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jours. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Upsilon, 1900 Blue Island Av.

Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha. Club: Uni- XASFEB, Peter J., first vice-pres. Durand &
versity. Residence: 1368 E. 53d St. Office: 31 Kasper Co., wholesale grocers. Residence:
N. State St. Evanston, 111. Office: 170 N. Union St.

KAKE, see also Cain. KASSON, Henry Butgrers, vice-pres. Inter-

XANE, Thoma, mfr.; born on farm In nat. Asphalt (2o.; born Buffalo, N.Y., Feb. 8
Adams Co., O.; son George and Catherine (Plat- 1858; son Will am M. and Cornelia (Stagg)
ter) Kane ed. pub. schools, Tipton. Ind.; mar- KassOn; ed. Williams Acad., Buffalo, N.Y., and
ried Tipton, Aug. 13, 1860, Adeline E. Bickle; 1 gary Inst., Oakfleld, N.Y.; married Niagara
daughter: Mrs. Theodosik Kane Van Doozer. Falls, N.Y., Apr. 14 1888, Mary Kennedy fdied
Was engaged In a general store at Tipton, 1858- Aug. 17 1905); children: (Cornelia De P.eyster,
68; geniral merchant, Greenfield, Ind., 1868-70. Mary Livingston. Henry R., Jr.; married 2d,
Indilnapolis, 1870-2; came to Chicago, 1872, and 1907, Ruth McGrath. After leaving school,
in 1875 beg4n mfr. of school furniture under 1875, was employed in who esale grocery busi-
style of Thomas Kane & Co. (later incorpor- "ess at Buffalo, N.Y.; then in oil regions of Pa.
ntpd^ of which he is ores also pres Am 5 years as operator; returned to Buffalo and
Spiral Pipe Works, since 19oi'. Dir. Presijyter-. ^"^aged in mfg. with Barber Asphalt Paying
fan Hoon triistep and vipp-nres Lewis Inst Co., 1887-1908, at St. Joseph, Mo., and other
Repu"?fc^an. P?elbyterian; fr'SiuenUy a dele- Western.points, and from 1898-1900 in Chicago
gate to the Presbyterian General Assembly; as district mgr., being 2d vice-pres 1901-2;
Contributor to The Interior. Greatly interested vice-pres. Internal Asphalt Co., since 1908. Re-
in the subject of Tithing and has for 35 years publican Mem. B.P.O.E New York Chapter
been circulating literature upon that subject. Sons of the Revolution, Am. Soc. Chemical In-
Snder the pseSdonym of "Layman." Clubs: ?VL''"4H'^P;f,<=>*,rh?^^\' ?f^\'?",f,f ^^^T
Union League, Glen View. Recreation: golf. <??, .^?Jl^^^Lnpi',"'i= *^5^'S?^ ^a''}?^'"- J^^^^i
Residence: 1251 Asbury Av., Evanston, 111. Of- dence: 5442 Cornell Av. Office: 720 Chamber of
flee: 143 N. Wabash Av. Commerce.

tcAmer -ptoa t. cpp Vol 110'; XAUPPlOAira', Pred, tailor; born New York

KANST, Pred t., see Vol. 1905. ^.^^^ j^^^ 22, 1859; soA Narix and Sara Kauff-

KABFEN-, Isaac, furniture mfr.; born Von- mann; came to Chicago, 1861; ed. pub. schools
growitz, Ger., Mar. 1. 1865; son Morris and Jo- and Bryant & Stratton Business Coll.. graduat-
hanna (Cohen) Karpen; came to Chicago in ing from latter, 1874; married April 14, 1903,
childhood; ed. Wells (pub.) School; married stella Winkler, of Cincinnati; 3 children: Fer-
Chicagp, Jan. 22, 1888, Hattie Bernstein; chil- dinand, Frances, Gertrude. Engaged in various
dren: Morris H., Nathan, Benjamin, Mildred, occupations until 1886, when he established
^"'i?'"^'^ ^^'^ factory of S. Karpen & Bros., In jn the tailoring business, becoming popularly
1880, as an apprentice; thoroughly learned all known as "The American Tailor." Independ-
details in the manufacture of upholstered fur- ent in politics. Mason; Elk; mem. Legion of
niture, working through all depts., and is now Honor and Nat. Union. Club: Standard. Resi-
supt. of the factory of S. Karpen & Bros., and dence: 5000 Drexel Boul. Office: 225 S. Green
a dir. in the company. Hebrew religion; mem. street

K.P., Temple Israel B'nai Sholem. Recreations: wrtTrv^iuri-ictKr nn.^^a^-m^ -nr^^t o

boating, swimming, fishing, social diversions, r^^^^^^^^^' Theodore, Western mgr. S.
Residence: 4325 Grand Boul. Summer Resi- Obermayer Co.; born Saverne, Alsace, Germany,

dence: Paw Paw Lake, Mich. Office: 22d and |?P'ip^n^^^p?,")J^?;Pn^^L^^ifv,';'|?P^,l,Vf/?

