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the N. British and Mercantile Ins. Co., Jan. 1,
1891, and on July 1, 1894, asso. mgr. of western
dept. of same co. at Chicago; gen. agt. Milwau-
kee Mechanics Ins. Co., 1898-1902; since 1902
Cook Co. mgr. of the London Assurance Corpn.
Was sec. and treas. of the Fire Underwriters'
Assn. of the N.W., 1884-90. Mason (32), K.T.,
Shriner. Residence: Evanston, III. Office: 29 S.
LaSalle St.

GBIMME, Irf)iiis Hanxy, cashier Nat. City
Bank of Chicago; born Chicago, Mar. 12, 1872;
son Louis E. and Henrietta Grimme; ed. gram-
mar and high schs., and T.M.C.A. classes in
French, Latin and history; married Lydia M.
Raiser, of Chicago, Sept. 1906; 1 daughter: Eth-
el Vendala. Began active career with First
Nat. Bank, Chicago, 1888; asst. cashier Nat.
City Bank of Chicago, Feb. 1907-Jan. 1909 and
cashier since Jan. 1909; also dir. LaGrange
Trust & Savings Bank. Republican. Del. to
Deep Waterways Conv., St. Louis, 1910. Meth-
odist. Mason. Clubs: Hamilton. Bankers'. La
Grange Motor (treas.), LaGrange Country. Rec-
reations: golf and motoring. Residence: 220 S.
5th Av., LaGrange, 111. Office: Nat. City Bank.

Julius, physician; born Konigs-
berg, E. Prussia, Germany, July 1, 1867; son
Ruben and Minnie (Zisling) Grinker; grad. City
Coll. of Konigsberg, 1884, New York High Sch.,
1886; med. dept. Univ. of City of New York,
1891, Rush Med. Coll. (now med. dept. of the
Univ. of Chicago), 1895; studied in univs. of
Vienna and Berlin; married Minnie Friend, of
Chicago, Sept. 17, 1899; children: Roy, Bertram.
Prof, in nervous and mental diseases, Chicago
Post-Grad. Med. Sch. since 1903; consulting
neurologist, Cook Co. Hosp.. Cook County Insti-
tutions at Dunning, since 1904; asst. prof, ner-
vous and mental diseases. Northwestern Univ.
Med. Sch. since 1904; asso. attending neurolo-
gist, Wesley Hosp. and South Side Free Dis-
pensary: consulting neurologist. Home for Jew-
ish Friendless. Marks Nathan Orphan Asylum,
and Chicago-Winfield Sanitarium. Has published
numerous papers on neurological topics in lead-
ing med. journals. Mem. Chicago Med. Society,
Deutsche Medizinshe Gesellschaft von Chicago,
Chicago Neurol. Soc, 111. State Med. Soc, A.M.
A., Physicians' Club. Residence: 5640 South
Park Av. Office: 1400 Reliance Bldg.

O-BIS'WOIiD, Boy Coleman, pres. Northwest-
ern Storage Warehouse; born Griswold, 111., May
5, 1875; son Robert C. and Margaret M. (Brown)
Griswold; Ph.B.. Univ. of Chicago. 1899; mar-
ried Boston. Mar. 10. 1907, Frances Haskin.
Was mgr. Griswold Cycle Co., 1896-9; with
Newberrv Warehouse & Storage Co., 1899-1901;
mgr. North Western Storage Co., 1901-10, when
name was changed to Northwestern Storage
Warehouse and he became pres. Recreation:
fishing. Residence: 4036 Prairie Av. Office: 117
E. Michigan Street.

QBOMMES, John Baptist, wholesale wine
and liquor merchant; Ijorn Schoenberg. Prussia.
Sept. 14, 1844; son Hubert and Catherine
(Klein) (>rommes: ed. pub. and private schools;
married Chicago, Dec. 6, 1873, Bertha Lehrkind:
children: Clara (Mrs. F. A. Rehm). Bertha.
Frieda (Mrs. A. W. Brand). In 1860 established
present business of Grommes & Ullrich. Clubs:
Lake Geneva Golf. Exmoor (Highland Park).
Recreation: golf. Residence: Congress Hotel.
Summer Residence: Lake Geneva, Wis. Office:
136 S. Dearborn St.

