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with Prof. Katharine Lee Bates) English History
as Told by English Poets, 1902.
COMAN, Mary (Mrs. Charles Wynkoop Coman),

Covlna, Cal.

Bom Philippopolis, Bulgaria, Aug. 27, 1861; dau.
William Ward and Susan (EWmond) Heriam;
grad. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '84; m. NeT?ark, O.,
Nov. 27, 1884, Charles Wynkoop Coman; chil-
dren: William, Mary Caroline, Harriet Mosher,
BUis Seymour, Edward Charles. Interested in
general writing, ne-wspaper and magazine work;
State editor of Southern Cal. W.C.T.U. White
Ribbon since 1906; long identified with club
work; pres. of Shakespeare Club, Pasadena,
1307-08; active in establishment of kindergartens
and manual training work in Pasadena schools;
on press com. of Nat. and State Mothers' Con-
gress; many years pres. Southern Cal. Wellesley
Club. Lecturer on domes.tlc economy. Officer
for years in Humane Soc. of Pasadena. Rec-
reations: Camping, mountain climbing, studying,
investigating public amusements. Congrega-
tionalist. Favors woman suffrage. Prohibition;
progressive. Mem. of board College Woman's
Suffrage Club of Southern Cal.
COMER, Cornelia Atwood Pratt (Mrs. William

D. Comer), Box 575, Seattle, Wash.

Journalist, author; b. Bryan, O. ; dau. Albert
Mansfield and Elizabeth C. (Atwood) Pratt;
grad. Vassar, A.B. '87; m. April 26, 1905, William
D. Comer. Magazine and newspaper writer; was
on staff of N.Y. Critic; later editorial writer
St. Paul Globe and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Author: A Book of Martyrs; The Daughters of
a Stoic; A Letter to the Rising Generation;
Preliminaries, and Other Stories.
COMFORT, Anna Manning (Mrs. George Fisk

Comfort), 160 Fifth Av., N.Y. City.

Physician; b. Trenton, N.J., Jan. 19, 1845; dau.
Alfred Curling and Elizabeth (Price) Manning;
general education in Boston; grad. N.Y. Med.
Coll. for Women, M.D. '65; traveled extensively
in Europe, visiting hospitals and other medical
Institutions in :S8T and again in 1891; m. Jan.
19, 1871, Prof. George Fisk Comfort, L.H.D.,
LL.D (educator and art critic; died May 5, 1910);
children: born — Ralph, Frederick, Arthur; by
adoption — Silas, Grace. Was first woman medical
graduate to practise medicine in State of Con-
necticut; afterward became lecturer in gynecology
in N.Y Med. Coll. for Women and practised
medicine as specialist in gynecology in N.Y. City
and la Syracuse. N.Y. Favors woman suffrage.

One of the pioneer leaders in the cause of \ramaa
suffrage. Author: Woman's Education and Wom-
an's Health, and contributions on medical suto-
jocts to the professional Journals, also In prose
and verse to various publications. Pioneer club
woman; mem. Sorosis since 1878.

COMFORT, Bessie Marchsnt (Mrs. J. A. Com-
fort) — see Marchant, Bessie.

COMFORT, Marian Coleman, la Bruselas, No. 5,

Mexico City, D.F., Mex.

Teacher; b. Juarez, Mex., April 19, 1884; dau.
Roy Edward and Amelia (Coleman) C!omfort;
grad. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '06. Teacher of
sciences in Spanish in Methodist Mission School
for Girls. Works in the English Methodist
Church in Mexico City; has composed plays to
make money for the society. Studies singing,
and has sung in amateur productions of operas;
sings in church choir; interested in housework
and sewing; attends many receptions, dinners,
parties, etc. Mem. Ladies' Aid of church. Rec-
reations: Golf, dancing, bridge, traveling. Mem.
College Club, Country Clut), Current Topics

COMINGS, Lydia J. Newcomb, Fairhope, Ala.

