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later a dir. and prof, of his specialty in Her-
ing Med. College; resigned from college work,
1903, as practice demanded all his time. Mem.
Am. Institute of Homoeopathy, Am. Homoe.
Ophthalmological and Otological Soc., Illinois
State Horace. Med. Soc. Republican. Unitarian.
Clubs: Evanston Country, Evanston Golf. Of-
fice: 92 State St. Residence: 1411 Davis St.,
Evanston, 111.

STOWELL, James Herbert, physician; b.
Delavan, Walworth Co., Wis., Apr. 29, 1854; s.
Elijah and Lucinda (Bristol) Stowell; ed.
Delavan High School, Beloit College Acad.,
Beloit College, and Chicago Med. College
(Northwestern Univ. Med. School), graduat-
ing, M.D., 1881; m. Aurora, 111., June 16, 1880,
Frances Evalyn Becket (now deceased); chil-
dren: Mrs. Marion Stowell Cooke, Helen Mar,
Lucinda May, James H., Jr., Frances Evalyn.
Engaged in practice of medicine in Chicago
from graduation. Dir. and med. examiner, Nat.
Life Insurance Co., U. S. of A. Prof, of medi-
cine, Dearborn Med. College; attending physi-
cian Chicago Baptist Hosp. and Samaritan
Hosp. Mem. and ex-pres. Chicago Med. Soc.,
Chicago Med. Examiners' Soc., Am. Assn. of
Life Insurance Examining Surgeons; mem.
Illinois State Med. Soc., Chicago Soc. Internal
Medicine, Mississippi Valley Med. Soc.; con-
sulting physician Alma Sanitarium, Alma,
Mich. Republican. Deacon In Plymouth Con-
gregational Church. Clubs: Physicians, Chi-

cago Congregational. Office: 103 State St.
Residence: 2633 Indiana Av.

STRANDBERG, Carl Thorsten, mgr. and
treas. Hemlandet Co.; b. Tomta, Sweden, Jan.
22, 1861; s. Lars Arvid and Wilhelmina (Fyr-
wald) Strandberg; ed. high school in city of
Orebro, Sweden; came to U. S., 1888; m. Chi-
cago, Mar. 16, 1888, Ellen Victoria Pedro; 1
daughter: Elsa Victoria. First occupation in
U. S. was as a bookkeeper for 2 years; then
was mgr. of the Scandinavian dept. of the
Dominion Steamship Line and Scandinavian
Steamship Line for 7 years; since Sept. 1,
1897, mgr. and treas. of Hemlandet Co., pub-
lishers of Hemlandet (oldest Swedish news-
paper in U. S., established 1854). Office: 36 N.
Clark St. Residence: 1227 North Shore Av.

STRANDBERG, Erik Peter, contractor; b.
Jerntland-Stugun, Sweden, Mar. 10, 1860; s.
Erik Mortenson and Anna Johanna (Nelson)
Strandberg; ed. public school; m. Chicago, Oct.
9, 1889, Hilma C. Anderson; children: Erik
Leon, Anna Frances. Became a cabinet maker
at the age of 20; came to U. S., 1882, first
locating at St. Cloud, Minn.; went to Joliet,
111., and engaged as contractor there, 1883-4;
since spring of 1885 in business as general
contractor in Chicago; now pres. of the E. P.
Strandberg Co.; also pres. Chicago Cemetery
Assn. Mem. Builders & Traders Exchange,
Mason & Builders Assn., Carpenters & Build-
ers Assn. Republican. Office: Nat. Life Bldg.
Residence: 3330 Indiana Av.

STRAUS, Samuel J. Tilden, investment
banker; b. Ligonier, Ind., July 12, 1876; s.
Frederick William and Madlon (Goldsmith)
Straus; ed. public schools and Harvard School,
Chicago, and Metropolitan Business School,
1895; m., Chicago, June 6, 1900, Lillle Wolf.
After leaving school entered office of S. W.
Straus & Co., real estate loans, and has re-
mained continuously with the house ever
since, becoming a mem. of the firm after his
father's death in 1899. Republican. Clubs:
Standard (dir. and treas.), Ravisloe Country,
Lakeside. Office: 114 LaSalle St. Residence:
540 E. 44th St.

