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sar Alumnae Ass'n, Vassar Students' Aid Soc,
Maria Mitchell Nantucket Ass'n, Priscilla Brais-
lin Memorial Ass'n. Mem. Contemporary Club,
Trenton, N.J. Episcopalian. Favors woman
BRALEY, Love A. Webb (Mrs. Alden Braley),

Fournet Block, Crookston, Minn.

Worthy grand matron Order Eastern Star; b.
Otis, Mass., July 29, 1850; dau. Lucius and
Sophia (Dunham) Webb; ed. Otis, Mass., finished
school at Granville, Vt. ; m. Alden Braley;
one daughter: Love Beatrice, b. 1886 (Mrs. P. H.
Wood). Mem. Order of Eastern Star, having
Tilled various offices until reached the highest
office, worthy grand matron of Minn., 1910, and
re-elected 1911; represented Minn, at General
Grand Chapter of the World, held in Jackson-
ville, Fla., 1910; has been pres. of the Library
Auxiliary and 'rown Improvement League; has
been sec. of the Old Settlers' Ass'n since organ-
ization, 1903. Mem. the Woman's Club, Study
Club, Bay View and various others. Mem.
■People's Church.
HRA3IBLE, Anna Dripps, W. Monastery Av.,

Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa.

Teacher; b. Roxborough, Aug. 20, 1885; dau.
James and Clara E. Knowlton Bramble; ed.
Philadelphia High School for Girls, '02, Swarth-
more Coll., B.A. '06; graduate student Univ. of
Pa. Engaged as teacher in Philadelphia High
School for Girls. Mem. Swarthmore Alumnee;
elector on the Electoral Board of College Settle-
ment Ass'n, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Favors
woman suffrage.

BRAMHAXL, Edith Clementine, Rockford Col-
lege. Rockford, 111.

College professor; b. Indiana; grad. Univ. of
Ind., A.B. '95; Univ. of Pa., A.M. '96, Ph.D. '98;
fellow in history, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1S9S-99.
Teacher of history In Manual Training School,
Indianapolis, Ind., 1S99-1900; instructor, 1900-02;
professor of history and economics since 1902,
Rockford (111.) Coll.
IJR.VMHALL, Florence Adelaide (Mrs. William

Ely Bramhall), Hotel Aberdeen, St. Paul,


Born St. Paul, April, 1864; dau. Abram S.
and Sue Carroll (Fryer) Elfelt; ed. St. Paul Hieh
School; Prof. Fogg's Acad.; m. St. Paul, 1888,

William Ely Bramhall. In charge of the for-
estry intrests for club women of State seven
years: took the initiative In establishing the Nat.
Forest Reserve in Northern Minn.; pres. St.
Paul Women's Civic League; took the responsi-
bility in connection with the Commercial Club
In establishing city playgrounds and amending
the city charter to provide for their continued
maintenance. Favors woman suffrage. Has
written a great deal in connection with civic
and (-ducational matters for newspapers and
Western magazines. Unitarian. Mem. New Cen-
tury Club, Women's Civic League, Women's
Welfare League.
BRANCH, Anna Hempstead, Hempstead House,

New London, Conn.

Writer; b. New London, Conn.; dau. John
Locke Branch (lawyer) and Mary Lydia (Bolles)
Branch (author); grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '97;
Am. Acad, of Dramatic Art, N.Y. City. Con-
tributor to magazines, author and playwright.
Author: The Heart of the Road; The Shoes that
Danced; Nimrod and Other Poems; and the play
Rose of the Wind (produced at Empire Theatre.
N.Y. City, 1908). Director New London Play-
grounds Ass'n, 1900-10.
BRA>'CH, Mary Lydia Bolles (Mrs. John Locke

Branch), Hempstead House, New London,


Author; b. New London, Conn., June 15, 1840;
dau. John Rogers and Mary (Hempstead) Bolles;
ed. New London, and Lincoln F. Emerson's
School, Boston, Mass.; m. New London, Conn.,
April 20, 1S70, Jonn Locke Branch; children:
John Bolles (deceased), Anna Hempstead. Au-
thor: The Kanter Girls; Aunt Patty's School-
room; The Manner of Life of Nancy Hempstead;
A Visit to Newfoundland; also several pamph-
lets. Mem. Lucretia Shaw Chapter D.A.R., Soc.
of Mayflower Descendants in (5onn., New Lon-
don County Historical Soc, Froebel Soc. of
Brooklyn, Hempstead Family Ass'n, Saturday
Club of New London, Conn.
BRANNAN, Sophie Marston, 939 Eighth Av.,

N.Y. City.

