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Bept 18, 1890, Edward GUes Wlckwire (grad.
Bacon Acad., Colchester, Ck>nn., descendant of
John Wlckwire, soldier in King Philip's War,
and brother-in-law of John Winthrop of Conn.);
children: Mary (student Washburn Coll.), b.
July 6, 1891; Edward Giles (student Kansas
Univ.), b. Feb. 13, 1893. Active In social, re-
ligious, literary, musical and philanthropic
work; 10 years choir director of Presbyterian
church; pres. Seventh Dist. Kansas Fed. of
Women's Clubs, 1910-12. Favors woman suf-
frage. Pres'byterian. Progressive Democrat.
Recreation: Auto touring. Mem. Portia Club,
Clara Schumann Music Club, Cooking Club,
Chautauqua Study Circle.

WLDMEB, Kate Webb (Mrs. Joseph C. Wldmerj,

265 W. Elghly-first St., N.Y. City.

Born Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 19, 1864; dau.
Joseph PaJeman Webb, M.D., and Amelia Ernst
(Wells) Webb; ed. Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. Pitts-
burgh, Dec. 4, 1884, Joseph C. Widmer; children:
George Ellis, Gertrude. Lived in Louisville, Ky.,
ten years. Interested in mountain schools of
Kentucky. Mem. Woman's Municipal League,
Soc. of Ky. Women In New York (pres. two
years). Colonial Dames, Mary Washington Col-
onial Chapter D.A.R. (treas.). Cavendish -Whist
Club. Recreation: Whist.

WIDTSOE, Leah Eudora Ihuiford (Mrs. John A.

WIdtsoe), College Hill, Logan, Utah.

Born Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 24, 1874; dau.
Dr. A. B. and Susa (Young) Dunford; ed. Univ.
of Utah; grad. Normal Course (valedictorian) '96;
Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, 1896-97; Brigham Young
Univ., B.Pd., '98; m. Salt I>ake Temple, June 1,
1898, John A. Widtsoe; children: Anna G., b.
April 2, 1899; Karl Marselius, b. Nov. 27, 1903,
Leah Eudora, b. July 4, 1912. Head Domestic
Science Department, Brigham Young University,
1897-98; lecturer on home economics at farm-
ers' institutes, etc., under auspices of Utah
Agricultural College, 1900-05 (at occasional
times). Officer at various times In Young
Ladies' Mutual Improvement Association; vice-
pres. Second Internat. Congress of Farm Women.
Favors woman suffrage. Author of numerous
articles on domestic science and home Improve-
ment subjects, chiefly In journals of Utah: Labor-
Savicg Devices for the Farm Home (circular
No. 8, Utah Experiment Station). Latter Day
Saint (Mormon). Mem. Am. Home Economics
Ass'n. Recreations: Theatre, travel, tennis, out-
door camping. Mem. A^lcultural College
Woman's Club, etc.

WlKGAJfiD, Maude Cipperij (Mrs. Karl McKay

Wlegand), Wellesley, Maas.

Instructor In botany, Wellesley Coll.; b. Rens-
selaer Co., N.Y., Jan. 8, 1879; dau. John Vernon
and Mary L. (DeForoet) Cipperley; ed. at Emma
Wlllard School, Troy, N.Y.; Cornell, 19i>l: Cor-
nell Univ., B.A.; university scholarship (Sigma
XI, Wayside Club); m. Troy, N.Y., Aug. 21 1906.
Asff-t in botany, Wellesley Coll., 1905-06; ass t In
Cornell Summer School in botany, 1905; ins'.ruc-
tor In botany, Wellesley Coll., 1907—. Favors
woanan suffrage.

WIEK, Eva Amelia, Carrlngton, N.Dak.

