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Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 35 N. Dearborn St., Chi-

MAGILL, Robert Montgomery, fire ins.; b. Evan-
ston, 111., Sept. 8, 1875; s. William Charles and
Mary Chard (Montgomery) Magill; ed. grammar
and high schs., Evanston; m. Harriet L. Magill, of
Chicago, Aug. 5, 1913; 1 daughter, Mary Charlotte.
In employ of Magill & Chamberlain and William
C. Magill & Co., insurance, Chicago, 1893-8; mem.
firm William C. Magill & Son. 1899-1901, of Wiley,
Jennings, Corliss & Magill, 1901-2; with Joseph C.
Ryerson & Son, 1902-5; partner Wiley, Corliss &
Magill, 1905-8, and of Wiley. Magill & Johnson
since 1908. Treas. Chicago Ins. Agencies, since
1913. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago
Athletic, Bob o'Link Golf, Germania. Recreations:
golf, tennis. Home: 440 Diversey Parkway. Office:
1953 Insurance Exchange.

MAGILL. Samuel Edward, consul; Feb. 18, 1861-
Jan. 30, 1913. (See Who's Who in America, 1912-

MAGILL, Thomas WMteliead. real estate; b. at
Clinton, la., Oct. 26, 1859; s. Samuel George and
Harriet E. (Riddell) Magill; ed. pub. schs. and
Lake Forest Acad. ; m. Margaret Sullivan, 1901.
Came to Chicago, 1883 and organized the firm of
H. O. Stone & Co., real estate, renting and ins., and
was the active partner of the firm until May, 1913;
has since had no active connection with firm, al-
though still retaining an interest therein. Mem.
Chicago Assn. Commerce. Club: Press. Recrea-
tions: books, travel and outdoor diversions. Home:
Kenilworth, 111.; (summer) Island Lake, N.D. Of-
fice: 76 W. Monroe St., Chicago.

MAGILL. William 8., Chicago mgr. Hercules
Powder Co.; b. Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 12, 1880; s.
James S. and Mattie B. (Johnson) Macrill: ed. pub.
schs.; m. Marie E. Cauthorne, of Phila., Pa., Apr.
9, 1912. Identified with powder business since 1900;
mgr. at Chicago of Hercules Powder Co. of Wil-
mington. Del., since Jan. 1, 1913. Democrat. Ma-
son (32, Shriner). Recreations: tran shooting,
motoring. Home: 1341 Granville Av. Office: 332 S.
Michigan Boul.

MAGNUS, Aupriist Charles, brewers' supplies; b.
Chicago, Oct. 24, 1862; s. August and Henrietta
Emma (Preussner) Magnus; ed. grammar and high
schs.. nhiri-o; m. Mnbe' Miller Pope, of Chicago,
Jan. 17, 1894. Entered, Feb. 1, 1882. house estab-
lished by his father, hops, malt, brewers' supplies,

later inc. as A. Magnus Sons Co., of which is pres.
Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Germania, Indian Hill.
Recreation: golf. Home: 650 Sheridan Rd., Win-
netka, 111. Office: 327 W. Randolph St., Chicago.

MAGNUSON, Paul Budd, M.D.; b. St. Paul, Minn.,
June 14, 1884; s. Charles A. and Linnie G. Mag-
nuson; M.D., Univ. of Pa., 1908; m. Alice L. Has-
son, of St. Paul, June 14, 1910; 1 son, Paul B., Jr.
Practiced in Chicago since 1908; chief surgeon, C.&
A. and Chicago Junction rys. ; adj. surgeon, Wes-
ley Hosp. ; asst. in orthopedic surgery, Home for
Destitute Crippled Children. Mem. A.M.A., 111.
State and Chicago med. socs., Am. Assn. Ry. Sur-
geons, Assn. R.R. Chief Surgeons, Central States
Orthopedic Soc. Republican. Presbyterian. Home:
5476 Ellis Av. Office: 30 N. Michigan Av.