Artist; b. Mountain View, Cal. ; dau. John E.
and Carrie Augusta Sheldon Brannan; ed. Mark
Hopkins Inst, of Art, for black and white, under
Arthur F. Mathews, San Francisco, Cal.; also
studied in Paris. Concour for life class and por-
trait at Mark Hopkins Inst, of Art, San Fran-
cisco, Emerson McMillan Landscape Prize of $100,
Women's Art Club of N.Y. City. Has studios in
N.Y. City and San Francisco; has exhibited In
Nat. Academy of Design, N^Y., also many other
places. Clubs: Sequoia (San Francisco), Wom-
en's Art, Women Painters (N.Y. City). Uni-
BRAXNEB, Susan Dov? Kennedy (Mrs. John

Casper Brauner), Stanford University, Palo

Alto, Cal.

Born Oneida, N.Y.; ed. In Oneida (N.Y.)
schools; Vassar Coll., A.B. '79; m. Oneida, N.Y.,
Jan. 22, 1SS3, John Casper Branner, Ph.D., LUD.
(geologist; vice-pres. Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.);
two sons, one daughter. Was teacher In Ger-
mantown. Pa., 1879-80; in Utica, N.Y., 1880-83.
1JR.4NSON, Ajina Mary, Alpine, Texas.

Writer; b. Coatesville, Pa., Nov. 8, 1883; dau.
Henry James and Mary Frances (Parke) Bran-
som; grad. Coatesville (Pa.) High School, '98;
Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '03, A.M. '04; graduate
scholar In Latin, Bryn .Mawr Coll., 1903-05.
Teacher of P'rench In the Misses Shipley's School,
Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1904-05; teacher of Latin, Emma
Willard School, Troy, N.Y., 1905-08. Newspaper
correspondent and writer of occasional stories
and articles in magazines and newspapers. Pres-
byterian. Favors woman suffrage.
BRANSTETTER, Winnie E. (Mrs. Otto F. Bran-

stetter), 205 W. Washington St., Chicago. III.

Born in Missouri, 1879; dau. Ambrose and Ger-
trude (Prather) Shirley; ed. Okla. Univ., Kansas
City schools; m. Liberty, Mo., 1S99, Otto F.
Branstetttr; children: Gertrude Lizzetta, Ther-
esa Shirley. Lecturer and writer of articles for
Socialist and labor press. Socially and pontically
active; mem. Nat. Woman's Com., Socialist
Party, since 1908; general correspondent of com.



since Au^st, 1912. Delegate to Socialist con-
ventions, 1910, 1912, representing Oklahoma. Ac-
tive mem. since 1904; v. -p. of Oklahoma Suffrage
Ass'n tor three years; delegate to Nat. Sufirage
Convention in Philadelphia, 1912. Socialist.
BRA>'T, Minnie Clothier (Mrs. J. A. Brant),

25 S. Thirteenth St., Minneapolis, Minn.

Born Canada; dau. Asa and Catharine (Adams)
Clothier; ed. Mexico (X.Y.) Sem. ; m. J. A.
Brant. Formerly teacher of art, including por-
trait painting, in various seminaries. Since mar-
riage resident of Minneapolis, Minn. Organized
Reciprocity Day among the clubs of Minneapolis,
and in philanthropic work organized the Minn.
State Sunshine Soc. (has been pres.) and has
also been pres. of the Clothier Circle. Identified
with the National Guild and has organized many
circles for Guild work in Minneapolis. Favors
woman sufirage. Mem. Westminster Presby-
terian Church. Mem. Woman's Club, Thurs-
day Musical, D.A.R., Puritan Colony of New
England Women. Organized the Authors' Study
Club of Minneapolis and for 12 years was its
BK.AY, Ella Williams, Tarmouthport, Mass.

