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managers, Presbyterian Hosp. Mem. Loyal
Legion and Thomas Post, G. A. R. Club: Union
League. Office: Board of Trade. Residence:
Lake Forest 111

RUMSEY,' Joseph Prancke, broker- b Ba-
tavia, N. Y., July 26. 1848; s. Joseph E. and
Lucy M. (Ransom) Rumsey; ed. successively
in "little red school house," Miss Thrall's pri-
vate school, Batavia, N. Y.; Ft. Edward (N.
Y.) Institute; old Chicago Univ., B.S., 1869;
also law school of same; admitted to bar,
1871, but never practiced; m. Philadelphia, Pa.
Apr. 28, 1886, Martha B. Downing (now de-
ceased): children: Richard Downing, Joseph
Francke, Morris Jones. Operating on Chicago
Board of Trade since Oct 1872 first emnlove
^nd r then pwt^e ? of John" W RumSvl B ?nlo?
mem. Rumsey & Chandler, 1881-91: since 1895
alone. Presbyterian. Clubs: Union League, On-
wentsia. Office: 6 Sherman St. Residence: Lake
Forest, 111.

RUNNELLS, John Sumner, lawyer; b. Ef-
fmgham, N. H., July 30, 1844; s. John and
Huldah S. Runnells; early education, in public
schools of Tamworth, N. Y., and New Hamp-
ton (N. H.) Acad.; grad. Amherst College,
1865; studied law at Dover, N. H. ; removed to

Iowa, 1867, becoming private sec. to Governor
of Iowa; filled consular appointments in Eng-
land, 1869-71; m. Des Moines, la., Mar. 31,1869,
Helen R. Baker; children: Mabel (Mrs. Robert
I. Jenks), Lucy (Mrs. A. A. Jackson), Clive,
Alice Rutherford. Admitted to Iowa bar, 1871;
practiced at Des Moines, 1871-87; in Chicago
general counsel of the Pullman Co. since
1887, and since May, 1905, as vice-pres. and
S en eral counsel of that company, and senior

mem - of the law flrm of Runnells & Burry;
n g District Att for Iowa i 88 i_ 5 . In

Iowa gained prominence^ in a specialty of rail-
way and telegraph law, and also in his suc-
cessful management of the case, which he

rnrr jprl HirmicSi Its various stntrps thrmie-h thp
arri. ed thra ugh : ts_ var lous stages thr ugh the

-, f ^ cour Vvofvhfg 4 ? h * he con U s?ltatlon C amy of
sections of the Prohibitory law of Iowa. Re-
pub i ican; was chairman Iowa State Commit-
ee 1879 and 1880; mem Republican Nat. Com-
mittee from Iowa, 1880-4; delegate Republican
Nat. Convention, 1880. Well known as orator
on patriotic and public occasions. Clubs: Chi-
cago, Union, Chicago Literary, Fellowship, On-
wentsia; also of University, New York. Office:
Pullman Bldg. Residence: 593 N. State St.

xtUSCO, Charles Alvin, wholesale stove mer-
chant; b. Chicago, Mar. 22, 1861; s. Volney E.
and Jen ney R. (Sayles) Rusco; ed. Chicago
pub i ic schools; m. Chicago, 1885, Bessie A.
Martin; 1 son: Charles Alvin, Jr. Began busi-
ness life in ]881 as a furniture salesman, and
in 1899 he became a stove salesman for the
c T Boals stove Co ( continuing until 1893,
when he was appointed Western mgr. of the
Reading Stove Works, in which capacity he
remained until 1901, when he was appointed
Wes tern mgr. for the Abram Cox Stove Co.
M ason, Shriner, Templar. Office: 17 W. Lake
st Residence: 311 S. Scoville Av., Oak Park,

kee -

, George Frederick, lawyer; b. Milwau-
Oct. 20, 1863; s. George F Schuster
> te c S? T **^ti writ , er) and Theresa
Rost R , U ? h ' b. tn of . Ml 1 1 ^ uke e- Wls - Familv
J" en ! ved , to Ch j ca f. in 1868; ed grammar and
nl & h schools of Chicago, and in Univ of Michi-
f a - ^o 1 ^ 11111 ? de f r e es , , f A - B - .in 1889, and
A -M,, 1891; also studied 1 year in law school
? f Univ. of Michigan, and finished in Chicago

n f"7 T ^S? lo P!j2? Lake F orest ,V n rr lv - ^^ g ^ duat "

