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of Chicago were designed by the old and new
firms; gained distinction by bldg. the first skele-
ton construction bldg. in America (the Home Ins.
Bldg., Chicago), 1884-5. Fellow and dir. Am. Inst.
Architects. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs:
Union League, Cliff-Dwellers, City, Church. Rec-
reation: motoring. Residence: 3004 Logan Boul.
Office: 1401 New York Life Bldg.

JENSEN. Jena, landscape architect; b. Denmark,
Sept. 13, 1860; s. Christian and Magdalen Sofia (Pe-
tersen) Jensen; ed. Agricultural Coll., Jutland,
Denmark; made further studies in agr. and horti-
culture, at Copenhagen, and later at Berlin and
Hanover, Germany; m. Anne M. Hansen, of Den-
mark, 1874; children: Edward C., Magdalen S.,
Katherina (Mrs. Edison Wheeler). Edith D. Came
to U.S., 1884; supt. Union and other small city
parks, of the west park system, Chicago, 1890-4;
supt. Humboldt Park, 1894-1900, landscape archi-
tect and gen. supt. west park system, 1906-9; now
consulting landscape architect west park system.
Pres. Friends of Our Native Landscape; governing
mem. Art Inst. Chicago (life); dir. Chicago Geog.
Soc.; fellow Am. Geog. Soc., A.A.A.S. Clubs: City,
Cliff Dwellers. Recreations: nature studies Home'
1220 Farwell Av. Office: 64 E. Van Buren St.

JENSON, William, real estate broker; b. Chicago,
Aug. 14, 1875; s. N. P. and Anna K. (Hansen) Jen-
son; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; Chicago Seminar of
Sciences; Chicago Athenamm; Chicago Law Sch.;
admitted to bar, 1915; m. Mabel Sparr, of Chicago
June 6, 1900 (died June 27, 1916). Began in real
estate business, 1892; was mgr., 1897-1900; pres

Regelin, Jenson & Co. sine 1900; dir. Chicago
Oyster Pail Co. Dir. Bonnie Hame Assn. Mem. Phi
Alpha Delta. Mason (K.T., Shriner). Republican.
Episcopalian. Club: Rotary. Recreation: grolf.
Home: 6743 East End Av. Office: 82 W. Washing-
ton St.

JEPPESEN, annul Augnist Ferdinand, bridsre
engr.; b. Copenhagen, Denmark, Mar. 31, 1879; s.
Emil Ferdinand and Johanne Kristine Petrine (Lo-
renzen) Jeppesen: C.E., State Polv. Inst, Copen-
hagen, 1903; m. Olga Lutz, of Cleveland, O., Feb.
15, 1913; 2 sons: Gordon Lutz, Norman Lutz. Came
to U.S.. 1903; field engr. on road constrn. at Booton,
1903, Cleveland, 1904; structural draftsman. Am.
Bridge Co., Chicago, 1904-5; asst. structural engr.
Northwestern Elevated Ry. Co., Chicago. 1905; suc-
cessively asst. engr. designing engr., mng. engr..
chief engr., and consulting engr., The Strauss Bas-
cule Bridge Co., 1905-17; now in pub. practice.
Mem. Western Soc. Engrs. Republican. Home:
1303 Carmen Av.

JEBNBEBG, Keinert Aug-ttst, theologian; b. at
Fredrtkehald, Norway, Nov. 30. 1855: s. Peter Au-
gust and Anne Margrete (Skjoldal) Jernberg; B.A.,
Yale, 1884; B.D., Chicago Theol. ,Sem., 1887 (D.D.,
1910); m. Sarah Emily Libby, of Boston, May 5,
1887 (died 1910). Ordained Congl. ministry, 1884:
pastor East Berlin, Conn., 1883-5, Puritan Ch., Chi-
cago, 1887-9, Douglas Park Ch., 1890; instr.. 1885-
95, prof, since 1895, and dir. Danish-Norwegian
Inst. in Chicago Theol. Sem. Founder, 1890, and
editor 10 yrs., of Evangelisten (Norwegian week-
ly); chmn. exec. com. Evangelisten Pub. Soc. Re-
publican. Ministerial mem. Chicago Assn. 111.
Conf. Congl. Chs., Delta Kappa Epsilon. Club:
Congregational. Contbr. many articles in various
religious periodicals. Am. and Norwegian. Home:
2027 Fowler St. Office: 20 N. Ashland Boul.

