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BURNS, Lucy, 904 President St., Brooklyn,

Organizer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; ed. Packer Inst.,
Brooklvn, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '02;
graduate work in Yale Univ., 1902-03; Univ. of
Berlin, 1906-08; Univ. of Bonn., 1908-09. Teacher
in Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, 1904-06;
resided abroad, 1906-12. Favors woman suffrage.
Organizer of Woman's Social and Political Union
in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1909-12; residing In Wash-
ington, D.C, as mem. of Congressional Com-
mittee, Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n, 1913.

BURNS, Margaret Broad (Mrs. Berend James

Burns), 105 Fargo Av., Buffalo, N.Y.

Born Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 1, 1873; dau. George
and Agnes (Dempster) Broad; ed. Buffalo public
and high school; Vassar Coll., A.B. 1896; Teach-
ers' Training School, Buffalo, '97; m. Buffalo,
N.Y., Sept. 7, 1901, Berend James Bums; chil-
dren: Margaret Agnes, Helen Broad, Berend
James Jr. Teacher Masten High School, 1897-01;
specialty English. Interested In child study
(committee work), also manual training in
schools and in household economics movement.
Favors woman suffrage. United Presbyterian.
Pres. Women's Missionary Soc. of First United
Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, Ass'n of Colle-
giate Alumnse; pres. Managers' College Creche,
Buffalo, 1907; mem. Vassar Club, Buffalo. Rec-
reations: Walking, swimming, rowing, dancing,
BURPEE, Myra Blanche Walker (Mrs. Homer

Stanford Burpee), 809 N. Court St., Rockford,


Born Rockford, 111.; grad. Rockford (111.) Coll.,
B.A. '95; m. Rockford, 111., Homer Stanford
Burpee (banker) ; one daughter. Episcopalian
(active In church and Sunday-school work).
Mem. Rockford College Ass'n (has been treas.),
Rockford Coll. Alumnae Ass'n (has been sec. and
mem. Exec. Com.). Mem. Short Story Club,
Rockford Country Club.

BURR, Anna Robeson, 246 S. 23d St., Phila-
delphia, Pa.

Writer; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1873; dau. Henry
Armitt and Josephine L. (Baker) BroTvn; ed.
private school tutors in Philadelphia; m. May,
1899, Charles H. Burr, of the Philadelphia Bar;
children: Dorothy, b. 1900; Pamella, b. 1905.
Author (novels): Truth and A Woman; The
JessoD Bequest; also The Autobiography, a criti-
cal comparative study. Mean. Contemporary
Club. Recreations: Walking, climbing, out-door
life generally.

BURR, Helen Louise, Reynolds Hall., Walla

Walla, Wash.

Dean of women. Whitman Coll.; b. Dedham,
Mass., Dec. 17, 1870; dau. Lafayette and Aoby
White (Shepard) Burr; ed. Melrose (Mass.) pub-
lic schools; Wellesley Coll., A.B. '93; Domestic
Science (Simmons Coll.), '03; Univ. of Chicago,
'07. Interested in social activities. Favors wo-
man suffrage. Congregationalist. Republican.
Mem. Y.W.C.A. Recreation: Camping. Mem.
Boston College Cluh. Interested in scleooe and



BUKR, tSmrtotie, Winiamsto'im, Mass.

Educator; b. Wlnsted, Conn.; ed. In schools of
Wlnated, Conn., and Vassar Coll., B.A. '99.
Teacher In the Misses Graham's School, N.Y.
City, 1899-1900; since 1900 in Normal Coll.. N.Y.
BURR, Theodora Dudley (Mrs. Ralph H. Burr),

72 Pearl St., Mlddletown, Conn.

Born Madison, Conn., July 28, 1867; dau. Ben-
[amln and Zerviah (Clark) Dudley; grad. New
Haven High School, '86; Wellesley Coll., B.A.
'91; m. Madison, Conn., Oct. 29, 1895, Ralph H.
Burr; children: Catharine, Antoinette, Theodora,
Ralph Jr. Interested in missionary societies
connected with the church and Day Nursery and
District Nurse Work. Mem. Methodist Episcopal
Church. Mem. A^s'n Colleg^iate AJumnse.

BURRAGE, Edith May, 34 Harrison Av., North-
ampton, Mass.

