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ing, fisliing, golf and otlier outdoor diversions.
Residence; 1317 Ritcliie Ct. Office: Clarli and
Monroe Sts.

C&ASXE, Ward Oreene, physician; see Vol.

CIiABXE, William Eddy; see Vol. 1905.

CI^ARKSON, Ralph, painter; born Amesbury,
Mass., Aug. 3, 1861; son Joseph T. and Susan
M. (Watson) Clarkson; ed. high school, Ames-
bury, Mass.; studied art, Boston Art Mus. until
1884; Julien Acad, under Lefebvre and Boulan-
ger, 1884-7; married Fanny Rose Calhoun, of
Hartford, Conn., Jan. 15, 1890. Exhibited in
Salon of 1887; returned to New York, where
painted portraits; in 1892 again went abroad,
spending part of the time in Italy; returned to
America, 1895, and settled in Chicago, 1896.
Pres. Municipal Art Commn., Chicago, 111. State
Art Commn.; mem. Am. art Jury, Paris Expn.,
1900; mem. art jury and internat. jury of
award, St. Louis Expn., 1904. Mem. New York
Water Color Soc, Chicago Soc. Artists, Munic-
ipal Art League, Art and Crafts Soc. Clubs:
Cliff Dwellers, Little Room. Summer Residence:
Oregon, 111. Residence: 637 Cass St. Studio:
410 S. Michigan Av.

CKAtTSElT, Henry P., telephone engr. ; born
Omaha, Neb., Apr. 12, 1870; son of Jacob and
Margaret (Brandt) Clausen; self educated; mar-
ried Mary Rogencamj, of Davenport, la., June
26, 1895. Chief engr. Western Telephone Con-
struction Co., Chicago, 1894-9; chief engr., gen.
supt. and dir. Am. Electric Telephone Co. since
1899. Technical editor for Sound Waves, and
Telephony, and Telephone Magazine, 1902-9. In-
ventor and patentee of about 40 improved tele-
phone devices and has about 60 patents now
pending. Republican. Mason. Mem. British
Inst. Elec. Engrs., Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., West-
ern Soc. Engrs., A.A.A.S., Nat. Geog. Soc; asso.
mem. Assn. of R.R. Supts., Assn. of R.R. Sig-
nal Engrs. Club: Press. Residence: 5126 Ken-
more Av. Oflice: 6401 State St.

CKAXTSEN, Keon Baymond, ry. supt.; born
Fox Lake, Wis., Oct. 18, 1877; son Henry and
Lena (Christiansen) Clausen; grad. grammar
school, 1889, high school, 1893, Fox Lake, Wis.;
B.S., in elec. engring., Univ. of Wis., 1897; mar-
ried Agnes Snow, of Mineral Point, Wis., June
2, 1909; 1 daughter: Jane. Began in designing
and testing dept. Cutler, Hammer Rheostadt
Co., 1898-99; entered ry. service with C.,M.&St.
P.Ry., Feb. 1899, in train service and train
lighting, 1899-1901, signal inspector, 1901-3, sig-
nal engr., 1903-7, and supt. Chicago div. since
1907. Republican. Episcopalian. Mason. Mem.
Am. Ry. Engring. and Maintenance of Way
Assn., Ry. Signal Assn. Residence: 855 East-
wood Av. Office: 3 Union Station.

CKATTSSENITTS, Edward, foreign exchange
banker; born New York City, May 29, 1857; son
Henry and Johanna (von Tilly) Claussenius;
ed. (Chicago schools; married Emma Elisabeth
Demling; children: Henry Frank. Frances Ma-
rie, Elsa Valentine. In July 1878, entered bank-
ing and steamship agency business founded by
his father as H. Claussenius & Co., 1864; be-
came partner and now with his brother, G. W.,
conducts the business under the original name,
gen. western agents for the North German
Lloyd Steamship Co. Republican. Club: Ger-
mania. Recreations: billiards and reading. Res-
idence: 637 FuUerton Av. Office: 107 N. Dear-
born St.

