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H^-.^ ^'ftn^^fii c' n^rothv P RPE-an acfhook locate, 1886-96; prof, sacred rhetoric. Garrett

k?S;r for HnU>'ro^k rS^ 1^86 94^ thin bookl ^''"- I"^'- 1896-1909; editor Northwestern

wltTel /o"r GeoVg E. WoolTumber 'co", 'mter ?o'i;;f '^" nt1\Smmn""lS^E^&^h i'nd^ME Sh"

becoming sec. and gen. mgr. Republican. Meth- ^s Mem Am So^ Church H^tol-v Soc R^hi'

I'r^'anum"' Re^We'ncl'cl?yi'iuJ' Fir' Offl^t' Research, ^p'^i l^e'ta Ka"p^a. aS1?ioV a^nd'eJ',tor

4 A^?^;,,-1;f t CaryvUle, * la. Office, ^j ^ number of books, for titles see Who's

,6 W. Monroe bt. -^,^0 ; America. Residence: Evanston, HI.

STBOTTS, Edmund Henry, machinery (also Office: 14 W. Washington St.

minerals and metals); born Birkenhead, Che- stttast naroiri tsnniLrA invoofmor,t i,or,t

shire, Eng., June 21, 1860; son William Law- r? h^rn pVnvW?nre R T i,,^ % ?Ssi^ ?^"

^t/ei;^i^n"p^laTi'LS'lniU'^l,^ilXT^^ofk,'S a S^

'clAVM\f 'p"a'r'tn^eTfn^ %\rfu'l |[bTalS"S^ C^ w^h'^"^^^. ^^L^'i'c^'^TJ^ZTlsT.l'.X

the steel rails to build the Canadian Pacific ?"i^'J'i'f-T^ -2^ League Mid-Day; also. St.

Ry.; partner Stroud & Co., 1886; in 1890 estab- i;"?f J^I' ^2"'f'- ?.f''?ff' ^".S^' ^i",-' w ^^t"^'

llshed branch house in Kansas City, Mo., for Residence: Kenilworth, 111. Office: 12o W. Mon-

Merchant & Co., of Philadelphia; in 1892 pro- ^'^ '-

moted to management Chicago house of same STTJABT, James Edward, post office inspect-
firm. Began business in own name Apr. 1896, or, in charge Chicago division; born Forfar,
and in Sept. 1896, with Charles A. Ravnolds Scotland, July 8, 1842; son James Stuart and
formed the partnership of E. H. Stroud & Co.; Helenor (Edwards) Stuart; removed to Osh-
bought partner's interest, 1898; now princi- kosh. Wis., with parents, 1S51; ed. Arbroath,
pally engaged as mfr. of crushing, pulverizing, Scotland, and in Oshkosh pub. schools; law
disintegrating, shredding and other milling ma- student in office of Hon. Gabriel Bouck, Osh-
chinery. Episcopalian. Pres. Brotherhood of kosh, until war broke out; mustered in as pri-
st. Andrew in Chicago, 1909, 1910, 1911; mem. vate Co. B, 21st Wis. Vols.. Aug. 1862, becom-
Central Dept. Y.M.C.A., Chicago. Mason (Al- ing successively 1st sergeant, 2d lieut., and
tair Lodge, Brooklyn, N.Y.). Clubs: Aztec Ten- capt., then detailed as aid to Gen. Harrison C.
nis. Good Fellows Outing; charter mem. Cres- Hobart, commanding 1st Brigade, 1st Division,
cent Athletic Club, Brooklyn; was mem. Apollo 14th Army Corps, until general muster-out at
Club, Chicago, 1894-8. Recreation: outdoor Washington in summer of 1865; participated in
diversions. Residence: 1244 N. State St. Of- many engagements: married Oct. 3, 1870. Marie
flee: 55 W. Kinzle St. E., daughter late Hon. Peter Roberts, of Iowa