MAGUIRE, John Wilson, general mgr. rubber
factory of The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.; b.
Trenton, N.J., June 30, 1869; s. Edward and Eliza-
beth (Drake) Maguire; ed. pub. schs., Trenton; m.
Alice Mountford, of Trenton, June 25, 1894; 3 chil-
dren: Elizabeth, Virginia, Harold. Began in whole-
sale hardware house of Henry Woods Sons, Tren-
ton, 1887-93; with Trenton Rubber Co., 1893-7, Mut.
Rubber Mfg. Co.. 1897-1900, Lake Shore Rubber
Co., Erie, Pa., 1900-5; became connected with The
Republic Rubber Co., 1905, mgr. at Chicago, 1910-
17; gen. mgr. rubber factory of The Brunswick-
Balke-Collender Co. since 1917. Mem. Chicago Au-
tomobile Trade Assn., Lincoln Highway Assn., Au-
tomobile Assn. of America, Art Inst. of Chicago.
Republican. Episcopalian. Mason, Elk. Clubs: Busi-
ness Men's Prosperity, Chicago Motor, Chicago
Athletic, Chicago Automobile, Sales Managers'
Assn. Home: 1128 North Shore Av. Office: 623 S.
Wabash Av.

MAGUIBE, Philip Julius, lawyer; b. Elizabeth,
Jo Daviess Co., Ill Dec. 9, 1871; s. Francis and
Margaret (Bough) Maguire; B.S., la. State Coll.,
Ames, 1893; M.A., Univ. of Neb., 1896; LL.B., Chi-
cago Coll. of Law, 1899; m. Gertrude E. Solon, of
Chicago, Apr. 23, 1902; children: John Solon, Mar-
Raret, Philip J., Jr., Kenneth B. and Lambert.
Taught sch. several yrs. ; was prin. sens., Castana,
la., and Cambria. Wyo. ; came to Chicago. 1897; ad-
mitted to bar, 1899; now mem. firm of Maguire &
Mooney. Mem. Chicago Bar Assn., Delta Chi. Club:
Hamilton. Home: 4840 Sheridan Rd. Office: 29 S.
LaSalle St.

jleiiry Weston, banker; b. Westhers-

fleld, 111., Dec. 3, 1854; s. Isaac S. and Jane H.
(Lindsay) Mahan; grad. Univ. of 111., 1876, M.L.,
1893; m. Isotta Carley, of Champaign, 111., Jan. 11,
1877; children: Mark C., Jennie M., Margaret W.,
Maude L., Adelaide S.. Henry W. Began with First
Nat. Bank, Urbana, 111., 1888-90, resigning as cash-
ier; cashier Stock Yards Savings Bank, Chicago;
pres. Drexel State Bank, 1902-9; pres. South Side
State Bank since 1909; also chmn. bd. dirs. Wash-
ington Park Nat. Bank. Was mem. I.N.G. 8 yrs.;
was maj. 8th 111. Inf. Republican. Mem. Delta Tau
Delta. Clubs: University, Colonial. Office: 4301 Cot-
tage Grove Av.

MAHAN, William Robert, stone. (See vol. 1911.)
MAKER, Edward, lawyer; b.- Lancashire, Eng.,
Jan. 17, 1860; s. Edward J. and Elizabeth (Martin)
Maher; of Irish-Scotch descent; came to U.S., 1869;
ed. schs. of England and in pub. schs. in Buffalo,
N.Y. ; engaged in mercantile business for some
yrs.; read law in office of Judge E. A. Otis; LL.B.
(with honors), Union Coll. of Law, Chicago. 1885;
m. Elizabeth Stirling, May, 1903; children: Laura.
Eugene E., Lincoln E. Practiced in Chicago since
1892; counselor for leading firms and corpns. of
city; was vice pres. Chicago Forge & Bolt Co., also
of Am. Bridge Works; vice pres., gen. mgr. South
Haven & Eastern R.R. ; vice pres. Milwaukee. Ben-
ton Harbor & Columbus R.R. Capt. in Q.M. Re-
serve Corps, U.S.A., 1917, in active service. Demo-
crat; was nominated for co. judge of Cook Co.,
1890. Club: Press. Known throughout the country
as a writer on economic and legal topics. Home:
4511 Michigan Av. Office: 140 N. Dearborn St.