CI^AXTSSEmUS, Oeortre W., banker and
steamship agt. ; born New York City, Nov. 19,
1860; son Henry Claussenius (German consul
until 1877 and consul of Austro-Hungarian Em-
pire from 1882 until 1894 in Chicago) and Jo-
hanna (von Tilly) Claussenius; ed. pub. schools,
New York and Chicago, and 3 years' study in
Germany. After leaving school engaged in the
business of H. Claussenius & Co. (founded by

his father), in banking, foreign exchange and
agents for the North German Lloyd Steamship
Co., in which business has ever since continued.
Clubs: Germania Maennerchor, Chicago Athlet-
ic. Recreations: athletic sports. Residence:
1517 LaSalle Av. Office: 107 N. Dearborn St.

CIiAY, John, live stock commn.; born Win-
field, Berwick-on-Tweed, Scotland, Apr. 24, 1851;
son John and Patricia (Thompson) Clay; ed.
Wellfleld Acad., Duns, Scotland; St. Andrews,
Scotland, and Edinburgh Univ.; married High-
land Park, 111., Jan. 5, 1881, Euphemia Forrest;
1 son: John Clay, III. Worked on Scotch farm,
1867; came to America, 1879; settled in Can-
ada, becoming mgr. of Canada West Farm Stock
Assn., Bow Park, Brantford, Ont. ; came to Chi-
cago, 1882; organized the firm of Clay & For-
rest, May 1, 1883, which was succeeded Jan. 1,
1900, by firm of John Clay & Co., bankers. In
Sept. 1886, organized the live stock commn.
firm of Clay, Robinson & Co. Clubs: Chicago,
Midlothian, etc. Recreations: hunting and golf.
Residence: 4030 Lake Av. and Finisterre, East-
ern Pt., Gloucester, Mass. Office: The Rookery.

CZiA'Z, William Wilson, architect; born New
York City, May 2, 1849; son George and Mary
Elenor (Martine) Clay; ed. Taylor's Primary
School and 13th St. Grammar School, New York;
Coll. of the City of New York, 1869; married
New York, Dec. 17, 1876, Alice Gray; 1 son;
Wharton. Mem. firm of Wheelock & Clay, 1876-
86, Clay & Dutton, 1886-8, Beers, Clay & Dut-
ton, 1888-94; since then alone. Fellow Am.
Inst, of Architects and mem. 111. Chapter of
same; mem. Chicago Architects' Business Assn.
Independent in politics. Club: Press. Resi-
dence: 3145 Rhodes Av. Office: 226 S. LaSalle

CKEKAHD, Jonas Marshall, piano mfr.; born
Jordanville, Herkimer Co., N.Y.. Mar. 4, 1852;
son George M. and Amelia (Treadway) Cleland;
ed. pub. and private schools, N.Y. State; acads.,
Fairfield and Clinton. N.Y'.; married at Sioux
City. la., Nov. 29, 1877, Louise D. Peavey; 3
children: George Albert, James Pulton, Mary.
Studied law in offices of Hardin & Burrows,
Little Falls, N.Y., and with Davenport & Young,
Richfield Springs, N.Y.; came west in 1872, and
entered office of Currier & Bolton, Sioux City,
la.; admitted to la. bar, 1873, and practiced at
Sioux City until 1898; was city atty. of Sioux
City, 4 terms (8 years), and mayor of Sioux
City, 1886-7, 1888-9, and 1896-7. After coming
to Chicago, 1899, was associated with the la.
Life Ins. Co. and the Nat. Life Ins. Co. U.S.A.,
until Feb. 1, 1901, when became associated with
the Cable (io., mfrs. of pianos and organs, of
which is vice-pres. While in la. was a mem. of
the staff of Gov. Larrabee, later judge-advocate
2d Brigade, la. N.G., and during the Spanish-
Am. War was major and paymaster, U.S.V. Re-
publican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore
Country, Chicago Automobile. Residence: Hotel
Del Prado. OfHce: Wabash Av. and Jackson

CIiEI^Ain), McKenzie, lawyer; born Delhi, N.
Y., Oct. 8, 1860; son William J. and Judith
(Wilson) Cleland; A.M., Monmouth (111.) Coll.,
1882; LL.B., Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1884;
married Mary L. Norton, of Lemont, 111., June
16, 1887; 4 children: Ruth, Jessica, De Witt,
Esther. Admitted to bar, June 15. 1884; mem.
law firm of Phelps & Cleland. 1897-1906; judge
Municipal Court of Chicago, 1906-10. Dir. and
gen. counsel Midland Casualty Co. Dir. Moody
Bible Inst. United Presbyterian. Republican.
Pres. Nat. Probation League and Chicago Men's
Alliance. Was pres. Englewood Y'.M.C.A. for 6
years. Club: Hamilton. Residence: 6439 Nor-
mal Boul. Office: 105 W. Monroe St.

