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1876, and continued it, in conjunction with Chi-
cago business, until 1901. Since 1887 in mfg.
and wholesaling of boys' clothing, as head of
firm of Pfaelzer, Daube & Cohen, later of
Pfaelzer, Sutton & Co., and now of David M.
Pfaelzer & Co. Treas. and dir. the Wholesale
Clothing Exchange. Democrat. Jewish religion:
dir. of K.A.M. Temple. Dir. Je%vish Home for
the Friendless, Jewish Agricultural Aid Soc;
treas. and dir. Chicago Winfleld Tuberculosis
Assn. Clubs: Standard, Iroquois, Idlewild
Country. Recreations: reading and travel. Res-
idence: 4109 Grand Boul. Office: S.E. cor. Van
Buren and Franklin Sts.

PFEPFEB, John Edward, pres. Continental
Engine Co.: born Jasper, Du Bois Co., Ind.,
Sept. 16, 1869; son William and Mary (Jochim)
Pfeffer; prep. edn. Ind. Normal School, Val-
paraiso; B.S., Coll. of Elec. Engring., Univ. of
111., class of 1896. Experimenter and draftsman,
Deering Harvester Co., 1897-8; designer of air
compressors for Gates Iron Works, 1899; con-
sulting engr. for Lyman Water Circulating &
Heating Co., 1900; constructing engr. for Foyer
Pneumatic Carrying Co., 1901; factory engr. of
tests and power experimentation for Western
Electric Co., 1903; mgr. Continental Engine
Co., of 111., 1904, and pres., gen. mgr. and dir.
since 1905. Inventor and patentee of several
valuable pneumatic and mechanical devices in-
cluding double acting, single piston explosive
engine. Wrote articles "Electric Design" for
Scranton (Pa.) School of Correspondence maga-
zines, 1897; 26 articles on detail motor vehicle
construction. Automobile Review, 1904-5. Dem-
ocrat. Catholic. Mem. Knights of (Columbus.
Mem. Technical Aid Soc. of 111., and Mfrs.
Protective Assn. Club: Illinois. Recreations:
motoring, bowling, hunting. Residence: 901
Webster Av. Office: 129 N. Canal St.

PFEIPPEB, 'William Charles Henry, boiler
mfr.; born Chicago, July 12, 1883; son Chris-
topher and Rosina (Hauger) Pfeilfer; ed. Chi-
cago pub. schools and business colls.; married
Rosalie M., daughter of William R. Strehl, of
Chicago, July 12, 1905. After leaving school
became connected with the Chris. Pfeiffer
Boiler Co., successor to the North Western
Boiler Works, of which was sec. and treas.,
1900-6; organized the William C. Pfeiffer Boiler
Works, 1906, of which is pres. Mem. Chicago
Engrs'. Club, Nat. Assn. of Engineers. Mason
(K.T., Shriner). Republican. Clubs: 111. Ath-
letic, Edgebrook Country. Recreations: motor-
ing, golf, hunting. Residence; 3700 Pine Grove
Av. Office: 1840-1842 Carroll Av.

PPISTEB, 'William Charles, paper box mfr.;
born Chicago, Mar. 6, 1858; son Xavier and
Minnie (Pule) Pflster; ed. pub. schools of Chi-
cago; married Chicago, May 8, 1881, D. Kroeck;
children: Minnie, Lillie, Hattie. Joined William
L. Clark in firm of Clark & Pflster, 1881-1907:
since then H. A. Zorn Co. Republican. Was
alderman from old 20th (now 24th) Ward,
1891-3, and was Lincoln Park Commr. under
Gov. John R. Tanner. Mason (32, K.T.). Resi-
dence: 3717 Hendon St. Office: 1468 W. Kinzie

FFKATTM, Abraham J(acoh), lawyer; born
Chicago, Apr. 18, 1874; son Morris and Hannah
(Wilson) Pflaum; ed. pub. schools; LL.B., Chi-
cago Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.), 1894;
married Harriet Ettenson, of Leavenworth,
Kan., June 14, 1904; 1 daughter: Helen B. Ad-
mitted to bar, 1894, and since actively engaged
in practice at Chicago; mem. law firm Hof-



heimer & Pflaum, 1894-1900, and of D'Ancona
& Pflaum since 1903. Atty. for Town of South
Chicago, 1901. Republican. Jewish. Mem. 111.
Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn. Sec. Michael
Reese Hosp. Clubs: Hamilton, Standard. Rec-
reations: golf and walking. Residence: 3818
Grand Boul. Office: 1038, 30 N. LaSalle St.