City, la. After muster-out became postal clerk
on route between Chicago and Green Bay, Wis.,
until 1868; chief clerk ry. mail service of la.,
1870-3; when promoted to postofflce inspector,
in charge division comprising 111., Mich, and
Wis.; active in ferreting out and convicting
large numbers of persons for fraudulent use of
mails and other postal crimes. Active in 2d
Regt., I.N.G., from 1885, of which he was suc-
cessively cant., maj., and col., and then brig.-
gen. I.N.G.; retired as such, July 1906, after 22
years' service; enlisted with regt. for war with
Spain and was sent to Jacksonville, Fla., and
thence to Havana, Cuba; placed on detached
service after war as chmn. military postal
com. and established postal service in Porto
Rico. Mem. Union Vet. League, Loyal Legion
and G.A.R. Clubs: Illinois, Press. Residence:
3144 W. Monroe St. Office: Chicago Postofflce.

STTTAST, James Everett, painter; born in
Me., Mar. 24, 1852; son Daniel Soloman and
Lydia A. (Philpot) Stuart; ed. pub. schools; art
studies San Francisco School of Design; un-
married. Discovered a process of painting upon
aluminum by which pigments could be made to
attach themselves to and practically become a
portion of the metal painted, which time does
not deface. Specialty landscapes; makes fre-
quent trips to Rocky Mountains of Colo, and
Alaska; awarded medal for painting "Mt.
Hood," annual exhibition Am. Art Soc, Phila.,
1902. Club: Press. Studio: 112 N. Dearborn St.

STUAST, Jolm, 2d vice-pres. Quaker Oats
Co.; born Cedar Rapids. la.. May 23, 1877; son
Robert and Margaret (Sharrah) Stuart; C.E.,
Princeton Univ., 1900; married Ellen B. Shum-
way, of Chicago; 2 daughters: Joan S. and El-
len. Began in mill of the Quaker Oats Co. at
Cedar Rapids, la., 1900-3; came to Chicago and
entered one of the plants of that company
here, later entering the office, and in 1910
was elected 2d vice-pres. Independent in pol-
itics. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, University,
Homewood Country. Recreations: golf and ten-
nis. Residence: Hubbard Woods, 111. Office:
1600 Railway Exchange.

STTTAST, Bobert, miller; born Ingersoll,
Ont., Nov. 22, 1852; son John and Elsie (Brem-
ner) Stuart; ed. pub. schools; married Aug. 2,
1876, Margaret Sharrar; children: John, Mar-
garet, R. D. Engaged in milling in Canada,
1871-3; came from Canada, 1873, to Cedar Rap-
ids, la., and became a member of the firm of
Douglass & Stuart, merchant millers; resided
in Cedar Rapids until 1879; since then in Chi-
cago; firm sold mills to Am. Cereal Co., 1890,
of which was treas. until organization of the
Quaker Oats Co.. of which lias since been treas.
Presbyterian. Club: Chicago. Residence: 4850
Woodlawn Av. Office: Railway Exchange.

STTTBBS, Jolm C, ry. official; born Ashland.
O., May 31, 1847; son Joseph Deyarmon and
Mary J. (Gray) Stubbs; ed. pub. schools, Ash-
land; married Mary R. Patterson, of La Crosse.
Wis., Aug. 1871. Entered ry. service, 1869; held
various positions on different roads until 1871;
asst. gen. freight agt, 1871-3, gen. freight agt.,
1873-82 freight traffic mgr., 1882-4, Central Pa-
cific Rd.; gen. traffic mgr., same rd. and leased
lines, 1884-5; gen. traffic mgr. S.P.Co., 1885-9;
now vice-pres. and dir. of traffic S.P.R.R.; also
traffic dir. U.P.R.R., Ore.-Wash. R.R. & Naviga-
tion Co., Ore. Short Line R.R. Mem. S.A.R.
Clubs: Chicago, Union League (Chicago), Law-
yers' (New York), Denver (Denver), Pacific
Union (San Francisco), Arlington (Portland,
Ore.). Residence: 1548 Dearborn Av. Office:
112 W. Adams St.