CIiEBIEITT, Allan Montg'omery, broker; born
Chicago. Oct. 31, 1869; son Austin and Sarah
(Montgomery) Clement; grad. Chicago Manual
Training School, 1886; married Chicago. 1894,
Grace (proves; children: Austin Arthur, Frank-



lin Groves. Began business career in 1SS6. and
was in the hiouse of Clement, Bane & Co. for 15
years; partner Raymond, Pynchon & Co., stock
brokers, 3 years; then partner in Lester, Knee-
land & Co.. 1 year, which firm, after the death
of Mr. Lester, was succeeded by Kneeland,
Clement & Curtis, and in Jan. 1907 became
Clement, Curtis & Co. Mem. New York and
Chicago Stock exchanges. New York Coffee Ex-
change, Chicago Board of Trade. Republican.
Clubs: Union League, Chicago, Exmoor, Glen
View. Midlothian, South Shore Country (dir.).
Recreation: golf. Residence: 3967 Lake Av. Of-
fice: 211 S. LaSalle St.

CKHMEBI'T, Arthur Aostiii, sec.-treas. and
dir. Am. Wire Fence Co.; born Chicago, Mar. 7,
1873; son Austin and Sarah (Montgomery) Cle-
ment; B.S.. in chemical engring., Mass. Inst, of
Technology, Boston, 1894. With the Am. Cotton
Oil Co. of N.J., as chemist and chemical engr.
at its different plants 7 years; sec, treas. and
dir. Am. Wire Fence Co. since Jan. 1, 1902. Re-
publican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, University,
Exmoor. Residence: 3967 Lake Av. Office: 206
S. LaSalle St.

ClSKEirr, iratliaii !., president Am. Wire
Fence Co.; born Ludlow, Vt., Aug. 22, 1849.
Came to Chicago in 1870, and engaged in retail
clothing business under the firm name of Cle-
ment & Co., conducting a store for more than
20 years; assisted in organizing Am. Wire
Fence Co., and became pres. upon its incorpora-
tion in 1902. Club: Hamilton. Residence: 3500
Ellis Av. Office: 921. 206 S. LaSalle St.

CIiEMENT, Willard Kimball, advertising mgr.;
born Boston, Mass., July 1, 1863; son Job S. and
Mary (Kimball) Clement; A.B., Colby College,
Waterville. Me., 1884, A.M., 1887; grad. student
univs. of Jena and Leipzig, 1884-8; Ph.D., Univ.
of Mich., 1892. Prof. Latin and Greek, Ferry
Hall Sem., and instr. in Lake Forest (111.)
Univ.. 1888-90; instr. Latin, Univ. of Mich.,
1890-3; prof. Latin and Greek, Univ. of Ida.,
Moscow, 1893-9; acting prof. Latin, Northwest-
ern Univ., Evanston, III., 1900-2; advertising
mgr. Troy Laundry Machinery Co., Ltd., since

1908. Author: Revision of Smith's Latin Se-
lections. 1892; Wagner's Plato's Phaedo, 1894;
The Use of Enim in Plautus and Terence, 1898.
Contbr. to philol. and ednl. jours, and reviews.
Mem. Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Upsilon. Re-
publican. Presbyterian. Residence: Evanston,
111. Office: 2261 LaSalle St.

CJaElXtrz, James Edison, mfr. ; born Lynn,
Ind., June 18, 1854; son John W. and Deborah
(Banks) Clenny; ed. Winchester (Ind.) High
School, and Dayton (O.) Commercial School;
married Winchester, Ind., July 13, 1881, Emma
O. Henderson; children: Russell H., Helen M.
Was with Crume & Sefton Mfg. Co. as book-
keeper, May 13. 1878-Jan. 1, 1888; elected sec.
and treas., resigned, Oct. 1, 1888, to organize
the J. W. Sefton Mfg. Co., Anderson, Ind., of
which was vice-pres. and treas. until July 1889,
then sec, treas. and gen. mgr. and since Oct.