STRAUS, Simeon, lawyer; b. Milwaukee,
Wis., Nov. 21, 1855; s. Samuel and Rosine
Straus; has lived in Chicago continuously
since 1856; ed. Jones (public) School, grad-
uating 1868 to Chicago High School, from
which grad. in 1872; entered class of 1876 In
academic dept. of Yale, but quit and entered
Yale law dept., graduating, 1874, as LL.B. ;
m. Chicago, Feb. 24, 1880, Adelaide Eisen-
drath; children: Samuel N., David C., Ira E.,
Marion R., Edna R. After graduation was ad-
mitted to bar of Connecticut in June, 1874,
and same year established in practice of law
In Chicago; a.tty. for the German Nat. Bank
of Chicago, the German Savings Bank of
Chicago, Henry Greenebaum & Co., bank-
ers, from May, 1875, to Dec., 1877; since then
in practice, confining work to chancery and
probate cases and real estate law. Has had
the settlement of some of the largest estates
in Chicago, and the handling of some of the
largest real estate cases and business. Repub-
lican. Pres. Oakland Improvement Assn.
Clubs: Hamilton, Waupanseh. Office: 85 Dear-
born St. Residence: 3943 Ellis Av.

STRAUS, Simon William, investment bank-
er; b. Ligonier, Ind., Dec. 23, 1866; s. Frederick
William and Madlon (Goldsmith) Straus; ed.
Chicago public schools and in Hughes High
School, Cincinnati, O. ; m. Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Apr. 25, 1893, Hattie Klee; children: Madeline,
Louise, Harriet. Began business life with
father, until 1888, in Chicago branch of Straus
Bros. & Co., bankers, of Ligonier, Ind.; mem.
of firm of Chan & Straus, bankers, Chicago,
1888-94; succeeded, 1894, by present firm of
S. W. Straus & Co_., investment bankers, of
which he is the senior mem. Republican. Jew-
ish religion. Clubs: Hamilton, Standard,



Ravisloe Country. Office: 114 LaSalle St. Resi-
dence: 3440 Michigan Av.

STRAUSS, Julius, wholesale millinery; b.
Darmstadt, Ger., May 4, 1859; s. Simon and
Bertha (Altheim) Strauss; ed. in Darmstadt;
m. Chicago, Nov. 15, 1894, Hannah Kohn.
Came to U. S., 1876; was salesman for West-
ern territory for James G. Johnson & Co.,
New York, 1884-93; in charge of their Chicago
office, 1893-5; was mem. of the commission
firm of Strauss & Edwards, 1895-9; sold out
to Mr. Edwards, to become vice-pres. and
treas. Theo. Ascher Co., wholesale millinery.
Republican. Mem. United Hebrew Charities
Assn. Club: Standard (vice-pres., 1900-2). Of-
fice: 135 Michigan Av. Residence: 2240 Calu-
met Av.

STB AWN, Silas Hardy, lawyer; b. on farm
near Ottawa, 111., Dec. 16, 1866; s. Abner and
Eliza (Hardy) Strawn; grad. Ottawa High
School, June, 1885; taught school 2 years;
then read law in office of Bull & Strawn, Ot-
tawa; came to Chicago, 1891, and attended
University Extension lectures, Chicago Univ.,
2 years; m. Binghamton, N. Y., June 22, 1897,
Margaret Stewart; children: Margaret Stew-
art, Katherine Stewart. Admitted to bar, Ot-
tawa, 111., May 22, 1889; practiced at Ottawa,
1889-91; Sept., 1891, to Apr. 20, 1892, with law
firm of Weigley, Bulkley & Gray, Chicago;
clerk in law firm of Winston & Meagher, Apr.,
1892, to Sept., 1894; partner in same to Dec.,
1901; in firm of Winston, Babcock, Strawn &
Shaw, to June, 1903; since then of Winston,
Payne & Strawn. Dir. C. T. T. R. R. Co.; dir.
and counsel East Chicago Co. Democrat. Mem.
Chicago Bar Assn. Clubs: Union League, Mid-
lothian (dir.), Law. Office: First Nat. Bank.
Residence: 4716 Madison Av.

