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an. Episcopalian. Clubs: Mid-Day, Evanston Coun- TBUDE, Daniel Pearson, lawyer; b. at Chicago,

try, Bond Men's. Recreations: motoring, fishing. July 20, 1877; s. Alfred Samuel and Algenia D.

Home: 1240 Hinman Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 208 (Pearson) Trude; student Dartmouth Coll., and

S. LaSalle St., Chicago. Univ. of Chicago; LL.B., Northwestern Univ.. 1904;

nnniirnvmnT- r-^^oTi.,,* mil.,. ,r.^v,at- v, m - Daisy V. Wilson, of Chicago, June 28, 1903; 2

TROWBRIDGE, Cornelius lEller, merchant, b. daughte ^ s Virginia Jane. Admitted to 111. bar,

Hudson, IM.Y., Jan. 21, 1869; s. Hobart and Kather- Tgjy ,, '_, ^^.^ti^^H * r-hi^ aa -^ Mom Am

1904. and since practiced at Chicago. Mem. Am.,

Jane. Began as office boy for French, Potter & Wil- ?.;'" vy
son, chinaware, 1886, succeeded by French & Pot- l

son, ware, , succeee y en - m=T TT.i- i. L_*I,,,

ter Co., 1891; in charge of hotel business of the XT T . BU P?' -t s r ^ e A ^ hur - , law ^ er ,' Si. L mnn\'

flrm, 1891-7; entered employ of Burley & Co., 1897, N.Y Feb. 5, 1866; s. Samuel and Sallie (Downs)

Si*?** -" r -,, 1904 , ? v; J - ,.?i >" <" ^^f&'fe.Y^'SaS? Jute 15 L if99 U Fan n -

k UI trLLlUIlb. UULUUUI BpUILH. X1UII1C. iJitl^c ^-. rii ^ >llL A * 1, 1 **n UA. A Tl A

in nffire' 7 >i \\-nhaih AV phir-apr, Democrat. Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: 4714

ce. 7 N. ^ abash Av., Chicago. Grand Boul. Office: 139 N. Clark St.

b mT^,^? E \^ W F r e a b^sl5 M s D bfvi r d S \ nd TBUDE, Samuel Henry, judge; s. Henry and

5ban n P ^Doyl^)- Tr6wbrTd e ge; 7 'el C 6 orlla?d V (N. a Y.t Charlotte Trude. reared on father's .farm in La

Normal Sch., 1878-81; grad. Mich. State Normal Salle . Co '' J 11 ' 1 , e ^ c r ^ f ''w "chick o P^;

o Ar i^prn Mc

J .scs, y rsaer gr^dulting^from^ormai Court of Chicao.' term 1914-20 Republican. Club:
sch.; in practice since May, 1897, specializing in South Shore Country. Home: 54,3 Harper Av. Ad-
treatment of eye, ear, and throat diseases. Lee- dress: City Hall.

turer before city, state and internal, socs. on sub- TRUE, Albert William, lumber; b. Ottawa, 111.,

jects pertaining to his specialty. Mem. Nat. Eclec- Oct. 30, 1856; s. William Mariner and Mary (Mat-



son) True; ed. pub. schs. of Ottawa and Chicago;
grad. old Central High Sch., 1876; attended North-
western Univ., 1876-7; m. Frances, d. Charles E.
Munger, of Chicago, Sept. 21, 1898. Held business
positions at Chicago since 1878; with Methodist
Book Concern 3 yrs. ; Phoenix Ins. Co. 1 yr. ; Hair &
Odiorne, lumber dealers, 1 yr.; Hintze & Baker
Co., wholesale dealers in sash and doors, 3 yrs.;
sec. and treas. True & True Co., sash, doors, etc.,
1887-1917; sec. and treas. True & True Lumber Co.,
retail lumber yards, 1912-17. Republican. Clubs:
Hinsdale, Hinsdale Golf. Lived at Hinsdale, 111.,
several years, prior to removing to Cal., June,

