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school, and was 3 years co. supt. of schools of
Cottonwood Co.; admitted to bar, June 1878 and
same year was elected state's atty. of McDon-
ough Co., 111., to fill a vacancy; re-elected, 1880,
for full 4-year term; came to Chicago, 1891;
has been identified with much important liti-
gation. Elected mayor of Macomb on Dem.
ticket, 1881; nominee for Congress in old 11th
District, 1888, and made a strong race; Dem.
nominee for circuit judge of Cook Co., 1893,
1898 and 1903; del. Dem. Nat. Convention. 1896;
chmn. Dem. State Convention, 1898; active In
campaigns of 1896 and 1900 as orator, and was
candidate for Dem. nomination for governor,
1904, but withdrew his name. Was a promi-
nent candidate for mayor of Chicago, 1905, by
municipal ownership advocates, but when Judge
E. P. Dunne was nominated by Democrats on
municipal ownership platform, withdrew and
supported him; civil service commr., 1905-7.
and pres. of board during 2d year; supported
Rep. nat. and state tickets in 111. in 1908 be-
cause he believed Mr. Bryan had surrendered
to the bad element in his party, especially in
111., also because he believed in Roosevelt's
policies and admired Judge Taft; now independ-
ent in politics with Abraham Lincoln as his
ideal and Lincoln's words, in 1854. as his mot-
to: "Stand with anybody that stands for right.
Stand with him while he is rierht and part with
him when he goes wrong." Recreation: farm
and country home. "Willhelen." in Allegan Co..
Mich. Residence: 1121 Morse Av., Rogers Park.
Office: 157 W. Adams St.

FBESBBKl^, James Frederick, surgeo!i: born
Iowa Center, Story Co., la.. Mar. 22. 1867; son
Dr. James and Mary (Hurst) Presnell; grad.
Scranton (la.) High School. 1884; M.D.. Univ.
of la., 1889; married Gertrude Impey, of Iowa
City. la., Oct. 8, 1890; 1 son: Robert Richard
(born Apr. 29, 1894). Practiced medicine at
Omaha, Neb.. 1889-94, Lake View, la.. 1894-8:
acting asst. surgeon U.S.V.. 1898-1901; apptd.
capt. asst. surgeon vols.. Feb. 7, 1901; served
in Southern fever camps, in Cuba, at San Fran-
cisco and in the Philippines; hon. discharged.
Feb. 1, 1903; awarded Congressional medal for
services in P.I.; in practice at Chicago since
1903; prof, surgery and clin. surgery. 111. Med.
Coll., 1903-9; prof, surgery, med. dept. Loyola



Univ., since 1909: attending physician to Lal^e
View Hosp. since 1908; apptd. 1st It. U.S.A.
Med. Reserve Corps, Feb. 1911. Republican.
Congregationalist. Mason, K.P. ; mem. Wood-
men of the World, Modern Woodmen of Amer-
ica. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc, 111. State Med.
Soc, A.M. A. Club: Press. Recreations: walk-
ing, dancing, all aquatic sports, liorseback rid-
ing, tennis. Residence: 1060 Wilson Av. Office:
4601 Bvanston Av.

FBESS, Adam John, mfr. : born Raunheim-
on-the-Main, Ger.. June 14. 1S46; son Jacob and
Mary (Bun) Press; came to Chicago in 1854;
ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Chicago, Jan.
21, 1869, Elizabeth Loehr; children: Hubert, Ad-
am, Martha (Mrs. Raymond Dreyer), Louisa,
Amelia, Laura. Learned the moulding and pic-
ture frame trade with Charles Brachvogel, en-
tering his employ as a boy in 1861, and upon
the death of Mr. Brachvogel, in 1878, succeed-
ed him, and in 1884 incorporated the business
as the Adam J. Press Mfg. Co., of which was
pres. until 1904, when the firm name became
Adam J. Press & Co., of which i.s sole propri-
etor. Republican, Mem. Chicago Turngemeinde
since 1865, and Deutsche Gesellschaft. Mason
(K.T., Shriner). Recreation: home life. Resi-
dence: 1935 Lincoln Av. Office: 666 N. Green St.

