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for method of blood vessel anastomosis, A.M.A.,
St. Louis, 1910. Contbr. numerous articles to A.M.
A. Jour., Northwestern Univ. Bull., Surgery, Gyne-
cology and Obstetrics, etc.; among them: Phimosis,
Its Treatment by a New Technique, 1905; Surgical
Importance of the Preputial Fraenum, 1908; Blood
Vessel Surgery, Its Theoretical Possibilities, Its
Practical Applications, 1910; Quinine and Urea
Hydrochlorate as a Local Anaesthetic, 1910; Ex-
perimental Transplantation of Legs, 1911; Some
Experiments on the Renal Artery, 1911; Direct
Transfusion of Blood, 1914; Experimental and Clin-
ical Work on Sterility, 1915, etc. Home: 636 Sheri-
dan Rd. Office: 7 W. Madison St.

LESTEB, Albert G., stocks and bonds; b. Boston,
Feb. 11, 1857; s. Albert G. and Maria A. (Storrs)
Lester; father died 1857; mother married Renslow
S. Parker, 1859; family moved to Chicago; ed. pub.
and high schs.; m. Fannie I. Boggs, of Chicago,
Apr. 5, 1881; children: Helen (Mrs. E. S. Rockwell),
Ruth. Entered bd. of trade business, 1874; went
with Lobdell, Farwell & Co., stocks and bonds,
1893; became a mem. firm of Granger Farwell &
Co., established, Jan. 1, 1899, incorporated as Far-
well Trust Co., Apr., 1907, of which was vice pres.
and sec. until Sept., 1911; now mem. firm Lester,
Carter & Co., brokers in stocks and bonds. Mem.
Chicago Stock Exchange. Republican. Clubs: Union
League, South Shore Country, City. Recreation:
golf. Home: 5819 Blackstone Av. Office: The Rook-

LESTEB. Dudley Woodbridgfe, business man; b.
Chicago, Nov. 19, 1879; s. Franklin and Julia Eliz-
abeth (Paddock) Lester; ed. pub. schs. and Armour
Inst., Chicago, and Univ. of Mich.; m. Mabelle
Grace, d. Charles W. Page, of Chicago, Oct. 25,
1905; 2 children: Julia Page, Dudley Woodbridge,
Jr. Began business career with Maxwell Bros.,
cooperage and boxes, continuing until 1903; gen.
mgr. Apollo (Pa.) Cooperage Co., 1903-6; vice pres.
Higbie-Lester Co., ry. supplies; sec. Am. Meat
Packers' Supply Co.; treas. Page-Lester Co., mfrs.
rubber goods, until May, 1913; under firm name of
Dudley W. Lester, packing house & ry. supplies,
since 1913; pres. Textile Products Co.; dir. Ryan
Mineral & Soap Co. Republican. Congregationalist.

Mem. Delta Chi. Clubs: North Shore Golf, Ouil-
mette Country. Recreations: golf, motoring. Home:
1328 Elmwood Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 8 S. Dear-
born St., Chicago.

LETOUBNEATJ, Robert Antolne, M.D.; b. Kan-
kakee, 111., Feb. 9, 1862; s. George R. and Eladie
(Lan^lois) Letourneau; ed. St. Viateur's Coll.;
M.D., Northwestern Univ. Med. Sch., 1895; m. Cor-
nelia A. Ferguson, of N.Y. City, 1900; children:
Raymond, Florence, Robert A., Jr. Surgeon and
vice pres. staff of Chicago Bapt. Hosp.; gynecolo-
gist to Provident Hosp. and Dispensary; surgeon
to Cook Co. Hosp., 1902-3; surgeon to Washington
Park Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago
med. socs. Republican. Mason (Past Master Home
Lodge No. 508; Past Comdr. Chevalier Bayard
Commandery No. 52, K.T.). Clubs: Chicago Ath-
letic, South Shore Country. Contbr. various arti-
cles reporting operations, in med. jours., and has
read many articles before meetings of med. socs.
and hospital staffs. Recreations: fishing, hunting.
Home: 4953 Lake Park Av. Office: 122 S. Michigan