TRUE, Anthony S., wholesale diamonds; b. at
Lower Salem, O., May 15, 1860; s. Joel and Louisa
(Magruder) True; ed. pub. schs.; m. Addle L.
Brownscombe, of Port Hope, Ont., May 8, 1884. Be-
gan active career in Lower Salem, p., as book-
keeper, later salesman; removed to Chicago, 1880;
with George E. Marshall & Co., diamonds, 1894-
1911; in business on own account since 1911; dir.
Blue Island State Bank. Protestant. Mason (Nor-
mal Park Lodge, Chicago Chapter, St. Bernard
Commandery, Oriental Consistory, Medinah Tem-
ple, A.A.O.N.M.S.). Recreations: fishing, motor-
ing. Home: 53 W. 66th St. Office: 31 N. State St.

TRUE, Charles Jackson, lumber; b. Ottawa, 111.,
Apr. 21, 1859; s. William Mariner and Mary (Mat-
son) True; ed. pub. schs. of Ottawa and Chicago,
grad. old Central High Sch., 1876; student North-
western Univ., 1876-7; m. Laura Wai bridge Daley,
d. of E. E. Walbridge, of Chicago, Apr. 25, 1908.
Was employed with Lord, Owen & Co., wholesale
druggists, 1877-82; with Hair & Odiorne, lumber,
1882-3; in retail drug business, Chicago, 1883-91;
became pres. of True & True Co., 1891; pres. True
& True Lumber Co. since 1912. Republican. Ves-
tryman St. Paul's Episcopal Ch. Clubs: Union
League, Glen View, Kenwood. Mem. Lumbermen's
Golf Assn.; formerly pres. Riverside Golf Club.
Recreations: travel, golf, motoring. Home: 4839
Dorchester Av. Office: 11 S. LaSalle St.

TRUMAN, Malcolm Qeorg-e, lumber; b. Chicago,
July 15, 1876; s. John Henry and Georgia T. (Cow-
dery) Truman; ed. pub. schs. of Chicago; m. Jane
Mackintosh, of Chicago, Jan. 19, 1904; 3 children:
Gordon M., John Henry, David B. In clerical posi-
tion in commercial houses until 1895; then entered
employ of The Marsh & Bingham Co. (timber),
later becoming sec. of the corpn. ; vice pres. Marsh
& Truman Lumber Co. since 1911. Republican.
Christian Scientist. Club: Union League. Home:
Evanston, III. Office: 322 S. Michigan Av., Chicago.

TRUMAN, Fercival Henry, patent atty. ; b. Chi-
cago, Apr. 28, 1875; s. John Henry and Georgia T.
(Cowdery) Truman; A.B., Williams Coll., 1898;
read law at Providence, R.I. ; m. Leonora, d. Fran-
cesco and MSlanie (Durfee) Mariotti, of Rome,
Italy, June 27, 1907; 2 children: Mlanie Boughton,
Francis Mariotti. Admitted to 111. bar, 1904, and
since engaged in practice of patent law at Chi-
cago; mem. firm of Barnett & Truman. Mem. of
Patent Law Assn. Chicago; asso. mem. Western
Soc. Engrs. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Uni-
versity, City. Recreations: reading, travel. Home:
2602 Harrison St., Evanston, 111. Office: Monadnock
Blk., Chicago.

TRUMBUliL, Donald Shurtleff, lawyer; b. Se-
dalia, Mo., Apr. 19, 1875; s. of Morris and Emily
(Shurtleff) Trumbull; A.B., Univ. of Chicago, 1897;
LL.B., Northwestern Univ., 1901; m. Gertrude Ma-
vor, of Chicago, June 11, 1910. Admitted to 111.
bar in 1901; became identified with the firm of
Judah, Willard, Wolf & Reichmann, of which has
been a mem. since 1908. Mem. Am., 111. State and
Chicago bar assns., Chicago Legal Club. Republic-
an. Congregationalist. Club: University. Home:
Highland Park, 111. Office: 134 S. LaSalle St., Chi-