1909, 2d vice-pres., treas. and gen. mgr. Dir.
Monroe Nat. Bank, Moehle Lithographic Co.
(New Y^ork), Imperial Brass Co.; vice-pres. and
dir. Am. Foil Co. Republican. Residence: 5051
Ellis Av. Office: 1301 W. 35th St.

CKEVEtANS, Charles Benson, insurance;
born Masonville, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1845; son Festus
P. and Mary (Lyon) Cleveland; removed with
parents to 111., 1855; grad. Rockford High
School; served in 153d III. Vols, in the Army of
the Cumberland in Civil War; married Rock-
ford, III., Oct. 15, 1867, Theodosia Garrison; 1
daughter: Edith (jrace. After leaving army was
cashier in a wholesale dry goods store in Rock-
ford until 1868, when became cashier in the of-
fice of the gen. agt. at Rockford of the New
England Mutual Life Ins. Co., with which com-
pany has since been identified; came to Chi-
cago, 1869, and served in same capacity until
1885; since then gen. agt. Methodist. Mem.

John A. Logan Post G.A.R., Evanston, 111. Ma-
son. Evanston Commandery K.T. Clubs: Union
League, Glen View, Evanston. Recreations:
golf and traveling. Residence: 1508 Hinman
Av., Evanston. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg.

C&EVEKAirs, Chester Em.er7, lawyer; born
Watsonville, Cal., Oct. 30, 1865; son Chester E.
and Harriet M. (Crenshaw) Cleveland; ed. dis-
trict schools of Warren Co., HI.; Hedding Coll.,
Abingdon, 111., until 1883; married Abingdon,
July 26, 1893, Frances E. Merricks; children:
Theo. Frances, Chester Emery, Jr. and William
Merricks. Studied law in office of Williams,
Lawrence & Bancroft, Galesburg, 111., and of
Grier & Dryden, Monmouth, 111.; admitted to
111. bar, 1886; practiced at Abingdon, 111., until
1891, when came to Chicago; became mem. of
firm of Cratty, Jarvis & Cleveland, and later
practiced alone until Mar. 1904, when became
partner in the law firm of Newman, Northrop,
Levinson & Becker. Democrat. Mason, Ravens-
wood Lodge, Columbia Chapter; Abingdon
Lodge. I.O.O.F. Club: Iroquois. Residence: 1962
Wilson Av. Office: Chamber of Commerce.

CKE'VEKAirs, Oeorgre Kenry, physician, ed-
itor, publisher; born Adrian, Mich., Feb. 13,
1862; son Charles Monroe and Susan Amanda
(Jennings) Cleveland; ed. pub. schools; M.D.,
Univ. of Mich., 1882; married Ann Arbor, Mich.,
May 18, 1880, Jane Ann Jolly; children: Charles
William, Carlton Edward. Practiced medicine
at Coleman, Mich., until about 1885, then at
Pentwater, Mich., until Oct. 1890, when came to
Chicago. Practiced here till 1892; editor and
publisher Clinical Review, 1892-1907; now en-
gaged in the publication of med. books. Mem.
Chicago Pathological Soc, Therapeutic Club,
and Soc. Med. History of Chicago. Episcopa-
lian. Democrat. Residence: 3540 W. Monroe St.
Office: 1909 Ogden Av.

CXiE'7BIiAin>, John Dnrham, life insurance;
born Ottawa, 111., Aug. 4, 1861; son Festus P.
and Mary (Lyon) Cleveland; ed. pub. schools,
Chicago High School, Chicago Coll. of Phar-
macy; married Bertha L. Craig, of Chicago.
Feb. 21, 1888; 2 daughters: Antoinette and
Mary. Began as clerk in 111. agency New Eng-
land Mutual Life Ins. Co.. 1885, later became
agent, and has been cashier since 1902. Repub-
lican. Methodist. Mason (32); past grand
commander K.T. of 111.; pres. Triennial Com.
31st Triennial Conclave K.T., 1910; Shriner.
Club: Chicago Athletic. Residence: 6977 N.
Ashland Boul. Office: 705 First Nat. Bank Bldg.

