ley and Harriet Louisa (Hinckle) Smith; ed.
Mrs. Howell's School, Philadelphia; Smith Coll.;
m. Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 1894, Samuel J.
Walker 2d; children: Samuel Johnson 3d, b. 1895;
Helen Louise, b. 1896. Favors woman suffrage.
Episcopalian. Mem. Acorn Club (Philadelphia),
Woman's Athletic (Hub, Onwentsia Country Club,
Scribblers' Club, Saddle and Cycle Club (Chicago).

WALKER, Cinderella Dalrymple (Mrs. Silas
Elsworth Walker), 14 Water St., Warren, Pa.
Born Warren, Pa.; dau. Richard William and
Sarah J. (Kitchen) Dalrymple; ed. Warren pub-
lic schools, Chamberlin Inst., Randolph, N.Y. ; m.
Aug. 29, 1878, Silas Elsworth Walker; children:
Richard O., Ross A., William A., S. Eleanor.
Regent of Gen. Josepli Warren Chapter Nat. Soc.
D.A.R. Mem. Presbyterian Church and asso-
ciated societies. Associate society and city im-
provement editor of Warren Evening Times, of
which husband is editor and proprietor. Pres-
byterian. Mem. of all societies associated with
church, W.C.T.U., Civic Improvement League;
ex-offlclo chairman of all committees, Park Im-
provement Fund, which has been undertaken by
Gen. Joseph Warren Chapter D.A.R. ; mem. Blue
Stocking Club (federated), Warren Outing Club
and Outing Club Corporation, Woman's Club (in-
corporated) ; ex-pres. Y.W.C.A.

WALKER, Emily Talbot (Mrs. Cyrus Walker),
1901 Jackson St., San Francisco, Cal.
Born East Machias, Me.; dau. William Chal-
oner and Sophia Gleason (Foster) Talbot; m. San
Francisco, Apr. 30, 1885, Cyrus Walker of Wash-
ington; children: Talbot Cyrus, Emily Pope.
Episcopalian. Mem. Colonial Dames, Soc May-
flower Descendants, D.A.R., Daughters of
Colonial Governors. Mem. Francesca Club,
Town and Country Club, San Francisco Golf and
Country Club, Menlo Country Club of Red-
wood, Cal.

WALKEB, Emma Elizabeth, Osborn Hall, 426

E. Twenty-sixth St., N.Y. City.

Physician; b. Springfield, Mass.; dau. Worth-
Ington Henry and Elizabeth (Crossette) Walker;
ed. Smith Coll., A.B. '87; Johns Hopkins Med.
School, M.D. '98. Assistant surgeon to the
Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled. N.Y. City;



lecturer. Author: Beauty Through Hygiene;
Pretty Girl Papers, also numerous contributions
to medical and secular magazines. Mem. N.Y.
Acad, of Med., Am. Med. Ass'n, Med. Soc. of
N.Y. Co. and State, Women's Med. Soc. of N.Y.
State and City, Am. Soc. of Sanitary and Moral
Prophylaxis, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnje, Alum-
nae Ass'n of Smith Coll., Alumni Ass'n of Johns
Hopkins Univ., Pen and Brush Club, Smith Coll.
Club of N.Y. Recreation: Poultry farming. Epis-

VVAXKER, Ethel Hornlck (Mrs. William Wal-
lace Walker), 68 W. Fiftieth St., N.Y. City.
Actress; b. Virginia City, Nev. ; dau. Peter
August and Honoria (Grier) Hornlck; graduated
from Emerson Coll., Boston, Mass., May, 1897;
m. Sioux City, Iowa, June 28, 1904, Dr. William
Wallace Walker. Made debut with Augustin
Daly Company, Aug. UL 1897, at StraUord-on-
Avon, England, as Celia In As You Like It, with
Ada Rehan; with Lyceum Stock Company, Nov.
22, 1S98, in Trelawney of the Hills, John Ingle-
field and Maneuvers of Jane, under Daniel FYoh-
man; Dec. 31, 1900, In Eknpire Stock Company
Under Charles Frohman in Mrs. Dane's Defence,
The Wilderness, etc.; in 1903 with John Drew In
Captain Dieppe.

WALKER, Evelyn, 119 Park St., Brookllne,


College registrar; ed. In Mrs. Qulncy A. Shaw's
School and Miss Brown and Miss Owen's School,
Boston, and Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '01. Rec. sec.
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1897-98 and 1903-(>4; mistress
of Denbigh Hall, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1898-01; sec.
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1904-06; ass't sec. Miss Mary
P. Winsor's School, Boston, 1906-10; registrar
Simmons Coll., Boston, since 1910.

