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on stau" of Englewood (N.J.) Hospital. Bergen
County chairman Health Education Com. of Am.
Med. Ass'n. Active in local and county wo-
men's club work and in suffrage work. Mem.
Housing Com. of Organized Charities of Bergen
Co. Favors woman suffrage; mem. N.Y. Equal
Suffrage League. Author of several magazine
articles, including one in Cosmopolitan, about
1907, on out-door sleeping. Unitarian. Mem.
Cornell Woman's Alumnae, Bergen Co. Med.
Ass'n. N.J. State Med. Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n.
Recreation: Motoring. Mem. Woman's Club of
CliflBide Park.

BREWSTER, Slary Jones, Good Shepherd Mis-
sion, La Grange, Ga.

Physician; b. Mar. 20, 1862; dau. Charles
Osmyn and Mary Draper (Lewis) Brewster; ed.
public schools, Brookfield, Mass. ; Wellesley
Coll., B.S. '83: Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa.,
M.D. '92. Head teacher Cambridge School for
Girls, Cambridge, Mass., 1887-89; resident physi-
cian, Smith Coll., Northampton, Mass., 1896-
1906; head worker at Mission of Good Shepherd,
1910- . Dean of Training School for Church
Settlement Workers, 1911. Protestant Episcopal.

BREWSTER, Mary Southgrate, 14 Weeks Av.,

Hempstead, N.Y.

Born Plymouth, Mass., May 20, 1877; dau.
Walter and Anna V. (Wright) Southgate; grad.
Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '01; m. Plymouth, Mass.,
Oct. 1, 1904, William Brewster; children: William,
Jr., Walter Southgate, Mary Baylies Brewster.
Lived in Cuba 3 years after marriage. Pres. St.
George's Woman's Club and mem. Executive
Board; first vice-pres. Hempstead Women's Club;
pres. Kindergarten and Primary Mothers' Club.
Unitarian. Chairman Progressive Women's Cam-
paign Com. for Hempstead.

BREYFOGLE, Caroline May, Ohio State Uni-
versity, Columbus, Ohio.

Professor and dean of women; b. Columbus,
Ohio. ; dau. Charles and Matilda (Cloud) Brey-
fogle; grad. Univ. of Chicago. A.B. '96, Ph.D. '12;
studied in Univ. of Berlin, 1S96-9S. Associate
prof, of Biblical history, literature and exegesis,
Wellesley, Ohio, since 1912. Favors woman suf-
frage; pres. local College Equal Suffrage
League. Author: The Social Status of Women in
the Old Testament (Biblical World); The Re-
ligious Status of Women in the Old Testament
(Biblical World); The Hebrew Sense of Sin In
the Pre-Exllic Period (Am. Journal of Theology).
Methodist. Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse,
School and Home Ass'n, Concordia Ass'n of
America, Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exegesis
(national). Recreation: Walking. Mem. College
Club (Columbus), Women's City Clu-b (Chicago),
Social Workers' Club (Columbus).

BRIDGER, Virginia Lawrence (Mrs. Roswell C.

Bridger), Winton, N.C.

Teacher, club pres.; b. Raleigh, N.C, Sept. 20,
1872; dau. Vlrginius D. and Marietta (Corbell)
Lawrence; ed. Peace Inst., Raleigh. N.C, 1882-90,
Mrs. A. V. Purefoy's Sem. for Young Ladies,
Wake Forest, N.C; m. Wake Forest, N.C, Mar.
14, 1900, Roswell Carter Bridger; children: Robert
Lawrence, b. Sept. 25, 1901; Marietta Randolph, b.
Oct. 26, 1904. Previous to marriage engaged as
teacher. Church leader; pres. auxiliary and
guilds. Episcopalian. Pres. Woman's Club of
Winton, N.C; county pres. United Daughters of
Confederacy; mem. Health Com. of Winton.
Favors woman suffrage.

BRIDGES, Eliza Wadsworth, South Framing-
ham. Mass.

Lawyer; b. in Massachusetts; grad. Smith
Coll., B.A. '92; student Boston Univ. Law School,
1897-1900, LL.B. 1900. Teacher Bernardston,
Mass., 1893-94. Admitted to Massachusetts bar.
September, 1900; since then engaged in practice
of law at South Framingham and Boston, Mass.
BRIDGES, rideUa, Canaan. Conn.

