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York, organized the present firm of Knight &
McDougal, Oct. 1904, which later succeeded to
the business of Otto E. Lohrke & Co. Mem.
Chicago Board of Trade. Republican. Presby-
terian. Clubs: Chicago, Union League, Mid-
Day, Kenwood (pres. 1908-9), South Shore
Country; also Dunedin (Fla.) Yacht. Recrea-
tions: golf and walking. Residence: 4804 Wood-
lawn Av. Office: 319 Postal Telegraph Bldg.

MacSO'WEIiK, James ITelson, dentist; see
Vol. 1905^

VLdDOVmiiJi, lionia Donald, coffee broker:
born Pontiac, 111., Sept. 14, 1875; son H. H. and
Emma (Thayer) McDowell; ed. pub. schools of
Pontiac, and at Morgan Park (111.) Acad.; mar-
ried Chicago, May 7, 1903, Blanche Carson; 1
son: Louis D., Jr. Began with J. W. Doane &
Co., coffee importers, as office boy, 1893, re-
maining in various capacities, until June 1,
1902, when, with Mr. Ruffner, established the
firm of Ruffner & McDowell, commn. agents
in green coffees, succeeded by the Ruffner-Mc-
Dowell-Burch Co., of which is sec. Served 3
years in I.N.G., and with U.S. Vols, in the
Spanish-Am. War, Republican. Clubs: Chicago
Athletic, Skokie Country. Recreations: golf,
fishing and shooting. Residence: Glencoe, 111.
Office: 75 E. South Water St.

IScI>OWZ:i^&, 'William Fraser, bishop; born
Millersburg, O., Feb. 4, 1858; son David A. and
Rebecca (Fraser) McDowell; A.B., Ohio Wes-
leyan, 1879, Ph.D., 1893; S.T.B., Boston Univ.,
1882; (D.D., Ohio Weslevan, 1894, Wesleyan,
1903; LL.D., Baker, 1904. Univ. of Denver, 1904,
Cornell Coll., 1904, Mt. Union, 1904, Northwest-
ern, 1905); married Clotilda Lyon, of Berea, O.,
Sept. 30, 1882; 1 daughter, Olive, born Oberlin,
O., Feb. 4, 1884 (died dec. 23, 1907). Ordained
M.E. ministry, 1882; pastor Lodi. O., 1882-3,
Oberlin, O., 1883-5, Tiffin, O., 1885-90; chancel-
lor Univ. of Denver, 1890-9; corr. sec. Bd. Edn.,
M.E. Ch., 1899-1904; elected bishop. May. 1904.
Cole lecturer, Vanderbilt Univ., 1910; officially
visited M.E. missions in India and Malaysia,
1910-11. Mem. Colo. State Bd. of Charities and
Corrections, 1894-9, Internat. Com. Y.M.CA.,
since 1899; pres. bd. trustees Northwestern
I^niv. since 1906; pres. Religious Edn. Assn.,
1905-6. Author: In the School of Christ. 1910.
Recreation: golf. Residence: Evanston, 111. Of-
fice: 14 W. Washington St.

McDOWEIiI^, 'William John, pres. McDowell,
Stocker & Co.; born Mexico, Mo., Nov. 30, 1880;
son David and Sarah A. (Porteous) McDowell;
S.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1902; married Jennie G.
Gartside, of Chicago, Feb. 21. 1903; 2 daugh-
ters: Ruth Elizabeth, Naomi Sarah. Pres. Mc-
Dowell, Stocker & Co., mfrs. machinery, since



1904. Mem. Chlcag^o Assn. of Commerce, Lakes
to Gulf Deep Water Way Assn. Republican.
Baptist. Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: ten-
nis, swimming. Residence: 6131 Greenwood Av.
Office: 117-121 N. Jefferson St.

McEEiHEBITE, Daniel J., lawyer; see Vol.