\$ e ,,, 1LI tP- t 199 1' m ; Jun , e Vv, 189 i 7 V K ^ tha l lri , e
Nellis Carter daughter of the late Marshall

W <v, Car * er ', bld % T ^?. ntractO Q' Q1 of . Chica f - Ad '
mitted to bar of Illinois, 1891; since then en-

& a fed in general practice of law in Chicago,

a j ld /1 now A sei ? lor / , m T em e , f ,.| ; 1 he flrm ?S ^ us ^ &
Holden. Assisted J. S Miller and W. S. For-

rest in prosecution of the election cases by
Civic Federation in 1894 and 1895 when over
30 offenders were convicted of violation of the
election laws; and for same organization con-
ducted investigation of the Stock Yards water
steals in 1895, and prosecuted offenders
a S a mst the Primary Election Law in 1896; has
been leader in movement for reform of pri-
marv electKms, and wrote the Illinois Pri-
marv Election Law. Appointed Master in

F hanc . e ; r * * he S 3 up f ri ^ r p ou p rt -^ of ^ Co C S'
n ^ by Judge Ball Prof, of Equity Plead-

ing and Practice in John Marshall Law School.
Re .P ublic . an - Presbyterian. Mem. Phi Kappa
Psl - Clubs: University, Hamilton (life mem.),
Homewood. Kenwood (dir.), Law. Office: 100
Washington St. Residence: 5719 Washington

Av -

BT/SSEMi, Charles Edward, journalist, au-
thor; b. Davenport, la., Sept. 25, 1860; s. Ed-
ward and Lydia (Rutledge) Russell; grad. St.
Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad., 1881. Was engaged on
various newspapers; published Chicago Ameri-
can until Jan. 1, 1902; since then editorial
writer for New York Journal, Chicago Ameri-
can and San Francisco Examiner. Club: Au-



thors (New York). Contributor to magazines.
Author: Such Stuff as Dreams, 1902; The Twin
Immortalities, 1904. Office: 216 Madison St.
Residence: Windermere Hotel.

RUSSELL, Edmund A., asst. treas. the Otis
Elevator Co.; b. New York, July 1, 1866; s. Ed-
mund and Jane Cook Russell; ed. Brooklyn
Polytechnic Institute; m. Chicago, Nov. 1,
1888, Mary R. Crane; children: Edmund A.
Jr., Emily C., Maransia. Identified with eleva-
tor business since 1883; was sec. and treas.
Crane Elevator Co. from 1890 till it became
merged with Otis Elevator Co.; has been asst.
treas. of the Otis Elevator Co. since 1898; dir.
Otis Elevator Co. and Mill Owners Mutual
Fire Insurance Co. Clubs: Chicago, Union
League, Mid-Day, Chicago Athletic, Onwentsia.
Office: Railway Exchange. Residence: Lake
Forest, 111.

RUSSELL, Edward Perry, banker and bro-
ker; b. New Bedford, Mass., Nov. 15, 1857; s.
John and Mary Lee (Barnard) Russell; ed. pub-
lic schools of Massachusetts; m. Springfield,
111., Nov. 19, 1888, Mary Louise Fowler; chil-
dren: Doris, Mary Louise. Entered the office
of Edward L. Brewster & Co. in 1885; now
senior active mem. of the firm of Russell,
Brewster & Co., successors to Edward L.
Brewster & Co., Mr. Edward L. Brewster, of
the original firm, still being interested as spe-
cial partner. Also dir. of the Am. and British
Securities Co., of London, Eng. Mem. Chicago
Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade.
Clubs: Chicago, Exmoor; also Metropolitan
(New York). Office: 137 Adams St. Residence:
206 Goethe St.

