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Hallowell Lydia Biddle, Caroline, William Jack- Club; mem. Altrurian Club, Olionian Club (has

son Mem- of B'd of Managers, Swarthmore been prea. of both). Recreations: Fishing,

Coli., Pa. Mem. Soc. of Friends. Mem. the New camping, walking, literature, opera. Methodist.

Century Club (PhUadelphia), Acorn Club, Soc. of CLOTD, Gene-vleye, Normal College, Slity-elghth

Colonial Dames, D.A.R., La Movlganta KJubo, gt ^nd Park Av., N.Y. City.

Merlon Cricket Club. Favors woman suffrage. Normal teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 97;

CLOUD Ada A. (Mrs. J. A. Cloud), care Gar- M.A. Columbia University, 1912. Teacher of

field Safe Deposit Co., 7 W. Twenty-tblrd St., English, Boonton (N.J.) pubUc school, 1897-99;

N Y City Latin and Greek, Blair Acad., Blairstown, N.J.,

Artist- b.' West Chester, Pa., Aug. 26, 1852; 1899-1907; Latin in N.Y. Normal CoU. (high school

dau. Hon. John Hickman (who served several dep't) since 1907.

terms in Congress from Pa. and helped form the CLOYES, Grace Gruber (Mrs. William E.
Republican Party) and Eunice (Phelps) Hick- cioyes), 1316 Norwood St., Chicago, 111.
man; ed. Troy Female Sem., with Mrs. Emma go^n Boston, June 18, 1870; dau. William- M.
Willard principal (who was her great aunt); ^^^j garah H. (Field) Gruber; ed. grammar and
m. Dr. J. A. Cloud. Studied art in Boston and j^jgj^ schools, Everett, Mass.; Wellesley Coll.,
New York, also at Colorossl Art School in g ^^ .92 . ^ Maiden, Mass., June 27 1895, Will-
Paris, France, as well as with several French ^^^ g cioyes of Chicago; children: Leone,
arUsts in their studios, among them Louis ^dith Field, Margaret. Interested in church
Desar and Vanderneyden. Painter of landscapeB,_ ^^^ ^j^t, yff^^^_ Presbyterian. Mem. North
game and roses in oils and water colors. Has ^^^ Woman's Club, Research Club,
studied the greatest pictures In the world and , ^^ , -r-, ^, ^

their artists and has given lectures on them. CLUM, Blanche Stover (Mrs. Frank H. Clum),
High Episcopalian. Republican. Recreation: Valley Falls, N.Y. ,„ ,0^, ^

Traveling (in this country and abroad). Mem. Born Valley Falls, N.Y., June 13, 1867; dau.
Emma WUlard Ass'n. West End Woman's Re- Daniel M and Anna J. (Bryan) Stover; ed.
publican Club. City Fed. of Women's Clubs. Albany High School; m. Valley Falls, N.Y.,



Sept. 29, 1892. Frank H. Clum; children: Paul
Stover, Daniel Franklin. Interested in Loyal
Temperance Ijegion and Boy Scouts. Favors
woman suffrage. Methodist. Mem. W.C.T.U.,
N.Y. State Federation, Valley Falls Political
liquality Club.

CLUM, Florence Brewster Corse (Mrs. Harold

D. Clum), Saugertles, N.Y.

Born Saugerties, N.Y., Feb. 8, 1880; dau.
Henry and Jeanette (Knapp) Corse; grad. Cor-
nell Univ., A.B. '02; m. Saugerties. N.Y., Nov. 8,
1910, Harold D. Clum. Taught French and Ger-
man in White Plains High School, White Plains,
N.Y., 1904-10. Episcopalian.

rOALE. Eethei Colston (Mrs. WUIlan^ Ellis
Coale), Overhill Road and Klttery Lane.
Roland Park, Md.

Born Baltimore, Md., Oct. 4, 1869; dau. Fred-
erick M. and Clara (Campbell) Colston; ed.
private tutors and Miss Adams' School in Bal-
timore; m. April 2, 1891, William Ellis Coale.
Protestant Episcopal.

COABD, Mary McKee Smith (Mrs. Robert D.

Coard), 6334 How£ St., Pittsburgh. Pa.