TTninn ?ti Kauffmann; ed. in coll. at birthplace until 16

ii..US.^U , ^ ^ J -.r , years old; then came to the United States, lo-

,oS^^ ^' J'*"'*"' J""-; deceased; see Vol. eating in Cincinnati; married Cincinnati, Feb.

1905. 24, 1903, Bertha F. Frohman; 2 children: Theo-

KABFEN, Solomon, furniture mfr.; born dore, Jr., and Louise. Employed as cash boy

Wongrawitz, Posen, Ger., Jan. 7, 1858; son in a Cincinnati dry goods store one year;

Morris and Johanna (Cohn) Karpen; ed. pub. worked in a country store for a time; returned


to Germany for two years; came to Chicago Springs, N.T. ; married Java Center, N.T., Feb.
and was employed as a bookkeeper; became 6, 1878, Anna M. Gaffney; children: Estella,
bookkeeper in 1896 for Western (Chicago) Alice Jane, Anna, Charles Joseph, Frank, Ed-
branch of the S. Obermayer Co., of Cincinnati, ward. Came to Chicago, Mar. 1872, again in
O., and 10 months later (in 1897) became mgr. New York, 1873-5; returned to Chicago; in the
of the Western branch, which position still broom corn business with exception of 5 years
holds. Republican. Mem. Sinai Congregation. In New York State engaged In general mer-
Clubs; Standard, 111. Athletic, Ravisloe Coun- chandlse business. Was mem. of firm of Hub
try. Recreations: golf and fishing. Residence: bard & Co., 6 years, when name was changed
5006 Drexel Boul. Office: 18th and Rockwell to Kavanagh Bros. & Co., of which has .since
Streets. been a mem. Pres. Kenosha Telegraph and
iTATrvMAv vai-hart iniirmii<!t- horn W^ash- Telephone Co. from its beginning to Dec. 31,
injt? M^r"'6,"m8rsiribrahlm''and Geri "OS; now pres Kavanagh Telephone Co. (Ef-
rude (Raff) Kaufman; grad. Emerson Inst, ""fham. 111.) Mem. Knights of Columbus and
Walhington, 1893, Johns Hopkins (Lee medal Catholic Mutual Benevolent Assn. Democrat,
for oratory), 1898; married Helen Herzberg, of R/'ifef 'oPf: H^^'^'nffi-.1.''V9!.Y'^w ^1^il!"T
Baltimore, Aug. 12, 1900. Head of Herbert "" Addison Av. Office: 1236 W. Kinzie St.
Kaufman newspaper syndicate, N.Y.; Am. ad- XAWIir, Cliarles C, metallurgist and chem-
viser, C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd., London; spl. ist; born Peoria, 111., Aug. 4, 1867; son M. and
Am. corr. London Standard; Am. represent- Helen ( Kawin; ed. pub. schools,
atlve W. T. Stead, London; asso. pub. Rev. of Chicago; married Chicago, Feb. 6, 1898, Kath-
Revs. Ency., and of Continental Magazine; ryn L. Mulcahy; children: Berniece Helen, Ma-
pres. Herbert Kaufman & Handy Co., Chicago, rion Carlos. Beginning Oct. 9, 1889, was for
since 1908; adviser Frank A. Munsey, Chicago nearly 8 years chemist with III. Steel Co., S.
Chicago Tribune; editorial writer for Chicago Chicago; chief chemist, 1896-1903, with Griffin
Tribune, Chicago Record-Herald, and chain of Wheel c5o., Chicago; makes a specialty of ad-
syndlcated Sunday papers. Mem. Am. Oriental vising in foundry mixtures, and of chemical
Soc. Club: Sphinx (London). Author: Songs analyses of founders' and steel manufacturers'
of Fancy, 1905; The Stolen Throne (with May materials. Hebrew. Residence: 6801 Lakewood
Isabel Fisk), 1907; Why Are You Weeping, Av., Rogers Park. Office: Plymouth Bldg.
Sister? Contributor to mags. Residence: 4830 XAYSEB, Charles WilUaiJi, western mgr.
Kenmore Av. Office: Majestic Bldg. Joseph Wild & Co.; born Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept.
XAVAITAGS, see also Cavanaugh. 18, 1864; grad. Cooper Inst., New York, in 6
KAVANAGH, Join B., broom corn; born N. years' scientiflc course^^ 1886. Entered employ
Java, Wyoming Co., N.Y., Dec. 30, 1859; son of Joseph Wild & (:o.. New York, July 17, 1880;
Charles and Eleanor (Murphy) Kavanagh; ed. became salesman in 1885; established Boston
pub. schools of Western N.Y.; married Java office for firm. 1895; opened Chicago branch.
Center, N.Y., Jan. 9, 1888. Sarah Louise Lough- Jj-'y- l'^^^' ^nK7^i}2f^ JS^ v "'=I^.??t'i'
ren (nbw deceased); children: Clarence Henry. |^f, ^/V^-;?LI'fnr i/.,,^J;'. nUhi^tl/i
Ethel Marie, Beatrice Marguerite (deceased). Mar. 17, 1884; served for 18 years; discharged
Engaged in coal business, 1882; employ of W. Nov 20, 1902, with rank of capt., on removal
L. Hubbard & Co., 1883; admitted as mem. of Jo Chicago- served 5 months as capt. (^oB
the firm of John N. Hubbard & Co., broom i"^,*.^-I-Vol|; In Spanish-Am^ War. Liberal
corn, 1885; mgr. Hubbard & Co., 1896. to Jan. geP^blican. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs.

