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MOULDING, mMdIng, t. Ornamental

cavities in w^iod or stone.
MOULDWARP, mAld'wirp, t. A mole, a

small animal that throws op tlie earth.
MOULDY, mAl'd^ a. Overgrown with i

cretions. ,__ , «

To MOULT, mAlt. ••»• »W;. ^LJ^l*'

ebaiige ih* fc»Uwr«, lo loM Uw featben.
To MOUNCH, miMh, e. «• •»<• « tmi.

MOuliD!mJ4nd,..m. A«y«fcto«»«i«a

to fortify or defend.

MOUN'K m&H ••. •^^ ^^ "^'*^-!
hill ; an arUacial hill raited m a gard«i» ar

other place ; a part of a fan.

To MOUNT, mJint, v. «. To raise oaUgh ;

to tower, to be bnilt up to gn-at elevatma ; m

get on horseback ; for Amount, to raise m

i tJmOUNT, mjant, v. a. To rai«» aloft, to
' lift on hieh ; to ascend, to climb ; to pl«« «•
horseback; to embellish with ornament^ aj.
to mount a Ron, to put the parts of a faii tofe-
ther —To Mount guard, to do doty and walea
at any particular post—To Mount •»»^
to set a piece on iU wooden frame for ttte aM«
easy carriage and manaj^ement in finnf tt
MOUNTAIN, mMn'tb, #. 208. A Ursc

hill, a vast protuberance of the earth.
MOUNTAIN, miin'tb, a. Found on tke

mountaint. ,. , n. ^^

MOUNTAINEER, mMn-tln-nWr', «. An

inhabitant of the mooiitaius ; a savage, a
fieeboi.ter. a rustick.
MOUNTAINOUS, mftfln tln-nfi§, a. Htny,
full of mountains ; large as moontauu, bage,
1 hulky ; inhabiting mountains. . , ,
f. State of beinf fuU of mottutawa.

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^tr ler, Btl IGI-t&be 171, lib |7t, btU 17t-4il 209— pUftd til— I4ili 466, T«it 469.

MOUNTANT, nUn'tABt, a. Ridng on

MoWtEBANK, miin't^biak, $. A doc-

lor that nuuiitt a bench in the market, And

bouU his iiilWHible remediet and cures ; any

hoMtful and faliie pretender.
To MOUNTEBANK, mSdn'ti-bAnk, v. «.

Tu cheat by falne boasts and pretences.
MOUNTER miAnt'&r, t. 98. Ona that

MOUNTY, rnUnl^, t. The rise of a hawk.
To MOURN, mArne, v. a. S18. To griere,

lo be sorrowful ; to wear the habit of sorrow ;

to preserve appearance of grief.
To MOURN, mArne, v. a. To griere for, to

lament ; to utter in a sorrowful manner.
MOURNER, mArn'ftr, #.96. One that monrna.

one that grieves ; one who follows a fojienil

in black.
' MOURNFUL, mArn'fftl, a. Having the ap-

peaiance of sorrow ; causing sorrow ; sorruw-
' ful, feelins sorrow, betokening sorrow, cx-

pressive of Erief. _ ,

MOURNFULLY, m&m'fftl-li, ad. Sonow-

fully, witli sorrow.
MOURNFULNESS, m^m'f&l-Dit, «. Sor-
row, grief ; show of grief, appearance of sor*


MOURNING, m^rn'lDg, «. LimeiitatioD,

sorrow ; the dress of sorrow.
MOURNINOLY, mim'lng.l^, ad. With the

appearance uf sorrowing.
MOUSE, mi&fe,f. Plural Mice. The imall.

est of all beasu, a little animal haunting

houses and corn-fields.
To MOUSE, mUse, v. a. tlS, 4S7. To catch

MOUSE-HOLE, mUMliMa, «. SmaU hole.
MOUSER, mUx'&r, $. 96, 4S7. One that

hunts mice.
MOUSETAIL,BiMse't]ae,f. An herb.
MOUSE-TRAP, nUaetrIp, «. A anare or

gin in which mice are taken.
MOLTTH. miiik, a. 467. The apertnre in

the head of any animal at whidi the food is

freelved ; the opening, that at which any

thinf enters, the entrance ; the instnimeiit of

speaking ; a speaker, the principal orator, in

harlesque langtiaae; cry .voice. — Distortion of

the Mouth, wry face.— Down in th<» Mouth,

dejected, clouded.
To MOUTH, mUrn, t. a. 467. To apeak

big, fa> speak in a strong and load voice, to

vocifer ate.
Tp mouth, mUrn, v. a. To utter with a

voice alTectcdly big ; to chew, to eat ; to

•eiae in the aiouth ; to form by the month.
mouthed, mMTH'd, a. $59. Fnmiahed

with a manth.
MOUTH-FRIEND, mUfA'frJnd, a. One
' who professes friendship without intending it.