Librarian; grad. Smith CoU., B.A. '99; student
Simmons Coll. Library School, Boston, 1903-04.
Apprentice Lancaster (Mass.) Library, 1902-03;
library organizer, Bolton (iMass.) Public Library,
1904-05; Wellesley (Mass.) Public Library, 1905-
06; Harvard Med. School, January-September,
1907; ass't librarian Clark Univ. Library, 1907-
08; ass't librarian Smith Coll. since October,
1908. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n.
BCRRAGE, Harriet Greene Dyer (Mrs. Thomas
J. Burrage), 139 Park St., Portland, Me.
Born Providence, R.I., Dec. 22, 1879; dau. Will-
iam Jones and Lillian Pitman (Greene) Dyer; ed.
Miss Abbott's School, Mise Bowen's School; m.
Providence, R.I., June 12, 1906, Dr. Thomas J.
Burrage; one son: Henry Dyer, b. 1910. On
board of managers of Female Orphan Asylum.
Mem. Maine Soc, Colonial Dames of America.
Protestant Episcopal. Against woman suffrage.

BURREI/L, Caroline Benedict, 68 Downing St.,

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Born Chicago, 111. ; daughter of Amzl and
Catharine (Walrath) Benedict; ed. Lake Forest
Coll., Univ. ot 111. M.Litt; m. Oct. 18, 1888, Rev.
Joseph Dunn Burrell; children: Katharine
Benedict, b. Oct. 9, 1889; Monica, b. February
1, 189L Author: A Little Cook Book for a Little
Girl; Margaret's Saturday Morning; Living on a
Little; Easy Entertaining; Fairs and Fetes, etc.
(all under nom-de-plume). Presbyterian. Mem.
Meridian Club of N.Y. City. Writer under her
own name and others of essays, fiction, Juvenile
stories, etc., for magazines and papers.
BURRELX, Clara DeForest (Mrs. David James

BurreiU. 2 48 W. Seventy-fifth St., N.Y. City.

Born New Haven. Conn., Nov. 19, 1849; dau.
George F. and Caroline E. (Sergeant) DeForest;
ed. public and private schools of Freeport, 111.;
m. Freeport, 111., Oct. 18, 1871, Rev. David James
Burrell (pastor Marble Collegiate Church, N.Y.
City); children: Clara Miriam, Elizabeth Ser-
geant, David DeForest, Norman McLeod, Eleanor
Loudenois, Katharine DeForest. Pres. Woman's
Board of Foreign Missions of Reformed Church
in America. Against woman suffrage.
BITRREIX, Tempe Garfield (Mrs. Harry Clifton

Burrell), Lorain, Ohio, R.F.D. No. 1.

Born Sheffield, Ohio, 1870; dau. Halsey and
Harriet (Root) Garfield; grad. Oberlin, Ph.B. '97;
mem. ..Eollan Soc; m. Sheffield, Oct 9, 1894,
Harry Clifton Burrell; children: Edward,
Dwight, Kenneth, Doris, Virginia, Eleanor. Has
helped organize and support a social settlement
ass'n In Lorain. Served on school board. Con-
gregationalist. Mem. Lorain Sorosis Club, East
Side Literary Club.

BL'RROUGH, Mary Anna, 544 Penn St., Cam-
den, N.J.

Teacher; b. Camden Co., N.J. ; dau. James
and Elizabeth P. (Pine) Burrough; ed. Clarks-
boro and Camden, N.J., and Philadelphia; grad.
Philadelphia Normal School (valedictorian), 1870;
Nat. School of Elocution and Oratory, Phila-
delphia. B.E. '92. Principal of North-Bast
School, 1880; supervising principal of North-East
and J. S. Read schools, 1901; sup't of Friends
First-day School for many years; pree. of Wo-
man's Park Ass'n for 10 years; pree. Teachers'
Club of Camdea; county Tlce-pres. oX N.J. Teach-

ers' Retirement F^ind; mem. and one ot th« or-
ganizers of Teachers' Insurance Asa'n; mem.
exec. coim. State Teachers' Ass'n. Favors wo-
man suffrage. ."viem. Soc. of Friends. Mem.
Camden Principals' Ass'n, Parent Teachers' Ass'n
of North-East School, N.J. Congress of Mothers.
Recreations: Travel, lectures, musicals, etc.