LETTEBMAN, Edmund B., insurance; b. Pekin,
111., Sept. 24, 1863; s. Fred and Mary A. (Dunkel-
berg) Letterman; ed. pub. schs. of Pekin, 111.; m.
Apr. 1, 1893, Milwaukee, Wis., Minnie L. Parker;
1 daughter, Helen Minda. Connected with ins. bus-
iness in Chicago since 1882. Now mem. ins. firm
of Letterman & Chamberlin. Republican. Clubs:
111. Athletic, Chicago Fly Casting. Recreations:
golf, scientific angling. Home: Oak Park, 111. Of-
fice: 175 W. Jackson Boul., Chicago.

LETTON, Harold Willis, underwriter; b. Kan-
sas City, Mo., Jan. 13, 1875; s. Theodore W. and
Mary C. Letton; prep. edn. Phillips Acad., Andover,
Mass.; A.B., Yale, 1897; LL.B., Harvard, 1900; un-
married. Admitted to III. bar, 1900, and practiced
in Chicago until 1903; apptd. U.S. asst. gen. mgr.
Prussian Nat. Ins. Co. of Stettin, Germany, 1903,
and gen. mgr. since Oct., 1908; also U.S. gen. mgr.
for Zurich Gen. Accident and Liability Ins. Co.,
and Netherland Fire and Life Ins. Co. Republican.
Clubs: University, Union League, Saddle and Cy-
cle, Old Elm, Onwentsia; Yale (New York). Resi-
dence: University Club. Office: 175 W. Jackson

LETTS, Frank Crawford, president of Western
Grocer Co.; b. Magnolia, 111., Apr. 28, 1861; s. Noah
H. and Herma (Cowan) Letts; ed. pub. schs.; m.
Washington, D.C., 1897, Cora, d. late U.S. Senator
Perkins; children: Fred Clayton, Herma Leona
(Mrs. W. Weeks), Courtney Louise, Hollis. Began
business life as clerk in store at Afton, la., 1876-8;
in employ of A. T. Stewart & Co., dry goods, Chi-
cago, 1878-81; in retail dry goods business in Mar-
shalltown, la., 4 yrs., wholesale groceries, Mar-
shalltown, 1885, as the Letts-Fletcher Co.; pres.,
since 1898, of Western Grocer Co., owning and
operating 10 wholesale grocery houses in la., Mo.,
and Minn.; also pres. Nat. Grocer Co., owning and
operating 15 wholesale grocery houses in Mich.,
111., and Ind.; dir. Pacific-Am. Fisheries, Puget
Sound. Republican; served as col. on staffs of
Govs. Jackson, Drake and Shaw, of Iowa. Mason
(K.T., Shriner). Clubs: Chicago. Mid-Day, Glen
View, Chicago Golf, Industrial, Casino, Old Elm.
Recreations: golf, horseback riding, motoring, fish-
ing. Home: 1100 Lake Shore Drive; (summer)
Lake Forest, 111. Office: 1813 Peoples Gas Bldg.,

LEVEBE. -William. C., author; b. New Haven,
Conn., Oct. 10, 1872; s. Charles F. and Mary (Col-
lin) Levere; ed. Northwestern Univ.; not married.
Editor Evanston Index, 1901-5; treas. Evanston,
111., 1901-3; mem. 111. Gen. Assembly, 1907-9. Emi-
nent supreme archon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fra-
ternity, 1902-6, hon. eminent supreme archon, 1909-
10, eminent supreme recorder since 1912. Pres.
Soc. for Erection of Evanston Hist. Tablets; sec.
Evanston Hist. Soc. Clubs: Evanston, Westmore-
land Country, Commercial. Mason (32, Shriner),
Elk. Editor in chief of the Greek Quarterly. Au-
thor of a number of books, for titles see Who's
Who in America. Address: 600 Davis St., Evans-
ton, 111.