MOUTHFUL. mUa'ffti, a. What the

month contains at once ; any proverbially

small quantity.
' BiOUTH.HONOUR,mUa'^nir,«. Q-

vUiiy outwardly eipressed without sincerity.
MOUTHLESS, mU/AOia, a. Without a

MOW, nil, a. SSS. A loft or chaaiber

where any h^ or com is hud up.

To MOW, mh, V. a. 184. To cut with «

sithe ; to cut down with speed and violence.
To MOW, mot, e. a. To put in a mow.
MOW, m&&, «. 323. Wry mouth, distorted

face. Obsolete.
To MOWBURN, mit^fim, r. a. To ferment

and heat in the mow for want of heiiif! dry.
MOWER, m&'&r, «. 98. One who cuts with

a sithe.
MOXA, m6k'sjl, g, 92, An Indian mosa,

used ill tlie cure of the gout by burning it on

the part aggrieved.
MOYLE, m&il, t. 329. A mule, an animal

generated between the horse and the ass. Not

MUCH, mftuh, a. 352. Large in quantity,

loiiff in time, many in number.
MUCH, mitsh, ad. 352. In a great degree,

by far ; often, or long ; ncarlv.
MUCH, matsh, «. A ^eat deal, multitude

in number, abundance in qoantitv ; more than

enough, a heavy service t*r barcien ; any as*

siipahle quantity or degree; an nncommon

thmg, souiethinir str«iige.^To make Mock of,

to treat with regard, tn fondle.
MUCH AT ONE, mAtahUit-win', od. Of

eqfial value, of equal influence.
MUCHWHAT, m&tahVh6t, ad. Nearly.

Little used.
MUCID, m&'ald, a. Slimy, nuaty.
MUCIDNESS, m&'tfid-nia, a. SUmbeaa,

MUCILAGE, m&'8^-lli(Ue, «. 90. A sliinj

or viscous body, a body with moisture suffi-
cient lo hold it tncether.
MUCILAGINOUS, m&.t^lld'j?n.i8,. a.

Siimy, viscous, soft with some degree of tena*

MUCK, mik, B, Dung for manure of

ETOonds ; any thinfc low, mean, and filthy.— >

To run a Mock signifies to run madly and at-

tack all that we meet.
To MUCK, mik, e. a. To maaur* with ntiek,

to dung.
MUCKINDER, nikln-dftr, «. A handker-

chief. Nnt used, except in the provinces.
MUCKHILL, rndknill, a. 406. A dunghiU.
BffUCRINBSS, mAklt^-nJa, a. Nattineaa;

MUCRLE, m&klU, a. 403« Much. Obaolete.
MUCKSWEAT, m&k'swjt, a. ProAiad

sweat. , ,

MUCKWORM, mik'wina, a. A worn that

lives in dung ; a oUser, a carmndgeon.
MUCKY, mikltk a. Naaty, filthy.
MUCOUS, n&'k&a, a. 314. Slimy, riaooua.
MUCOUSNE8S, m&lL&a-nJa, a. Slime,.

BIUCULE^, m&'kA.l fat, a. Viaeoua, slimy,

t^ Hm vowel a, la the Irsi fyllsbtc of tklt and
•IsiUar word*, formt a rviaarluibic vscvpUoa to iIm
riiortcnlnf powvr of lb« salepeiialtimau ami i a eoad«
srj secret ; aay otiMr vowal W a, aaies* followvd by
a dlpblbonf, woaM Imv* bvaa tkoru ThM srHes from
a* regard to ^h^ LaUii oaanUly hi ibv wnd Aimcm^
lenfiu, for the a hi CuUmmty sixl MntUmtt, *e. Is
luntc lu Enrlitb, iboacb short In Ibf Utia CmlhmHm,
J#«nis.*c. So tlMt tke lo«( a la thU aad tlmltar
words is aa kUom of earowa preaaactodoa. 606, All,

MUCUS, m&lt&a, a. The viacont wibatance

discharged at the nose ; any viscous oiatter.