Teacher; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1866; dau.
Thomas C. and Mary (Mathews) Bray; prepared
for college at Abbot Acad., Andover, Mass.;
grad. Weilesley Coll., '90; summer courses at
Harvard; mem. Tau Zeta Epsilon. Taught in
public and private schools, in Maryland Coll.,
Lutherville, Md. ; private school for girls, Wor-
cester, Mass.; in L'eachwood Sem., Norfolk, Va.,
and in St. Mary's School at Knoxville, 111. Fa-
vors woman suffrag-e. Congregationalist. Mem.
Animal Rescue League, Soc. for Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals, Worcester College Club,
Worcester Weilesley Club, Norfolk Woman's
Club. Traveled a year in Europe and studied
French in Paris.

BRATTON, Sarah H., 1637 Chicago Av., Evans-
ton, 111.

Physician; b. Sebergham, Carlisle, England;
dau. John and Mary (Fleming) Bray ton; ed.
in England and Medical Coll. for Women, N.Y.
City, M.D. (mem. Beta Chapter A.E.I. ). Elected
to professorship of materia medica, N.Y. Med.
Coll. for Women. Has served on medical staff
Evanston (111.) Hospital; director and physician
of 111. Industrial School for Girls; director
Grove Home for Convalescents, Evanston, 111.
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem.
Am. Med. Soc., 111. Med. Soc, Chicago Med.
Soc. Evanston Med. Soc., A.A.A.S., Lyceum
Club (London), the Fortnightly (Chicago).
BBAZEE, Carolina A. Potter (Mrs. C. M.

Brazee), 314 S. Second St., Rockford, 111.

Born in Illinois; grad. Rockford (111.) Sem.
(now CoU.), 1855, later received degree of M.A. ;
m. Rockford, 111., 18S4, Col. C. M. Brazee, promi-
nent lawyer (now deceased). Teacher in dep't
of history of Rockford Coll., 1S72-S2. After hus-
band's death became active as leader of literary
clubs and In preparing programs for literary
organizations. Has traveled extensively in U.S.
and Europe. Congregationalist. Mem. Alumnse
Ass'n of Rockford Coll. Has been chairman of-
the art and literary departments of Illinois Fed.
of Women's Clubs and Rockford City Fed. of
Women's Clubs.
BBAZIER, Marion Howard, Trinity Court,

Dartmouth St., Boston, Mass.

Editor; b. Boston, Sept. 6, 1850; dau. William
Henry and Sarah Jane (Sargent) Brazier; ed.
public schools of Boston. Society editor of the
Boston Post, 1890-98; edited and published the
Patriotic Review, 1898-1500; society editor Bos-
ton Journal, 1903-11, now conducting a clipping
bureau with a specialty in personal clippings
about persons prominent in society and In notes
and reports relating to women's clubs and pa-
triotic societies. Lecturer. Mem. 16 organiza-
tions and founder of six, including the Pro-
fessional Women's Club and the Bunker Hill
and Paul Jones Chapters D.A.R., Ex-Regents
CD A.R.) and Boston Parliamentary Law Clubs;
mem. of Authors' Soc, Drama League, Charity
Club, Cremation Soc, Boston Common Soc;
honorary mem. of various organizations. Author:

Perpetrations, a Book of Humor, Cheer, Phil-
osophy and Comfort. Mem. Boston Political
Club, Woman's Charity Club.
BRECKEXS, Josephine White (Mrs. Joseph Ah

lison Breckens), 1814 G St., Washin^on, D.C.

Newspaper correspondent; grad. Swarthmore
Coll., A.B. '79; m. Joseph Allison Breckens.
After graduation engaged in teaching in West;
was sup't of schools of Laramie County, Wyo-
ming, 1888-90; now engaged as Washington cor-
respondent for newspapers. Favors woman
BRECKINRIDGE, Mary Grace, 717 S. Figueroa

St., Los Angeles, Cal.

Teacher; b. Binghamton, N.Y., June 4, 1867;
dau. H. S. and Lucy Ann (Gates) Breckinridge;
grad. high school, Binghamton, N.Y., '85; Cor-
nell Univ., Ph.B. '92; Albany State Normal Coll.,
Ph.D. '94; Columbia Univ., A.M. '08. Taught in
high schools, Binghamton, N.Y. ; Pittsford, Vt. ;
Shelton, Conn.; Summit, N.J. ; Southern Sem.,
Buena Vista, Va.; Occidental Acad, and Coll.,
Los Angeles, Cal. Studied a year in France
and Germany. Mem. Ass'n (Collegiate Alumnse.
Congregationalist. Favors woman sufirage.
Progressive in politics.
BRECKINRIDGE, Sophonisba Preston, Green

Hall, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111.