STTTCXABT, Henry, merchant; born New
York City. Nov. 6, 1853; son Conrad and Mar-
greth Stuckart; brought to Chicago in infancy;
ed. pub. schools; widower; 4 children. Engaged
in house furnishing business at present loca-
tion since 1875. Alderman from (then) 6th
Ward, 1892-6, and from (present) 4th Ward,

1903-5; South Town assessor, 1898-1902; candi-
date for mem. board of review, 1908; elected
Dem. candidate for city treasurer, primary elec-
tion. Mar. 1911. Address: 2511-2519 Archer Av.
STUMER, I^otilB M., merchant; born Balti-
more, Md., Apr. 24, 1869; son Michael and Jen-
nie (Kellner) Stumer; ed. pub. schools until 13
years old, and afterward at Notre Dame (Ind.)
Coll.; since 1890 of firm of Stumer, Rosenthal
& Eckstein, controlling various mercantile cor-
porations and Interests in realty, bldg. and
leasehold investments on State St. Pres. Em-
porium World Co., Strauss & Stumer Mercan-
tile Co. (St. Louis), Met. Building Co.. World
Apparel Co.; vice-pres. Am. Restaurant Co.,
Red Book Corporation, Story Press (Corporation,
Importers & Mfrs. Co.; dir. Rector's, Central
Realty & Investment Co., Public Drug Co., S.
Herizog Co., Steven Lewis Drug Co. Dir. Citi-
zens Street Cleaning Bureau, State St. Im-
provement Assn., Home for Jewish Friendless,
Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans, Jewish
Home Finding Soc. Mem. Chicago Real Estate
Board. Republican. Jewish religion; Sinai Con-
gregjation. Clubs: Press, 111. Athletic, Standard,
Ravisloe Country, Idlewild Country. Resi-
dence: Congress Hotel. Office: 12 E. Jackson

STTTBQES, Charles Mathews, lawyer; born
Mansfield, O., May 8, 1838; son Edward and
Mary (Mathews) Sturges; A.B., Kenyon Coll.,
1860; studied law, Columbus, O., 1860-1, Har-
vard Law School, 1861-2; married Ella Du
Bois Delafleld, of Chicago, Feb. 22, 1865; chil-
dren: Alice Delafleld (deceased), Edith Dela-
fleld (Mrs. Russell M. Heller), Edward Spen-
cer, Mary Mathews, Grace Delafleld (Mrs. Reg-
inald G. R. Crane), Esther Wallace (Mrs. War-
ner Fite), Howard Putnam, (jaroline Margaret
(Mrs. Henry Bass Hall). Admitted to Ohio
bar, 1862; practiced at Mansfield, O., 1862-3;
removed to Chicago, 1863. Counsel 38 years for
Northwestern Nat. Bank of Chicago; active
after Chicago fire in restoration of library and
collections of the Chicago Law Institute, and
(1870-2) its sec; incorporating mem. (1874)
Chicago Bar Assn.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa;
mem. exec. com. Am. Anti-Imperialist League.
Contributor to journals; writer of pamphlets
opposed to Imperialist policy, etc. Residence:
56 Central Av., Oak Park, 111. Office; 19 S. La
Salle St.

STUBQIS, Charles Inches, ry. official; born
Paris, France, July 21, 1860; son Robert Shaw
and Susan Brimmer (Inches) Sturgis: ed. St.
Mark's School, Southboro, Mass.; A.B., Harvard
Univ., 1882; married Chicago, June 6, 1893,
Margaret Noble; children: Robert Shaw, Frank
Noble. Has been in service of the C.,B.&Q.Ry,
Co., from 18S0. beginning as clerk in freight
dept., Chicago; in gen. agt.'s office, Denver,
1881; cashier local freight office, Denver, 1882;
paymaster's clerk, Chicago, 1884; asst. pay-
master, Chicago, 1885; paymaster, Chicago,
1886; asst. gen. auditor, 1888; gen. auditor
since 1893. Republican. Unitarian. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Chicago, Onwentsia. Residence: Win-
netka. 111. Office: 226 W. Adams St.