PBESS, Willlttm Adolph, wagon mfr.; born
Chicago, Oct. 6, 1871; son Jacob Henry and
Elizabeth (Blass) Press; ed. pub. schools and
business coll., Chicago; married Mina Bell
Tosh, Chicago, Nov. 1, 1891 (died Dec, 1898);
4 children: Violet M., Ethel M., Raymond Les-
ter and Merle (now deceased); married 2d.
Adell Elizabeth Bausenbach. of Chicago, Mar.
19, 1902; 1 son: William A. Began business ca-
reer in father's wagon shop, and has since con-
tinued with the business; upon death of his fa-
ther in 1891 assumed charge of the business
for his mother, and upon her death. 1895, with
his brother, Jacob H., purchased the business
which they have since conducted under firm
name of Jacob Press' Sons. Mason (32, Shrin-
er). Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Mfrs.
and Dealers Club, North Shore Neighborly Cir-
cle. Recreation: motoring. Residence: 3819
Pine Grove Av. Office: 300-302 N. Halsted St.

FBESTON, Bemlng' Haven, coal merchant;
born Byron, Genesee Co., N.Y., Dec. 2, 1845; son
John Bower and Clarissa (North) Preston; re-
moved to Wis. in childhood; worked on farm in
summers and attended school winters, at Ber-
lin, Wis.; married Chicago, Oct. 12. 1869, Ella
C. Mendsen. Came to Chicago, Apr. 1864 and
secured a position as bookkeeper with W. E.
Johnson & Co.. and in 1869 was admitted as
a partner in the business of that firm of whole-
sale dealers in coal and coke; in 1873 bought
the interests of Mr. Johnson in that firm,
changing to the style of D. H. Preston & Co. ;
pres. Hinsdale State Bank since July 1. 1908.
Republican. Congregationalist. Mem. S.A.R.,
Soc. of Colonial Wars. Clubs: Union League,
Hinsdale. Residence: Hinsdale, 111.

PBESTOW, Edward E.; see Vol. 1905.

FBICE, Arthnr Edgfar, physician; born Chi-
cago, 111.. 1875; son Oscar Jay and Anna (Wil-
der) Price; ed. high schools. Chicago, North-
western Univ., Rush Med. Coll. (M.D.), 1897,
and Johns Hopkins Univ.; interne St. Elizabeth
Hosp., 1897-8. Mem. Nu Sigma Nu and Sigma
Chi, Chicago Med. Soc. A.M.A., Chicago Thera-
peutic Club. Club: Illinois. Office: Heyworth

*FBICE, Cliarles Hyan, coal; see Vol. 1905.

PRICE, Edward Valentine, mfr. clothing;
born Savannah, Mo., May 9. 1856; son William
A. and Elizabeth Price; ed. common school. Sa-
vannah. Mo.; married Pueblo. Colo.. Nov. 17.
1884, Emma Sharp. Went to Cal., 1872, worked
as cowboy on cattle ranch; then in silver mines
in Nevada; drove stage on Western overland
stage road: became a Wells-Fargo messenger

and later route agent; traveling salesman for
wholesale clothing firm, 1882-96: since 1896
clothing mfr. in Chicago; now pres. Ed. V.
Price & Co., wholesale tailors; also of the re-
tail corpn., Price-Leeman Co., Trinidad, Colo.
Vice-pres. and chmn. labor board of National
Wholesale Tailors' Assn. during labor troul>les,
1905-6. Republican. Mason. Club: Chicago Ath-
letic. Residence: Hotel Kenwood. Office: 320 S.
Franklin St.

PRICE, Edwin Carlton, pres. Fred K. Higbie
Co.; born Sandwich, Mass.. Nov. 14, 1867; son
William and Aurelia (Parker) Price; ed. pub.
schools, Boston, 1876-83, and in Bryant & Strat-
ton Business Coll.; married Rowena May Bloss,
of Chicago, Oct. 21, 1891; 3 children: Catherine
Aurelia, Dorothy M. (died), Ida May. Began
business career with Swift Bros., Boston, 1883;
came West, 1885, for Swift & Co.; worked in
yards and later became successively cattle
buyer and purchasing agent, in which capacity
he went to Omaha in 1S90; gen. mgr. for Swift
& Co., Omaha, 1889-1901, when he retired to go
into business for himself, buying a half inter-
est in the Fred K. Higbie (I!o.. packers' sup-
plies; became pres. and treas. of co., 1908; also
pres. Kingman Salt Mining Co.; vice-president
Standard Salt Co. of New York, Chapman Coal
Co. Republican. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs:
Chicago Athletic, Onwentsia. Union League,
South Shore Country. Recreations; outdoor di-
versions, reading. Residence: 4739 Lake Av.
Office: 1822 S. Clark St.