Bom near Fort Dodge, la., Sept. 21, 1868- dau
Adolphus William and Elizabeth (Greenside)
Wier; grad. Bachelor of Didactics, Iowa State
Normal School. '88; Univ. of Mich., A.B. 'b6;
State life diploir.a in Lnglish (for Mich.;, Univ!
of Mich. Has taught seven years in grade and
high schools. Active in Christian Ehideavor and
Junit-r Scxiieties, and with Women's Missionary
Societies, with some travelmg work in connection
with such interests; V.W.C.A. work in N.Dak ;
has done public speaking before State and district
conference and pitrlor meetings. Favors woman
suffrage. Congregationalist.

WIGAXU, Adeline Albright (Mrs. Otto C.

Wlgand;, ]ii4T Broadway, N.Y. Cilv.

Artist; b. M?tiison, N.J.: dau. James and Mary
(Ward) Albright: ed. Nat. Acad, of Design: Art
Students' League of N.Y.; Acadfimie Julian,
Paris, under Bougeurcau and Fleury; m Cedar
Rapids, la., 1890, Otto C. Wigand. Awarded the
Burgess prize of Woman's Art Club of N Y
1905; the Simpson pri:'.e. 1909; Watrous prize,'
1910; the Shaw memorial prize, Nat. Acad of
Design, 1909; John G. Agar prize, 1912. Mem
Woman'? Art Club of N.Y. Presbyterian. Favors
womian suffrage.

WIGGIN, Kate Douglas (Mrs. George C. Riggs)
145 W. Fifty-eighth St., N.Y. City, and '-Quill-
cote," Hollis, Me.

Author; b. Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 28 1859-
dau. Robert N. Smith, lawyer, and Helen e'
(Dyer) Smith; ed. in common schools and in
Abbott A.jad., Andover, Mass.; received from
Dartmouth Coll., 1906, honorary degree of Lift D
borne by only one other woman (Sarah Orne
Jewett); m. (1st) 1880, Samuel B. Wiggiu lawyer
of San Francisco (died 1889); m. (2d) 1S95, George
C. Riggs of N.Y. City. Went to Calitornia to
study kindergarten methods, and with her sister
Nora Archibald Smith (q.v.), organized in 1.S78
the Sliver Street Kindergarten in San i^rancisco
(first ffee kindergarten on the Pacific Coast), and
in 1880 they organized the California Kindergar-
ten Training School; after marriage gave up
teaching and removed to the East. Began liter-
ary work in 1878 with a short serial story, "Haif-
a-Dozen Housekeepers." Author (pen-name
"Kate Douglas Wiggin"): The Bird's Christmas
Carol, 1888; The Story of Patsy, 18S9; A Summer
In a Cafion, 1SS9; Timothy's Quest 1S90- A
Cathedral Courtship, 1893; Marm Lisa 1S94- The
Village Watch Tower, 1S94 ; Nine Love Songs and
a Carol, 1896; Penelope's Pi ogress, 1S9S; Pe-
nelope's Experiences in England, Ireland and
Scotland, 1901; The Diary of a Goose-Girl, 1902;
Rebecca of Sunnybro&k Farm, 1903; The Affair
at the Inn (in collaboration with other writers)
1904; Rose o' the River, 1905; Chronicles of Re-
becca, 1907; The Old Peabody Pew, 1907; Susunna
and Sue, 1909; Polly Oliver's Problems, li)97-
Mother Carey's Chickens, 1910; The Story of
Waitstlll Baxter, 1913. She is also author of the
successful play, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Fai-m,
1910. Joint author (with her sister, Nora Archi-
bald Smith): The Story Hour, 1900; Children's
Rights, 1892; Froebel's Gifts, 1895; Kindergarten
Principles and Practice, 1896. Editor (with Nora
Archibald Smith): Golden Numbers, a Book ol
Verse for Youth, 1902; The Posy Ring, a Book of
Verse for Children, 1903; Pinafore Palace Rhyme?
for the Nursery. 1904; The Fairy Ring, 1906;
Magic Casements, 1907; Tales of Laughter, 1908;
Tales of Wonder, 1909; Arabian Nights, Their
Best Known Tales, 19u9; Hours with the Fairies
1911; Talking Beasts, 1911. Mem. Pen and Brusl
Club, N.Y. City.