STTTBM, Adolph, rafr. ; born Vienna, Austria,
Oct. 15, 1848; son Moritz and Charlotte Sturm;
ed. pub. schools; worked in a silk factory and
later in a tannery in Vienna before coming to
Chicago, 1868; married Chicago. 1S73. Johanna
Schoth, of Germany; children: Arthur, Amanda
(Mrs. P. B. Kionka), Gisela (Mrs. J. E. Ban-
holzer), Irma (Mrs. G. F. Thompson), Litta
(Mrs. F. G. Roberts), Ernst, Charlotte, Grant,
Adolph. In 1870 went to work for T. S. Con-
stantine in veneer mfg. business until 1872,
when established the business he now conducts
under firm name of Adolph Sturm Co Resi-
dence: 1408 Wells St. Office: 542 W. Washing-
ton St.

STTTBM, Meyer J., architect; born Cincinnati,
O., Sept. 11, 1872; son Adolph and Pauline



(Frank) Sturm; ed. pub. schools of Cincinnati
and Chicago, Chicago Manual Training School,
and Mass. Inst, of Technology, graduating. 1896.
Dept. of Architecture, with degree of B. S.;
married Boston, Sept. 17, 1903, Aimee Goulston.
Was draftsman and supt. for architects in Chi-
cago, 1S96-9; chief engr. Luminous Prism Co.,
1898-1900; mem. of firm of Hallberg & Sturm,
architects. Mar. 1900-Mar. 1902; since then
practicing alone as architect. Gold medal
World's Fai;-, St. Louis. 1904, for hosp. plans.
Republican. Residence: Wilmette, 111. Office:
lis N. LaSalle St.

STUKTliVANT, Henry Sezter, broker; born
White Lake. Mich., June 9, 1862; son James D.
and Minerva (Hills) Sturtevant; educated pub.
schools; married Chicago, Apr. 20, 1887. Isa-
bella Doyle. Resident of Chicago since 1884;
entered employ of Counselman & Day. and be-
came a mem. of the firm, 1896; when firm dis-
solved later, became partner in firm of Coun-
selman & Co., and on demise of Charles Coun-
selman was only surviving partner; on May
21, 1904, consolidated the business with that of
Shearson, Hammill & Co., of New York, in
which is now resident partner. Mem. Soc. Co-
lonial Wars. Republican. Clubs: Chicago, Un-
ion League, Chicago Athletic, Mid-Day, Union,
Glen View; also Denver (Denver. Colo.). Rec-
reations; motoring and golf. Residence: 1258
Lake Shore Drive. Office: 78 W. Adams St.

STTDKEB, Carroll Hopkins, lithographing;
born "Rose Villa," SudlersvlUe, Md., Nov. 7,
1869; son John W. E. and M. Virginia (Hop-
kins) Sudler; prep. edn. Friend's Central Sch..
Philadelphia; A.B., Swarthmore, College, 1888;
married Susan B. Culbreth. of Smyrna, Del.,
Oct. 16, 1895; 3 sons: Carroll Hopkins, Jr., Cul-
breth, Louis C. Began business with George
S. Harris & Sons, lithographers, Phila., 1888-
92, then mgr. of the New York office, until
1893, when came to Chicago as the Western
mgr. of that company; became Western mgr.
of the Ketterlinus Lithographic Mfg. Co., of
Phila., Dec. 1894, and 2d vice-pres., 1898. Dem-
ocrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: I'niversity. On-
wentsia Atlas. Recreations: tennis, golf and
.squash. Residence: 1305 Ritchie PI. Office:
426-427 Monadnock Blk.