BL'RROt'GHS, Edith Woudman (Mrs. Bryson

Burroughs), Flushing, L.I., N.Y.

Sculptor; b. Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y., Oct
20, 1871; dau. Webster and Mary .M. Woodman;
ed. Art Students' League, N.Y. City; pupil of
St. Gaudens; m. Sittingbourn, Kent, England,
Sept. 5, 1893, Bryson Burroughs. Engaged as
sculptor in marble, statuettes, busts of children,
portraits in low relief, etc., participating in exhi-
bitions in N.Y. City, receiving the Shaw me-
morial prize, and at the Champs de Mars, Paris.
Mem. Nat. Sculpture Soc, etc.

BURROUGHS, Edna McCoy (Mrs. George T.

Burroughs), Burley, Ida.

Bom Portland, Ore., April 12, 1877; dau. John
B. and Harriet (Hald) McCoy; ed. high school,
Bellevue, Ida., and special studies in private; m.
Jan. 10, 1900, George Tyler Burroughs Jr. (min-
ing engineer); one son: George Tyler Burroughs,
b. 1905. Has been interested in educational and
club work for several years; was pres. of Civic
Improvement Ass'n, Burley, Ida.; has in co-
operation with City School Sup't promoted do-
mestic science work in public schools; on His-
torical Com. in Idaho Club Work; vice-chairman
of CivU Service Com.; taught in public schools
for five years. Mem. of leading social organisa-
tions in State, Civic Improvement Ass'n. Idaho
State and First Dist. Federations. Recreations:
Golf, camping, fishing. Christian Scientist. Fa-
vors woman suffrage. Republican; vice-prea. of
Woman's Republican Club of Burley, Ida.

IJURROUGHS, Marie (Mrs. Frarrcls M. Living-
ston), 64 W. Eighty-seventh St., N.Y. City.
Former actress; b. (Lillie Arrington) San Fran-
cisco, 1866; ed. San Francisco schools; m. (1st)
1890, Loula B\ Massen; (2d) Robert Barclay Mac-
pherson of N.Y. City (died 1907); (3d) AprU 8,
1908, Francis M. Livingston. At 17 had been suc-
cessful in private readings and recitals in native
city, at one of which Lawrence Barrett waa
present, and was so impressed that he tele-
graphed A. M. Palmer and secured for her an
engagement in The Rajah, then playing at Madi-
son Square Garden, and she made her N.Y.
debut in the part of Gladys in that play in 1884,
assuming the stage name of "Marie Burroughs";
later played Irma in Alpine Roses, and after-
ward took leading parts in Hazel Kirke, Bssmer-
alda. After the Ball and Mrs. Winthrop in same
company. While in New Orleans played Zieka In
Diplomacy with Wallack's company, and after-
ward played Pauline March Ln Called Back with
Robert Mantell in N.Y. City; then, returning to
Palmer's Madison Square Garden company,
created part of Queen Gainevere with Alexander
Salvini, and later played Lettie In Saints and
Sinners. After that, for several seasons, sup-
ported E. S. Willard, playing Vashti Dethic in
Judah, Mary Blenkam in The Middleman, Edith
Ruddock in Wealth, Kate Norbury in John Need-
ham's Double, Lucy In The Professor's Love
Story and Ophelia in Hamlet; starred In Pinero's
The Profligate, and in Romeo and Juliet and
Leah, 1894-98, and starred m The BatUe of the
Strong. 1901, then retired from the stage.

BURROWES, Katharine, 246 Highland Av.,

H. P., Detroit, Mich.

Musician, composer, author, teacher; b. Kings-
ton, Can.; dau. EMwin Annesley and Florinda
(Radcllff) Burrowes; ed. privately at home and In
Europe; studied music under Prof. J. C. Batch-
elder in Detroit, Mich., later In Germany under
Karl Kllndworth (founder with Zavier Schar-
wenka of the Klindworth-Scharwenka Conserva-
tory of Music). Taught In Detroit Conservatory
of Music, '1887-95; established Burrowes Piano
School, 1895. Invented appliances pertaining to
the Burrowes course of music study, a method
for teaching music to beginners by means of
songs, stories, games, blackboard work, chart
work, com{>etitlve drills and mechanical de-


vlcea, ae well aa pianoforte music; some of the BURT, Mary- Elizabeth, Coytesville, N.J.