1, 1904; since then head of firm of Kavanagh ?"?, <"^^l',.i'i- i^',?'5i=?,JS'^^Sf v;,r5? n2J?'

Bros. & Co., successors to Hubbard & Co., broom HI., Golf, Army and Navy (New York). Rec-

co?n broom machinery, etc.; vice-pres. and r^ations: over of nature and outdoor U

dlr. Chicago Ferrule Co.; pres. Sheridan Park idence: W heaton. 111. Office: 327 W. Adams St.

& Ravenswood Improvement Co. ; dir. Sheridan XEAITi;, H. Victor, pres. Western Bank Note

Trust & Savings Bank; dir. Kavanagh Tele- & Engraving Co. Residence: 5052 Drexel Boul.

phone Co. (Effingham, 111.) Sec. Ravenswood Office: 118 E. 20th St.

Council K. of C. (was grand council 3 terms.) KEEDT, Edwin Bonlette, prof, of law; born
Democrat. Recreations: billiards and bowling. Boonsboro. Md., Jan. 19. 1880; son Reuben Mil-
Residence: 4732 N. Ashland Av. Office: 1236 ler and Anne Elizabeth (Roulette) Keedy;A.B.,
W. Kinzie St. Franklin and Marshall Coll., 1899; LL.B., Har-

KAVAKAGH, Marons, judge; born Des yard Univ., 1906; unmarried. Asso. prof, law,

Moines. la., Sept. 3, 1859; son Marcus and Mary Ind Univ., ,1906-9; prof law. Northwestern

(Hughes) Kavanagh; grad. Niagara Univ., Univ. Law School, since 1909. Democrat. Mem.

1876; LL.B.. State Univ. of Iowa. 1878; (LL.D., Internal. Law Assn., Internal. Prison Congress,

Univ. of Notre Dame and Niagara Univ.); mar- Internat Union of Penal Law, Am Inst of

ried Mrs. Herminie Templeton, daughter of Criminal Law and Criminology, Phi Beta Kap-

Major George McGlbney, of Longford, Ireland. Pa, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi. Club. Unl-

Admltted to Iowa bar, 1878; elected city atty. yersity. Residence: Evanston, 111. Office: 31 W.