FHEZ^FS, Artlmr Alonzo, shoe mfr. ; born
.Tanesvllle, Wis., May 8, 1865; son Sherman B.
and Ellen (Mason) Phelps; ed. pub. schools of
Janesville, Wis.; married Jennie A. Kmmons, of
JanesvUle, Aug. 6, 1882; 1 daughter: Helen. Be-
came foreman Wis. Shoe Co., Janesville, in
1883; came to Chicago in 1884, and was fore-
man for Selz, Schwab & Co. until 1888; then
foreman for C. H. Fargo & Co. until 1897, when
became mem. firm of Fargo & Phelps (factor-
ies at Chicago, and I^ouisiana, Mo.). Was mem.
Bower City Rifles, Co. B, Wis. N.G., at Janes-
ville, 1881-4. Republican. Methodist. Mem. 111.
Mfrs". Assn., Shoe and Leather Assn. Mason
(Golden Rule Lodge, Queen Esther and Wiley
M. Egan chapters, St. Bernard Commandery,
Medlnah Temple Mystic Shrine) ; Nat. Union,
B.P.O.E. Clubs: Press (Chicago), Mo. Athletic
(St. Louis). Recreations: fishing and hunting.
Residence: Chicago (winter), Louisiana, Mo.
(summer). Ofl;ice: 1701 N. Robey St.

PKEI^PS, Charles Addison, lawyer; born at
Johnstown, N.Y., Dec. 31, 1873; son Emerson J.
and Lizzie (Belding) Phelps; ed. pub. schools,
Johnstown, N.Y., Fairfield (N.Y.) Mil. Acad.,
Troy Conference Acad., Poultney, Vt., Wesleyan
Univ., Middletown, Conn., and Northwestern
Univ., Evanston, 111.; married Chicago, 1898,
Sadie Gray; children: Dorothy Louise, Gray.
Studied law at Kent Coll. of Law and in the
offices of Merrlam & Holland, and was admitted
to 111. bar, 1901, later forming a partnership
with Joseph W. Merrlam, but practicing alone
since Nov. 19, 1904. Republican. Recreation:
Ashing. Residence: 7134 Dobson Av. Office:
Hartford Bldg.

PHEIiFS, Delos Porter, lawyer; born on farm
In Warren Co., 111., Nov. 16, 1837; son Porter
and Mary Ellen (Rees) Phelps; A.M., Mon-
mouth (111.) Coll., 1862 (LL.D., 1906); married,
Monmouth, 111., Apr. 13, 1870, Sarah Jeannette
Tucker; children: Eleanor Randolph (Mrs. Ja-
cob Coggin Pratt), Claire Marguerite. Prac-
ticed law at Monmouth, 1866-80; Dem. candi-
date for Congress from that district, 1878; in
1879 began building of the railroad between
Peoria and Keithsburg, 111. (now 111. division
of the Iowa Central Ry.), and was vice-pres.,
gen mgr. and general counsel of same; organ-
ized the company that bridged the Mississippi
River at Keithsburg about 1884; in 1886 pur-
chased a two-fifths Interest in the Weir Plow
Co. at Monmouth, 111., and as vice-pres. and
gen mgr. carried on that business until 1894.
Chairman of the Dem. State Central Com. dur-
ing time Gen. Palmer was chosen senator and
when Grover Cleveland carried the State; ap-
pointed asst. treas. of the U.S. at Chicago, 1894,
and held the office nearly 4 years; operied law
office in Chicago, 1894, and has remained in
practice ever since, firm of Phelps & Cleland
until 1906, now Phelps & Stapleton. Received
unanimous vote of Democratic members of 111.
Legislature of his Congressional district and
some besides for U.S. senator In 18.9. Resi-
dence: 4858 Prairie Av. Office: Ashland Blk.