appliances are: Miss Keyboard's School, a device Writer, editor, teacher; b. Lake Geneva, Wis.;

for teaching notation and sight reading (patented ed. Lake Geneva public school; Anna Moody's

1904); The Broken Globe, a device for teaching Acad.; Oberlin CoU., one year; completed full

meter or time; The Twelve Scale Boys, a device college course with private teachers. Taught in

for teaching scales and chords (patented 1903); public schools of Chicago, 1868-90, except one year

Meter Fractions and Meter Blocks, for teaching when was principal gramanar dep't. River Falls

meter, etc. Author: Kindergarten Class Songs, (Wis.) Normal School; teacher of literature in

1901; Modern Music Methods, 1902; Some of the Cook County Normal School with Col. T. W.

Knowledge Which a Music Teacher of Children Parker, 1887-90; private school, N.Y. City, 1893-

Should Possess, 1906; Teachers' Manual of the 1905. Chairman Com. on Drawing, Chicago

Burrowea Course of Music Study, 1910; Tales of Board of Education, 1890-93; stood for Socratic

the Great Composers, 1911. Composer: Short and Froebelian methods, manual training, equal

Pieces for Small Hands (piano), 1904; Playtime pay for primary teachers and psychological

Pieces (piano), 1904; Forty Reading Studies methods on the teaching of reading. Wrote on

(piano), 1904; The Girls and the Etovea (vocal), educational subjects for Atlantic Monthly,

1905; The Five Squirrels (vocal), 1905. E>plsco- Chautauquan, 111. School Journal, Lake Geneva

palian. Mem. Tuesday Musicale of Detroit. Rec- News, Critic, Inter-Ocean, Unity, etc. Delivered

reations: Reading, c<'ncerts, theatre. Favors lectures before Nat. Educational Ass'n, 1889;

woman suffrage. Inst, of Pedagogy, St. Louis, 1890; State Teachers

BUBROWES, Verlista Sbaol (Mr«. Charles W. Ass'n, 111., 1889; Boston Educational Meeting,

Burrowea), Kinderhook, NT 1892; Teachers Ass'n, Indianapolis, 1892; Coll.

Bom Sharon Springs, N.Y.'; ed. schools of 'o"" Training of Teachers, Cambridge, E:ngland,

Sharon Springs, N.T., and Vassar Coll B A '87- l^^^' ^<-°- Author: Seed Thoughts from Brown-

m. July 7, 1896, Charles W. Burrowes.' Teacher 'ng- 1^85; Browning's Women, 1886; Birds and

Glade Springs. Va., 1889-90; examiner Regents' Bees (edited from the essays of John Burroughs),

Office, Albany. N.Y., 1888-89 and 1890-96 18^5; Literary Landmarks, 1887; Bees, A Study

D.n>T>nTi7a »:>__ w> , ,^, ■, ,, ^ ^ from Virgil, 1890; Story of the German Iliad,

BURROWS, Frances Peck (Mrs. Julius C. Bur- ^ggj; The World's Uterature, 1890; Stories from

J; ^f ^^ ' / ^.^°^'^°''\■^'':\ ^"t'^' Plato and Other Classic Writers, 1894; Little Na-

mazoo, Mich, and 1406 Massachusetts Av.. ^^J.^ studies for Uttle People, from the works of

waatiington, D.C. j^j^^ Burroughs, who collaborated, 1895; The

dSS"^^';, '*'Tr^°Tlr-n-c^'^ ^if'w ^P^"^??^ Child-Life Chart, 1896; The Burt-Markham

P^. grad. Forest HiU Sem; Rockford Coll., prjmer, Edward Markham collaborating, 1908.

