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1864, resulting in loss of left leg; mustered out
of service Oct. 1864; admitted to bar at Buffalo,
N.Y.. Dec. 1864; moved to Des Moines, la., and.
In 1865, elected probate and county judge; re-
signed because of ill health, 1867; moved to St.
Louis, Mo., and worked life and fire ins. for ten
years; atty. and supt. of agencies Continental
Fire Ins. Co. of New York, 1877-85; gen. north-
western mgr. for same, 1885-91; in banking
business, 1891-3; for nearly 15 years in ofBce
of Hon. E. B. Sherman, master in chancery U.
S. Court; since retired. Mem. Loyal Legion,
Western Soc. of Army of Potomac. Baptist.
Residence; 83 E. Elm St.

BENTOir, Alphonso Xioomis, clergyman; born
Cortland, N.Y., Nov. 9, 1831; son Chester and
Tirza Porter (Loomis) Benton; A.B., Hamilton
Coll., Clinton, N.Y., 1856 (D.D., 1896); grad. Au-
burn (N.Y.) Theol. Sem., 1859; married Emma
Sandford, of Ovid, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1860; children:
George Parsons, Emma. Ordained Presbyterian
ministry. Mar. 6, 1861; pastor Lima, N.Y., 1860-
70; associate pastor Central Church, Buffalo,
N.Y., 1870-2; pastor Fredonia, N.Y., 1872-82.
Montrose, Pa., 1882-1902 (pastor emeritus of
latter since May, 1902); supplied various
churches at Chicago since June 1903. Resi-
dence: 4212 Calumet Av.

BEBO, MoiTls Henry, jeweler; born New
York City, Feb. 2, 1853; son Henrv and Henri-
etta (Hyman) Berg; removed with parents to
Chicago in infancy; ed. pub. schools and in
Dyrenforth's School of Trade, Chicago; married
Chicago, Mar. 4, 1877. Rose Weil: children: Ag-
nes Berg (Mrs. Joseph Landauer), Herbert
Morris. In 1868 entered the jewelry house of
Wendell & Hyman as an errand boy, and con-
tinued with the house until he advanced to a
partnership in the jewelry firm of Hyman, Berg
& Co., with which remained until Mar. 1, 1910,
when, with son, e.stablished firm of Berg & Co.
Mason. Club: Standard. Recreations: fishing
and motoring. Residence: Lakota Hotel. Office:
512 S. Michigan Av.

BEBXSOn', Maorice, lawyer; born Rock Is-
land, 111., Jan. 15, 1880; son Simon and Hannah
(Sternberg) Berkson; ed. pub. schools of Rock
Island; high school. Lincoln, Neb.; Chicago
Coll. of Law (Lake Forest Univ.); married
Chicago, July 28, 1907, Maude May Gelder.
Practiced as mem. firm of Fishell & Berkson.
1903-6, Sonnenschein, Blumenthal & Berkson,
1906-9, Sonnenschein, Berkson & Fishell, since
Apr. 1, 1909. Mem. Chicago and 111. State Bar
assns. Democrat. Mason; mem. B'nai B'rith.
Recreation: fishing. Residence: 5711 Indiana
Av. Office: 934. 30 N. LaSalle St.

BEBtlN, Bobert Carl, architect; born Gran-

ville, Putnam Co., 111., Feb. 11, 1853; son Au-
gustus and Helene (Brennemann) Berlin; ed.
Granville pub. school; grad., receiving diploma
as architect, from Eidgenoessisches Polytech-
nikum, Ziirich, Switzerland, 1877; married Chi-
cago, May 10, 1883, Agnes Augusta Dodge;
children: Lillian Agnes, Marie Valentine, Har-
old Robert. In practice of architecture in Chi-
cago since 1877; designer and has superintend-
ed erection of many fine residences, apartment
buildings, factories, business buildings, church-
es, schools, etc., in Chicago, and also at other
points in 111. and other states. Fellow of Am.
Inst, of Architects, and of 111. Chapter of same
(dir. and treas. ); mem. Chicago Architects'
Business Assn. (1st vlce-pres. ), Chicago Assn.
of Commerce. Republican. Club: University.
Residence: 4500 N. Ashland Av., Ravenswood.
Office: Association Bldg.

