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lius J., V. M., Adelaide (died May 1, 1906). Began Elevated R R. Co., 1904, Elevated Roads, 1913;

as cabinet maker and engaged with various mfrs.: mem. operating bd. Chicago Surface Lines. Pres.

pres. Union Show Case Co., 1888-1913; established HI. Civil Service Reform Assn.; mem. exec. com.

C. E. Hechinger & Co., mfrs ' agts and gen con- Municipal Voters' League. Trustee Hillsdale Coll.,

tractors, 1913. Republican. High Treas. Independ- Frances S. Shimer Acad., Mt. Carroll, 111. Mem.

ent Order of Foresters, State of 111.; mem. Catholic HI. and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Law Club,

Order of Foresters, Knights of Columbus. Recrea- Delta Tau Delta, Republican. Baptist. Clubs:

tion: baseball. Home: 4026 Patterson Av. Office: Union League (pres. 1904-5), University, Quadran-

180 N. Dearborn St. gle, Cliff Dwellers, City. Recreation: landscape

HECHT, D'Orsay, M D ; Feb. 1874-Feb 16 1916 work - Home: 4505 Ellis Av. Office: 134 S. LaSalle

(See vol. 1911.) Street.

HECHT, Edward Frank, mfr b Fond du Lac HECOX, Charles I,., insurance; b. at Ionia, Mich.,

Wis., Mar. 10, 1863; s. John and Rosina (Baltzer) Aug. 10, 1862; s. Charles L. and Melinda (Ford)

Hecht; ed. pub. schs. of Fond du Lac, and Bryant Hecox; ed. pub. schs.; m. Betty A. Clark, of Jack-

and Stratton Business Coll., Chicago; m. Celia son, Mich., Mar. 1, 1888. Began as local agt. Home

Price, of Chicago, Sept. 27, 1889. Began in 1881 as Ins. Co. of Greenville, Mich.; propr. Row & Ed-

bookkeeper; became connected with firm Charles munds Agency, Lansing, Mich.. 1895; spl. agt. In

Kaestner & Co., machinery, 1886, and became sec. Ohio of Am. Fire Ins. Co. of Phila., 1896-1906; asst.

and treas. of its successor, Kaestner & Co., Mar., mgr. O. C. Kemp Gen. Agency, Chicago, 1906-11;

1903, and now pres. Kaestner & Hecht Co., eleva- mgr. Ohio Farmers' Ins. Co., at Chicago, since

tors. Home: 3329 Indiana Av. Office: 1706 Jack- 1911; partner Guy A. Richards & Co. since 1914.

son Boul. Treas. Fire Ins. Underwriters of the Northwest,

HECHT, Frank Abner, mfr.; b. Fond du Lac, Chicago Bd. Underwriters. Mason Club: Union

Wis.; s. John and Rosina (Baltzer) Hecht; ed. high League^ Re c _ r , eat T lon: golf ' J Io ? ie: 4505 Lake Park

sch. and pvt. schs.; m. Chicago, July 6, 1887, Clara Av - Office: 2, .9 Insurance Exchange.

Kaestner; 1 son, Frank Abner. Entered office of HEDENBERG. James W., real estate; b. Kirk-

Charles Kaestner &. Co., 1879, as bookkeeper and wood, Mo., Sept. 18, 1855; s. John W. and Isabella


<Challacombe) Hedenberg. Ex-pres. Cook Co. Real Louis, 1896; then field paymaster, constrn. dept.