JEROME, William B., railway official; b. Auburn,
Cayuga Co., N.Y., Mar. 13, 1852; great-grandfather
and great-great-grandfather both fought in the
Revolutionary War. Was telegrapher C.,M.&St.P.
Ry., 1870-2; telegrapher and bill elk., C..B.&Q.R.R.,
1872-5; elk. in office of gen. supt. M.C.R.R., May 1-
July 5, 1875; ticket agt. M.C. and Chicago & W.
Michigan rys., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1875-8; resi-
dent of Chicago since July 1, 1878; Michigan pass,
agt. M.C.R.R., 1878-80; traveling pass. agt. A..T.&
S.F.R.R., 1880-3; gen. western pass. agt. N.Y.C.
Lines since Feb. 1, 1883. Club: Union League.
Home: 4528 Michigan Av. Office: LaSalle Station.

JEBBEMS, Donald Edwin, merchant tailor; b.
Chicago, Oct. 15, 1885; s. William G. and Mary
(Nicoll) Jerrems; ed. Hill Sch., Pottstown, Pa.;
m. Rosalind Wollensak, of Chicago, Dec. 7, 1908;
children: Eleanor Mary, Donald Edwin, Jr. In mer-
chant tailoring business in Chicago since 1905;
vice pres. Jerrems, Inc. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chi-
cago Athletic, Exmoor Country. Recreation: golf.
Home: 1541 Astor St. Office: 314 Michigan Boul.

JEBBEMS, Thomas William, Jr., live stock
commn. ; b. New Hartford, N.Y., Aug. 20, 1867; s.
Thomas William and Theresa (Autenrith) Jer-
rems; ed. Plainfield (111.) High Sch., 18S2-5, East-
ern la. Normal Sch., Columbus Junction, 1886-7; m.
Roberta Lindover Devereaux, of Plainfield, 111.,
Nov. 10, 1892. Came to Chicago in 1890; in employ
of U.S. Treasury Dept. at Chicago, 1892-3; treas.
Standard Live Stock Commn. Co., 1894-14 and pres.
since 1914. Pres. Chicago Live Stock Exchange,
1915, 1916. Republican. Methodist. Mem. Royal
League. Club: Saddle and Sirloin. Residence: 6532
Ingleside Av. Office: 173 Exchange Bldg., Union
Stock Yards.

JESPEBSON. Johannes, clergyman; b. Datum,
Westergotland, Sweden, Oct. 14, 1858; s. Jesper
and Lisa (Samuelson) Carlson; came to U.S., 1873;
A.B., Augustana Coll., Rock Island, 111., 1883; grad.
Augustana Theol. Sem., 1885; m. Mathilda S. An-
derson, of Burlington, la., May 15. 1888; one foster
son, George Erick. Ordained Swedish Luth. minis-
try, 1885; pastor Messiah Ch., Burlington, la., 1885-
89; gen. mgr. Augustana Coll. and Theol. Sem.,
1889-1903; pastor Salem Ch., Spokane, Wash., 1903-
1907; founder, 1907, and pres. until 1914. Co-ur
d'Alene (Ida.) Coll.; supt. Chicago Inner Mission
Soc. of Evang. Luth. Ch. since Sept. 1, 1914. Re-


publican. Home: 1426 N. LaSalle St. Office: 127 N. JOHANTGEN, J. Frank, life ins.; b. Clark Co.,

Dearborn St. Ind.; s. Nicholas and Mary (Lambert) Johantgen;