McEIiHOM'i;, Frederick Halsey, insurance;
born Ellenville, N.Y., Apr. 28, 1859; son John
and Elizabeth R. (Halsey) McElhone; ed. pub.
schools; married Nov. 5, 1895, Blanche Finley;
1 son: Frederick Halsey, Jr. Learned tanning
trade, but in 1885 abandoned it and entered the
New York office of the Washington Fire & Ma-
rine Ins. Co., and after some years in the serv-
ice of that CO., became special agt. for Tex. and
Ark. of the Pa. Fire Ins. Co.; resigned, 1890, be-
coming special agt. for Tex., Ark. and La. for
the Fireman's Fund Ins. Co., of San Francisco,
with headquarters at Dallas, Tex.; in Nov. 1899
was made 2d asst. mgr., and in May 1900, asso.
mgr. of the central dept. of the same co., with
headquarters at Chicago, the managing firm be-
ing known as Marshall & McElhone. Mason, K.
T. Clubs: Union League, Hinsdale Golf. Recre-
ations: golf, horseback riding. Residence:
Hinsdale, 111. Office: N.Y. Life Bldg.

McEIiIiiaOTT, Thomas O., lawyer; born Chi-
cago, Sept. 26, 1861; son John and Sarah J.
(Cusack) McElligott; ed. pub. schools of Chi-
cago; married Chicago, Feb. 12, 1888, Mary A.
Storen (now deceased); children: Sadie, John,
Thomas, James, Marie. Learned trade of coop-
er and worked at it several years; later in tea
and coffee business; admitted to bar. Mar. 1890;
clerk of the Appellate Court, 1890-6; engaged
in general practice since 1896. Was one of the
organizers of the Referendum League, 1901,
and drew up the questions of Public Policy,
which were submitted at the Apr. election,
1902. Democrat. Was mem. of 35th and 36th
General Assemblies of 111., 1887, 1889, and spe-
cial (World's Fair) session of 1890. Residence:
5830 Indiana Av. Office: 127 N. Dearborn St.

McEI^BO'S', John Howard, patent lawyer;
born Catlin, 111., Jan. 29, 1867; son John John-
ston and Harriet Matilda (Thompson) McEl-
roy; grad. Rossville (111.) High School, 1882;
DePauw Univ., A.B., 1888; A.M., 1891; also spe-
cial engring. course in Univ. of 111.; grad. Co-
lumbian Univ., LL.B., 1892, LL.M., 1893; mar-
ried W. Chicago, 111., Aug. 1899, Cora L. Allen.
Engaged in office of chief of engrs., U.S.A.,
1890-1; examiner U.S. Patent Office, 1891-6. Ad-
mitted to bar, 1891, to bar of Supreme Court of
the U.S., 1898. Practiced patent law, alone,
1896-7; in firm of Coburn, Hlbben & McElroy,
1898-1900, Coburn, McRoberts & McElroy,
1901-3; temporarily retired from practice, 1903,
because of severe illness, and spent 6 months
in Cal. and the West in search of health; re-
sumed practice in May 1904, devoting attention
especially to testifying as mechanical expert in
patent causes. Mem. Beta Theta Pi, Am. Bar
Assn., Patent Law Assn., Western Soc. Engrs.
Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Apollo. Resi-
dence: 1514 E. 54th St. Office: Monadnock Blk.

*aici:iiBO'2', Bohert Iiemnel; moved to New
York: sec- Vol. 1905.

McEI^VEEir, William Thomas, clergyman;
born New York, Oct. 3, 1867; son James and
Mary (Bradford) McElveen; A.B., Coll. City of
New York, 1887; Ph.D., Univ. of New York,
1892; grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1890; married
Eva Lilian Montross, of New York, Oct. 1900.
Ordained Congl. ministry, 1890; pastor North
Ch., New York, 1890-6, New England Church,
Brooklyn, 1896-9, Shawmut Ch., Boston, 1899-
1908, First Ch., Evanston, 111., since Apr. 1908.
Dir. Chicago Theol. Sem., Congl. Training Sch.
for Women. Republican. Clubs: Union League,
University (Chicago). Address: 1610 Hinman
Av., Evanston, 111.