Estate Bd.; mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce. Club: Standard Oil Co.; cashier, Southwestern Passenger

Hamilton. Home: 1461 Hollywood Av. Office: 40 Bureau; chief clerk, treasury dept. St.L.&S.F.R.R.,

N. Dearborn St. also asst. sec. and asst. treas.; asst. sec. and asst.

HEDGER Caroline (Miss), MD ; b. at Brace- treas., C.&E.I.Ry., 1893-1913, now dir.; mgr. Estate

ville, O., Jan. 12, 1868; d. John Richards and Maria of H. H. Porter since 1914; vice pres. The Nevada

Louise (Caskey) Hedger; student Wellesley, 1889- Land Co., Nevada Mining- Co., Judson Land Co.,

SO; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch. (Woman's Judson Mining Co. Clubs: Mid-Day, Edgewater

Dept.), 1899, Rush Med. Coll., 1904. Began practice Golf. Recreations: reading, golf. Home: 4917 Sheri-

in Eau Claire, Wis., 1899; practiced in Chicago dan Rd. Office: First Nat. Bank Bldg.

since 1903; spl. collaborator of U.S. Bureau of Edn. HEFFEBA1T, William B., lawyer; b. Chicago, Jan.

Dir. Nat. Assn. for Study and Prevention Infant 13, 1865; s. Martin and Ann (McNichols) Hefferan;

Mortality; mem. Chicago Med. Soc. Single Taxer. A.B., St. Ignatius Coll., 1882. A.M., 1896; LL.B.,

Clubs: Woman's City, Chicago Woman's, Cordon. Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1884; m. Helen Maley,

Author of Tuberculosis in the Stock Yards o f Chicago, June 8, 1892; 3 children: William S.,

(World's Work, 1906); Report of the Campaign Jr., Thomas E. M. and Helen M. Admitted to 111.

Against Summer Diarrhea, in Chicago (111. Med. bar, 1886; mem. firm English (William J.) & Hef-

Jour., 1909); The Relation of Infant Mortality to feran, 1895-8; master in chancery. Circuit Court of

Long Hours of Work for Women (Bull, of Am. Cook Co., 1896-8. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Demo-

Acad. Medicine, 1910); The Relation of the Educa- crat. Mem. Royal Arcanum, Columbian Knights,

tion of the Girl to Infant Mortality (Proc. Inf. Knights of Columbus. Home: 6631 Harvard Av.

Mortality Congress, London, 1912); The School Office: 1418 Ashland Blk.
Children of the Stock Yard District (Trans. 15th


Hn i i h n n Heinrich and Maria (Hunold) Heidhues; grad. ele-

Home. 5341 Kimbark Av. Office: 29 E. Madison St. mentary and hlgh schg . f Cologne; m. in Chicago,

HEDGES, Albert Parker, M.D.; b. Chatham, Can- Helene Rosenthal, of Cologne, Dec. 8, 1887; 2 sons:

ada West, June 6, 1863; s. William Hawkins and Harry E., Arthur J. (twins). Came to U.S., 1882;

Maria (Clark) Hedges; M.D., Chicago Horace. Med. entered retail dry goods business on own account,

Coll., 1890; m. Eyansville, Ind., Sept. 30, 1890, Ber- at N. Halsted and Center Sts., 1890; moved to

tha Gilleland ; children : Myra Lavinia, Leland Gille- larger quarters, at North Av. and N. Halsted St.,

land, Helen Decker. In gen. practice of medicine 1894, continuing there until 1904; then engaged In

since 1890; prof, surgery, Nat. Med. Coll., 1897-8; importing dry goods specialties but soon special-

prof. obstetrics, Chicago Homoe. Med. Coll., 1902- ized in handling ladies' gloves exclusively, title

04. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Am. Inst. of Eberhard Heidhues; firm incorporated, 1916, as

Homoeopathy, 111. Homoe. Med. Assn., Chicago E. Heidhues & Co., of which is pres. Mem. Chicago

Horace. Med. Soc. Served I.N.G., Camp Ford, 1889- Assn. Commerce. Germania Lodge No. 182, A.F.&

SO. Republican. Presbyterian. Recreations: music, A.M.; Oriental Consistory, S.P.R.S.; Medinah Tern-

literature. Home: 3733 Kenmore Av. Office: 1124 pie, A.A.O.N.M.S. Club: German. Recreation: trav-

Wilson Av. eling. Home: 3820 Rokeby St. Office: 223 W. Jack-

HEDGES, Samuel Parker, M.D.; b. Sinclairville, son Boul.