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n 559. Fkte 7S, firTT, fJU 88,flt81-mi9J.
MlIB mU t. The slime at the bottom of

MUDu'Y/mid'di, -. Turbid foul ^ith

MliDSUCKER:t"a«>'saic-tir... A .ea-

MUnWALL, m&d'wJll, .. A wall built
MUDWALrED.mid'aird.a..39. Hav-
ToMul"1nt'-a. To moult, to change
MuT-rm&r.'- A »oa cover for the hands

Ml'^i:-^::^'; ,. The hi,h priest of the
MIU; nu- .<. A cuptodnnkoutof.

MLGCUSH,, _J -p.


m^t 95-p1n« 105, pin lOT-oi !«, ■WlM

MULLET, mfii'lit, 5.99. Anea-fith.
MULUURUUS,mune-grubz,f. Twimiil

«.f the unts. A I »w Word. .

MULS!:, mAlse, *. Wine boiled and mingW

MIu'lTAmVuLAR, ni5u4nc'j;i-Ur, «,
Man v-cornered, having many conwn, poij-
ciMiaT. . ,.. i . _»

cummuiily ■«'-***"^l '"' ' ' V .l,.^^ wum. «ml most
rally »«.« 'r^^''^, V,' ,'•.,;::., ^ry lV..uu.. .y

la mn!^l! n- '' n.-nt' .Lf H.ia,.l|. f.A. uf life, U •^•"^

Ml ( ; H( )l. S 1-.. mi«*<-. ^ An alehouw,

M |mv% 1 <'^t• of tulerlaintnf'iit.

MLM:irAT,m.ViWnt,«. »;•;>»»"»«•, ..
MULVTIO, ini-lill-'.. «. «>"« '>*6"t *•*

MVi:BEHKV.«a'l..'r-rU Tree and fruit.
MVi:rT.milkl... Aline,»l.e'>»l'yi "I'e-

T„''MUU^n:ilU^ .. .. To punish. ith

MuLf mir"' An animal generated he-
"lit.;. ...-.- ".d . »-.. or bct"c. .. a i,u,«

MV LETElTll' ml-l^t-tiir'. .. MaleHlriter.

MUiTili^KlTV, mi-li-^b-br^ti. .. Woman-

May^srhrH^^^J^ - -


when bufi>l nr ^c,fi»-npd , to imw ~»J -i
mid nwrt-tm 1 'I »!»i"'' '^- .^^nrt held in

ihr h-nd. with wluth uny ?«•<*«» »• i'^*"

MULLEIN, mul'lin,*. A plant-

M U LT A N r. V LA RLV, m6l t-ing'gA-Url*,


n^s, «. State of Loin- pnlys;onal.

4V2. D.yidtNi i.»l<. luauv |.artUj ms orcrUv
MULTIFARIOUS, miui-fii r^.u», a. H«^

lup great .uultipbcii^. h»^wg d.ffcirtit rf

MUmVARIOUSLY, m&l-ti.liri-S^»*^

MUmPAKuS^SS, n,il.t^-d.'.^^

n?s,*. Mulliphed diversity.
MULTIFORM, inul'te-fotm, a. na^»^

MULTI^(>U^^T^^ mid-U-hirmo-te, ». DH
yersity of simnrs or ai>ptar-incc» »ub»i»un| n
MuItTlaS n,&Mi.Ut'ar.4l c

MUmloQl^OUS, m&Uin^kw4s,.Sli
MULtlNOMlNAL,ro&l-W-n6mmi-B4U ^

lUrwa raanv name*. . , , . i eu

MULTIIVAROUS, mul-tip'pi.rus, #. i»^

MULTIPKUK, ro&l'ti- p'-^l. »• Ao utf^
with n.sny fret -S.;<' .)1'^' ■;;^«- j,

MULTIPLE, niirt;, '' '^^; JJ^^^.
ariti.meluk. when tmc >V'"^^\^^''"iu "l^f
other several tinus ; as nme i. the mull«P»^
thr^H.cnutainine it three t.mrv