LEVEBINO. Win tarn Alfred, investment securi-
ties; b. Shenandoah, Pa., Oct. 15, 1873; s. Eugene



and Elizabeth (McFarland) Levering; ed. public
sens., Northumberland Co., Pa.; Armour Inst., Chi-
cago; m. Edith E. Bosworth, of Elgin, 111., June 10,
1902. Came to Chicago, 1887, and has ever since
been actively identified with business affairs; en-
gaged as mech. and civ. engr. until 1907; became
connected first as treas., then as vice pres. and
from 1914-16 as pres. Standard Asphalt & Rubber
Co.; was also pres. Petroleum Products Co., 1914-
16; now mem. Child & Levering, investment securi-
ties. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Engineers',
Skokie Country. Recreations: golf, fishing, hunt-
ing. Home: 553 Washington Av., Glencoe, 111. Of-
fice: 39 S. LaSalle St., Chicago.

LEVIE, Jerome Marcui, shoe mfr. ; b. Chicago,
June 12, 1868; s. Marcus and Theresa (Hoffman)
Levie; ed. Moseley pub. sch. and South Div. High
Sen., Chicago; unmarried. Organized Jan. 1, 1900,
corpn. of Levie Shoe Co., of which has since been
pres. and treas. Mason (32, Shriner). Clubs:
Standard, Ravisloe Country. Recreations: golf,
motoring. Home: 4500 Forrestville Av. Office:
500-532 S. Throop St.

LEVINSON, Harry Charles, lawyer; b. Maryam-
pol, Russia, Mar. 12, 1879; s. Isaac and Sophia
(Reichseligman) Levinson; grad. Medill High Sch.,
Chicago, 1894; LL.B., Lake Forest Univ., 1900; m.
Chicago, Dec. 17, 1902, Fannie Conn. Admitted to
bar, 1900, and since practiced in Chicago; mem.
Smith, Fake, Levinson & Hoffman; dir. Independ-
ent Drug Co.; sec. 111. Packing Co., Brandeis Auto
Sales Co., Shorham Hotel Co. Mem. 111. State and
Chicago bar assns. Trustee Temple Israel. Mason,
K.P. Home: 918 Hyde Park Boul. Office: 29 S. La
Salle St.

LEVIHTSON, Salmon Oliver, lawyer; b. Nobles-
ville, Ind., Dec. 29, 1865; s. Newman D. and Minnie
(Newman) Levinson; ed. old Univ. of Chicago,
1883-5; A.B., Yale Univ., 1888; LL.B., Lake Forest
Univ., 1891; m. Chicago, Aug. 9, 1894, Helen Bart-
lett Haire (now deceased); children: Horace C.,
Ronald B., Helen W. Admitted to 111. bar, 1891;
now mem. law firm of Levinson, Becker & Schwartz.
Republican. Sec. and treas. Rubinkam Lecture
Assn. Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago Yale. Home: 4049
Lake Park Av. Office: 76 \V. Monroe St.

LEVIS, John Mitchell, treasurer 111. Glass Co.;
b. Alton, 111., Apr. 30, 1858; s. Edward and Mary
(Moffitt) Levis; ed. pub. sens, of Alton; father of
Albert C., Mary K. (Mrs. H. L. Easthope). Began
with 111. Glass Co., 1872, of which is treas. and
mgr. ; also pres. Western Bottle Mfg. Co.; treas.
Kimble Glass Co. Republican. Mason. Clubs: Chi-
cago Athletic, South Shore Country, Westmore-
land Country. Recreation: golf. Home: 817 Kene-
saw Terrace. Office: 402 W. Randolph St.