PRICE, Prederlc Aocrnstus, underwriter; born
Toronto, Ont., June 14. 1865; son Samuel A.
and Carrie (Austin) Price; ed. pub. schools;
married Kansas City, Mo., 1887. Lida Windsor;
1 daughter: Dorothy. In ins. business in Chica-
go, since 1884, first in firm of Weed & Price,
until 1892; then with James W. Nye, 1892-3;
since 1893 mem. of firm of Conkling, Price &
Webb, general agents for the London Guaran-
tee and Accident Co., Limited, and the U.S. Fi-
delity and Guaranty Co. Was 1st It. Co. E, 3d
Mo. N.G. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Columbia
Yacht (ex-commodore), Chicago Yacht, Forty.
Recreation: yachting. Residence: 4905 Wood-
lawn Av. Office: 39 S. LaSalle St.

PRICE, Henry WilDar, lawyer: born Hunt-
ington. Pa., May 1, 1S65; son Rev. J. A. and
Katherine (Andrews) Price; grad. Baltimore
City Coll.. 1883: A.B.. Johns Hopkins Univ.,
1885; LL.M., Columbian Univ., 1SS8; married
Chicago. 1893, Marie Griswold; children: Gris-
wold, Edward. Admitted to D.C. bar, 1888; came
to Chicago, 1889; practiced with Millard &
Smith until 1890; then with Smith, Helmer &
Moulton. to which was admitted 1894, the firm
becoming Smith, Helmer, Moulton & Price:
withdrew in 1902, to become mem. of firm of
Long & Price, counsel for the 111. Life Ins. Co.;
Long & Price dissolved, 1906, since which time
lias alone acted as counsel of the co. Nomi-
nated on Republican ticket for judge Circuit
Court. 1909, but declined nomination. Mem.
Chicago Bar Assn.. 111. State Bar Assn., Chica-
go Law Inst. Republican. Methodist. Mason
(K.T.). Clubs: Union League. Hamilton. Uni-
versity, Law. City. University of Evanston.
Residence: 1608 Forest PI., Evanston, 111. Of-
fice: 105 W. Monroe St.

PRICE, Ira Maurice, Orientalist; born Welsh
Hills, nr. Newark. O., Apr. 29, 1856; son Thom-
as Davies and Sarah Jane (Jones) Price: B.A.,
Denison Univ.. 1879. M.A., 1882; B.D.. Bapt. Un-
ion Theol. Sem., Morgan Park, 111., 18S2; Ph.D.,
M.A., Univ. of Leipzig. 1886: (LL.D., Denison,
1903); married Jennie Rhoads, of Granville, O..
June 13, 1882 (died Sept. 23, 1905). Prof. Greek
and modern langs., Univ. of DesMoines (now
DesMoines Coll.), 1879-80; instr. German and
French, Morgan Park (111.) Mil. Acad.. 1880-3;
instr. Hebrew, Wheaton (111.) Theol. Sem..
1882-3: instr. in Harper's Hebrew Correspon-
dence Schs., 1SS2-4; instr., 1S86-8, prof. Hebrew



and cognate langs.. 1888-92, Bapt. Union Theol.
Sem. ; asso. prof., 1892-1900, prof. Semitic langs.
and lit. since 1900, Univ. of Cliieago. Asso edi-
tor Biblical World, American Journal of Semi-
tic Languages and Literatures, since 1892,
American Journal Theology since 1897. Chmn.
exec. com. Bapt. Young People's Union Amer-
ica since 1898; mem. internat. lesson com.,
1902-8, see. since 1908, S.S. Assn. Mem. Am.
Oriental Soc, Soc. Bibl. Archaeology (London),
Soc. Bibl. Lit. and Exegesis. Club: Quadrangle.
Author of a number of books, for titles see
Who'.s Who in America. Residence: 6043 Ellis