BEBMINQHAM, Thomas C, wholesale paper
merchant; born on farm in Washington Co.,
Wis., May 21, 1850; son Thomas and Ann (Cos-
tello) Bermingham; ed. common schools, Beloit,
Wis., 1857-65; married Des Moines, la., Oct. 6,
1880, Belle Daugherty. Began business life in
1868 as office boy with Davis, Lawrence & Da-
vis, paper mfrs., Beloit, Wis.; traveling sales-
man for same firm, 1870-2; for J. W. Butler Pa-
per Co., 1872-82; in range cattle business in
Arapahoe Co., Colo., 1882-92; lost all his money
in the business and returned to Chicago, 1892,
and worked for several firms in wholesale pa-
per business, 1892-9; secured interest in whole-
sale paper business of F. K. Moody & Co., 1899;
reorganized as Moody & Bermingham Co., 1902,
becoming its pres., Mr. Moody retiring from
firm same year; changed name of company,
1904, to Bermingham & Seaman Co., of which is
pres. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Rec-
reations: reading, motoring and traveling. Res-
idence; 1013 Dempster St., Evanston, 111. OflSce:
Tribune Bldg.

BEBBIUAN, Edward Charles, cigar mfr.;
born Oswego. N.Y"., Mar. 28, 1864; son George
W. and Elizabeth (Stroud) Berriman; ed. nub.
schools of N.Y. State; married Chicago, 1892,
Mary R. Wood; two children: Katherane M.,
Edward W. Since 1881 has been actively en-
gaged In the cigar-making business in Chicago,
and now of the firm of Berriman Bros., oper-
ating Factory No. 83 at Tampa, Fla., and hav-
ing offices in New Y'ork and Chicago. Mason.
Clubs: Edgewater Golf, Chicago Athletic, Co-
lumbia Yacht. Recreations: yachting and golf.
Residence: 435 Diversey Parkway. Office: 1044
First Nat. Bank Bldg.

BEBBT, see also Barry.

BEBBT, Franklin James, commn. merchant;
1837-1909; see Vol. 1905.

BEBBT, John B., chief engr. C.,R.I.&P.Ry.;
supervising engr. St.L.&S.F.Ry. ; formerly chief
engr. U.P.R.R. Address: 803 LaSalle Station.

BEBBT, Joseph John, pres. Oelerlch & Berry
Co.; born on farm near St. Louis, Mo., May 23,
1862; son Jacob and Frances (Frauel) Berry;
ed. common schools and Christian Brothers'
Coll., St. Louis; married Julia M. Maybrun, of
Galena, 111., May 18, 1886; children: Heribert
J., Loretta, Eleanor. Began as dealer In gro-
ceries and feed, St. Louis, June 1883; sold it
out, 1889, came to Chicago, and entered the
business conducted by the Berry-Maybrun Co.
till July 1, 1910, at which time name was
changed to Oelerlch & Berry Co., molasses, syr-
up, sugar, of which is pres. Residence: 521
Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 854 Larrabee

BEBSBACH, Alfred, treas. and gen. mgr. The
J. Manz Engraving Co.; born Chicago, Nov. 5,
1856; son John and Magdaline (Zanner) Bers-
bach; ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Dec.
25, 1878, Helena Malcolm; children: Lillian C.
C. (Mrs. D. F. Anderson), Amy A. F. (Mrs. S.
S. Porter), Frank John. Began his connection



with the engraving house of J. Manz & Co. as
boy in 1872, was admitted to partnership in
1880, and upon incorpn. of the business in 1890
to The J. Manz Engraving: Co., became sec. and
treas. and is now treas. and gen. mgr. Mason,
33, K.T., Shriner. Club: Chicago Athletic. Rec-
reations: music and motoring. Residence: 530
Washington Av., Wllmette, 111. Office: Majestic

BEBSBACH, EzuU, 2d vice-pres. Tablet &
Ticket Co.; born Cliicago, Nov. 2, 1861; son John
and Magdaline Bersbach; ed. Chicago pub.
scliool; married Chicago, Oct. 6, 1889, Nora
Jeannette Abbott; 1 son, Emil. First business
experience was as errand boy for Vergo, Ruh-
ling & Co., 1872; then with Boston Store (firm
of C. W. & E. Pardridge); with Wade Abbott,
lawyer; then 6 years with A. T. Stewart & Co.,
2 years with John V. Farwell & Co., H4 years
at Evanston, Wyo., with Blythe & Fargo; since
1886 with the Tablet & Ticket Co.; mgr. of the
company's brancli at New York, 1889-99; be-
came sec, 1899, and now 2d vice-pres. of the
company and located at Chicago. Republican.
Club: 111. Athletic (life mem.). Residence: 4336
N. Ashland Av.