OBOMMES, John Baptist*,, cigar mf g. ; born
Cologne, Ger. (while parents were visiting
there), Apr. 13, 1876; son Hubert (founder of
Grommes & Ullrich, wholesale liquors and
cigars) and Louise (Kleinofen) Grommes; ed.
pub. schools, Chicago, and by private tutor, and
Chicago Coll. of Law; also spent 3 years in of-
fice of Albert H. Loeb, lawyer; married Chi-
cago, June 30, 1900, Clara Mereness (now de-
ceased); married 2d, May 2, 1910, Evelyn Stow,
of Chicago. Went into cigar business as sales-
man for Ruhstrat & Curlett, Apr. 13, 1896; left
that firm to go into business for self, July 1,
1900, when the Grommes & Kennedy Co. was
organized, continuing to Oct. 1, 1908, the firm
name then changing to Grommes & Elson. Rec-
reations: fishing, hunting, reading. Residence:
4158 Perry St. Office: Franklin and South Water

QBOSS, Alfred Hermann, lawyer; born Whit-
by, Ont., Can., July 8, 1862; son George Conrad
and Fannie (Rankin) Gross; ed. Univ. of To-
ronto. 1882, and Johns Hopkins Univ., 1884-5;
married Chicago, 1888, Anna F. Rew; children:
Dorothy, Henry, Theresa, Freda. Came to Chi-
cago, 1885; read law in office of Hynes & Dunne,
and was admitted to bar, 1886. Pres. Sterling
(111.) Gas & Electric Light Co.; sec. DeKalb
Co. Gas Co.; viee-pres. Nat. Gas cfe Water Co.
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst.
Republican. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton,
Chicago Athletic, Evanston, Evanston Golf,
University of Evanston, Glen View. Recrea-
tion: golf. Residence: 1100 Ridge Av., Evans-
ton, 111. Office: The Temple.

OBOBS, Howard H., ry. supplies; born Mara-
thon, N.Y., Sept. 27, 1853; son Dr. John C. and
Caroline Hyde (Care) Gross; ed. Galva (111.)
High School, followed by 2 years as law stu-
dent, while teaching 2 years in country schools;
married Chicago, Apr. 11, 1878, Dell S. Condit;
children: William Condit, Howard H., Jr., Flor-
ence Melbourne, Helen Maurine. Traveled for
A. H. Andrews & Co., 1873-83; in business for
self, and as repre.sentative of Eastern mfrs., at
San Francisco, 1883; from 1885-93, employing a
corps of artists, painted and put up 29 cyclo-
ramas from London. Eng., to Melbourne, Aus-
tralia; engaged as dealer in paving materials,
1895-1905; since then head of firm of H. H.
Gross & Son, mfrs. of wall safes and dealers
in ry. supplies. Republican. Mem. Board of
Edn., Chicago, 1895-9; introduced domestic sci-
ence, civil service and the penny savings into
the Chicago schools. Organized the Farmers'
Good Roads League, 1906, of which is sec. and
treas. Apptd. by President Roosevelt del. from
U.S. to the first Internal. Congress of Good
Roads, held at Paris, France, Oct. 1, 1908. Fre-
quent lecturer and contributor on good roads
subjects. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League,
Chicago Athletic. Recreation: literary work.
Residence: 6001 Indiana Av. Office: First Nat.
Bank Bldg.

QBOSS, Samuel Eberly, capitalist; see Vol.

GBOSSBEBQ, Jacob Qedaliah, lawyer; born
Kovno. Russia. Apr. 10. 1870; son Nathan B.
and Pesha (Altman) Grossberg; ed. Classical
Gymnasium, Brest-Litovsk; grad. South Divi-
sion High School, Chicago, 1888; LL.B.. Union
Coll. of Law, 1890; married Doris Elkan, of
Chicago, Jan. 30, 1894; 3 children: Victor Hugo,
Raphael Elkan, and Herbert. Came to America,
1882; in practice in Chicago since Apr. 1891;
special counsel for city in Mayor Dunne's ad-
ministration, 1905, in case in which Supreme
Court reversed Judge Mack's decision enjoining
the city from enforcing on traction cos. the
so-called "Safety and Comfort Ordinance." Dem-
ocrat. In 1899 Independent candidate for alder-
man in the then 21st Ward on Altgeld ticket;
elected pres. Municipal Ownership League of
111. but declined; later ores. Public Ownership
League. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn.. Chicago Law
Inst. Mem. Masonic Order, B'nai B'rith, Royal



League, etc. CluJ): Lawndale (dir.). Frequent
contbr. to dally press during Traction contro-
versy, and at various times on other subjects.
Residence: 3215 Douglas Boul. Office: 506 Ash-
land Blk.