FBICE, Oscar Jay, physician, surgeon; born
Adrian, Mich., Apr. 4, 1845; studied Adrian
Coll.; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1866; vol. Army of
the Tennessee, 1865; hosp. steward; practiced
Toledo, O., 1866-8; took clinical course in New
York hosps., 1867; married Apr. 2, 1874, Anna
Wilder (died Jan. 27, 1907); 1 son: Arthur E.
(M.D.); married 2d, Lucy (House) Strong, of
Lowville, N.Y., Dec. 30, 1908. Practiced in Chi-
cago since 1868. Was surgeon Chicago, Alton
& St. Louis R.R. over 30 years; was 6 years
surgeon to Cook Co. Hosp. Mem. 111. State Med.
Soc, Therapeutic Club, Chicago Med. Soc. Club:
Illinois. Residence: 1.537 W. Adams St.

PBICE, Baymond Beach, mfr. ; see Vol. 1905.

FBICIi, Vincent Clarence, pres. Price Flavor-
ing Extract Co., Price Cereal Products Co.;
born Troy, N.Y., Dec. 11, 1832; academic edn.;
grad. Med. Coll., 1852; studied medicine and
received degree of M.D. from New York Coll..
1856; grad. as pharmaceutical cliemist; engaged
in practice at Waukegan, HI.. 1861; married
Troy, N.Y., 1852, Harriet White. Discovered
chemical combination for baking powder, at
once healthful and adapted to universal use,
and, in 1863, gave up practice of medicine and
formed partnership for mfr. of Dr. Price's
Cream Baking Powder; purchased his partner's
interest, 1884; formed corpn. of Price Baking
Powder Co.; sold out his Interest, 1891. Was
for 11 years pres. Lincoln Nat. Bank, and pres.
Pan Confection Co., latter now merged with
Nat. Candy Co. Now pres. Price Cereal Prod-
ucts Co. and Price Flavoring Extract Co. Rec-
reation: fond of horses. Residence: Waukegan,
111. Office: 27 E. Illinois St.

FBICB, Wmiam Bates, pres. Price & Teeple
Piano Co.; born Loudon, Tenn., Dec. 3, 1859.
In piano business 20 years; organized the firm
of Price & Teeple in 1902. Residence: 708 Sher-
idan Rd. Office: 205 S. Wabash A v.

PBIDB, Joseph P.; see Vol. 1905.

FBEDMOBB, John Edmond Oldaker, archi-
tect; born Edgbaston, Eng.. July 18, 1864; ed.
Soho Park School, Birmingham, Eng.; married
Nov. 1891, Clara G. Lee, of New York City.
Left England, 1883, and spent 3 years In the far
Western States before locating in Chicago in
1883. Residence: 1034 Winthrop Av. Office:
First Nat. Bank Bldg.

FBIOMOBE, 'William Addison, real estate;
born Birmingham, Eng., Feb. 7, 1867; son Will-
iam H. and Avice Emma (Oldaker) Pridmore;
ed. schools of his native city; married Chicago,
1892, Fanny Milne, of Canadian birth; 1 son:
William G. Removed with parents to U.S. in
1880, and settled in Chicago; was employed by
real estate firm of B. F. Cronkhite & Co., 1887-
90; since 1890 in real estate business for self,
and lias been identified with many important
deals in real estate and loans. Vice-pres. and
treas. Gary (Ind. ) Realty Co.; vice-pres. Am.
Nat. Land Corporation of Chicago. Mem. Cook
Co. Real Estate Board, Chicago Assn. of Com-
merce. Episcopalian. Republican. Club: Gary
(Ind.) Commercial. Recreations: cultivation of
flowers and trees, and other outdoor diversions.
Residence: Evanston, 111. Office: 69 W. Wash-
ington St.

FBIEST, Frederick C, clergyman; deceased;
see Vol. 190."..

FBIMIi, Samnel Thornton Kemeys; deceased;
see Vol. 1905.