MULTIPLIAHLE, muU^pU-d-bl, «.

paMe of heinp multiplied. „iU-b-

MU LTIPLI \ ULFA ESS, mfilt^pU^^
^ n/;,. Capacity of bein.mul^^^^^^^ ^
MULTIPLICABLE -""^ ^^'P^*;^^^^^

MULTlPLICAND,ni&l-U-pl>^kan^ '•''•'

MULTIPLIC ATE, ro.'d-t.p ple-kiie, «•

CMl.Hi^li.1l:l.f loore »hun one , !i.,vj,.i.

MULTlPLlCATl()N\mi)-t^p!5-U J^^^
The act of .nuUiply.a. «;r •'•.c^* - ;'"^^?.^ ^
bcr bv addition 'l^P'-'^t''";' r^,"^»inC '
s.mckind; in ^^'^^ "^^ tt -
„„v ....e ..umhei hy .i-otht-r. «n r^*'^ ^'^a
Ve unit, in that number bv which the o<w

MlM:T{pLrCVTOR, '^^^'^'^J^tJ:

U]6. I h'- ..umber by which •.»*♦»*»« 0-

,|,a.. niie .f tlie ..i»e 1."'<1 . »'•'• "

MV i;n pMciors, ro(ii-to-piw» ^ ••

MULTIPLIER, "»"»^^-P^»r',;;„.*ro(.^.
^ho ,u»l.. ,•!'»- «'^ .ncre4*c» »»»V, "^li^i.

To ML LTIPLY, »»"1 l^-P»^*^"l!^ti.-. -^

1 •,u..u.ut>.r;to.uAc.uorehyr^^j^

I ces» of iirithrocl.CAl iuuluplic*uoo.

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Bir ler, nk M»-^t<d>e 171, tib 178, bill 173— ill 299— pl&nd Sl^— liUo 466^ thjs 469

To MULTIPLY, m4l<le-|ill, «. n. To grow
ki number; Ui UM:rra^ Utemtelvet.

MULTIPOTENT. mtjl-dp'pi-tlut, a. Hav-
ing ntaiiifald pi»wer.

MULTIPRESENCE, mhUh-pri>z'lnBe, «.
The power or act uf being prefttriit ih more
placet than une at the same iiaie.->-See OmnU

'Hie Mune with cunuculate: used of ^aiits
wlioM teed U contained in uiaujr dittincC

MULTITUDE, ln&i't^4&d^ «. 4GI. Many,
more than one ; a great number, )ou»eljr and
inflrfinitely ; a crowd or thrvug, ibe ^uigar.

BiULTTTt^DINOUS, m&l.t^t&'d^^&s, a.
Having the appearance of aniultiivde ; mani-

MULTIVAGANT, ni&UU'v4-giiit,)«.That

MULTIVAOOUS.mdl-tiv'vd-guB, j wan-
ders or tcrajrs much abroad.

MULTIVIOUS, rodl-dv'v^^, a. Having
ruaiiv wats, nianifbM. *

MULTOCtLAR, ni&lt4k'k&.lAr, a. Having
more e^e« tbaii two.

MUM, m&m, interj. A word deaoUag pro-
hibidoa tu speak ; silence, hash.

MUM, mfim, «. Ale brewed witb wheat.

Tu MUMBLE, iuWmL, r. a. 40i. To apeak
hiwardi^, lo eruiuhie, tu inut4er ; to speali
indistinctly ; to chew, to bite »i»lily.

To MUMBLE. m^'M, r. «. Tn ottet with
a low inarticulate vuicc; Id uiinith geutiv ; to
aiubherii^ Mipprr*-*,to uiier iin|ierl5x'4ly.

I^TUMBLER, ro6m*bl-6r, ». 08. One that
s^>e-iks inHXticiii4U-i«-. a luuttertr-

MVMBLINCJLY, mOrn'M-Ing-l^, ad. With
iii.irticulstc uttrrance.

To MUMM, n)6ia, o. n. To mask, to frolick
in dtsgutse. t)b»ol»'te.

MUMMER, m£ni'iu6r, f.P8. A masker, oat
who performs Irulicks in r. (personated dress.