JESSE, Dan Bowmar, railway equipment. (See d. pub. schs.; m. Leni Leoti La Master, of Henry

vol 1911 ) Co., Ky. Entered life ins. business with New York

JESSOP, James Bailey, wholesale fish; b. Sand- Life Ins. Co. at Wichita, Kan. 1888; agency organ-

wich, Ont., June 23, 1851; s. of James and Mary ' zer fo "; sam e company since 1914. Mem. Chicago

(Ryan) Jessop; ed. common sch. at Sandwich; ^ ssn - Commerce, Life Underwriters Assn., Chi-

m. Julia Prances Harris, of Sandwich, Apr. 25 S* s T ( ??- v T lce B res 'V m ^ a *200,000 Club, New

1876; 5 children: Elenora B. (Mrs. John A. York Life Ins. Co since 1898. Mason (32, Shrin-

Kleine) Cathprinp T fMrs Pharlp Slo^rminrtl er >- t-Iub: South Shore Country. Recreations: mo-

Th^o^i^S/ailS%l^3rSrtwS?toSi: \ n r ^ *: >"= Hyde Park Boul. Office:

In fish business since boyhood, and since 1872, Ju * Laballe bt.

trading representative for the largest fish con- JOHN, Pindley D., M.D., surgeon; b. Dayton, O.,

cerns in the country; resident of Chicago since Feb. 7, 1874; s. of Thomas Jefferson and Martha

1890; has direct connections with extensive lake (Sharpe) John; prep. edn. Washington (la.) Acad.,

and ocean fisheries; organized the Canadian Lakes and at Lake Forest, 111.; M.D., Rush Med. Coll.,

Fishing Co., Ltd., of which is gen. mgr.; company 1903; unmarried. Interne, Chicago Lying-in Hosp.

operates on 7 of the largest lakes in Northwest- and Dispensary, 1904; asso. in medicine, Presbyn.

ern Canada. Mem. Columbian Knights, National Hosp., 1905-6, 1906-7; instr. obstetrics, Univ. of 111.

Union. Recreations: canoeing, yachting. Home: Coll. of Medicine, since 1914. Republican. Presby-

7710 N. Ashland Av. Office: 236 N. Clark St. terian. Mason (K.T., Consistory, Shrine). Club:

JEWETT, Jarne* Richard, college prof . Removed Hamilton. Residence: Edgewater Beach Hotel. Of-

to Cambridge, Mass. (See Who's Who in America.) ' 2 Kenmore Av.

JEWETT, Samuel Rountree, lawyer and farmer; JOHNS, Robert, merchant. (See vol. 1911.)

b. Chicago, Oct. 2, 1862; s. John N. and Ellen (Roun- JOHNSEN, Charles, banker; b. Guttenberg, la.,

tree) Jewett; B.A., Yale, 1883; m. Chicago, Oct. 8, Apr. 19, 1863; s. John N. and Caroline Dorothea

1888, Lucy Virginia McCormick; children: McCor- (Jurgensen) Johansen; grad. State Normal Sch.,

mick, Ellen Rountree, Emma McCormick, Lucy Platteville, Wis.; m. Alvina Brown, of Columbus,

McCormick. Studied law in office of father, and O., June 26, 1900. Admitted to la. bar, 1893; cash-

was admitted to practice in July, 1885. Practiced ier Elkader (la.) State Bank, 1893-1907; pres. of

with his father and brother; now lawyer and farm- Lake View Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago, 1907-

er. Republican. Clubs: Saddle and Cycle, Swan 13; pres. Citizens State Bank of Lake View since

Lake (sec. and treas. since 1889). Home: 1317 N. 1913. Democrat. Mem. of Blaney Lodge A.F. and

State St. Office: 437 The Rookery. A.M., Chicago. Home: 1457 Addison St. Office: 3228

(Shaw) Jipson; Evansville (Wis.) Sem., 1885; JOHNSON, Albert Mnssey, life underwriter; b.