T, Abraham W., Chicago mgr. Star Watch
Case Co.; b. N.Y. City, Jan. 25, 1873; s. David and
Rose (Marks) Levy; ed. pub. schs. and Coll. City
of New York; m. Myrtle Ware Hammond, of Den-
ver, Colo., Feb. 22, 1904; 2 children: David, Frances
Rose. Began in employ of Adolph Schwab, New
York, 1890-1900; then with Byron L. Strassburger,
of New York, 1900-11, taking up residence in Chi-
cago, 1904; mgr. Chicago office of the Star Watch
Case Co. since 1911. Mem. Nat. Jewelers' Bd. of
Trade, Chicago Jewelers' Assn. Republican. Ma-
son. Recreations: golf, fishing. Home: 914 Sheri-
dan Rd., Wilmette, 111. Office: 1112 Heyworth Bldg.,

LEVY. Arthur Garfield, real estate investments;
b. Marion, Ind., June 10, 1881; s. Charles and Rosa
(Katz) Levy; ed. grammar and high schs., Marion;
studied art at The Rochester (N.Y.) Athenaeum
and Mechanics' Inst.; m. Raye Sloman, of Chicago,
Oct. 31, 1910; children: Arthur Garfield, Jr., Carol
Lorraine. In wholesale and retail meat business,
Marion, 1899-1909, also buying, grazing and ship-
ping live stock; with H. O. Stone & Co., real estate,
Chicago, July-Oct., 1909; co-partner with brother
as Mark Levy & Brother, real estate investments,
since Nov. 1. 1909. Mem. Nat. Assn. Real Estate
Exchanges, Chicago Real Estate Bd., Chicago Bd.
of Underwriters, Apartment Building Assn., Chi-
cago Assn. Commerce. Mem. Y.M. Associated Jew-
ish Charities. Associated Jewish Charities of Chi-
cago, Chicago Hebrew Inst.; mem. Grant Lodge No.
103, K. of P.; Oriental Hillel Lodge No. 72, I.O.B.B.

Club: Covenant. Recreations: fishing and other
outdoor diversions. Home: 806 Linden Av , Wil-
mette, 111. Office: 140 S. Dearborn St., Chicago.

LEVY, David, commission merchant. (See vol.

IiEVJT, David Rose, lawyer; b. Kansas City, Mo ,
Apr. 27, 1867; s. Zadig and Rose (Benjamin) Levy;
ed. pub. and high schs., Springfield, 111.; m. Sadie
Salzenstein, of Chicago, Aug. 5, 1908; 2 sons: Stan-
ley David, David R., Jr. Teacher in Springfield,
111., 1885-6; in employ of Wabash R.R. and was
successively in claim, engring. and transportation
depts., 1887-93; admitted to bar of Ind., 1893, of 111.,
1896; asst. sec. 111. R.R. and Warehouse Commn.,
1893-5; sec. to Hon. John P. Altgeld, gov. of 111.,
1895-6; in practice of law in Chicago since 1896,
making a specialty of corpn. law; partner firm of
Prentiss, Gregg & Levy, 1896-8; asst. corpn coun-
sel of Chicago, 1902-6; Appellate and Supreme
Court atty., City of Chicago, 1911-15. Mem. 111.
State and Chicago bar assns., Chicago Lawyers'
Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce. Democrat. Jew-
ish religion. Mason; mem. K. of P., Maccabees.
Clubs: Iroquois, Idlewild Country, 111. Athletic,
Covenant. Recreations: literature, golf. Home:
4414 Grand Boul. Office: 7 S. Dearborn St.

LEVY, Edward E., pres. Calumet Shirt Co. (See
vol. 1911.)