MUMMERY, m^Bi&r.rc, t . 6^7. Masking,
^•iHck in iiM<»K», f.xikry.

MUMMY, BiWm^ J. A dead body pre-
•erved by tlie Egyptian art of embdhuing. —
Mioaoiy i t used aiuufig gardeners for a tort of
wax u«ed in tite planting aiidgraftiiieof trees.

To l^IUMP, m&mp, cr. a. To nibble, to bite
qaick, to chew with a continued motion ; to
teik km and quick ; in daut language, to go

MUMPER, mump'Sr, «. 9B. A beggar.

MUMPS, mumps, «. Snllenness, silent

aii^r ; a disease.
To MUNCH, muosb, v. a. 35g. To chew by

MUNCHER, mfinsh'Qr, «. 98. One that


MUN DA N£, roOn'dlme, s. Belongiog to the

MUN'D \TION, mun-dVshOn, f. The act of


MUNDATORY, mfin'dltir.r^, a. Having
the p<iwer lo cleanse.
ty r«K the o, •♦* Domett ick. 3 It.

MUNBICK, mdn'dik, s. A kind of marca-

t'lr frjund in tin niines.
MUNDIKICATION, m&Q-de-f^k&'sh&n, $,

\'\vr acl of ciranini;.
MlNDinCATlVE. mindiff^killr, a.

See JMSti/ica(ivc.-*Cleamtug, having tlie power

To MUNDir\% ro&n'def 1, r. a. 185. To

clean&c, to maJce clean,
MUNDIVAGANT, ro4n-div'v4.g4nt,a. 518.

Wandering tiirough Uie world.
MUNDUNGUS,mdn-d&ng'gus,s. Stinkiog

MUiSERARY,mu'n<r4-r^,a. 612. Having

the nature of a ^llt.
MUNOREL, mung'prll, #. ti9. Any thing

ireneraied between ditfcrcnt kinds, any thing

partaking of the qualities of ditierent causes

ur parents.
MUNGREL, m&ng'grll, a. Generated be-
tween ditferent natures, baseborn, degmrraia.
MUNICIPAL, m^-nks^-pil, a. tieloogiog

to a corporation. ,

MUNIFICENCE, mi-alrfe-8&ise,«. libe-

raiily, the act k^ giving.
MUNIFICENT, m^-nifV^-a^ a. Liberal,

MUNIFICENTLY, mA-nU'W^-s^at-ic, aJ.

Liberallvt generously.
MUNIMENT, mft'n^m^nt. a. FortificaUoa,

strong hold ; soin>ort, defence.
To MUNCTE, mi-nltc', r. a. To fortify, to

streivctlien. A word no! in nse.
MUNITION, mfi.nlsh'in, *. Fortificatifm,

<fT»tnj! h Id ; atnmtinition, iDat^rial* for •ar-
MVSNION, niijoyfin, s. 118. Munnions

are tlie Uf» |»osts that divide the h^HX\ m

H wiiKJoMT-ffanif.
MUKAOf:, mAM^je, «. 90. Monoy paid to

keeji waits in r»'pair.

MURAL, iniHfii, a. 177. Pertaining to a

MURDER, mfir'dfir, «. 98. The act of fcill-

hip a tnsn UTrfaw^ully.
To MURI>ER, mAr'd&r, e. a. To kill a man

uiilawfoiiy ; tu d<*^TmT, »•» pnt wn end t"'.
MURDERER, muHafiV-fii, «. 5.^7. One who

has shed human blixirt unl iwfiil^y.
l^ItTlDEUESS, mfir'dfir-es, a. A woman

tliat ciMimiil* niurdrr.
MURDERMENT, mir'dui-m^ot,#. The act

of killing' unUwfullv.
MURDEiiOUS, fuiir'a2ir-&H, a. 505. Bloody,

(fuiliy iii murder.
MURE, niire-, «. A wall. Not in use.
MURENGER,m&'reD.jur, i. 177. An osor-

seer of a wall.

t^ Tills word b often Impropt-ily pronoaac« i w.ih
the M short, aair wriliru MHrttnger,
MURIATICK, mu-r^ai'tik, a. PartHliiu-

of the lasle or u.iture i»f hrme.
MURK, murk. «. Darkness, want of li^lit.
MURKY, mur'kt.s a. Dark, cloudy ^ wanliog

liL'I't — Src iVu^i'i/.