Ass't dean of women, Univ. of Chicago; b. Apr.
1, 1866; dau. William Campbell Preston and Issa
(Desha) Breckinridge; grad. Weilesley, B.S. '88,
Univ. of Chicago, Ph.M. '97, Ph.D. 'OL Mem.
teaching stafi of Univ. of Chicago since 1901,
as docent in political science and assistant dean
of women. Mem. Ass'n Coll. Alumnae, Nat.
Conference of Charities, Nat. Am. Woman Suf-
frage Ass'n; vice-pres. Coll. Equal Sufirage
League. Author: Legal Tender; A Short Story
in Monetary History; The Delinquent Child and
The Home (with Edith Abbot H., Ph.D.); The
Modern Household (with Marion Tabbot, LL.D.).

BREED, Prances de Forest Martin (Mrs.

Charles Henry Breed), Woodhull House, Law-

renceville, X.J.

Born Fairchance, Pa., Jan. 19, 1882; dau.
Robert L. and Anne Leiper (Smith) Martin; ed.
Alinda Prep. School, Pennsylvania Coll. for Wo-
men, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1899-1901; m. Pittsburgh,
June 10, 1903, Charles Henry Breed; children:
Anne Martin, Elizabeth Leiper, Henry Atwood.
Interested in education of boys. Mem. N.J.
Soc. of Colonial Dames of America, Trent Chap-
ter D.A.R. Clubs: Women's (LawrenceviUe),
Present Day (Princeton). Presbyterian. Against
woman suffrage.
BREED, Mary Bidwell, St. Timothy's School,

Catonsville, Md.

Educator; b. Pittsburg, Pa., 1870; dau. Henry
Atwood and Cornelia (Bidwell) Breed; ed. Bryn
Mawr, A.B. '94, A.M. '95, Ph.D. '01; holder of
the Bryn Mawr European Fellowship, 1894-95.
Dean of women, Indiana Univ., 1901-06; adviser
of women, Univ. of Mo., 1906-12; associate head of
St. Timothy's School,, Catonsville, Md., 1912.
Initiator of the Conference of Deans of Women
in State Universities, which meets every two
years in Chicago. Has published magazine artl-"
cles on various educational topics. Presbyterian.
Mem. D.A.R., Ass'n of Coll. Alumns. Favora
woman suffrage.
BREED, Persia Mary, 1117 First St., Louisville,


Teacher; b. Louisville, Ky. ; ed. In schools of
Louisville and Vassar Coll., A.B. '99. Teacher,
St. John the Baptist School, N.Y. City, 1903-05;
Port Jervis (N.Y.) High School, 1905-07; associate
principal Hamilton Coli., Lexington, Ky., since

BREGY, Katherlne Marie Cornelia, 2033 N.

Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Author; b. Philadelphia; dau. Judge F. Am6d6e
and Katherlne (.Maurice) Bregy; ed. private
academies; literary and post-grad, courses at
Univ. of Pa. Mem. Playgoing Com., Drama
League, Women's Press Ass'n, Catholic Guild (a
social settlement for the care of working girls).
Contributor to Lipplncott's. Forum, Catholic
World, etc., of verse and critique. Author: The



Poet's Chantry, 1912. Lecturer at Catholic Sum-
mer School, Cliff Haven, N.Y. Catholic. Mem.
Alliance Frangaise, Am. Catholic Historical Soc.
BREHM, Marie Caroline, 74-77 Conestoga Build-
ing, Pittsburgh. P-\.