Born Spring Lake, Mich., July 25, 1850; dau.
John H. and Frances (Sinclair) Newcomb; ed.
Chicago grammar and high school and Mrs. L.
H. Stone's Sem., Kalamazoo, Mich.; m. Chi-
cago, 1902, S. Huntingtoo Comings (died 1907).
Teacher Ravenswood (Chicago) public school,
1876-85, Moravian Sem., Bethlehem, Pa., 1895-98
(elocution and physical culture). Lecturer on
physical culture, flress, voice and kindred sub-
jects from 1898. Now lecturing on Organic Ed-
ucation. Founder and incorporator (with 5 other
women) of the School of Organic Education,
Fairhope, Ala., 1907; pres. Board of Trustees
from its inception (this is an experimental school
for both day and boarding pupils where there
are no requirements for the younger pupils and
but few for the older ones, where no books are
used until pupils are 9 or 10 years of age and
health and Individuality are preserved, and culti-
vated alK>ve all else). Author: Muscular E^xer-
cises for Health and Grace. Pres. Fifth Thurs-
day Club of Fairhope, Ala., since its beginning in
1904. This club Is a Federation of the varioua
clubs in Fairhope. Recreations: An eighteen
months' stay in Europe, Italy, Vienna and Ger-
many, with a series of lectures In Naples and
Rome. Pres. Library Ass'n of Fairhope. Fa-
vors woman suffrage.

COMMANDER, Lydia KlngsmUl (Mrs. Herbert
N. Casson), winter, St. George Hotel, Brook-
lyn Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; summer. Pine
Hill-in-the-Catskills, N.Y. ; office, Room 2307
Woolworth BIdg., N.Y. City.
Author, editor, minister, lecturer; b. Clinton,
Ontario, Can.; dau. Charles Richard and Lydla
(Kingsmill) Commander; ed. Collegiate Inst,
Stratford, Ont. ; Western Univ., London, Ont. ;
took course of Meadville (Pa.) ']?heoiogical Coll.
under tutors, privately; m. Ruakin, Tenn., Mar.
5, 1899, Herbert Newton Casson. Ordained pas-
tor B'ree Congregational Church (Unitarian),
1897; in 1898 went to Ruskin, Tenn., a co-opera-
tive colony based on the ideas of Bellamy's
Looking Backward; with her husband edited the
colony paper. The Coming Natiop; in 1899 went
to Toledo, O., assisted in the election of the
"Golden Rule Mayor," Samuel M. Jones. Waa
one of the speakers at the International Con-
gress of Women at Berlin, 1904; Germany and
"Toronto, Can., 1909; organized a committee to
help the women thrown out of employment as a
result of the panic of 1907, and secured positions
for 2,000; has lectured on this subject at the
Staie Fair at Syracuse, N.Y. ; delegate to Nat.
Peace Conference, N.Y. City, 1907; Chicago,
1909. Author: Marred in the Making, 1902; The
American Idea, a Study of Race Suicide, 1907;
has written many pamphlets and articles in
magazines on social problems. Mem. Am.
Sociological Soc, National Peace Soc., Woman's
Trade Union League, League for Political Edu-
cation ; life mem. of the N»1_ Council of Women
of America, Lyceum Club of Lcmdon, England.
Recreailons: Architecture, farming; Is building



np a summer colony and operating a farm In
Catfikill Mountains. Leader In Introducing In
this country the active or "suffragette" propa-
ganda for woman suffrage, 190S-09; mem. In-
ternational Woman Suffrage Ass'n, Equality
League; was pres. Nat. Progressive Suffrage
Union, 1908-09; in 1909 lectured on Universal
Peace and on woman suffrage through several
States and at Univ. of Wis.
COMPTON, Irene Lathrop Smith (Mrs. Paul

Compton), 5484 Kensington Av., St. Louis, Mo.

Born St. Louis, Mo.; grad. Smith Coll., B.L.
'01; m. St. Louis, Jan. 4, 1906, Paul Compton;
children: Pauline and Josephine Lathrop (twins),
b. Dec. 13, 1905. Kindergartner In Normal course
of St Louis public school, 1901-03. Was secre-
tary and hostess of the Temple of Fraternity at
the Louisiana Purchase Erposltlon, St. Louis,

COMSTOCK, Ada Louise, Smith College, North-
ampton, Mass.