Artist; b. Salem, Mass., May 19, 1834; dau.
Henry Gardner and Eliza (Chadwick) Bridges;
student in art of William T. Richards, of Phila-
delphia; specialized in landscapes in oils and
water colors. Has participated in many leading
exhibitions and produced many notable land-
scapes: earlier work chiefly in oil; later work for
most part in water colors. Clubs; N.Y. Water
Color Soc, Associate Nat. Acad, of Design from
BRIDGMAN, Ethel Yonng Comstock (Mrs. John

Cloves Brldgman). 118 W. River St., Wilkes-

Barre, Pa.

Graduate Smith Coll., B.L. '01; student Wilkes-
Barre (Pa.) City Hospital Training School for
Nurses. 1903-05; m. June 7, 1905, John Cloyes
Bridgeman; twin sons: John C Jr. and David
C, b. May 27, 1906. Pres. Woman's Civic Club
of Wilkes-Barre.



BRIDGMAN, Mary Elliott (Mrs. George H.
Brldg-Tuan'), 1495 Hewitt Av., Minneapolis,


Born Brantford, Ontario, Oct. 31, 1854; dau.
John and Sarah (Presho) Elliott; ed. Woman's
Coll., Hamilton, Ont. ; m. Brantwood, Ont., Can.,
June 26, 1873, Rev. George H. Brldgman; chil-
dren: George Elliott (died), Donald, Elliott,
Dorothy Dagmar. Clubs: New Century (St.
Paul), Woman's (Minneapolis). Methodist.
BRIDGMAN, Statira Preble McDonald (Mrs. T.

Francis Brld&man), 661 W. 180th St., N.Y.


Born Warren, R.I.; ed. in schools of Glou-
cester, Mass., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; m.
Aug. 21, 1909, T. Francis Brldgman, M.D. En-
gaged as college settlement scholar and worker,
1902-04; principal of school, 1904-07; sup't of
Orthopedfc Hospital, White Plains, N.Y., 1907-09.
BRIGGS, Daisy-Marquis (Mrs. James M.

Brlggs), 107 W. Elmira St., San Antonio, Tex.

Teacher of expression, writer; b. Haverhill,
Mass.; dau. Marriuis and Emma (Webster) Hus-
ton; ed. Gonzales College, grad. with honors In
expression; m. Plourville, Tex., 1881, James M.
Briggs; children: Flora, Will Rot), Marquis.
Author of one book of verse, regular contributor
to Daily Express, San Antonio, Tex., and maga-
zines. Clubs: Bohemian Scribblers, San An-
tonio Dramatic, Mothers' Congress. Mem. Chris-
tian Church. Favors woman suffrage.
BRIGGS, Florence Lncy Chase (Mrs. Warren S.

Briggsi, 675 Summit Av., St. Paul, Minn.

Born Ripley, Mich., Mar. 30, 1862; dau. Charles
Foster and Rosina (Randall) Chase; ed. Potsdam
State Normal School and affiliated Pianoforte
School, Potsdam, N.Y., grad. '81; m. White Bear
Lake, Minn., Dec. 31, 1885, Dr. Warren S. Briggs;
one daughter: Florence Mayfred, b. July 3, 1887.
Mem. The Schubert (musical) Club (pres. 1902-05
and again from 1908 to present), and New Century
Club (literary), both of St. Paul. Unitarian.
BRIGGS, Lavina B. (Mrs. Osmand H. Briggs),

16 Kossuth St., Pawtucket, R.I.

Born Pawtuckeit, R.I., April 23, 1847; dau.
Robert C. and Lucy (Smith) Robley; ed. schools
of Pawtucket, R.I.; Dedham, Mass.; m. Dedham,
Mass., Jan. 3, 1870, Osmond H. Briggs; chil-
dren: Robert Gilmore, Jenny Sherman. Lucie
Claflin. Prsjs. Foreign Mission Soc; vice-pres.
Needle Work Guild of Pawtucket, 12 years; sec.
of Associated Charities; regent of Pawtucket
Chapter D.A.R. Mem. Auxiliary Y.M.C.A.
Ass'n, Soc. of Associated Charities of Paw-
tucket, Providence Soc, Consumers' League,
Hospital Club (Pawtucket), Foreign and Home
Missionary societies. Clubs: Pawtucket Wo-
man's (ores.), R.I. Women's, the Ex. Club.
Baptist. Favors woman suffrage.
BRIGGS, Lida May, 303 St. Mary's St., San

Antonio, Tex.