WAT.KETt, Harriet Grangrer (Mrs. Thomas B.

Walker), 803 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis, Minn.

Born Brunsiwick, Ohio, Sept. 10, 1841; dau.
Fletcher and Fanny (Granger) Hulet; ed. Bald-
win Univ., Berea, Ohio; m. Berea, Dec. 19,
1863, Thomas B. Walker; children: Gilbert, Julia,
Leon, Harriet, Fletcher, Willis, Clinton, Archie
(fifteen grandchildren). Thirty-seven years ac-
tively engaged In reformatory work for women.
In Sisterhood of Bethany of Minneapolis, Minn.,
ind pres. of Bethany Home. Thirty years pres.
North-western Hospital for Women and Children;
vlce-pres. Y.W.C.A. ; mem. Needlework Guild.
Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church.

WAJ.KER, Margaret Burt Gardner (Mrs. Frank
Bliss Walker), 162 York St., New Haven,

Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 16. 1860; dau. David
Pierson and Susan (King) Gardner; ed. Brooklyn,
N.Y., public and high schools; m. Brooklyn, Apr.
27, 1892, Frank Bliss Walker. Pres. EHm City
Branch of the Universal Sunshine Soc. (New
Haven); mem. Board of Managers of Visiting
Nurses' Ass'n, Board of the Organized Charities.
Favors woman suffrage; vice-pres. Woman's
Political Union of New Haven. Universalist.

WALKER, Margaret Coulson, 8th St. and Clin-
ton Av., Das Moines, Iowa.
Author; b. Tyler County, W.Va.; dau. Thomas
Mifflin and Louise (Davenport) Walker; ed. Des
Moines (Iowa) public schools and Callanan Col-
lege. Author: Our Birds and Their Nestlings,
1904; Lady Hollyhock and Her Friends, a Book
of Nature Dolls and Others, 1906; Bird Legend
and Life, 1908; Tales Come True, and Tales
Made New, 1910. Mem. National Geographic
Soc, Iowa Press and Authors' Club, Woman's
Professional Club of Des Moines, Iowa.

WALKER, Mary Adelaide (Mrs. Barbour
Walker), National Cathedral School, Mount
St. Alban, Washington, D.C.
Educator; b. Savannah. Ga., Aug. 2, 1866; dau.
Colonel St. George and Josephine (Baynard)
Rogers; grad. Teachers' College (Columbia
Univ.). B.S. '04; Columbia Univ., M.A. '06;
widow; one daughter: Barbour. Principal of the
Nat. Cathedral School for Girls since 1906. Prot-
estant Episcopal. Mem. Arch^ological Inst, of
America, History Teachers' Ass'n of Middle
States and Maryland.

WALKER, Marj Cynthia, 9 Llvermore Road,

Wellesley Hill, Mass.

Born Union Square, Oswego Co., N.Y., Dec. 22,
1861; dau. Avery Skinner and Rosanna (Baldwin)
Walker; ed. high school, Spencer, Mass.; Wel-
lesley Coll., A.B. '83; attended lectures at Univ.
of London in connection with graduate work.
Teacher Spencer (Mass.) High School; teacher
Wheaton Sem., Norton, Mass.; Royal Normal
Coll. for Blind, Upper Norwood, England. Held
various local and district offices of Louisiana
W.C.T.U. (two years president). Member of
Mass. Suffrage Ass'n and Eva Club, New Or-
leans, La. Congregationalist. Mem. D.A.R.,
Soc. (Colonial Families, New Elngland Historic-
Genealogical Soc, Soc. for Preservation of New
England Antiquities, La. Historical Soc, Miss.
Valley Historical Ass'n, Ass'n 0>llegiate Alum-
n£e, Nat. Geographic Soc. Recreation: Garden-
ing. Mem. College Club of Boston, Mass. Has
traveled extensively in the United States and
abroad five times.