TRUMBULIi, Georg'e Thomas, merchant; b. at
Boston, Apr. 17, 1858; s. James and Julia (Gillick)
Trumbull; ed. Boston pub. schs. and Boston Coll.;
m. Cincinnati, Nov. 18, 1878, Laura McKee; chil-
dren: Laura (Mrs. Jacob Weimer), Kate Emily
(Mrs. George Krebs), Jennie (Mrs. George D.
Crowley), Mary (deceased). Bookkeeper with Lou-
don, Tower & Co., railroad supplies, Boston, 1874-

79; in soap mfg., Covington, Ky., 1879-82: became
connected with Hall's Safe and Lock Co., of Cin-
cinnati, O., as asst. to mgr. of sales dept., 1882,
removed to Chicago and was treas. Chicago br.,
same company, until Feb. 28, 1898; organizer, 1898,
and since pres. and treas. Trumbull Safe & Vault
Co. Democrat. Mem. Knights of Columbus, Cath-
olic Order of Foresters, Royal Arcanum, Royal
League, Nat. Union, North Am. Union. Recreation:
baseball. Home: 4547 Dover St. Office: 77 W. Lake

TUCKER, Henry Stevens, M.D.; b. Kane Co., 111.,
May 1, 1853; s. John R. and Margaret Thompson
Tucker; grad. high sch.; attended Wheaton Coll. 2
yrs.; M.D., Bennett Med. Coll., Chicago, 1879; m.
Emma, d. Joseph Kronenberg, hardware mcht., of
Hamburg, N.Y. ; 1 daughter, Inez. Practiced at
Chicago since 1879; demonstrator anatomy, Ben-
nett Med. Coll., 1879-83 (prof, surgery, attending
and consulting phys. in the coll. hosp., 1889-1900);
dean, 1902-14, and prof. surg. gynecology, Chicago
Coll. of Medicine and Surgery (now prof, emeri-
tus); attending surgeon, Cook Co. Hosp., 6 yrs.;
mem. staff Frances Willard Hosp. until 1913. Mem.
A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs. Repub-
lican. Methodist. Mason (Ashlar Lodge, Lafay-
ette Chapter, Montjoie Commandery, Oriental Con-
sistory, Medinah Temple). Club: Chicago Athletic.
Recreations: travel, fishing. Has lectured exten-
sively, also contbr. to med. jours. Home: 4534
Michigan Av. Office: 25 E. Washington St.

TUCKER, Irwin St. John, clergyman, editor; b.
Mobile, Ala., Jan. 10, 1886; s. Rev. Gardiner C. and
Melville Leigh (Eckford) Tucker; grad. high sch.,
Mobile, 1901; grad. Gen. Theol. Sem., 1912, B.D.,
1913; m. Ellen Dorothy O'Reilly, of Chicago, July

4, 1914. Reporter or editor, various papers, South,
ern and Northern States, 1902-9; deacon, 1912,
priest, 1913, P.E. Ch.; began as preacher in St.
Mark's, N.Y. City, also lecturing on socialist plat-
form; mng. editor Christian Socialist, Chicago,
since Feb., 1914. Mem. 1st Troop Cav., La. N.G.,
1905. Author: The City of Dreams, 1909; Poems of
a Socialist Priest, 1915; Hero-Prophets of the Poor,
1916. Home: 2352 Wilson Av. Office: 5344 Ellis Av.

TUCKER, Joseph Francis, chairman of Central
Freight Assn.; Sept. 29, 1835-July 25, 1911. (See
vol. 1911.)

TUFTS, James Hayden, professor philosophy; b.
Monson, Mass., July 9, 1862; s. Rev. James and
Mary E. (Warren) Tufts; A.B., Amherst, 1884,
A.M., 1890; B.D., Yale, 1889; student Freiburg and
Berlin, 1891-2; Ph.D., Freiburg, 1892; (LL.D., Am-
herst, 1904); m. Cynthia Hobart Whltaker, of Lev-
erett, Mass., Aug. 25, 1891. Instr. mathematics,
Amherst, 1885-7; instr. philosophy, Univ. of Mich.,
1889-91; asst. prof, philosophy, 1892-4, asso. prof.,
1894-1900, prof, since 1900, head of dept. since

1905, dean Sr. Coll., 1899-1904 and 1907-8, Univ. of
Chicago. Mem. Am. Psychol. Assn., Am. Philos.
Assn. (pres. 1914), Western Philos. Assn. (pres.