Lecturer; b. Sandusky, O. ; dau. William
Henry and Elizabeth R. (Rhode) Brehxn: ed.
public schools, Sandusky; private instruction In
languages and civics. Sup't Franchise Nat.
W.C.T.U. seven years; State pres. HI. W.C.T.U.
five years; scientific lecturer tor Temperance
Com. of General Assembly of Presbyterian
Church, six years. Interested in Social Center,
Gad's Hill, Chicago; Presbyterian foreign and
home missionary work, Christian Endeavor and
Sunday-school Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage;
sup't suffrage dep't Nat. W.C.T.U., 1896-1903;
mem. Chicago Political Equality League. Has
written leaflets and tracts, newspaper articles
and orations for young people's oratorical con-
tests. Presbyterian. Mem. Scientific Temper-
ance Federation, U.S.A., Irish Bible Temperance
Soc., Loyal Temperance Legion. Recreations:
Rowing, embroidery, travel. Mem. Chautauqua
Woman's Club. Has been on lecture platform
21 years; lectured in Ireland, in Belfast and
ether cities, London, Edinburgh, Berlin and
The Hague; represented U.S. Government at
World's Congress on Alcoholism in London, in
1911; represented Internat. Church Temperance
Fed. of U.S. at the World's Congress at The

BBKM, Marion Wolcott Winkler (Mrs. Walter
Vernon Brem), Colon Hospital, Cristobal,
Canal Zone, Panama.

Registered nurse; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 1900;
student Johns Hopkins Hospital School for
liuTsea, 1903-05; m. Aug. 3, 1905, Walter Vernon
Brp.m; children: Phylis, b. June 29, 1906 (died
July 11, 1906): Laura, b. Sept. 3, 1907; Gwendolyn,
b. Oct. 18, 1908. Engaged professionally at the
Colon Hospital at Cristobal, Canal Zone.

BKENDLINGER, Margaret Robinson, Norwalk,


Principal private school; b. Port Perry, Pa.;
dau. Peter Franklin and Hannah Emily (Brown)
Brendllnger; ed. high schools of Pottsville, P».,
and Yonkers, N.Y., Vassar, A.B. '95. Taught at
Mrs. Mead's School, Hillside, Norwalk, Conn.,
Poughkeepsie High School, 1895-99, 1899-1901; out
of school work, living in Philadelphia, 1901-08;
principal Hillside School, Norwalk, Conn., 1908- .
Mem. Charity Organization Soc, Philadelphia;
Norwalk Day Nursery, Civic League of Norwalk,
Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae, Vassar Alumnae Ass'n,
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. ; pres. College Clu'b of
Philadelphia, 1904-09; pres. Woman's Cluh of
Norwalk, 1911- , Norwalk Equal Franchise
League. Mem. Woman's Univ. Club, (N.Y.
City), Vassar Club (Philadelphia), Woman's Club
of Norwalk. Presbyterian. Favors woman
BRETT, Margaret Strong (Mrs. Philip M.

Brett), 901 Lexington Av., N.Y. City.

Born St. Paul, Minn. ; dau. Freeman Poole
and Margaret (Gray) Strong; grad. Burnham
School, Northampton, Mass. '94; education fin-
ished abroad: m. St. Paul, Feb. 27, 1906, Philip
M. Brett; children: Margaret Gray, Philip Mille-
doler Jr. Favors woman suffrage.
BREITIL, Elizabeth Donner Van der Veer (nom

de plume "Beta Breuil"), care Vitagraph Co.

of America, E. Fifteenth St. and Locust Av.,

F'latbush, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Author and editor of scensirios; b. N.Y. City,
1876; dau. Prank F. and Ray E. (Moore) Van
der Veer; ed. the Misses Graham's School, N.Y.
City; the Misses Virgin's School, Dresden, Ger-
many; m. (1st) 1893, Frank M. Willard, of Phila-
delphia (died 1903); (2d) 1903, Hartmann Breuil
(died 1908). Entered business world February,
1910, as ass't editor of Vitagraph Co. of America;
in 1911 became editor-in-chief of same. Inter-
ested in elevating the standard of motion pic-
tures, classical and educational films, helping
Fresh Air F^ind through photoplays. Author:
The Battle Hymn of the Republic; Lincoln's
Gettysburg Address; Rock of Agea; Auld Lang
Syne; Mario's Swan Song; White Rose Leaves;

By Way of Mrs. Browning; Easter Babies, and
22S others. Christian Scientist. Recreations: Ten-
nis, dancing, STvimming. First woman editor in
this line of business to hold position.
BRKVITT, Jessie, 144 Wilson St., Baltimore,


Physician; b. Baltimore; ed. in Baltimore
schools. Woman's Med. Coll. of Baltimore, M.D.,
1SS9; graduate student in chemistry and phy-
siology, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1889-90. Lecturer on
chemistry. Woman's Med. Coll., Baltimore, 1890-
03, and chief of Eye and Ear Clinic, 1893-95; in
active practice as physician In Baltimore, 1895-
BREWER, Amy Waller (Mrs. Edward Harris

Brewer), 1345 Astor St., Chicago, 111.