Journalist, lecturer; b. Tahlequah, Okla. ; dau.
Joseph Junius and Harriet (Bradley) Briggs; ed.
in village school, Sylvia, Kan.; special course in
Ohio State Univ.; grad. Columbus (Ohio) School
of Oratory. Was on stage for a time; later
taught elocution, acting and public speaking.
Special writer on staff of Sunday dep't N.Y.
Tribune, 1910. Since going to Texas, 1912. press
representative Texas Welfare Commission, spe-
cial writer Texas Commercial Secretaries; in-
augurated publicity page features for them in the
best Sunday papers of Texas. Only woman meet-
ing with Texas Welfare Commission, composed of
15 of the most prominent men of Texas. Con-
tributed to various papers and magazines, but
principally Sunday magazine sections of papers
in New York and Texas. Conducted a depart-
ment of health and longevity in Health Culture'
under pen-name of "Lida Evandell." Founded in
Columbus, Ohio, 1908, the Longevity League to
discuss questions of health, philosophy and re-
ligion. Believes in New Thought, woman's
progress, health culture, etc. Recreations: Out-
door sports, nature.
BRIGHT, Cora C. (Mrs. Orvllle T. Bright),

6515 Harvard Av., Chicago, III.

Born In 111., Nov., I860; dau. Roland and Helen
(SchJasser) Christian; ed. Chicago public schools;

Chicago private school; Evanston private school;
m. Chicago, July, 1883, Orvllle T. Bright; chil-
dren: Helen, Alice, Orville. Active In the Nat.
and State Congress of Mothers, working tor the
welfare of children through the education of
parents and in other ways. Mem. Chicago
Peace Soc, Nat. Congress of Mothers (vice-
pres.), 111. Congress of Mothers (former pres.,
now chairman of Extension Com.), Englewood
High School Parents' Club. Clubs: Englewood
Woman's, l^^ortnightly of Englewood. Recrea-
tions: Lectures, out-door lite, reading, study-
ing, traveling. Universalist. Favors woman
suffrage. Progressive. Mem. Chicago Political
Equality League.
BRIGHT, Emily Haskell (Mrs. Alfred H.

Brisrht), 1004 Mt. Curve Av., Minneapolis,


tiorn Sierra Co., Cal.; dau. George W. and
Hannah (Cole) Haskell; ed. public and private
schools of Cal. and Wis.; specialized in music
and languages; m. Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 15,
1887, Alfred H. Bright; children: Elizabeth Has-
kell, George Noyes, Katharine Cruttenden, Agnes
Haskell. Mem. Women's Ass'n of the Church of
the Redeemer; Women's Welfare League, The
Hostesses (social club); Women's Homoeopathic
League. Favors woman suffrage; pres. Political
Equality Cluto; mem. State and Nat. Woman's
Suffrage Associations. Universalist. Progressive
BRIGHT, Florence Zetilla, 411 W. Collin St.,

Corsicana, Texas.

Teacher; b. Corsicana, Texas, Jan. 31, 1868; dau.
John Milford and Martha Jane (Storey) Bright,
descendant on father's side from Dranes and
Brights of Kentucky, and on mother's side from
the Whites and Storeys, two old families of the
Spartanburg District, S.C. ; ed. in private schools
in Corsicana and in Sam Houston Normal Inst.,
Huntsville, Texas (Licentiate of Instruction).
Has taught in the public schools since their
organization in 1882, in primary, grammar and
high schools, also Dep'ts of Music, Drawing and
English; has held several principalships of ward
schools. Southern Presbyterian; active in Church
work, teaching in Sunday-school and Mission
Study classes and working in Church societies.
BRIGHT, Marion M. (Mrs. O. Percy Bright),

5113 Pulaski Av., Germantown, Philadelphia,


Born Philadelphia, Mar. 21, 1873; dau. Edwin
D. and Abbie Scull (Reeves) Mullen; ed. private
schools of Philadelphia; m. Germantown, June 2,
1903, 0. Percy Bright; children: Edwin M., Rod-
man Pratt. Mem. Germantown Cricket Club.
BRINCKERHOFF, Henrietta Collins, Old Briar

Cliff Road, R.F.D. No. 2, Os.sining, N.Y.