WIGGINS, Inez Iconise, permanent address,
Warsaw, N.Y. ; temporary, 63 MaccuUoch Av.,
Morristown, N.J.

Teacher; b. Warsaw, N.Y., Sept. 4, 1877; dau.
John Wesley and Mary Silence (Skinner) Wig-
gins; ed. Warsaw High School, Smith C!oll., A.B.
'01; Cornell Univ., A.M. '07; Cornell Univ. grade
work, 1909-10; Univ. of Paris, winter of 1912.
Teacher of English in high school, Albion, N.Y.,
1904-06; teacher in French and German in Uni-
versity Preparatory School, Ithaca, N.Y., sum-
mer, 1909-10. Congregationalist. Favors woman
suffrage. Democrat.

WIGHT, Hariott Barrington (Mrs. George Rich-
ards Wight), Larchmont, N.T.

Born Sydney, N.S., Jan. 14, 1856; dau. John
Carter and Helen (Pooley) Barrington; ed. Syd-
ney, N.S., in private schools; m. Halifax, N.S.,
July 8, 1886, George Richards Wight; one son:
Barrington Wight, b. Dec. 4, 1887. Protestant
Episcopal. Mem. Nat. Arts Club. Against
woman suffrage.
WILBER, Sarah S. (Mrs. Henry J. Wllber), San

Diego, Cal.

Born Marion, Ind. ; dau. David S. and Jane
(Baldwin) Stanfield; ed. Albion (la.) Lutheran
Coll.; m. Marshalltown, la., July 20, 1869, Henry
J. Wilber; children: David S., John L., Myrtle
M., Alvin E. Vice-pres. Needlework Guild of
American (San Diego branch). Interested in civic
improvements; pres. Mothers' Club of San Diego,
Point Loma Assemhly. Unitarian. Favors
woman suffrage. Progressive.
WTLBOUK, Linda Olney Hathaway (Mrs.

Joshua Wilbour), Bristol, R.I.

Born Smithfield, R.I., Sept. 7, 1844; dau. Will-
iam Henry and Fanny Esther (Arnold) Hatha-
way; ed. high school, Pawtucket, R.I., and
Canada Eastern Sem. (grad.); m. Pawtucket,
R.I., Sept. 25, 1865, Joshua Wilbour (banker of
Providence, R.I.; died 1902). Hon. vice-pres.
D.A.R., Chapter No. 162; vice-pres. Mary Wash-
ington Memorial Ass'n; mem. R.I. Soc. Colonial
Dames of America, Society of Colonial Govern-
ors; mem. Crown of America, No. 5; charter
mem. College Women's Club of N.Y. City; Wash-
ington Club, Washington, D.C.; R.I. Historical
Soc, Huguenot Soc., Soc. of the Daughters of
Founders and Patriots of America, Descendants
of Runymede Ancestry (Sayer de Quincy and
Hugh le Bigod ancestors). Episcopalian. Favors
woman suffrage.
WTLBUB, Frances M. (Mrs. George Browning

Wilbur), 29 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass.

Born Clinton, Me. ; dau. Charles Henry and
Mary M. (Lewis) Decker; ed. Clinton (Me.)
Acad.: m. Lewiston, Me., Oct. 14, 1884, George
Browning Wilbur. Recreations: Motoring, yacht-
ing. Unitarian.
WILCOX, Alice Blythe Tncker (Mrs. George

Wilcox), Stratford, Conn.