CIiiBTBTaAXB, Josiah Francis, land commr.,
C.&N.-W.Ry.Co.; born Masonville, N.Y., June
19, 1847; son Rev. F. P. and Mary (Lyon)
Cleveland; high school edn. ; sergeant Co. H,
153d 111. Inf., Jan.-Sept. 1865; married Newark,
N.J., Nov. 2, 1869, Electa G. Price; married 2d,
Chicago, Sept. 25, 1873, Mary E. Frisbie; mar-
ried 3d. New Haven, Conn., Aug. 13, 1902, Kate
Bradley; children: Augustus Frisbie, Eva May,
Josiah Judson. Clerk in dry goods store, Rock-
ford. HI.. 1866-8; bookkeeper for planing mill.
New York City, 1868-70; then with Jones & Sel-
lers, abstractors, Chicago, until the great Chi-
cago fire, Oct. 9, 1871; then with Baird & Brad-
ley, conveyancers, to Oct. 1872; chief clerk
Howe Sewing Machine Co., 1872-80, handling
large line of country collections; since Apr.
1880, with C.&N.-W.Ry.Co.; right of way agent
to Apr. 1882; asst. land commr., 1882-97; land
commr. since July 1, 1897. Member Board of
Edn., Oak Park, 1891-7. Free Trade Repub-
lican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Congregation-
al, Westward Ho. Residence: 709 Superior St.,
Oak Park, III. Office: Jackson Boul. and Frank-
lin St.

CIiE'WOBTH, Gilbert Drake, clergyman:
born Kingsville, Ont., Can., Jan. 14, 1865; son
Rev. Thomas and Phebe Elizabeth (Mills) Cle-
worth; ed. high school, Port Hope, Ont., George-
town (Ont.) Coll., and Univ. of S.D.; A.B.,
Northwestern Univ., 1899; married Clara Eliz-



abeth Rose, of Selby, Ont., June 23, 1887; 8
children; Edna Pearle (deceased), Beulah Rose,
Thomas Willard, Lorae Vincent, Clarence Will-
iam, James Gilbert, Edgar, Earl, Cecil Her-
bert. Ijicensed to preach in M. E. ministry,
1864; preached at Roblin and Marmora, Ont.;
supply, Ipswich, Dak. Ty., May-Oct., 1886; pas-
tor Ellendale, N.D., 1886-9, Vermillion, S.D.,
1889-94, Riverside and Grossdale, 111., 1894-8,
Chicago since 1898, at Ada St. Church, 1898-9,
Wabash Av. Church, 1899-1904, Diversey Boul.
Church, 1904-9 (built large churcli). Western
Av. Church since Oct. 1909. Mason, Odd Fel-
low. Residence: 2313 Jackson Boul.

CIirPFORD, Edward, banker and broker;
born Virginia, Cass Co., 111., Dec. 21, 1873; son
James H. and Eliza Jane (Kikendall) Clifford;
Ph.B., Illinois Coll., Jacksonville, 1896; LL.B.,
Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1900; married
Anne W. Lambert, of Jacksonville, 111., Jan. 1,
1901; 2 children: Edward Lambert and Helen
Elizabeth. Admitted to 111. bar, Dec. 1900, and
practiced at Virginia, 111., in firm of Mills &
Clifford until coming to Chicago in 1903, when
practiced here, making a specialty of corpn.
law, until 1907; mgr. Chicago ofBce of Horn-
blower & Weeks, bankers and brokers. New
York and Boston, since Jan. 1907; also dir.
Monroe Nat. Bank, Chicago; dir., asst. treas.
and asst. sec. Seattle Lighting Co., Seattle,
Wash. Mem. Chicago Stock Exchange, Phi
Delta Phi (legal fraternity); active in Chicago
Assn. of Commerce. Episcopalian. Republican;
del. to various state and county conventions.
Clubs; Union League, University, Bankers',
Glen View Country, Evanston. Recreations:
golf and outdoor sports. Residence: 1306 Oak
Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 125 W. Monroe St.