Bom Kingsbridge, N.Y., July 23, 1844; dau.
Peter Reman and Abethea (McFarlan) Brincker-
hoff; ed. at home ^ith governesses and tutors
and always in the near neighborhood of N.Y.
City. Has been identified with numerous social,
religious and philanthropic activities in the
neighborhood of Blair Cliff. Protestant Episco-
pal. Against woman suffrage.
BRINE, Mary Dow (Mrs), Blllerica, Mass.

Author; b. N.Y. City; dau. William Langley
and Caroline A. (Dow) Northam; ed. N.Y. City;
m. N.Y. City, William Brine; one daughter, who
died in 1901. Writer of books for children; has
written for various magazines. Books: Bessie
and Bee; Bessie the Cash Girl; Grandma's Attic
l^easures; Grandma's Memories; Jack; Little
Lad Jamie; Margaret Arnold's Christmas; Merrie
Little Visit with Auntie; Mother and Baby;
Mother's Song; Aunt Patience; Sunshine; Sunny
Hours; What Robbin Was Good For; Daisy
Dearie; Mother's Little Man; Grandmother and
Christmas Eve. Fond of music and plays a
number of musical instruments; composer of
music and writes words for song composers.
BRINK, Lonlse, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.

Registered nurse; b. ICatabaan, N.Y. ; grad.
Vassar, A.B. '98. Missionary, Amoy, China,
1899-1902; registered nurse, 1905, and since then
trained nurse at Kingston and Cornwall-on-Hud-
son, N.Y.



BRINILEB, Jean Beatrice Weber (Mrs. Frank
Markley Brlnker), Ivackawanna, Erie Co., N.T.
Born Buffalo, N.Y., May 6, 1869; dau. Col.
John B. and Elizabeth (Farthing) Weber; ed.
public schools, Buffalo; Wells Coll., B.A. (vale-
dictorian of class) ; m. Buffalo, 1893, Frank
Markley Brinker. Interested in church societies,
Children's Aid Soc., Buffalo, a society interested
in helping newsboys and homeless boys to help
themselves; traveled in European countries,
studying in art galleries and attending exposi-
tions. Mem. Phoenix Literature Soc, Catalia
Soc. of Wells Coll., Collegiate Alumna of N.Y.
State, Buffalo; St. Pkul's Aid Soc. of Buffalo,
Children's Aid Soc, Collegiate Alumnae of U.S.
Episcopalian. Rather opposed to woman suf-

BBINSMADE, Ada Gibson Colton (Mrs. William
Gold Brlnsmade), The Ridge School, Washing-
ton, Conn.

Principal of boys' school; b. Washington, Conn.,
Nov. 5, 1864; dau. Rev. Willis S. and Lucy Par-
sons (Gibson) Colton; ed. Washington, Conn., in
Gunnery School; m. Warren, Conn., I>ec. 24, 1885,
William Gold Brinsmade; one daughter, Dorothy.
With husband built and founded the Ridge School
for boys in 1894. Since his death in 1908 has
carried on the school which is now for boys under
14 only. Pres. of Woman Suffrage League of
Washington, Conn. Congregationalist. Holds
progressive political Yie<ws. Recreations: Garden-
ing, walking, driving, etc.

BRINSMADE, Mary Gold Gunn (Mrs. John
Chapin Brinsmade), Washington, Conn.
Born Washington, Conn.; dau. Frederick Will-
iam and Abigail Irene (Brimsmade) Gunn; ed.
Gunnery School; m. Oct. 4, 1876, John Chapin
Brinsmade; children: Frederick Gunn, William
Bartlett, Chapin, Eleanor Gold, Mary, John
Chapin Jr., Charlotte Blake, Abigail Irene.
Born and brought up in the Gunnery School;
taught in the school for several years, and has
been mistress and mother since 1881. Interested
in the New Haven branch Women's Board of
Foreign Missions, Homeland Circle for Home
Missionary Work. Regent of Judea Chapter
D.A.R. Mem. Washington (Conn.) Monday
Club, Roquasset Club, Congregationalist. Fa-
vors woman suffrage; mem. of the League of
Washington, Conn.