PHEI^PS, Edward Jolinson, sec. and treas.
The Northern Trust Safe Deposit Co.; born An-
dover, Mass., Apr. 18, 1863: son Austin (brother
of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps) and Mary Ann
(Johnson) Phelps; grad. Phillips Acad , An-
dover, Mass., 1882; Yale Univ., B.A., 186. 1
year's graduate study, 1886-7, receiving M.A.
degree from Yale, 1888; married Chicago, Sept.
11 1888, Fanny D. Hamill; children: Charlotte
Lewis, Susan Hamill and Austin. Telegraph
editor New Haven Morning News, 188 1 -8. city
editor Hartford Courant, 1889-90; came to Chi-
cago to do financial work on the Chicago Her-

ald. Left newspaper work July 1895, to become
sec. of the 1st Civil Service Commn. of the
City of Chicago; resigned June 1897; now sec.
and treas. The Northern Trust Safe Deposit
Co. Sec. Civil Service Reform League of Chi-
cago, 1893-5; now sec. The Alumni Advisory
Board of Yale Univ.; pres. The Chicago Yale
Club; pres. board of governors The Y'ale Alum-
ni Weekly. Clubs: Chicago, University, Yale.
Recreations: literature, tennis and fishing.
Residence: Kenilworth, 111. Office: Northern
Trust Bldg.

PHEIiPS, Ersklne Mason, merchant; 1839-
1910; see Vol. 1905.

PHTTiMP, Peter, banker; born Rogers Park
(now part of Chicago), Apr. 16, 1863; son Jacob
and Catherine (Kohlhass) Phillip; ed. public
schs., Chicago; married Catherine Petry, of
South Evanston, 111., Sept. 21, 1875; 5 children:
Frank, George, Philip, Lizzie and Cella. In
grain and coal business as senior mem. firm of
Phillip Grain & Coal Co., 1880-1908; In private
banking business since Feb. 14, 1895. Dem-
ocrat. Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus,
Royal Arcanum. Recreation: motoring. Resi-
dence: 1812 Lunt Av. Office: 7005 N. Clark St.

*PKrbIPS, Albert Capron, newspaper man ;

see Vol. 1905.

PSIIiIiIPS, Alfred Edward, civil engr. ; born
Rouses Point, N.Y., June 18, 1863; son John and
Jane Annie (Irwin) Phillips; A.B. and C.B.,
Union Univ., Schenectady, N.Y., 1887, A.M.,
1890, Ph.D., 1894; married Lizzie Langdon, of
Lafayette, Ind., June 19, 1895; 2 daughters:
Jane Ann Langdon and Laura Langdon. Prof,
civil engrlng., Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind.,
1887-94; in private practice, specializing In
sewers, water works, street paving, irrigation,
etc., at Indianapolis, 1894-9; was also acting
prof, bridge and hydraulic engring., Univ. of
W'is., 1895-6; prof, civil engrlng.. Armour Inst,
of Technology, since 1899. Author: Stresses in
Bridges and Roof Trusses, 1901; Plane Survey-
ing, 1904; Highway Construction (with A. H.
Byrne), 1904^ Masonry Construction (with
same), 1904; Irrigation, 1907. Republican. Epis-
copalian. Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engrs., Sigma
Xi, Tau Beta PI, and Phi Delta Theta fratern-
ities. Club: University. Residence: 1240 Morse

PHUi&IPS, Arthur Edward, teacher, author,
lecturer; born Sheerness-on-Sea, Eng., Jan. 31,
1867; son William and Eliza (Newton) Phillips;
brought to U.S. In Infancy; ed. pub. and special
schools; married Abbie Birdsall, of Rockford,
111., July 8, 1896; 1 daughter; Eveline Maude.
Principal Phillips School of Oratory, since
1894; dlr. dept. of public speaking, Theol. Sem.
of the Evangelical Lutheran Church since
1895. Originator of the "Tone System" in the
pedagogics of public speaking. Author: The
Tone System, 1899 (revised edition, 1910); Ef-
fective Speaking, 1908; Natural Drills in Ex-
pression with Selections, 1909. Also plays: Ty-
rant Nature; His W'ife's Idolater; A Cromwel-
llan Conspiracy (with Charles W. Phillips) ; A
Patent Eraser; An Interrupted Rehearsal; The
Heart is Mightier than the Head; A Remark-
able Cure; One for Y'ou and Two for Myself.
Residence: 427 E. 41st St. School: 304 S. Wa-
bash Av.