McEIiWEE, Bobert Harvey, lumberman;
born Lexington, Rockbridge Co., Va., Jan. 28,

1858; son William M. and Annie (Harvey) Mc-
Elwee; ed. Lexington schools; married June
1882. Elizabeth, daughter of Jesse Spalding; 1
daughter: Nancy A. (deceased.) In banking
house of Hunt & Co., 1875-8; bookkeeper and
later in charge correspondence Merchants' Nat.
Bank, Chicago, 1878-83; since 1883 treas. Spald-
ing Lumber Co. Mem. lumber commn. firm of
McElwee & Carney. 1885-97; senior mem. Mc-
Elwee & Co., mfrs. of lumber, Marinette, Wis.;
pres. Menominee River Lumber Co., Menekau-
nee, Wis. Dir. Continental and C^ommercial
Nat. Bank, Hibernian Banking Assn., Conti-
nental and Commercial Trust & Savings Bank.
Clubs: Mid-Day, Onwentsia. Recreation: golf.
Residence: Lake Forest, 111. Office: 527 Com-
mercial Nat. Bank Bldg.

McENXBinr, Thomas, lawyer; born Madi-
son Co., O., June 7. 1858; son Thomas and Ann
(O'Donohue) McEnerny; A.B., Northern Ind.
Normal School, 1884; LL.B., Univ. of Mich.,
1885; married Chicago, Aug. 22, 1888, Mary A.
Banta; children: Sarah (Mrs. Raphael Mendez),
Anna, Marguerite, Katherine, Aileen, Wini-
fred. Engaged in general law practice in civil
cases In Chicago since admission to bar, Aug.
19, 1884; also licensed to practice In Ohio, Ind.,
Ulch., and in U.S. Circuit and District courts.
Pres. Ernst Construction Co. Was mem. City
Council of Chicago from 10th Ward, 1889-91.
Democrat. Catholic. North Am. Union, Royal
League. Residence: Park Ridge, 111. Office:
Stock Exchange Bldg.

McEWEH, Ernest Kewis, physician; born In
Township of Milan, DeKalb Co.. 111.. June 17,
1867; son Lewis M. and Elizabeth (Ward) Mc-
Ewen; grad. from DeKalb High School, 1884,
Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la., B.S., 1894, M.S.,
1901; Rush Med. Coll., 1897; married Mary
Gilruth, of Davenport, la., Apr. 23, 1898; 1 son:
Ernest George. Fellow In chemistry, Rush
Med. Coll., 1897-8; interne Cook Co. Hospital.
1898-9: instr. dermatology, Rush Med. Coll.;
consulting dermatologist to Evanston and St.
Frances hosps., Evanston; asst. in dermatol-
ogy, Presbyterian Hosp.. Chicago. Mem. A.M.
A., Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Dermatologlcal
Soc, A.A.A.S. Residence: 2036 Orrington Av.,
Evanston, 111. Office: Reliance Bldg.

UcE'WEir, 'Walter, artist; see Vol. 1905.

UcE'WEI)', 'WUlard Milton, judge; born Milan
Twp., DeKalb Co., 111., Dec. 15, 1863; son Lewis
Milton and Elizabeth (Ward) McEwen; ed.
pub. schools; LL.B., Union Coll. of Law (now
Northwestern Univ.), 1887; married Chicago.
1890, Andrea Autsen. Practiced law in partner-
ship with Charles S. (now Governor) Deneen,
as Deneen & McEwen; then in partnership
with Frank Pease, as Pease & McEwen. until
1895; then atty. for Sanitary DIst. of Chicago
1 year; then asst. state's atty. until Jan. 1,
1901; mem firm McEwen & Weissenbach. 1901-
2; judge Superior Court of Cook Co., 1902-May
1, 1910, resigned; now mem. of McEwen, Weis-
senbach, Shrimski & Meloan. Republican. Clubs:
Irving Park Country. Union League. Press.
Mem. Chicago. 111. State and Am. Bar assns..
Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Residence: 4221
N. 41st Ct. Office: Tribune Bldg.