1906, 1914). Editor The School Review, 1906-9, In-
ternational Journal of Ethics, since 1915. Clubs:
Quadrangle, City. Author or editor and translator
of several vols., for titles see Who's Who in Amer-
ica. Home: 5551 University Av.

TUNISON. Henry Cuthbert, map publisher; Feb.

5, 1855-Dec. 5, 1915. (See vol. 1911.)
TUNNICLIFF, Ruth, M.D. ; research work in in-
fectious diseases; b. Macomb, 111., 1876; d. Damon
G. and Sarah A. (Bacon) Tunnicliff; A.B., Vassar,
1896; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1903. Engaged in re-
search work, Chicago Memorial Inst.for infectious
Diseases, since 1903. Mem. Soc. Bacteriologists
and Pathologists, Chicago Pathol. Soc., A.M.A.,
Chicago Med. Soc., Alpha Epsilon Iota, Woman's
Nat. Agrl. and Hort. Soc. Episcopalian. Club: Col-
lege. Contbr. articles on bacteriology and immunity
in Jour, of Infectious Diseases and Am. Med. Jour.,
both of Chicago. Home: 6018 Stony Island Av. Of-
fice: 637 S. Wood St.

TURCK, Fenton Benedict, M.D. (See vol. 1911.)
TURNER, Arthur Clarence, chairs; b. Gardner,
Mass., Jan. 8, 1867; s. Andrew W. and Christiana
Turner; ed. at Gardner; m. Alice H. Horton, Gard-
ner, Mass., June 8, 1893; 1 son, Harold H. Gen.
western mgr. John A. Dunn Co. a number of years


from 1895; sales mgr. at Chicago, Standard Chair time before coming to Chicago in the spring of

Co since 1910. Home: 6415 Kimbark Av. Office: 1916, as manager of the local branch of the Bank

1319 Michigan Av. of Montreal. Mem. Am. Bankers' Assn., 111. State


Minnie (.**!!. J^lIlclIlUCl i^*COOHC*/, uav.IV. v^tum, fcv. f f~<ht,

Chicago, 1885, and began work in a picture frame Lab iicago.

factory at a very small salary; started business TURNEY, Robert E., judge; b. Chicago, Sept. 9,

on own account, June, 1886; now pres. Turner Mfg. 1873; s. Robert and Anna (Cunningham) Turney;

Co., the largest picture frame mfg. company in ed. grammar schs., Lake View High Sch.; LL.B.,

the US. One of the organizers of the Hebrew Kent Coll. of Law, 1896; m. Maude M. Rulison, of

Literary Assn.; mem. bd. Jewish Home for the Hancock, Mich., June 25, 1902. Admitted to 111.

Aged (was chmn. building com., and pres., 1902); bar, 1896, and entered gen. practice at Chicago;

mem. bd. Federated Jewish Charities; mem. He- asst. city atty., 1902-5; asst. state's atty., 1905-8;

brew Inst., "Bikir Cholim," B'nai B'rith. Club: asst. county judge, 1909-10; resumed practice,

Covenant. Home: 1318 Independence Boul. Office: 1910; elected judge Superior Court for period, 1915-

931 W. 14th PI. 17 (chief justice, Jan.-Dec., 1916). Mem. of Chi-

PTTB.WTO rVinrioQ II virp nrpsirtont of Fpdpral cago Bar Assn., Chicago Law Inst. Republican.