Teacher; b. Moorhead, Minn., Dec. 11, 1876;
dau. S. Q. and Sarah (Ball) Comstock; grad.
High School and State Normal School, Moor-
head, Minn.; Univ. at Minn., Smith Coll., Ck)-
lumbla Univ., B.L., Smith, '97, M.A., Columbia,
'99 (Delta Gamma); honorary Litt.D., Mount Hol-
yoke Coll., 1912. Appointed ass't in Dep't of
Rhetoric at the Univ. of Minn., 1899, promoted
to positions of instructor, ass't professor, pro-
fessor, and made dean of women in 1907; made
dean of Smith Coll., 1912. Mem. Alumnae Ass'n
Smith Coll., Alumnae Ass'n Univ. of Minn.,
▲ae'n of CkiU. Alumnes. Mem. Women's Club
of Minneaix>lls.
COMSTOCK, Anna Botsford (Mrs. John Henry

Comstock), 43 East Av., Ithaca, N.T.

Natural history artist, teacher; b. Otto, N.Y.,
Sept. 1, 1854; dau. Marvin S. and Phoebe (Irish)
Botsford; prepared for college at Chamberlain
Inst., Randolph, N.Y.; grad. Cornell, '85 (Sigma
XI, Kappa Alpha Theta) ; m. Otto, N.Y., Oct, 7,
1878, John Henry Comstock. Wood-engraver;
elected to membership of Soc. of American
Wood-EIngravers; received a medal at the Pan-
American Exposition for engravings exhibited;
for 15 years a teacher In Cornell Univ. ; exten-
sion writer of Home-Nature Study pamphlets,
published at Cornell, 1903-11; lecturer in Nature
Study in Cornell Univ. since 1903; lecturer in
Nature Study in Stanford Univ., and in summer
school term of Cal. State Univ. Author: Ways
of th« Six-Footed; How to Keep Bees; Con-
fessions to a Heathen Idol; Handbook of Nature
Study; Illustrator and engraver of Manual for
the Saidy of Insects and Insect Life. Mem.
Audubon Soc., Soc. for Preservation of Wild
Flowers, Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani-
mals, Am. Breeders' Ass'n, A.A.A.S., Woman's
Alliance (Unitarian). Recreation: Walking.
Unitarian. Favors Intelligent woman suffrage;
against unrestrlctetl suffrage.
COMSTOCK, Clara Elizabeth, 660 Broad St.,

Providence, R.I.

Bom Providence, R.I., Nov. 6, 1866; dau. An-
drew and Juliette (Paine) Comstock; ed. Brown
UnlT., Ph.B., 1895, A.M., 1897. Liberal contrib-
utor to philanthropy and education: influential
promoter of social welfare work and the higher
education of women. Mem. R.I. Soc. for the
Collegiate Education of Women, Ass'n of Coll.
Alumnae, Alumnae Ass'n of Brown Univ. Mem.
R.I. Women's Club. Recreations: Travel, read-
ing and music.
COMSTOCK, Elizabeth, 607 Madison Av., N.T.


Physician; b. Sept. 2, 1875; dau. Noah Durham
and Ellen Comstock; ed. Univ. of Wis., B.S.,
'97, Women's Med. Coll. of Pa., M.D. Interne
Maternity Hosp. of Women's Med. Coll. of Pa.,
1901-02. Elxteme N.Y. Infirmary for Women and
Children 1902-03. Unitarian. Favors woman
COMSTOCK, Harriet Theresa (Mrs. Philip

Comstock), 416 E. Eighteenth St., Flatbush,

Brooklyn, N.T.

Author; b. Nichols, N.Y. ; dau. Samuel Alpheus
and Jean (Downey) Smith; ed. Plalnfleld, N.J. ;
m. Breoklya, N.Y.. Philip Comstock; cfalldrea:

Philip Sidney, Albert. Author ot: Molly, the
Drummer Buy; Cediic, the Saxon; A Boy of a
Thousand Years Ago; A Little Dusky Hero;
When the British Came; Then Marched the
Brave, and other books for children; also novels:
Janet of the Dunes; Joyce of the North Woods;
The Queen's Hostage; 'Tower or Throne. Mem.
Am. Unitarian Soc, N.Y. League of Unitarian
Women, Pen and Brush Club. Recreation: Out-
door exercises. Unitarian. Favors woman suf-
frage; belongs to nearly all the suffrage associa-
tions; pres. of the first club of 18th Assembly
Dist. of Brooklyn.
COMSTOCK, Sarah, 45 W. Eleventh St., N.T.