MURMUR, mir^Mur, #. A low continued

buzzinif noisij ii r.Miipluint half ^uppres^' 'I.
To MUUMUli, miir'mur, r. n. To give a low

bu/zui^ 9i»utitl ; lo grumltic, .tu utter secret

MURMtKER, m&r'niQr-iOr, «.98. One \>Uu

repines, a grunitilrr, a repitter.
MURRAIN, rourMn, «. 208. The plague in

MURREY, miW'ri, a, 270. Darkly red.
.Ml KRION, mar'ii.&n, <. 113. A heluiMt, a


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or 5S9. Flte 73, fir 77, itll 8S, tit 81- ml 9S, m2t 06*-pbe 105, pin 107— ni l^f, mixt IM,

MUSCADEL, infi*'k«.d^U 7 «. A

MUSCADINE, m&B'ki^be, 149. ) kind
of tweet grape, sweet wine, and sweet pear.

MUSCAT, mijj'kltfS. A delicious grape bav-
ine the flavour uf musk ; a kind of sweet pei^r.

MUSCLE, m&s'sl, s. S51, 405. The fleshy
fibrous part of an animal body, the immediate
instruments uf motion ; a bivalve shell-fisb.

MUSCOSITV, iii&s.k6s'8^.t^,«. Mossiness.

MUSCULAR, m&s'k^-Ur, a. 88. Performed
by muscles.

MUSCULARITY, ma»-k&-l4r'r*.t^,#. The
state of having muscles.

MUSCULOUS, mfts'ki-lds, a. S14. Full of
muscles, brawny ; pertaining to a ronscle.

MUSE, mhze, s. One of the nine sister god-
desses who, in the heathen mythology, are
supposed to preside over the liberal arts.

MUSE, m&ze, «. Deep thought, close atten-
tion, absence of mind ; the power uf poetry.

To MUSE, m&ze, v. n. To ponder, to study
in silence ; to be absent of mind , to wonder,
to be aroaxed.

MUSEFUL, m&zef&l, «. Deep-thinking.

MUSER, md's&r, «. 98. One who muses,
one apt to be absent of mind.

MUSEUM, m&.z^'&m, B^—SeePygmetm,'^
A repository of learned curiosities.

MUSHROOM, m&sh'r&im, «. Mushrooms
are, by curious naturalists, esteemed perfect
plants, though their flowers and seeds have
not as yet been discovered ; an upstart, a
wretch risen from the dunghil-

MUSKROOMSTONE, m&sh'ri&m-ttAne, «.
A kind of fossil.

MUSICK, m6'zik, «. 400. The science of
harmonical sounds ; instrumental or vocal har-

MUSICAL, m&'z^-kil,«. Harmonious, melo-
dious, sweet-sounding ; belonging to masick.

MUSICALLY, mi'z^.kil.l^,ad. Harmoni-
ously, with sweets und.


MUSICIAN, m&-Blsh'&n, s. U7. One skiUed
in harmony, oi»e who performs upon instm-
meots of roosick.

MUSK, m&sk, s. A rery powerful perfume :
it is procured from a kind of Indian goat.

MUSK, m&sk, s. Grape hyacinth or grape

MUSKAPPLE, m&sk'ip-pl, s. 405. A kind
of apple.

MUSKCAT, misk'kit, «. The animal from
t^hicli musk is got.

MUSKCHERRY,m&sknshir.r^,«. A sort

uf cherry.

MUSKEt, m&slilt, f. 99. A soldier's hand-

gun ; a male hnwk of a small kind.
MUSKETEER, u&sk^t^^r', s. A soldier

who»r weatinn is hi* rou^krl.

MUSKETOON, ni&ttkct&&n', s. A blun-
derbuss, a short ^un of a large bore.

MUS KIN ESS, miislie-nls, s. The scent of
musk. , , ,

MtSKMELON, m&sk'mlM&n, $, A fra-
eraiit m»-hm.

MrsKI'i:AR,mfi»k'pire,#. A fragrant pear.

Ml SK HOSE, mfisk'rAze, #. A rose so
cilird from its fra^runce.

M USK Y, mithki', a. Fragrant, swe«?t of scent.