STTKEB, Qeor^e Francli, physician, ophthal-
mologist; born Detroit. Mich., Oct. 12. 1869;
son Herman and Emilie (Toelle) Suker; prep,
edn. German-Am. Sem., Detroit; M.D.. Univ. of
Mich., 1892. Engaged in med. practice at Chi-
cago since 1901; specialist in ophthalmology;
prof, ophthalmology, Post-Grad. Med. School,
since 1901; ophthalmologist to Post-Graduate
Hospital; consulting ophthalmologist to Mary
Thompson Hosp.: apptd. 1st It. U.S.A. Med.
Reserve Corps, Feb., 1911. Mem. Chicago Acad,
of Medicine, Chicago Med. Soc. (sec), A.M.A.,
Miss. Valley Med. Soc. 111. State Med. Soc;
sec. Am. Acad, of Ophthalmology and Oto-
Larvngologv; mem. Chicago Ophthalmological
Soc." Residence: 4605 Sheridan Rd. Office: 1101.
31 N. State St.

SVUmTVAX, Savid, lawyer; born Island of
Valentla. on southwest coast of Co. Kerry, Ire-
land, Apr. 3, 1856; son John C. and Mary Sulli-
van; came to U.S. with parents In 1865, set-
tling at Marquette, Mich., and in Mar. 1871, in
Chicago; early edn. in Ireland, followed by sev-
eral years In pub. and high schools at Mar-
quette. Mich.: married Chicago, Jan. 15, 1884,
Kate A. Healy; children: Edmund H.. Margaret
F. While a boy had picked up some knowledge
of printing business, and in 1871 found a place
on Chicago Times, first at setting type, after-
ward as reporter and later as proofreader.
Studied law in office of Judge Crooker. and
later In that of Judge Moran. Admitted to bar.
1876; was several years master In chancery Su-
perior Court. Served In 32d and 33d General
Assemblies from the 1st District, 1880-4; atty.
of Co. Board, 1883-8. Democrat. Mem. Royal

League. Residence: 427 48th PI. Office: 105 N.
Clark St.

SmiilTAK, Denis Emmet, lawyer; born Ke-
wanee. 111.. Nov. 16. 1869; son Mortimer and
Ellen (Hurley) Sullivan; ed. pub. schools; LL.
B., Chicago Law School. 1895; married Pitts-
field, 111., Jan. 17, 1900, Marie Carlisle Mulllns;
3 children: Marie Carlisle, Denis E., Jr., and
Edmond M. Admitted to 111. bar, 1894, and
practiced alone until 1901 ; then of firm of Mc-
Dannold, Sullivan & Jarrett, 1901-4. and on
death of Mr. McDannold firm changed to pres-
ent style of Sullivan & Jarrett. Democrat.
Mem. of 40th (regular and special sessions),
41st and 42d General Assemblies of III.; asst.
corpn. counsel of Chicago, 1897-1901. Member
Knights of Columbus, and Irish Fellowship
Club. Club: 111. Athletic. Residence: 6009 Win-
throp Av. Office: 155 N. Clark St.

SUIitrVAH, Edward J., theatrical mgr. ; born
Bath, Me., Jan. 8, 1880; son Edward and Mary
A. ((jliincy) Sullivan; ed. pub. grammar school
and i>usiness coll., Portland Me.; unmarried.
Began career as programme boy, Portland The-
atre, 1895, of which was treas., 1896, and mgr.,
1897-8; treas. I.,owell (Mass.) Opera House,
1899; mgr. Poll Theatre, Waterbury, Conn.,
1900; road mgr. James O'Neill Co. and Edward
Morgan's Eternal City Co., 1901-2, Eleanora
Duse, American tour, 1902, Ellis Jeffreys Co.
(English), 1903, James T. Powers Co., 1904,
DeWolf Hopper Co., 1905, and Mme. Sarah
Bernhardt's last two American tours, 1906-10;
mgr. Studebaker Theatre, Chicago, since 1907.
Republican. Catholic Mem. B.P.O. Elks, Port-
land, Me. Club: Power and Boat (Portland).
Residence: Auditorium Hotel. Office: Stude-
baker Theatre,

