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speaks 7 modern languages. State commis- the Mich. Military Acad., Orchard Lake, Mich.,

sioner from 111. to Vienna Exposition, 1873; 1878-80; pres. Orchard Lake Military Acad.,

pres. Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy, 1882; geol- Orchard Lake, Mich., for a time following July

ogist and interpreter in Commns. to examine 1902. Inventor of the Wheeler Coach and Car

route of Nicaragua Canal, 1899. Consul at Chi- Seats. Now Grand Recorder Grand Command-

cago for Republic of Panama. Mem. A.A.A.S., ery K.T. of 111. Aide-de-camp on staffs of Govs.

Am. Pharm. Assn., and many Am. and foreign Cullom and Hamilton, 1881-4, later col. 2d

scientific socs. The only survivor of the orig- Regt., I.N.G., until 1890; brig.-gen., command-

indl faculty of old Univ. of Chicago, having ing, 1st Brigade, I.N.G., 1893-8 (resigned),

taught its first class. Author: Natural His- clubs: Union League, Chicago. Residence: 1741

tory Charts; Catalogue Polyglottus; Deter- \v. Monroe St. Ofllce: 5 N. LaSalle St.

minative Mineralogy; Chemistry of Building Tir'B"o'Ei'r -k'd 'b~ ,,! .. TTni^r, t.c*

Materials; Medical Chemistry. Residence: 5227 n^?^?^'k?"5^. v' m^ J^/k isfiv nn ^n

Flli-j Av Office- 1401 Ma<innip Ride- CO. born Brooklyn, 1\.Y., May 2b, 1866, son An-

,Ji..^.,^_ -:.J , Masonic mag. ^^^^ Martin and Theresa (VonLoon) Wheeler;

WHBBIiBB, CliarlOB Martin, real estate; born ed. pub. schools of Brooklyn; married Emma
N. Ferrisburg, Vt., Sept. 24, l8o4; son Absolom i^indsav, of Brooklyn, Sept. 7, 1887; 2 children:
and Maria (Martin) Wheeler; ed. district i.indsay, Mildred. Left New York, 1886, and
school in Vt., and at Immanuel Hall, Chicago, ^ent to Minn.; entered gen. ins. business; set-
Resident of Chicago from 1866; clerked in tied in Chicago, 1894, as dist. mgr. of the Cred- grocery house 3 years, then in gen- jt Clearing House, of which was vice-pres.,
eral offices of C.&N.W.Ry. 5 years; since spring 1899-1901, and pres., 1901-10; vice-pres. and
of 1903 in real estate business, with Albert djr. Union Trust Co. since 1910. Dir. Credit
Haentze (Haentze & Wheeler). Republican, clearing House. Gen. sec. Chicago Assn. of
Residence; 1402 Washington Boul. Office: 3198 Commerce, 1906-7, chmn. Ways and Means
Milwaukee Av. Com., 1908, vice-pres., 1909, chmn. Exec. Com.,

WHEEIiEB, Charles Finckney, vice-pres. 1910, pres. Chicago Assn. of Commerce, 1911.
Pickands, Brown & Co., pig iron, iron ore and Chmn. Chicago Pub. Library Commn., 1909;
coke; born Mt. Carroll, 111., May 5, 1856; son mem. exec. com. Chicago Plan Commn., 1910.
David H. and Sophia E. (Seymour) Wheeler; Clubs: Union League, Industrial (pres.), Mid-
A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1876, A.JI., 1879; stu- lothian Country, Kenwood Country; also Law-
dent Columbia Law School, New York, 1878-9; yers' (New York). Residence: 4613 Ellis Av.
married Chicago, Nov. 10, 1881, Martha S. Sey- Office: Tribune Bldg.