Born Owen Sound, Can.; dau. William Henry
and Mary Ann (Blythe) Tucker; ed. by private
tutors and in Owen Sound High School, Toronto
Univ., B.A. '96, M.A. '97; studied in Chicago
Univ., Columbia Univ. and Oxford, England; m.
1907, George Wilcox; one daughter: EHzabeth.
Dean of Adelphl Coll., Brooklyn; prof. English in
same until marriage. Now lecturer at Brooklyn
Inst, and for N.Y. Board of Education. Inter-
ested in girls and talks before many girls' clubs.
Contributor to current magazines. In 1912 pub-
lished series of articles in Toronto Saturday
Night under general heading Worth While Peo-
ple I Know. Mem. N.Y. branch Toronto Univ.
Alumnae Ass'n, Women's University Club, N.Y.

WILCOX, Alice Hard (Mrs. Asa Steams Wil-
cox), 627 E. Seventeenth St., Minneapolis,


Born Pittston, Pa., Dec. 16, 1863; dau. Bradford
Campbell and Helen W. (Johnson) Hurd; ed.
Watkins (N.Y.) Acad.; Central High School,
Minne-apolis, Minn., and Univ. of Minn. (mem.
Kappa Kappa Gamma) ; m. Minneapolis, Nov. 9,
1887, Asa Stearns Wilcox, M.D. ; children: Helen
Hurd (died Nov. 14, 1907); Stearns Wilcox. Char-
ter mem. Woman's Club of MinnearwHs. Favors

woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. Clio Cltib
(history study).

WILCOX, Alice Wilson, 56 Alumni Av., Provi-
dence, R.I.

Instructor; b. Providence, R.I., June 25, 1871;
dau. Charles Field and Lucy Wilson (Smith)
Wilcox; ed. Vassar Coll., A.B. '94; Brown Univ.,
A.M. '09; Univ. of Chicago, fellow, 1900-02.
Teacher of science in secondary schools, 1894-96;
teacher of biology, Vassar, 1896-1900; Instructor
in zoology, Wellesley, 1902-05; instructor in
biology. Brown Univ. Women's Coll., since 1906.
Mem. Am. Home EiconomicB Ass'n, Am. Ornith-
ological Union, Audubon Soc. of R.I., Brown
Univ. Teachers' A^n, Consumers' League ct
R.I., Healtii Education League (Boston), Marine
Biological Ass'n of Woods Hole, Mass. ; Soc. for
Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis, Nantucket
Maria Mitchell Asa'n, New England Home Eco-
nomics Ass'n, Diet. Nursing Ass'n, Nat. Child
Labor Com. Favors woman suffrage. Baptist;
mem. Women's Baptist Foreign Missionary Soc,
Y.W.C.A. Mem. Associated Alumnae of Vassar
Coll., Afis'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Sigma Xi.
Author: Locomotion in Young Colonies of Pec-
timatella Magnifica (Biological Bulletin).

AVILCOX, Ella Wheeler (Mrs. Robert M.

Wilcot), The Bungalow, Granite Bay, Short

Beach, Conn.

Author; b. Johnston Center, Wis., 1855; ed.
Univ. of Wis.; m. 1884, Robert M. Wilcox. Edi-
torial writer and contributor to N.Y. Journal and
other Hearst papers and publications. Many ol
hw poems have attained great popularity in the
U.S. and England. Author: An Ambitious Man;
A Double Life; Drops of Water; Sweet Danger:
Was It Suicide?; Efvery Day Thoughts; Poems ol
Passion; Maurine; Poems of Pleasure; Three
Women; KingdcHn of Lore; Men, Women and
Emotions; The Beautiful Land of Nod; Poems ol
Power; Around the Year with Ella Wlieeler Wil-
oox (birthday bock); A Woman of the World,
1904; Posms of Sentiment, 1906; New Thought
Common Sense and What Life Means to Me; The
Love Sonnets of Abelard and Keloise; Poems ol
Progress and New Thought Pastels, 1909; Sailing
Sunny Seas, 1910.
WILCOX, Frances Gertrude Scott (Mrs. Walter