STREAM, John Joseph, pres. Chicago Grain
& Elevator Co.; b. Chicago, Feb. 1, 1870; s.
Joseph and Mary Stream; ed. Chicago public
schools and Chicago College of Law, grad-
uating from latter in 1892; m. Rock Island,
111., Martha Avery Clarke; 1 daughter: Edna.
Began as office boy for Charles Counselman
& Co., and has been identified with the Coun-
selman business affairs under various cor-
porate names and now is the practical con-
troller of these interests. Pres. and treas. of
the Chicago Grain & Elevator Co., operating
country elevators on the C., R. I. & P. Ry. in
Iowa. Also pres. South Chicago Elevator and
Rock Island Elevator. Mem. Chicago Board of
Trade, Milwaukee Board of Trade, St. Louis
Merchants' Exchange. Republican. Episco-
palian. Office: 240 LaSalle St. Residence: 48
Groveland Park.

STREET, Charles Arthur, lumberman; b.
Newmarket, near Toronto, Ont., Aug. 23, 1842;
s. Rev. George C. (Church of England) and
Ann S. Street; parents removed to Davenport,
la., 1850, his father becoming rector of Epis-
copal Church there, and later of various Illi-
nois parishes; ed. by his father and in public
schools; m. 1st, Chicago, 1870, Elizabeth Kate
McReynolds, of Detroit, Mich., who died, 1885,
leaving 2 sons: Harry Lockman, Norman Ar-
thur; m. 2d, 1890, Rosalind C., daughter of
Charles R. Larrabee, of Chicago; children:
Charles Larrabee, Margaret Bourne, Edward
Porter. In 1860 entered office of Thomas Bas-
nett, sec. of the Caton Telegraph Co. (Caton
lines merged into Western Union), Ottawa,
111., to learn telegraphy: after a few months
entered employ of George Dunbar, railway
supplies, Chicago; after battle of Ft. Donel-
son, was employed by telegraph company as
operator at Cairo, 111., for 1 year; later in
charge railrond telegraph office at Dixon, 111.;
then cashier business dept. Chicago Times
until about 1863; after that chief clerk in q.
m.'s. office for transportation of troops from
Chicago, until close of war. In book and sta-
tionery business, 1865-8; in lumber business
firm of Mason, Street & Co., 1868-9; Street &

Chatfield, 1869-78 (burned out in 1871, but re-
sumed at once) ; Street, Chatfield & Darr, 1878 -
1880; Street, Chatfield & Keep, 1880-98; Street,
Chatfield & Co., 1869 to date. Also in 1888, be-
came pres. Interior Lumber Co. Now. pres. of
Charles A. Street Lumber Co., and interested
in lumber companies in Florida and Louisiana.
Clubs: Caxton, Church. Office: 25 W. Fullerton
Av. Residence: 133 Astor St.

STREET, Harry Lockman, lumber; b. Chi-
cago, Feb. 26, 1871; s. Charles Arthur and
Elizabeth Kate (McReynolds) Street; ed. Fes-
senden School, 1880-4; St. Austin's SchooJ
(Episcopal), New Brighton, S. I., N. Y., 1885-
1890; Yale Univ., 1891-5, graduating, B.A. En-
tered office of Street, Chatfleld & Co., Jan.,
1896, as asst. bookkeeper and office boy; be-
came asst. mgr., 1898, and admitted to firm as
junior partner in spring of 1901. Also sec.
Charles A. Street Lumber Co.; vice-pres. Lum-
bermen's Assn., of Chicago. Club: Saddle and
Cycle. Office: 25 W. Fullerton Av. Residence:
133 Astor St.

STREET, Richard Juson, banker; b. Hamil-
ton, Ont., Nov. 13, 1846; s. Richard P. and
Jane H. (Hudson) Street; ed. private schools;
m. Apr., 30, 1873, Emmeline C., daughter of
James and Eliza Hamilton, of London, Ont.;
children: Richard Hamilton, Gerald Basil,
Margaret Essington. Upon leaving school en-
tered an insurance office at Hamilton, Ont.,
but came to U. S., 1865, arriving in Chicago,
Oct. 16, and entering the service of the First
Nat. Bank Oct. 17 as a messenger boy, from
which advanced to position of cashier and
later manager of Division "D." Republican.
Episcopalian. Clubs: Bankers, Exmoor, High-
land Park. Office: First Nat. Bank. Residence:
Highland Park, 111.