RUSSELL, Edward Willis, district mgr. Nat.
Cash Register Co.; b. Marshall Co., 111., May
13, 1868; s. Willis and Eliza (Simpson) Rus-
sell; ed. common and high schools in Marshall
Co., 111., graduating 1888; m. Des Moines, la.,
1896, Nellie Stickley; children: Edward W.,
Jr., Grace. After graduating from high school
engaged in school teaching in Colorado in
1888; later was for 5 years with the A. H. An-
drews Mfg. Co., of Chicago, school furniture,
etc.; since 1898 has been in service of the Nat.
Cash Register Co., coming from Duluth, Minn.,
in the spring of 1904, to become district mgr.
for the company at Chicago. Office: 48-50 State
St. Residence: 1224 Oak Av., Evanston, 111.

RUSSELL, John Burnett, banker; b. Hart-
wick, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1869; s. J. E. and Belle
(Burnett) Russell; ed. Wyoming Seminary,
and Wyoming College of Business, Kingston,
Pa.; m. 1892, Fannie Schooley; children: Louise,
Joseph E., John Burnett, Jr. Began business
life at Wilkes Barre, Pa., organizing, 1895, the
firm of J. B. Russell & Co., bankers and fiscal
agents for the Illinois Tunnel Co., and the
Automatic Electric Co. Dir. Automatic Electric
Co., Illinois Tunnel Co., Illinois Telephone and
Telegraph Co.; treas. and dir. Am. Electric
Light Co., Am. Gas Co., of Bloomsburg, Avoca
Electric Light Co., Blossburg Water Co., In-
ternational Smoke Prevention Co., Lackawan-
na Valley Electric Light and Power Supply
Co., Lehighton Water Supply Co., Smoke Pre-
vention Co. of America, Standard Electric
Light Co. of Danville, Standard Gas Co. of
Danville, Dushone Water Co. and Blossburg
Water Co. Clubs: Calumet, Exmoor, Midlo-
thian, Chicago, also Union League, Lawyers
and Mid-Day (New York). Office: 46 Wall St.,
New York. Residence: 182 Riverside Drive,
New York.

RUSSELL, Robert, carpet merchant; b.
Blairgowrie, Scotland, May 8, 1862; s. Robert
and Elizabeth (Patterson) Russell; ed. public
schools in Scotland; m. Chicago, July 2, 1891,
Lillian B. Sutherland. Began business life with
3 years' service in jute mfg. business in Scot-
land, until 1882, when went to Montreal, Can.,
engaging first in the iron commission business
and later in other mercantile pursuits, until
1882, when became traveling salesman for the

carpet dept. of Marshall Field & Co., until
1900, when organized the Russell Carpet Co.,
doing a mail order business in carpets, cur-
tains, rugs, etc., of which company is pres.
Republican. Presbyterian. Office: 124 Market
St. Residence: Glencoe, 111.

RUST, Henry Appleton, pres. Manufactur-
ers' Junction Ry. Co.; b. Springfield, Mass.,
Nov. 26, 1832; s. Elisha Converse and Minerva
Rust; ed. Springfield (Mass.) public schools
and Connecticut Literary Institute, Suffleld,
Conn.; m. Chicago, Dec. 28, 1864, Sarah Ster-
ling, daughter of Gen. Charles and Mary Ann
(Sterling) De Forest; children: Henry Apple-
ton, Jr. (deceased), Bessie Sterling (wife of
James Wright Johnston), Ph'lip De Forest,
Mary Converse (wife of Enos Melancthon Bar-
ton). Came to Chicago, Mar. 2, 1854, and was
employed by Store & Boomer, railroad bridge
builders, and in 1855 went to Davenport, la.,
and engaged in construction of the Rock Isl-
and bridge, the first ever built across the Mis-
sissippi; later sec. Sterling & Rock Island R.
R. Co., resigning Aug. 12, 1861, to enter Union
Army as adjutant 27th 111. Infy. ; served in
armies of the Mississippi and the Cumberland;
after Chickamauga detailed by Gen. Grant for
service in engineering dept. on bridge con-
struction; wounded in head at Rocky Face
Ridge; promoted capt. and maj. of his regt. ;
mustered out after 3 years' service. Engaged
as contractor with government, 1865-6, for re-
building of railroad bridges in Tennessee, Ala-
bama and Georgia; from 1866 engineering con-
tractor Public Works, railway bridges arid
railways throughout the west, with offices in
Chicago. Pres. Manufacturers' Junction Ry.
Co., and dir. Chicago Terminal Transfer R. R.
Co. Mem. G. A. R., Loyal Legion, Soc. of the
Army of the Cumberland; trustee Hahnemann
Med. College and Hosp., Mount Hope Cemetery
Assn. Club: Quadrangle. Office: 77 Jackson
Boul. Residence: Quadrangle Club.