mour; children: Seymour, Catharine, Elliot, WHEEKEB, Newton Calvin, lawyer: born
Leslie. Associated with Meeker, Hedstroni & Bristol, Kendall Co., 111., Aug. 21, 1849; son
^P.;<9'''^' and sec. and mgr. Eureka Coal Co., j^r. Calvin and Sarah J. (Hoyt) Wheeler; ed.
18(9-85; engaged in metal business 1885-8; be- Bristol pub. schools, Clark's Sem., Aurora, HI.,
came a partner in firm of Pickands, Brown & Beloit Coll. and old Univ. of Chicago. Was tu-
Co., 1888, of which is now vice-pres. and treas. jor ^t Washington Univ., St. Louis, for a time;
Trustee Northwestern Univ. since 1900. Pres. then for short time principal Winnetka Acad.;
Northwestern Alumni Assn, 1892-3. Clubs: returned to Univ. of Chicago, A.B., 1873, later
Chicago, University, Glen View, Onwentsia a.m.; mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Student
Recreations: golf, motoring. Residence: 221 Union Coll. of Law, 1873-4; completed law stud-
Dempster St., Evanston, HI. Office: i2 W. Ad- jes in office of Lyman & Jackson; married Nov.
ams St. 12, 1881, Lizzie M., daughter of late Richard

WHEEKEB, Edwin Stewart, varnish mfr.; Stiles, of Chicago; children: Arthur Newton,
born Oregon, Ogle Co., 111., Apr. 5, 1858; son Harold Calvin, Edna Winifred. Admitted to 111.
Edwin R. and Harriet P. (Stewart) Wheeler; bar, at Ottawa, Sept. 1875, but because of fa-
ed. pub. schools and Northwestern Univ.; LL.B., ther's death spent some time In settling the es-
Union Coll. of Law, Chicago; married Nora tate; later was asst. to Huntington W. Jackson,
Springs, la., Sept. 29, 1879, Chloe Irene Gay- receiver of the Third Nat. Bank of Chicago,
lord; 3 sons: Edwin Gaylord, Wilberforce Ricli- Began active practice of law in Chicago, 1878,
ard, Henry Duncan. After leaving coll., prac- as senior mem. firm of Wheeler & Twiss. and
ticed law at Mason City and Nora Springs, la., later, Wlieeler, Bellamy & Holden; associated
and conducted private banking business (Shep- with Col. Daniel W. Munn, in firm of Munn &
ardson & Wheeler): came to Chicago, 1888, and Wheeler, 1881-1905; now practicing alone. Re-
was connected with tlie Newark Fire Ins. Co., publican. Ex-pres. board of trustees Woodlawn
of Newark, N.J., as special agt. and adjuster. Park Presbyterian Church. Was 6 years a
having charge of the entire business in 8 mem. University Congregation ^one of the gov-
states; continued with that co. until July 1, erning bodies of the Univ. of Chicago). Mem.
1904, when, with W'. H. Noakes and R. W. Psi Upsilon Fraternity. Clubs: Woodlawn Park
Clough, purchased the business of the Watts (twice pres.), Jackson Park Golf. Residence:
De Golyer Co., reorganizing it as the Noake- 6611 Woodlawn Av. Office: 25 N. Dearborn St.
Wheeler-Clough Co., and later becoming Wheel- WHEEKOCK, Harry Berg-en, architect; born
er-Clough C;o^ (mff- of varnishes and japans Qale.^burg, 111., Julv 12, 1861; son George L
under the "Rock brands), of which is Pres. ^^^ Svlvia M. (Field) Bergen; after parents
Republican. Veteran of the 1st Regt., I.N.G.; (jeath, 1869, was adopted by O. L. Wheeock, of
was adjutant in ith Re^t., la N.G., resigning Chicago; ed. grammar and high schools in Chi-
on coming to Chicago. Elk (Minneapolis Lodge p^go, following with C.E. course in Univ. of
No. 4) Mason (Oak Park Lodge 540 A.F.&A.M jjich.; married Monroe, Mich., June 15, 1886,
Oriental Consistory Siloam Commandery 54, j^ene Frances Grosvenor; children: Harry Ber-
and Medinah Temple Mystic bhrine). Clubs: g^^ (^led in infancy), Sara Grosvenor, Loyal
111. Athletic (life memj, Pistakee Country, and Bergen, Elliot Winthrop (died in infancy). En-
Min-Dako-\Vis Trilje. Recreation: fishing Res- ^^^ged in general practice as architect since
'>'',^"??-T^?-*' ^-^ ^J^''^ A^' Oak Park, 111. Office: ]886. Designed the following structures: West-
24b E. Illinois St. ern Methodist Book Concern office bldg.; the