Author; b. Athens, Pa.; dau. Walter and
Louise (Saltmarsh) Comstock; ed. private school
in Kansas City, Mo., and Leland Stanford Jr.
Univ., A.B. Staff writer on San Francisco Call,
1899-1903; free lance magazine writer in N.Y.
City since 1903. Favors woman suffrage. Mem.
Woman Suffrage Party; captain In 25th Assem-
bly Dist. Author of many short stories and
special articles in various magazines. EJditor
woman's news page In Collier's, 1909-11; sent by
Collier's to the Rocky Mountain States to write
two series of articles: The Mormon Woman, and
The Woman Who Votes, 1908; articles on The
Kansas Farmer's Wife, 1908; also The Soddy,
a novel. New York, 1912. Recreations: Walking,
photography, cooking. Mem. Pen and Bnish
Club, N.Y. City. Winner whUe at Stanford
Univ. in short story contest, also while at col-
lege author of junior farce (chosen by compe-
CON ABLE, Mopence Easton (Mrs. Morris R.

Conable), 415 N. Primrose Av., Monrovia, Cal.

Born Detroit, Mich., Oct 19, 1858; dau. Thomas
Marshall and Elizabeth Coffin (Swain) Easton;
ed. CofBn School, Nantucket, Mass.; Vassar
Coll., B.A., Latin honors and saiutatorian
(mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Philalethea, Delta); m.
Jan. 18, 1888, Morris Robinson Conable; one son:
Morris Easton, b. 1889. Teacher, 1882-87. Active
in church, treas. V.N. A. since its founding in
1908; prominent In all social affairs. Mem.
D.A.R., Ass'ji Collegiate Alumnae, Maria Mitchell
Memorial Ass'n, Woman's Club of Monrovia,
University Club of Los Angeles, Friday Morning
Club, Los Angeles. Episco^ialian. Progressive in
politics. Favors woman suffrage. First vice-
pres. Woman's Progressire League of Monrovia,
Cal., 19U-12,
CONANT, Charlotte Howard, Walnut Hill

School. Natlck, Mass,

Prinripal Walnut Hill School; b. Greenfield,
Mass., 1S62; dau. Chester C. and Sarah B. (How-
ard) Conant; grad. Wellesley Coll., A.B. '84.
Mem. D.A.R,, Boston College Club, Ass'n Col-
legiate Alumnae, Boston Wellesley Club. Episco-
CONANT, Edith M. (Mrs. Charles B. Conant),

Wells, Minn.

Lawyer; b. Wayne, Me.; dau. Woodbury and
Frances (Fuller) Stanchfleld; ed. High School,
Portland, Me., Normal School, Farmington, Me.,
State Univ. Law Dep't, Minn., LL.B. ; m. Port-
land, Me., Aug. 28, 1880, Charles E. Conant Ad-
mitted to bar in 1894; practiced in Minneapolis
and in Wells, Minn. Interested in church and
civic matters. Mem. Current Events Club and
School and Mothers' Club of Wells; non-resident
mem. Woman's Club of Minneapolis. Recrea-
tions: Painting, out of door sketching, readins.
traveling. Episcopalian.

CONANT. Eleanore Glasgow (Mrs. George Kim-
ball Conant), 412 North Union St, St Louis,


Born St. Louis, Aug., 1887; dau. William Carr
and Fannie (Engiesing) Glasgow; ed. Mary Inst,
St. Louis, Mo.; Gilman School for Girls, Cam-
bridge, Mass.; m. St Louis, April 18, 1911,
George Kimljall Conant; one daughter: Eleanore
Glasgow. Episcopalian.

CONANT, Gra<-e Patten, James Mllllkln Uni-
versity, Decatur, 111.