RUTHERFORD, Clarendon, physican, pres.
German- Am. Hosp.; b. Madrid. St. Lawrence
Co., N. Y., June 22, 1854; s. Maj. John T. and
Belinda Evelyn Rutherford; fitted for college
at Waddington High School; student Hobart
College, 1872-5; Union College, Schenectady,
N. Y., 1875-6, graduating as A.B., 1876, and
A.M., in course, 1879; grad. McGill Med. Col-
lege, Montreal, M.D., C.M., 1882; m. Chicago,
May, 1885, Jessie Haiselden; 1 daughter: Bes-
sie Evelyn. Came to Chicago, Sept., 1882, and
has since been engaged in general practice of
medicine and surgery in Chicago; elected prof.
of anatomy in Chicago College of Physicians
and Surgeons, 1888. Fellow of Am. Acad. of
Medicine; mem. Chicago Med. Soc.. Illinois
State Med. Soc. and Am. Med. Assn. Democrat.
Episcopalian. Mason. K. T., I. O. O. F. Office
and residence: 646 Fullerton Av.

RUTISHAUSER, Engen, manufacturer; b.
Chicago, Sept. 17, 1864; s. John J. and Marga-
ret Rutishauser; ed. public schools of Chicago
to 1880; m. Chicago, Apr. 8. 1889, Nellie Smith;
children: Elmer, Howard, Helen, Marian. Since
leaving school has been actively engaged in
wood turning work, and was in the employ
of Edward Roos Mfg. Co., and later of M. Gar-
rison & Co., until 1889, when he established
in business on his own account as a manufac-
turer of turned and spiral mouldings, spin-
dles, balls, dowels, etc., including all kinds of
wood turnings; on Jan. 1, 1904, reorganized
and incorporated the business as the Artistic
Wood Turning Works, of which is pres. and
treas. Republican. Office: 67 N. Sangamon St.
Residence: 467 Troy St.

RUTTER, lynn Ryerson, lawyer, coal mer-
chant; b. Chicago, Sept. 13, 1873; s. David and
Mary E. (McMurtry) Rutter; attended public
schools of Evanston and Chicago, graduating
from latter; grad. Shattuck School, Faribault,
Minn., June, 1891; Princeton Univ., B.S., 1895;
Northwestern Univ. Law School, LL.B., 1898;



m. Highland Park, 111., Dec. 7, 1898, Mabel
Adelaide Hill; children: David Ryerson, Cath-
erine Burton, John Turnley. Admitted to bar,
June, 1897; practiced law in office of Otis &
Graves, Chicago, until July 1, 1901, when was
made vlce-pres. of David Rutter & Co. (incor-
porated), shippers of and wholesale and retail
dealers in coal, and July 1, 1902, was elected
pres. and treas. of the company. Independent
Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: University,
Exmoor. Office: 98 Dearborn St. Residence:
Highland Park, 111.

BY AN, Andrew Joseph, lawyer; b. Chicago,
Dec. 29, 1869; s. William P. and Ellen (Far-
rell) Ryan; ed. common schools; studied law
in offices; m. Chicago, Aug. 26, 1896, Nellie T.
Cahill; children: Helen F., William A. Admit-
ted to Illinois bar, 1893, and since actively en-
gaged in practice. Twice elected to office of
City Atty. of Chicago; formerly dir. of the Chi-
cago Public Library. Pres. Carbondale Coal
Co.; dlr. Western Consolidated Granite Co.
Democrat. R. C. Mem. Knights of Columbus,
Royal Arcanum, Royal League, Catholic Or-
der of Foresters. Clubs: Iroquois, Sheridan.
Office: Title and Trust Bldg. Residence: 1624
W. Adams St.