Born Chicago, Aug. 21, 1884; dau. William and
Louise (Hamilton) Waller; ed. Kirkland School
in Chicago, Miss Masters' School, Dobbs Ferry;
m. Chicago, Jan. 17, 1906, Ekiward Harris Brewer;
children: Louise Hamilton, Corinne Harris. Vice-
pres. Junior League of Chicago, 1912-13. Favors
woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Recreations:
Tennis, golf. Mem. Woman's City (31ub, the
Scribblers' Club.
BREWER, Annette Fitch (Mrs. A. F. Brewer),

Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

Writer; b. Ashtabula, Ohio; dau. Edward Hub-
bard and Alta D. (Winchester) Fitch; ed. Lake
Erie Sem., Painesville, Ohio; m. Jefferson, I. C.
Brewer, one son: Curtis BreTver 5th, b. Aug. 15,
1S99. Spoke at farmers' institutes and women's
clubs during winter of 1912-13 in favor of equal
suffrage. Favors woman suffrage; first paid
State organizer, 1913, in Ohio. Author: The
Story of a Mother Love; Dorothy Violets; short
stories, poems and newspaper work. Episco-
palian. Mem. Soc. of Mayflowjr Descendants,
D.A.R. (Western Reserve Chapter, Cleveland,
Ohio), Equal Suffrage League.
BREWER, Elizabeth Hale, Stockbrldge, Mass.

Teacher, missionary; b. New Haven, Dec. 1,
1847; dau. Rev. Josiah and Emilia Anna Field
Brewer; grad. North Granville Sem. (salutatory),
'67; Vassar, A.B. '73; Beloit Coll., A.M. '96.
Taugiit six years North Adams, Mass.; three
years in Vassar Coll., 1884-87; private schools in
Providence and 111.; missionary teacher in St.
Paul's Inst., Tarsus, Asia Minor. Author of ac-
counts of travel, in various papers; Peculiar
Caves of Asia Minor (Geographical Magazine).
Congregationalist. Favors woman suffrage.
BREWER, EstpUe Hempstead Manning, 1330

Columbia Road, Washington, D.C.

Born Frankfort, Ky., 1882; dau. William
Thompson and Clarissa (Campbell) Manning;
adopted daughter of Willis Brewer of Ala. (Con-
gressman, author and planter); ed. in Ky. and
Washington. Novels: Haflz; Treason of the
Blood; formerly on staff of Washington Post.
Mem. D.A.R. Recreations: Letter writing, golf,
tennis. Democrat in political views.

BRBiWER, Grace R. (Mrs. George D. Brewer),

209 S. Cherokee St.. Girard, Kan.

NeTvspaper writer; b. Livingston, la., June 22,
1881; dau. J. R. and Sarah (Holmes) Babbitt;
ed. Des Momes (la.) public schools; Ruskin
Coll., Trenton, Mo.; m. Livingston, la., Dec. 30,
1903, George D. Brewer. Has been connected
with Appeal to Reason six years. Belongs to the
Am. Federation of Labor; mem. of Socialist
Party; sec. of branch in Girard, Kan.; mem.
Woman's Nat. Com. of Socialist Party. Author
of short stories, and of articles dealing with
social problems. Recreations: Cribbage, whist,
walking. Interested in woman suffrage, help-
ing in campaign for suffrage in Kansas. Mem.
Crawford County High School Board.

BREWER. Mary Grey Morgan (Mrs. Francis
Ezra Brewer), 41 Hamilton Av., New

Brighton, S.l.