S. Wilcox), Bucknell Academy, Lewisburg, Pa.

Born Allenwood, Pa., Dec. 17, 1877; dau. Amoa
and Hannah (Huston) Scott; ed. Bucknell Univ.,
Sc.B. (mem. Delta Delta Delta); m. Lewisburg,
Pa., Mar. 22, 1896, Prof. Walter S. Wilcox. Bap-
tist, Pres. Bucknell Alumnae Club; mem. Lewis-
burg Civic Club. Favors woman suffrage.
WILCOX, Grace Kumsey (Mrs. Ansley Wilcox),

641 Delaware Av., Buffalo, N.T.

Bora Buffalo, N.Y. ; m. Buffalo, N.Y., Nov. 20,
1883, Ansley Wilcox (prominent lawyer); chil-
dren: Cornelia (now Mrs. Henry A. Bull), Fran-
ces (now Mrs. Thomas F. Cooke. It was in
their house, as guest of her husband, that Theo-
dore Roosevelt, then Vice-President, took the
oath of office, Sept. 14, 1901, as President of the
United States, after the death of President
McKinley. Mem. Twentieth Century Club.
WILCOX, Marion Lawall (Mrs. W. W. Wilcox),

Walden, Orange Co., N.Y.

Born CJatasauqua, Pa., Jan. 22, 1872; dau. Jacob
S. and Anna Catiierine (Buss) Lawall; ed. Cen-
tenary Collegiate Ins-L, Hackettstown, N.J.; Vas-
sar Coll ; Univ. of Berlin; Bryn Mawr; m.
Catasauqua, November, 1897, Rev. W. W. Wil-
cox; children: William, Frank, Helen, Donald.
Favors woman suffrage. Methodist. Mem.
Woman's Club of Walden, N.Y.
WILCOX, Mary DeVol (Mrs. William Craig

Wilcox), Iowa City, la.

Bora Canandaigua, N.Y., Aug. 12, 1866; dau.
Allen Potter and Sarah Frances (Bullard) DeVol;
ed. Smith Coll., A.B. '88; graduate study Univ.
of Iowa; m. Glens Falls, N.Y., July 1, 1895, Will-
lam Craig Wilcox (now dean Ck)!!. of Liberal
Arts, Univ. of Iowa); children: Blaise DeVol, b.
Apr. 24, 1896 (died June 28, 1899) ; Albert Craig, b.
Oct. 14, 1898. Taught seven years; Glens Falls
(N.Y-.1 Acad., 1888-89; Hornell (N.Y.) High School,
1889-93; Omaha (Neb.) High School, 1893-95. Vice-



pres. Icrwa branch Ass'n of Ollegiate Aiumnae,
1906-08; interested and active in local cliarlty
work. Mem. King's Daughters. Congregational
Woman's Board of Missions of the Interior (pres.
Iowa Branch since 1907), N.N. Club (local literary
club). Congregatlonalist.

WILCOX, Mary Xaul (Mrs. Paul Wilcox), Sun-
set Av.. Montclalr, N.J.

Bom Omaha, Neb., June 25, 1862; dau. William
Garrison and Ella A. (Dare) Maul; ed. private
schools in Chicago; m. Omaha, Neb., 1884, Paul
Wilcox (now deceased); children: Harold. Gladys,
Paul Jr. Interested in local charities. Mem.
Civic Soc. Mountainside Hospital Auxiliary, Po-
rosis (N.Y. City), Interrogation Club (h local
llteraiy club). Congregatlonallst. Opposed to
w&niaa suffrage.

WrLDE, Laura Haldah, Lake Erie College,
PalnesvUle, Ohio.