STREET, Robert Robertson, merchant; b.
Stirling, Scotland, Jan. 8, 1850; s. Richard and
Elizabeth (Robertson) Street; ed. public
schools of Racine, Wis. ; resident of Chicago
since 1870; m. 2d, Chicago, Jan. 19, 1901, Lu-
cille Hollis Knapp; children (by 1st wife):
Robert Kenneth, Mrs. George A. Melbourne.
In 1870 entered employ of Enos Brown & Co.,
dye stuffs, etc., and remained with them until
1876, when began his present business, R. R.
Street & Co., dye stuffs, colors, chemicals,
textile machinery, mill supplies, etc. Repub-
lican. Mason (32); Shriner. Club: Chicago
Athletic, Cumberland Lodge, Horicon Shoot-
ing. Office: 184-186 Washington St. Residence:
3967 Drexel Boul.

STREET, William, lawyer; b. Sterling, Scot-
land, May 29, 1848; s. Richard and Elizabeth
(Robertson) Street; came to U. S. with par-
ents, 1855, settling, first in Grant Co., Wis.; ed.
Scotland, in public schools of Grant Co., Wis.,
public and private schools at Utica, N. Y.,
public school, Maumee City, Ohio, Racine
(Wis.) High School, Carroll College (Wauke-
sha, Wis.) and grad. Univ. of Wisconsin,
Ph.B., 1874; LL.B., 1875; m. Waukesha, Wis.,
Mar. 28, 1878, Katherine E. Gray. As a boy
worked on farm in Wisconsin and later in
woolen mills, becoming supt. at 20; studied
nights and earned his way through schools
and colleges. Began law practice at Wauke-
sha, Wis., 1875-80; Janesville, Wis., 1880-9;
Florence, Ala., 1889-90; since then in Chicago.
Mem. A. O. U. W., Royal Arcanum. Baptist.
Office: 107 Dearborn St. Residence: 325 S.
Franklin Av.

STREET, William DeLatre Cameron, mgr.
Chicago Clearing House; b. New Market, Ont.,
Can., Apr. 19, 1846; s. Rev. Geo. C. Street and
Anne S. (Bourne) Street; ed. public schools
and Racine College; m. Chicago, Jan. 17, 1879,
Emily A. Pardee; children: Agnes B., Douglas
P. Came to the U. S. from Canada in 1853,
and to Chicago, 1862; during part of the
Civil War in the U. S. q. m. dept. in Chicago;
became accountant for Munson, Skinner & Co..
Chicago, 1864-7, after that bookkeeper for the



old 5th Nat. Bank and in other banking posi-
tions in Chicago until 1890, when assumed
present position. Republican. Episcopalian.
Clubs: Bankers, Edgewater Golf, Saddle and
Cycle. Office: 135 Adams St. Residence: 302
Schiller St.

STRIFFELMAN, William, architect; b. Cas-
sel, Ger., Sept. 28, 1842; s. Frederick K. and
Julia Strippelman; ed. schools and university
until 19 years of age, pursuing technical
course, followed by philosophical course at
Univ. of Marburg, until 1862; went to Nash-
ville, Tenn., becoming draftsman to the
Army of the Cumberland under Gen. Thomas,
which position filled until close of the war;
m. St. Louis, 1868, Hermine Schaefer (native
of Coburg, Ger.); children: Alexander, Anne,
Julia, William. Practiced after war at New
Orleans and Galveston until 1868, then came
North and located in Chicago; served 4 years
with Board of Public Works. Fellow Am. In-
stitute of Architects. Office: 153 LaSalle St.
Residence: 873 Jackson Boul.

STROEEL, Charles Louis, consulting en-
gineer; b. Cincinnati, O., Oct. 6, 1852; s. Carl
and Ida Louise Strobel; ed. public schools of
Cincinnati, followed by 4 years at Royal Tech-
nical High School at Stuttgart, Ger., from
which he was grad. as civil engineer, 1873;
m. Chicago, 1890, Henrietta Baxter; children:
Charles Louis, Jr., Marion. Began profes-
sional life as draftsman in railroad office
in Cincinnati, 1873; asst. engineer, 1874, and
later engineer of bridges, until 1878; chief en-
gineer and vice-pres. Keystone Bridge Co.,
Pittsburgh, 1878-83, and consulting engineer
to Carnegie, Phipps & Co., Ltd.; edited their
handbook for engineers and architects, and
designed the new sections for steel beams,
which have since become standard; repre-
sented the Keystone Bridge Co. and Carnegie
firms in Chicago, 1883-93, taking a leading
place in the development of skeleton steel
construction for Chicago office buildings. De-
signed numerous large bridges over the Mis-
souri, Mississippi, Ohio and other rivers.
Since 1893 in independent practice as con-
sulting and contracting engineer. Mem. and
past dir. Am. Soc. of Civil Engineers and
Western Soc. of Engineers; Institution of Civil
Engineers of Great Britain. Clubs: Chicago,
Chicago Golf, etc. Office: Monadnock Bldg.
Residence: 412 N. State St.