T iff ?TnVro' Xov 4 1850 Feb ?19 1914 (See ivol M ason (Shriner). Club: Hamilton. Recreations:

J d,f C ' ' ls5 -*eb. 19, 1,11*. ( e vol. flsh j ng> baseb all. Home: 1353 Wilson Av. Office:

111 W. Washington St.

TURNER, Edgar A., mfr.; b. St. Louis, Mo., Oct. TIIT T.TT R Edwin B MD-h T arm**,. wi

9 <J 1 fiftl a Won w Q anH A rla ^ f A mpdt Tnrnpr" Hi A.X* u A, XjUWiu. .B., M.u. , u. ijd.V-'rOaae, W IS.,

Irkd PhillinVTcad Andover Mass 1904" student Nov - 9 - 1867 J s - Isaac and Fannv (Berman) Tuteur;

MaV* Tnst Tech 1904 T unmarried Began as grad - LaCrosse High Sch., 1883; Ph.G., Univ. of

.Mass. inst. lecn., lyus-i, unmarriea. uegan as piTi,.,;,** c n < TDnnrmanv 17- iw r T ofForcnn

nfrr r-nrn<a T 5 P O Xr^t T, Rv at Indian- v^ijiciuiidLi BOO. ot jriidriudcy, Loot t ivi.u., J enerson

ngr. corps, '.,c.,c.isat.ij.K.y., at . inuian ,.,,., f , n1 i t>v,iio isun- m wmrr,o n^=c, m or, r.t

asst. on engr. corps. P.,C.,C.&St.L.Ry at Indian- ySLCMin&mv^'&^CnwSZS:^

anoli^ Tnr) Opt 1 907 * then with \ 'xnd.ili'L LiriG i * J -*5 u i^un., i iiiiii., j.o yu , m. rjiumd. ^rossiiia.ii, 01

TprrpHsiiitP iq'As 5" roundhouse foreman Tenn' Cincinnati, 1893; 1 daughter, Frances Pauline Cril-

rvntral I R R NaVhvi'llP 191 0- bVcame T asst SUD J y- Practiced at Chicago since 1892; consulting

XorfhwpVtern F!D* led Meti'l Co ^hiclgo Feb" P"*" 3 - Daily -News Sanitarium, Chicago Municipal

iVll ^u !t 191^ tssf sec 191" and v*e' P?es' Tuberculosis Sanitarium; attending phys. to St.

since 1915 Mem Soc Automotive Engrs Demo- Luke's Hosp.; dir. Valmora Sanatorium for Tuber-

crat Catholic T;ubs'Chica^ Automobile- WhHe- culosis. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chicago med.

hS\ UN?w Yorkl R^reat\onl motori orts' Home- socs - Southern Dist. Med. Soc. (ex-pres.), Robert

? a i4 N ItateSt. Offict- 407 S Dearborn St Koch Soc ' for Stuay of Tuberculosis Clubs: Phy-

_ sicians' ( ex-pres. ), X Club, Illinois Athletic. Home:

TURNER, Edward A, capitalist; b. Marietta, O., 4533 Drexel Boul. Office: 31 N. State St.

ru^L, iui-u-i =u. ^^-IC^B. V w. D v..,=. u.v, ^~,- T . Mn ^v.f 1 * 1 ^ SSS' veh i cle s P r 'nss; b. at St.

etta Coll.; m. 1872, Amelia Haigh, of N.Y. City; ^ u 's, Ma June ,1849; s George M-.and Anna

children: Grace, Louise, Gertrude, Fanny. After Hames (Hall) Tuthill, ed.Pontiac (Mich.) High

leaving coll., asst. teller. Marietta Bank; elk. in bch. until 18M; later finished freshman year at the

Cincinnati dry goods store, 1 yr.; afterward in fniv. of Mich leaving June, 1870; m Oct. 6, 188o,

New York, until 1872; in Bt Louis 18 mos,; then lBabe"a Heath i HalL of NY 'City; children: Stella