MAHER, Georg-e Washington, architect; b. Mill
Creek, W.Va., Dec. 25, 1864: s. Theo. Daniel and
Sarah (Landis) Maher; studied architecture in of-
fices in Chicago and later in Europe; m. Elizabeth


Brooks, of Chicago, Oct. 25, 1894; 1 son, Philip ties Conservation Corpn., organized for the exploit-
Brooks. Began practice, 1888; developed a special- ation of an extensive line of inventions by himself,
ty in residence and monumental work, and in shap- running thru power and heating plants, motors,
ing suburban towns architecturally; architect engines, airplanes, airships and submarines. Mem.
Northwestern Univ. Gymnasium, Assembly Hall Am., 111. State and Chicago bar assns.. Lawyers'
(Kenilworth, 111.) and many pvt. residences. Mem. Assn. of 111. Pres. Ingersoll Memorial Assn. of
A.I. A. Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union Chicago. Socialist. Home: Riverside, 111. Office:
League. Chicago Athletic, Cliff Dwellers. Recrea- 118 N. LaSalle St., Chicago.

MAJOR, Charles lee, bookseller, publisher; b.

111. Office: 208 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. Christian Co., Ky., Dec. 31. 1869; s. John Newton

MAKER, James, lawyer; May 24, 1859-Apr. 25, and Marietta (Sears) Major; ed. pub. schs., Clarks-

1915. (See vol. 1911.) ville, Tenn. ; m. Hallie K. Montgomery, of Louis-

-!!, -r~* oH^M<.i n TJ ~ ** t x- vine, Ky., Oct. 28, 1896; 1 son, William Montgom-

1 \\^-^'hr ?Tn A&.?? ^V- Wltn the Ba Pt- Book Concern, Louisville, Ky.,

e Who s Who in America.) 1891-3, continuing with it after the business was

MAHONEY, George William, oculist; b. Lawton, bought out by Charles T. Dearing, until 1901; chief

VanBuren Co., Mich., Dec. 31, 1867; s. Michael and clerk Am. Bapt. Publication Soc., Chicago, 1901-7,

Honoria Marie (Davis) Mahoney; student Univ. of since mgr. Chicago house. Dir. Chicago Bapt. Exec.

Mich., 1885-7; M.D., Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll. Council; sec. Chicago Bapt. Social Union. Club:

(New York Univ.), 1888; began practice at Deca- Press. Recreations: reading, fishing, camping and

tur, Mich., 1888; removed to Chicago, 1893; m. Julia boating. Home: 215 9th St., Wilmette, 111. Office:

Garvy, Oct. 21, 1908; children: Miriam, George. 107 S. Wabash Av., Chicago.

SS.t P ffi^ I ^iS^^ir C Vl5^ l SE st^o C n?a t s^0 nf'c?n arle fan T 3? le f87f ng s ne H r eW b y

SP^^^^^2^?-^gS^IS??^* - S"^ cLlm h er ma and 0n L^^

A n*r A Tn o* j m.~ -r\ y

A.M. A., III. State and Chicago med. socs. Demo- o

N n

30 N. Michigan Boul.

Ok]a ^ 1908j Rober t s & Schaefer Co., Chicago, 1909-

., ,

MAHONEY, John J., lawyer; b. Chicago, Nov. 5, 12;pres. Malcolmson Briquetting Engring. Co.,Chi-

1854; s. Patrick and Julia (O'Connell) Mahoney; cago, since 1912. Mem. Am. Inst. Mining Engrs.,

ed. parochial schs., Chicago; LL.B., Kent Coll. of Am. Inst. Elec. Engrs., Internal. Ry. Fuel Assn.,

Law, 1895; m. Elizabeth Smith, of Lowell, Mass.. Phi Kappa Sigma. Clubs: Chicago Engineers', Uni-

Nov. 23, 1898. Admitted to 111. bar, 1895, and since versity. Republican. Presbyterian. Recreations:

practiced in Chicago; mem. Mahoney & O'Riordan; fishing, golf. Home: 522 Belmont Av. Office: 37 W.

pres. Hibernian Life Ins. Assn. since 1913. Mem. VanBuren St.