M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1889; m. Olie Oberlin, O., May 31, 1872; s. Albert H. and Rebecca

E. Hammond, of Montpelier, Vt., Apr. 2, 1889; 3 A. (Jenkins) Johnson; ed. pub. schs., Oberlin; spl.

children: Lucy Hannah (now Mrs. J. C. Matchett), work in Oberlin Coll., 1890; C.E., Cornell Univ.,

Elon Hammond, Raymond Norton. Practiced in 1895; m. Bessie Morris Penniman, of Oakland, Cal.,

Chicago since 1889; physician for Bowman Dairy Nov. 19, 1896. Station agt. on Ark. Midland Ry.,

Co. (South Side branch), and other corpns. Mem. 1888-9; sec. and mgr. Mussey Stone Co., Elyria, O.,

A.M.A., 111. State Med. Soc., Chicago Med Soc. Con- 1897-8; sec. McDermott Stone Co., 1898; mining

gregationalist. Author: Genealogy of the Jepson- lead and zinc, Joplin, Mo., 1899; vice pres. Ark.

Jipson Family, 1917. Home and Office: 4310 Indiana Midland R.R., 1901-2; pres. Oberlin (O.) Gas &

Avenue. Electric Co. until 1903; became treas. in 1902, then

JISKRA, Vaclav, musician; b Zinkovy Bohe- vice pres., and since 1906 pres., Nat. Life Ins. Co.

mia; s. Jan and Frances (Loebel) Jiskra; ed. Con- U.S.A.; also pres. North American Cold Storage

servatory of Prague and Conservatory of Vienna; Co., Nat. Life Building Co.; dir. Central Trust Co.

m. Margaret Winzer, of Danzig, Germany July 13 f Hl-> Market Trust & Savings Bank. Republican.

1908. Came to U.S. in 1904 with Emil Paur con- Mem. North Shore Congl. Church. Clubs: Mid-Day,

ductor of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (then Chicago Athletic, Edgewater Golf. Recreations:

on tour in Europe) and served as bassplayer with mountain climbing, campling, scientific literature.

orchestra for 4 yrs. ; first bassplayer, Chicago Sym- Home: 6355 Sheridan Rd. Office: 29 S. LaSalle St.

phony Orchestra, since 1908. Home: 1912 S. Homan JOHNSON, Alex(ander) C(arl), railway official;

Avenue. b. in Crawford Co., Pa., May 20, 1861; s. Abraham

JOB, Frederick 'William, lawyer; b. Alton, 111., Carl and Clara Maria (Sigler) Johnson; ed. Coch-

May 19, 1862; s. of Zephaniah Bell and Amanda ranton (Pa.) Acad., Meadville (Pa.) Coll.; m. Miss

(Montgomery) Job; Ph.B., Univ. of Mich., 1885, Ida R. DeVore, of Meadville. Pa., Jan. 4, 1881; 3

LL.B., 1887; m. Helen, d. Clayton E. Crafts, of Chi- children: Evelyn (Mrs. James G. McFarland), Alda

cago, Jan. 6, 1897; 4 children: Helen Cordelia, Vir- (Mrs. Charles McNie), Carl D. Entered service of

ginia Amanda, Mary Bell, Cordelia. Has practiced C.&N.W.Ry., 1894, with which has since remained,

law in Chicago since July, 1887; Hawaiian consul- as spl. agt., 1894-Mar. 15, 1899, gen. agt. for S.D.,

fen. at Chicago, 1894-1900; mem. and chmn. 111. Mar. 15, 1899-Feb. 12, 1900, gen. agt. at Winona,

tate Bd. of Arbitration, 1901-2; gen. sec. Chicago Minn., Feb. 12, 1900-May, 1910, pass, traffic mgr.,

Employers' Assn. since 1902; consul at Chicago of May 1, 1910-15, and gen. traffic mgr. since 1915.

Dominican Republic. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn. Dem- Republican. Congregationalist. Mason (32, K.T.,

ocrat. Club: Kenwood. Home: 5141 Kimbark Av. Shriner), Elk, Woodman. Mem. Phi Delta Phi, etc.