BEBTKUTQ, AdolpliuB Edmund, physician and
surgeon; born Northeim, Germany, Jan. 28,
1865; son August and Henrike (Bohne) Bert-
ling; ed. gymnasium at Northeim until coming
to America, 1884; A.B., Northwestern Univ.,
Watertown, Wis., 1887; M.D., Rush Med. Coll.,
1895; married Alma Dengler, of Chicago, July
7, 1909; 2 children: Adeline and Lolita. In
active practice of medicine and surgery at Chi-
cago from 1895; specialty genito-urinary sur-
gery; associate prof, surgery, Chicago Clinical
School since 1897; associate prof, genito-uri-
nary diseases, Chicago Coll. Medicine and Sur-
gery, since 1906; pres. Grace Hosp. since 1909;
mem. staff of Frances Willard Hosp. Mem.
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Med. Soc,
Chicago Urol. Soc, German Med. Soc. of Chi-
cago. Republican. Lutheran. Club: Illinois.
Recreation: motoring. Residence: 1010 Ashland
Boul. Office: 1106 Reliance Bldg.

BES^ET, Frederick Atwood, physician; born
Waukegan, 111., Apr. 19, 1868; son William and
Sylvia (Jocelyn) Besley; ed. pub. and high
schools of Waukegan, Chicago Manual Train-
ing School; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Medical
School, 1894; married Mrs. Myra E. Busey, of
Chicago, Oct. 6, 1910. Since 1894 has been en-
gaged In the practice of medicine in Chicago;
associate prof, surgery. Northwestern Univ.
Med. School ; prof, surgery, Post-Grad. Med.
School; attending surgeon Cook Co., Woman's,
Wesley and Chicago Charity hosps. Mem. A.M.
A., Chicago Surgical Soc, Chicago Med. Soc
Miss. Valley Med. Soc. Clubs: University, Mid-
lothian. Residence: 5258 South Park Av. Office:
Columbus Memorial Bldg.

BEST, A(lbert) Starr, merchant; born Buf-
falo, N.Y., Apr. 25, 1871; son Albert and Estelle
(Starr) Best; ed. pub. schools, New York City;
married Marjorie Ayres, of New York, Apr. 18,
1897; 4 children: Marshall Ayres, Albert Leon-
ard, Marjorie Starr and Louise Estella. Began
as clerk in father's clothing store. New York,
1888; came to Chicago, 1901, and established A.
Starr Best, Inc., infants', children's and young
men's outfitters, of which has since been pres.
and treas. Was mem. 7th Regt. N.G.S.N.Y. 10
years. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs:
Evanston, Evanston Golf. Union League. Rec-
reations: golf, bowling, billiards and fishing.
Residence: 1936 Orrington Av., Evanston, 111.
Office; N.E. Cor. Madison St. and Wabash Av.

BEST, 'WllUam, importer and dealer in cigars
and cigarettes; born Canterbury, Eng.. Aug. 29.
1841: son William and Mary Ann (Whitehead)
Best; family came to U.S., 1852; ed. Canterbury
and Chicago pub. schools: married Aug. 1, 1865,
Louise C. daughter of Isaac B. Sterling, of
Chicago; children: William, Florence G. (Mrs.

Walter G. Warren), Grace L. (died aged 13).
First employment on leaving school in 1857
was as office boy in wholesale tobacco house of
John C. Partridge & Co., in which, after a few
years, he became partner, and on death of Mr.
Partridge, 1876, became head of the house and
organized the firm of Best, Russell & Co.,
wholesale tobacconists and cigar mfrs. ; on in-
corpn. as Best & Russell Co., 1891, became pres.
South Town collector, 1883; South Park comrar.,
1885-1911 (pres. of board, 1887-91, auditor of
board, 1905-1911), thus making 25 years of
service, the longest continuous period ever
served by a commr. in the City of Chicago; also
mem. Special Park Commn. Mem. Chicago
Assn. of Commerce. Mason (32, K.T.). Trus-
tee Sixth Presbyterian Church. Clubs: Mid-
Day, South Shore Country, Iroquois, 111. Ath-
letic Recreation: motoring. Residence: 4616
Ellis Av. Office: 533 S. Wabash Av.