Chautauqua Co., N.Y., July 23, 1841; s. Col. Ellas HEIDKAMP, Emil M., optician; b. Port Wash-

Sears and Rebecca L. (Parker) Hedges; prepared ington, Wis., Jan. 25, 1865; s. Adolph and Anna

for Yale at Jamestown (N.Y.) Acad.; enlisted July (Hansen) Heidkamp; ed. pub. schs. of Port Wash-

23, 1862, as pvt. in Co. B, 112th Regt. N.Y. Vol. ington; m. Rose I. Young, Port Washington, May

Inf ; promoted to sergt 2d It, 1st It. and adj. and 15, 1889; 5 children: Emil N., Herbert A., George

capt. in his regt.; captured May 16, 1864, before A., Mary, Paul C. Entered employ of Watry &

Richmond, Va., and was a prisoner for 10 mos. ; Borsch, opticians, in 1885, and when the firm dis-

when exchanged, rejoined regt. and served until solved, 1886, continued with N. Watry until 1900;

close of war; mustered out with regt. June 13, mem. firm of N. Watry & Co., 1900-13; since mem.

1865; entered Cleveland Homoe. Med. Coll., Oct., Watry & Heidkamp; also pres Bowmanville Nat.

1865; M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago, 1867; Bank. Pres 111 State Soc. of Optometrists, 1911-

m. Jamestown, N.Y., Mar. 12, 1867, Rachel Dan- J Democrat. Mem K. a, C.O.F Recreation: pho-

forth; children: Helen, Paul, Myra, Corinna, Wil- S&SfiSS: Home: 2125 Wilson Av. Office: 11 W.

Ham, Robert, Grace, Samuel. In gen. practice at Kan( bt -

Chicago since 1867; prof, anatomy, Hahnemann HEIDIiER, Frank Joseph, lumber; b. in Bo-

Med. Coll., 1868-72; at formation of Chicago Horace, hernia. Map. 8, 1874; s. Frank Xaverious and Ber-

Med. Coll. was prof, theory and practice of medi- tha (Halbhuber) Heidler; came to America with

cine; now prof, practice of medicine in same; con- parents in 1888, family settling at Chicago; ed.

suiting phys. Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan pub. schs., of Chicago and 2 yrs. in high sch. at

Asylum many yrs.; consulting phys. Chicago Union Prague, Bohemia; m. twice, first wife died July 5,

Hosp. Mem. Am. Inst. Homoeopathy, 111. Homoe. 1904; m. 2d, Frances Marie Anderson, of Chicago,

Med. Assn. (pres. 1886); pres. Chicago Homoe. Med. June 19, 1906; 4 children: Antoinette M., Rose S.,

Soc. 2 terms, etc. Republican. Presbyterian; elder Frank J., Jr., Alice L. Identified with the lumber

since 1868. Mem. Washington Post G.A.R., Chicago, industry since 1890; in employ of Traverse City

111. Commandery Loyal Legion, Western Soc. of the Lumber Co. 1890-1; with C. A. Barker, 1891-2;

Potomac, Army of the James. Recreations: church wl t. h the Barker Cedar Co. until 1900, when estab-

work, camping, fishing. Home: 945 Airdrie PI. Of- ii sh d fil f F ,- a L Heldl ?S n f Co - ; r8 ? 1 e H I M I ? k ~

flco' 4K^7 Rrnariwav Heidler & Co., 1902, inc. 1903, as the Fink-Heidler

Co., of which has since been pres. and gen. mgr.

HEDBICH, Otto Herman, coal; b. Chicago, Aug. Republican. Mason (32, K.T., Shriner), Odd Fel-

27, 1869; s. of L. F. A. and Augusta (Neunuebel) low. Recreations: motoring, fishing. Home: 201 S.