LEVY. Emile, banker; b. New Orleans, La., Jan.
1, 1873; s. Simon and Rosalie (Keiffer) Levy; ed.
pvt. sch., Canton, Miss.; State Univ., Oxford, Miss.,
1887-9; m. Helen Solomon, of Chicago, Sept. 21,
1911; 1 daughter, Frances Hannah. Bookkeeper
about 10 yrs., asst. cashier about 10 yrs., cashier
between 2 arid 3 yrs. for Miss. State Bank, Canton,
Miss., until Mar., 1914; vice pres. 111. State Bank
of Chicago since Apr. 1, 1915. Jewish religion.
Mason (32). Recreation: fishing. Home: 4406
Michigan Av. Office: 360 N. Clark St.

riEVTT, Henlot, pianist, composer; b. at Warsaw,
Russia, July 19, 1879; s. Gustave and Marie (Lan-
dy) Levy; ed. Royal High Sch. and Royal Meister-
schule, Berlin, Germany; m. Eda Taterka, of Ber-
lin, Nov. 11, 1897; children: Hans, Mildred. Came
to America at age of 16 and returned to Germany
a year later to study in Berlin; debut as pianist, in
Berlin, 1898; has appeared in leading cities of U.S.
Club: Cliff Dwellers. Composer various pieces for
piano. Home: 5100 Cornell Av. Studio: Kimball

James, automobiles; b. Chicago, Mar. 14,
1872; s. Solomon A. and Dalia (Homer) Levy: ed.
pub. schs. of Chicago; m. Clare Henderson, of Mus-
kegon, Mich., Mar. 5, 1899. Engaged in bicycle bus-
iness 10 yrs.; then in automobile business, with
which has been connected since 1896; now pres.
James Levy Motors Co., automobile distributors;
pres. Saxon Auto Co. of 111. since 1914; dir. Tiroid
Co. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce. Demo-
crat. Mason (Shriner), Elk. Clubs: 111. Athletic,
Chicago Automobile. Recreation: touring. Home:
4530 Drexel Boul. Office: 2257 Michigan Boul.

1EVT, Leo Abels, president Am. Briar Pine Co.;
b. at Chicago, June 15, 1881; s. Simon and Rosalie
(Abels) Levy; ed. pub. schs., Chicago, and North-
western Business Coll.; m. Ida Hernreich, of Chi-
cago, Dec. 26, 1912; 2 children: Loraine Sylvia,
Seymour. Began as office boy in employ of James
H. Walker, wholesale dry goods, 1890, later be-
coming clerk, and served as city buyer for 1 yr. ;
became partner 1895, in business established by
father, 1887, and since 1911 has been pres. of Am.
Briar Pipe Co. Hebrew religion. Mason, Aryan
Grotto, Royal League. Recreation: outdoor life.
Home: 5306 Kenmore Av. Office: 170 W. Randolph

LEVY, mark, real estate investments; b. Marion,
Ind., May 20, 1879; s. Charles and Rosa (Katz)
Levy: ed. grammar and high schs. of Marion: Y.M.
C.A. Law Class, Chicago; m. Minnie Levy, of Chi-
cago, Jan. 12, 1904; 1 daughter, Rose Jane. In
wholesale and retail meat business, and buying
and selling of live stock, at Marion. 1897-1907; re-
moved to Chicago, 1907, and'associated with Willis
& Frankenstein, real estate, 1907-9; organized firm
of Mark Levy & Brother, real estate investments,
specializing in business property, Nov. 1, 1909, and



continues as partner; dir. Canton Glass Co., Ma-
rlon, Ind. Mem. (chmn. 3 yrs.) valuation com.
Cook Co. Real Estate Bd., 1912-17; elected vice
pres. of the bd., Dec. 12, 1916; mem. Chicago Assn.
Commerce (vice chmn. real estate and loan sub-
division 1916). Mem. Sinai Temple, Chicago He-
brew Inst., Associated Jewish Charities. Mason,
K.P.; mem. Oriental Hillel Lodge No. 72, I.O.B.B.;
Traveling Men's Protective Assn. Clubs: 111. Ath-
letic, Covenant. Recreations: outdoor sports. Home:
626 Gregory Av., Wilmette, 111. Office: 140 S. Dear-
born St., Chicago.