Office: 140 S. Dearborn St. Clubs: Union League, Hamilton, Traffic, Mid-Day,

JOBSON, C(hrigtopher) Frank, architect; b. at Highland Park; also Traffic (St. Paul) ; Arlington

Dundee, Scotland, Oct. 5, 1862; s. Edward George (Winona, Minn.). Recreations: golf, hunting. Resi-

and Caroline Emma (Woodburn) Jobson; ed at dence: Moraine Hotel, Highland Park, 111. Office:

Newport pub. sch. and Dundee High Sch , Scot- 226 w - Jackson Boul., Chicago.

land; m. Maud Alice Fenn, of Leavenworth, Kan., JOHNSON, Alex J., editor; b. Stockholm, Swe-

Dec. 24, 1888; children: Clarence Fenn, Edward den, Aug. 3, 1850; grad. Univ. of Upsala, Sweden,

Russell, Sarah Dorothy, Marjorie Alice, Christo- 1869; m. Marie Antoinette Solberg, of Sweden, Apr.

pher Frank, Jr. Apprentice to Alex. Johnston, ar- 17, 1880; 3 children: William A. (cashier Winton

chitect, Dundee, Scotland, 1877-81; Junior drafts- [Minn.] State Bank), Marie Charlotte, Hilma K.

man in Glasgow, with Alex. Dantzig and J. Ford (Mrs. Dahlstrom). Came to America in 1882, and

McKenzie, 1881-3; came to U.S., 1883; practiced at settled in Chicago; employed by various concerns,

Leavenworth, Kan., 1884-6; came to Chicago, 1887; 1882-8; purchased, 1888, the Svenska Kuriren(Swe-

connected with S. S. Beman, 1887-92; mem. firm of dish Courier), a weekly, of which has since been

Church & Jobson till 1901; since then in practice the publisher and editor; pres., treas. Swedish

alone. Episcopalian. Clubs: Architectural Sketch, News Pub. & Printing Co. Author of Kurre Kalen-

Chicago Athletic, LaGrange Country, Suburban of der (in Swedish), published for a number of years.

LaGrange, Hihsdale Country. Home: LaGrange, Mem. Rep. State Central Com. at different periods,

111. Office: 415 Pullman Bldg., Chicago. and del. to state and county convs. Mason. Clubs:



Chicago Athletic, Svenska Klubben. Recreations:
golf, swimming, etc. Apptd. mem. City Civ. Service
Commn., Aug. 8, 1917. Home: 2447 Kimball Av.
Office: 208 N. 5th Av.

JOHNSON, Alfred Sidney, editor; b. L'Orignal,
Ont., Dec. 15, 1860; s. of Eden P. and Sarah Jane
(Marston) Johnson; grad. Govt. Sen. of Mil. In-
strn., 'Toronto, 1882, and gazetted 1st It. 18th Bat-
talion vol. militia, Feb. 16, 1882; A.B., Univ. of To-
ronto (gold medalist), 1883, A.M., 1885; Ph.D., 111.
Wesleyan Univ., 1888; m. Emma Alexandria, d. of
John Clarke, of Brampton, Ont., Sept., 1884. Fel-
low Univ. Coll., Toronto, 1883-6; examiner, Univ.
of Toronto, 1885-7; sub-examiner, ednl. dept., Prov.
of Ontario, 1883-6; instr. psychology and logic,
Cornell, 1886-7; prin. Denmark (la.) Acad., 1887-
90; editor Current History, 1890-1901; mng. editor
Technical World, 1904-7; editor In charge cyclo.
dept. Radford Architectural Co., Chicago, and asso.
editor Am. Carpenter and Builder, since Feb., 1909;
asso. editor, 1909-10, editor, since January, 1911,
Cement World. As official press representative, ac-
companied Canadian Govt. eclipse expdn. to Labra-
dor, 1905; on staff of Columbian Cyclopedia and
United Editors' Encyclopedia; editor of text-book
dept., Am. Sch. Correspondence, 1903-9. Author:
The Materials and Manufacture of Concrete, 1909;
New Light on the Origin and Early History of
Portland Cement. 1910. Mem. Soc. Mayflower De-
scendants, Canadian Inst., Buffalo Micros. Soc.,
Royal Astron. Soc. of Can. Clubs: Canadian, Writ-
ers' Guild. Home: 7316 Lafayette Av. Office: 1827
Prairie Av.