McFASSEM', Everett B., lawyer and bank
officer; born Brooklvn. N.Y.. Oct. 27, 1868; son
Michael and Margaret (O'Hare) McFadden;
moved west in childhood; ed. pub. schools of
Boone. la. : grad. law dept. of Lake Forest
ITniv.. Chicago, 1894; married Rushville. 111.,
Oct. 14, 1903. Elizabeth Scripps Speed. Admit-
ted to bar, 1894; engaged In practice; now asst.
sec. and atty. for Hibernian Banking Assn.
Democrat. Clubs: Bankers', Chicago Athletic.
Residence: 1555 E. 61st St. Office: Clark and
Monroe Sts.

MACFABKAKD, Henry Janes, wholesale
boots and shoes; born Worcester Co.. Mass..
Aug. 9. 1837; son Joseph T. and Eliza Ann
(Colburn) Macfarland; ed. pub. schools of



Mass.; married Boston, 1865, Carrie E. Gunni-
son; married 2d, Lina Wlieeler Coolc. 1S94;
children: Henry J., Jr., Lanning. Began busi-
ness career at Boston in the employ of the job-
bing house of Potter, White & Bailey, 1855-67;
came to Cliicago, 1867, and was a partner in
the house of M. D. Wells & Co., wholesale
boots and shoes, and on incorporation as M. D.
Wells Co., 1903, became pres. of the company.
Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce, 111. Mfrs.'
Assn. Unitarian. Clubs: Chicago, Commercial,
Calumet, South Shore Country, Glen View.
Recreation: reading. Residence: Park Ridge,
Cook Co., III. Office: 200 W. Monroe St.

McFATBICK, James Burton, physician; born
Lena, 111., Apr. 4, 1862; B.S., Upper la. Univ.
Fayette, and M.S., 1879, also A.B. and A.M.
M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1885
married Vesta R. Putnam, of Chicago, 1885; 2
daughters: Mrs. George P. Braun and Florence.
In practice at Chicago since 1885, now special-
izing in diseases of the eye and ear; was on
staff of Cook Co. Hosp. 10 years; prof, oph-
thalmology, otology and clinical surgery, Ben-
nett Med. Coll. ; pres. and prof, ophthalmology.
Northern 111. Coll. of Ophthalmology and Otol-
ogy; oculist for Employer's Liability, Fidelity
& Casualty, and Aetna ins. cos. Mem. Chicago
Board of Edn. since 1909 (pres. since 1910):
trustee Upper la. Univ. Mason (Eminent Grand
Commander 111. Commandery K.T.). Residence:
1362 Astor St. Office: Masonic Temple.

KcPSEKT, Otto, newspaper man; born Ma-
rion, Ind., Aug. 23, 1875; son Alfred and Sarah
(Worthington) McFeely; ed. pub. grammar and
high schools, Marion; married Helen W^hite-
head, of Chicago, Apr. 26, 1905; 1 son: Donald.
With surveying party on Verapaz R.R., in
Guatemala, Central America, 1895-6; on edi-
torial staff, Chicago Evening Post, .1900-6; first
managing editor and dir. Chicago Daily So-
cialist; mgr. of publicity for Socialist party
in nat. campaign, 1908, traveling 19,000 miles
with Eugene V. Debs on the "Red Special";
correspondent of Chicago Record-Herald; news
editor of Oak Leaves, Oak Park. Pres. Park
Ridge Playground Assn.; vice-pres. Authors
and Writers Assn. Dir. North Shore Daily Af-
fairs Co. Served in Co. A, 160th Ind. Vol. Inf.
during Spanish-Am. War, participating in Cu-
ban campaign. Residence: 314 Superior St.,
Oak Park, 111. Office: 443 S. Dearborn St.