WHEB^bEB, Harris Ansel; born Orrington, Moody Bible Inst, bldgs. ; the Printers bldg..

Me., July 30, 1850; son John D. and Sarah J. also "many churches and liosps. Republican.

Wheeler; ed. pub. schools; married Chica.go, Mem. State Board of Examiners of Architects.

June 2, 1884, Anna M. Ayer. Began as clerk for Mem. Am. Inst, of Architects, Chicago Archi-

a wholesale dry goods firm at Bangor, Me., tects' Business Assn. (pres. 198). Active mem.

1865-9; clerk for a Detroit, Midi., dry goods in the Presbyterian Church. Mem. Chicago


Assn. of Commerce. Club: Evanston. Resi- mgr. Grand Pacific Hotel. Republican. Catho-

dence: 1040 Hinman Av., Evanston, 111. Of- lie. Residence: 1818 Leland Av., Ravenswood.

fice: 64 W. Randolph St. Office: Grand PaciHc Hotel.

WHEEI.OCX, William W., lawyer; born Felts WHITAXER, Jonathan Orvllle, pres. Whlta-

Mllls, Jefferson Co., N.Y., Sept. 24, 1864; son ker Mfg. Co.; born Butler Co., O., Dec. 1, 1859;

Washington and Eunice L. Wheelock; ed. Can- son Jonathan 'W. and Nancy C. (Cox) Whita-

ton (N.Y. ) high school and St. Lawrence Univ., ker; ed. pub. and high schools, Cincinnati, O.,

and at Nortliwestern Univ.; studied law after to 1876. In 1876 became one of the partners of

leaving coll.; married Chicago, June 12, 1901, the Western Supply Co., Cincinnati, O., which

Margaret P. Bullock; 3 children: Florence, Re- sold out to the Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co.,

becca, Ralph. Admitted to bar, 1888; now sen- 1886; mgr. Chicago and Cincinnati houses of

lor mem. firm of Wheelock, Shattuck & Newey. the Whitman & Barnes Mfg. Co., 1886-98, and

Republican; mem. 111. Legislature, 1893-5; was in 1898 was made general sales mgr., with

asst. atty. for the Sanitary District of Chicago headquarters at Akron, O. ; elected 3d vlce-pres.

soon after its organization, and from 1894 was and dir., 1901, serving until Sept. 1, 1903, when

atty. to the Chicago Board of Election Commis- resigned and organized the Whitaker Mfg. Co.,

sioners for 12 years. While in ISfew York was of which has since been pres.; also dir. Lake-

a mem. of the 39th Separate Co., N.G.S.N.Y., side Forge & Wrench Co., Mich. Twist Drill Co.

and later of the 22d Regt., of New York City. Mason (32). Clubs: Union League, Chicago

Mem. Sons of New Y^ork. Mem. Chicago, 111. Athletic, Exmoor, South Shore Country. Rec-

State and Am. Bar assns. Mason. Clubs: Un- reations: golf, motoring. Residence: Union

ion League, University. Law. Residence: 2834 League Club. Oflice: 509 W. Monroe St.