Born Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept 21, 1875; dau.
William Wilson and Phoebe Jane (Dunbar* Mor-
gan; grad. Crawfordsville High School, '92; In-
diana Univ. A.B. '95 (mem. Kappa Kappa
Gamma); m. Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept. 1, 1897.
Francis Ezra Brewer; one daughter: Barbara.
Taught in Anderson and Indianapolis, Ind., 1896-



97. Pres. Woman's Literary Club, 1908-09; vice-
pres. Danghters of Indiana in N.Y., 1911-12;
pres. N.Y. Alumnffi Ass'n of Kappa Kappa
Gamma, 1912-13; mem. Woman's Club of Staten
Island, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumns (N.Y. Branch),
Housewives' League, Civic League of Staten
Island, College Equal .Suffrage League, Wo-
man Suffrage Party; a Founder of the Pro-
gressive Party. Mem. Dutch Reformed Church,
and of Woman's Missionary Soc. of Brighton
Heights Reformed Church.

BKKWSTKB, Anna Richards (Mrs. William T.
Brewster), Hartsdale, X.Y.

Artist; b. Germantown, Philadelphia, April 3,
1870; dau. William T. and Anna (Matlack)
Richards; ed. under father (marine and land-
scape painter), at Cowles School, Boston; Met-
ropolitan School, N.Y. City; Julien's School,
Paris, etc. Received Norman Dodge prize, N.Y
City, 18S9; m. London, England, 1905, William
T. Brewster, provost of Barnard Coll. Has e.x-
hibited at Nat. Acad, of Design, N.Y. City;
Royal Acad., London, etc. Illustrated Letter
and Spirit, by Mrs. W. T. Richards, and other
books. Against woman suffrage.
BBEWSTER, Kmille C. (Mrs. Eugene V. Brew-
ster), 29 Monroe St., Brooliilyn, X.T.
Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1877; dau. Ben-
jamin W. and Mary A. (Mellroy) Chubbuck, ed.
Kisorck's Business School; m. May 10, 1S93,
Eugene V. Brewster; children: Ruth Bryan,
Eugene Rafael, Marie Theresa. Organizer and
founder of the first Woman's Bryan League of
America, elected pres. in 189G, still holds the
office. Author: How the Department Store Gets
Rich Selling Below Cost; Storage Eggs. Mem.
Brooklyn Democratic Club, N.Y. Woman's
Democratic Club, the Allied Arts Ass'n, the
Water Color Club of Brooklyn, Public Good
Soc, Early Hour Club, the Smile Club, De
Levennes Art League, Public Good Soc. Recrea-
tion: Fancy dancing. Christian Scientist. Fa-
vors woman suffrage. Democrat. Mem. People's
Suffrage Club, 11th Assembly Dist. Suffrage

BREWSTEB, Frances S. (Mrs. James H. Brew-
ster), 838 Fourteenth St., Boulder, Colo.
Born N.Y. City, Mar. 23, 1S60; dau. Alexander
Macomb and Caroline B. (Cammann) Stanton; ed.
private school of Mrs. Keith and Miss MacCauley,
N.Y. City; by tutors and governesses; m. Detroit,
Mich., June 28, 1888, James H. Brewster; chil-
dren: Susan, Chauncey Bunce, Edith Navarre,
Oswald Cammann. She gives readings from the
Inca drama OUanaty, which she has translated
and dramatized; also a lecture, entitled The
Children of the Sun. Interested in the Girls'
Friendly Soc. of America and the Audubon Soc.
Favors woman suffrage. Author of short stories
for children, published in various magazines 10
years or more ago; Song Stories and Songs for
Children; When Mother Was a Little Girl;
Rhody (a New England story). Episcopalian.
Democrat. Recreations: Literature, music, art.
Mem. the Clas.s;cs Club of Ann Arbor, Mich.,
the Classics Club, Boulder, Colo.; the Woman's
Club of Boulder, Colo.

BREWSTER, Margaret Powell (Mrs. G. O.
Brewster), Grantwood, N.J.

PhysiciaJi; b. Valparaiso, Ind., Nov. 20, 1872:
dau. Enoch and Martha (Malone) Powell; ed.
Bethanv ColL, Topeka, Kan.; Cornell Med. Coll.,
1901; in. N.Y. City, 1897, Dr. G. 0. Brewster;
one' daughter: Margaret Powell Brewster, b.
1908. Ass't in neurology to Dr. M. Schlapp at
Presbyterian Hospital, N.Y. City, 1901-07; now

Online LibraryJohn W. LeonardWoman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915 → online text (page 31 of 293)