McFEI^Ii, Jadson, electrical contractor; born
Port Dover, Ont., Can., Sept. 12, 1859; son Jo-
seph and Cynthia McFell; ed. Ingrersoll (Ont.)
Collegiate Inst.; married Chicago 1883, Cath-
arine Doyle. Cam'e to Chicago from Port Dover,
Ont., 1881, and was connected with the Western
Electric (io. until 1890, when established Mc-
Fell Electric Co., of which is pres. and treas.
Republican. Mem. Nat. Union and Royal Ar-
canum. Mason (Shriner). Residence: 7209 Un-
ion Av. Office: 565 W. Van Buren St.

^McQAFFE'S', Ernest, poet, critic, lawyer;
moved to Seattle, Wash.; see Vol. 1905.

McOAKN, J^awrence Edward, ex-congress-
man; born Galway, Ireland, Feb. 2, 1852; son
Edward and Bridget (Ford) McGann; father
died in 1854; came with mother to U.S., 1855,
settling first at Milford, Mass., and coming to
Chicago, 1865; ed. pub. schools of Milford,
Mass., and Chicago; married May 1, 1883, Mary
White; married 2d, Chicago, Apr. 21, 1903, Edith
Foster; children: Lawrence, John, William
Walter, Mary Helen. Was engaged in boot and
shoe trade, 1866-79; clerk in city service, 1879-
85; supt. of streets, 1885-91; mem. 52d and 53d
Congresses, 1881-5: received certificate and was
seated in 54th Congress, the returns of the
election of 1894 showing a small majority for
him, but recount on contest showing sufficient
errors to change the results, cheerfully con-
ceded the election of his Republican opponent,
Hugh R. Belknap; supt. Chicago General Ry.
Co., 1895-7; commr. of public works, Chicago,

1897-1901; comptroller of the City of Chicago,
1901-7. Democrat. Clubs: Iroquois, Chicago
Athletic. Residence: 312 N. Central Av., Austin.

McOANN, Bobert Qreaves; born Doylestown,
Pa., Oct. 6, 1866; son Byron Moore and Mary E.
(McNeille) McGann; ed. Hill School, Potts-
town, Pa., till 1883; married Mrs. Grace F.
Winston (nee Farwell), of Chicago, June 14,
1906; 1 daughter: Grace Farwell. With the
Crown Smelting Co., Chester, Pa., for 3 years
before coming to Chicago, in 1895, when en-
gaged In the handling of machinery, Robert G.
McGann & Co.; in 1899 became vice-pres. the
Ruggles-Coles Engring. Co., consulting and
contracting engrs., and mfrs. of the Ruggles-
Coles dryer for all materials. Republican.
Clubs: Chicago, Union, Onwentsia, Chicago
Golf, Saddle and Cycle, Mid- Day. Residence;
120 E. Pearson St. OflSce: McCormick Bldg.

McOABBT, John A., paving contractor; born
Troy, N.Y., 1859; son John A. and Dora (Cav-
anaugh) McGarry; ed. parochial and pub. night
schools, Troy; married Josephine Dupont, of
Lansingburg, N.Y., Sept. 1879; 2 daughters:
Helen and Josephine. Began business career as
supt. rolling mills, Troy, N.T., 1879; later re-
moved to Baltimore, Md. ; came to (Jhicago in
1893; senior mem. firm of John A. McGarry &
Co., paving contractors, since Sept. 1898. Mem.
Md. Legislature, 1886; mem. Baltimore City
Council, 1888; mem. Cook Co. Dem. Central
Com., 1907-8; del. Dem. State Conv., 1908; pres-
idential elector, 1S09. Dir. St. Vincent's Cath-
olic Lyceum; pres. Irish Fellowship Club, 1908-
9. Mem. Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order
Hibernians, Irish Nationalists. Residence: 5452
Magnolia Av. Office: 1001 Security Bldg.