Washington Boul. Oflice: Marquette Bldg. WHITCOIOB, Franklin 1., vice-pres. Griffin

WHIFFEK, Wilson Thomas, mgr. The Penin- Wheel Co.; born Worcester, Mass., Mar.' 5, 1862;

sular Stove Co.; born Metamora, 111., Apr. 3, son Carter and Emilie Augusta (Spring) Whit-

1864; son William Benjamin and Harriet Work comb; ed. pub, school at Worcester, Mass., and

(Smith) Whiffen; ed. pub. schools, Metamora Williston Sem., Easthampton, Mass.; married

and Lacon, III.; married Sophia E. Smith, of Pittsburg, Pa., May 15, 1893, Marie P. Vander-

Galesburg, III., Apr. 18, 1889; 2 daughters: Ma- srlft; children: Carter P., Franklin L., Jr., Pem-

rion F., Marjoria S. Became identified with berton. Began in commn. wool business, Bos-

The Peninsular Stove Co., Jan. 1, 1900, with ton. about 3 years, when went to Cleveland

which has since remained, becoming asso. mgr. and for about 3 years was a mem. of the firm

of the Chicago office, Dec. 10, 1901, and mgr., of Geo. W. Cady & Co., jobbers of boots and

Nov. 1902; also pres. Union House Furnishing shoes, then in purchasing dept. of A.,T.&S.F.

Co., Kewanee, 111. Democrat. Presbyterian. Ry- at Topeka, Kan., about 4 years. In 1888

Clubs: Union League, Calumet Country. Rec- came to Chicago and was general sales agt.

reations: golf, tennis. Residence: 5435 Cornell Griffin Wheel Co. until 1909, since then vlce-

Av. Office: 434-500 S. Canal St. pres. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Mid-

'nrKTPPT.E ArthTif T hnnrtQ- hr>rn BFinnr.o Day, South Shore Country, Riverside Golf; also

Mi^n"^^n"l,m^rso'nWm?lmXa^d"cS^ m Ryr^ltionl^'^ol^'^SoVT.*'"fls,^fni"'^^elJ?'

nelia (Foster) Whipple; ed. pub. Ichools of fl^V^T^fn^tnn' ^?i ' nm^l i-{->^^in^,tVr:

Winona and Shattuck Military Acad.; married i^ni'',;^-'^^^"^*""' ^"- O^ce- ^32 S. Michigan
Sept. 25, 1895, Myrtle Northam, Chicago; chil- Jllilf-

dren: Jay Northam, Elizabeth. Came to Chica- W HI TJJ, see also Whyte.
go from Winona, 1892, as sec. and treas. of *WHITB, Albert Smitb, mfr.; see Vol. 1905.
Calumet Electric St. Ry. ; later vice-pres. and uim i pn /i-rii\ )<iifni ,o, ,_

treas. Englewood & Chicago Electric St. Ry., etc" bj^n' Livero^ol ^^ T>h*^ 9 ls^S^nn

being associated with William V. Jacobs in Henry and Marv(Fricklr?' White- ed Jri^mi?

^helfsTrVcro^'cES soutlTof 72d It" "lince ^fd high sch^^lsV'LfvXo^: mlVn>

1896 lenior mem nf A T Wh?nnl ^ Co hrn head, Eng., Nov. 2, 1887. Florence Broomhall;

kl?l^npSbutnitvb^ndk-v^c??i?e? Chicago Shildren: Henry (deceased), Dorothy, Stam^

Gas & Oil Co Clubs- TTn?An T la^np Fvmno,? ^'"<'- Began in Liverpool as mem. S. White &

SkSki^ Countrv Highland Pa?k*Re?irt^ncJ: ^- S'" ^""^ provisions; in 1881 came to Chi-

Glencoe 11^ Office First Nat B^nklfdi ''^^?- '*"<' established in the same line, being

ijiencoe, in. umce. 'iist jsat, iJank Bldg. senior mem. of the firm of A. S. White & Co.