Born Pittsburgh; dau. Samuel P. and Anuie E.
(Freetly) Smith; grad. from Sharon High
School, then went to Pa. State Normal School
at Edinboro and afterward to Chicago Normal
School, Normal Park; graduated from University
Extension and Chautauqua Literary and Scien-
tific Circle; studied Art in Paris; m. April 4, 1900,
Robert D. Coard, banker; one daughter, Catherine
Denise, b. Feb. 6, 1904 (deceased). Mem. of
many clubs, vice-pres. State Federation of Pa.
Women; pres. New Era Club of Western Pa. (200
members) ; former pres. Woman's Club of Pitts-
burgh; hon. pres. Congress of Woman's Clubs
(was pres. for three years). Suffragist, one of
auditors State Pa. Suffrage Ass'n. Presbyterian.
Mem. Alliance Frangaise, Acad. Science and
Art; mem. Advisory Board Ass'n for Work for
the Blind. Mem. New Era Club of Western Pa.;
Woman's Club of Pittsburgh; Woman's Club of
Kiskimlnetas. Teachers' Art, Shakespeare, Po-
cohontas Memorial and Anthony Memorial
Clubs, Civic Club of Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh
Playgrounds Ass'n. Recreations: Reading, lec-
tures and travel.

COAT, Fannie Lorah (Mrs. Harvey H. Coat),

Mason City, III.

Bom Havana, 111., Aug. 6, 1865; dau. Peter
Esbom and Harriet Ann (Goodman) Lindberg;
ed. Havana (111.) High School; m. Havana, 111.,
Oct. 7, 1886, Harvey H. Coat; children: Bessie,
b. Oct. 26, 1887; Ethel, b. Aug. 3, 1889; Lyman
Spear, b. May 29, 1895. Mem. Madeline Chap-
ter, Order of Eastern Star (Worthy Matron,
1906-0'7; sec. and treas. Parents and Teachers
Ass'n 1908-10, treas. Public Library Com. 1908-11;
pres. of Woman's Improvement Soc. of the
Presbyterian Church 1904-05. Presbyterian. So-
cial worker. Mem. Missionary Soc. Presby-
terian Church; pres. Mason City Wonxan's Club.
Favors woman suffrage.

COATES, Florence Earle (Mrs. Edwarfl Hornor
Coates), 2024 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Poet; b. Philadelphia; dau. George H. and
Ellen Prances (von Leer) Earle; ed. private
schools and at Convent of the Sacrad Heart,
Paris; m. Philadelphia, Jan. 7, 1879, Edward
Hornor Coates (several years pres. Pa. Acad.
Fine Arts). Author (verse): Poems, 1898; Mine
and Thine, 1904; Lyilcs of Life, 1909; Ode on the
Coronation of George V., 1911. Mem. Browning
Soc. (former pres.), Soc. Colonial I>aiiQes, Soc.
Mayflower Descendants. Mem. Contemporary
Club, New Century Club (Philadelphia>, Lyceum
Club (London) and Woman's Literary Club

COATES, Mildred Aspinwall (Mrs. George Mor-
rison Coates). 2531 South Clevaltmd Av.,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Born Philadelphia. Mar. 24, 1881; dau. Rev.
George Wooisey Hodge (rector of Church of
Ascension) and Mary De Veaux (Powell) Hodge;
ed. Miss Hills' School, Philadelphia; m. Phila-
delphia, Nov. 17, 1910, in Church of the Ascen-
sion, Dr. George Morriaon Coates. liiterested in

church work of the Protestant Episcopal
Church. Recreations: Motoring, tennis. Mem.
Philadelphia Indoor Tennis Club.
COATES, Sara Elizabeth, 13 Bradford Av., New-
port, R.I.

Teacher, charitologist; b. Portsmouth, Ohio;
ed. In schools of Portsmouth, Ohio, and Vassar
Coll., A.B. '90. Teacher Portsmouth, Ohio, 1891-
92; ZanesvlUe, Ohio, 1892-93; Mt. Sterling, Ky.,
1893-94; Memphi'S, Tenn., 1894-95; Ekirchester,
Mass.. 1895-97; sup't of clubs and classes and
ass't sup't Frances Willard Settlement, Boston,
Mass., 1897-1902; principal Saco (Me.) Industrial
School. 1902-03; investigator and ass't agent
Charity Organization Soc. N.Y. City, 1903-04;
teacher high school, Portsmouth, Ohio, 1904-06;
acting agent Washington (D.C.) Associated
Charities, 1906; sec. Ass'n for Relief and Pre-
vention of Tuberculosis. Newport, R.I., since