Head department of Elnglish; b. Littleton,
Mass., June 16. 1873; dau. Albert FYancis and
Sarah Jane (Patten) Conant; ed. Bates Coll.,
A. B. '93, and honors including the Warner



prize, $75.00, and graduate fellowship appoint-
ment two years at Cornell Univ. and at Univ.
of Chicago with reappointment); Cornell Univ.,
M.A. '97; fellow Cornell Univ., '98; Univ. of
Ch'cago fellow, '99; travel and foreign study,
1900 and 1906; student Curry School of Express-
ion, '96; special at Emerson Coll. of Oratory.
Prof, of English, Goucher Coll., Baltimore, Md. ;
prof, of English. Western Coll., Oxford, O. ; prof.
En^h.-sh, James Mlllikin Univ., Decatur, 111.;
head of dep't of English, Colorado Chautauqua
Summer School, Boulder, Colo., 1911-13. Lec-
turer before clubs, churches and Chautauquas
on literary and Biblical subjects (especially in-
terested in modern drama). Several years in
Associated Charities of Baltimore. Congregation-
allst. Mem. Boston Browning Soc., Modern
Language Ass'n, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae,
D.A.R., Nat. Council of Teachers of English,
Drama League of America, Am. Peace Soc.
Recreations: Tramping, mountain climibing.
Mem. Decatur Art Olub, Decatur Woman's Club,
Rocky Mountain Climbers' Club.

CONANT, Grace WUbur, The Ilkley, Cumber-
land St., Boston, Mass.

Composer, musical editor; b. Boston, Mass;
dau. Farley Franklin and Emily (Wilbur) Co-
nant; ed. Boston private schools; studied piano
under Ernst Perabo, Boston, Mass., and Ch.
Ren6, Paris; harmony and composition, under
George W. Chadwick. Has contributed to mag-
azines and periodicals; specialty of part-songs,
school and kindergarten songs; editor Songs for
Little People; editor musical Dep't of Kinder-
garten Review since 1908; has in preparation a
book entitled. Worship and Song for Young
People. Interested in Associated Charities Work;
mem. Bostoner Deutsche Gesellschaft. Recrea-
tions: Travel, tramping. Cougregationalist.
CONANT, Isabella Fiske, Wellesley Hills, Mass.
Daughter Joseph E. Fiske (captain Second
Massachusetts Artillery, Civil War) and Abby
(Hastings) Fiske; ed. Wellesley, A.B., M.A. ; m.
Walter A. Conant; one son (died in infancy).
Has had summer charge of a settlement. Fre-
quent foreign and home travel. Favors woman
suffrage. Author: Gaibriel; Songs Before Birth;
and contributions, chiefly verse and drama, to
general and children's magazines; some of the
plays have been read and staged.
CONANT, Mary Ellen Jones (Mrs. David Sloan
Conant), Bradford, Vt.

Born Bradford, Vt., May 30, 1867; dau. Charles
and CaliiSta (Robinson) Jones; ed. Bradford (Vt.)
Acad.; Wellesley Coll., B.S. '89; m. Bradford,
Vt, July 6, 1899, David Sloan Conant; children:
Dorothy Stewart, b. Aug. 11, 1900; Barbara Aller-
ton, b. Nov. 7, 1902; Katherine Robinson, b. June
1, 1904. Interested in patriotic work in and out
of schools. Against woman suffrage. Episco-
palian. Mem. Order Eastern Star, D.A.R.,
Oxbox Chapter, Newbury, Vt; past nat sec. of
Woman's Relief Corps. Mem. Fortnightly Club,
Woman's Union, Village Improvement Society.

CONABD, Laetitia Moon (Mrs. H. S. Conard).

Grlnnell, Iowa,

Born Pallslngton, Pa., 1871; dau. James H.
and Elizabeth (Balderston) Moon; ed. Westtown
Boarding School (Pa.); Smith Coll., 4.B. '94;
A.M. '97; \Jniv. of Chicago, Ph.D. '99; Ecole des
Hautes T^tudes, Sorbonne, Paris, 1897-98; m.
Philadelphia, Pa., 1900, Henry S. Conard; chil-
dren: Elizabeth Moon, Rebecca, Alfred Fletcher.
Non-resident instructor in comparative religion
in Univ. of Chicago, correspondence study
dep't, 1905: in philanthropic work in social and
educational lines in Grlnnell, la., 1907-12; in
Philadelphia with the Soc. for Organizing
Charity and in the Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae in
educational, charitable and social movements,
1900-04; interested in the religion of uncivilized
people. Author: Les Idees des Indlens Algon-
quins relatives a la vie d'outre-tombe, Revue de
I'Hlstoire des Religions; The Idea of God Held
by North American Indians; A Visit to Quinault
Indian Graves; various articles in local papers
and magazines on Indian religion and on practi-
cal social and religious questions. Mem. Grln-
nell Mothers' Ass'n, Ass'n of Coll. Alunmas