of Des Moines, 1880; re-elected 1882; elected Lake St

district judge of the 9th Judicial District of KEEFE, James Encherlns, dentist; born Chl-
lowa, 1885, but resigned in 1889, coming to Chi- cago, Feb. 20, 1864; son Edward F. and Ellen
cago, June 1889. and becoming a partner with M. (Sullivan) Keefe; ed. Franklin School. Y.
Judge John Gibbons, under firm name of Gib- M.C.A. night school. Chicago Coll. of Dental
bons & Kavanagh. later Gibbons, Kavanagh & Surgery, D.D.S. ; married Chicago June 25, 1890,
O'Donnell. and after the election of Judge Gib- Bessie M. Cleary; children: Howard M.. Helen
bons to the bench changed to Kavanagh & E., Doris E., James E.. Jannette M. Began
O'Donnell. so continuing until at the election practice of dentistry, 1886; pres. and treas.
in 1899 was elected to present position as judge Haskell Post-Graduate Dental Coll. Mem. Chi-
ef the Superior Court of Cook Co. Was major cago Dental Soc, 111. State Dental Soc. Nat.
and afterward lieut-col. of 3d Iowa Inf.. Iowa Dental Assn. Club: Chicago Athletic. Resl-
N.G.. before coming to Chicago; was elected dence: 4417 Lake Av. Office: 15 E. Washington
lieut.-col. 7th Regt., I.N.G.. 1894. and col. in Street.

1896; served with distinction in Spanish-Am. KEEFE, John S., 1st vice-pres. Am. Steel &

War as col. 7th 111. Vol Inf. Republican. Res- -^yire Co. of N.J.; born Boston, Jan. 24, 1864;

idence; 216 E. 20th St Chambers: County son David F. and Sarah J. Keefe; ed. Boston

Building. pub. schools until 16 years old; married Mil-

KA-yAZrAGK, Matthew K., broom corn; born waukee. Wis., 1890, Mattie A. Lee; children:

N. Java, N.Y., July 11. 1851; son Charles and Ethel. Ruth, Jeanette. Was employe of C.&N.

Eleanor (Murphy) Kavanagh; ed. district sch. W^.Ry.Co., 1880-8; traffic mgr. 111. Steel Co.,

of N. Java and Dulittle Institute, Wethersfield 1889-99; gen. traffic mgr. Am. Steel & Wire Co.,



1899-1901; 1st vice-pres. and dlr. of same since
1901. Now also gen. traffic mgrr. Nortjiern Lib-
erties Ry. and Pittsburg & Ohio Valley Ry.;
pres. and dir. Columbia Wire Co. and Wauke-

fan & Miss. Valley Ry. Co.; dir. Newburgh &
outh Shore Ry. Co. and Pittsburg & Ohio Val-
ley Ry. Co. Clubs: Union League (Chicago),
Lawyers' (New York), Union (Cleveland), Un-
ion (Pittsburg). Residence: 411 Clinton Av.
Oak Park, 111. Office: 1222 Commercial Nat.
Bank Bldg.

KEEFEK, Edward Ferdinand, live stock
commn.; born Allegheny City, Pa., Mar. 21,
1875; son Louis and Ksther (Kraus) Keefer;
ed. (Chicago pub. schools and Chicago Manual
Training School; married Chicago, Jan. 18,
1897, Rae Eisman; children: Allan Harold, Ed-
ward Louis, Louis, 2d. On leaving school en-
tered office of Doud & Keefer, later becoming
buyer, and in 1899 was admitted as a mem. of
the firm. Also treas. Doud Stock Car Co. Re-
publican. Mason (32). Clubs: Standard, Sad-
dle and Sirloin, 111. Athletic. Residence: 4757
Porrestville Av. Office: Exchange Bldg., Union
Stock Yards.

KEEFEK, Iiouis, live stock commn.; born
Hahnlein, Hesse-Darmstadt, Ger., July 1, 1844;
son Aaron and Minnie Keefer; ed. in Germany;
married Allegheny, Pa., Dec. 29, 1869, Esther
Kraus; children: Minnie, Edward F., Flora,
Cora, Arthur, Edna, Ruth. Came to U.S. in
1863, and located in Pennsylvania; in the live
stock commn. business at Allegheny, Pa., un-
til 1866; came to Chicago, and later became
a partner in present firm of Doud & Keefer.
Dir. of the Doud Stock Car Co. Republican.
Mason (32). Clubs: Standard, Saddle and Sir-
loin. Residence: 4835 Grand Boul. Office: Ex-
change Bldg., Union Stock Yards.