1906. Mem. of several philanthropic societies.
COBB, Alice C. (Mrs. John B. Cobb); home,

Macon, Ga. ; address, 810 Broadway, Nashville,


Missionary secretary; b. Perry, Ga, ; dau. Dr.
P. B. D. H. Culler and Mary S. (Cobb) Culler;
ed. Wesleyan Coll., Macon, Ga. (first chartered
college for women in U.S.); grad., took post-
grad, in another Georgia college; mem.
Adelphean Soc, organized 1851; m. Perry. Ga.,
1870, Major John B. Cobb; children: Mrs. Mary
Cobb Pilcher, of Nashville. Tenn.; Mrs. Eugenia
Cobb Lowe. Began teaching in Wesleyan Coll.,
Macon, Ga.. and was prof, of E^nglish literature
until appointed in 1904 to her present position
as sec. of the Foreign Department of the Board
of Missions of M.E. Church, South, with head-
quarters at Nashville. Was sent by her church
to visit mission fields of Cuba. Mexico, Japan,
Korea and China. Engaged in club work in
Macon; was vice-pres. of State Fed. of Clubs;
pres. of City Fed.; regent D.A.R. ; pres. Current
Topics Club. College Alumnae Ass'n and of Mis-
sionary Soc; was pres. of W.C.T.U. Mem.
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Man.
Daughters of Confederacy, Nat. Geographic Soc
COBB, Cora Crosby (Mrs. P. L. Cobb), care

G. E. Crosby. West Medford. Mass.

Born Cambridge, Mass.. Oct. 11. 1873; dau.
George E. and Augusta (HiU) Crosby; ed. Wel-
lesley Coll., B.A. '97; m. West Medford, Mass.,
June 27, 1900, Rev. P. L. Cobb, of Tenn.; chil-
dren: William Crosby, Catherine Lee, Margaret
Augusta", P. L. Jr. College sec. Y.W.C.A. in
Southern States, 1898-1900; later missionary to
Mexico five years and in conference missionary
work for women. Has written several articles
on missionary and Sunday-school work. Mem.
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Mem. Wom-
an's Missionary Soc. Recreations: Walking, ten-
nis. Mem. Woman's College Club in Mexico City
COBB, Eliza Polhemns, 28 East Twenty-second

St.. N.Y. City.

Educator, missionary secretary; b. Hopewell,
N.Y. ; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '93. Teacher Hal-
sted School, Yonkers. N.Y., 1895-1902; dean of
women and ass't prof. English, Whitman Coll.,
1902-04; ass't to lady principal, Vassar Coll.,
1904-06; since 1906 sec. Foreign Missionary Soc.
N.Y. City.
COBB, Fl.-)rence Brooks (Mrs. Edward Scribner

Cobb), Karasunaru Dori. Kyoto, Japan.

Missionary; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 1900; stu-
dent of domestic science in Teachers' Coll.,
Columbia Univ., 1903-04; m. Sept. 21, 1904. Ed-
ward Scribner Cobb; children: William Brooks,
b. Jan. 13, 1906; Edward Scribner Jr., b. Dec. 27.

1907. Teacher of science, 1900-01; sec, N.Y. City,
1901-04; since 1904 missionary of the Am. Board
of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Japan
at Niigata, 1904-05, 1906-08; Tokyo, 1905-06; Kyoto
since 1908. Congregationallst.

COBB, Harriet Redfleld, 115 Elm St., Northamp-
ton. Mass.

Associate prof, mathematics; b. Peekskill, N.Y..
Sept. 10, 1866; dau. Rev. E. G. and Meroa (Red-
field) Cobb (descendant of John Alden, and had
ancestors in War of 1812 and in the Revolution-
ary War); ed. Smith Coll.. A.B. '89, A.M. '91.
Taught In Bartholomew EngUsh and Classical



School, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1891-95; in Smith Coll.
1895- . Has taught Young Men's Bible Class for
15 years, now teaching such a class In Edwards
Church, Northampton, Mass. Mem. Phi Beta
Kappa (Chapter Zeta of Mass.), Alpha See. of
Smith Coll. Congregationalist. Interested In
woman suffrage but does not desire suffrage yet.