BRISCOE, Margaret Sutton (see Hopkins, Mar-
garet Sutton Briscoe).
BRISTOI>, Grace ^\ hitman (Mrs. William Read
Bristol), Beaufort, S.C.

Born Autum, Me., Sept. 7, 1863; dau. Joshua
Adams and Hannah F. (Emmons) Whitman; ed.
Auburn, Me., and Beaufort, S.C, and in New
England Conservatory of Music; m. Beaufort,
S.C, July 14, 1885, William Read Bristol; one
son: Harold Whitman. Organist of St. Helena
E>piscopal Church for 28 years. Interested in
library work. Against woman suffrage. E>pisco-
palian. Mem. Benevolent Soc. ; pres. Ladies' Aid
Soc. of St. Helena Episcopal Church. Pres.
Clover Club since its organization. 1891; charter
mem. Civic League.

BRISTOL, Helen Augmsta Flack (Mrs. Royal A.
Bristol), Claverack, N.Y.

Reader; b. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. ; dau. Rev.
Alonzo Flack, Ph.D. (pres. Claverack Coll.) and
Mary Elizabeth (Johnson) Flack; grad. Claver-
ack Coll., A.B. (valedictorian); mem. Addi-
sonian Soc; m. Claverack, N.Y., June 23. 1881,
Royal A. Bristol (now deceased). Has taught in
Claverack Coll.; Hamlin Univ.; State Univ. of
Minn.; High School, Yonkers, N.Y.; High
School, Hudson, N.Y., and private school— gym-
nastics, elocution, expression, singing. Has
taken charge, teaching and supervising, as su-
perintendent teacher, etc. Sea Side Hospital,
St. John's Guild, New Dorp, S.I. ; one year at
Hampton Inst., Va. ; teacher and supervisor and
superintendent. Domestic Training School, Min-
neapolis. Author of a short play: Uncle Sam's
Ne*v Scholars, 1898, and short humorous poems.
Methodist. Mem. Twenty-Minute Reading Club,

BRISTOL, Helen Finlay Waltz, 2 35 N. 8th St.,
Qulncy, 111.
Bom Qulncy, 111., Dec. 29, 1843; dau. Frederick

K. and Jane Bell (Finlay) Carrott; grad. Qulncy
Coll., 111., A.B. '66, A.M. '68; m. 1st, Sept. 22,
1870, Rev. Henry Clay Waltz (died 1877) ; 2d, to S.
E. Bristol, May 22, 1880; children: Frederick
Finlay Waltz, Merle Bowman Waltz. Principal
public schools in Pueblo, Col., in 70's; taught
higher mathematics and Latin in Qulncy Coll.;
ex-sec. and treas. of Dep't of 111., Woman's Re-
lief Corps; ex-pres. Local Council of Women; ex-
treas. Woodland Hemy Orphanage; ex-treas.
Atlantis Literary Soc; ex-treas. Woman's Ex-
change; treas. Methodist Church. Interested in
suffrage movement in Wyoming in 70's; now
mem. Executive Board of Qulncy Woman's
Suffrage Ass'n. Active in Sunday School work
and in Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. Repub-
lican. Mem. Quincy Board of Education for 4
BRITTAIN, Gertrude FuUer, 151 Greenwood

Av., East Orange, N.J.

Teacher; b. Malvern, Pa.; grad. Vassar Coll.,
A.B. '97. Teacher, Cloverdise School, Montolair,
N.J., 1900-04; Dearborn-Morgan School, Orange,
N.J., 1904-05; Bernardsville (N.J.) High School,
1905-09; East Orange (N.J.) High School since

BRITTEN, Flora Phelps Hariey (Mrs. Fred
Ernest Britten), 146 Massachusetts Av., Bos-
ton, Mass.

Lecturer; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 2, 1864;
dau. David Saur and Jennie (Phelps) Hariey;
ed. Manistee (Mich.) High School; Univ. of
Mich., B.A. '86; m. Manistee, Mich., April 29,
1886, Frea Ernest Britten; children: Clarence
Dewey, b. 1887; Rollo Herbert, b. 1889; Merle
DeWitt, b. 1891. Taught in public schools and
in the art, Greek and Latin dep't of Central
Univ. of Iowa, 18S6-88; preached in mission in
Neb. and as pastor of two different churches in
Mich., 1888-91; national lecturer of the Prohibi-
tion Party, 1892-1901; office manager of Prohibi-
tion Party of Mich, about four years, 1898-1901;
has been in W.C.T.U. work, chiefly as lecturer,
since 1893; pres. B.W.L.T.U., 1904-09. In 1904
went into business; vice-pres. of Boston De-
velopment Co., and office manager; also vice-
pres. and treas. of Cuba Fruit Co. ; also office
manager of Eastern business until 1912. Mem. of
various tempera'nce movements; active in va-
rious missionary efforts, both ladies and other
lines. Published leaflet theses, in line with
the teraperance work, both political, and for
Christian citizenship. Recreations: Baseball,
football, tennis. Baptist. Favors woman suf-