KEEHN, Boy Dee, lawyer; born Ligonier,
Ind., Nov. 7. 1875; son Jonathan N. and Har-
riet (Shobe) Keehn; ed. DePauw Univ., Green-
castle, Ind., Ind. Univ., Bloomington; Ph.B.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1902, J.D., 1904; married Jane
Menaugh, of Ligonier, Ind., June 23, 1900; 1
son: Roy Dee, Jr. Admitted to 111. bar, 1904,
and since engaged in practice at Chicago; gen-
eral counsel and attorney for all of W. R.
Hearst's interests at Chicago, including Chi-
cago American and Chicago Examiner; asst.
corpn. counsel, 1905-7. Sec. and dir. 111. Pub.
& Printing Co., Evening American Pub. Co.,
The Newspaper & Periodical Pub. Co. Demo-
crat. Mem. 111. State and Chicago Bar assns.,
Chicago Law Inst., Art Inst, of Chicago. Mem.
Phi Kappa Psi (editor of its catalogue, 1910),
Phi Delta Phi, B.P.O.E. Clubs: University,
Press. Recreations: athletic sports. Residence:
5703 Washington Av. Office: 409 Rector Bldg.

KEEZiEB, Charles Butler, lawyer; deceased;
see Vol. 19()5.

KEEIiEB, Charles Franklin, coal mines; born
St. Albans, Vt., Feb. 8. 1839; son Lewis and
Sarah Hannah (Reid) Keeler; ed. Plattsburgh
(N.Y.) Acad.; enlisted May 15, 1861, in Co. K,
1st la. Vol. (5av. ; mustered out, Sept. 1864, as
1st lieut. ; commanded a battalion on (3en.
Steel's expedition to Camden, Ark.; refused
commission as lieut. in regular TT.S. Cav. ; mar-
ried Chicago, June 30, 1886, Katie Madaline
Sexton; children: Susie Sexton, John Fitzallan.
Came to Chicago, Jan. 15. 1865; went on road
for wholesale druggists of New Orleans; began
operating coal mines in Ind., 1888. and now has
large mining interests near Terre Haute
(Charles F. Keeler Coal Co., of which is sole
owner). Republican. Catholic. Mem. S.A.R.,
George H. Thomas Post No. 5 G.A.R. Club:
South Shore Country. Recreation: reading. Res-
idence: 1468 Michigan Av.

KEEKEB, Hervey Engrene, Chicago mgr. Lud-
low Valve Mfg. Co.: born Seneca Falls, N.Y.,
Jan. 2, 1855; son William Henry and Netty Ag-
nes (Bignall) Keeler; ed. pub. schools in N.Y.
State; married St. Louis. Jan. 2, 1878, Mary F.

Burnham; 1 daughter: Georgie. Began with
the Silsby Mfg. Co., Seneca Falls, 1872; then
went to St. Louis, and was traveling salesman
for the M. C. Bignall Co.. heavy hardware: in
same line with Ripley & Kimball, 1877-9; with
Nat. Tube Works, Chicago branch, 1879-99; in
1899 opened Chicago branch for the Ludlow
Valve Mfg. Co. of Troy. N.Y., of which he has
since been mgr. ; pres. Rogers Park Water Co.
Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Republican. Meth-
odist. Clubs: Union League, Edgewater Golf,
Birchwood Country. Recreations: travel and
golf. Residence: 7229 Sheridan Rd. Office: 633
The Rookery.

XEEKEB, Sanford, mfrs.' agent; born Union,
Broome Co., N.Y., Dec. 21, 1837; son Lewis S.
and Sarah (Warner) Keeler; ed. district school
at Union until 13 years of age, followed by 2
years at Fay's Sem., Poughkeepsie. N.Y. ; mar-
ried, Saginaw, Mich., Jan. IS, 1860, Lucy M.
Nelson; children: Harriet E. (Mrs. L. M. Slack),
Mabel S. (Mrs. Frederick Carlisle.) Served ap-
prenticeship of 3 years to machinist trade;
bored first salt well in Mich., 1859; entered ry.
service with Flint & Pere Marquette R.R. as
mechanic, Apr. 1, 1860; fireman, engr., and me-
chanic to 1861; master mechanic, 1861-73; gen.
supt. and supt. of motive power, 1873-91; supt.
of construction Iron Range & Huron Bay R.R.,
1891-3; gen. mgr. Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron
Ry., 1893-6; supt. of constrn. Interurban Elec-
tric Ry., Saginaw to Bay City, Mich., 1896-7;
since Mar. 1, 1897, gen. western agt. Nathan
Mfg. Co. of New York, mfrs. of in.iectors and
lubricators. Republican. Mason: Saginaw Lodge
No. 77 (life mem.); Saginaw Chapter No. 31
(life mem.); St. Bernard Commandery No. 16
(Saginaw); Saladin Temple Mystic Shrine
(CJrand Rapids). Clubs: Western Railway (Chi-
cago), East Saginaw (Saginaw, Mich.), St.
Louis Ry. (St. Louis), Northwestern Ry. (Min-
neapolis and St. Paul). Residence: 5540 Ken-
more Av. Office: Old Colony Bldg.