SV^^IVAir, bonis Henry, architect; born
Boston, Sept. 3, 1856; son Patrick and Adrienne
Sullivan; ed. pub. schools, Boston; spl. courses
in Mass. Inst. Tech. and ficole des Beaux Arts,
Paris, France; married Margaret Hattabough,
of Chicago, July 1, 3 899. Mem. Am. Inst. Archi-
tects; also various local tech. socs. Gold medal.
Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 1894.
Contbr. of numerous monographs and articles
to tech. publications. Address: 1600 Auditorium

StrXtXtTVA'S, Mortimer, varnish mfr. ; born
Somonauk, 111., Dec. 11, 1S59; son Mortimer and
Ellen (Hurley) Sullivan; attended pub. schools,
Kewanee, III.; grad. Parish Business Coll., Pe-
oria, 111., 1886; grad. Chicago Coll. of Law
(now law dept. Lake Forest Univ.), 1895, LL.
B.. 1896; married Minnie Brown Sldley, of
Thompson, O., Feb. 24, 1892; children: Marie,
Helen. Mortimer, Jr.. and Sldley. Began busi-
ness career w'ith Murphy Varnish Co.. Chicago.
1886, with which remained as salesman until
1903, when organized the Sullivan Varnish Co..
of which has since been pres. and dir. Demo-
crat. Catholic. Mem. Knights of Columbus,
Royal League, Yeomen of America. Recrea-
tions: fishing and baseball. Residence: 141
South Park Av., Austin. Office: 410 Hart St.

STTbl^TVAir, Bogrer C, pres. Opden Gas Co.;
born Belvldere. 111.. Feb. 2, 1861; son Eugene
and Marv Sullivan; ed. pub. schools; married
Helen M. Quinlan. of Chicago. 1885; 5 children:
Boetius H.. Mary, Helen. Frances, Virginia.
Clerk of Probate Court of Cook Co., 1890-4;
mem. Cook Co. Dem. Com. since 1890; mem.
Dem. Nat. Com. from III. since 1904. Pres. Og-
den Gas Co. since 1902. Catholic. Clubs: Union
League Chicago Athletic, Iroquois, Mid-Day.
South Shore Country. Residence: 2950 Wash-
ington Boul. Office: 122 S. Michigan Av.

STJIiIirV'AK, Thomas John, physician; born
Ann Arhoi-, Mich., June 1, 1857; son Jeremiah
T. and Marv (Roche) Sullivan; ed. Ann Arbor
High School; M.D., Univ. of Mich., 1880; mar-
ried Catherine McManus, of Ann Arbor, Mich.,
Aug. 26. 1884; 5 children. Began practice at


Ann Arbor; removed to Chicago, Nov. 1S87; League. sec. Y.M.C.A., Chicago, 1891-5;

prof, surgery, Post-Grad. Med. School; maj. evangelist since 1896; received from 1,000 to
and surgeon 111. Vol. Inf. Spanish-Am. War; 3,000 converts per month, 1904-7, and about
surgeon 7th 111. Inf., I.N.G., since 1896; apptd. 75,000 conversions during past 10 yrs.; or-

1st It. U.S.A. Med. Reserve Corps, Feb. 1911. dained Presbyn. ministry, by Chicago Pres-

Mem. Chicago Med Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, bytery, Apr. IB, 1903. Prohibitionist. Address:

A.M. A., Assn. of Mil. Surgeons of U.S. Club: 203 Throop St.