WHIPFI^E, Charles Backns, sec. Hibbard, Pres. Chicago Board of Trade, 1910. Eplscopa-
Spencer, Bartlett & Co.; born Chicago, June 24, lian. Mem. board of mgrs. Y.M.C.A.; trustee
1859; son Rodney M. and Abble A. (Backus) Chicago Home for Boys. Clubs: Chicago, Home-
Whipple; ed. old West Division High School; wood, Press (life mem.). Residence: 5217 Lex-
married Almira E. Hayward, of Chicago, Sept. ington Av. Office: 160 W. Jackson Boul.
29, 1881; 3 children: Charles John, Edith Hay- -WHITE. AnimstnB Jolm E^rtiin fommn iiorr,
ward (Mrs. Frank Mllchrist), Walter G. Has PalatiSe 111 A^r 16 m'2?soS Joh^M and
l^c"'''JJn^e'ont^",'''-7"}''^'""''' ^P^'^^'"' ^^^^^^^^ Sarah (Higgins)" White ed.' pub. f^hool^' (31^1-
f 9ofto^ "'^f '''- ^^'^ (sec. and dir. same, Apr cago; married Chicago, Jan. 25, 1899, Luby M.
9, 1908); also vice-pres. and treas. Merchants' Smith Began in eraiii eommn biisines issn
nn^o.?T^e?t,S'-,^'^*"'""i'^^T?- Methodist Clubs: in employ ff"GP^CoVst?ck"and'establilh^^^^
Union League, Kenwood, Homewood Golf. Rec- for self in latter part of 1884 (A J White *

woolAv^ ^OfflVe""st^fe .."^""i^rtr ' ^ "'" ^""- ^o.) Mem. Chicag^o Board Of TrTde and Chfca^
wood Av. Office. State St. Bridge. ^o Stock Exchange. Republican. Mem. Co. C,

WHIPPIE, Enoch A., mgr. Grand Pacific Ho- 1st Regt. I.N.G. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago
tel; born Jefferson, Wis., Dec. 21, 1851; son Athletic, Hamilton, South Shore Country, Ex-
Zebulon and Helen M. (Brown) Whipple; ed. moor Country, Swan Lake Fishing and Shoot-
pub, schools, Jefferson Liberal Inst, and com- inff- Recreations: hunting, fishing, golf. Resi-
mercial coll., Chicago, 1869; married Chicago, dence: 5247 Lexington Av. Office: Board of
July 11, 1892, Elizabeth J. Fitzgerald; children: Trade Bldg.

Ricliard Gerald Willis Zebulon. Began as clerk -WHITE, Carleton, wholesale upholstery and

in Nat. Bank of Jefferson, 18i0-2; came to Chi- cabinet hardware; born Cincinnati, O Sept 24

cago and engaged in lumber business, 1872-5; 1860; son Carleton and Elizabeth H. (Diinn)

night clerli 18,0-8, bookkeeper, 1878-80, and White: came to Chicago, 1868; ed. Cincinnati

cashier 1880-9, under Drake, Parker & Co., at and Chicago schools; married Belding. Mich.

Grand Pacific Hotel; entered service of Breslin Oct. 17, 1887, Alice Luther; 1 son: Carleton

*,^,"thsate at opening up of Auditorium Ho- Luther; married 2d, Chicago, Apr 21 1896

Vl. 18|9. 'emaining until 1892; partner with Louise A. -White. Began business career with

J. M. Lee, of tile Victoria Hotel, 1892-4; asst. Waterbury Needle Co.? remaining until the co

mgr. Great Northern Hotel, 1894-9; since 1899, gave up its Chicago office; in 1874 entered as


clerk, employ of J. L. Wayne & Son, dealers in WHITE, J. Harrison, art patron; see Vol.

cabinet hardware and upholstery goods; be- 1905.

came connected with W. D. Gibson, 1878, who . mm.i t-.^~- ,.o t.,,o iTi.jtn t3-

was succeeded by Gibson, Parish & Co., and the co R?sWen^!'" T'^olkda^f A v Office ??$

latter in 1889, by Lussky, Payn & Co., com- Vs"' tm^S?^! t Uakdale A\ . Office. .IJ

posed of G. H. Lussky, R. E. Payn, Carleton *^ Jone bt.