PHIXiI^IPS, Cropley George, vice-pres. Am.
Accounting Co.; born Cambridgeshire, Eng.,
July 30, 1859; son Walter George and Sellna
Granger (Pilgrim) Phillips; ed by private tu-
tor; married Highland Park, 111., Apr^ 24, 1888,
Fanny Elizabeth Jennings; children: George Bl-
mendorf, Mary Alice, Edwin Robert, Margaret
Mav Private sec. to the 2d vice-pres. of the
C&NWRy., 1885-94; pres. Cropley Phillips Co.:
vice-pres. Klrkman Construction Co., Highland
Park State Bank. Sec, treas. and honorary
mem. Assn. Am. Ry. Accounting Officers. In-
dependent in politics. Episcopalian. Clubs: 111.


Park'^ili "offlcTTrf#u''ne Bld^r"^""''''- "'^hland Jollet (Park Av.) Chicago, and now of Auburn
-arK, ill. umct . ii loune hsiat,'. Park Church. Residence: 7504 Stewart Av.

PHII.I.IPS, Edward Jerome, lawyer; born PHI2;i;iPS, WllUam Eugene, nres and sen
New Buttalo. Mich. May 24, 1860; son John V. mgr. Dolese & Shepard C^ born Bloomingfon
and Louii-a M. (Salisbury) Phillips; grad. 111., Aug. 28, 1870; son Thomas P and Fran
Univ. of Mich., Ph.B., 1885; studied law; ad- ces E. (Flagi) Phiilips; ed Northwestern CoU
mitted to 111. bar, Jan. 1888; married Chicago, Naperville, 111.; married Newark NY Nov'
Sept 25, 1901, Margaret C. Sliarp. Republican. 15, 1900, Helen A. Allerton; 1 son' willikm e'
Residence: 6068 N. Paulina St. Office; First Jr. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, South Shore
Nat. Bank B1U,^^ Country, Union League, Chicago Athletic, Calu-

PHrLllPS, Qeorere Harshaw, grain and pro- "T"^'' Chicago Yacht, Riverside, Mid-Day. Resi-
visions; born Morris, 111., Jan. 11, 1869; son dence: 3219 Michigan Av. Office: The Temple.
Thomas and Ellen (Palliser) Phillips; ed. pub. PHU^ZiIPSON', Samuel, wholesale merchant-
schools of Morris, 111., graduating from high born Russian Poland, June 1, 1865; son Phillip
school, June 26, 1886; married Chicago, Jan. 20, and Sarali Rachael Phillipson; ed pub school
1892, Bertha Schubert; children: Nellie, Thom- and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll.', Chica-
as, George. On Aug. 24, 1886, came to Chicago; so; married Rachael Burton, of Elgin, 111., Feb
worked for various grain firms, and was for 2, 1891; 4 children: Emanuel, Sidney, Libbie
several years in employ of George A. Seaverns. Silvian. Began business in 1882, as silent part-
In Nov. 1899, and again in May, 1901, en- ner in firm of Joseph Phillipson, continuing un-
gineered corners in corn, both of which were til that company dissolved, 1906, when estab-
successful, but in Aug. 1901, failed. Reestab- lished Samuel Phillipson & Co., wholesale gen-
lished grain and provision commn. business, eral merchandise, and also Samuel Phillipson
Democrat. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner). Club: & Bro., department store, and is sole owner of
Chicago Athletic. Recreations: mining and both establishments. Treas. and dir. Chicago
prospecting. Residence: 4642 Magnolia Av. Hebrew Inst.; vice-pres. and dir. Orthodox
Office; Board of Trade. Jewish Home for the Aged. Mem. B'nai B'rith,