OBOSSCXTP, Peter Stenger, judge; born Ash-
land, O., Feb. 15, 1852; son Benjamin and Su-
sannah (Bowermaster) Grosscup; A.B., Witten-
berg Coll., 1872; LL.B., Boston Law Sch., 1874;
married Virginia Taylor, of LoudonvlUe, O. Ad-
mitted to bar, 1874; practiced law at Ashland,
O., 1874-83 (city solicitor 6 yrs.); at Chicago,
1882-92; U.S. dist. judge, Northern Dist. of 111.,
1892-9; Judge U.S. Circuit Ct. of Appeals. 7th
Circuit, 1899-1905; U.S. circuit Judge since Mar.
1905. Pres. John Crerar Library, Chicago, since
1901. Among his notable Judicial acts are In-
cluded his opinion (dissenting from the two
circuit judges, but sustained by the Circuit Ct.
of Appeals) upon the application to close up
the World's Columbian Expn. on Sundays; also
the injunction issued by him in conjunction
with Judge William A. Woods against Eugene
V. Debs and other officers of the American
Ry. Union, and subsequent proc. in that matter;
the Standard Oil case, and many other cases.
Residence: Highland Park, 111. Chambers: Fed-
eral Bldg.

aBOSSEK, Huero S., statistician and writer;
born Silesia, Germany, Jan. 16, 1863; son Slgis-
mund and Emily (Marcuse) (Grosser; ed. Ger-
many; came to U.S., 1878, and became connect-
ed with a German newspaper in Mo., at same
time studying the English language; came to
Chicago, 1880, taught school at Elmhurst, 111.,
1 year and at Manitowoc, Wis., 2 years; mar-
ried 1885, Helen Seyring (died 1909); children:
Claire H., Frieda E. In 1884 began publication
of German newspapers at Antigo, Wis., and
Shawano, Wis. ; took an active part in the (Cleve-
land campaign in 1884, stumping Wis. for the
Democratic party, and starting the first Cleve-
land and Hendricks Club in that state; at close
of campaign removed to Milwaukee, becom-
ing one of the editors of the Herold, a German
daily of that city; resumed teaching, 1886-92;
came to Chicago, 1892. and was engaged in
newspaper work until 1898. In that year was
appointed supt. of the map dept. of the City of
Chicago. In 1900 was appointed librarian of
the Municipal Library, and in that position
started the present Bureau of Statistics of the
City of Chicago; resigned his pub. position Jan.
1, 1908, and organized the Chicago Inst, of Sta-
tistics and Research, of which is the present
head. Well known throughout the country as
a writer and a speaker to workers in the field
of municipal progress. Residence: 810 Lakeside
PI. Office: 64 W. Randolph St.

OBOSSFE^S, Solomon Eli, wholesale grocer;
born Krystynopol, Austria, Apr. 26, 1864; son
X.. and A. (Ehrlich) Grossfeld; ed. Rudolph
Royal Gymnasium, Brody. Austria; married
Jennie Roe, of Chicago, 18S8 (now deceased);
children: Rose, Gertrude, Pansy Bernice, James
Lawrence; married 2d. Lottie Goldwater, of
Chicago, Apr. 4, 1907. Came to Chicago district
from Austria In 1884 and worked In a retail
grocery until 1888; started retail grocery busi-
ness on own account, which he sold in 1892,
and establi<!hed the wholesale business under
style of Grossfeld & Roe Co., of which he is
pres. Republican. Jewish religion. Mason,
Blue Lodge. Brith Abram. Recreations: walk-
ing and swimming. Residence: 430 St. James
PI. Office: 728 W. Randolph St.

QBOSSMAN, Edward Benjamin, merchant;
born Chicago, Oct. 15, 1873; son Benjamin and
Resa (Weingarten) Grossman; ed. pub. school,
military acad. and Notre Dame Coll.; married
Chicago, Mar. 8, 1898, Florence Florshelm; chil-
dren: Edward B., Jr., Kathryn F. Was clerk
for H. Grossman, and later salesman for Jo-
seph Beifeld Co., wholesale cloaks and suits.
Since 1890 pres. Edward B. Grossman & Co.,
doing a wholesale and retail, mfg., mail order

and agency business in cloaks, suits, etc.; also
treas. F. N. Matthews & Co. Republican; con-
nected with various civic coms. Mem. B.P.O.K,
Clubs: Standard, Ravisloe Country, 111. Ath-
letic. Recreations: golf ; collector of books. Res-
idence: 5426 Greenwood A v. Office: 21 E. Madi-
son St.