XEEIiEB, WllUam Betts, jeweler; born Nor-
walk, O., Feb. 20, 1828; son Ery and Sallie
(Marvin) Keeler; ed. common schools, Nor-
walk; married Clarinda A. Covell. of Norwalk,
O., Nov. 19, 1850 (died Aug. 22, 1909); children:
Anna (Mrs. A. K. Sargeant), Stella (Mrs. S.
Farnham) and Frank H. Began in saddlery and
trunk mfg. business at Cleveland, O., 1844; in
auction and commn. business at Norwalk, O.,
1850-3; in same line and later added general
merchandise, at Muscatine, la., 1853-71; came
to Chicago, 1871, and since identified with re-
tail jewelry business with J. B. Chambers &
Co. and their successors, Charles E. Graves &
Co., of which is vice-pres. and dir. Organized,
1862, and was capt. Co. A, 35th la. Inf.; pro-
moted maj. at Vicksburg, Miss., and later It.-
col., serving to end of war; brevetted col. for
faithful and meritorious services during the
war. Was mayor of Muscatine. la., 1869; Re-
publican. Baptist. Mason (K.T.); mem. Mil.
Order Loyal Legion (past commander of 111.
Commandery), G.A.R. Clubs: 111. Athletic,
Woodlawn. In Oct. 1909, with party of friends,
took trip around the world, at age of 82. spend-
ing 7 months in visiting many foreign coun-
tries; returned to Chicago In April 19i0. Resi-
dence: 6200 Kimbark Av. Office: Madison St.
and Wabash Av.

XEEImJSI, Edward S., ry. official; born Peru,
111., Nov. 11, 1858: son John and Mary Keeley;
pub. school edn. Entered ry. service. 1874, and
was division freight agt. C.,M.&St.P.Ry. at Mil-
waukee until May 1, 1891, when was promoted
to asst. gen. freight agent, and from that posi-
tion, Jan. 1, 1900. to gen. freight agent, same
rd. ; was appointed freight traffic mgr., Jan. 1,
1907, and has been vice-pres. CM.&St.P.Ry.
since Apr. 21, 1909. Clubs: Chicago, Union
League, Chicago Athletic, Exmoor. Residence:
Liberty ville, 111. Office: Railway Exchange.

XEEKE'S', James, managing editor of Chi-
cago Tribune since 1898; born London, Eng.,



Oct 14, 1867; common school edn.; married
Gertrude E. Small, June 5, 1895. Was reporter,
night city editor, city editor, Chicago Tribune,
for several yrs. prior to 1898. Residence: 1311
Ritchie PI. Office; The Tribune.

XEXlUXI, TbomaB William, wholesale hay
and grain dealer; born Chicago, Nov. 19, 1870;
son John and Elizabeth (Roach) Keelin; grad.
grammar school. Chicago; married Alice M.
Schoeneck, of Chicago, Nov. 23, 1897; 3 chil-
dren: Mabel Marie, John W. and Thomas W.,
Jr. Started in hay, grain and coal business,
Feb. 1, 1892, in which has since continued;
now conducting three branches; senior partner
Keelin Bros. & Co.; also propr. T. W. Keelin &
Co. Pioneer promoter of semi-professional
baseball in Chicago; organized and was pres.
several years of the West End and South Chi-
cago Base Ball clubs. Mem. Chicago Board of
Trade. Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus.
Club; 111. Athletic. Recreations: motoring and
baseball. Residence: 205 S. Humphrey Av.,
Oak Park, 111. Office: 166-174 N. Carpenter St.

KEEN, Edwin Hall; deceased; see Vol. 1905.