COBB, Helen Adele, 221 North Broadway, Yon-

kers, N.Y.

Teacher; b. Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. ; ed. in
schools of N.Y. City and Vassar Coll., A.B. '98.
Teacher in St. Katharine's Hall, Davenport,
Iowa, 1898-1900; Keble School, Syracuse, N.Y.,
1900-01; the Halsted School, Yonkers, N.Y.,
since 1901.

COBB, Lura Stone (Mrs. E. Schuyler Cobb),

15 Oak St., Winchendon, Mass.

Born Seekonk, Mass., Dec. 29, 1877; dau. Solo-
mon and Ella (Case) Stone; ed. Attleboro High
School; Brown Univ., A.B. 1900; m. Seekonk,
Mass., Sept. 1, 1903, B. Schuyler Cobb; one
daughter: Dorothy Chase Ccrbb. Mem. Woman's
Club. Baptist.

COBB, Mariedna SneU (Mrs. Charles Welling-
ton Cobb), 10 Lafayette Square, Washington,

Born Benicia, Cal. ; dau. Richard Bayley and
Julia (Ritchie) Snell; ed. SneU Sem., Berkeley.
Cal. ; special courses at Univ. of Cal. and
Oregon Agricultural Coll.; m. June 30, 1910,
Charles Wellington Cobb, ass't attorney-general
of the State Dep't. Interested in interior decora-
tion; In 1909 taught English at Snell Sem., Berke-
ley, Cal. Prominent in society in San FYancIsco
and Washington, D.C. Mem. Claremont Country
Club, Cal. Episcopalian. Republican. Favors
woman suffrage.

COBLENTZ, Claj-a Rankin (Mrs. George W.

Coblentz), Clarion, Pa.

Temperance reformer; b. Madison Furnace,
Clarion Co., Pa., Aug. 19, 1863; dau. Calvin A.
and Elmma (Burnside) Rankin; ed. High School,
Clarion, Pa., Carrier Seminary; m. Clarion, Pa.,
Jan. 19, 1886, George Weber Coblentz; children:
Charles Rankin, Howard Burnside. Pres. Non-
partisan Nat. W.C.T.U. ; pres. Clarion Presbyte-
rian Foreign Missionary Soc. ; rec. sec. State
Federation of Pa. Women; rec. sec. Woman's
Club of Chautauqua, N.Y. In favor of limited
suffrage, but thinks women are not ready for it
yet. When chairman of Juvenile Court Com. of
State Federation 1909-11, prepared a leaflet on
juvenile court laws of Pa. for the use of club-
women, which was favorably received. Presby-
terian. Pres. Home and Foreign Missionary Soc,
Clarion. First vlce-pres. Chautauqua (N.Y.)
D.A.R. Circle; first vlce-pres. and trustee class
1907 Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle.
Mem. Clarion Woman's Christian Temperance Al-
liance; also a Sabbath School teacher. Clubs:
Chautauqua Woman's, Clarion Woman's, Chau-
tauqua Press. Has taught parliamentary law In
home town; has been a newspaper correspond-
ent, and has given addresses on temperance and
religious subjects.
COBCBN, Abby M. (Mrs. J. Milton Cobum),

South Norwalk, Conn.

Born Shrewsbury, Mass., Oct. 27, 1854; dau.
Aaron G. and Lucy F. (Nourse) Cutler; ed.
Oread Collegiate Inst., Worcester, Mass., 1870-
1874; m. Shrewsbury, Mass., Aug. 4, 1879, Dr. J.
Milton Coburn; children: Harrle Cutler, Aaron
Cutler. Patron Day Nursery, Anti-Tuberculosis
Dispensary; vice-pres. Woman's Ass'n of the
Congregational Church; sec. Relief Com. for
Betterment of City's Poor; interested in church
and missionary work. Has contributed many
articles to the public press on municipal and
philanthropic subjects. Mem. Municipal League;
pres. County Christian Endeavor Soc; ex-
chaplain Windham County Jail; regent D.A.R.
Pres. Friday Afternoon Club. Recreations:
Traveling, study of social problems. Congrega-
tionalist. Favors woman suffrage; pres. Equal
Franchise League. Republican. Mother's people
were descendants from the celebrated Rebecca
Nours, who was accused of witchcraft and
hanged In Salem, Mass.

COBURN, Adelaide March (Mrs. Albert E. Co-
burn), Stanford Univ., Cal.