JOHNSON, Arthur Newliali, civil engr. ; b. Lynn,
Mass., Nov. 11, 1870; s. David Newhall and Aman-
da Malvina (Richardson) Johnson; S.B. in Civil
Engring., Lawrence Scientific Sch. (Harvard), 1894.
Instr. descriptive geometry, Harvard, 1895-6; asst.
engr. Calumet and Hecla Mine, Calumet, Mich.,
1896-7; asst. engr. Mass. Highway Commn., 1897-8;
state highway engr. of Md., 1898-1905; chief engr.
U.S. Office of Pub. Roads, Washington, 1905; state
highway engr. of 111., 1906-14; with Bur. Municipal
Research of New York, 1914-15; consulting high-
way engr., Portland Cement Assn., since Apr., 1915.
Mem. Am. Soc. C.E., Western Soc. Engrs., Am. Soc.
Testing Materials, Am. Highway Assn. (dir.), Chi-
cago Engineers' Club. Home: 136 Marion St., Oak
Park, 111. Office: 111 W. Washington St., Chicago.

JOHNSON, Arthur Webster, real estate; b. Chi-
cago, June 29, 1877; s. Alfred and Ida (Van Bon)
Johnson; grad. pub. schs. of Chicago, 1892; m. Jo-
sephine Gertrude Broderick, of Chicago, Oct. 11,
1906. Mem. firm of Albert H. Wetten & Co. 25 yrs.
Mem. Chicago Real Estate Bd., Nat. Real Estate
Exchanges, Chicago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Royal
Arcanum, B.P.O.Elks. Clubs: Beverly Country, 111.
Athletic. Home: 4410 Maiden St. Office: 108 S. La
Salle St.

JOHNSON, Bernard Lyman, editor; b. at Clyde,
Mich., Dec. 2, 1883; s. Lyman J. and Edith Meribah
(Stevens) Johnson; grad. Ypsilanti (Mich.) High
Sch., 1901; B.S., Kalamazoo Coll., June, 1906; B.S.,
Univ. of Chicago, 1906; m. Kalamazoo, Ruth Whea-
ton, of Mystic, Conn., June 20, 1908; children: Dex-
ter W., Maxwell A. Began with Patton & Miller,
architects, Chicago; asst. mech. engr. Fitz-Hugh-
Luther Locomotive & Car Works, Hammond, Ind.,
1906-8; editor American Builder since Feb., 1908.
Independent Republican. Baptist. Mason. Joint
editor and author: Framing, 1909; Radford's Cy-
clopedia of Construction (12 vols.), 1909. Home:
6716 Ridgeland Av. Office: 1827 Prairie Av.

JOHNSON, Boiling' Arthur, editor and pub.; b.
Fayette Co., O., Aug. 5, 1862; s. Cyrus F. and Cla-
rinda Tivus (Adams) Johnson; ed. common schs.,
Mercer Co., 111.; Monmouth (111.) Acad.; Monmouth
Coll., 1885; m. Rose, d. Maj. Thomas Shumate, of
Staunton, Va., Aug. 30, 1905. One of founders of
Huffman & Johnson, publishers, Lexington, Ky.,
1884; with business dept. Chicago Mail, 1886-7;
market editor The Timberman, Chicago, 1887-9;
staff rep. Lumber Trade Journal, Chicago, 1889-
94; part owner and business mgr. Lumber Trade
Journal, New Orleans, 1894-5; staff rep. The Tim-
berman, Chicago, 1896-9, American Lumberman,
Chicago, 1899-1900; pres. Am. Lecture Assn., Chi-
cago, 1900-2; gen. staff rep. American Lumberman,

1902-11; pres. Lumber Review Co. and editor and
pub. Lumber World Review, Chicago, since 1911.
Mem. Chicago Assn. Commerce; founder, 1892, Con-
catenated Order of Hoo-Hoo (now 25,000 mem-
bers) ; pres. Chicago Chapter Monmouth College
Alumni; mem. Phi Delta Theta. Democrat. Mason
(K.T.). Clubs: Press (life), Chicago Advertising;
Nat. Press (Washington); Mercantile (St. Louis);
Lumbermen's (Houston, Tex.). Recreations: mu-
sic and photography. Home: 4630 Kenmore Av.
Office: Transportation Bldg.