JN6W lorK, until iY2 in ot. i_,ouis is mos.; men - - " r T'I .1 ,\, sJU , v "'"*

again in New York until 1878; came to Chicago Weston Margaret Hall (Mrs. Frank L. Yenning);
and established a branch of the Eagleton Mfg. m - 2d, Chicago, May 10, 1893, Emma Holt Began
Co.; in winter of 1880, with W. D. Ewart and as bookkeeper in the First Nat Bank of Kalama-
Frank I. Pearce, organized the Link-Belt Machin- z : ca - m e to Chicago 1SSO and established the
ery Co., of which was sec. and treas. until 1887; present business of the Tuthill Spring Co., of which
established Dodge Cold Storage Co. in Phila., 1887, pres. For 8 yrs. the works of the company were
and conducted it until 1892, when returned to Ch:- at Hammond, Ind., where he resided; city elk. of
cago; pres. Link-Belt Machinery Co. (now the Link- Hammond 188 1-8; removed residence and works to
Belt Co ) 1892-1906 Republican Clubs: Chicago Chicago, 1892. Established and managed the First
Union League, Commercial. Residence: Kenwood N'at. Bank of Hammond, 1886-92; was engaged in
Hotel \\orlds Fair branch of the Northern Trust Co.'s

TURNER, iaurlnHllliard, dry goods commn.;b. llic . ^ UI . ,, ouv; lml , fu

Chicago, Sept. 26, 1845; s. John M. and Hannah M Commrs. for Foreign Missions; life mem. Am Mis-

r-^? . n) Ir 1 " 161 ^ P "n' ffl IH al ir.h- ^,t slonar y As s- M em. Congregational Club; mem.

fJ 110 ?^^- M 5 r .y^. enn Du^lf. of Chicago, Oct. Geographic Soc. of Chicago, Chicago Peace Soc.,

7\\ 1 Jn.' i T\ -S? W , ^ ,V ton ' y * 4 i e Am - Free Trade League; pres. Prairie Club, 1916,

Olrs. Charley D. X^lseyK^Me^^rm o^E. H. ^ Re^reaUon: walking Home: 6973 N. Ashland

Co.; dry goods commn., 1883-96; mgr. of J. Spen-

cer Turner Co., 1896-1906; mem. The Laurin H. TUTHH.I,, Richard Stanley, judge; b.Vergennes,

Turner & Co., 1906-15; mgr. Turner, Halsey Co. Jackson Co., 111., Nov. 10, 1841; s. Daniel Braley

since 1915. Republican. Baptist. Mason. Club: and Sally (Strong) Tuthill; A.B., Middlebury Coll.,

Union League. Home: 4923 Blackstone Av. Office: vt - 18 S3, A.M., 1868; (LL.D., 111. Coll., 1901, St. Ig-

160 W. Jackson Boul. natius Coll., 1898, Middlebury Coll., 1909); entered

TURITER, Tracy lay, stock and bonds; b. Chi- ^joZVl^aVfat^a tnM^BSSEW

. 26, 1879; s. Edward H. and Ida B,(Fos- ^ Mich LigM Arty*3d Div" 17th ".' - B - a "^- H '

- Ml Us

rn nail an Pliihs' C^hirn p-n A th1<tio TTnir\Ti T oacma ( - lt -y o-Lty., 10 1 o-y , u.o. ulst. atty., 18o4-o I Jlla^e

ITth a Sho C ^C S oun b ry ae Gltn hl vVe% Ul Ho n me J ' a 4 S 5T2 ft~ult Court Cook Co. since 1887; Republican.

Drexel Boul. Office: The Rookery. K d t JV^nile court law of 1899 was chosen by

brother judges to organize and hold juvenile court,

TURNER, William, banker; b. Edinburgh, Scot- in addition to other duties; held this court for 6

land; ed. Royal High Sch., Edinburgh, and pri- yrs. This was the original "Juvenile Court," which

vately; unmarried. Began business career as an has extended throughout the U.S. and the world

officer in the Bank of Montreal, and has held im- Organizer and mem. bd. of trustees (state) St

portant positions at Halifax, N.S., in Mexico, and Charles (111.) Sch. for Boys, until change of law-

at Toronto, where was asst. manager for some pres. Chicago Law Sch. Clubs: Illinois, Hamilton'


Church, University. One of 306 who in Rep. Nat.
Conv. of 1880 voted to the last for Gen. Grant.
Mem. Loyal Legion (comdr. 1903), G.A.R., Soo. of
Army of the Tennessee, Memorial Hall Assn., Chi-
cago. Mason (32). Episcopalian. Home: 1316
Lake St., Evanston, 111. Address: 412 County Bldg.,