Hedrich; ed. grammar schs. and business coll.; m. Humphrey Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 2449 S. Ash-

Cincinnati, O., 1898, Ida Hoffman; children: Otto land Av., Chicago.

H. Jr., Roland L Carl A., Margaret E. Began in HErFETZ, Samuel, life underwriter; b. Vilna,

coal business with Robert Law, 1885-92; with Bra- Russia, June 8, 1885; s. Morris M. and Caroline

Block Coal Co., 1892-1901; vice pres. and sec (Asine) Heifetz; ed. Govt. schs., Vilna; m. Eleanor

Brazil Coal Co. 1901-3; since May, 1903, firm of Salins, of Chicago, Nov. 21, 1911; 2 children: El-

H^ H '9i^5 d T 1Ch f & A Co - R Lut "eran Club: Apollo mer M Carro n 'Emigrated to U.S., 1901; in gen-

J.t R '' Rogers Park " Offlce: 164 eral store, Lawrence, Mass., 1902-6; removed to

" K - Chicago, 1906, and entered general store; became

HEED, Thomas D., manager estate; b. St. Louis, agent for Prudential Life Ins. Co., 1907; trans-

Mar. 19, 1875; s. Thomas D. and Mary (Barnett) ferred to Gary, Ind., 1908-12; resigned and returned

Heed; ed. Coll. of Emporia, Kan., 1890-2; m. Au- to Chicago and entered employ of Mutual Life Ins.

gusta Miller Charlier, of N.Y. City, Nov. 19, 1907. Co. of New York, opening a branch office of the

Began in gen. auditor's office, M.,K.&T.Ry., at St. company in Ins. Exchange Bldg., 1915. Republican.



Jewish religion. Mason (Apollo Lodge, Auburn
Park Chapter, Woodlawn Council, Peoria Consist-
ory, Mohammed Temple, Peoria, 111.). Clubs: City,
Chicago Sharpshooters' Assn. Recreations: hunt-
ing, fishing. Home: 6032 Vernon Av. Office: 1816
Insurance Exchange.

HEIL, Benitins M., clergyman; b. Fulda, O., Oct.
28, 1866; s. Sebastian and Catherine (Singer) Hell;
ed. parochial and pub. schs. in Ohio; taught pub.
schs. 2 yrs. ; entered House of Studies of the Ser-
vite Fathers, Sept. 21, 1887, finishing theol. studies
at Granville, Wis. Ordained priest R.C.Ch., at St.
Francis Sem., June 21, 1896, and assigned Our
Lady of Sorrows Ch., Chicago, and master of the
professed students of the Servite Order and dir.
of studies, until Nov., 1900; master of novices and
dir. of studies, 1900-2, superior of the monastery,
1902-8, House of Studies, Granville, Wis.; master
of professed clerics, Our Lady of Sorrows Ch., Chi-
cago, 1908-9; elected provincial of the Am. province
of the Order of Servites, July 20, 1909, re-elected,
July 23, 1912; represented the Servite Order in the
U.S.A., at the General Chapter, at Florence, Italy,
May, 1913. Home: 3121 Jackson Boul.

HEILM-A.1T, Ralph. Emerson, prof, economics; b.
Ida Grove, la., Apr. 15, 1886; s. Dr. Elwood C. and
Nancy Jane (Blazer) Heilman; Ph.B., Morningside
Coll., Sioux City, la., 1906; A. M., Northwestern
Univ., 1907; Ph.D., Harvard, 1913; m. Elsie May
Weary, of Dwight, 111., Sept. 8, 1909; 1 child, Gwen
Flocile. Instr. in economics, Harvard, 1912-13;
asst. prof, economics and chief Bur. of Social Wel-
fare, Univ. of la., 1913-14; asst. prof, economics,
Univ. of 111., 1914-16; prof, economics and social
science, Northwestern Univ., since Sept. 1, 1916.
Mem. Am. Econ. Assn., Western Econ. Soc., Delta
Tau Delta. Methodist. Clubs: City, University of
Evanston. Author: Chicago Traction (pub. by
Am. Econ. Assn.), 1908; also numerous articles on
pub. utilities and kindred subjects. Home: 1505
Maple Av., Evanston, 111.