. 0-m sann

f rt el- Home. 3942 Jackson Boul. Office: 608 Ash- (D illhoff) Mallen; ed. pub. schs. of Newton and

Boston, Mass.; m. Wheaton, 111., Apr. 18, 1886, Ellen

MAHONEY, Joseph P., lawyer; b. Oswego, N.Y., Miller; children: Henrietta (Mrs. H. A. Melun),

Nov. 1, 1864; s. Michael and Mary (Canty) Ma- Lillian, Clara, Doris. Quit sch. at 14 and served

honey; removed with parents to Chicago when 3 apprenticeship of 4 yrs. as cabinet maker; removed

yrs. of age; ed. Chicago pub. schs.; studied law in to Chicago and worked at undertaking, carpentry,

office of Jewett & Norton; m. Nonie Boren, of Dal- etc., 1874-83, then joined father in mfr. of parlor

las, Tex., Jan. 31, 1899; 1 son, Joseph Boren. Ad- furniture frames under style of H. Z. Mallen & Co.,

milled to bar, 1885; now mem. firm of Rogers & under which name continues the business as sola

Mahoney; was master in chancery Circuit Ct. of propr. Ex-pres. Chicago Furniture Mfrs'. Assn.;

Cook Co. several yrs.; mem. 111. House of Rep. 3 mem. 111. Mfrs.' Assn., Chicago Assn. Commerce.

consecutive lerms from the 5th Senatorial Dist. ; Republican. Lutheran. Mason. Clubs: Westward

then 3 terms (12 yrs.) as senator from the same Ho, Chicago Athletic. Home: Euclid Av., Oak Park,

dist.; vice pres. of 111. Commn. to the La. Purchase 111. Office: 346 St. Johns Ct., Chicago.

Athretic^Home'^e M L^all^st ^m^^w **">=. Philip Henry, chemist, pharmacist; b.

TOuihl^rtM at LaSalle St. Office. 69 W. Frankfort, 111., Oct. 20, 1858; s. Herman Z. and Ger-

trude (Dillhoff) Mallen; ed. pub. schs., Boston, and

MAIN, Walter Doutfla; b. Portland, Me., Apr. 9, at Univ. of 111.; grad. pharmacy and chemistry,

1877; s. John and Mary (Whiteley) Main; grad. Chicago Coll. of Pharmacy, 1885; m. Millie Tatge,

high sch., Detroit, 1894; m. Alice, d. William Erd- of Joliet, 111., Sept. 1, 1900; children: Gertrude

man, of Chicago, Apr. 23, 1901. With Mineral Point (Mrs. Lloyd Kimball), Philip Tatge. Entire busl-

Zinc Co., a subsidiary of N.J. Zinc Co., in various ness career has been as chemist and pharmacist;

official capacities, 1898-1915; resigned all connec- organizer, Apr. 1, 1894, and since pres., P. H. Mal-

tions to engage in mfr. of heavy chemicals to the len Co., mfg. homoe. pharmacists, etc. Republican.

end of 1916 when sold out; now interested in the Mason (32, K.T. Shriner). Clubs: Chicago Ath-

General Explosives Co. of Joplin. Mo., and other letic, Tankers. Recreations: sailing, swimming.

industrial concerns. Independent Republican. Ma- Home: 3522 W. Monroe St. Office: 20 E. Randolph

son. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Skokie Country, Street.