PBiaCLEY, Jonathan Philip, pres. Wis. Gran-
ite Co.; born Elkhart, Ind., Dec. 14, 1852; son
Jacob and Sarah (Hitchner) Primley; ed. pub.
schools in Ind.; married Elkhart, Ind., Nov. 20,
1879, Euphemia Simonton; 1 son: Walter S.
Served an apprenticeship and then engaged in
retail drug business at Elkhart, Ind., 1874-85;
disposed of drug business and engaged in mfr.
of chewing gum; came to Chicago, 1892, and
continued mfr. of chewing gum until 1899,
when sold out and engaged in mfr. of granite
paving blocks and crushed granite products.
Pres. Wis. Granite Co.; vice-pres. and dir. Am.
Chicle Co. Republican. Clubs: Union League,
Chicago Athletic, Chicago Automobile, Glen
View. Recreations: golf and motoring. Resi-
dence: Evanston, 111. Office: Chamber of Com-

PBHTDIVII^I^E, John X., lawyer; born Chi-
cago, Oct. 28, 1851; son Redmond and Mary
(Harraan) Prihdlville; ed. Seton Hall Coll.,
South Orange, N.J., to 1868; married South
Bend, Ind., Feb. 17, 1886, Mary Hooper. Admit-
ted to 111. bar, Sept. 23, 1873, and began prac-
tice in Chicago. Appointed justice of the peace
in May 1879, reappointed 7 times, continuing
until Dec. 1, 1906; was 10 years police magis-
trate at the Harrison St. Station. Mem. Cook
Co. Democracy. Mem. B.P.O. Elks. Clubs: Iro-
quois, Chicago Athletic. Residence: 3400 Ver-
non Av. Office: 6 N. Clark St.

FBIITQI^B, Frederick 'Wilmot, lawyer; born
Napanee, Ont., Can., June 17, 1864; son Ira and
Eliza Jane (Lapum) Pringle; ed. high school,
Napanee, Ont.; married Topeka, Kan., June 4,
1890, Grace D. Hale; children: Everett Hale,
Wilfred Ira, Alden Frederick, Henry Lapum
Benedict. Began study of law at Topeka, Kan.,
in office of George R. Peck, then general coun-
sel of A.,T.&S.F.R.R., 1886-8; went to Columbia
Law School, New York, and completed course;
admitted to bar In Mo., 1889, Kan. and 111., 1890.
For 2 years after graduation was in ry. serv-
ice with Trans-Mo. & Western Passenger Assn.;
Jan. 1, 1891, began practice in Chicago, first
with Hanecy & Merrick, and later with Miller
& Starr; In Dec. 1892, associated with Cohrs,
Green & Campbell; changed, 1896, to Green,
Pringle & Campbell, and in 1897 to Green &
Pringle, until 1902; alone until 1906; since with
H. L. Fearing, as Pringle & Fearing. Apptd.,
May 1896, atty. for town of Cicero and com-
pleted work, begun in 1895, of revising general
ordinances of town of Cicero; again appointed
town atty., 1898; village atty. of Oak Park
since May, 1902. Mem. and pres. of Oak Park
and River Forest Township High School Board.
Republican. Mem. and formerly trustee Second
Congregational Church of Oak Park. Mason.
Clubs: Hamilton, Union League, City (Chica-
go), Colonial (Oak Park), Glen Oak Country.
Residence: 410 N. Elm wood Av., Oak Park, 111,
Office: 112 W. Adams St.

FBINQKE, Bobert; born Seaforth, Ont., Feb.
0, 1866; son James and Mary (Walker) Prin-
gle; ed. pub. schools. Began with E. H. Sedg-
wick & Co., grain commn., as settling clerk and
bookkeeper, 1883; later established on own ac-
count as a broker in stocks, grain and provi-
sions; was senior mem. of the firm of Pringle,
Fitch & Rankin, 1904-9; since then looking af-
ter personal interests. Mem. Chicago Board of
Trade. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chi-
cago, Chicago Athletic, Midlothian, Glen View,
Exmoor, South Shore Country, Chicago Yacht.
Recreation: golf. Residence; 804 Tower Ct.
Office; Hoard of Trade.