University. Office and Residence: 4709 S. Mich- STJNDEBUN, Hewton Austin, clergyman;
igan Boul. born Clearheld, Pa., Sept. 5, 1849; son John D.
STJIiZBIIBaillt, Max J., packer; removed to and Lydia A. (Steeres) Sunderlin; ed, Cedar-
New York. ville and Mt. Morris, 111., and Univ. of Wis.;
STTT-ynTTinT'-H !ninmf>Ti T.i n <1 n 11 or nre 'Pn taught school 8 years; B.D., Garrett Bibl. Inst.,
terl^YPsf plhU^ffW.^CoTS?rn Pl^adVhfa.-Feb: !=/^,?J;?!?l 'iiii'Tr,^ T7^,%^- 4^"^f,d^/^"T^Y'
5, 1857; son Leopold and Sophia (Cindauer) ?f '^^"^i"' nY'^'i^'^P'^h^' f^^l,^' ^ '=i*"4'^'^ ^"I'i"
Sulzberger; grad. Central High School. Phlla. ; grda^'^d m E mhfist^v 1880- Da^to^'in^IiraV
married Chicago, Feb. 1, 1887, Clara Frank; Garden PraWe 1880 /' Rorkto^n188<!fi CaS
children: Frank, Louise, Helen. Came to Chi- iS!^ i?oc^a? ui,.,,o5^ I'oS e i??i'i i i ' iSoS"
%%%% i''& ''^.^uni,i"'rrrs'%nVe%rlsi"'Arnl 19S5.'f9?h"Av"^C^^S;:^h,^'c'hVc^agr?tf59^'^'D^ol^|:
Sfg"c^o.^s?nce"l'893.' MeS,':'^PaSl'ofl"and'^ir! '- f ^/S Sr' '^RilfiSAoT'-n^^Htk'' Ay' ""''-
nish Assn.. 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Republican. Dir. ^ tJ.'~^ Residence. 711 N. 63a Av.
United Hebrew Charities. Clubs: Standard, , SUNlTr, Bernard Edward, business mgr.;
Ravisloe Country, 111. Athletic Residence: 4404 "orn Brooklyn, May 22, 1856; ed. pub. schools;
Michigan Av. Office: 854 W. Van Buren St. (hon. degree D. Engring., Armour Inst. Tech-
<.^.c - 1 ^ - -i ,T T c o nology, 1908); married Ellen Clifton Rhue, of
SUMMEBS, leland laflln, (L. L. Summers & Brooklyn, 1878. Telegraph operator, night mgr.
Co., engrs.); born Cleves, O., Mar. 6, 1871; son and mgr, Chicago office Atlantic & Pacific Tele-
Charles H. and Emma (Porter) Summers; grad graph Co., 1875-9; supt. Chicago Telephone Co.,
Highland Park (111.) High Scliool; niarried 1879-88; pres. Chicago Arc Light & Power Co.
London, Ont., Apr. 4, 1899 Eva H Brodlique; 1888-91; western mgr. for Thomson-Houston
children; Lesley E., Llewellyn Brodlique. Asst. Electric Co. and western mgr. and also a vice-
electrician. Western Union Telegraph Co., 1889- pres. of its successor, the General Electric Co.,
92; electrician Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., 1892-1908 (continues to be a dir. in latter co.);
western division, 1892-4; consulting engr. since pres. Chicago Telephone Co. since May, 1908;
1894 on railroads and elec.mech. and hydrau- a vice-pres. Am. Telephone & Telegraph Co.
he construction Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Chi- served 1 yr. as dir. Chicago Expn., but de-
cago Yacht, Twentieth Century, Mid-Day, clined reelection in order to become pres. of
South Shore Country; also Den ver ( Deny er, the Intramural R.R. at the World's Fair. Del.
Colo.). Residence: 1535 E. 60th St. Office: 6th Congressional Dist. of 111. to Rep. Nat.
I'lrst Nat. Bank Bldg. Conv., Phila., 1900. Pres. Civic Federation of
SUMMY, Clayton Prick, music publisher; born Chicago, 1901-4; pres. bd. trustees 111. Eastern
Landisville, Pa., Dec. 9, 1852; son Daniel and Hosp. for Insane, 1905-9; pres. Grover Cleve-
Ann (Frick) Summy; ed. pub. schools of Pa. land Memorial Assn. Clubs: Chicago, Union
and Sterling, 111., to which place he removed League (chmn. polit. action com.), Commer-
with parents, 1865; made special study of mu- cial, Mid-Day, Kenwood, Homewood, Hamilton,
sic; married Chicago, Nov. 9, 1880, Mina Rom- Chicago Automobile, South Shore Country. Res-
meiss; children: Edna Emma, Dorothy. Worked idence: 4933 Woodlawn Av. Office: 230 W.
in music store in Sterling, 111., 2 years; taught Washington St.