HEINE. Heim-ich Bichard, chimney builder; b.
Koenigsberg, Germany, 1871; s. Heinrich and Mar-
garitha (Buetner) Heine; C.E., Univ. of Berlin,
1896; m. Maude Blanke, of Chicago, 1913; children:
Hildegard, Heinrich, Jr. Came to America, 1896;
in employ Am. Bridge Co., Pittsburgh, Cincinnati
and Chicago, 1896-1904; in engring. and constrn.
business on own account since 1904; pres. The
Heine Chimney Co. since 1906. Mem. Western Soc.
Engrs., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Republican. Lu-
theran. Mason (32, Shriner). Home: Highland
Park, 111. Office: 123 W. Madison St., Chicago.

HEINECK, Aim 6 Paul, surgeon; b. Bordeaux,
France, Mar. 10, 1870; s. Auguste and Anna (Cazal-
bou) Heineck; M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sen.,
1896; m. Lfeonie Pallissard, of St. Anne, 111., 1907;
4 children: Pauline, Irene, Camille, Aimfe Paul.
Practiced in Chicago since 1896; prof, surgery, Coll.
Medicine and Surgery; surgeon to Cook Co.,
Frances Willard, Jefferson Park, and Rhodes Av.
hosps. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago med.
socs., Chicago Pathol. Soc. Editorial staff of Sur-
gery, Gynecology and Obstetrics (Chicago), La
Clinique (Montreal, Can.). Mem. Alliance Fran-
Qaise, Comite Patriotique and SociStS Franchise de
Bienfaisance, Independent Religious Soc. (Chi-
cago). Mem. Ashlar Lodge No. 308, A.F.&A.M.;
Aryan Grotto No. 18, M.O.V.P.E.R. ; Washington
Chapter No. 43, R.A.M.; Chicago Council No. 4, R.
and S.M.; Chicago Commandery No 19, K.T.; Me-
dinah Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.; also mem. K.P. Club:
Chicago Motor. Author of numerous contributions
to med. press, among them: Appendicitis and
Pregnancy; Fractures of the Patella; Hernias of
the Urinary Bladder; Hernias of the Ovary, of the
Fallopian Tube, and of the Fallopian Tube and
Ovary; The Modern Treatment of Exophthalmic
Goitre; The Terminations and Treatment of Extra-
Uterine Pregnancy; The Modern Treatment of In-
tra-articular Bodies Originating Within the Organ-
ism; Local and General Surgical Anesthesia; etc.
Home: 1809 S. Trumbull Av. Office: 2007, 2009 and
2011 Marshall Field Annex Bldg.

HEINEMANN, Henry Emil Otto, newspaper
man; b. Manchester, Eng., Apr. 21, 1864; s. Arnold
Henry and Wilhelmine (Knop) Heinemann; ed.
Burgerschule, Brunswick, Germany, 1868-72; Jo-
hanneum (Latin Sch.), Hamburg, Germany, 1873-
82, Chicago Law Sch., 1896-1900; admitted to bar,
Dec. 18, 1900; m. Chicago, Nov. 10, 1898, Lillian
Amelia Hopkins; children: Marie Virginia, Henry
Edward Orville, Arnold Hopkins, Robert Knop. Re-
porter on various Chicago newspapers, 1882-91; ed-
itor in charge of Teutonic languages, dept. of pub-
licity. World's Columbian Expn., 1891-2; city edi-
tor Evening Press, 1892; editor Am. Brewers' Re-
view, 1897-1916; in publicity service since 1916.
Republican. Lutheran. Mason. Club: Press. Wrote:
The Rule of Not Too Much; Unsere Weltausstel-
lung; translator of Sketch of Martin Luther (Open
Court), etc. Recreations: outdoor diversions, read-
ing (sociology). Home: 1625 W. 102d St. Office:
Peoples Gas Bldg.