RYAN, John M., pres. and treas. of the Ryan
& Hart Co., railroad printers; b. Chicago, Mar.
16, 1867; grad. St. Patrick's Acad., June, 1882.
Started in printing business in mfg. dept. of
the J. M. W. Jones Stationery and Printing
Co., Sept., 1882; worked through the different
djspts. and was head of the mfg. dept, and a
mem. of the company, at time of severing his
connection with the house; resigned, Nov.,
1893, for the purpose of going into business
for himself, in the firm of Ryan & Hart, in-
corporated, 1896, as the Ryan & Hart Co.,
which now occupies 2 large floors at 22 and 24
Custom House PL, and employs a working
"force of 75 people. Mem. Chicago Typothetse,
Master Printers' Assn., Knights of Columbus,
Royal League, Nat. Union, Knights of Equity,
Irish Fellowship, Chicago Riding and Driving
Club. Office: 22 Custom House PI. Residence:
4447 Vincennes Av.

KYAN, Timothy E.; b. Ballycahill, Co. Tip-
perary, Ireland, Jan. 15, 1848. Came with par-
ents to U. S. in 1852, locating in Pittsburgh,
Pa., until 1856, when came to Chicago, and re-
moving again to Lockport, 111., 1859. Learned
trade of ship-carpenter and caulker and
worked at it for some years, but later estab-
lished In real estate business as head of firm
of Ryan & Walsh, In Chicago. Now pres. of
Citizens' Construction Co., and of Gaffney &
Long Construction Co. Became prominent in
Democratic politics as City and Co. Commit-
teeman, and was elected W. Town Assessor,
1891; re-elected, 1893, and again elected in
1897. Was grand marshal on the occasion of
Irish Day at the World's Columbian Exposi-
tion, 1893. Office: 138 Washington St. Resi-
dence: 63 Macalister PI.

BYCBOFT, Herbert Edward, capitalist; b.
Liverpool, Eng., Apr. 4, 1865; s. Rev. Canon
Dyson and Anna Maria (Innes) Rycroft; ed.
Liverpool College, Liverpool, Eng.; m. Brook-
lyn, N. Y., Mar. 17, 1890, Theresa Lucinda Cos-
tello; children: Fannie Lucy, Ethel Josephine,
Annie Dyson, Herbert Dyson, Theresa Lu-
cinda, Ernest Costello. Was a mem. of the firm
of Bartlett, Frazier & Co., grain and commis-
sion merchants, for 10 years; retired from
active business, July 1, 1903. Vice-pres. Cres-
cent Oil, Asphalt & Gas Co.; dir. Buffalo, Dun-
kirk & Western R. R. Co., etc. Republican.
Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Athletic, Chicago
Yacht, Washington Park, Glen View, Colonial.
Office: Nat. Life Bldg. Residence: 4541 Forest-
ville Av.

BYEBSON, Edward Lamed, iron and steel
merchant; b. Chicago, Nov. 24, 1854; s. Joseph
T. and Ellen Griffin (Lamed) Ryerson; ed.

Chicago public and high schools and Yale
Univ., graduating Ph.B., 1876; m. New Haven,
Conn., 1879, Mary Pringle Mitchell; children:
Joseph Turner, Mary Mitchell, Donald Mitch-
ell, Edward Lamed, Jr. In 1876 entered in the
business established by his father in 1842 as
a wholesale dealer in iron and steel, the firm
becoming Joseph T. Ryerson & Son upon his
admission to partnership in 1879, and incor-
porated under same name in 1888; now pres.
and dir. of the company. Republican. Episcopa-
lian. Clubs: Chicago, University, Union; also
University (New York), New York Yacht. Of-
fice: 18 Milwaukee Av. Residence: 31 Bank St.