Street. MAHORY, Hervey Foster, college prof.; b. at

Earlville, N.Y., Oct. 18, 1866; s. Norman C. and

MAINS, Frederick, lawyer; b. Eckford Tp., Cal- Lydia M. (Anderson) Mallory; A.B., Colgate Univ.,

houn Co Mich., Mar. 7, 1870; s. John and Mary 1890 (Litt.D., 1913): m. Leila G. Fish, of Chicago,

Jane (Ball) Mains; removed with parents to Spring Aug. 12, 1898; children: Ruth Gaylord, Norman

Arbor, Jackson Co., Mich., 1881; grad. Spring Ar- Harper. Teacher, St. John's Mil. Acad., Ossining,

bpr Bern., 1888; m Edith Curtiss, of Ionia Co., N.Y., 1890-2; instr., Chicago Acad.. 1892-3; fellow,

Mich., Aug. 13, 1894; 1 son, Roland Raymond. Ad- 1893-6, sec. to the pres., 1896-7, Univ. of Chicago;

milled to bar at Marshall. Mich., June 1891; prac- instr. Bibl. lit. and Latin, Kenwood Inst., Chicago,

ticed at Albion. Mich., 1891-6; removed to Chicago, 1897-9; sec. of correspondence-study dept., Univ.

1897; published and edited the Workers' Advocate of Chicago, since 1898, and asso prof since 1912

(later The People's Advocate), 1896-8; pres. Utili- Mem. Delta Upsilon; pres. Nat. Assn. of Univ. Ex-


tension, 1916-17. Club: Quadrangle. Home: 5444 Robert Coll., Constantinople, 1872-6; grad. Prince-

Ingleside Av. ton Theol. Sem., 1882. Ordained Congl. ministry,

MALONE, Edwin Theodore, stone quarries; b. 18 78; pastor Marsovan, Turkey, 1878-80, Spring

nr. Cleveland, O., Oct. 6, 1851; s. John C. and Mary iSSa^^,S^/_lf**:!tL^! w ~f?.'!ft.5 t ?? T


O i o t j. u <i u -; lit' 1 !, . J ui it i v. IM.I o. ** . !* vji niiii/ . -i L *i~I * ~VX"^! ~Z* ~ ~ n ~L

age of 21 became connected with the stone busi- atre, Chicago, since 1900. Author: A New Gate-
ness, in which still continues, at Cleveland; estab- chism 1902; Christian Science, Analyzed and An-
lished business and home in Chicago, 1880; sec., swered; Morality Without God; Pearls Brave
dir. and mgr. Portage Entry Quarries Co. since Thoughts from Brave Minds ; The Truth About
1887; mem. Brodix & Malone, stone dealers, since Jesus Is He a Myth? 1909; How the Bible Was
1909; treas., mgr. Star Stone Co.; also agt. and dir. Invented; The Story of My Mind, 1910; The Bible
Malone Stone Co., Cleveland. Republican. Congre- Unveiled; Mangasarian-Crapsey Debate on the
gationalist. Clubs: Union League, Press; Oak Park Historicity of Jesus; Rome-Rule in Ireland; Is
(Oak Park). Recreations: motoring, travel. Home: Llf e Worth Living Without Immortality? The
209 N. Euclid Av., Oak Park, 111. Office: 112 W. Story of Joan of Arc; Damaged Goods; What Is
Adams St Chicago tne Trouble with the World? Marriage and Di-
i, i i. nui- HT i* vorce; The American Girl; What Has Christ Done

MALTMAN, James, banker; D. Chicago, May Jo, fri _ tho ^jr. v -\At w^mo- Onir 'Pnrir m rtfflm- 8 ^

1877; s. Alexander S. and Elizabeth E. (Stewart) nearhorn St Phk^o' Office. 8 S.

Mailman; grad. Lake View High Sch., 1896; A.B., * &l " " * .

Princeton, 1900; m. Martha W. Rector, of Chicago, MAKGEI,, John, florist; b. Sparta, Greece, May

Nov. 22, 1905; 4 children: James, Jr., Martha R., 2, 1864; s. Thomas and Helen Mangel; ed. pub.