Teacher; b. Windham, Me., April IS, 1863; dau.
Sumner C. and Melinda (Richardson) March;
grad. Gorham (Me.) Normal School, July 7,
1882; m. Mechanic Falls, Me., April 16, 1884,
Albert E. Coburn; children: Albert Charles, b.
June 28, 1885 (died Mar. 8, 1912). Interested in
Woman's Club movement; was sec. two years,
vice-pres. one year, pres. two years of Waltham
(Mass.) Women's Club, an organization of 400
members. Pres. Boston Branch of Normal
AlumnfE; now pres. of Mayfield (Cal.) Woman's
Club; mem. School Board of Mayfield. Favors
woman suffrage. Unitarian. Republican.
COBURN, Eleanor Hallo well Abbott (Mrs.

Fordyce Coburn), 229 Stevens St., Lowell,


Writer; b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 22, 1872;
dau. Rev. Edward Abbott, D.D. (well-known
author) and Clara (Davis) Ablxitt (niece of Rev.
Lyman Abbott, D.D.); ed. private schools and
Radollffe Coll.; m. 1908, Dr. Fordyce Coburn.
Contributor of short stories to the leading
magazines, including two $1,000 prize stories in
Collier's Weekly: The Sick-a-Bed Lady, 1905,
and The Very Tired Girl, 1907. Author: Molly
Make Believe; The Siok-a-Bed Lady, and other
stories. Episcopalian.
COBURN, Ivah WiUs (Mrs. Charles Douville

Coburn), 1402 Broadway, N.Y. City.

Actress; b. Appleton City, Mo., Aug. 19, 1881;
dau. George Browning and Anna (Kuns) Wills;
grad. Brookston (Ind.) High School; Chicago
Musical Coll. ; special course In English, Chicago
Univ.; m. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 15, 1906, Charles
IDouville Coburn. Debut on the stage. Garden
Theatre, N.Y. City, with E. H. Sothern in Ham-
let, autumn of 1900, following year with Amelia
Bingham; afterward In several well-known stock
companies; Proctor's Fifth Av., 1904-05, playing
leading parts. In 1907, with husband, formed
company, playing a repertoire of classic plays at
all the principal universities in the U.S., and
conducted as an exponent of the educational force
of the drama. In Its repertoire she has played
the leading female characters in Shakespearian
drama, including Lady Macbeth, Juliet, Beatrice,
Rosalind, Viola, Desdemona, Portia and Katha-
rine; also the parts of Electra in Electra and of
Iphlgenia m Iphigenia In Tauris (both by
Euripides) and The Wife of Bath in Percy
Mackaye's The Canterbury Pilgrims. The Co-
burn Players appeared on the White House
grounds on invitation of Mrs. Taft. Favors wo-
man suffrage. Author of short stories and arti-
cles pertaining to the stage and woman's Inter-
ests for magazines. Recreations: Dancing and
horseback riding. Mem. MacDowell Club, Three
Arts Club.
COBURN, Louise Helen, Skowhegan, Me.

Born Skowhegan, Maine, Sept. 1, 1856; dau.
Stephen and Helen Sophia (Miller) Coburn; ed.
Skowhegan High School, Coburn Classical Inst.,
grad. 1873, Colby ColL, A.B. '77, Phi Beta
Kappa, Harvard Summer School, 1880-81, Chi-
cago Univ. 1893; studied languages In France,
Germany and Italy; mem. Sigma Kappa Sorority
(a founder). State Regent D.A.R. 1909-11;
chairman Forestry Com., Maine Federation of
Women's Clubs, 1901-03, mem. Arts and Crafts
Com., same, 1906-08, State Director Woman's
Am Baptist Home Mission Soc, 1911—. Pres.
Josselyn Botanical Soc, 1912; pres. Advisory
Board, Publit Library, 1894- . Park Com-
missioner Skowhegan, 1906—. Mem. Board of
Trustees, Bloomfield Acad. Active in church
and Sunllay school work, and in various forms
of philanthETopy. Interested in library work and
in studies in literature, language and botany.
Favors woman suffrage. Baptist. Republican.
Mem. W.G.T.U., D.A.R., Maine Soc. of May-
flower DaEBendants, Josselyn Botanical Soc. of
Maine, Ate. Forestry Ass'n, Nat. Geographic
Soc, Skowhegan Woman's Club, Skowhegan
Town Improvement Soc, Coll. Women's Club
of Washinjjton, D.C. Recreation: Gardening.
COCHRAN, Fanny Travis, 131 S. Twenty-second

St., Philatdelphia, Pa.