WALKER, Minnie Lola Royse (ICrs. Guy Mor-
rison Walker), 301 W. 106th St., N.Y. City.
Born Paola, Kan., June IS, 1869; dau. Isaac
Henry Clay and Sarah (Jackson) Royse; grad.
Ann Arbor (Mich.) High S<Aool, '87; De Pauw
Univ., A.B. '90, A.M. '93 (Kappa Kappa Gamma);
m. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 15, 1891, Guy Morri-
son Walker; children: Merle Royse, b. Sept. 28,
1892; Ray Mattox, b. Apr. 9, 1895. Author:
Kappa's Record, a handbook of the Kappa Kappa
Gamma fraternity, 1903; pres. N.Y. Alumnae
Ass'n of Kappa Kappa Gamma; also Nat. Alum-
nae officer. Mem. Daughters of Indiana. Mem.
Methodist Episcopal Church. Recreations: Auto-
moblling, collecting. Favors woman suffrage.
WALKER, Nellie V., 6016 Ellis Av., Chicago.
Sculptor; b. Red Oak, la.; dau. E. A. and Jane
(Lindsay) Waiker; ed. with Lorado' Taft and at
the Art Inst, Chicago. Mem. Chicago Soc. of
Artlata, Western Soc. of Artists, Nat. Sculpture
Soc, D.A.R., The Little Room.
WALKER, Susan Baldwin (Mrs. Jason Walk-/
er), P.O. Box 333, Memnhls, Tenn.
Teacher; b. Council Bluffs, la., Dec. 25, 1860;
dau. Caleb and Jane (Barr) Baldwin; musical
education at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music,
1878-84; m. Council Bluffs, 1885, Jason Walker;
children: Caleb Baldwin, Marguerite, Jason,
Charles. While In Ky. was active in establish-
ing the Pattie A. Clay Infirmary, being pres. of
the ass'n and board for seven years; organized
several music clubs; originated and executed
plan which resulted in tbe Memphis Symphony
Orchestra. Favors woman suffrage. Presby-
terian. Mem. D.A.R. ; mem. Board of Manage-
ment of the South for Promotion of Opera in
English, Nat. Fed. of Musical Clubs, Sherwood
Memorial Ass'n. Mem. Woman's Club of Cen-
tral Ky., . Beethoven and Nineteenth Century
clubs (Memphis), Berwyn Music Club. Occu-
pies time In the competitions for. Am. composers
by the Nat. Fed. of Music Clubs; has been
chairman of this committee for six years.

WALL, Louise Herrick (Mrs. Francis R. Wall),

2728 Haste St., Berkeley, Cal.

Magazine writer; b. in the Bronx, Westchester
Co., N.Y., Jan. 4, 1866; dau. James Burton and
Sophia Mcllvalne (Bledsoe) Herrick: ed. chiefly
by mother, who was 30 years on editorial staff of
Century Magazine, N.Y. City, and by private les-
sons and tutors, and travel In America and
Europe; m. 1889, Francis R. Wall, formerly offcer
U.S.N. , now lawyer in San Fianclsco. Began
writing for publication in St. Nicholas, Harper's
Young People, etc., at age of 18; went West In
1889; literary editor of Portland Oregonlan for i
years, and at same time and later occasionally
contributed to the Critic (N.Y. CItv), Atlantic,
the Century, McClure's, Harper's Weekly, etc.
Won two $500 prizes in competitions (one In col-
laboration with husband). Wrote article Heroic
San Francisco, during the great Are (Century
Magazine, Aug., 1906). Writer of articles on the
State of Washington in Atlantic Magazine and
short stories In other magazines. Edited: Win-
ning Equal Suffrage In California, 1913. Helped
organize California Civic League and was vice-


pres and mem. first B'd of Directors of its San T., Olive S., Helen T. George F Taught three

FYancisco Center; active in its non-partisan, ed- years in Titusville High School, Latm and Ger-

ucational and civic work. Favors woman suf- man, 1874-77. Presbyterian. Mem. Nat. Soc.

;raee and was active worker in securing it in New England Women, Colony No. 2; Buffalo

California Voted for President Wilson. Recrea- Chapter Nat. Soc. D.A.R., Buffalo Genealogical

tions: Mountaineering on horseback, tennis. Soc. Recreation: Genealogical Research.

When husband went back to navy for Spanish- WAXLACE, Grace Seccomb (Mrs. Frederic

American war in 1889, went East, studied at William Wallace), 996 Hillside Av., Plainfield,

Harvard and In Aug. volunteered to work under n.j.