*McOABB'S', Patrick, boiler mfr.; see Vol.

McGAVICK, Alexander Joseph, bishop; born
Fox Lake, 111., Aug. 22, 1863; son James and
Catherine (Watt) McGavick; A.M., St. Vla-
teur's Coll., Kankakee, 111., 1887. Ordained R.C.
priest, 1887; apptd. asst. pastor All Saints Ch.,
Chicago, 1887; apptd. pastor St. John's Ch.,
1897; on account of work there, was made aux-
iliary bishop of Chicago, and was consecrated
May 1, 1899, titular bishop of Marcopolis;
apptd. pastor of Holy Angels Ch., Oakwood
Boul., Chicago, 1900. Author: Some Incentives
to Right Living, 1909. Address: 605 Oakwood

McO'A'TICX, James E., clergyman; born Fox
Lake, 111., July 31, 1861; son James and Cath-
erine (Watt) McGavick; ed. St. Viateur's Coll.,
Kankakee, 111. and Sacred Heart Coll., Water-
town, Wis., B.A., 1885; theol. studies St. Mary's
Sem., Baltimore. Ordained R.C. priest, Dec. 22,
1888; asst. pastor at Chicago of St. Elizabeth's
Church, 1889-99, St. John's, 1899-1900, Holy
Angels, since 1900. Author: (Sathollc Belief and
Practice, 1906. Address: 607 Oakwood Boul.

McOATUT, Charles, ex-congressman; born
RIverton, Sangamon Co., 111., Jan. 10, 18'74; son
James and Mary Ann (Farley) McGavin; ed.
pub. schs. of Springfield and Mt. Olive (111.)
High Sch. ; married Newark, N.J., Mabel E.
Tally, of Washington, June 1909. Admitted to
bar, 1897; in practice at Chicago since 1899.
Candidate for alderman, 18th Ward, 1903; asst.
city atty., July 1903; mem. 69th and 60th Con-
gresses (1905-9), 8th 111. DIst.; Republican.
Presbyn. Residence: 3329 Washington Boul.
Office: 1031 Unity Bldg.

MacG-EAQS, John 'Williams, banker: born
Cookstown, Ireland, Sept. 2, 1841; son Robert
and JIargaret (MacGeagh) MacGeagh; ed. pri-
vate schools and under private tutors; unmar-
ried. Came to America in 1861; bookkeeper in
a store at Orillla, Can., 1861-4; came to Chi-
cago In 1864, served In commn. house until
1868; bookkeeper Union Nat. Bank, Chicago,
1868-69; identified with The Hibernian Banking
Assn. since 1869, serving in various capacities.


and becoming cashier in 1904. Independent in will Co., 111., and Normal School, Valparaiso.

?? 'i'x?- cP7'"'JV'"'Af*^'"'^ - w*"^?; Hesidence: ind.; married Chicago, Oct. 30, 1901, Lillian

1046 N. State bt. Office: ,9 W. Monroe bt. Forsee; 1 son: Benjamine Stewart. After leav-

McQIBBOM', Walter Peter, physician; born ing^ school engaged as farmer and cattle raiser

CannunsviUe, Delaware Co., W.i., Apr. 9, 1872; in Will Co., 111., and as a dealer in live stock

son I'orest L,. and Harriet (McL,aury) McGib- all over Colo., N.M. and Kan.; organized an oil

bon; ed. pub. scnools and Princeton Univ.; M.D., company and developed Batson's Prairie oil

Hannemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1898; married field in Hardin Co., Tex.; laid out ten acres in

L,aiayette, Ind., Nov. as, 1900, Gertrude L.. Los Angeles, Cal., In city property and called