CIiTFTOSJt, James Orra, auditor freight ac-
counts C.&N.W. Ry. ; born Salem, Kenosha Co.,
Wis., Dec. 8, 1856; son Emery and Mary Jane
(Osgood) Clifford; ed. country schools from
age of 8, and from age of 11 assisted father
in farm work summers and attended school
winters until 1873; married Clinton, la., Nov.
7, 1883, Mary Elizabeth Dannatt; children:
Grace, Edith, Lewis Dannatt, Olive, Marshall
Emery, Alice, John Osgood (deceased). In
summer of 1873 went to Delmar, Clinton Co.,
la., and became messenger boy and apprentice
under his uncle, who was agent for the C.&N.
W. Ry. Co. there; learned telegraphy and the
duties of a station agent; telegraph operator
and agent at various stations on the Iowa divi-
sion C.&N.W. Ry., 1874-80; traveling auditor,
1880-7, and since Nov. 7, 1887, has been auditor
freight accounts C.&.N.W. Ry. One of original
members of the Assn. of Am. Ry. Accounting
Officers, of which was pres., 1905-6. Served 2
terms in the City Council, Wheaton, 111.; also 2'
terms on the Board of Education. Republican.
Attends Episcopal Church. Mem. various Ma-
sonic bodies. Modern Woodmen, Royal League.
Club: 111. Athletic. Recreations: gardening,
golf, hunting and iishing. Residence: Wheaton,
ill. Office: 226 W. Jackson Boul.

CliIPTOlJ', Theodore, Western sec. of the
Congregational Education Soc. ; born Platte-
ville. Wis.; son William and Frances Ann
(Basye) Clifton; ed. State Normal School,
Platteville, Wis.; Iron City Commercial Coll.,
Pittsburg, Pa.; Beloit (Wis.) Coll.; Chicago
Theol. Sem.; (D.D., Drury Coll., 1898); married
Peoria, 111., Oct. 6, 1874, Loura Thompson; chil-
dren: Fred T., Mrs. Edna Clifton Sikes, Philip
G., Mrs. Mildred Clifton Woodbury. Ordained
to Congregational ministry, 1870, and was pas-
tor 9 years in St. Louis, 4 years at Rockford,
111., 7 years in Milwaukee, 2 years in Chicago;
since 1897, Western sec. of the Congregational
Education Soc. Lecturer on sociological and
patriotic subjects. Club: Chicago Congrega-
tional. Residence: 137 W. 70th St. Office: As-
sociation Bldg.

*CI^IITCK, Snncan Im., real estate; see Vol.

CIiIITCH, Bichard Floyd, coal and iron; born
in Georgia, 1865; son Duncan L. and Susan A.
(Hopkins) Clinch; ed. private schools in Geor-
gia, and Cheltenham Acad., Pa.; married Chi-
cago, 1890, Katherine S. Lay; children: Duncan
L., Margaret L. Connected with the Joliet Steel
Co., 1883-9, when, with John Crerar, estab-
lished the Arm of Crerar, Clinch & Co., coal
and iron, in which firm has since continued.
Pres. Chicago Auditorium Assn.; vice-pres.
Chamber of Commerce Safety Vault Co., Han-
nah & Lay Co. (Traverse City, Mich.), Hannah
& Lay Mercantile Co., Traverse City State
Bank; dir. Western Trust & Savings Bank ((Chi-
cago), Met. West Side Elevated R.R. Co., North
Am. Accident Ins. Co. Democrat. Episcopalian.
Clubs: Union League, Chicago Yacht, Chicago
Golf, Exmoor. Recreations: golf and horseback
riding. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Office: The

CKINQMAir, Qeorg'e Franklin, gen. mgr. To-

bey Furniture Co.; born Chicago, Aug. 27, 1857;
son William and Harriet E. (Hoffman) Cling-
man; ed. pub. schools, Chicago; married Chi-
cago, July 3, 1880, Stuarta K. Watson; chil-
dren: Elizabeth, James Stuart, Louise, George
F., Jr., Lucy Bassett, Ruth, William Herbert.
Began as bookkeeper for William M. Murfin &
Co., produce commn., 1876-7; with John A. Colby
as a designer in furniture, 1877-88; with Tobey
Furniture Co., as designer of furniture, 1888-
94, since then gen. mgr. of the company. Re-
publican. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, South Shore
Country. Recreations: hunting, fishing and
golf. Residence: 7210 Euclid Av. Office: Wa-
bash Av. and Washington St.

CIiINTOIT, James Arthnr, mgr. Chicago
house of Janeway & Carpender, wall paper
mfrs.; born Memasha, Wis., June 23, 1872; son
Alric Duane and Harriet (Fessenden) Clinton;,
ed. Chicago pub. grammar schools, and West
Division High School; married Susan J. Swen-
son, of Chicago, Oct. 3, 1896. Became connected
with Janeway & Carpender, 1890, becoming
mgr. of the Chicago house, Feb. 11, 1908. Re-
publican. Congregationalist; deacon Warren
Av. Ccngl. Church. Mem. Royal League. Club:
111. Athletic. Residence: 3538 Adams St. Of-
fice: 620-526 Canal St.