JOHNSON, Charles Lincoln, banker, mfr. (See
vol. 1911.)

JOHNSON, Charles Nelson, dentist; b. in Brock
Tp., Ont., Can., Mar. 16, 1860; s. of Winthrop and
Laura (Moore) Johnson; ed. Port Perry nigh schs.;
L.D.S., Royal Coll. Dental Surgeons, Toronto, 1881;
D.D.S., Chicago Coll. Dental Surgery, 1885; (hon.
A.M., Lake Forest Univ., 1897); m. Fannie Patter-
son, of Toronto, Mar. 7, 1883; 2 daughters: Mignon,
Nelyon. Practicing dentistry in Chicago since 1885;
prof, operative dentistry, Chicago Coll. Dental Sur-
gery, since 1891. Editor Dental Review since 1902.
Mem. Nat. Dental Assn., 111. State Dental Soc.,
Odontol. Soc. Chicago, Chicago Dental Soc. Au-
thor: The Hermit of the Nonquon, 1893; Filling
Teeth, 1900; Poems of the Farm and Other Poems,
1901; Success in Practice, 1903; Operative Den-
tistry, 1908. Home: 6118 Sheridan Rd. Office: 22 E.
Washington St.

JOHNSON, Constantino H., mfg. confectioner; b.
Apedea (Sparta), Greece, Apr. 24, 1880; s. Nicho-
las and Annie (Batsoris) Johnson; ed. in old coun-
try; m. Tasia Stavrou, of Greece, Feb. 17, 1914; 1
son, Nicholas. Came to America, 1897; identified
with mfr. of confectionery ever since beginning
of active career; mem. Johnson Bros. & Alexander,
mfrs. and retailers of confectionery, since 1899; dir.
Washington Floral Market. Mem. Chicago Assn.
Commerce. Republican. Mem. Greek Orthodox Ch.
K.P. Club: Hamilton. Recreation: hunting. Home:
6203 South Park Av. Office: 39 N. Clark St.

JOHNSON, Edward Walter, transportation; b.
Middlebury, Vt., Apr. 4, 1847; s. Walter Sheldon
and Electa M. (Hagar) Johnson; ed. pub. schs. and
Racine Coll.; m. Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 8, 1883,
Maud Runkle; 1 son, Sheldon. Began with Good-
rich Steamboat Line, 1861-2; in gen. office of C.&
N.W.Ry., 1862-7; in wholesale groceries at St.
Paul, Minn., 1868-79; associated post trader at Ft.
Meade, with W. S. Fanshawe & Co., 1879-84; be-
came identified with Merchants' Despatch Trans-
portation Co., N.Y. Central Fast Freight Lines, at
St. Paul and Minneapolis, Jan. 1, 1885, and came
to Chicago as gen. western agt. of the company,
Apr. 1, 1899. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs:
Union League; Minnesota of St. Paul Residence:
Union League Club. Office: 416 LaSalle Station.

JOHNSON, Ernest Valentine, fireproofing; b. at
N.Y. City, Feb. 14, 1859; s. George H. and Marie
(Salkeld) Johnson; ed. Ernst Acad., Buffalo, and
Cooper Inst., N.Y. City; m. Mrs. Eva L. Brooks, of
Phila., 1888 (now deceased); m. 2d, Estelle M.
Wakefield, 1904. Apprenticeship, in New York of-
fice of Stephens & Spilsbury, civil engrs., 1871-7;
came to Chicago, 1877, to join father in the fire-
proof tile business of Johnson & Co., succeeding to
father's interest upon death of latter, in 1879, and
upon the reorganization of the business, 1880, as
the Pioneer Fire-Proof Constrn. Co., became treas.
and gen. mgr. Organized, 1889, and was pres. Peer-
less Brick Co., 1902-4; was elected treas. Great
Northern Hotel Co., 1890, and later pres. Hartford
Deposit Co., owners of the Hartford Bldg.; vice
pres. and western mgr. Nat. Fireproofing Co., 1902-
15; now conducting business under own name. Ma-
son (K.T.). Clubs: Union League, Chicago Ath-
letic, Builders', South Shore Country, Automobile.
Home: 3936 Grand Boul. Office: 80 E. Jackson