HEINKICHS, Herman William, shoe merchant.
(See vol. 1911.)

HEINSHEIMER, Edward Bichard, mfr. cloaks
and suits; b. Glenwood, la., Nov. 18, 1873; s. David
L. and Sarah (Pettinger) Heinsheimer; ed. pub.
schs. of Glenwood, and at Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon,
la.; m. Rose Kahn, of Chicago, Nov. 14, 1906; chil-
dren: William Richard, Edward Richard. Began as
clerk in a general store at Glenwood, and in 1897
became a partner in that business; removed to Chi-
cago, 1903, to become pres. Shoninger-Heinsheimer
Mfg. Co., mfrs. of cloaks and suits. Republican.
Elk. Club: Standard. Recreations: outdoor diver-
sions. Home: 857 Michigan Av., Wilmette, 111. Of-
fice: 234 S. Market St., Chicago.

HEINTZ, Edward Louis, M.D.; b. at Rolla, Mo.,
Apr. 27, 1874; s. John Louis and Fannie (de Bauern-
feind) Heintz; grad. White Lake (S.D.) High Sch.,
1890; student Univ. of S.D., class of 1896; Ph.G.,
St. Louis Coll. of Pharmacy; M.D., Coll. of Medi-
cine Univ. of 111., 1901; m. Bertha Marie Hansen,
May 4, 1911; 1 son, John Louis, 2d (died 1914).
Was adj. prof, materia medica, now asst. prof,
medicine and clin. medicine, Coll. of Medicine of
Univ. of HI.; a founder, sec. and dir. and attend-
ing physician University Hosp.; a founder, sec.
and dir. University Hosp. Training School for
Nurses. Pres. Eta Chapter House Assn.; Past
Grand Pres. Alpha Kappa Kappa Fraternity (Grand
Sec., 1902-10); chmn. incorpn. com. of Inter-Med.
Fraternity Conf. ; pres. Alumni Assn. Coll. of Medi-
cine Univ. of 111., 1913; mem. Alpha Omega Alpha,
A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med. Soc. Re-
publican. Methodist. Compiler of Directory of
Alpha Kappa 'Kappa Fraternity, 1907, and Cata-
logue of same, 1909. Contributor to medical peri-
odicals. Home: 5968 W. Chicago Av. Office: 30
N. Michigan Av.

HEINZE, Victor, pianist and teacher; b. Ober-
Glogau, Germany, Sept. 16, 1865; s. Leopold (au-
thor of numerous works on music and mathe-
matics) and Benigna (Redelbach) Heinze; collegi-
ate and musical edn. at Breslau and Berlin, and
afterwards was pvt. pupil of Leschetizky; came to
Chicago In 1893; pres. Cosmopolitan Sch. of Music
and Dramatic Art, 1907-12; dir. Master Sch. of Ar-
tistic Piano-playing, at Berlin, Germany, 1912-15, at
Chicago since 1915; dean of musical dept. Ferry
Hall, Lake Forest Univ. Exponent of the Leschetiz-
ky principles of piano playing. Home: 1400 Winne-
mac Av. Studio: 508 Fine Arts Bldg.

HEISEN, Charles Constantine, real estate owner;
b. Cassel, Germany, Sept. 19, 1854; s. George C. and
Elise (Young) Heisen; ed. Coll. at Cassel, Ger-
many; m. Vicksburg, Miss., Dec. 31, 1881, Ida Wad-
dill; children: Myrtle, Mamie, Carl and George.
Was in cotton commn. business in Miss, for 9 yrs.;
came to Chicago from Miss., and engaged in real
estate business since 1886. Republican. Episco-
palian. Home: Ardmore, 111. Office: 219 S. Dear-
born St., Chicago.