PHII^I^IPS, lunle Jesse, merchant; born Bikur Cholim. Meni Chicago Assn. of Com-
Fairmount, Ind., Au. 24, 1870; son Josiah and merce, and Credit Mens Assn. Recreations:
Margaret (Wright) Phillips; ed. at Fairmount '?'''"S;,''P''''U'^"^''?'o"^- Residence: 908 S.
and Angola, Ind., to 1891; married, Marguerette Ashland Boul. Office: 12th and Johnson Sts.
C. Cosner, of Greencastle, Ind., June 15, 1905. PIAMTKO, Mendel, leather decorator; born
After leaving school was engaged in shipping Warsaw, Russia, July 6, 1859; son Benjamin
poultry from St. Mary's and Van Wert, O., un- Jacob and Rica (Cantor) Pianko; ed. in He-
til 1893, when came to Chicago; with various brew, Polish and Russian languages in War-
business houses and lastly with the Central saw; married Sarah Ravich, of Russia, Dec. 6,
Commercial Co. until 1899, when became sec. 1885. Came to America, 1880, settling in Chi-
of the Keystone Oil & Mfg. Co., mfrs. and Job- cago; in employ of L. Rosenzusig, 1880-4; mem.
bers of lubricating and Illuminating oils, in firm of Hillebrand & Pianko, 1884-7; then in
which position has continued ever since. Re- various branches of the leather trade Inde-
publican. Residence: 2728 Stanley Av., Evans- pendently and otherwise until 1907, since which
ton. 111. Office: 1030 W. Division St. time has been supt. for Neilson Bros., mfrs. of

PHII.X.IPS, Thomas P., retired mfr. and J?"cy leather. Recreation: study of compara-
banker; born Cadiz, O., Sept. 4, 1846; son John t'lf ''^L'o^o'Tt- Residence: 4544 Milwaukee Av.
and Eliza Phillips; ed. pub. schools of Cadiz, Office: 628 Norton St.

and at Hopedale (O.) Coll.; married 1869, PIAZZA, Jnllns Vincent, fruit Importer;
Frances E. Flagg; children: William E., Sarah born New York City, Aug. 25, 1863; son Jo-
E. After leaving college located in Wheeling, seph and EfCezia (Conterno) Piazza (father
W.Va., becoming sec, Franklin Ins. Co. for 12 from Faenza, Italy; mother from Clermont,
years, and was interested in iron and glass in- France) ; ed. private prep, school, Vicksburg,
dustries; made large investments in Chicago Miss., until 16, East Tenn. Mil. Coll., Knox-
real estate, and, in 1882, removed to Chicago, ville, 2 years; Va. Mil. Inst., Lexington, Va., 2
representing Eastern capitalists and also hav- years, followed by commercial course at East-
ing charge of the Western investments of a man Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; mar-
trust company: made his country home at Na- ried Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 1892, Elizabeth A.
perville, DuPage Co.; organized, 1885, and ever Head. Entered fruit Jobbing business as part-
since pres. of First Nat. Bank of Naperville; ner Rocco Bros. & Co., Kansas City, Mo., and
organized, 1885, Chicago & Naperville Stone Co., Omaha,' Neb., 1889-93, and was mgr. of the
with quarries at Naperville; in 1897 purchased Kansas City house. Removed to Chicago, 1893,
the business of Dolese & Shepard, quarrymen and has since been engaged exclusively In the
and stone contractors, and, combining it with importing and Jobbing of fruits; bananas from
the Chicago & Naperville Stone Co., formed Central America are almost an exclusive spe-
what is known as the Dolese & Shepard Co.; cialty. On leaving college, 1882, returned to
retired, 1905; organized and was pres. Federal home in Vicksburg, and assisted in organizing
Trust & Savings Bank, which was merged into the Vicksburg Rifles, serving as 1st lieut. and
the Am. Trust & Savings Bank, and later con- capt., 1883-6; capt. 3d Regt., Mo. N.G., 1889-93.
solidated with Continental Nat. Bank, which. Democrat. Club: Southern. Recreation: flsh-
in 1910, became the Continental and Commer- ing. Residence: 4032 Sheridan Rd. Office: 222
cial Nat. Bank, of which is dir. Republican. K. State St.

Clubs: Union League. Mid-Day. Residence: picx, Bichard, mfr.; born Vienna, Austria,
Pasadena, Cal. Office: The Temple. jujy 20, 1867; son Joseph and Leonora (Schnei-

PKIIiJ^IPS, Wlckllffe Cooper, coal; see Vol. der) Pick; received public, high and univ. edn.
1905 in Vienna; married Jennie Mautner, of Chi-

PHIMIPS, William Allen, clergyman; born cago. May 22. 1892; children: Catherine Leo-
Picton Onf Can Tnn '4 1848- r?A Albert nora, Leah Nora, Joseph Leopold. Came to Chi-
CoU Belleville Ont "870 '(DD Grant Univ fa^o 1887; engaged in business and was pres.
1892) marred SaVahMClaDD (died)- Chicago Decorative Leather Co. before organ-