BRITTINGHAM, Ellen Brooks Bradbory (Mrs.
Russell Brlttingham), 123 Washington St.,
East Orange, N.J.

Former teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '93;
student of Latin, Harvard Summer School, 1897;
English and educational methods, Columhla
Univ., 1898-99; m. June 18, 1902, Russell Brlt-
tingham; children: Russell, b. Dec. 29, 1304;
Emily Bradbury, b. April 28, 1908. Teacher,
Norfolk, Va., 1893-97; Westfield, N.J., 1897-98;
Mary Brigham Inst., Paterson, N.J., 1898-1901.

BRITTON, Eliz.ibeth Gertrude (Mrs. Nathaniel

Lord Britton), 2965 Decatur Av., Bronx, N.Y.


Honorary curator of mosses at N.Y. Botanical
Garden; b. N.Y. City, Jan. 9, 1858; dau. James
and Sophie Anne (Compton) Knight; ed. private
schools and Normal Coll.; m. Aug. 27, 1885, Dr.
Nathaniel Lord Britton (director N.Y. Botanical
Garden). Professional botanist. Editor of the
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club; contribu-
tor to the bulletins of the Torrey Botanical
Club and N.Y. Botanical Garden, and bryolo-
glst on mosses. Mem. Torrey Botanical Club,
Botanical Soc. of America, Wild Flower Preser-
vation Soc, Woman's Municipal League (sec.
and treas.), Sullivant Moss Soc, Associate
Alumnae Normal Coll. Recreations: Walking,
horseback riding, traveling. Against woman
BRITTON, Ida Freeman (Mrs. Frank Hamilton

Brittoni, 3671 Lindell Boul, St. Louis, Mo.

Born Ravenna, O., Aug. 19, 1848; dau. Stephen
Rice and Lucretia (Seaton) Freeman; ed.



Ravenna (O.) public schools and Falley Sem.,
Fu)ton, N.Y.; m. Ravenna, O., Mar. 12, 1873,
Frank Hamilton Britton; (hildren: Edna L.;llias
(Mrs. N. A. Waldron), Robert Freeman, Roy-
Frank. Ada. Ida. Congregationallst. Mem. St.
Louis Chapter, D.A.R.

8R3TTON, Josrpl^ae. 610 Benson St., Cajnden,

Teacher; b. Beverly, N.J., Nov. 22, 1882; dau.
Josiuih H. and Anna (Kales' Britton; ed. Cornell
Univ., Ithaca, N.Y., A.E. '07, A.M. '08, Ph.D. '10
(mrra. Phi Beta Xappa, Alpha Omicron Pi).
Rpi-reatlons: Walking, talking. Catholic. Favors
woman sirifrage; mesn. of Political Equality
L(':tgue ot WiE.

BROADDITS, Lucy »«JBcee Ihiiican (Mrs. An-
drew Broaddus), 1304 Brook St., Louisville,


Born Nelson County, Ky. ; dau. Charles Young
and Mary Ivea (Fox) Duncan; grad. Bloocafleld
(Ky.) Coll. Inst,; m. Nashville, Tenn., June 2,
1887, Andrew Broaddvis. Ex-first vlc&-pres. of the
Ky. Division United Daughters of Confederacy;
ex-pres. Albert Sidney Johastx)n Chapter, U.D.C.
(former recording sec.); pres. Crescent Hill
Women's Civic League; ha^ been pres. Ladles'
Ass'n of the Broadway Baptist Church. Baptist,
Against woman suffrage,
BKOADHEAD, Stella riorine, 130 S. Main St.,

Jamestown, N.Y.