1864 one of the three distmguished essayists who initiative editor of the Scribner Reading Series,

read essays on graduation day (mem. Rockford 1894-1904, collaborating with Z. Ragozin in

Coll. Assn); m Richland Mich 1864, Julius C. CKiysseus, the Hero of Ithaca, and Herakles,

Burrows (U.S. Senator, 189o-1911). Mem. Congre- Hero of Thebes; with Lucy Cable and G. W.

gaUonal Church. First State regent D.A.R.; ca.ble in The Cable Story Book; with Mary

^Jce-prM. gen of Nat. Soc. D.A.R; nat. pres. cable in The Eugene Field Book; with Mildred

of Children s Soc. D A R. ; mem. Colonial Dames Howells In The Literary Primer and The Howells

of America. Interested m church work and phll- g^ory Book; with Lucy Cable in Don Quixote;

anthropy. Favors woman suffrage (with educa- ^jth Julia Elizabeth Langworthy in Fanciful

tlonal and property quaimcaUon). Mem. Colonial Tales from Stockton, and with Mrs. Elizabeth

Dames Club (Washin^on); Book Review Club custer in The Boy General; Poems Every Child

(Kalamazoo). During husband s service as Con- should Know, 1904; Prose Every Child Should

gressman and Senator has spent 33 winters In Know, 1908; The Marvellous Adventures of

wasnington. Pinocchlo, 1909; Stories and Poems from Kipling

BURROWS, Marion Cowan (Mrs. Charles Irv- Every Child Should Know, 1910, etc. Favors

ing Burrows), 68 Ocean St., Lynn, Mass. woman suffrage. Mem. 111. Woman's Press Ass'n,

Physician; b. Scranton, Pa.; dau. James Cowan Round Table Club (Teachers College).

I°K ^^'^l, (CaiT) Cowan; grad Scranton High bURTIS, Mary E. 5 30 Lafayette Av., Buffalo,

School; Mass. Coll. Pharmacy, Ph.G. and Ph.L. ; NT

grad Tufts Med. Coll., MD.; m Aug 26, 1909. Literature, linguist, genealogist; b. Cherry Val-

Charles Irving Burrows Chemist aai bacteriolo- jey, N.Y., Oct. 26, 1836; dau. Arthur and Grace

gist for city of Lynn Mass., 1900-05; medical In- gwing (Phillips) Burtis; ed. Cherry Valley Acad.;

pector to schools. 1905-10. Favors woman suf- ^iss Hill's School (now St Margaret's). Buffalo,

frage. Episcopalian. Republican voter for school ^em. D.A.R. Mem. Westminster Presbyterian

com. Mem. Order of Eastern Star. Recreations: church, Buffalo. Against woman suffrage.

Automobile, golf, music. Mem. North Shore „,,„_^^ ,,, , * „ , ^ . s

Club of Lynn Mass. BURTON, Alice (Mrs. Hazen James Burton),

' ' Deephaven, Minn.

BUB'T, Helen Tyler (Mrs. William A. Burt), Born Boylston, Mass., July 21, 1857; dau. Rev.

Lock Box 818 Huntington, W.Va. Daniel S. and Hannah Sophia (Cotton) Whitney;

^ State comDQander for Maccabees of the World ed. public schools of Southborough, Mass.; Nor-

tor W.Va.; b. Almont, Mich.; dau. Walter P. mal School, Salem, Mass; m. Southborough,

and Martha (SUcy) Beaoh; ed. high schools of Mass., July 20, 1871, Hazen James Burton, of

Yiwilantl, Mich.; St. Marys Acad., Windsor, Boston, Mass.; children: Hazel, Ralph Walter,

Ont.; m. Ann Arbor Mi(di., 1880, William A. ward Cotton, Ariel, Hazen. Hazen James Jr.

Burt; chU(^en: Orand Walter, b 1882; Lenden Director of Maternity Hospital, Minneapolis,

Beach, b. 1887; Edith A., b. 1889. Worker for the Minn., for past 20 years; mem. (treas.) of School

Maccabee order, of which she is head in the Board of Deephaven for 12 years. Favors woman

State of W.Va. Against woman suffrage unless suffrage. Unitarian. Progressive; LaFollette

an educational test be established for both men Republican. Recreation: Dairy work, mall rid-

and women. ,jjg_ sketching.

BURT, Laora (Mrs. Henry Stanford), Stanford BURTON, Marian Williams Perrin (Mrs. Henry

l.,odge. Great Kills, Staten Island, N.T. F. Burton), 70 Dartmouth St., Rochester, N.T.