TUTTLE, Charles R., fire ins.; b. Fulton, Mo.,
Mar. 22, 1867; s. Warren W. and Susan C. (Dyer)
Tuttle; ed. Westminster Coll., Fulton, Mo.; m. Fan-
nie A. Carter, of Worcester, Mass., June 12, 1894; 1
son, Elwood Carter (born June 9, 1896, died Jan.
30, 1898). Spl. agt. Home Ins. Co., New York, 1887-
91; became connected in same capacity with Conti-
nental Ins. Co., 1891; promoted asst. gen. mgr.,
1898, 2d vice pres., 1916; resigned, Aug. 1, 1916, to
become gen. mgr. Western dept. Insurance Co. of
North America, Alliance Ins. Co. of Phila., and
Phila. Underwriters. Presbyterian. Mason. Clubs:
Union League, Kenwood, South Shore. Residence:
Parkway Hotel. Office: 76 W. Monroe St.

TUTTLE, Emerson B., lawyer, real estate; b. at
Chicago, Nov. 26, 1860; s. Nelson and Charlotte
Louise (Emerson) Tuttle; ed. pvt. schs. of Chicago;
studied law in offices of Isham & Lincoln, Chicago.
Admitted to bar, 1884, but engages principally in
real estate business. Clubs: Chicago, Onwentsia,
Saddle and Cycle, Commercial. Recreations: out-
door sports. Residence: Chicago Club. Office: Mar-
quette Bldg.

TTTTTTiE, Henry Nelson, lawyer; b. 153 Michigan
Av., Chicago, Nov. 17, 1858; s. Nelson (came to
Chicago, 1837) and Charlotte Louise (Emerson)
Tuttle; ed. Chicago Acad., Palmer's Acad., Chicago,
Greylock Inst., S. Williamstown, Mass.; A.B, Yale,
1881; m. Chicago, Nov. 8, 1888, Fannie, d. John V.
Farwell; children: Henry Emerson, Arthur Far-
well, Grace Emeret. Admitted to 111. bar, 1883;
practiced alone, 1883-7; mem. law firm Marston,
Augur & Tuttle, 1887-1901, Marston & Tuttle, 1901-

07, since practiced alone. Republican. Presbyte-
rian. Clubs: Chicago, University, Onwentsia; Uni-
versity, Yale (New York). Home: Lake Forest, III.
Office: 137 S. LaSalle St., Chicago.

TUTTLE, John M., mfr. ; b. Des Moines, la., Oct.

8, 1873; s. Martin and Harriet (Moulton) Tuttle;
prep. edn. Des Moines High Sch.; Univ. of la.; m.
Flora Kurtz, of Des Moines, Apr. 27, 1899; 2 chil-
dren: John M., Jr., Elizabeth Catherine. In the
printing ink business during entire active career;
vice pres. Philip Ruxton, Inc., mfrs. printing and
lithographing inks, since 1900. Mem. Beta Theta
Pi. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, University, Exmoor
Country, Highland Park. Recreation: golf. Home:
Highland Park, 111. Office: 161 W. Harrison St.,

TUTTLE, William Franklin, secretary Art Inst.
of Chicago; b. Lowell, Mass., Nov. 13, 1879; s. of
Frank Pierce and Mary (Masterson) Tuttle; grad.
Phillips Exeter Acad., 1895; LL.B., Chicago-Kent
Coll. of Law, 1910; m. Emily May Wlllson, of Chi-
cago, July 7. 1910; 1 son, Willson. Newspaper work
at Boston, Mass., and Manchester, N.H., 1897-1902-
identified with the Art Inst. of Chicago since 1903,
asst. sec. until 1916 and secretary since 1916. Re-
publican. Congresationalist. Mason. Mem. Phi
Delta Phi. Club: Clift Dwellers. Recreations: golf,
fishing, baseball. Home: 3801 Grand Boul. Office:
The Art Institute of Chicago.