Jr., Alexander S., 3d, Allen T. R. Was connected schs. of Sparta; m. at Chicago, 1905, Amelia Clark;

with A. S. Mailman & Co., real estate loans, 1900- 2 children: Olga, George. Came from Greece di-

13; vice pres. and dir. Aetna State Bank since 1913. rect to Chicago 27 yrs. ago; was engaged in va-

Republican. Presbyterian. Clubs: University, City, rious enterprises until he engaged in the florist

Edgewater Golf, Princeton. Home: 925 Castlewood business, 1889. Mem. Chicago Assn. of Commerce,

Terrace. Office: 2375 Lincoln Av. Horticultural Soc. ^Chicago. .Republican. ^.Club:

Babette (Frank) Mandel; student Univ. of Chica- MAWGLEB, William, caterer; May 26, 1854-June

go, 1893-6; unmarried. Identified with Mandel 18, 1912. (See vol. 1911.)

Brothers since 1896, becoming 2d vice pres., 1909 MANIEBRE, Alfred Edgerton, architect; b. Chi-

and pres., 1912. Clubs: Standard, Lake Shore Coun- cago, Aug. 13, 1878; s. George and Ann E. (Edger-

try. Recreations: motoring, golf. Home: 3400 Mich- ton) Manierre; A.B., Yale, 1902; m. June G., d. of

igan Av. Office: 1 N. State St. Robert H. Parkinson, of Chicago, Mar. 20, 1907.

MANUEL, Frederick leon, secretary and treas. Engaged in practice at Chicago since 1912. Home:

Mandel Brothers; b. Chicago, Mar. 27, 1870; s. 335 Belden Av. Office: 416, 112 W. Adams St.

Leon and Isabelle (Foreman) Mandel; ed. pub. and MANIEBBE. C(yrus) Edson: b. Chicago, Nov.

pvt. schs., supplemented by study in France and 19, 1894; s. William Reid and Julia Orr (Edson)

Germany; married; children: Leon, 2d, Frederick Manierre; ed. Milton (Mass.) Acad.; Hackley Sch.,

L., Jr. Identified with Mandel Brothers, since 1888, Tarrytown, N.Y.; Yale, 1916; m. Edith Ogden, d.

serving in various depts.; sec. treas. and dir. upon Carter H. Harrison, Apr. 25, 1916. Began active

incorporation as Mandel Brothers, 1898. Clubs: career as broker, Chicago. With quartermasters'

Standard, South Shore Country, Lake Shore Coun- dept. U.S.A. since 1917. Clubs: City, Casino. Rec-

try. Recreation: golf. Home: 5017 Drexel Boul. reations: shooting, riding, fishing, sailing. Home:

Office: 1 N. State St. 552 Roscoe St. Office: 842 Railway Exchange.

MANDEL, Leon, president Mandel Brothers; MANIEBBE, Francis Edgerton, real estate; b.

Sept. 10, 1841-Nov. 4, 1911. (See vol. 1911.) Chicago, May 16, 1884; s. George and Ann Eliza

MAWDEl, Bobert, merchant; b. Chicago,, July <Edgerton)Man^rre; attended the University

Dubuque, la^Started' May "'im as stock-boy in Jative Voters' League Art Inst Chicago, Boy Scout
dry goods store of Mandel Brothers and advanced Organization, Psi Upsiloru Republican Clubs:
to positions of salesman, asst. buyer and buyer. University, City, Chicago Golf Saddle and Cycle,
becoming foreign buyer, 1891, asst. supt., 1897, gen! Recreations: outdoor sports. Home: 751 Lincoln
mgr. and dir., 1899-1914, vice pres. since 1914. Parkway. Office. 1 2 W. Adams St.
Clubs: Standard, Lake Shore Country. Home: 5018 MANIEBBE, George, real estate; b. at Chicago,
Woodlawn Av. Office:! N. State St. Feb. 6, 1845; s. George and Ann Hamilton (Reid)
MAUDEi, Simon, vice pres. Mandel Brothers; Manierre; A.B Yale 1868 A.M. 1893; LL.B., Co-
Mai- 9n 18?7 AIIS- iq ill? fSep vnl 1911 ^ lumbia Law Sch., 1869 m. Ann Eliza Edgerton, of
Mar. 20, 1837-Aug. 19, 11 Ft Wayne Jnd __ Feb 9 _ 1876; cnlldren: Alfred E.,