BESTOB, Arthnr Eng-ene, dir. Chautauqua
Instn.; born Dixon, 111., May 19, 1879; son Or-
son Porter and Laura Ellen (Moore) Bestor;
A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1901; married Jeanette
Louise Lemon, of Bedford, Ind., Mar. 24, 1905;
children: Arthur Eugene, Jr., Mary Frances.
Prof, history and political science, Franklin
(Ind.) Coll., 1901-3; lecturer on political sci-
ence. Extension Div., Univ. of Chicago, since
1904; asst. gen. dir., 1905-7, dir. since 1907,
Chautauqua Instn. Pres. Internat. Chautauqua
Alliance; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Political
Science Assn., Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa.
Clubs: City, (juadrangle. Residence: Hotel Del
Prado, Chicago; Summer: Chautauqua, N.Y. Of-
fices: Chautauqua, N.Y., and 5704 Kimbark Av.,

BETSEA, Solomon Hicks, lawyer; deceased;
see Vol. 1905.

BETSCHE, Cbarles William, furniture mfr.;
born Baden, Germany, Aug. 11, 1848; son Jacob
and Christina (Branch) Betsche; ed. schools in
Germany; married Chicago, 1872, Kate Fischer;
children: Emma, Lydia, Oscar, William, Arthur,
Clara, Carl. Came from Germany in 1865 to
Chicago; learned the trade of upholsterer here,
and worked at trade until 1879. when estab-
lished business for self; later joined by Henry
Ricke and organized the Betsche & Ricke Mfg.
Co., of which was sec. and mgr.; in 1866 organ-
ized firm of Charles W. Betsche & Co., of which
was pres. until 1908, and pres. of its successor,
Betsche & Sandberg Co., since 1908. Mason,
Lincoln Park Lodge, Lawn Chapter, Lincoln
Park Commandery, K.T. Residence: 388 Dayton

*BETT1IAII', Boeme, physician, oculist and
aurist; see Vol. 1905.

BETTS, 'William Hamilton, Ins.; born Fort
Gratiot, Mich., Feb. 19, 1875; son John and
Margaret (Hamilton) Belts; ed. pub. schools,
London, Ont., Can.; married Margaret Boylan,
of Detroit, Mich., June 26, 1901. Asst. auditor
Union Station & Terminal Assn., Detroit, May
1. 1893-May 1, 1898; clerk Continental Casualty
Company, May 1, 1898-1900, asst. mgr., 1900-3,
resident mgr. at San Francisco, 1903-6, sec.
since May 1, 1906. Republican. Episcopalian.
Mason. Clubs: 111. Athletic, South Shore Coun-
try. Recreations: golf, hunting. Residence:
5117 Kimbark Av. Office: 1208 Michigan Av.

BE'ITAH, Arthnr Dean, surgeon; born Chi-
cago, Aug. 6, 1861; son Thomas and Sarah
(Ramsey) Bevan; ed. Sheffield Scientific School
(Yale), 1878-9; M.D., Rush Med. Coll.. Chicago,
1883; married Anna L. Barber, of Akron, O.,
Feb. 1896. U.S. Marine Hosp. Service, 1883-7;
prof, anatomy. Ore. State Univ., 1886-7; prof,
anatomy, 1887-9, associate prof, surgery, 1899-
1902, prof, surgery since 1902, Rush Med. Coll.;
professorial lecturer on surgery, Univ. of Chi-
cago, since 1901; pres. and surgeon Presbyte-
rian Hosp.; 1st lieut. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps
since 1908. Fellow Am. Surg. Assn.; mem.
A.M.A., Chicago Med. Soc. (pres., 1898-9), etc.



Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, University,
Glen View, Onwentsia. Residence: 2917 Michi-
gan Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av.