Bom Jamestown, N.Y.. April 12, 1859; dau.
William and Lucy (Cobb) Broadhead; g;rad.
Jamestown Union School and Collegiate Inst.,
'77; Vassar Coll., A.B. '82. Became mem. of
School Board of Jamestown in 1902, and has
served continuously since; has been a mem. of
Finance Com. and chairman of Teachers Com.
Interested in hospital work; has been treas.
Women's Christian Ass'n Hospital for 12 years.
Founded Jameistown Chapter D.A.R., 1900, and
has been regent ever since; mem. Nat. Soc.
U.S., Daughters of 1812. Mem. Mozart Club,
Fortnightly Literary Club, New Century Art
Club. Recreations: Travel here and abroad,
motoring. Congregationalist. Favors woman
BROCK, Elizabeth Tyler (Mrs. Charles William

Penn Brock), 206 E. Franklin St., Richmond,


Born Richmond, Va., June 5, 1839; dau. John
Henry and E. S. (Evans) Tyler; ed. Miss Har-
riet Hall's Sctiool; m. Oct. 1, 1863, Dr. Charles
W. P Brock; children: Mrs. Edwin L. Hewitt,
Mrs. Floyd Hughes, Dr. Charles Bolton Brock,
A. Tyler Brock. Interested In society and church
work. Mem. Colonial Dames of America,
D.A.R., Ass'n for Preser^'ation . of Va. Antiqui-
ties, Confederate Memorial Literary Soc; mem.
and formerly second vice-pres. Daughters of the
Confederacy; mem. the Woman's Club. Recrea-
tions: Stay-at-Home Whist Club, bridge, driving.
BROCKWAY, Aloinda Beman (Mrs. E. B.

Brockway), 3217 N. Twenty-eighth St,, Ta-

coma. Wash.

Born Iowa, 1872; dau. S. N. and Mary A
(ThomiJson) Beman; ed. State Univ. of loTva;
grad. in pharmacy; m. Oskaloosa, la., 1899, E. B.
Brockway; children: Valeda, Gordon B. Became
registered pharmacist in 1896 and practiced pro-
fession for three years. Mem. Methodist Episco-
pal Church. Progressive in politics. Mem.
Illema Club (literary).
BRODEL, Ruth Huntinglon (Mrs. Max BrSdel),

707 N. Can-ollton Av., Baltimore, Md.

Bom Sandusky, O., Sept. 1, 1877; dau. Henry
Clay and Josephine (Warner) Huntington; grad.
Sandusky High School. '95; Smith Coll., B.S. '99
'mem. Alpha Soc); m. Sandusky, O. Dec. 31,
1902, Prof. Max Brodel of Johns Hopkins Univ.;
children: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 9, 1903; Ruth, b.
April 23, 1905 (died June 1, 1908); Carl. b. June 7,
1908; Elsa, b. Feb. 8, 1911. Fellow in zoology.
Smith Coll., 1899-1900; was engaged in medical
UluatratiOD at Johns Hopkins Univ., 1900-02.
Illustrated the anatomical chapter of Dr. How-
ard A. Kelly's book on the Appendix. Congre-
gationalist Recreation: Music. .Mem. College
Club, BaKimore.

BRODIE, Ethel Mary (Mrs.), 15 Charles St..

W. Toronto, Can.

Bom Toronto. Sept. 27, 1878; dau. John Lowe
Brodie (founder of Standard Bank of Canada)
and Adeline J. H. (Lowe) Brodie: ed. private
school (Mis« Champion's) and at Morvyn House,
afterward Havarpal Hall; left school In girl-
hood because of ill health; followed study by
self; married, but has resumed name of Brodie;
one daughter: Jessie Dick Staunton, b. Mar. 11,
190C. Author of two articles In Toronto Saturday
Night, and one book: The Rose-Colored World
(collection of short stories), 1910. Recreations:
Music, reading, traveling. Favors woman suf-

BROrWELL, Henrietta Elizabeth, 1803 Guil-
ford A v., Baltimore, Md. ; P.O. Box 50, Denver,

Landscape painter, genealogist; b. Charleston,
111.; dau. Hon. H. P. H. Bromwell (Congress-
man, jurist, legislator, etc.) and E)mlly (Payne)
Bromwell, dau. of Hon. John W. Payne; ed.
at home under private instructors; traveled a
good deal in U.S., Northern Mexico and Canada.
One of founders and active mem. of Artists'

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