1EVY, Maxwell, jobber and broker in cullet; b.
Berlin, Germany, Oct. 30, 1872; s. Jacob and Jo-
hanna (Solomon) Levy; brought to America by
parents in 1874; grad. pub. grammar schs., Chi-
cago; unmarried. Became identified with firm of
Max Levy & Co., Jobbers and brokers in cullet,
1895, becoming sole owner upon the death of other
partners in 1900; pres. of company since incorpo-
ration, 1917. Mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Art Inst. of
Chicago. Clubs: 111. Athletic, Traffic. Recreations:
golf, swimming. Republican. Mason (32, Shriner).
Home: 4437 Maiden St. Office: 845 Rees St.

LEVY, Qeorgfe, lawyer; b. at Chicago,
Feb. 16, 1880; s. Joseph E. and Matilda (Witkow-
sky) Levy; ed. Lincoln and Douglas schs., South
Div. High Sch., Chicago; Ph.B., Univ. of Chicago,
1902; LL.B., Northwestern Univ. Law Sch., 1903;
unmarried. Admitted to 111. bar, 1904, and since
practiced at Chicago; mem. firm of Lipson & Levy.
Mem. 111. State and Chicago bar assns., Chicago
Assn. Commerce, Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma
Rho (Univ. of Chicago). Mason. Clubs: Book and
Play (sec.), Standard (dir.), Ravisloe Country.
Home: 5444 East View Park. Office: 105 W. Monroe

LEWIS, Albert Buell, anthropologist; b. Clifton,
O., June 21, 1867; s. Charles Boughtfn and Anna
(McKeehan) Lewis; Univ. of Wooster, O., 1890-3;
Univ. of Chicago, 1894-7, A.B., 1894; Columbia,
1902-6, Ph.D., 1906; unmarried. Asst. in biology,
summer, 1894, histology, 1895, bacteriology, 1896,
Univ. of Chicago; fellow, 1897-9, instr., 1899-1902,
Univ. of Neb.; asst., 1907-8, asst. curator Melane-
sian and African ethnology since 1908, Field Mus.
of Natural History. Head of Joseph N. Field S.
Pacific expdn., 1909-13, which visited in interest of
anthrop. dept. of Field Mus., Fiji, New Caledonia,
New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, Bismarck Archi-
pelago, Admiralty Islands, New Guinea and Dutch
Indies. Fellow A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Ethnol. Soc.,
Am. Anthropol. Assn., Chicago Geog. Soc., Sigma
Xi. Presbyterian. Club: Adventurers'. Home: 1407
E. 57th St.

LEWIS, Benjamin P., president Lewis Publish-
ing Co. Club: Hamilton. Home: Wilmette, 111. Of-
fice: 542 S. Dearborn St., Chicago.

LEWIS, Benjamin Tucker, manager Ry. Appli-
ances Co.; June 8, 1853-Oct., 1913. (See vol. 1911.)

LEWIS, Dean DeWitt, M.D.; b. Kewanee, 111.,
Aug. 11, 1874; s. L. W. Lewis and Winnie (Gaily)
Lewis; A.B., Lake Forest (111.) Univ., 1895; M.D.,
Rush Med. Coll., 1899; m. Pearl Miller, of St. An-
thony, Ida., Nov. 25, 1903. Engaged in practice at
Chicago since 1899; asst. in anatomy, 1900-1, asso.,
1901-3, instr. since 1903, Univ. of Chicago. Mem.
Am. Assn. Anatomists, Am. Surg. Assn., Am. Soc.
Clin. Surgery, Internal. Surg. Soc., Western Surg.
Assn., Southern Surg. Soc., 111. State and Chicago
med. socs. Clubs: University, City, Industrial.
Frequent contbr. to A.M. A. Journal. Home: 5757
Kenwood Av. Office: 1433 Peoples Gas Bldg.

LEWIS, Denslow, M.D., surgeon; Apr. 2, 1856-
1914. (See vol. 1911.)

LEWIS, Edward Chace, heating: and ventilating
engr. and contractor. (See vol. 1911.)