BEVnrGTOK, Edwin Leslie, ry. official; born
New Lenox, 111., Feb. 22, 1866; son William and
Theresa (Clemens) Bevington; ed. pub. schools,
by private instruction and commercial coll.;
married Etta Barrow, of Chicago, Aug. 2, 1896.
Began ry. service as bill clerk C.&N.-W.Ry.,
until 1882, when entered passenger dept. C.&A.
R.R., in various capacities until 1900; gen. mgr.
Denver, Boulder & Northern R.R., Denver, 1900-
1; sec. Trans-Continental Pass. Assn., Chicago,
since 1901. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason
(32, Shriner). Residence: The Plaza. Office:
405 Railway Exchange.

BICKFORD, Anther Henxy, editor; deceased;
see Vol. 1905.

BICKFOBS, Bnssel Kittridg'e, lumber; de-
ceased; see Vol. 1905.

*BICKNEI>I^, Ernest Percy; see Vol. 1905.
BICXITEI^I^, Orlando I^ane; 1841-1907; see
Vol. 1905.

BISDIiE, WiUiam Baxter, ry. official; born
Beloit, Wis., Nov. 12, 1856; son Charles H. and
Alice (Coftman) Biddle; grad. high school, Be-
loit; married Nov. 23, 1880, Ella Frost, of Be-
loit; children: Robert C, Wheldon F., Walter
C. Began ry. career in 1887 as brakeman for
Santa Fe Co.; later station agent and, 1882-6,
chief clerk gen. freight office Atlanta & Pacific
R.R. ; promoted to asst. freight agent, 1886,
then division freight and passenger agent, and,
in 1888, asst. gen. freight agent Santa Fe Sys-
tem; asst. traffic mgr., 1890-4, and freight traf-
fic mgr., 1894-Mar. 1, 1905; 3d vice-pres. C.R.I.
&P.Ry.Co., Mar. 1, 1905-Dec. 1, 1909; vice-pres.
C.&E.I. and St. Louis & San Francisco rys.
since Dec. 1, 1909. Clubs: Union League, Mid-
Day, Chicago Athletic, Kenwood, Midlothian.
Residence: 4135 Drexel Boul. Office: LaSalle St.

BISWII^Ii, Josepli E.; born Chicago, Feb. 21,
1857; son Richard and Mary (English) Bidwill;
ed. Chicago pub. schools; married Chicago, Sept.
14, 1882, Mary A. O'Sullivan; children: Joseph
E. (clerk of Circuit Court since 1906), Gene-
vieve, Loretto, Earl, Charles, Richard, Arthur.
In grain business since 1878, In which year was
appointed mem. of the State Grain Inspection;
promoted from position of helper through in-
tervening duties until became 1st asst.; mem.
Chicago Council, 1889-97, resigning to become
railroad and warehouse commr. of 111. under
appointment of Gov. John R. Tanner, 1897-
1901; chief grain Inspector of 111., under ap-
pointment by Gov. Richard Yates, 1901-4, being
the only person who has ever served from low-
est to highest positions in that service. Now
treas. American Engring. & Construction Co.,
doing a large amount of work in Louisville,
Ky., and other large cities, as well as Chicago.
Mem. (Chicago Central Com. for 12 years; mem.
Cook Co. Republican Com.; delegate to Repub-
lican Nat. Convention of 1896. Catholic. Resi-
dence: 1113 S. Ashland Boul. Office: 912, 155
N. Clark St.

BIEDENWEQ, William C, stained glass, etc.;
born near Berlin, Germany, 1853; son Charles
and Mary Biedenweg; came to Chicago with
parents in 1857; ed. pub. schools of Chicago;
married Chicago, 1884, Matilda Kugler. After
leaving school, engaged in various pursuits un-
til 1874, when engaged in the stained glass bus-
iness, and in 1885 established for self, with J.
B. Flanagan, the business being incorporated in
1893; is now treas. and dir. of the Flanagan &
Biedenweg Co.: also senior mem. firm of Bie-
denweg & Seifert. Residence: 4847 N. Hermit-
age Av. Office: 312 W. Illinois St.