Bora Philadelphia; ed. Miss Florence Baldwin's



School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and Bryn Mawr Coll.,
A.B. '04; graduate student, 1904-05. Mem. Exec.
Com. of Philadelphia College Settlement; direc-
tor Philadelphia Branch Consumers' League of
PeEfhsylvania, 1905-07; chairman of Industrial
Betterment Bureau of the Consumers' League
since 1910. Favors woman suffrage.
COCHRAN, Katharine More, 157 O.xford St..

Hartford, Conn.

Teacher; b. Durhamville, N.Y., 1869; dau. An-
drew and Catherine (More) Cochran; ed. Vassar
Coll., A.B. '90; graduate student Cornell Univ.,
A.M. 1912; student at Am. School of Classical
Studies, Athens, 1902-03. Teacher in secondary
school, 1890-94; teacher Greek and Latin, Horace
Mann School, N.Y. City, 1894-1907; teacher of
Greek, Western Coll. for Women, Oxford, Ohio,
1907-10. Mem. Am. Inst, of Technology (Oxford,
Ohio, Branch), Woman's University Club, N.Y.

COCHRAN, Sarah Marshall (Mrs. Carlos Bing-
ham Cochran), 514 S. High St., West Chester,


Bom Northbrook, Chester County, Pa.; dau.
Abratham and Phebe Jane (Baldwin) Marshall;
ed. West Chester State Normal School; m. North-
brook, Pa., July 16, 1885, Dr. Carlos Bingham
Cochran (science dep't West Chester State Nor-
mal School); children: Grace, Carlos Marshall.
Mem. instruction Com. of George School, Bucks
County, Pa.; pres. of Home and School League
of West Chester; sole director of Needlework
Guild of America. Quaker. Mem. New Century
Cluh of West Chester; chairman of Civics Club.
COCHRAN, Sophia Lee, Newton, Kan.

Physician; b. Lancaster, Garrard County, Ky.,
Feb. 15, 1868; dau. Richard Lewis and Mary
Jane (Huffman) Cochran; ed. High School, Pea-
body, Marion County, Kan.; Hahnemann Med.
College of Kansas City (Mo.) Univ., graduated
with class honors (valedictorian), 1912; mem.
Dunham Soc. Elected to chair of embryology in
Hahnemann Med. Coll., Kansas City, Mo. Mem.
Board of Physical Examiners, Y.W.C.A., Kansas
City. Presbyterian. Mem. Order of the Eastern
Star. Favors woman suffrage. R&signed from
Hahnemann Med. Coll. on account of mother's
health; now practising in XewtOn, Kansas;
practice limited to women and children.
COCKG, Sarah Cobb Johnson (Mrs. Lucian H.

Cocke), 818 Nelson St., Roanoke, Va,

Born Selma, Ala.; dau. Dr. John M. Johnson,
of Kentucky, and Mary Willis (Cobb) Johnson;
grad. at Lucy Ccvbh Inst.; mem. Iridian; m. (1st)
Oct. 26, 1887, Dr. Hugh Hagan (died 1898);- (2d)
Oct. 28, 1903, Lucian H. Cocke; children: Hugh
Johnson Hagan, b. Dec. U, 1SS8; Willis Cobb
Hagan, b. Dec. 3, 1894. Interested in all philan-
thropic and public spirited enterprises. Favors
woman suffrage (with educational and property
qualification). Author: Bypaths in Dixie; con-
tributed to magazines, newspapers, etc., mostly
under name of Mammy Phyllis' Sketches. Epis-
copalian. Name on original charter of D.A.R. ;
mem. Colonial Dames, Daughters of Confederacy,
Order of the Crown, Soc. of Southern Writers.
Rfrcreatlous: Writing, gardening, traveling.
COCKE, Zit^lla, 100 Charles St., Boston. Mass.