KEENE, Williaiu James, pres. Chicago Spring
Butt Co.; born Chicago, Oct. 5, 1880; son Jo-
seph and Rosa Ann (Burgett) Keene; prep,
edn. at Armour Inst, of Technology, Chicago,
and Cascadilla School, Ithaca, N.T.; then took
course of civil engring. at Cornell Univ., grad-
uating 1901; married Lillian Noble, Dec. 18,
1906; 1 daughter: Dorothea. After leaving the
univ. immediately entered the Chicago Spring
Butt Co. (mfrs. of specialties in builders' hard-
ware), of which is now pres. and dir. ; during
univ. course spent some time in studying appli-
cation to the detail of present occupation. Mem.
111. Mfrs.' Assn., and Nat. Assn. of Mfrs. Mem.
Chi Phi and Cornell Alumni Assn. Club: South
Shore Country. Recreations: golf and travel.
Residence: 4448 Drexel Boul. Office: 340 Union
Park Ct.

*KEE>IES, William T., medical book seller;
see Vol. 1905.

KEEHE7, Albert T., real estate; born Des
Moines, la., Oct. 1, 1872; son John M. and El-
len (Prlckett) Keeney; ed. Southern 111. State
Normal School, Carbondale; married Harriett

E. Sayre, of Chicago, July 29, 1903; 2 daugh-
ters: Harriett Ellen and Virginia. Engaged in
real estate business at Chicago since 1891; also
sec. Standard Brick Co. Alderman from 27th
Ward, 1899-1903: mem. 45th 111. Gen. Assem-
bly; mem. Special Park Commn., Chicago, 1907-
8; mem. Board of Local Improvements since
May 25, 1908. and pres. of the board since Aug.
1909. Republican. Congregatlonalist. Odd Fel-
low, Forester, K.P. Club: Hamilton. Residence:
2046 Tripp Av.

KEEHE7, James F., real estate dealer; de-
ceased; see Vol. 1905.

KEEP, Albert, railroad official; deceased; see
Vol. 1905.

KEEP, Clianncey, mf r., capitalist; born White-
water, Wis., Aug. 20, 1853; son Henry and
Phebe (McCluer) Keep; ed. pub. schools, Chi-
cago; married Chicago, Jan. 19, 1888, Mary H.
Blair; children: Margaret, Henry B., Katharine

F. Identified with numerous large interests;
dir. Chicago Telephone Co., 111. Trust & Sav-
ings Bank, Merchants Loan & Trust Co., The
Pullman Co.. C.&N.W.Ry.Co., Northwestern El-
evated R.R. Co.; trustee New York Trust Co., U.
S. Trust Co. of New York, etc. Trustee estate of
Marshall Field. Republican. Episcopalian. Mem.
Chicago Hist. Soc. Clubs: Chicago, Union
League, Onwentsia. Chicago Golf. Commercial.
Chicago Literary, University (Chicago), Rail-
road (New York). Recreations: golf and mo-
toring. Residence: 2825 Prairie Av. Office:
Merchants Loan & Trust Bldg.

KEEP, William Plemmin?, capitalist; born
Lockport. NY.. Nov. 20. 1S44: son William and
Frances S. (Rhoades) Keep; ed. pub. schools of

State of N.Y. Was engaged in the wholesale
hardware business in Chicago, 1868-79, as mem.
of the firm of Miller Bros. & Keep; then re-
tired and has since devoted attention to man-
agement of his own property and investments.
Clubs: Chicago; also Union (New York). Resi-
dence: 1127 Dearborn Av. Office: Merchants
Loan & Trust Bldg.

XEEPEBS, William E., general freight agent
I.C.R.R. ; born Chicago. Began ry. service with
I.C.R.R., 1874, as clerk in general freight office
and is now general freight agent. Club: Chica-
go Athletic. Residence: Virginia Hotel. Office:
606 Central Station.

KEHOE, Jobn E., lawyer; born Sangamon
Co., 111., Feb. 26, 1867; A.B., 111. Coll., 1888;
studied law in office of Gen. John M. Palmer at
Springfield; married Chicago, 111., June 24, 1901,
Frances Valentine. Was admitted to 111. bar,
Springfield, Nov. 1890; came to Chicago, 1892;
in law. dept. of Armour c& Co., 1892-4; since in
general law practice. Was one of counsel for
defense in famous Luetgert trial; chief trial
atty. for Chicago, 1900-2. and one of the trial
attys. for the Chicago CityRy. Co. and Chi-
cago Union Traction Co. Mem. Chicago Bar
Assn., 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Assn. of
Commerce. Residence: 675 Sheridan Rd. Of-
fice: 1334 First Nat. Bank Bldg.

KEHOE, Wiles, lawyer; born Co. Carlow, Ire-

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 118 of 230)