O-BOSSMAir, Herman, pres. Chicago Cloak
Co.; born Chicago, Feb. 19, 1862; son Benjamin
and Resa Grossman; ed. Chicago pub. schools;
married Chicago, Jan. 23, 1889, Charlotta Levy;
children: Benjamin H. (died Apr. 1907), M. Hor-
tense. Began in the wholesale cloak business
from 1879 to 1883; with Joseph Beifeld & Co.,
in 1883 established business under name of
Herman Grossman & Co.; since 1904, as (Chica-
go Cloak Co. Pres. of the U.S. Restaurant Co.;
also pres. Victor Ladies Tailoring Co. Club:
Standard. Residence: 3920 Grand Boul. Office:
241 S. State St.

*QBOSVEII'OB, Iiemnel Conant, physician;
see Vol. 1905.

QBOVEB, Frank Beed, lawyer; born Town of
Lyons, Cook Co., 111., Sept. 17, 1858; son Aldin
J. and Eliza Diana (Reed) Grover; grad. Ev-
anston High School at age of 19, and studied 1
year in Union Coll. of Law; married Mar. 20,
1884, Ella F. Smith, of Olmsted Co., Minn.; 1
Bon: Mortimer Currey. Engaged in commercial
pursuits, 1878-81; clerk in law office of Robert
L. Latham, of Chicago, 1881; admitted to bar;
began independent practice, 1883, and In 1887
formed a partnership with John W. Ela; pres-'
ent style of firm, Ela, Grover, March & Eckert.
Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Village
trustee of Evanston, 1884; justice of the peace,
1884-8; was last village atty. under the old
charter and first atty. of Evanston under the
new organization as a city. VIce-pres. and char-
ter mem. of Evanston Hist. Soc. Writer upon
historical subjects Incident to 111. and its In-
dian history. Mason, K.T. Clubs: Evanston,
Evanston University, Chicago Press, Les Che-
neaux (Mackinac). Resident of Evanston since
1866. Residence: 1100 Hinman Av., Evanston,
111. Office: Unity Bldg.

GBOVEB, Oliver Sennett, artist; born Earl-
vllle. 111., 1861; son Alonzo Jackson and Octavia
E. (Norton) Grover; student Univ. of Chicago,
1877-9; studied painting Royal Acad., Munich,
1879-80, Duveneck Sch., ! lorence, Italy, 1880-4,
Paris, 1884-6; married Louise Rolshoven, of De-
troit, Mich., 1887. Received first Yerkes prize
for painting "Thy Will Be Done," Chicago, 1892;
executed mural decorations Branford (Conn.)
Memorial Library, 1897, Blackstone Memorial
Library, Chicago, 1903. Has pictures in many
pub. collections; silver and bronze medals, St.
Louis Expn., 1904. Ex-pres. Soc. Western Art-
ists; mem. Chicago Soc. Artists, Nat. Soc. Mural
Painters; mem. Municipal Art League of Chi-
cago. Clubs: Cliff Dwellers, Little Room. Stu-
dio: Villino Gattaia, Viale Michelangiolo, Flor-
ence, Italy; (in winter) Art Inst., Chicago.

GBOWEB, "William Prederick, real estate;
born New York City, July 23, 1860; son Col.
William Thomas Campbell and Sara E. (Jones)
Grower; special studies at Columbia Univ.;
married Chicago, Apr. 18, 1888, Emily Stell
Rocks. Came to Chicago, 1882, and was for
some years engaged in the mfr. of machinery;
now interested in real estate; also mgr. of of-
fice bldgs. Mem. Loyal Legion. Clubs: Il-
linois, Chicago Athletic, Chicago Yacht, Glen
View. Residence: 2329 W. Jackson Boul. Of-
fice: Unity Bldg.

QBTJBBE, Emil Herman, physician; born
Chicago, Jan. 1, 1875; son Albert and Bertha
(Reels) Grubbe; prep, teachers' and pharmacy
courses, Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., 1890-5; also
scientific and classical courses, obtaining de-
grees of B.S., M.S., Ph.G.; court and med. re-
porter, 1895-6; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll. and
Hosp., 1898; married Pentwater, Mich., Sept.