HEISEB, Albert C., printing; b. Chicago, July 4,
1875; s. Frederick and Mary Elizabeth (Bentley)
Heiser; ed. pub. schs. of Chicago; m. Anna D. Ram-
ler, of LaSalle Co., 111., Apr. 8, 1896; 2 sons: Russell
A., mem. Battery D, 1st 111. Arty., and Fred B., age



pres.; editor Kurd's Revised Statutes of Illinois

HEISSI.ER, Jacob Prank, pres. and treas. Heiss- since ' 1905 also edite( j 9 vo i s . Appellate Court Re-
r & Junge Co.; b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 21, 18 13; s. ts of m gec So i d i e rs' Home in Chi






Chicago since
'"ary (wora-

V i. * V, j *- lonf ooaiimori com. Assn. (jouegiaie Aiumna; aim am. uuui

established by father, and m Apr, 1901, assumed 2 } Hon mem m gtate Bar

position as pres. and treas Heissler ^& Junge (Co <= IP ph( B > . nl pregs A D

Clubs: Germania 111 Athletic Home. 'woman's Western Golf Assn. Republican,

dan Rd. Office: 301-323 W. 39th St. club >. Chicago woman's. Residence: Virginia Ho-

HEITMA1T, Pred P., bonds and mortgages; b. at tel . ( summe r) Midlothian Country Club. Office: 32

Chicago, May 8, 1884; s. George and Sophia (Turn- N Dearborn St.

8 US, WcS?alTjne HEI.MER, Prank Ambrose, law_y_er; b,near Cuba,

Mason (32 ShrinerrRVcVeationr golf. Bradwell (m. Dr. J. Stuart Pritchard). Admitted

onfh- Perm- i Home' 1333 Rosedale Av Officl: 10 to bar, 1881; began practice in clerical capacity for

Club. Grerman. Home. 1666 t, Frank J. Smith, with whom was partner, 1882-9;

practiced alone, 1889-90; mem. firm of Smith, Hel-

HEKTOEK, ludvig-, pathologist; b. at Westby, mer & Moulton (with Frederick A. Smith and

Wis., July 2, 1863; s. Peter P. and Olave Hektoen; Frank I. Moulton), 1890-7, Smith, Helmer, Moulton

A.B., Luther Coll., Decorah, la., 1883, A.M., 1896; & price, 1897-1902 ; Smith, Helmer & Moulton, 1902-

studied Univ. of Wis.; M.D., Coll. Phys. and Surg., j u i y j_ 1903, when Mr. Smith was elected judge

Chicago, 1887; studied Upsala, Prague, Berlin, Vi- Circuit Court; then mem. Helmer & Moulton until

enna, 1890-4-5-6-7; (M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1896; j an . i, 1904, when, by admission of Roland D.

Sc.D., Univ. of Mich., 1913); m. Habo, Sweden, El- Whitman, firm became Helmer, Moulton & Whit-

len Strandh, July 7, 1891. Pathologist to Cook Co. man (Lloyd C. Whitman being admitted in 1912);

Hosp., 1889-1903; lecturer pathology. Rush Med. now mem. Helmer, Moulton, Whitman & Whitman.

Coll., 1S90-2; physician to coroner's office, Chicago, Treas. and asso. editor Chicago Legal News. Mem.

1890-4; prof, pathology, Coll. Phys. and Surg., 1892- Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns., Delta Kap-

94; prof, morbid anatomy, 1895-8, pathology since pa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. Repub-

1898, Rush Med. Coll.; prof, and head dept. pathol- lican. Clubs: University, City, Law, Hamilton,

ogy and bacteriology, Univ. of Chicago, since 1901; Reynolds, Midlothian. Recreation: golf. Residence:

dir. Memorial Inst. for Infectious Diseases since Virginia Hotel; (summer) Midlothian Country

1902; mem. Occupational Disease Commn. of 111., Club. Office: 110 S. Dearborn St.

1S&&S3SS. As U sn na Am f P^sS^Z H^MHO^z Prederick Ernest Theodore, grain

Chicago Pathol. Soc. (pres. 1898-1902), Assn. Am. commn. (See vol. 1911.)