(Nat), Smith Coll. Alumns Ass'n, Ass'n of
Doctors of Philosophy of Chicago, Westtown
Alumni Ass'n (Westtown School, Pa.), Dep't of
School Patrons of the Nat. Education Ass'n.
Recreation: Camping. Mem. Society of Friends.
Favors woman suffrage.
COND^, Bertha, 600 Lexington Av., N.Y. City.

Senior student sec. of Nat Board of Young
Women's Christian Ass'n; b. Autoum, N.Y. ;
dau. Samuel Lee and Elizabeth L. (Collier)
Conde (direct descendant of French Huguenot
family of De Condfi, conspicuous in French his-
tor;); ed. Smith Coll., B.A., '95; theological
study in Fiee Church Coll., Glasgow, Scotland.
Two years on Faculty of Elmira Coll. in Dep't
of Biology, 14 years in Y.W.C.A. work as Nat.
student sec., now senior student sec; has repre-
sented Student Christian Ass'ns of U.S. on the
Exec. Com. of the Student Volunteer Movement
for Foreign Missions; representative for North
America on the Gen. Executive of the World's
Student Christian Federation; has been delegate
to World's Christian Student Conference at Con-
stantinople, and has visited leading universities
and colleges in interests of Christian work in
America, Europe, the Orient and the Balkan
States. Has given addresses in almost every
college in the U.S. on subjects relating to Chris-
tian faith and service, and has enlisted many
students for Christian social service at home
and abroad. Organized Central Club for Nurses
in N.Y. City. Mem. Woman's Univ. Club.
CONE, Helen Gray, 61 E. Ninetieth St, N.Y.


Educator, author; b. N.Y. City, Mar. 8, 1859;
dau. John C. and Julia D. (Gray) Cone; ed.
public schools of N.Y. City, and grad. N.Y. City
Normal Coll., '76. Prof. English, N.Y. City Nor-
mal Coll. since 1899. Writer of verse. Author
(poems) : Oberon and Puck, Verses Grave and
Gay; The Ride to the Lady and Other Poems;
Baby Sweethearts; Soldiers of the Light.
CONE, Kate Morris (Mrs. Charles M. Cone),

Hartford. Vt

Born South Dennis, Mass., Sept. 19, 1857; dau.
Ephraim and Almira (Nickerson) Morris; ed.
Kimball Union Acad., N.H. ; Smith Coll., B.A.
and Ph.D.; Radcliffe Coll.; m. Hartford, Vt,
Feb. 16, 1884, Charles M. Cone; children: Mar-
garet Morris, Morris Huntington, Alice Weston.
Trustee of Smith Coll. five years; trustee of
church; leader for 25 years of literary club;
mem. exec. com. of Town Forward Movement;
mem. exec. com. for Town Pageant, 1911; pres.
Smith Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, two years. Author:
Sketch of Life of Sylvester Morris; editor Ver-
mont Antiquarian; contributor of articles on
historical and educational subjects to Outlook,
Atlantic Monthly, historical magazines, etc. Cou-
gregationalist Mem. Am. Historical Ass'n, New
England Historic-Genealogical Soc., Vt His-
torical Soc, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, D.A.R.
Recreations: Gardening, weaving.

CONEY, Harriot K. (Mrs. John H. Coney),
Washington Rd., Princeton, N.J.
Born, Meadvllle, Pa., 1870; dau. John and
Christina (Fautzman) Reltze; ed. Allegheny
Coll., A.B. '87, A.M. '90; grad. student Bryn
Mwr Coll. 1890-93; (Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi
Beta Kappa); m. Meadville, Pa., 1902, John H.
Coney (prof. Princeton Univ.); children: Chris-
tina, b. 1903; John H., Jr., 1906; Barbara, 1908.
Teacher in Miss Stearns' School, Germantown,
Philadelphia, 1893-95; principal Pelham School,
Germantown, Philadelphia, 1895-98; associate
principal Miss Baldwin's School, Bryn Mawr,
1898-1902. Pres. Princeton Village Improvement
Soc. 1907-09 (vlce-pres. 1909-10, sec. 1910-12);
pres. Princeton Present Day Club, 1904-05. Uni-

CONGDON, Anne W., 455 Cranston St, Provi-
dence, R.I.