10, 1899, Clara Antonla Jensen. With Chicago years. Democrat. Catholic. Clubs: University,

Health Dept. 3 years; also school inspector. Harvard, Midlothian Country, South Shore

Pres. 111. X-Ray and Electro-Therapeutic Lab- Country. Residence: 4520 Woodlawn Av. Of-

oratory; vice-pres., prof, of radiogrraphy and flee: Tribune Bldg.

ex-ray therapeutics and dir. 111. School of Elec- GUERNSET Qny lawyer- born Terre Haute

^'.rtT^nTP'tn'i^?AtrTnUv'nH''rr=,v,^?nrnf''irn' In^.^j" if 18727^orvv!niam Donaldson a^d
pertaining: to electricity and x-rays; prof, elec- Eleanor B (FlintV Guemsev nren edn eram-
tro-therapeutics and chemistry Hahnemann mar schools of TVrreHautlfin^d.^'^ndOrfhtl^.
^"^- .^SinLrr^h"'",?^ ShLl'S'^^wc^H^rS*"" ^'^- l^'Sh school, Osage, la., and Chicago Man-
SS^'aS, RnStlJ R?^ ^o A^ ^li^?^?- "'^l Training School; student Iowa (now Grin-
Mem. Am. Roentgen Ray Soc, Am. Electro- nein Coll Orinndl la 18S7 SQ' e-rnd Chifn-
Therapeutic Assn., Internat Elec. Congress, St. ^S-iLnt ColK of"'Lkw%Uh 'dlgVe^e'^^f LL.B.
Louis 1904 Clinical Soc. of Hahnemann Hosp., ]904; married Genevieve B. Wfight, Mar. 13

n^i*Aa^o%?i.,^Jj^l';f'^^^''%^tYii'Jf.V..^9'i'^?^^^^^ 193; 1 son: William Donaldson; married 2d

Chicago Electro-Med Soc. Residence: 2960 In- Jennie Lucia, daughter of Sidney Wanzer, of

diana Av. OflSce. 130 N. State St. Chicago, Jan. 4, 1905. Was salesman, expert

OKTTND, Charles Kng'o, druggist; born Kart- operator and collector for Piano Mfg. Co. and
stael, Sweden, Apr. 24, 1869; son Frederick and McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. in la.,
Johanna Grund; ed. common and high schools 1894-1901; came to Chicago in 1901 to study
of Sweden; Pharmaceutical Inst., Stockholm; law; admitted to III. bar, 1904; mem. firm Lam-
came to America, Sept. 1889; married at Chl- born & Guernsey since 1904. Clerk of the Pro-
cago, Anna Brand, of Mellerud, Sweden, June bate Court of Cook Co., 1906-10. Republican.
17, 1892. In drug business in Chicago since Sec. Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law since 1906;
1892. Methodist. Mem. Order of Maccabees, pres. West Central Improvement Assn. Mem.
Recreations: hunting and fishing in Fox Lake 111. State and Chicago Bar assns., and Phi
region, where he has a summer home. Resi- Delta Phi. Congregationalist. Mason (Blue
dence: 3607 Hamilton Av. Office: 3511 Archer Lodge, Chapter, Commandery, Shrine); B.P.O.
Avenue. E., Knights of Pythias, Royal Arcanum, North

GBVNEST, Perdlnand, cheese and butter American Union, Eastern Star. Clubs: Hatnil-

merchant; born Elbing, Ger., Feb. 4, 1855; son '9"- Press. Forty, Columbia Yacht, Indiana So-

John and Alwine Grunert; grad. gymnasium ciety, Hawkeye Fellowship. Recreations: house-

at Elbing, Ger., 1871; married Monroe, Wis., f,9^""f' hunting and fishing. Residence: 2943

Dec. 17, 1883, Emma Beckman; children: Ar- ^^ abash Av. Oflfice: 421 The Temple,

thur Earl, Clarence Ferdinand. Entire busi- OTTEBTIN, Edwin Borace, wholesale dealer

ness life has been spent in the cheese and but- in dried fruits, nuts and lioney; born St. Anne,

ter trade; came to U.S., 1872; located in 111., Mar. 5, 1864; son Joseph and Virginia