Actress; b. Ramsey, Isle of Man, England, Born Titusville, Pa., Aug. 23, 1869; dau. An-

Sept 16, 1881; dau. Capt. Brown and Anna Lloyd drew Norton and Belinda (Williams) Perrin;

(Welsh) Burt; ed. Am. Acad. Dramatic Arts; ed. public schools of Titusville; private tutor for

m. N.Y. City, Mar. 2, 1902, Henry Stanford, college preparation; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '91;

ROles include June in Blue Jeans; Madge in Old grad. student Univ. of Mich. (mem. Zeta Alpha.

Kentucky; Susanne in A Scrap of Paper; Rosa- Wellesley; Phi Sigma, Univ. of Rochester); m.

lind in As You Like It; Helen of Swabia In. Rochester, June 14, 1898, Prof. Henry Fairfield

Dante; with Sir Henry Irving at Theatre Royal, Burton; children: Andrew Perrin, b. 1899; Sara

Drury Lane, London, also on his last tour In Fairfield b. l.WO; Henry Fairfield, b. 1901. Lee-

America; starring in Dorothy Vernon, 1906-07; tures on The English Novel, Household Economics.

The Walla of Jericho, 1907-08; created r51e of Literature for Children, etc. Writer of mlscel-

Nurse In Brieux play of Damaged Goods at the laneoua contributions to papers and magazines.

Pulton Theatre. N.Y. City. Life m«n. Pro- Mem. Board of Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to

fesfilonal Womaji's League, Twelftai Night Club. Children, BQWd of Wonian's Educational and In-



dostiial Union, Children's Aid Soc, City Hos-
pital Supply Soc, Civic Art Com., Century Club,
Tuesday Reading Club, Wellesley College Club.
Recreations: Designing and painting. Baptist.
Against woman suffrage; pres. Rochester Soc.
Opposed to Woman Suffrage; mem. N.Y. State
Organlation Com. Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
Lecturer on anti-suffrage.
BtTRWELL, Ethel Irene, 48 Race St., Briatol,


Teacher, librarian; b. Mercer, Pa.; ed. in
schools of NeTv Brunswick, N.J., and Vassar
Coll., A.B. '99. Engaged In teaching. New Bruns-
wick, N.J., 1899-1900; Woodbrldge, N.J., 1900-02;
Cleveland, Ohio, 1908-09; librarian of Normal
School, Cleveland, 1909-11.
BrSBEY, Katharine Olive Graves (Mrs. L.

White Busbey), 2336 Massachusetts Av.,

Washington, D.C.

Author; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 16, 1872; dau.
Horace and Annie A. (Hall) -Graves; grad.
Smith Coll., B.L. '94; m. June 10, 1896, Leroy
White Busbey, journalist (then Washington cor-
respondent of the Chicago Inter-Ocean); children:
Jjeroy White Jr., b. 1897; Horace Carleton, b.
1899. Writer on economic subjects; made eco-
nomic study of lives and surroundings of women
employees of factories in England for U.S. Dep't
of Commerce and Labor, 1910. Author: Home
Life in America, 1910; also short stories in the
Saturday Evening Post, Ladles' Home Journal,
Good Housekeeping and other magazines.
BCSEY, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. S. T. Busey),

Elm St., Urbana, III.

Bom Delphi, Ind., June 21, 1854; dau. Abner
H. and Catharine J. (Trawln) Bowen; ed. Delphi
High School and Vassar Coll.; m. Delphi, Ind.,
Dec. 25, 1877, Gen. S. T. Busey; children:
Marietta, Bertha, Charles Bowen. Mem. Ur-
bana Public School Board eight years; mem.
Board of Trustees of Univ. of 111. Mem. Board
of Trustees of Presbyterian Church. Favors
woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Republican.
Mem. Dame3 of Loyal Legion, HI. State Suffrage
Ass'n. Recreation: Travel.

BUSH, Bertha E., Osage, la.

Writer; b. Galva, 111., May 30, 1866; dau. Henry
Hudson and Minerva (Wright) Bush; ed. Grinnell
(la.) Coll., Ph.B. '91, A.M. '94. Teacher, 1891-
1904. Since then a writer, especially children's
stories in journals and Sunday-school papers.
Author: A Prairie Rose; Special Days with Lit-
tle Folks; Old English Hero«s; Stories of Cour-
age; Story of Napoleon; Indian Myths; Famous
Early Americans; Later English Heroes; Great
European Cities; Indian Children Tales; (Children
BUSH, Emma Danforth, 1301 Pennsylvania Av.,

Wilmington, Del.