BYEESON, Edwin Warner, physician; b.
New York City, Mar. 14, 1872; s. George Wil-
son and Sarah Dean (Brown) Ryerson; pre-
pared for college at Univ. School; entered Har-
vard College, 1891; grad. Harvard Univ. Med.
School, 1897; was house surgeon at Boston
Children's Hosp. until Nov., 1898; went to Ber-
lin and Vienna for post-graduate study, and
began general practice of medicine in Chicago
in June, 1899; m. Chicago, Dec. 6, 1904, Ade-
laide Kendall Hamilton, daughter of David Gil-
bert Hamilton. Orthopedic surgeon to St. Eliz-
abeth's Hosp.; adjunct orthopedic surgeon to
St. Luke's Hosp.; instructor in orthopedic sur-
gery in Chicago Policlinic; associate in sur-
gery, Rush Med. College. Mem. Massachusetts
Med. Soc., Am. Med. Assn., Chicago Med. Soc.,
Chicago Orthopedic Soc., Mississippi Valley
Med. Soc. Republican. Episcopalian. Club: Sad-
dle and Cycle. Office: 100 State St. Residence:
135 Lincoln Park Boul.

BYEBSON, John Albert, treas. Victor Chem-
ical Works; b. New York City, Jan. 25, 1866;
s. George Wilson and Sarah Dean (Brown)
Ryerson; grad. Columbia College, A.B. 1885;
Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1887. Began prac-
tice of law in Chicago, 1887, continuing until
1893; became connected with the insurance
firm of Moore & Janes, 1893-4, and with A. C.
McClurg & Co., publishers, 1894-9; after organ-
ization of that firm into a corporation, 1899,
was its sec. and gen. mgr. until 1901; in lat-
ter year organized the Victor Chemical Works,
of which has since been treas. Also sec. and
treas. of Charles E. Reed & Co., manufactur-
ers of shoe patterns. Republican. Episcopalian.
Clubs: University, Saddle and Cycle, Onwent-
sia. Office: Board of Trade Bldg.

RYEBSON, Martin A., capitalist; s. late
Martin Ryerson (pioneer) ; married. Director
Corn Exchange Nat. Bank, Northern Trust Co.,
Merchants Nat. Bank, Elgin Nat. Watch Co.,
Chicago Auditorium Assn.; pres. Board of
Trustees of the Univ. of Chicago, associate
mem. Chicago Real Estate Board. Clubs: Chi-
cago, Union League, Washington Park, Chica-
go Athletic, Commercial (pres.), Chicago Lit-
erary, Caxton, Quadrangle. Office: 204 Dear-
born St. Residence: 4851 Drexel Boul.

SABATH, Adolph Joseph, justice of the
peace; b. Zabor, Bohemia, Apr. 4, 1866; s.
Joachim and Barbara (Eissenschimel) Sa-
bath; ed. schools of native town; came to
Chicago, 1881. Worked at various kinds of
work, studied law, and was admitted to the
bar of Illinois, 1889; appointed justice of the
peace by Gov. Altgeld, 1895, and in 1897 was
appointed by Mayor Harrison to be police
magistrate at the Desplaines St. Station, and
since 1899 police justice at Maxwell St. Sta-
tion. Democrat; mem. Cook Co. Central Com-
mittee. Clubs: Iroquois. Lakeside. Mason.
Mem. Royal League. Office: 186 W. Madison
St. Residence: 901 S. Ashland Av.

SACKETT, Robert Emory, sec. Nat. Life In-
surance Co. of the U. S. of America; b. Pitts-
ford, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1852; s. Robert and Laura
J. (Smith) Sackett; pareYits removed to Michi-


gan when he was 2 years old; ed. common
schools and Olivet College, Mich.; left college
on his father's death, 1872, taking charge of
farm 2 years. Became bookkeeper and pay-
master Sioux City & Pacific R. R. Co., at Ce-
dar Rapids, la., 1874-80; cashier 1st Nat. Bank,
Denison, la., 1880-2; returned to Sioux City
& Pacific and placed in charge of company's
lands at Sioux City, la.; was clerk of the
courts of Sioux City, 1888-95; sec. Iowa Life
Insurance Co., at Chicago, 1894-1900; since
then in present position. Club: Union League.
Office: 159 LaSalle St.