FBIITaiiB, 'William James, lawyer: born at
Madrid, N.Y., June 10, 1862; son William and
Mary B. (Goldie) Pringle; ed. In pub. and high
school of iladrld; Ph.B., la. (now Grinnell)


Coll., Grlnnell, la., 1885, A.M., 1888; engaged in Chemical Industry, Club; Chicago Athletic,
educational work, 1885-96; supt. schs.. North- Recreations: reading, law. Residence; 2419 N.
field, Minn.; prin. high school, Aurora, 111.; Clark St. Office; 146 W. Kinzie St.
studied law Chicago Coll. of Law; LL.B., Lake FBOTKEBOE, Daniel, teacher of singing and
Forest Univ., 1896; married Dorothy Sisson conductor; born Ystradgynlals, South Wales,
Gorham, of Galesburg, 111., June 26, 1899 (died >jov. 24, 1866; son Daniel and Eleanor (Will-
May 15, 1909) ; 2 children: William J., Jr., Mar- iams) Protheroe; ed. Normal Coll., Swansea,
garet Miller. Admitted to bar, 1896. and since Wales, and Musical Coll. of Wales; Mus. Bach-
practiced in Chicago; mem. firm of Pringle, glor. Trinity Coll., Toronto, 1890; (Mus. Doc,
Northup & Terwilllger since 1902. Mem. Chi- Grand Conservatory, Univ. State of N.Y., 1904);
cago City Council since 1904, now serving 4th married Hannah Harris, of Scranton, Pa., Apr.
term; chmn. com. on gas, oil and electric light 26, 1892; 3 children: Helen, Anne, Daniel. Be-
for 3 years (this com. has in charge regulation gan teaching singing at Scranton, Pa., Oct.
of gas rates, telephone rates and rates charged i886; went to Milwaukee in 1894; came to Chi-
for electric current). Lecturer on torts and cago, 1904; now dir. of chorus. Central Church
agency, Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law, since 1899. m^. Gunsaulus"), Chicago, and Austin M.E.
Republican. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn., Chicago Church; also dir. Arion Musical Club, Milwau-
Bar Assn., Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Chi- jjee; mem. faculty Siegel-Myers Correspond-
cago Assn. of Commerce. Mason (K.T., Shrin- ence School of Music. Composer of cantatas,
er). Clubs: Union League, Homewood Country, choruses, songs, etc. Republican. Mem. Welsh
Hamilton, City. Recreations; baseball, golf. Presbyn. Church. (Mason (32, K.T., and
Residence; 3840 Ellis Av. Office; The Temple, shriner). Residence; 515 B. 34th St. Studio:

FBINTY, James Anthony, physician; born 610 Fine Arts Bldg.
Cincinnati, O., Jan. 7, 1856; son Edward and PBOUliX, Tlieoaore, lawyer; born Province
Catherine (Walsh) Printy; removed to Imo- of Quebec, Can., Aug. 11, 1861; son Cyrille and
gene, la., 1866; ed. Cincinnati pub. schools, Mai- Emilie Proulx; ed. Normal School of Jlontreal,
vern (la.) Acad., and Tabor (la.) Coll.; M.D., Can.; was student in lawyer's office at Mon-
la. State Univ., 1882; studied in New York, treal; came to U.S., 1878, and was in the real
1886, especially surgery and gynecology, at estate business in Chicago until 1885; LL.B.,
New York hosps. and the Post-Grad. Med. Chicago Coll. of Law, 1890; married 1884, Ma-
School; married New Y'ork. Nov. 18S8, Allle thilda Bussifire. Admitted to bar, 1890, and
Weir; children: Eileen. Emmett and Katherine. since engaged in practice; apptd. asst. prose-
Practiced at Imogene, la., 1882-6, and 1887-8; cutlng atty. of Chicago by Mayor Carter H.
removed to New York, and later to Chicago. Harrison, Jr., 1897. Democrat, and long pres.
Served on med. staff of Cook Co. Hosp., 1890; of the French Democracy of Chicago. Mem.
was dean and prof, surgical diseases of women. Royal Arcanum, Royal League, Catholic Order
Nat. Med. Coll. of Chicago, 1894-6 (resigned to of Foresters, Knights of Columbus; ex-pres. St.
give closer attention to increasing practice). John Baptist Soc. Residence: 1812 W. 13th St.
Democrat. Catholic. Recreations: athletic Office; Ashland BIk.

sports, collecting rare paintings, books and an- pboTTTT, Henry Woodruff, lawyer; born at

tiques. C ub: 111. Athletic. Office and Resi- concord, O., Dec. 23, 1858; son Edward V. and

dence: Wilson Av., cor. Kenmore Av. Betsey Ann (Woodruff) Prouty; B A.. Yale.