Dr''^: rrD^^^.S^Trmarried'Td^lnnfe'k' Bu": i-ing the Richard P^^^^M^f, ^o. incorpor t

ler, of Lockport, 111. Joined the Bay of Quinte l?"/,'. "^^ S^m.hl can RovTl Arch Mason R?s-

Conference of M. E, Church in Canada in 1870; r'^'t'^s. Republican Royal Arch Mason. Kes-

occupied some prominent pulpits in Canada, un- idence: 3941 Pine Grove A\. Office. 226 N. 6th

til 1883; Joined Rock River Conference, 1883; Avenue.

pastor in 111. at Lockport, Morris, (Winter St.) PICKABD, Charles Ernest, lawyer; born

Chicago, (Court St.) Rockford, (Western Av.) Jacksonville, 111., June 29, 1855; son Joseph

Chicago, (Grace Church) Chicago, (Ottawa St.) Coffin and Mary Ann (Storer) Plckard; grad.


Univ. of Wis., A.B., 1875; married Loda, III., branch E. P. Gleason), of New York, gas and
Aug. 9, 1881, Ada E. Crandall; children: Raw- elec. fittings, 1884-90; traveling salesman, An-
son Joseph, Mary Eleanor (died Oct. 1903), Ar- sonia Elec. Co., 1890-3; sales mgr. Central
thur Edward. Apptd. instr. Latin, Greek and Electric Co., 1893-1900; since then mgr. Man-
English, Univ. of 111. in summer of 1876; re- hattan Elec. Supply Co., in which is also a dir.
malned there till summer of 1882, studying Dir. Woodlawn Masonic Temple Assn.; Mason
law meanwhile under Hon. J. O. Cunningham, (32, Shriner, K.T.). Republican. Mem. Chica-
of Urbana, 111.; resigned to come to Chicago go Assn. of Commerce (mem. Ways and Means
to practice law, 1882; in general practice to fall Com.). Club; Hamilton. Recreation: Masonic
of 1892; then became mem. of firm of Bond, lodge work. Residence: 5244 South Park Av.
Adams & Pickard, making specialty of patent, Office: 112-114 S. 5th Av.

trademark and copyriglit law, which, by ad- ptebce, Gerald, publisher; born Porter Co.,

mission of Mr. J. L Jackson 1893 changed to jj July 10, 1861; son Gilbert A. and Maria

Its present style of Bond, Adams Pickard & ^ (Bartholomew) Pierce; grad. high school,
Jackso" ' " ...

ton, u.^.^, - -^- .^ , r^ffirt'a. vrr,na/lr.r,^l^ sLULiuiieij^ auu iicwa uuaiiie, Aooi-o, later in
dence; 1,1, Crilb Court. Office. Monadnock newspaper work and for a time advertising
I^'***^*^- mgr. Minneapolis Tribune; business mgr. Chi-
PICXEI^S, William Sobson, engr., inventor; cago Record-Herald. 1898-1907; since 1907 resi-
born near Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Apr. 12, dent pres. Pierce Publishing Co. Del. to Rep.
1839; son James D. and Sarah (Fielding) Pick- Nat. Convention, Minneapolis. 1892. Presbyte-
els; came to U.S. with parents, 1846; self edu- rian. .Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Press, South
cated; married Wilmington, Del., Mar. 3, 1S64, Shore Country, Indiana Soc, Atlas. Recrea-
Mary J. Moore. Became mechanical expert, es- tion: farming. Residence: 1239 Madison Park,
pecially in the use of exhaust steam for heat- Office: 304, 165 W. Washington St.
ing water and buildings; invented and was the prBBCE, Henry Dntton, mgr. Vermont Mar-
first to adopt the thermostatic valves in heat- j,le Co.; born Cavendish, Vt., May 26, 1846; son
ing apparatus, known as the Webster system Nathaniel B. and Eliza A. (Fisk) Pierce; grad.
of low-pressure steam heating; came to Chica- Dartmouth Coll.. Hanover. N.H., 1872; married
go to establish the Webster business in the Toledo, O., July 2, 1873, Mary E. Hill; chil-
West and las resided here since 1889, now ^^^^. Henry K., Helena E. Served in Civil
identified with Warren Webster & Ca, and The ^-3^ ^3 private 7th Vt. Veteran Vols. Began
Universal Pneumatic Transmission Co., Chica- ^s mgr. Toledo (O.) Marble Co., 1875; mgr. at
go. Specially interested in Long Distance Tube Chicago for Vermont Marble Co. since 1888.
Transmission by vacuum method. Served in Republican. Was mayor Town of Cicero. 1895-
Civil War in 2d Del. Battery US- V. Mem. g is96-7; pres. of Board of Edn. of Oak Park
Western Soc. of Engrs. Republican. Chr stian 5 terms; mem. Scoville Library trustees. Epis-
Scientist. and Christian Science practitioner, copalian. Mem. Sons of Revolution. Club: Oak
Residence: 7631 Union Av. Office. Monadnock -p^^^ Residence: Oak Park, III. Office: 366 E.
Block. North Water St.