Born Wilmington, Del., Apr. 4, 1881; dau. Lewis
Potter and Margaret (Whlteley) Bush; ed. The
Misses Hebb's School, Wilmington, Del., and
Bryn Mawr Coll. Corresponding sec. New Cen-
tury Club of Wilmington. Presbyterian. Clubs:
New Century, Wilmington County, Brandywlne
BUSH, Emma Louise, Bucknell Univ., Lewls-

burg. Pa.

Teacher; b. Waverly, Iowa; ed. In schools of
Arcade, N.Y. ; Vassar Coll., B.A. '81. Teacher
Mt. Carroll, 111., 1881-82; Oxford, N.C., 1882-84;
Ishpeming, Mich., 1885-90; Montour Falls, N.Y.,
1890-1901; Stetson Univ., 1902-04; Bucknell Univ.
since 1900.
BUSH, Florence Lillian, 334 Maple St., Battle

Creek, Mich.

Writer; b. Battle Creek, Mich., 1865; dau. Mar-
tin Luther and Elizabeth Ann (Fellows) Bush;
grad. Battle Creek Coll., 1885; Mich State Nor-
mal, 1889; Art Inst, of Chicago, 1895. Super-
visor of drawing. Little Rock, Ark; Manitowoc,
Wis.; teacher in Berea Coll., Ky. Favors woman
suffrage. Chairman of City Press Com. In Bat-
tle Creek, Mich. Author: Goose Creek Folks,
written In collaboration with her sister (1912);
Concerning Peter and the Crowd (now ready for
the press); special articles, one in Country Life
In America (April, 1913); short stories for For-
ward, Youth's World, Young People's Weekly,

Christian Endeavor World, etc. Serials lor all
the above publications. Goose Creek Folks wa«
adopted among the 100 best books for missionary
purposes to be sold at The World In Chicago.
Presbyterian. Mem. Mich. Press Ass'n.
BUSH, Katharine Jeannette, 203 Edwards St.,

New Haven, Conn.

Zoologist, lexicographer; b. Scranton, Pa.,
of the Northland, and other flve-cent classics.
Dec. 30, 1855; dau. William Henry and Eliza Ann
(Clark) Bush, of distinguished New England
ancestry; ed. New Haven (Conn.) public,
private and high schools; special studies in
zoology under Prof. Addison E. Verrill of Yale,
received Ph.D. from Yale Univ., 1901. Since 1879
ass't in zoological dep't of Yale Museum; as-
sociated for some years with Prof. Verrill in
scientific work of U.S. Fish Commission, being
the first woman, outside teaching force, to take
up scientific work. Was actively Identified with
tlie revision work of Webster's Dictionary Into
the larger and more comprehensive Webster's
International Dictionary, published in 1890. Con-
tri'butor to scientific journals on zoological sub-
jects, chiefly mollusks and annelids, and author
of a monograph on The Tubicolous Annelids of
the Tribes Sabellides and Serpulides (published
in Vol. 12 of the Reports of the Harriman
Alaska Expedition). Mem. Am. Soc. of Zoolo-
gists, Am. Soc. of Naturalists, Ass'n of Colle-
giate Alumnas.
BUSH, Loue Pollock (Mrs. George S. Bush),

529 Belmont Av., N., Seattle, Wash.

Bom Weston, Mass., Aug. 4, 1865; dau. George
Henry and Louise (Plessner) Pollock; grad. Nor-
mal School, Washington, D.C, 1885; Kindergarten
Norma) Inst., Washington, D.C. (conducted by her
mother and elder sister) '86; m. Seattle, Wash.,
Feb. 4, 1891, George S. Bush; children: George
P., b. 1892; Agnes Selene, b. 1895. Teacher In
public schools of Washington, D.C, for five
years; ass't in Kindergarten Normal Inst. Or-'
ganized the Woman's Educational Club of Seattle
In 1894, and served as first pres. for three years;
mem. Progressive Thought Club of Seattle, which

Online LibraryJohn W. LeonardWoman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915 → online text (page 39 of 293)