STBOEVEB, Carl Bernhard Wittekind, law-
yer, author; b. Wedigenstein, Prussia, Dec. 11,
1865; s. Bernhard and Caroline (Boedecker)
Stroever; grad. gymnasium, Minden, Prussia,
1884; studied agriculture, politics and
economics, Univ. of Berlin, 1888-90; grad. law
dept. Univ. of Wisconsin, 1894. Served in
Prussian infantry, 1887-91; commissioned,
1890, lieut. 54th Prussian infy.; came to U. S.,
1891; citizen of U. S., 1896; maj. 111. Vol.,
Spanish-Am. War, 1898. Admitted to bar, 1894;
m. Chicago, 1904, Martha Gross. Sec. and dir.
Diamond Spiral Mfg. Co. Mem. Am. Acad.
Polit. and Social Science. Author: The Ha-
waiian Problem, 1898. Office: Unity Bldg. Resi-
dence: 411 Cornelia Av.

STBOMBEBG, Alfred; b. near Stockholm,
Sweden, Mar. 9, 1861; s. Andrew Stromberg
(threshing machine manufacturer); ed. Swe-
den; m. 1886, Ellen Johnson, of Chicago; chil-
dren: Minnie, Alice, Emil, Eve. Studied elec-
trical work with L. M. Ericsson, European tel-
ephone manufacturer, and others; worked in
telephone construction in Sweden, Norway
and Denmark; came to U. S., 1884; employed in
repair dept. of Bell Telephone Co., Chicago,
1884-9; supt. in charge of burglar alarm sys-
tem of Chicago Electric Protective Co., 1890-3;
associated with Andrew Carlson, 1893, in man-
ufacture of telephones, the outgrowth being
the Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Co., of which
he is vice-pres. Office: 82 W. Jackson Boul.
Residence: 1642 W. Monroe St.

STROMBERG, Charles John, printer; b.
Chicago, Mar. 26, 1882; s. Charles John and
Augusta J. (Anderson) Stromberg; ed. public
and private schools of Chicago. Since leaving
school in 1898 has been identified with the
business of Stromberg, Allen & Co., printers,
stationers, etc., established by his father in
1869; after death of father, on Mar. 12, 1904,
succeeded to the presidency of the company,
in which continues. Republican. Mason. Of-
fice: 302 S. Clark St. Residence: 1528 Walfram

STBONG, James Edmund, sec. Selz, Schwab
& Co.; b. Syracuse, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1852; a.
Charles Edmund and Susan (Hutchinson)
Strong; ed. at Onondaga Acad., Syracuse, N.
Y. ; m. Syracuse, N. Y., Apr. 7, 1875, Lucia
Hutchinson; 1 son Edmund Hutchinson. Was
bank clerk in Syracuse, N. Y., 1867-71; came
to Chicago, 1872, and in June, 1872, entered
employ of M. Selz & Co. as cashier and book-
keeper; in 1878 became credit man; firm be-
came Selz, Schwab & Co., 1878, and was in-
corporated under same name in 1890, when he
was chosen to his present position as sec.,
in charge of office and credits; large manu-
facturer of shoes of the higher grades. Re-
publican. Office N. W. cor. Market and Mon-
roe Sts. Residence: 598 E. Division St.