Author; u. In Peiry Co., Ala.; dau. Woodson
St. George and Mary Elizabeth (Binyon) Cocke;
the Cocke family was represented in army and
tavy for centuries in England and Virginia; first
American ancestor being Sir Richard Cocke,
who settled in Virginia in the seventeenth
century; mother of Huguenot descent; privately
educated at home. Musician, vocal and piano;
has had charge of music departments in colleges
for women. Author of books of poems: A Doric
Reed; Cherokee Roses and Other Poems; also
of Juvenile verses: Grasshopper Hop and Other
Verses. Episcopalian.
COCKRAN, Anne Ide (Mrs. William Bourke

Cockran), The Cedars, Port Washington, L.I..


Born St. Johnsbury, Vt., Dec. 26, 1878; dau.
Henry Clay and Mary M. (Melcher) Ide; ed.
privately in Samoan Islands and Philippines,
when was ofliclal; m. N.Y., Nov.^ 15, 1906,
Hon. W. Bourke Cockran. Founded and pres. of

Sou. for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals In
the Philippines. Favors wcrnian suffrage; mem.
Board of Directors of N.Y. Efiual Franchise
Soc. smce foundation. Congregationalist. Mem.
Colony Club (N.Y. City).
COCROFT, Susanna, 624 Michigan Av., Chicago,


Physical culturist; b. Burlington, Wis.; dau.
J. E. and Ann (Woodhead) Cocroit; ed. Rochester
Sem., Rochester, Wis.; Univ. of Wis., Madison,
Wis.; m. July 26, 1907. Taught in Rochester
Sem.; lectured on history of civilization; lectured
on physical development; originated the Physical
Culture Extension Society, and taught women
how to regain and retain health. Mem. of
Philanthropic Boys' Shelter Club. Author: The
Vital Organs; The Nervous System; Self Suf-
ficiency; Ideals and Privileges of Woman; Char-
acter as Expressed in the Body; The Circulatory
System; The Body Mannikin; Growth in Silence;
Motherhood; The Generative Organs; Beauty;
Foods; Poise, Obesity and Leanness. Episco-
palian. Favors woman suffrage. Recreation.
CODY, Grace Ethelwyn, 1554 E. Sixty-first St.,

Chicago, HI.

Writer; b. Naperville, 111., Dec. 4, 1867; dau.
Judge Hiram H. and Philomela E. (Sedgwick)
Cody; ed. Northwestern Coll. and Univ. of Chi-
cago. Author of books for girls: Jacquette, A
Sorority Girl; Elinor's Junior Hop; writer of
short fiction and articles. Regular contributor
(in dep'ts "Just About Girls," and "Stories of
the Streets and Town"), to former Chicago
Record, now consolidated with Times-Herald un-
der name of Record-Herald. Frequent contrib-
utor, during past ten years, to editorial page of
Chicago Daily News. Staff contributor to
Youth's Companion for same period; formerly
for three years associate editor of 'The Little
Chronicle, a text book of current events foi
school use. Congregationalist. Mem. Chicago
Woman's Club and Monday Afternoon Club of
Pasadena, Cal. Favors woman suffrage.
COE, Ethel Louise, Fortuny 5. Madrid, Spain.

Painter; b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 11, 1878; dau.
Wilbur Ellwood and Martha (Janes) Coe; ed.
Chicago Art Inst., with Mr. Charles Hawthorne
(grad. with honors and scholarship), and in
Madrid, Spain, with Seiior Don Joaquin SoroUa
y Bastida. Has exhibited many times in Chi-
cago Artists' Soc. exhibitions and in Water
Color Soc.
COES, Mary, 10 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass.

Dean of Radcliffe Coll.; b. Worc&ster, Mass.,
March 24, 1861; dau. A. Gates and Lucy Gibson
(Wyman) Goes; grad. Radcliffe Coll., A.B. '87,
A.M. '97. Sec. of Radcliffe Coll. 1894-1910, dean
Radclifi'e Coll. since 1910. By virtue of office as
dean, is a mem. of the Council and Board of
Ass'n of Radcliffe Coll. Mem. Ass'n of Coll.
Alumnse, Woman's Education Ass'n, Harvard
Teachers Ass'n, Am. Historical Ass'n, Board of
Government, Women's Education and Industrial
Union, Boston, Mass. Clubs: Coll. Club (Bos-
ton), Women's Univ. (N.Y. City). Congregation-

COPTIN, Charlotte Rebecca (Mrs. John P.

Coffin), Johnstown, Fla.

Online LibraryJohn W. LeonardWoman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915 → online text (page 51 of 293)