TWICHELL, James O., pianos and organs; b.
Westminster, Mass., 1846; s. Reuben W. and Nancy
(Puffer) Twichell; ed. pub. schs., Brookfield, Mass.;
m. Geraldine Wright, of Chicago. Began as dry
goods salesman at New York; removed to Chicago,
1872, and engaged in sale of sewing machines; be-
came identified with piano and organ business,
1880, and now sole propr. firm of J. O. Twichell,
pianos and organs. Republican. Congregationalist.
Club: Chicago Athletic. Home: 3631 Grand Boul.
Office: 332 S. Wabash Av.

TWISS, Richard Bentley, lawyer. (See vol. 1911.)

TYDINGS, Oliver, M.D. ; b. St. Margarets, Anne
Arundel Co., Md., May 1, 1854; s. Henry and Mar-
garet A. (Stinchcomb) Tydings; M.D., Univ. of
Md., 1877; m. Mrs. C. A. Williams, of Cincinnati,
O., Mar. 3, 1891. Settled at Chicago, 1901; prof.

ophthalmology, rhinology and oto-laryngology,
also surgeon, Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Coll. and Hosp. Mem. A.M.A., 111. State and Chi-
cago med. socs.. Am. Acad. Ophthalmology and
Oto-Laryngology, Chicago Ophthal. Soc. Democrat.
Presbyterian. Clubs: Physicians', College. Home:
932 Wilson Av. Office: 31 N. State St.

TYE, John James, hides, wool, tallow; b. West
Chicago (then Turner Junction), 111., Jan. 21, 1861;
s. John and Esther (Gallagher) Tye; ed. West Chi-
cago High Sch., and business coll.; m. Clinton, la.,
Aug. 15, 1894, Katie Farrell; children: Frank E.,
Willie L., Paul F., Allen J. Began as office boy for
Bolles & Rogers, later elk. and bookkeeper; admit-
ter to partnership in the firm, 1890. Mem. Chicago
Assn. Commerce. Mem. Sch. Bd. of West Chicago
since 1905. Republican. Catholic. Home: West
Chicago, 111. Office: 129 W. Kinzie St.. Chicago.

TYLER, Albert Smith, glass; b. Chicago, Mar.
4, 1846; s. Orson and Amelia (Farrant) Tyler; ed.
pvt. and pub. schs., Chicago and Milwaukee; m.
Chicago, Oct. 5, 1876, Addie L. Spring (died Jan.

27, 1917); 1 daughter, Irna Clayton. In 1862 en-
tered employ of the C.'M.&St.P., general freight
dept., at Milwaukee; returned to Chicago, 1866, and
was in employ of J. W. Doane & Co., wholesale
grocers, until 1872, when entered employ of P. C.
Hanford & Co., paints and oils; then cashier of
George F. Kimball & Co., glass dealers, 1879-87;
in 1887, with Louis A. Hippach, established firm
of Tyler & Hippach, plate and window glass, which
was later incorporated as Tyler & Hippach Co., of
which is pres.; also treas. Federal Plate Glass Co.,
Ottawa, 111.; dir. Western Glass Co., Streator, 111.
Republican. Episcopalian. Address: 366 W. Ohio

TYLER, Harvey Ainsworth, M.D. ; b. at Boston,
Apr. 30, 1869; s. William H. and Mary Jane (Frel-
lick) Tyler; grad. West Div. High Sch., Chicago,
1886; M.D., Rush Med. Coll., 1889; m. Alice E. Ru-
therford, of Chicago, Nov. 22, 1892; 1 son, William
R. Taught gynecology and obstetrics. Rush Med.
Coll., 1893-8; prof, gynecology, Chicago Policlinic
and Hosp.; gynecologist to House of Correction.
Mem. A.M. A., 111. State and Chicago med. socs. Ma-
son. Republican. Presbyterian. Home: 4610 N. Ra-
cine Av. Office: 25 E. Washington St.

TYRRELL, Albert H., lawyer; Aug. 12, 1863-Dec.

28. 1914. (See vol. 1911.)

TYRRELL, Henry Qrattan, civil engineer. (See

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1917) → online text (page 229 of 252)