Minister, college professor; grad. Smith Coll.,
B.A. '93; Hartford Theological Sem., B.D. '96.
Sec. Y.W.C.A., Lincoln, Neb., 1896-97, nat. sec.,
1897-1900; sec. Toledo (Ohio) Y.W.C.A., 1900-01;
licensed, 1897, ordained, 1901, minister of Con-
gregational Churc-h; pastor Congregational
Church, Lincoln, Neb., 1901-05. Prof. Biblical
literature, Doane Coll., Crete, Neb., 1905-10;
teacher at large Univ. of Neb. ; prof. Lake Erie
Coll., Painesville, Ohio, since 1910. Mem. Smith
College Alumnse Ass'n.
AVILDEB, Charlotte Frances (Mrs. Georee

Carter Wllderl, Manhattaji, Karu
Author; b. Templeton, Worcester Co., Mass.;
dau. Elijah Felt and Hannah (La-wrence) Felt;
granddaughter of Lieut. Samuel Felt (Minute
Man at Lexington, afterward under Gen. Stark
at Bennington); grad. from high srfiool in
Mass.; m. Lancaster, Mass., (Seorge Carter
Wilder, lawyer arnl Judge of Probate; children:
George Francis (died 1870); Adelaide Frances
(Mrs. Sawdon), b. 1877, now of Ithaca, N.Y. ;
Josephine Hannah (Mrs. McCallough), b. 1879,
now of Delavan, Kan. For several years taught
private classes in English literature. Has serveu
as pres. of Dorcas Society; has been active in
the Topeka Branch of the Woman's Foreign
Missionary Soc., and was Its pres. 1895-1902;
mem. Woman's Kansas Day Soc, Domestic
Science Club of Manhattan, Kan. (pres. 1907-08);
Nat. Household Economic Ass'n (v. -p. for
Kan. 1892-1902); served seven terms as sec. Social
Science Club of Kansas and Missouri; has
served as vice-pres. and chairman Literature
Com. Kan. State Fed. of Women's Clubs.
Author: Land of the Rising Sun, 1877; Sister
Ridenour's Sacrifice, 1883; Polly Button's New
Year ("Worth While" series), 1892; Entertain-
ments (with Elizabeth Ciampney), 1879; CJhrist-
mas Cheer in All Lands, 1905; Mission Ships,
1904; Easter Gladness, 1905; The Child's Own
Book, 1910; The Wonderful Story of Jesus, IMl;
contributor to Youth's Companion, Philadelphia
Press, Christian Union (Outlook), New York
Independent, Methodist Review, etc.; editorial
work on the Central Christian Advocate. Metho-
dist (many years teacher of large Bible class).
Mem. Authors' League, Kansas; Woman's Press
Ass'n, Kansas State Historleal Society.
WILDER, Eaia Caroline Abbot (Mrs. Artlrur

Silas Wilder), Box 70, K.F.D., Sterling Juao-

tlon, Mass.

Former school principal; grad. Smith Coll.
B.A. '89; m. Aug. 9, 1908, Arthur Silas Wilder;
children: Florence Caroline, b. Aug. 3, 1&J9;
Katharine Abbot, b. Aug. 9, 1901; Frank Harris,
b. Apr. 26, 1903; Edrwin Arthur, b. Mar. 13, 1906;
Anna Hale, b. Jan. 14, 1909. Principal of Br»wer
(Me.) High School, 1889-90; siibstitute teacher of
chemistry, Mt. Holyoke, 1891; principal Peters-
boro (N.H.) High School, 1891-95; ass't in Eng-
lish and modem languages, Sanborn Sem., King-
ston, N.H., 1896-96; principal Sterling (Mass.)
High School, 1896-98. Mem. Smith College
Alumnae Ass'n.
Wn.DER, Inpz Whtpple (Mrs. Harris H.

Wilder), Smith College. Northampton, Mass.

Teacher and Investigator In zoology; b. Dia-
mond Hill, R.I., 1871; dau. Eliab D. and Sarah
(Wheaton) Whipple; grad. Brown Univ., Ph.B.