Dau. John E. and Kate G. Whipple; ed. public
schools; m. William M. Congdon; one son: Mark
Whipple Congdon. Library visitor and Director
of Traveling Libraries for the State of Rhode
Island. Actively interested in women's clubs
(carried on the Traveling Library work for tlja



R.I. Federation of Clubs for ten years) ; also In
Sunshine work for Providence Branch, Internat.
Sunshine Soc. Clubs: R.I. Women's, Four-Leaf
Clover. Unlversalist.
CONGDON, Laura D. (Mrs. Winsor D. Cong-

doni, 209 Harrison St., Newton, Kan.

Born Howard, N.Y., Oct 6, 1850; dau. Benja-
min and Lucinda (Emerson) Jacobs; ed. common
schools in 111.; m. Sedgwick, Kan., Dec. 14, 1875,
Winsor D. Congdon; children: Morris Headly,
b. Oct. 20, 1877: Orville Garfield, b. Sept. 4,
1881. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Aid Soc, Aux-
iliary Soc. of Bethel Hospital, Harvey Co. His-
torical Soc. Favors woman suffrage. Writer of
short stories: Ad Astra per Aspera; A Christmas
Cupid; Thanksgiving Day on Salem Hill; A
Knight of Gideon. Methodist. Republican.
Mem. ThemJan Club (literary), Dist. and State
Fed. of Women's Clubs. Has acted as special
and regular correspondent of Western news-
CONGER, Charlotte Mettalf (Mrs. Conger), The

Cordova, Washington, D.C.

Writer; b. Orland, Me., June 25, 1860; dau.
Samuel P. and Harriet E. (Grendle) Brown; ed.
in private schools in Washington, by gov-
ernesses and two years at Vassar Coll.; m.
Washington, D.C, Jan. 14, 1S79. Frank B.
Conger (divorced); children: Charlotte West, b.
Jan. 5, 1881 (died Jan. 8, 1882); Omar D., b. Jan.
10, 1883 (Pay Corps, U.S.N.) ; Emilie W., b. Oct
16, 1886 (m. Ward Brown, architect); Franklin B.,
b. Nov. 28, 1889 (midshipman, U.S.N.) ; Gwyneth
H., b. May 17, 1S91 (m, A. W. Pitch, lieutenant,
U.S.N.) ; Harriet Grendle, b. Feb. 17, 189.3. Mem.
Vassar Students' Aid Soc, Consumers' League.
Has written for leading papers and magazines.
CONGER, Emily Bronson (Mrs. A. L. Conger),

Akron, Ohio.

Doctor of Osteopathy; b. Peninsula, O., May 7,
1843; dau. Hiram Volney and Ruth Lenora (Ran-
ney) Bronson; ed. Rev. Emerson's private coll.,
Am. School of Osteopathy, Kirksvllle, Mo.;
started coll. at Des Moines Sept., 1898; m. Pen-
insula, 0., Nov. 1, 1804, Ck)l. A. L. Conger; chil-
dren: Kenyon E. Irving (deceased), Arthur L.,
Latham H. Practiced osteopathy in Philippine
Islands and in ten or twelve other States. En-
listed in many activities of Protestant Episco-
pal (St Paul's) Church for 44 years; very active
in Relief Corps, Eastern Star and Bethany
Shrine. Author: An Ohio Woman in the Phil-
ippines. Pres. Nat. Axle Club (Osteopath) ; vice-
pres. Am. Osteopath Ass'n, 1906-07. Recreations:
Music, organ, harp, piano, chimes. Favors
woman suffrage; holds meetings at home and at-
tends public meetings.
CONGER, Sarah Pike, 105 S. El Mollno Av.,

Pasadena, Gal. ,

Born Painesville, 0., July 24, 1842; dau. Ed-
ward William and Laura (Burridge) Pike; grad.

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