Miss Helen Gould in harbor hospitals in New gorn Brooklyn, N.Y.; dau. Edward A. and
York; lived in Bedloe's Island Hospital; organ- Mary (Turner) Seccomb; ed. Farmington, Conn.,
ized and ran diet kitchen there and supplied (mjss Porter's School); m. Washington, Conn.,
nurses and drugs to that and other hospitals ggpt. 9, 1896, Frederic William Wallace (Yale
until Dec, 1898. After the earthquake m San .gg) . children: Edward Seccomb, Elizabeth Hale,
Francisco, organized and ran diet kitchen in Frederic William Jr., Mary Sumner, Grace Sec-
temporary hospital at Univ. of Cal. for refugees comb 2d. Favors woman suffrage; mem. E}qual
from fire in San Francisco. FYanehise Soc. Presbyterian; mem. of Crescent
WALLACE, Adelle Lackey (Mrs. James Strong Av. Church of Plainfield. Mem. Farmington Soc.
Wallace), Clayton, III. WALLACE, Helen Peters (Mrs. Charlton Wal-
Teaetier of music; b. Clayton, 111., June 27, lace), 507 Madison Av., N.Y. City; summer,
1870- dau Abel M. and Rhoda E. (Ausmus) Shippan Point, Stamford, Conn.
Lackey; ed. Clayton High School, Knox Con- Born Buffalo, N.Y., June 27, 1875; dau. G.
servatory Galesburg, 111.; Quincy (111.) Con- Moore Peters, LL.D., and Mary (King) Peters;
Bervatory' of Music; private instruction in Chi- ed. Miss Nourse's School, Cincinnati, Ohio; Miss
cage- m. Clayton, 111., 1909, James Strong Wal- Gerrish's Collegiate School for Girls, Englewood,
lace ' Active as an influence for progress along N.J. ; Vassar Coll., A.B. '97; m. Cincinnati, Ohio,
musical lines; organizer and instructor Ladies' Dec. 19, 1899, Dr. Charlton Wallace; children:
Glee Club; mem. Clayton Woman's Reading John Moore, b. 1901; Charlton Jr., b. 1904.
Club Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. Director Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupation;
.„• J«- .^-K. -KM. 1, *!, TT„i,.»,.=,t^- -.<■ rhir-^.-n mem. Nat. B'd Y.W.C.A. Favors woman suf-
"w^o III Uni^ersitj o. Chi^.^o, ^^^^^ Baptist. Mem. Women's University Club.

D^aT of' Junior colleges; b. Santa Fe da Bogota, WALLACE, Louise Baird, Constantinople Col-
Polombia, S A 186G; dau. Thoir^as Freeman and lege, Constantinople, Turkey.
Martha (Torrance) Wallace; lived in Colom- Prof, of biology in Constantinople College; b.
b'a until 1874 then came to U.S.; grad. Welles- Newville, Pa., Sept. 21, 1867; dau. William Lock-
lev BS '86-' fellow 1892-93; reader in Spanish, hart and Elizabeth (Riddle) Wallace; grad. Mt.
3893 H- Unlv of Chicago grad. work: in 3co!e Holyoke Coll., A.B. '98; Univ. of Pa., A.M. '04,
fles " Hautes' Etudes, College de France, Ph.D. '08; special studies in Marine Biological
1897 Dean of women Kno2 Coll., Galesburg, Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., summers 1891-
Ti\ ' 1894 96- since 1S97 'instructor and ass't prof. 1903; Zoological Station, Naples, Italy, 1901.
French literature also since 1905 dean in the Ass't in zoology, Smith Coll., 1896-99; asso.
iunlor colleges Univ of Chicago. Was head of prof, zoology, Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1899-1912;
Beecher House, University of Chicago, 1893-1909; since 1912 prof, biology and dean of faculty in
received from 'French Government decoration of Constantinople Coll. (formerly called Am. Coll.
Ofiicier d'Academie; fellow Internat. Inst., for Girls), Constantinople, Turkey. Author of
Madrid 1910-11 Favors woman suffrage. Author: monographs: The Structure and Development of
Qniith 'American Republics, 1894; La Perfecta the Axillary Gland of Batrachus (Journal of
Canada 1°02- A Garden of Paris, 1911; Mark Morphology, VIII. 3); The Germ Ring in the
Tw'ain 'and' the Happy Island, 1912. Mem. Drama Egg of the Toadfish Batrachus tau (Journal of
Tpneup of America the Little Room Club, Fort- Morphology XV. 6), The Accessory Chromosome
i'ft.htiv riuh in the Spider (Anatomischer Anzeiger, XVIII.
niBuu> »^iuu. ^ „ , ^ 1. T XT 13-14); The Loermatogenesis of the Spider (Bio-
WALLACE, Ellen Alfleda, Manchester N.H logical Bulletins, Vol. VIII.), The Spermato-
24''l^'3-1aiVmu'nd''RTnXt^L°dMa^'jX- l^^-^)"' ^'"^'"' "'"" (Zoological BuUeUn,