1900; Smith Coll., A.M. '04; m. Boaton, Mass.,
190«, Prof. Harris H. Wilder. Instructor In
zoology. Smith Coll., since 1905. Has written
various articles in anatomical and zoological
pertodlc&ls on The Mammalian Chirldium and on
ArrKphibian Life History and Anatomy, also book:
Laboratory Studies in Mammalian Anatomy, also
various reviews. Mem. Am. Soc. of Zoologists.
Recreations: Canaping, traveling. Unitarian.

WILDEB, Kate Selby (Mrs. Frederic H.

Wilder), 1119 Fourth Av., South, Fargo, N.D.

Born MeadvUle, Pa., Jan. 23, 1876; dau. William
A. and Adella (Wat£on) Selby; ed. Grand Forks
(N.Dak.) High School (class pros.); m. Grand
Forks, Oct. 8, 1501, Frederic H. Wilder. Taught
school for one year; chief clerk in Reigister of
Deeds offloe In (Jrand Forks Co.; mem. Board of
Florence Orittenton Home; pres. Fortnightly for
two years; pres. School Center at Longfellow
School, Fargo, N.Dak.; woman State chaiiiu.-in
for Progressive Party; pres. 15th Dist. W.C.T.U.
of N.Dak.; press sup't for State W.C.T.U.; mem.
Y.W.C.A., Woman's Union of the Congregational
Church, Young Woman's Guild, Order of Eastern
Star (past matron). Fortnightly Club. Congrega-
tlonallst. Favors woman suffrage; sec. N.Dak.
Votes for Women League.

WILDEB, Mary Field (Mrs. Burt Green Wilder),

Sl£isconset, Mass.

Born WeJlesley, Mass., 1852; dau. Lucius and
Mary B. (Thomas) Field; ed. Wellesley High
School, Framlngham Normal, Mt. Holyoke Coll.;
m. June 11, 1906, Prof. Burt Green Wilder of
Cornell Univ. Teacher in public and private
schools; private teacher. Interested in settlement
work, peace arbitration. Mem. Peace Soc, Eimer-
College Club, Washington Club (Washington,
D.C.). Unitarian. Favors woman suffrage;
mem. of Suffrage Club. Republican.
WILDEB, Mrs. 8. Fannie Gerry, 2 Everett St.,

Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Writer; b. Standish, Me.; dau. Rev. Edwin
Jerome Gerry (pastor for 25 years of Hanover St.
Chapel, Boston) and Sophia Jane Gerry; ed.
Bowdoln Grammar School, Cambridge (Mass.)
High School and Charlestown High School,
Boston. For several years on reportorial staff
of the Jamaica Plain News; writer of short
stories ptibllshed in various magazines. Author:
Story of a Useful Life, 1887 (memoir of her
fathert; Boston Girls at Home and Abroad, 1890.
Mem. Jamaica Plain Woman's Alliance. Mem.
Womaji's Club, Tuesday Club (Jamaica Plain).
WILDES, Mary (Mrs. Mark Langdon Wildes),

3$29 Colfax Av., South, Minneapolis, Minn.

Former teacher; b. St. Peter, Minn., May 10,
187C; dau. E. S. and Elizabeth S. (Hughes) Petti-
john; ed. public schools of St Peter, Minn.;
grad. high school and Univ. of Minn., A.B. '04;
m. St. Paul, Nov. 6, 1907, Mark Langdon Wildes.
Int: rested in Minneapolis Boys' Club in civic
work and in some philanthropic work; pres.
Woman's Auxiliary to Railway Mail Ass'n (pur-
pose to promote social enjoyments and mutual
advancement of families of railway postal clerks.
Mem. Order of Eastern Star and one church
society, Entre Nous Study Club. Recreations:
Reading, concerts, outings. Presbyterian.
WILDMAJf, Jennie Gray (Mrs. James Francis

Wndman), 62 Heart St., B., Toronto, Can.