Crary. Engaged in practice of medicine in Chi- it Garfield Heights. Resident of Chicago since

cago since 198; specialist in diseases of the 1896; in May 1900, became largely interested in

ear, nose and tnroat. I-'ormerly attending ptiy- the Consumers' Box Mfg. Co., of which is pres.

sician Cook Co. Hosp., attending aurist. 111. and treas. Methodist. Kepublican. Recreation:

Charitable Eye and Kar Infirmary, and instr. motoring. Residence: 3833 Grand Boul. Office:

otology, Kusn Med. Coll.; now instr. otology, 428 W. Ohio St.

Xorthwestern Univ. Med. School. Mem. A.M.A., . .,., . .,_,. , . ,
Cnicago Med. Soc, Chicago Laryngological and McaiASSON, Oscar Beaufort, merchant, law-
Otological Soc, Nat. Geog. Hoc, Am. Assn. to y?r; born Glasgow, 111., May 28, 1866; son Fran-
Promote the Teacning of Speech to the Deaf. "^'^ .o*^.'^"'*u . ''^ t^"? i'\'''"?'ioo*f'^^?'*"'
Hesidence: 5339 Madison Av. Office: 29 K. Mad- grad. Winchester High School, 1884; Pierces
ison St Coll., Keokuk, la., 1885; LL.B., Univ. of Mich.,
' _ 1888; married Chicago, June 12, 1894, Nora

VLacQU,!., see also Magill. McNeil; children: Howard Francis, Malcolm

MacQIIiK, Alexander Dunlop, mfr. ; born McNeil (deceased). Admitted to bar in Mich.

Greenock, Scotland, Oct. 20, 1842; son Hugh and 111., 1888; began practice, Dec. 1889, with

and Agnes (Thomson) MacGill; ed. Troon James Lane Allen and Robert Van Sands, as

Acad., Scotland; married Kalamazoo, Mich., Allen, Van Sands & McGlasson, until 1891;

Sept. 29, 1869, Emily Augusta Ayres; chil- partner with Judge Henry C. Beitler as Mc-

dren: Alexander Dunlop, Jr. (died age of Glasson & Beitler, 1891-Dec. 1899, when was

20), Robert Ayres. First occupation was with electeu dir., sec. and treas. of McNeil & Hig-

the Glasgow and South Western Ry., for 12 gins Co., wholesale grocers. Also dir. and treas.

years, ending with position of station-master of the Glenor Co.; vice-pres. and dir. Jake Nov-

at Gatehouse; came to U.S., 1865; ticket agent elty Co. Vice-pres. Nat. Wholesale Grocers'

at Kalamazoo, Mich., for TVI.C.R.R.; thence, Assn. tsaptist. Mason. Recreations: hunting

1869, to Crane Co., Chicago, mfrs. of wrought and fishing. Residence; 456 Barry Av. Office:

iron pipes and fittings, now being treas. and State St. Bridge.

dir. of the company. Repiiblican. Mem. P.K McGtAUPlIN, -WilUam Henry, clergyman;

Church. Recreation: travel. Residence: 5718 born Charlotte, Me., Oct. 2, 1856; son Thomas

Sheridan Rd. Office: 1214 S. Canal St. and Alice (McCabe) McGlaufiin; ed. St. Law-