FIEBCE. see also Peirce, also Pearce. ...t.^,, ^ , , . . ,_ t,t ^

x-xx.'ai/x., .-jcc ' . FIEBCE, Nerval H., physician; born Wash-

FIEBCi:, CHarles B., grain commn.: born jngton, D.C.. May 13, 1863; son Harvey Linsley

Boston, Feb. 11, ISbl; son George B and Ade- (surgeon U.S.V.) and Katherine Elizabeth

line E. (Dunchler) Pierce; ed. pub. schools, (purington) Pierce; ed. pub. schools of Phila-

Began in a dry goods store at Boston, to 1881. delphia, Jefferson Med. Coll., and Coll. of Phy-

came to Chicago and engaged in the dry goods sjcians and Surgeons. M.D.. 1885; post-grad,

business, to 1884: became connected with the courses in Royal Univ., Wurzburg. Bavaria,

board of trade firm Bartlett Frazler & Co., ^^^ Imperial Univ., Vienna. Austria; married

1884. and was associated with the succeeding Milwaukee. Wis.. 1895. Drucilla Wahl. Prof,

houses of Bartlett. Frazier & Carnngton, and otology. Chicago Post-Grad. Med. School and

Bartlett. Patten & Co.. and has been 1st vice- Hosp. 7 years; surgeon (ear, nose and throat),

pres. of the Bartlett. Frazier C^o. since its 111- u, gye and Ear Infirmary, Michael Reese

corporation in 1910. Mem. Chicago Board of Hosp. and Dispen.sary, St. Luke's Hosp., Chi-

Trade. Club: IL nion League. Residence: Riv- (.^go Passavant Hosp. Apptd. 1st It. U.S.A.

erside. 111. Office: 111 \\ . Jackson Boul. jjed. Reserve Corps, Feb. 1911. Mem. A.M.A.,

FIEBCX:, rrank Ellis, physician; born Ke- 111. State Med. Soc. Chicago Med. Soc, Am.

wanee 111.. Feb. 20. 1873; son John H. and Sa- Laryngologieal. Rhinological and Otologlcal

rah D. Pierce; B.S.. Univ. of Wis., 1895; M.D., Soc. (pres., 1903-4), Chicago Laryngologieal

Rush Med. Coll., 1898; post-grad. med. study Soc. (pres., 1902-3), Chicago Ophthalmological

In Europe, 1900-1; married Chicago. Apr. 12. and Otological Soc, Chicago Medico-Legal Soc,

1899 Georgia B. daughter of W. C. Brown; Physicians' Club; fellow Chicago Acad, of Med-

3 sons: William Brown. John Henry and Frank icine; mem. com. of arrangements Internat.

Ellis. Jr Interne Presbyterian Hosp.. 1898 to Otological Congress, 1904, Am. Laryngologieal

spring of 1900; began private practice in Chi- Soc. Am. Otological Soc. Was surgeon 111. Na-

cago in fall of 1901; surgeon for L.S.&M.S.Ry.. val Reserve. 1896-1900; passed asst. surgeon,

1902-8. chief surgeon since 1908; mem. fac- with rank of lieut. (senior grade) in U.S.N,

ulty of Rush Med. Coll.. 1901-6; mem. faculty during Spanish-Am. War. Republican. Clubs:

Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. since 1906 (dept. University, Union. Residence: 137 E. Chicago

of surgerv). Mem. A.M.A.. 111. State Med. Soc. Av. Office: 34 E. Washington St.

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 167 of 230)