White and F. W. Coolidge, of Detroit; on death WHITE, Iiinn, civil engrr. : born at Paducah.

of Mr. Payn the surviving partners acquired Ky., Aug. 22, 1863; son William Augustus and

his interests, the firm becoming, Jan. 1, 1S03, Adeline (Watkins) White; prep. edn. pub. and

Lusskv, White & Coolidge, incorporated as private schools, Paducah, Ky. ; A.B., Vanderbilt

Lussky, White & Coolidge, Inc., of which is Univ., Nashville, Tenn., 1883, C.E., 1884; mar-

pres. Republican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic ried Fannie May Rogers, of Covington, Va..

(vlce-pres.), Homewood Country, South Shore .Tan. 10, 1889; 1 daughter: Charlotte. Engaged

Country, Chicago Yacht. Reci-eations: outdoor in mining and railroad work, 1884-6; mem. firm

diversions. Residence: 4610 Ellis Av. Ofllce: 69 Guild & White, civil and mining engrs., Chat-

W. Lake St. tanooga, Tenn., 1886-97; in mining in northern

WHITE, Charles B., Jr., architect, author: ?^a 1897-1901; mem. firm Shanahan, Woolfolk

born Boston, Mass., M^y 18, 1876; son Charles & Co, "VVayland, Mass constructing \\ eston

E. and Agnes (SafCord) White; finished edn. by Aqueduct of Boston water supply. 1901-3; asst.

special work at Mass. Inst, of Tech., Boston; ^"B{: A.,T.&fe.F.Ry., 1903-4; chief engr South

married Alice M. Roberts, of Oak Park, 111., Park Commissioners, Chicago, since 1904. In-

Nov. 26, 1901: 3 children: Charles Safford, Eliz- dependent in politics. Christian Scientist,

abeth Whipple, James Roberts. Began archi- Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Engr.s., Western Soc. of

tectural worlc in offices of S. J. Brown, Boston, gnsr.s.. Am. Soc Municipal Improvement; mem.

1894, chief draughtsman, 1896; architect for ge'^Theta Pi. Recreations: gardening, fishing.

Boston branch of Swift Bros. & Co., packers. Residence: 5214 T^ oodlawn Av. Ofllce: oithSt.

1897-8. designing and building warehouses and "" Cottage Grove Av.

offices in New England; architect for Am. Gas WHITE, Bobin I^eBoy, mfr. ; born Atchison,
Co., Phila., 1899-1900, building various plants, Kan., Sept. 10, 1877; son Charles Jlason and
office buildings and amusement parks; engaged Emily E. (Field) White; ed. pub. schools. Chi-
in independent practice at Boston, 1900-2, Chi- cago; married Rose H. Barton, of River For-
cago, since 1902. Pres. North Shore Daily Af- est. 111., Oct. 18, 1898; 3 children: Dorothy
fairs Co. Contbr. to Ladies' Home Journal, Charlotte, Ronald Barton, Thornton Field". Ac-
Country Life in America, Suburban Life, House countant for Calumet Electric St. Ry. Co.,
Beautiful, Ladies World, etc., on architectural 1893-7; accountant and office nigr. Am. Luxfer
subjects; spl. corr. for Country Life in Amer- Prism Co., 1897-1900, .sec. and treas., 1900-7,
ica. Suburban Life and House Beautiful: also vice-pres. and gen. mgr. since 1907. Mem. River
engaged upon architectural books. ' Asso. Am. Forest School Board since 1906. Republican.
Inst, of Architects; mem. Fine Arts Soc. of Presbyterian. Mason. Mem. S.A.R. Club: 111.
Oak Park (a founder and 1st pres.). New En- Athletic. Recreations: golf, fishing. Residence:
gland Soc. Liberal Republican. Mason. Clubs: River Forest, 111. Office: 1605, 29 E. Madison St.
Oak Park, River Forest Tennis, CI lit Dwellers. ,-__ ^ ^ ^, , j, ,
Recreation: music. Residence: 321 N. Euclid . WHITE, Bnfus Austin, clergyman and lec-
Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 179 W. Washington turer; born town of I-rank in, Bradford Co.,
Street FeL.; son Lucien and Caroline White; Ph.B.,