CtlFFIITQEB, David Alva, singing teacher
and conductor; born in Ohio, 1860; son Samuel
Augustus and Joanna (Valentine) Clippinger;
ed. Northwestern Ohio Normal Univ.; studied
music in Fort Wayne (Ind.) Coll. and Ft.
Wayne Conservatory; later at Chicago and at
Berlin and London; married Geneva Mary Nich-
ols, of Lafayette, Ind., 1899. Began teaching
singing at Van Wert, O., 1883; at Chicago since
1887; conductor of Chicago Madrigal Club since
1900; editor Western Musical Herald since 1910.
Pres. 111. Music Teachers' Assn., 1910-11. Ma-
son. Club: Cliff Dwellers. Author: Develop-
ment of the Singing Voice, 1900; Studio Notes
No. 1, 1902; Studio Notes No. 2, 1904; Studio
Notes No. 3, 1906; Elements of Voice Culture,
1907; Systematic Voice Training, 1910. Resi-
dence: 5032 Washington Av. Studio: Kimball

CI^ISSOKD, Henry Bowland, editor; born
Stroud, Eng., Nov. 13, 1842; son Samuel Henry
and Ann (Rowland) Clissold; family came to
Canada, 1843; ed. common schools, and Wat-
son's School, London, Canada, 1849-56; married
Emma S. Smith, of Norwood Park, Chicago,
Oct. 15, 1872; children: Edward T., Stella J.
(deceased), Ethel (now Mrs. H. W. Thayer),
Rowland S., Judson B. Employed in printing
ofllces. 1856-65; came to Chicago, 1863; mem.
firm Guilbert & Clissold, printers, 1865-79; sec.
Baptist Sunday School Work for 111., 1879-84;
in charge of publication work for the late
President William R. Harper, Univ. of Chicago,
1884-7; publisher and editor the Bakers' Helper
since 1887; pres. Bakers' Helper Co.; vice-pres.
Calumet Trust & Savings Bank, Morgan Park,


.111. Clerk of the village, 18S5-6, mem. board Harry B., Jr. On leaving- school, 1885, took a

of edn., 1890-3, mem. board of trustees, 1894-6, minor position with James B. Clow & Sons,

pres. board of edn., 1905-10, Village of Morgan and was sec. until 1907, now dir. ; pres. Rand,

Park, 111. Republican. Sec. Nat. Assn. of Mas- McNally & Co., publishers, since 1907. Repub-

ter Bakers, 1897-1908; pres. Chicago Trade lican. Presbyterian. Mem. Royal Arcanum.

Press Assn., 1899-1900; pres. III. Baptist State Clubs: Union League, Chicago, Chicago Ath-

Convention, 1894-7 and 1905-8; pres. III. Sun- letic. Industrial, Onwentsia, Glen View, South

day School Assn., 1902-3. Author: Pocket Les- Shore Country. Recreations: hunting, fishing

sons for Sunday Schools. 1886. Residence: 2339 and golf. Residence: 2114 N. Park Av Office'

Berkeley Av., Morgan Park, 111. Office: Man- 163 W. Adams St.

hattan Bldg. CI^OW, James Beach, mfr., deceased; see

CXiITKEBO, Selbert Anthony, lawyer; born Vol. 1905.

on farm in Grundy Co., 111., Nov. 11, 1870; son CtOW, James C vice-ores Tnme=; B Clow

Edward S. and Eliza M (Scott) Clithero; re- & Sons; born Allegheny, P^a.fianTI, 1874- s^^^

moved with parents to Iroquois Co 111., when laie James Beach and Matilda Jane (Ross)

2 years of age, and to Chicago in 1885; ed. pub- ciow; ed. Univ. School, Chicago; married Pearl

lie schools, Iroquois Co, and Chicago; grad. Geneiiev'e, daughter Arthur A.'Libby, of Chi
?i''????,1"i ^?,f^.^'iT /H.K?.^oo'"T.^F"4^J' c'^so. Feb, 7. 1900. Upon leaving school, entere'


CtrVEB, Paul MitcheU, physician; born Can- ClOW, WUUam H ores Tames B CInw X,

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