music until 1872; studied music in Boston Mu- SUBaHITOB, Valentine Harrison real es-

sic School; returned to Sterling and taught tate; born Tavlor Co., Va. ; son Valentine H.

music from 18i6-(; returned to Boston for a and Marv E. (Brashear) Surghnor; ed. dist.

year for further study of music; taught in schools in Va.; married Quincy, 111., Nov. 1878,

Hershey Music School, Chicago, 1877-9; with Lizzie Moffett (died Aug. 20, 1890). In dry

Lyon & Heay, 1879-88; established sheet mu- goods business, Hannibal, Mo., 1869-75; then In

sic and publishing business, 1888, and pres- wholesale ice business until the business was

ent corpn. of Clayton F. Summy Co. in 1895, swept away by the flood of 1881; since 1881 In

of which is pres and treas. Republican. Clubs: real estate business in Chicago. Mem. Chicago

City, ClifC Dwellers. Recreations: outdoor di- Real Estate Board (sec. 1894, vice-pres. 1903).

versions. Residence: 524 Oakdale Av. Office: Democrat. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner), K.P.,

225 S. Wabash Av. Eik; mem. S.A.R. Clubs: Calumet, Chicago

SUMITEB, Walter Taylor, clergyman; born Athletic. Recreation: reading. Residence: 2626

Manchester, X.H., Dec. 5, 1874; son Charles Indiana Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St.
Davenport and Rintha (Thompson) Sumner; SXTTCIiIPFE, Jolin, architect; born Bacup,

B.S., Dartmouth, 1898; grad. Western Theol. Eng., Mar. 28, 1853; son John and Martha

Sem., Chicago, 1904; unmarried. Deacon, 1903, (Townend) Sutcliffe; ed. pub. schools and In

priest, 1904, P.E. Ch.; sec. to bishop of Chi- S. Kensington, London, graduating in archl-

cago since 1903; pastor St. George's Ch., Chi- lecture and art; married England, 1879, Lydia

cago, 1904-6: dean. Cathedral SS. Peter and Knight; children: Arthur George, Helen Mary,

Paul and supt. City Missions, Episcopal Ch., Clara Mabel, Edwin Alan, Isabel Ray. Was

since 1906. Mem. Chicago Bd. of Edn., since in business as architect at Bacup, Eng., and

1909; chmn. gen. advisory com. United Char- with the Admiralty at Portsmouth, Eng., for 4

ities; 1st vice-pres. Juvenile Protective League; years. Engaged in practice of architecture at

dir. and treas. Charles Sumner Social Settle- Birmingham, Ala., 6 years; came to Chicago,

ment; trustee Home for Aged Persons; chmn. 1892. Republican. Residence: Oak Park, 111.

Tribune Lodging House Com., Com. on Unem- Office: 206 S. LaSalle St.
ployed; vice-pres. Juvenile Ct. Com. Clubs: STTTSTinr.A'N'Ti -FiiniiiiiB Toffava/m lo^-,,^^.

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 203 of 230)