wD^-c -n ^ .r t. 11 1 1, Tufts Coll.; "B.D., Tufts Divinitv School, 1884;

WHITE, Prank Newhall, clergyman; born (^p ^^ftg ^oll., 1904); married 1886, Louise
Lyons. la., Oct 2o, 1858; son Rev Lorenzo p^ Brooks, of Boston; children: Austin God-
Johnson and Eliza Dudley (Newhall) White; ^^ard, Leslie Aldous. Entered ministry, 1884;
A.B., Ripon ColL, 1878; BD., Andoyer Theol. ^stor at Newton, Mass., nearly 8 years; since
?JJ^\' ^*^^= <?-^- '? ^?i\- '^'^^ ?'P?." V?J,' 1892 in present parish; pastor ot People's Llb-
1898); married Sparta, Wis. Sept 2,, 1881, eral Church on Stewart Av., Englewood, one of
Jennie L Allen; children: Dudley Allen, Mar- j^e largest liberal Protestant congregations In
garet Jean, Marion Newhall. Pastor I-irst dty. One of original dirs. and founders of Chi-
Congl. Church, Hancock, Mich., 1881-6; mis- eago Bureau of Charities; active in consolidat-

fi^I'^F ilU!^^ -.isl- o^?Vl^^J^l'^^'i;^!,''n^ i"S Children's Home Soc. and Children's Aid

Osaka, Japan, 1886-93, asso. pastor First Con- gop., into present 111. Children's Home and Aid

gregational Church, Burlington, la., 1894-8; Soc, of which was for some time pres.; founder

V8QlTqo^'''F^rSCnn^PrhT; oh^^t?;,^;"rtt^\S' *" Chicago and pres. Chicago Penny Savings

JS^S"P"?4 First ConglChuich, Sioux City, la., go^,. One of editors of Unity. Chaplain 1st

1900-4, Union Park Congl Church, Chicago. Regt., 111. Cav. ; for five vears mem. Chicago

since Oct. 1, 1904 (Union Park Congl. Church Board of Edn. Mason. Address: 6800 Perry Av.

was consolidated with First Congl. Church, ._-_, ... . ,. ^ ,.

Dec. 28, 1910, under name of New First Congl. ,,7^^"'^' TrumTjuU, journalist, editor; see

Church, and he continues as pastor). Corporate ^ ol. 1J0.>.

mem. Am. Board of Commissioners for For- WHITE, William S., phvslcian and surgeon;

eign Missions. Dir. and mem. exec, com., Chi- born Greenwood, McHenrV Co., 111.. Dec. 30,

cago Theol. Sem. Residence: 1822 Warren Av. 1864; son William R. and Emily A. (Cook)

WHITE, Oeoro'e Henry, lawyer; born Easton, AVhite; removed with parents to Chicago, 1865:

N.Y., Sept. 12, 1855; son James and Caroline E. ed. pub. schools of Chicago; worked in grocery

(Cunningham) White; prep. edn. pub. schools store of John A. Tolman & Co. 1 year, then

and normal school, Sharon, Wis.; Ph.B., North- 5 years with D. S. Munger & Co.. from office

western Univ., 1875; read law privately; mar- boy to cashier; M.D., Chicago Homoe. Med.

ried Cora H. Arndt, of Sandusky, O., Feb. 17, Coll.. 1888; married Oct. 5. 1S92. Isabelle Stone.