MANDL. Sidney, merchant; b. Chicago, Sept. 3, Louis, Arthur, Francis Edgerton. Engaged in real

1866; s. Bernhard and Emma (Adler) Mandl; ed. estate business since 1871, and with Henry Dibb-

pub. schs. and Bryant and Stratton Business Coll., lee, since 1886, composing the firm of Dibblee &

Chicago; m. Minnie Hirsh, of Chicago, Jan. 30, Manierre. Trustee Field Museum of Natural His-

1894; 3 children: Frances, Hortense, Bernhard. En- tory, Newberry Library; governing mem. Art Inst.

gaged in dry goods business, 1885, and has since re- Mem. 111. Hist. Soc., Chicago Hist. Soc. Republic-

mained in that line, also including gen. merchan- an. Episcopalian. Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Golf,

dise, under his own name. Mem. North Chicago Saddle and Cycle. Home: 100 E. Bellevue PI. Office:

Hebrew Congregation. Mem. Nat. Union, Colum- 112 W. Adams St.

bian Knights, B'nai B'rith. Clubs: Hampden. Idle- TUT A-HTFILIIT ciAnro-a -or lowiro - v, r>v,ino<- <*

07!!^ r'/Mintrv FniKxatrinn T?Arrpn tfnn3- mnsjip MLAMi.EaKE, u-eorge w., lawyer, b. Chicago; s.

Jnlf hn?*?h?k rinVnl Home- 441 Melrole St Of ' late Edward Manierre; LL.B., Northwestern Univ.,

fl?i*^24W Division St 1899; m ' Irene Beardsley, of Chicago, 1900. Ad-

flce. 324 W. Division bt. mitted to 111. bar, 1900, and since in practice at

MAKO, Albert G, banker; b. N.Y. City, June 11, Chicago; was mem. law firm of Underwood & Ma-

1863; collegiate edn. at New York, fame to Chi- nierre, later of Holdom, Manierre & Pratt, and of

cago, 1895: identified with the Central Trust Co. of Manierre & Pratt since Dec., 1914. Mem. 111. State

III. a number of yrs., becoming sec. in 1905. Mem. and Chicago bar assns., etc. Republican. Mason.

City Plan Commn. Republican. Mason. Clubs: Club: Hamilton. Home: 5136 University Av. Office:

Chicago Athletic, Kenwood. Home: 4549 Lake Park 1008 Harris Trust Bldg.

Av. Office: 125 W. Monroe St. MANIEBBE, louls, real estate; b. at Chicago,

MANGASABIAN, Mangasar Mug-urditch, lectur- Sept. 23, 1879; s. George and Ann E. (Edgerton)

er; b. Mashgerd, Turkey in Asia, Dec. 29, 1859; ed. Manierre; A.B., Yale, 1901; LL.B., Northwestern



Univ., 1904. Admitted to 111. bar, 1904; mem. firm
Dibblee & Manierre, real estate, since 1909. Clubs:
University, Onwentsia, Chicago Golf, Saddle and
Cycle. Home: 100 Bellevue PI. Office: 416, 112 W.
Adams St.