Physician^ sargeon ; b. Dundas, Ont. ; dau. John
and Jane (Head) Gray; ed. Toronto Model School
Jarvis Collegiate Inst., Wompji's Med. Coll .
Toronto; Trinity Univ., M.D.C.M. Took class
prize at Women's Coll. and a certificate of honor
In university; m. Toronto, 1908, James Francis
Wlldman. Appointed demonstrator in anatomy In
Women's Med. Coll. and later ass't prof, gyne-
cology and head of gj-necologlcal service.
Woman's Dispensary. Later one of those to open
the Woman's College Hospital and Dispensary,
Toronto. Dropped general practice and took only
diseases of women and consulting work, 1908.
One of the originators of a dispensary for women
and children to be attended by women pkyslclans.
One of five to originate Canadian Purity Educa-
tion Ass'n. Has taught a Bible class. Favors
woman suffrage. Writer of a small booklet for
girls on purely edtwational lines: Spring Flowers.



Baptist. Mem. Zetl Phi (medical), Toronto
Women's Medical Ass'n, Toronto University
Alumnae Ass'n. Recreations: Driving, motoring.

mLDMAX, Marian Warner, Norwalli, Ohio.

Writer; b. Norwallt, O.; dau. Samael A. and
Ellen E. (HoVe) Wildman; ed. Western Reserve
Univ. B.A. (Plii BeU Kappa) 'S8. Books: A
Hill Prayer and Otlier Poems; Loyalty Island;
Theodore and Theodora; Wiat Rohin Did Then;
also worls in many periodicals, including Har-
per's Monthly, The Century, Atlantic Monthly,
St. Nichi;Iiis, The liidependent. The Outlook; in
1899 poem, A Hill rrayea-, won Century Magazine
prize for best poem by college graduate of pre-
ceding year having degree of B.A. Mem. Ohio
Woman's Press Club. Favors woman suffrage.

WrLES, Cora Youngr (Mrs. Joseph Bentley
Wiles), 2338 Talbott Av., Indianapolis, Ind.
Born Ripley, Ohio, Feb. 13, 1864; dau. William
Davidson and Virginia (Johnson) Young; ed.
Ripley Schools, Cincinnati Coll. of Music; m.
Ripley, Ohio, June 16, 1885, Joseph Bentley Wiles;
children: Eva Young, Ernst Hathaway, J'oseph
Baker, Estella Virginia, Albert Donald. Active
in literary, social and musical interests, in clubs,
churches, society and Sunday-school work.
Writer of poems, stories and newspaper articles
in Cincinnati and Indianapolis papers; child
poems in American Boy and other periodicals.
Has published songs and music, including cen-
tennial song with music for Ripley (Ohio) Cen-
tennial, 1912. Presbyterian. Mem. Woman's
Press Club (Cincinnati, Ohio), the Woman's Re-
search Club, Woman's Department Club, Quest
Club, Thursday Afternoon Reading Circle,
Franchise League of Indiana, Woman's Press
Club of Indiana, and Progress Club, Ripley,
Ohio. Interested in music as pianist, pipe organ-
ist and writer of songs, especially for children
and used in the kindergarten and primary
grades. Favors woman suffrage.

WrLEY, Anna Srftea (Mrs. Harvey W. Wiley),

1S4S Biltmore St., Washington, D.C.

Stenographer and library training; b. Oakland,
Cal. 1877; dau. John Cunninghajn and Josephine
P. '(Campbell) Ksltcn; ea. Columbian Coll.;
George Wasnington Untr., Washington, D.C,
B.S. '97; m. Washington, Feb. 27, 19U, Dr. Har-
vey W. Wiley; one child: Harvey W. Wiley Jr.,
b. May 16, 1912. Employed in Library of Dep't
of Agriculture for t-wo \ ears, anl in Copyright
Office of Library of Congress for 10 years. Pres.
Consumers' League of Washington, 1911-12;
mem. Com. on Civics and Sanitation of
Housekeepers' Alliance of Washington; mem. of
Woman's Welfare Dep't of Nat. Civic Fed., Col-
lege Women's Club, Washington braoch of

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