MLaUN, muz'Iiu, 5. A line stuflf made ol



MUSS, m&s, «. A scramble. Obsolete.

t^ From this, perhaps, comes the valgv waH t*

MUSSITATION, m&s-s^-tli'shin, s. Mur-

mur, grumble.
MUSSULMAN, mis's^l-mln, «. 88. A Ms-

horoetan believer.
MUST, m&st, t>er6 imperf. To be oblijfed. It

is only used before a verb. — Must is of ail pn.

sons and tenses,and used of persons andthink!)
MUST, mist, #.— See L4ws6'«-icw»/.-New

wine, new wort.
To MUST, m&st, v. a. To mould, to nd?

To MUST, mfist, r. «. To grow mouldy.
MUSTACHES, m&s.sti'shlz,s.99. Whiskers,

hair on the upper lip.
MUSTARD, m&s't&rd, s. 88. A plant.
To MUSTER, m&s't&r, o. a. 98. To assem-
ble in order to form an army
To MUSTER, m&st&r, v. tu To review

forces ; to bring together.
MUSTER, m&s'tdr, s. A reviefT of a body

of forces ; a recister of forces mustered ; a

Collection, as, a Muster of peacocks. — ^Tu pau

Muster, to be allowed.
MUSTER- BOOK, m&s'tftr-b&ftk, «. A book

in which the forces are registered.
MUSTERMASTER, m&st&r-ml-st&r, i.

One who superintends the muster, to prevtai

frauds. , ,

MUSTER.ROLL, mis'tir-f6le, «. A regis-
ter of forces.
MUSTILY, mfis't^-1^ ad. Monldily.
MUSTINESS, m&s't^nl8,s. Mould, daup

foulness. ,
MUSTY, mis't^, a. Monldy, spoOed witk

damp, moist and fetid ; stale ; vapid ; doQ.

MUTABILITY, m&.tl-bll'l*-t*,s. Chaage-

ableneu ; inconstancy, change of nhid.
MUTABLE, mi'ti-bl, a. 405. Subject to

change ; alterable ; inconstant, unsettled.
MUTABLENESS, m&^-bl-n^s. Cku«e>

ableness, uncertainty. ^
MUTATION, m&.t4'sh&D,s. Cliange, altsr*

MUTE, m&te, a. Silent, not rocal, not htf-

ins the use of voice.
MUTE, m&te, «. One that has no power of

speech ; a kiter which can make no sound.
To MUTE, m&te, r. n. To dung as birds.
MUTELY, m6tel^, ad, SUently, not vucaHj.
To MUTILATE, mi'tll-Ute, r. a. Tode-

prive of sume essential part.
MUTILATION, m6.te-lii%hin,«. Deprir*-
. tiuu of « limb or any rs»enti4l i»art.
MUTINE, mii'lin, s. 140. A mutineer. No«

u^d. -

MUTINEER, mi-tin-n*^, s. A mover of

MUTINOUS, roii'tln-nis, a. SI4. Seditioas,

busy in insurrection, turbulent.
MUTINOUSLY, mii'tin nus-l^, ««*. »«*'•

ti'.nslv, turbniriiilv. , j,

MUTl NOUSN t:8S, m6'tln-ni»-o*s, «- SrA-

tiousTi'S«, turbulence. . .

To MUTINY, m6'ii-n*,r.n. To riwiy**^

utithorilv, to mnki' ijisurreciion.
MUTI\ V,nuVtc-i.e»«. Insnrrertion. 9^^^
To Ml n KU, mai'lor, r. n. W«Togni»W«'

to UJuxoiur.^igitized by VjOOQlC


Al«T,tt«tl«l - t4bem,t5blTl,btal7»-4111W - piJbid$U-<*lii46«,TO^

To MUTTER, mit^lir, r. a. To niter with

imperfect articulntion.
MUTTER, mftt'tAr, «. Murmur, obscure ut-

terancr. Nol u«ed. ^ . ,

MUTTERER,mit't4r.fir, i. 655. Grumbler,

MUTTERINGLY, ro&t'tir-iog'l^, ad. With

• kiw Tuice ; iodi»linclly.
MUTTON, rait'fii, «. The flesh of sheep

dretied Uh food ; a tbetrp, now oiiljf m ludi-

croos language.

ty The • In this «nd •imIUr twrnilniitlon* !• under
IW MBM urvdlcAmeat m «. See Principle!, K u». iOl,

MUTTONFIST, mitl'n-fUt, i. A hand
Urjje sod red. , ^ ' ^ .