Pathologists and Bacteriologists (pres. 1903), A.A. HELMING, Oscar Clemens, clergyman; b. Frank-

A.S. (vice pres. 1909); foreign mem. Norwegian lin, Wis., Jan. 17, 1867; s. Herman and Henrietta

Med. Soc., Christiania. Author: Post-mortem Tech- (Smithing) Helming; A.B., Butler Univ., Indian-

nique, Chicago, 1894. Editor: Durek's Pathologic apolis, Ind., 1888; grad. Union Theol. Sem., New

Histology. Co-editor and contbr. to Am. Text-Book York, 1894; m. Joanna Parker, of Atchison, Kan.,

of Pathology, 1902. Has written numerous articles Nov. 14, 1900; 4 children: Ruth, Vernon, Clemens,

of pathol. and bacteriol. interest. Residence: Hotel James. Ordained Congl. ministry, Oct. 24, 1894;

Del Prado. Address: 637 S. Wood St. pastor Island Pond, Vt., 1894-5. First Ch., Atchison,

. ., . ., ,

t-,, imTmrter- v, at Kan., 1895-9, North Ch., Indianapolis, 1899-1903,
, tea importer, D. at -NTufipv 70- T IQAI TTni\r^T*i*-v r^ nhi^oo-rt o;^
arily there), Mar. 18, 1907 y Home : 5737 DoichSter Av " Chicas ' slnce

, ._>,_,
, Arthur

Kobe, Japan (parents temporarily ere, ar. , 1907 Home 5737 Doichter Av

1879; s. Frederick and Georgiana (Tirrell) Hell- ]

yer; ed. University Sen., Chicago; Cornell Univ. HBtSTEIW, Meyer, wholesale meats; b. Balti-

Law Dept., 1897-8; m. Kate Chapman, of Bay City, 5 r e. Md. Nov. 24 1861; s. of Faust and Sophia

Mich., Feb 17, 1903; 2 children: Frederick, Arthur (Hess) Helstem; ed. grammar sens, and studied

Bidwell. Mem. firm of Hellyer & Co., importers of G a e Q r , man : m - A " n . le Zl ?' lhn .f' 9 f Chicago, Sept. 5,

tea, since 1900; succeeded father who established 1?93; Engaged in cattle business until 1891; in

the business in 1S75. Episcopalian. Clubs: Univer- Sf^-ln f rv h buslness slnce fi 18 ^ 2; , t prop ,J- J ^ h "

sity, Riverside Golf. Recreation: golf. Home: Riv- ^,Tn tLfs nf S^ 168 .? 16 ..? 1 ^ 8 ' 8 h F l llto ; 1 Market :

3!i> TII nffir-o- f>R -or MaHionS t r-hifopr. also treas. of S. A. Smith Co., wholesale grocers

de> nl ' c bt " cni (Gary, Ind.), and Berger Furniture Co. (Peoria,

HELLYEK, Frederick, tea importer; Jan. 10, 111.). Republican. Mem. of Apollo Lodge, No. 642,

1849-1915. (See vol. 1911.) A.F. and A.M.; Apollo Lodge No. 78, Nat. Union.

HEtLYEB, Walter, tea importer ; b. Boston, Aug. R , e o C pnHn n: <?r lf - Home: 5401 University Av. Office:

24, 1880; s. Frederick and Georgia-Anna (Tirrell) SJ!i

Hellyer: student Univ. of Chicago, 1897-9; m. Bes- ITnMTtTGTOlT, Prancis, organist; b. at London,

sie, d. Clarence L. Cross, of Riverside, 111., Apr. 27, Eng., Aug. 22, 1866; s. James Alexis and Emily (Al-

1904; 2 sons: Thomas W. and Philip. Member of len) Remington; asso. Royal Coll. of Organists,

firm of Hellyer & Co., tea importers. Clubs: Chi- London, 1885; (Mus. Doc., New York Conservatory

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