BCcaHiIiEII', John, surety bonds; born Chica- rence Univ., Canton, N.Y., also B.D., same, 1882;
go, Nov. 13, 1861; son Edward and Catherine courses in Bibl. langs. under Prof. William R.
(Doyle) McGillen; ed. pub. schs. and Christian Harper, 1884-5; spl. studies Am. Univ., Harrl-
Broihers Acad.; married Eliza P., daughter of man, Tenn., 1894-5, A.M., 1895; (D.D., Am.
M. A. Devine, of Chicago, Sept. 24, 1894; 1 Univ., 1896, St. Lawrence Univ., 1907); married
daughter: Rosalie. Began with a real estate Lucy Culver Sibley, of Cuba, N.Y., 1887. Or-
abstract firm, 1875-89; in 1889 went into busi- dained Universalist ministry, 1882; pastor
ness with John Agnew, becoming a member of Friendship, N.Y., 1882-7, Rochester, Minn.,
Agnew & Co., builders of the Liberal Arts and 1887-91, Harriman, Tenn., 1891-6, Atlanta, Ga.,
Manufacturers bldgs. at the World's Colum- 1896-1904; tri-state supt. of chs., Minneapolis,
bian Expn., and other noteworthy structures; 1904-7; gen. supt. Universalist Ch. of America,
later gen. mgr. of the Bermudez Asphalt Pav- since Jan. 20, 1907. Chaplain Good Templars,
ing Co., for ill., Ind. and Mo.; gen. agt. Amer- Ga., 1898-1900; Jr. vice comdr. Ala. and Tenn.
lean Bonding Company, of Baltimore, Md., since divs. Sons of Vets., 1901-4. Occasional lyceum
1910; also dir. Cosmopolitan Electric Co. Dem- platform lecturer, 1902-7; lecturer in colls.,
ocrat; was 6 years mem. Chicago City Council high schs., etc., 1903-9; mem. permanent com.
from the 21st Ward, and at one time chmn. of on temperance, Universalist Gen. Conv., 1900-
the Finance Com. Was campaign mgr. for Car- 8. Editor Tri-State Messenger, 1904-7; contbr.
ter H. Harrison, Sr., and for John P. Hopkins to Universalist Leader, Boston, and other pa-
in his campaign for mayor; now chmn. of Dem. pers. Author: What the Universalist Church
Co. Central Com., elected 1910 under new Di- Is Doing, 1909; also many pamphlets on relig-
rect Primary Law. Catholic. Sec. 111. Indus- ious and patriotic subjects. Residence: 250
trial Home for the Blind. Clubs: Germania, Home Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 143 N. Dear-
Sheridan. Residence: 2136 Cleveland Av. Of- born St.
flee: 908, 105 S. LaSalle St. McQOORTY, Jolm P., lawyer: mem. law firm

McQKASHAII', John Stewart, sec. Consum- of McGoorty & Pollock; ex-pres. Cook Co. Civil

ers' Box Mfg. Co.; born Chicago Aug. 12, 1854; Service Commn. Clubs: Chicago Athletic. Iro-

son Thomas and Margaret (Stewart) McGlash- quois. Residence: 6204 Kimbark Av. Office:

an; ed. pub. schools. Will Co., 111., Cook Co. Reaper Blk.

nesColf ^''maVrfe"d'^ m[^ VeVn^on^'lt" Dec'^^lo" McGOVEBN, JoHn, author; born Troy, N.Y.,

?lf ?ZL' T.^tTf?, B^o^fS SI^' fi^' i WY! Feb. 18, 1850; son James and Marion (Carter)

Co h? came toChicagrtoresfde in 18?9^ul McGovern; married Kate C. Van Arsdale, of
^u., 111., came lo t^nicago to resiue in i&iv, uut TDh5i 1C77 nomnrKsitor nroofrparipr a-nd nie-ht
later went West and was on ranch 9 years in rauor' Chcae^ Tribune 16 ??rsinL
Colorado and was a justice of the peace in !^i,'ed in^U work- for 3 vrl" Ut expert fSr
^mSfo'veS with' Co^su"me1-s' B^x^Aff'g' Vo'"(i laSifuel' Eberly "ross autlo7of 'T^he^M^erchlnt
vTars then incaied aT i slfiDDP^ of Sfnie P""'=<' "^ Cornville, vs. Edmond Rostand, au-
hogshorl"s eti- lee and dir Consumers^ Box t^or of Cyrano de Bergerac (both being dra^

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 138 of 230)