JOHNSON, Frank Asbtiry, lawyer; Jan. 18, 1845-
Dec. 17, 1916. (See vol. 1911.)

JOHNSON, Frank Seward, M.D. ; b. Chicago, Apr.
18, 1856; s. Hosmer Allen and Margaret (Seward)
Johnson; A.B., Northwestern Univ., 1878; M.D.,
Chicago Med. Coll., 1881; m. Elizabeth Burbank, d.
Edward Everett Ayer, Sept. 30, 1900; 2 sons: Hos-



mer Ayer, Edward Ayer. Now emeritus dean and
prof, medicine and clin. medicine, Northwestern
Univ. Med. Sch. ; consulting phys., Michael Reese,
Woman's, and Mercy hosps. Mem. A.M. A., 111. State
and Chicago med. socs., Inst. Medicine of Chicago,
Am. Climatol. Assn., Chicago Soc. Prevention Tu-
berculosis, Nat. Assn. Study and Prevention Tu-
berculosis, Chicago Acad. Sciences. Apptd. 1st It.
Med. Reserve Corps, U.S.A., Feb., 1911. Clubs: Chi-
cago Literary, Physicians', University, Cliff Dwell-

JOHNSON, rranklln, theologian; Nov. 2, 1836-
Oct. 7, 1916. (See Who's Who in America, 1916-17.)

JOHNSON, Franklin Wioslow, educator; b. Jay,
Me., Aug. 17, 1870; s. John Sullivan and Elizabeth
Williams (Winslow) Johnson; grad. Wilton (Me.)
Acad., 1887; A.B., Colby, 1891, A.M., 1894; studied
Univ. of Chicago and Columbia; m. Carolyn May
Lord, of Calais, Me., July 15, 1896. Prin. Calais
(Me.) High Sch., 1891-4, Coburn Classical Inst.,
Waterville, Me., 1894-1905, Morgan Park (111.)
Acad., 1905-7; asst. prin. Univ. of Chicago High
Sen., 1907-9, prin. since 1909. Lecturer on secondary
sen. administration, Univ. of Chicago, since 1913;
courses in secondary edn. at Teachers Coll. (Co-
lumbia), 1916. Mem. editorial staff School Review,
Chicago. Mem. N.E.A., Religious Edn. Assn., Delta
Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Baptist. Mason.
Clubs: University, Quadrangle. Author: Problems
of Boyhood, 1914; also numerous articles on edn.
in mags. Home: 5819 Blackstone Av.

JOHNSON, Henry E., wholesale shoe mcht. ; b.
Chicago, Dec. 31, 1873; s. John J. and Anna S.
(Simonson) Johnson; ed. pub. schs., Chicago; m.
Alice M. Moore, of Chicago, Sept. 24, 1896; 2 chil-
dren: Gladys M., Harold E. Identified with shoe
business since beginning of active career; pres.
and treas. H. E. Johnson & Co., established, 1894.
Republican. Mason, Elk. Recreation: automobil-
ing. Home: Oak Park, 111. Office: 307 W. Monroe
St., Chicago.

JOHNSON, Herbert S., president Fox River But-
ter Co.; b. Washington, D.C., June 23, 1873; s. of
George Henry and Ida Mary (Andrews) Johnson;
ed. pub. schs., Corning, Kan.; student Baker (Kan.)
Univ., 1888-9; m. Alice Newton, of Denver, Colo.,

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