LEWIS, Edwin Herbert, educator; b. Westerly,
R.I., Nov. 28, 1866; s. of A. Herbert and Augusta
(Johnson) Lewis; A.B., Alfred Univ., 1887; Ph.D.
(in Latin), Syracuse Univ., 1892; Ph.D. (in Eng-
lish), Univ. of Chicago, 1894; (Litt.D., Milton, 1905;
LL.D., Alfred, 1910); m. Elizabeth Loxley Taylor,
of Plainfield, N.J., June 30, 1890. Sr. teacher and
vice prin. Plainfield (N.J.) High Sch., 1887-8, 1889-
90; in Italy, 1888-9; prof. Latin, Alfred (N.Y.)
Univ., 1890-2; asst. in rhetoric, 1893-4, instr. Eng-

lish, 1895-6, Univ. of Chicago; asso. prof. English,
1896-9, Univ. of Chicago and Lewis Inst.; prof.
English since 1899, and dean of coll. students,
1906-13, dean of faculty since 1913, Lewis Inst.
Author of a number of books, for titles see Who's
Who in America. Home: Oak Park, 111. Address:
Lewis Institute, Chicago.

LEWIS, George, president Serv-us Pure Food
Co.; b. San Francisco, Jan. 10, 1867; s. S. J. and
Caroline Lewis; ed. pub. schs., San Francisco; coll.
in Oakland, and Cal. Mil. Acad. ; m. Waukegan, 111.,
May 2, 1896, Florence Lorena de Castro; 1 son,
Gaynard Spencer. Early in life worked for the Pa-
cific Steamship Co.; afterward became an officer
on their ships; and still later entered firm of Ber-
nard & Mantel, teas and coffees, San Francisco, to
manage branch of the firm at Stockton, Cal.; then
managed San Francisco branch for Thomson &
Taylor Spice Co., of Chicago, 6 yrs.; joined Carter,
Macy & Co., teas, New York, Japan and China, and
had charge of its western trade outside of Chi-
cago; in 1896 established Chicago branch for C. F.
Blanke Tea & Coffee Co., of St. Louis, of which was
gen. mgr. until 1905; since pres. Serv-us Pure Food
Co. Recently capt., 1st Cav. I.N.G., q.m. and com-
missary. Republican. Episcopalian. Has been an
extensive traveler in the U.S. and foreign coun-
tries. Clubs: Hamilton, Chicago Yacht, Midlothian
Country, South Shore Country; also Aero Club of
America, Army and Navy, Transportation, Bedford
Country (New York). Office: 332 S. Michigan Av.

LEWIS, Harry Albert, lawyer; b. Berwick, 111.,
Aug. 20, 1869; s. John V. and Anna (Humiston)
Lewis; ed. pub. schs.; Elliott's Coll., Burlington,
la., class of 1891, and Northwestern Univ. Law
Sch.; m. Chicago, June 18, 1895; children: Ethel,
Esther, Alberta. Admitted to 111. bar, 1896; asst.
state's atty. of Cook Co., 1901-4; co. atty., 1904-12;
mem. Ellis & Lewis. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn.
Clubs: Hamilton, Englewood. Recreations: bil-
liards, golf. Home: 6629 Harvard Av. Office: 69
W. Washington St.

LEWIS, Harry Stephen, aeroplane mfr. ; b. St.
Paul, Minn., Nov. 18, 1871; s. John V. and Mar-
garet (Barnes) Lewis; ed. pub. schs. of St. Paul;
m. Graoe Goetschius, of Chicago, 1898; 2 children:
John Stephen, Madelyn. In stock and bond busi-
ness, 1900-H; pres., treas. Harry S. Lewis & Co.
until 1911; now sec. -treas. Lawrence-Lewis Aero-
plane Co., Lawrence-Lewis Motor Co. Mason (Royal
Arch). Club: Chicago Athletic. Recreations: aero-
nautics, motoring, shooting, hunting and fishing.
Home: 1028 Hinman Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 122
S. Michigan Av., Chicago.