BIEHK, Joseph Favll, physician, bacteriolo-
gist; born Chicago, Apr. 1, 1878; A.M., North-
western Univ., 1898, M.D., 1901; student Post-
Grad. Med. School, 1901-2. Instr. bacteriology

and clinical pathology, Northwestern Univ.
Med. School, 1899-1902; asst. prof, pathology
Post-Grad. Med. School, 1901-2; prof, bacteriol-
ogy, sanitary sciences and pub. health. Dear-
born Med. School, since 1903; supt. and bacteri-
ologist, Municipal Laboratory, Chicago, 1904-9;
dir. scientiflc and research laboratories, Abbott
Alkaloidal Co., since 1909; bacteriologist to
Mercy, Samaritan, Wesley hosps. and Post-
Grad. Hosp. Training School; pathologist and
bacteriologist, Dearborn Post-Graduate Medical
bchool; prof, bacteriology and special pathol-
ogy. Am. Med. Coll. Residence: 5444 Lakewood
Av. Office: 4753 E. Ravenswood Park.
c^^^^^^^' Austin, lawyer, author; born
Shelly s Island, Pa.; son Casper and Lydia
il^^,''^!?^ Bierbower; A.B., Dickinson Coll.,
1864, A.M., 1866; student Univ. of Berlin, 1872-
(LL.D., la. Wesleyan Univ., 1902): admitted to
bar, 1874; unmarried. Prof. Greek and Latin,
la. Wesleyan Univ., 1864-8; foreign correspond-
ent Chicago Tribune and Cincinnati Times-Star,
18(0-2; editorial writer Chicago Daily News,
1879-83; in law practice since 1883. Author:
Principles of a System of Philosophy; The
??,^^^^^9^ Christ, 1885; The Socialism of Christ,
1890; The Virtues and Their Reasons, 1896;
From Monkey to Man, 1894; How to Succeed,
1900; On the Training of Lovers, 1900; Thoughts
for the Rich, 1906. Also various articles In
magazines. Residence: 1810 Michigan Av. Of-
fice: 58 W. Washington St.

BIEBIKGEB, WiUlam Augmstus, physician:
born Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany, May 7,
1872; son Wilhelm A. and Marie (HauphofE)
Bieringer: ed. gymnasium, Bielefeld, Germany,
to 1889; student Gross Med. Coll., Denver. Colo..
1896-8; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, 1900
married LeadviWe, Colo., Feb. 20, 1895, Emily
Bowden. Was druggist, Hanover, Germany,
1889-91; came to U.S., Apr. 1891; druggist in
Cheyenne, Wyo., Leadville, Colo., Denver, Colo.,
until fall of 1896; in practice of medicine in
Chicago since June, 1900. Mem. Chicago Med.
Soc, Am. Med. Soc. Republican. Lutheran. Rec-
reation: traveling. Office and Residence: 1245
I.aSalle Av.

BIQEI^OW, Edward Alphens, retired; born
Zanesville, O., Aug. 18, 1849; son Loyal H. and
Wealthy M. (Pier) Bigelow; ed. Zanesville pub.
schools; entered army at age of 14 years and
4 months, pvt. Co. F, 68th Ohio Vet. Vol. Inf.
in Civil War; participated in Sherman's cam-
paigns from Vicksburg to close of war; mar-
ried 1st, 1871, Margaret R., daughter of W. H.
Bush, of Chicago (died 1879); married 2d, Chi-
cago, Aug. 23, 1887, Susan Springer; 1 son:
Loyal Arthur. After war became grain and pro-
vision commn. merchant; for many years at
head of E. A. Bigelow & Co. ; retired from grain
business, 1897; organized, May 1903, and was
pres. Continental Life Ins. Co. until co. discon-
tinued business; sec. and dir. Bush Temple Con-
servatory. Served in Spanish-Am. War as maj.
and paymaster. Mem. Loyal Legion, G.A.R.
Republican. Methodist. Club: Marquette. Rec-
reation: political lecturing. Residence: 333 Bel-
den Av.

BIGEI^OW, Harry Augmstas, prof, of law;
born Norwood, Mass., Sept. 22, 1874; son Erwin
A. and Amy (Fisher) Bigelow; A.B., Harvard
Univ., 1896, LL.B., 1899; married Mary Parker
Bigelow, of Georgetown, Colo., Apr. 12, 1902.
Instr. criminal law. Harvard Law School, 1899-
1900; engaged in practice at Honolulu, H.T.,
1900-3; asst. prof, law, 1904-6, asso. prof., 1906-
9, prof, since 1909, Univ. of Chicago. Club:
Quadrangle. Residence: 5633 Washington Av.