MANIERRE, William Reid, warehouseman; b.
Chicago, Apr. 25, 1847; s. George and Ann Hamil-
ton (Reid) Manierre; ed. Snow's Sen., Chicago;
Lake Forest Acad., old Chicago Univ.; LL.B.,
Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1878; m. New York
City, Apr. 20, 1875, Julia Orr Edson; children:
George, Marguerite, Julie Edson, William Reid,
Jr., Wilhelmine, Edson, Aline, Harold. Enlisted,
1864, in 134th 111. Vols., and served until close of
war. During war served in Marine Bank under
J. Y. Scammon, and later was asst. cashier in U.S.
sub-treasury, Chicago; mem. law firm of Manierre
& Prendergast, 1878-81; since 1881 propr. Central
Warehouses; organized, 1898, Manierre-Yoe Syrup
Co., and was its pres. ; propr. Fowler-Manson-Sher-
man Cycle Mfg. Co. Alderman old 18th Ward (af-
terwards 24th and now 21st), 1883-9; alderman
24th Ward, 1895-7; county commr., 1891-3. Repub-
lican. One of organizers, and presiding officer eco-
nomic conferences between business men and
working men, 1889; mem. World's Fair com. on la-
bor, 1893; arbitrator in "Debs Strike," 1894; mem.
Civic Federation, 111. Mfrs.' Assn. Clubs: Saddle
and Cycle, South Shore Country. Home: 1507 Dear-
born Parkway. Office: S.W. cor. Rush and N. Wa-
ter Sts.

MANKOWXTZ, Samuel, mfr. (See vol. 1911.)
MANLY, Charles, clergyman. (See Who's Who
in America.)

MANLY, John Matthews, college prof.; b. Sum-
ter Co., Ala., Sept. 2, 1865; s. Charles and Mary
Esther Hellen (Matthews) Manly; A.M., Furman
Univ., 1883; A.M., Harvard, 1889, Ph.D., 1890;
(LL.D., Furman, 1912; Litt.D., Brown, 1914); un-
married. Began teaching, 1884; asso. prof, and
prof. English, Brown Univ., 1891-8; prof, and head
dept. English, Univ. of Chicago, since 1898; Chi-
cago exchange prof, at Univ. of Gbttingen, 1909.
Mem. Am. Philos. Soc., Am. Philol. Assn., Modern
Lang. Assn. America, Am. Dialect Soc., A.A.A.S.,
Deutsche Shakespeare Gesellschaft. Clubs: Uni-
versity, Quadrangle (Chicago); Lake Zurich (111.)
Golf. Editor of several books, for titles see Who's
Who in America. Home: 1312 E. 53d St.

MANN, Charles Riborgr, physicist; b. at Orange,
N.J., July 12, 1869; s. Charles Holbrook and Clau-
sine (Borchsenius) Mann; A.B., Columbia, 1890,
A.M., 1891; Ph.D., Univ. of Berlin, 1895; m. Adri-
enne Amalie Graf, of Newark, N.J., June 25, 1896.
Research asst., 1896-7, asso. in physics, 1897-9,
instr., 1899-1902, asst. prof., 1892-7, asso. prof,
since 1907, Univ. of Chicago. Sec. Sect. I of A.A.
A.S. ; pres. Am. Federation Teachers of Mathemat-
ics and Natural Sciences. Translated (from the
German of P. Drude) Theory of Optics, 1902. Au-
thor: Manual of Advanced Optics, 1902; Physics
(with George Ransom Twiss), 1905; The Teaching
of Elementary Physics, 1912. Home: 5309 Green-
wood Av.

*MANN, Edward Loringr, lawyer. (See vol. 1911.)
MANN, Henry Naputali, mfr. (See vol. 1911.)

MANN, James Robert, congressman; b. on farm
nr. Bloomington, 111., Oct. 20, 1856; s. Capt. Wil-
liam Henry and Elizabeth Dabney (Abraham)
Mann; moved to Iroquois Co., 1867; grad. Univ. of
111., 1876, M.L., 1892 (LL.D., 1903); LL.B., Union
Coll. of Law, Chicago, 1881; admitted to bar. 1881,
and since in practice at Chicago; m. Emma Colum-
bia, of Champaign, 111., May 30, 1882; 1 son, James
R., Jr. Mem. Oakland sch. bd., Village of Hyde
Park (now in Chicago), 1887; atty. Village of Hyde
Park, 1888; upon annexation to Chicago became
alderman 32d Ward, Chicago, 1893-6; temporary
chmn. Rep. State Conv., 1894; chmn. Cook Co. Rep.
convs., 1895, 1902; master in chancery. Superior
Court of Cook Co., 1892-6; gen. atty. South Park

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