!i?erS^et^^^'7^ Wo'=man?"Hed?'c^ll.''orrY'! WALLACE. Lulu Norvell (Mrs. John T. Wal-
InKry for Women and Children, M.D. '85; lace). Kingsbury Apartment, 501 Clara Av.,
Kt'^^raluate study in^^Y-CU, 1885-87. Ass't St ^^ou.^ Mo._^^^ ^^^ ^^^^
physician i° N^^' . ^"^J^°i?'J ^ftv Mission until C. and Sarah (Saunders) Norvell; ed. Mary Inst.,
m^-'^n.rth'en'p acUsing''-Jt MaLhelte?? J^h! St. Louis, Mo.; m. (1st) St Louis, Jan. 27. 1886,
isai, si'i'^ ^"'*"^';'5„i3„ tnTUTancbester Children's Rivers B. Meriwether; children: Susan Men-
Has served as physcian to Manchester cm^^ wether Bougher, b. Feb., 1887; Elizabeth Meri-
Home; Physician to W.aT.U_ Mercy no^nenom McLure, b. Oct., 18S8; m. (2d) John T.
1890; consulting physician and pr^ Wallace. Mem. St. Louis Woman's Club, the
^'■^'rS^^°rp.SnceSoO mem board of mT^^^ Wednesday Club. Recreations: Reading, travel-
^hLer m^rict^rsfng ?ss™n; ^^^^^^^^^^^ ing. Presbyterian^ Favors woman suffrage;
Fourth Fnt^rnational Congress on School Hy- mem. the Woman Suffrage League,
eiene State sup't of Health and Heredity of W'ALLACE, Margaret Stirling:, Ludhiana. Pun-
W C T U for many years, doing important work jab. India.

bv organizing writing and lecturing on the Physician; b. Brantford. Can.. Oct., 1869; dau.

manv ways of 'preventing disease; was originator Robert C. and Agnes (McLaren) Wallace; ed.

nf Health Day for N.H. (first in country, but Essex High School; Toronto Normal School;

now contemplated by other States); one or Women's Med. Coll., Toronto; M.D. CM, Trinity

nioneers in work of preventive medicine. Mem. Univ., Toronto. Med. Missionary in Honan,

Am Med Ass'n N H. Med. Soc, New Englana China, 1898-1900; served In British Naval Hos-

Hoqnital Mtd Ass'n, Hillsboro County Med. Soc, pital in Wei Hal Wei during the Boxer trouble

WCTU n'h State Fed. of Women's Clubs, iu 1900; then went to India for two years to

Florence " Ni'^htingale Club. Mem. and active Canadian Mission Hospital (Presbyterian) at

worker In First Congregational Church of Man- Indore; in 1908 returned to India as prof, of

rhp^ter N H medicine In Woman's Christian Med. Coll.,

cueai.-'-i, i>- • Ludhiana Punjab. Taught in Toronto public

WALLACE Eanme Seymour ^are (Mrs. j ^^ p^^^rs woman suffrage. Pres-

George Addison Wallace), 345 l^atayette av., ^^y^gj-jg^^

Tercher-^'^Niagara Falls, Dec. 1. 1852; dau. WALLACE, Neil Robinson (Mrs. .John H. Wal-

leacner D. J*^^^ ^^^ ' Helen A. (Turner) lace). 1015 S. Twelfth Av., Birmingham. Ala.

Ware ed " Buffalo State Normal School. 1874 Born Benton Ala. Nov. 13 l{,b9; dau. John

(v^lfxiictorian) • m. "ntusville, Pa., July 17, 1877. William and Mary (May) Robinson; ed. public

George Addison Wallace, M.D.; children: Charles schools of Alabama; received second honor-s on



graduation from Birmingham High School; m.
New Castle, Ala., Sept. 21, 1887, John H. Wal-
lace; children: Alethea, John H., Hunter, Wil-
liam, Lucile. Pres. Paul Hayne School Improve-
ment Ass'n, when settlement work was started
there. Pres. Edge wood Club two years; has been
associated with several philanthropic interests.
Favors woman suffrage; charter mem. of Equal
Suffrage Ass'n of Birmingham. Occasional con-
tributor to magazines. Mem. Central School
Improvement Ass'n, Creche Soc. Recreations:
Reading and travel.