MUTUAL, mi'lsh&.ll, a, 4C3. Reciprocal,
each acUag in return or curre»pondence tu
the other. . , ^ , . « .

MUTUALLY, mA'tsh&-il-W, ad. Recipro-
cally, m return. , . ^ . i « .

BIUTOAUTY, in&-tsh&-4llt-t^, i. Rcci-

M?JZZLE^ mix'Bl, i. 405. The mouth of ^
any thing ; a fastening for the mouth, which
bindert to bite. ^ «. . , -i.

To MUZZLE, mftz'zl, t. w. To bring the
OMiuth near. Nut U9cd.

To MUZZLE, mftz'ri, r. a. To bind the
mouth : to fondle with the mouth close. A

MY, ml, or mh, pnm. pot. Belonging to me.

t^Th«r« In a poullng divertily to forrtgncrt In lh«
fromisclttion of ibts wurd. and tomcilmet to natlvrt,
vlwo ihcy reMt which oof ht to be eaplalnrd. It U
cvrtaia thai t^ ^ronoan OTf , wWn It it cooiradiMla
fvihcd from any other ^oUtmkv proooao, and eoo-
•roacatHr omphatlcal. Is always proat*anccd with It*
(^Uopva toand, rhyming with ^y ; bat when there
b •« mch emphasU it Ull* emadly Into the •oanU of
M, the obllqae case of /. Tb«>t If 1 were to ny Mf
ftmii m» tmd 0» mp ff€r, I iboald nactsMrlly pro-
Mnaca MM like me. at In this sentence pen and paper
are the emph*tlcal words; bat If I wera to aav Mf
ftn U »»ru than pourt, here my to la opposltioa to
9Mir», and must, a* It to emuhallral, ba proaoaaced ao
w to rhyme with kigk, mgh, dec.

MYNCHEN.mhi^hln,#. A nun.
MYOGRAPHY, ml-Vgrl-rt, s. 11«, 187,

518. A description of the mutcles.
MYOLOGY, mUnA-j*,s. 116, 187. Hie

description and doctrine of the muides.
MYOPY, ml'^p^, s. Shortness of sight
MYRIAD, mir' The number of ten

tbousand ; proverbially, any great iiurober.

ty It may aoc, perhapa. be aoworlhy of obaerea-
tloa, that y, la thia aad the followint words, U aader
thtsame predkaaKal aa I; If followad by rand a
vowel, It Is short I ; If by r aad a eotisonaal. It be*
comc« ihort t, >*hich la the caose uf the diffrrrnec la
Ui« Srst ty 11 able of MijrHad aod my r wld flw.— See IMa-
tlpWt, Ko. 108, lOQ.
MYRMIDON, mJr'mM&n, s. 166. Any

rude ruffian, so named from tbe soldiers of

Achilles. , . .

MYROBALAN, m^r6b'*.lin, or mUr6b'4.
1^, «. 187. A kind of dried (hiits rcsem-

blinrdatrs. . , , .

MYROPOLIST, m^r6p'pA-llst. ormlrV-

^liftt, a. 187, 618. One who sells unguenU.
MYRRH, m^r, s. 108, 109. A precious kind

MVRRHINE,mlf'r)n,c. 140. Belonging to
*7rrb I made of the royrrhhm stouflb

MYRTIFORM, rolr't^f&rm, s. Haring the

shape of a mj^rtle.

MYRTLE, mir'tl, s. 106, 109, 405. A fra-
grant trrc.

MYSELF, mi-slir, «. An emphatical word
added tu I ; as, I Myself do it; tirat is, nut
by pn»iy ; not another.

MYSTAGOGUE, mWii-gtg. s. S18. One
who interprets dieiue mysterirs ; also one who
keeps church r^'licks, and shows tbera to
«tran}!er9. , , i ". ^

MVSTERIARCH, mls-ti'rMrk, s. One
presid^i^ over mysteries

MYSTERIOUS, mts-t^ri-Os, a. Inaccessi-
ble to the understanding, awfully obscure ;

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