SAGE, Donald Alexander, coal; b. Ingersoll,
Can., July 13, 1857; s. William M. Sage (traf-
fic mgr. Rock Island System) and Annie
(White) Sage; ed. Chicago at Brown and
Hayes public schools, Bell's private school for
boys, Bryant & Stratton Business C9llege and
Dyrenforth Acad. ; grad. Chicago Business Law
School; m. Chicago, May 22, 1895, Agnes
Louise, daughter A. W. Mitchell. Employed by
Richard Shaw & Winslow, wholesale dry
goods, 1871; W. M. Sturges, Board of Trade,
1873; C., R. I. & P. Ry., 1874-6; with Board of
Trade firms of Pope & Davis, 1876, Charles Ray
& Co., 1877, Robert Warren & Co., 1880; broker
in cash grain, 1880, and mem. of receiving and
shipping grain firm of E. P. Marsh & Co. until
1885; in oil and real estate business in Santa
Paula, Calif., 1886-9; cribbing corn in Kansas
and Nebraska, 1889-91; connected with C. B.
Congdon & Co., Board of Trade, until 1894;
since 1894 in wholesale coal business, Sage &
Co., producing coal in Indiana, and having ex-
clusive agency of Indiana mines for Chicago
and the Northwest. Also sec. and dir. Black
Hawk Coal Co., Jasonville, Ind. Was mem.
Board of Trade, 1878-1902; was private I. N.
G. 3 years. Mem. and treas. Coal Shippers'
Assn. Mem. Y. M. C. A., Chicago. Republican.
Clubs: Chicago Yacht, Chicago Automobile.
Office: 355 Dearborn St. Residence: 1034 Pratt
Boul., Rogers Park, 111.

SAGE, Harmon Martin; b. Mumford, N. Y.,
Oct. 11, 1858; s. Henry and Mary E. (Harmon)
Sage; grad. Univ. of Rochester, B.S., 1881; m.
New York, Oct. 14, 1885, Mary E. Edgington;
1 daughter: Dorothy L. Taught school, 1881-2;
entered employ of Western Electric Co., New
York, Jan., 1883, and remained there until
Feb., 1901; held various positions connected
with factory management, and the last few
years was asst. shop supt.; since Feb., 1901,
supt. of the Western Electric Co.'s Clinton St.
shops. Mem. Am. Soc. Mechanical Engineers.
Republican. Clubs: Union League, Evanston
Golf. Office: 259 S. Clinton St. Residence: 321
Davis St., Evanston, 111.

SAGE, Walter Henry, insurance; b. Hunt-
ington, O., Nov. 11, 1857; s. Calvin and Corin-
tha (Chamberlain) Sage; ed. public schools,
and grad. high school at Wellington, O. ; m.
Chicago, May, 1901, Nellie Van Horn. Was em-
ployed in 1st Nat. Bank of Wellington, O.,
1874-81, as bookkeeper and teller; in local fire
agency business, in connection with the bank,
1876-81; after that State agent and adjuster
for various companies; then for 10 years State
agent and adjuster for the German Am. In-
surance Co.; promoted asst. gen. mgr., 1902,
and removed to Chicago; in Aug., 1904, be-
came gen. mgr. for the German Am. Insur-
ance Co. Republican. Methodist. Clubs: Union
League. Midlothian. Office: Postal Telegraph
Bldg. Residence: 5225 Washington Av.

SAGER, Hiram Norton, grain commission
merchant: b. Seacombe (near Liverpool), Eng.,
June 20, 1859; s. Richard G. (cotton importer)
and Harriet M. (Norton) Sager; early educa-
tion commenced in Seacombe, Eng., later at-
tending grammar and high school at Lock-
port, 111.; completed education at Univ. of
Wisconsin; m. Chicago, Oct. 10, 1888, Julia
M. Cook: children: Harriet Louise, Ruth Mar-
garet, Mildred Eloise, Alice Cook (died in in-

fancy). Spent 5 years in farming and stock
raising on the Sager farm in Will Co., 111., and
was, 1884-1902, associated with Norton & Co.
(established 1848), one of the largest flour
milling concerns in Illinois; became treas.,
dir. and Chicago mgr. for Norton & Co., 1897;
resigned, 1902, to become sec., treas. and man-
aging dir. of J. H. Dole & Co. (established
1852), owning and operating a line of grain
elevators and doing a regular commission
business in grain, seeds and provisions on
Chicago Board of Trade. Resident of Chicago
since 1884; built present residence in Hyde

Online LibraryJohn William LeonardThe book of Chicagoans : a biographical dictionary of leading living men and women of the city of Chicago (Volume 1905) → online text (page 152 of 193)