WAXLACE, Nina Egrgrleston (Mrs. William S.

Wallace), Brookfield, Cook Co., III.

Born Pecatonica, 111., June 11, 1874; dau. Wil-
liam Marvin and Mary Ellen (Caswell) Eggles-
ton; ed. In high school and private instruction in
music and art; m. Chicago, 111., July 3, 1897, Wil-
liam S. Wallace; one daughter: Florence Eggles-
ton, b. Feb. 2, 1308. Has assisted in giving Chi-
cago destitute children outings in the country;
has contributed to the Welfare League of Chi-
cago; also interested in destitute families in con-
nection with church work. Baptist. Mem. Muni-
cipal Art League of Chicago, Ladies' Aid Soc.
Recreations: Out-door life, painting, music.
Charter mem. Woman's Club of Brookfield, 111.
(federated) ; served three years as art delegate to
the Municipal Art League of Chicago; mem.
Magazin-e Club of Congress Park, IlL, a literary

WALLIN, Mathilda K., 78 Park Av., N.T. City.
Physician; b. Upland, Sweden, July 4, 1858;
dau. P. Erik and Maria K. (Hanson) Wallin; ed.
public school and by private instruction. Royal
Gymnastic Central Inst., Stockholm; Woman's
Med. Coll. of N.Y. Infirmary, M.D. Pres.
Woman's Med. Ass'n, N.Y. City, 1912-13; attend-
ing surgeon N.Y. Orthopedic Hospital and Dis-
pensary; attending orthopedist N.Y. Infirmary
for Women and Children. Has written papers on
medical subjects. Mem. N.Y. Acad, of Medicine,
Am. Med. Ass'n, N.Y. State and County Med.
Soc., Woman's Med. A^'n of N.Y. City, Woman's
Med. Ass'n of N.Y. State, Am. Soc. for Sanitary
and Moral Prophylaxis, Am. Physical Education
Ass'n, Swedish Ass'n of Gymnastic Teachers,
Scandinavian Am, Ass'n, Woman's University
Club (N.Y. City), N.Y. City Fed. of Women's
Cluibs. Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage;
mem. Collegiate Equal Suffrage League, Nat.
Woman Suffrage Ass'n, Women's Political Union.

WALONGTON, Nellie Umer (Mrs. Charles May
Wallington), 34 Hancock Av., Tonkers, N.Y.
Jourralist, lecturer; b. Cincinnati, O., Feb. 13,
1847; dau. David and Anna Jane (McCrackin)
Urner; ed. Cincinnati public schools; Woodward
Coll. (mem. Woodward Alumni of N.Y. City);
m. Aug. 22, 1893, Charles May Wallington. By
first husband, Webster K. Setzler, whom she
married May 1, 1877, had three children: Maude
Eloise, Frederick EVavld (deceased), Earle Urner
Setzler (civil engineer, N.Y. City). Interested in
varied educational, social and philanthropic work
of the Episcopal Church. Author: Historic
Churches of America; American History by
American Poets; A Year Book of American His-
tory; most widely known lecture. Forgotten
Footsteps of Notable American Women. Mem.
Woodward Club of N.Y., Chevaliers of St. John.
Protestant Episcopal. Antl-suffragist

WALLI8, Ella May (Mrs. S. R. Wallis), Miller,

S. Dak.

Born Baltimore Co., Md., Dec. 23, 1869; dau.
Frank B. and Louise Christine (Smith) Stritch-
off; ed. public schools of Md. ; received diploma
from Baltimore State Normal School; m. Jar-
rettsvllle, Md., July 22, 1902, Dr. S. R. Waliis,
prominent physician; children: Dorothy Evelyn,
Samuel Reasin, Kenneth Dallam. Prior to mar-
riage was active educator in Maryland, and was
especially active in W.C.T.U, work, also the E<p-
worth League Work of Maryland. Methodist.
Mem. Missionary Soc, Eastern Star Lodge,
Helen Hunt Jackson Club; mem. State Fed., hav-
ing served in various offlrc^; served as chairman
dep't of civics and in the lecture course work
several years. Favors woman suffrage.

WAXLIS, Katherlne Ellzabetli, 61 Boulevard St.,

Jacques, Paris, France.

Online LibraryJohn W. LeonardWoman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915 → online text (page 259 of 293)