*Bl&EIiOW, James Iioyal; see Vol. 1906.

BIGEI.OW, Nelson P., lumber; born Racine,
Wis., July 19, 1862: son Anson A. and Emma
W. (Ullmann) Bigelow; brought to Chicago by
parents, Sept. 1862; grad. Yale, 1884; married
Nov. 23, 1893, Sophia Dallas Borda: children:
Matilda, Anson A. After leaving coll. entered



the business of Blgelow Bros. In 1887 he be-
came a partner in the firm, and when it was
succeeded in 1902 by the corporation of Bigelow
Bros. & Walker Co., he became its pres. and
later pres. of the Fourche River Lumber Co.
Sec. of First State Pawners Soc. ; mem. Chicago
Plan Commn. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Uni-
versity, Onwentsia, Commercial. Recreations:
golf and horseback riding. Residence: Lake
Forest, 111. Office: 5 N. LaSalle St.

B^Ii, Ingram Ebenezer, clergyman; born
Hampton, N.B., Can., Nov. 23, 1872; son Ingram
Ebenezer and Eleanor (Pyke) Bill; A.B., Acadia
Univ., Nova Scotia, 1893; student Newton Theol.
Instn., 1893-4; B.D., Rochester (N.Y.) Theol.
Sem., 1897; Div. School of Univ. of Chicago,
1905-8; fellow In ch. history, Univ. of Chicago,
1907-8; married Blanche Thomas, of London,
Ont., May 5, 1S97. Ordained Baptist ministry,
Sept. 19, 1S94; pastor West Cleveland, O., 1894-
5, First Church, Oberlin, O., 1897-1905; acting
pastor Capitol Hill Church, Denver, Colo., Mar.-
Sept., 1908; pastor North Shore Church, Chi-
cago, since Nov. 1908. Residence: 4620 Mag-
nolia Av.

BH^IiIQ, Oeorg'e 'Washlngrton, physician and

surgeon; see Vol. 1905.

BUiI^IKQS, Charles Ziewis, lawyer; bornHigh-
land, Wis.; son Henry M. and Ann (Bray) Bil-
lings; ed. common school, la. Co., Wis.; Normal
School, Platteville, Wis.; special student Univ.
of Wis., 1878-82; unmarried. Chief clerk in of-
fice of atty.-gen. of Wis., 1882-3; located in Chi-
cago, Sept. 1883; during 1883-4 wrote articles
and notes upon legal subjects for the Law Reg-
ister and the Central Law Journal, and assisted
in the preparation of new editions of the U.S.
Supreme Court Reports and New York Chan-
cery Reports; asst. librarian Chicago Law Inst.,
1855; atty. in credit dept. of J. V. Farwell &
Co., 1886; in gen. practice of law at Kansas
City, Mo., 1887-90; since 1890 in Chicago, main-
ly devoted to real estate law and titles, ins. and
commercial law; was a mem. of the firm of
Paddock, Wright & Billings, 1894-1901. Elected
state senator 1st Senatorial Dist., Nov. 1906;
Republican. Mem. Am., 111. State and Chicago
Bar assns., Chicago Law Inst. Clubs: Law, Chi-
cago, University. Residence: 335 E. 22d St. Of-
fice: Chicago Title & Trust Bldg.

BIIi^IKaS, Franlc, physician; born Highland,
la. Co., Wis., Apr. 2, 1854; son Henry M. and
Ann (Bray) Billings; M.D., Northwestern Univ.,
1881, M.S., 1890; interne Cook Co. (111.) Hosp.,
1881-2; studied in Vienna, 1885-6; married Dane
Ford Brawley, of Washington, May 26, 1887; 1
daughter: Margaret. Prof, medicine. Northwest-
ern Univ.. 1891-8; prof, medicine since 1898,
dean of faculty since 1900, Rush Med. College
(Univ. of Chicago); professorial lecturer, 1901-
5. prof, medicine, since 1905, Univ. of Chicago.
First It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps since 1908;
physician to Presbyn. Hosp.; consulting phy-
sician to Cook Co., Children's Memorial, St.
Luke's, Michael Reese and Provident hosps. ;
pres. 111. State Bd. Charities. Mem. Chicago

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 20 of 230)