1885; 2 children: Vernon A. and Gladys C. Ad- of Charlotte. Vt. Interne Cook Co. Hosp., IS

mitted to la. bar, 1880, and began practice at months, lSSS-9; then called to Rochester, N.Y.,

Marshalltown, but removed to Stevens Point, where opened and put in operation the Roches-

Wis., in same year and practiced there until ter Homoe. Hosp.; returned to Chicago and has

1882; practiced at Minneapolis, 1882-98, and since been engaged in active practice. Mem.

Chicago since 1898; mem. law firm of White. 111. State Med. Soc; treas. of Demonstrators'

Spooner & Mabie, 1898-9, of White, Mabie & Assn. of 111.; mem. Assn. of Mil. Surgeons of

Coupey since 1900. Pros. atty. for City of Chi- the U.S.. and Mil. Surgeons of 111. Capt. and

cago since 1907; prof, law of corpus., Chicago asst. surgeon I.N.G. (retired.) Dir. C'hicago

Law School, since 1904. Republican. Method- Conservatory of Music. Clubs: Illinois. Chicago

jst. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., CJhicago Bar Assn. Automobile. Recreations: hunting, motoring.

Mason. Club: Press. Residence: 5016 Jefferson Residence: 905 Forest Av., Evanston, 111. Of-

Av. Office: 513 Ashland Blk. flee: 34 E. Washington St.



WHITEFZEIiB, Qeorg-o W., dentist; born nr.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 30, 1855; son Rev. John
and Martha (Kemp) Whitefleld; went with par-
ents to Aurora, III., in boyhood; ed. common
and high schools there; D.D.S., Chicago Dental
Coll. 1885; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1886; mar-
ried Jan. 31, 1895, Fannie, daughter Charles
Comstock; 1 daughter: Julia Sprague. Has held
chair of Dental Pathology in Am. Dental Coll.;
also electrical therapeutics in dental dept. of
Northwestern Univ., and was for some time
aural surgeon at Protestant Orphan Asylum;
also was asst. surgeon under celebrated Dr.
Gunn prior to death of latter in 1887. Delegate
to 9th Internat. Med. Congress. Inventor of
several important instruments now in general
use in connection with electro-therapy. Was 5
years mem. of Co. D, 3d I.N.G. Owing to failing
health, entered commercial life and became
vice-pres. of a co. His business carried him to
the tropics, where he regained his health in
a short time, and resumed the practice of den-
tistrv in the summer of 1903. Is vice-pres. of
the Am. Fruit and Transportation Co., and a
dir. of the Rio Bonito Co. Club: Chicago Ath-
letic. Office and Residence: 1518 Hinman Av.,
Evanston, 111.

'WHITEHEAD, EUslia Faxton, capitalist;
1846-1907; .see Vol. 1905.

WHITEHEAD, Herbert Clarkaon, ry. official;
see Vol. 1905.

^WHITEHEAD, Percival DeWolf, coal; see
Vol. :;h.:,.

WHITEHOTTSE, Silas Samuel, retired com-
mission merchant; born Fonda. N.Y., Sept. 9,
1844; son Junot Julius and Lydia Ann (Clark)
Whitehouse; ed. Johnstown Acad., N.H. ; mar-
ried Canandaigua, N.Y., June 20, 1S82, Louise
May Bernard. Mem. Chicago Board of Trade
since 18S1. Democrat. Episcopalian. Mason.
Clubs; Union League, 111. Athletic. South Shore
Country. Residence: 3965 Ellis Av.

WHITFIEIiD, Fred, lawyer; born Shipley,
Yorkshire, Eng., Feb. 21, 1866; son William and
Eliza (Ambler) Whitfield; ed. pub. schools and
Union Coll. of Law, LL.B., 1887; married Chi-
cago, Aug. 25, 1887, Minna C. Gordon; chil-

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