LEWIS, Harry W., factor for silk mills; b. N.Y.
City, Sept. 28, 1859; s. Samuel A. and Sophia (Phil-
lips) Lewis; ed. 13th Street Grammar Sch., New
York; Coll. City of New York; B.L., Univ. Law
Sch., New York, 1881; m. Elizabeth Day Taylor, of
Chicago, June 28, 1905; 1 daughter, Eloise Eliza-
beth. Was silk salesman in N.Y. City and mgr. for
silk commn. houses for 15 yrs.; removed to Chi-
cago, 1900, and since in business in own name.
Republican. Methodist. Mem. Royal Arcanum.
Club: Colonial. Home: 4215 Grand Boul. Office:
323 W. Jackson Boul.

LEWIS, Henry Foster, M.D.; b. Chicago, Feb. 15,
1864; s. Joseph Briggs and Mary Elizabeth (Fos-
ter) Lewis; A.B., Harvard Univ., 1885, M.D., 1888;
post-grad, work at Univ. of Chicago, 1898, Univ. of
Berlin, 1902; m. Cedar Rapids, la.. July 9, 1890,
Minnie Dows Naa, of Bangkok, Siam; children:
Katharine. Maude, Josephine, Henry Foster, Jr.
Interne, Boston City Hosp., 1888, Cook Co. Hosp.,
1888-90; curator Pathological Museum in same,
1892; prof, physical diagnosis, Coll. of Physicians
and Surgeons, Chicago, 1892-3; instr. medicine,
Chicago Post-Grad. Med. School, 1891; asst., 1899,
asso., 1900, instr. obstetrics and gynecology since
1901, Rush Med. Coll.; asst. obstetrician, Presby-
terian Hosp., 1900-5; attending surgeon Cook Co.
Hosp. since 1907. Mem. A.M.A., Am. Acad. of Med-
icine, Miss. Valley Med. Assn., 111. State Med. Soc.,
Chicago Med. Soc., Chicago Gynecol. Soc., Physi-
cians' Club. Democrat. Home: 4426 Lake Park
Av. Office: 29 E. Madison St.

LEWIS, Isaac John, fire insurance; b. Mahaska
Co., la., June 9, 1845; s. William J. and Elizabeth



(Jenkins) Lewis; ed. pub. schs., Burlington, la.,
and Cleveland, O.; m. Cleveland, O., June 18, 1867,
Anna F. Loud. Entered ins. business, 1862, at
Cleveland, as office boy with May & Coe; came to
Chicago, 1866, representing the Cleveland and Com-
mercial Mutual Ins. companies of Cleveland; in
1868 became local agt. for the Detroit Fire & Ma-
rine Ins. Co. Chiefly instrumental in organizing
and placing on a permanent basis, in 1871, the
Chicago Fire Ins. Patrol, and was its sec., 1874-81.
Republican. Congregationalist. Mason. Club: Chi-
cago Athletic. Home: 4841 Michigan Av. Office:
175 W. Jackson Boul.

LEWIS, James Hamilton, senator; b. Danville,
Va., May 18, 1866; removed to Augusta, Ga.; ed.
Houghton Coll. and Univ. of Va. ; studied law, Sa-
vannah; admitted to bar, 1884; m. Rose Lawton
Douglas, of Ga,, Nov., 1898. Located at Seattle,
Wash., Nov., 1886; elected to Territorial Senate;
declined nomination for Congress, 1890; candidate
for gov., 1892; nominee for U.S. senator, 1894;
State of Wash, candidate for vice presdl. nomina-
tion, Dem. Nat. Conv., 1896; mem. 65th Congress
(1897-9), Wash.-at-Iarge; caucus nominee for U.S.
senator, 1899; was author resolution in Congress,
1897, for recognition Cuban independence; candi-
date for Vice Pres., 1900, Dem. Nat. Conv., at Kan-
sas City endorsed by the Pacific Coast States.
Served on staff Gen. F. D. Grant in Spanish-Am.

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1917) → online text (page 139 of 252)