Monroe, Wis., 1880; became a resident of Chl- (Chiniquy) Guertin; ed. pub. schs. of St. Anne,

cago, 1902; now pres. of Grunert Cheese Co., 111.; married Blanche M. Hall, of Benton Har-

organized Apr. 29, 1901, with branch ware- bor, Mich., Feb. 2, 1893; 2 children: Lucille and

house in Wisconsin. Republican. Mason. Mem. Helen. Conducted a general store at St. Anne,

I.O.O.F., K.P., Rotary Club. Recreations: out- 111., age of 16, until 23; traveling salesman in

door diversions. Residence: 626 Wellington Mich, for W. J. Quan & Co., Chicago, 1887-97,

Av. Ofl^ce: 8 E. Kinzie St. when was buyer and mgr. for several depts. of

GBUNEWAiD, AugTistus Henry, merchant; the firm until resigned, June 1, 1905, to engage

born Chicago, Nov. 20, 1851; son Christian and !" business for himself as jobber and broker

Dorothy Grunewald; ed. Chicago pub. school to " canned goods, dried fruits, nuts and honey.

1869; married Chicago, Aug. 2, 1882, Emma Catholic. Club: Beverly Country. Recreations:

Baumgartner; children: Louise, Marie, Mattie, ^ojt and farming. Residence: 6658 Harvard St.

Lucille, Marguerite. Augustus H., Jr., Carl F. omce: J.b Kiver bt.

After leaving school learned tinner's trade and QTJEtPOBD, Fanl, physician; born Lebanon,
followed it until 1873, when, with J. P. Gross Pa.. Apr. 9, 1870; son William M. and Mary
established the firm of J. P. Gross & Co. Mr. (Elder) Guilford; ed. pub. schools. Lebanon,
Gross died 20 years ago; has since conducted Pa.; M.D., Univ. of Pa. Med. School, 1891; mar-
business as sole proprietor without change of ried. Interne Orthopedic, Wills Eye, and St.
firm name. Residence: 2134 Sedgwick St. Of- Timothy's hosps., Phlla., 3 years; came to Chl-
fice: 12 E. Kinzie St. cago, 1894; attending eye and ear surgeon, St.

fiTTTiT-iiiriKr Ti.3.,>..i v,!*. ,_., KT^^ Lukc's Hosp. ; vlsitlng eye and ear surgeon, St.

v^V f^?-' 18^- i: Sii^l^f^% "f"^^ ^^Z Luke's Hosp. Free Dispensary; asst. surgeon

7Aw:nrtr^ rn/.r^in- Ph R r^i^W,?.?^ T^dtr I"- ^aval Rescrvo, 1895 Mem. A.M.A., Chica-

^^sl^ no=t Ir?,! I57,rt^- in o^i,h^= ?T^i,y ^H 6 Med. Soc, 111. state Med. Soc, Chicago Oph-

f,1l= "^^f R^/wfn fn/^nK^HnSJi nf-,^?il- Ph thalmological and Otological Soi. Republican.

?. \s? .^IJ^iL 0?=.?^ A^oh.i.^oJ^?^'?=- Cub: University. Residence: 1534 Ekst 66th

D., 1889 married Clara E. Asher, of Memphis, ot offlrp- Ohiraen siavinirs Rtink Rlrlsr

Tenn., Sept. 14. 1894; 2 sons: Richard M. and ^\,}^1- t . . Savings Bank Bias

Edward Z. Was prof, chemistry and dyeing, *OUMP, Benjamin Pranklln; see Vol. 1905.

Pa. Museum and School of Industrial Art, 1889; OUNDEBSEN, Henrik, theologian: born

instr. at Columbia Univ., 1890-91; chemist and Tromso, Norway, Jan. 31, 1857; son Ole and

supt. for sugar, starch and glucose manufac- Mette Bernthine (Olsen) Gundersen; grad.

tories, 1891-1900; in Chicago since 1898; since Tromso Acad., 1872, Bethel Theol. Sem., Stock-

1900 in private practice as consulting chemist, holm, 1884, Christiania Univ., Candidxitus Phil-

chemical engr. and expert. Republican. Jew- osophiw, 1888; (hon. D.B., Bapt. Union Theol.