PBITCHABD, Edward Bandolph, sec. Dept. 1884; LL.B., Albany Law School, 1885; unmar-
of Health; born Davton, Ind., Sept. 7, 1852; son ried. Admitted to bar of 111., 1887, of Wash.,
Ezekiel and Caroline (Eggleston) Pritchard; 1890, Supreme Court of U.S., 1907, Supreme
ed. New London (Ind.) Acad.; married Kokomo, Court of Hawaii Ty., 1908; practiced at Chica-
Ind., 1878, Nancy M. Thorne; children: Marga- go since Mar. 1887. Mem. 111. State Bar Assn.,
ret, Frederick Paige, Lucy Thorne. Started out Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst., Law
as a country school teacher; then edited a Club. Republican. Congregationalist. Mem.
country newspaper; came to Chicago, 1882, and Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chi Delta Theta, Phi Del-
engaged in newspaper work as reporter and ta Phi. Club; Calumet. Residence: Alexandria
editor until 1898, last 5 years as political and Hotel. Office; 65, 35 N. Dearborn St.
municipal writer; apptd.. Mar. 1898, by civil *PBUSSlITa, Ernest iouls, mfr.; see Vol.
service examination, as sec. of the Dept. of 1905

Health of Chicago. Democrat. Congregational- n-naBTiarx 1. . 1. .* i,... k r.i,j

1st. Mason. Mem. and ex-offlcio mem. of Su- ??^?,?,??*?I,*'?f??.* ^"*',l^^,^''j;ui^T"^l";
preme (Council R
of supreme trus

tqf^ E^rVt^i^s't^' Office" '2T6 W "Madison t""' marriedChicago, Louise Schenck, July 12, 1880

9lo L. ,/tn bt. omce. zzb w . luaoison fat. ^^j^^ j^j^ ^^ 190O); married 2d, New Y'ork City,

FBODOEHI^, Frederick, mfr.; born Chicago, Dec. 10, 1902, Lillian Edgerton Barrett. Ad-

Aug. 20, 1865; son Frank and Louisa Prodoehl; mitted to bar. Mar. 1878; mem. firm of Butz,

ed. pub. and Lutheran parochial schs. in Chi- Eschenburg & Prussing, 1879-81; practiced

cago; married Bertha Feigenbaum, of Chicago, alone, 1881-9; in firm of Prussing & Hutchins,

Dec. 4, 1887; children: Emma and Gertrude. 1889-90; Prussing, Hutchins & Goodrich, 1890-1;

Learned sheet metal trade; in employ of Will- Prussing, Hutchins & McCulloch, 1891-3; Pruss-

meroth & Raabe a number of years, becoming ing & McCulloch, 1893-1900; alone, 1900-3;

a stockholder of the Willmeroth & Raabe Co., Prussing, Brown & King, 1903-7; now practic-

and on the reorganization, Jan. 1904, as the ing alone. Mem. Am., Chicago and 111. State

Cyclone Blow Pipe Co., became sec. and treas. Bar assns., Chicago Law Inst., Chicago Law

Lutheran. Independent in politics. Member Club. Formerly pres. Citizens' Assn. of Chi-

Knights of Pythias. Recreation: fishing. Resi- cago. Clubs: Union League, Chicago, City, Chl-

dence: 1848 S. Ridgeway Av. Office: 541 W. cago Literary. Author of the "Act to provide

Jackson Boiil. for and regulate the administration of trusts

FBOFACH, Henry Conrad, mfrs.' mgr.; born 'V trust cos.," passed by 111. Legislature, 1887

Bonn, Germany, Oct. 14, 1869; son L. C. and and 1889, and copied largely by other states.

Jane (Seegesnevder) Propach; ed. Technical Contributor on legal and biographical subjects.

High School and Coll., Bonn, Germany; mar- Recreations: jogs 1 mile and walks 4 miles

ried Catherine H. Hein, of New York, Mar. 22, nearly every day. Residence: lol9 Dearborn

1897; 1 daughter; Hyacinth C. E. Was with Av. Office; The Rookery.

Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co., New York, FBUSSHTO', Qeorgre Christian, retired; born
1889-97, and since 1897 has been mgr. of the Lubeck, Ger., Jan. 9, 1846; son Ernst and Ma-
Chicago house of the CO.: also mgr. for Hud- ria (Knoop) Prussing; ed. Cliicago; married

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 171 of 230)