ish in religion. Recreations: literary work and Sem., 1889); married Hansine M. Hansen, of

travel. Residence: 4856 Forrestville Av. Of- Trondhjem, Norway, June 28, 1888. Pastor

flee: 903 Postal Telegraph Bldg. Trondhjem, Norway, 1886-7; removed to U.S.,

OUEBIir. M. Henry. lawyer- born Chicago 1^^^- P'""^- Greek and N.T. interpretation, Dan-
Dec 2*1 87 1; son D?' Jo"/and M?ry (Jac^k- '^^-^NoT^'^e?" '^^Vi S'^P'', ^nio" J^eol. Sem
son) Guerin; attended Jesuit Coll., Montreal, 1.888-92; asst prof. N.T. interpretation and bibl.
1% years; Univ. of Berlin. Ger.. 1 semester; lit., Univ. of Chicago, 1892-0, dean and prof.
A.B., Harvard College. 1893; LL.B.. Chicago I^Sj''"??"^ "?''?'SP' ^?^' l?'*''"?''!.'^*"'" t^""*
Coll. of Law, 1895; married Oakland, Cal., 1896. ^i*'';,!'.'' Danlsh-Norw-egian Theol. Sem (Univ.
Esther Glenn; children: John Glenn, Carmelita, of Ch'c^igo), since 189o. Address: Morgan

Thomas Edmund. William Jackson. Now mem. Park. iii.

law firm of Guerin. Gallagher & Barrett. Lee- OUMDEBSOW, Georg-e Oliver, treas. and gen.

tarer law of corporations and other subjects, mgr. of Acme Steel Co.; born Chicago, Aug. 4.

Chicago-Kent College of Law. since 1898. Mas- 1863; son Severt T. and Emily C. (Olson) Gun-

ter in chancery Circuit Court of Cook Co., 5 derson; ed. pub. school and Bryant & Stratton



Business Coll., Chicago; married Chicago, June
15, 1887, Julia A. Jacobs; children: Ruth El-
vyra, Gladys lone. Began in the lumber busi-
ness in his father's office In 1881; was mgr. for
W. J. Frawley & Co., lumber inspectors, 1883-

4. In 1885 organized and became managing
partner of firm of S. T. Gunderson c& Son, sash,
doors, mouldings, etc. When, In 1898, the plant
was destroyed by flre he organized the Acme
Steel Co., Incorporated in 1901, of which has
since been treas. and gen. mgr.; also mem. of

5. T. Gunderson & Sons, home builders. Re-
publican. Mem. Royal League. Clubs: Illinois,
Westward Ho Golf, Oak Park. Recreations:
motoring, golf, billiards. Residence: 700 S.
Elmwood Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 3442-3458
Fillmore St.; also Chamber of Commerce.

OTTN'DEBSOM', Severt T., real estate; de-
ceased; see Vol. 1905.

QUirSEKSON, Seward teiles, mem. of S. T.
Gunderson & Sons, home builders; born Chi-
cago, Feb. 23, 1866; son Severt T. and Emily
C. (Olson) Gunderson; ed. pub. schools and
Bryant & Stratton Business Coll., Chicago;
married Chicago, Oct. 10, 1894, Abigail K.
Campbell; children: Miles Campbell, Doris, Vir-
ginia, Kathryn. Became associated with his
father in the lumber business in 1883, and
when, in 1885, the firm of S. T. Gunderson &
Son, mfrs. of sash, doors, mouldings, etc., was
organized he was admitted to partnership.
Plant was destroyed by flre in 1898. Was sec.
of the Acme Steel Co., 1899-1903; since 1892 a
mem. of the firm of S. T. Gunderson & Sons,
home builders, to which business is devoting
all of his time. Also interested in C. A. Hiles
& Co., saw and knife mfrs. Republican. Ma-
son (Chapter, K.T., and Medinah Temple Mys-
tic Shrine); mem. Royal League, Internal. Con-
gress. Clubs: Oak Park, Colonial, Military (all
of Oak Park). Recreations: motoring, tennis,
bowlins:. Residence: 701 S. Elmwood Av., Oak
Park, 111. Office: Chamber of Commerce.

*OXJin>I^ACH, Conrad J., glass; see Vol. 1905.

owl's, William Edwin, fire Ins.; see Vol.

aVJUHmXCt, Bobert Jobn, real estate and in-
vestments; born Buffalo, N.Y., Jan. 2, 1856; son
William and Mary (Logan) Gunning; ed. Jones.

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1911) → online text (page 90 of 230)