STRONG, Joseph Harvey, insurance; b. New
Era, Pa., Sept., 1853; s. James E. (killed at Ft.
Fisher, Jan. 1, 1865) and Uzilla B. (Sands)
Strong; ed. public schools and in the Susque-
hanna Institute, Towanda, Pa.; m. Adele M.
Smith, of Newton, Kan. After leaving the Sus-
quehanna Institute taught school, and after-
ward was salesman in general store, and
later traveling salesman for a Philadelphia
boot and shoe house, before going, 1877, to Rock
Island, 111., where became associated with a
local insurance agency until 1883; mem. of fire
insurance firm of Hayes, Cleveland & Strong,
Des Moines, la., 1883-4; was asst. mgr., 1885-7,
and since 1887 has been mgr. of the western
dept. of the U. S. Life Insurance Co.; also,
since Jan. 1, 1901, general agent at Chicago
for the General Accident Insurance Co. of
Scotland. Republican; was mem. of staff of
Gov. Richard Yates, with rank of col. Mason
(32); K. T. Mem. S. A. R. Clubs: Union
League, Calumet, Washington Park, Hamilton,
Marquette. Office: 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. Resi-
dence: 2528 Indiana Av.

STRONG, Joseph Leavitt, sec. George E.
Wood Lumber Co.; b. Cook Co., 111., May 20,
1869; s. Joseph and Emma (Prescott) Strong;
ed. public schools of Chicago and high school
at Ann Arbor, Mich.; m. Chicago, Sept. 1, 1891,
Estella W. Cresap; children: Donald C., Dor-
othy P. Began business career as bookkeeper
for the Holbrook Co., 1886-94; then bookkeep-
er for George E. Wood Lumber Co., later
becoming sec. Also dir. Sinclair Laundry Ma-
chinery Co. Republican. Methodist. Mem.
Royal Arcanum. Office: 135 Adams St. Resi-
dence: 7025 Princeton Av.

STBOtTD, Edmund Henry, metals and ma-
chinery; b. Birkenhead, Cheshire, Eng., June
21, 1860; s. William Lawrence and Elizabeth
(Chamney) Stroud; ed. Birkenhead, Eng., and
Brooklyn, N. Y. Began business life as a boy
In 1875 with his father, a large importer of
iron, steel, tin plate and metals in New York
City, and in 1879 had full power of attorney
from him; became, 1882, partner in Stroud,
Sibbald & Co., New York City, who furnished
nearly all the steel rails to build the Cana-
dian Pacific Ry.; partner Stroud & Co., 1886;
in 1890 established branch house in Kansas
City, Mo., for Merchant & Co., of Philadel-
phia; in 1892 promoted to management Chi-
cago house of same firm. Began business in
own name Apr., 1896, and in Sept., 1896, with
Charles A. Raynolds formed the partnership
of E. H. Stroud & Co.; bought partner's in-



terest, 1898; now principally engaged as
manufacturer of crushing, pulverizing, street
sweeping, mechanical stoking, rolling mill, tin
plate mill and steel works machinery. Episco-
palian. Mem. committee of management (1902-
1904), Central Dept. Y. M. C. A., Chicago;
chairman Central Section Committee Athletic
League Y. M. C. A. of North America; char-
ter mem. Crescent Athletic Club, Brooklyn,
N. Y. Mason (Altair Lodge, Brooklyn, N. Y.);
was mem. Apollo Club, Chicago, 1894-8. Office:
30-36 LaSalle St. Residence: 426 N. State St.

STRUCKMANN, William Franz, lawyer; b.
Hanover, Cook Co., Dec. 17, 1866; s. George
and Christiana (Busche) Struckmann; reared
on farm; ed. district schools, Elgin Acad. and
law dept. of Univ. of Michigan, graduating,
LL.B., 1888; m. Sept., 1893, Alvena Heidemann,
Elgin, 111.; children: George, Maria. Was
mailing clerk in postofflce at Elgin, 111., 1886;
admitted to bar, 1888; minute clerk and
record writer of the Superior Court of Cook
Co., 1889-93; began practice with Amzi W.
Strong, 1893, as Strong & Struckmann, and
Sept. 1, 1894, firm became Strong, Struckmann
& Ehle, which later dissolved. Since 1894 asst.
county attorney of Cook Co., in charge of
trials in tax cases. Mason, mem. Royal League,
Odd Fellow. Republican. Universalist. Club:
Chicago Whist. Residence: 3309 Irving Av.,
Berwyn, 111.

STUART, James Edward, post office inspec-
tor; b. Forfar, Scotland, July 8, 1842; s. James
Stuart and Helenor (Edwards) Stuart; re-
moved to Oshkosh, Wis., with parents, 1851;
ed. Arbroath, Scotland, and in Oshkosh public
schools; then was law student in office of Hon.
Gabriel Bouck, Oshkosh, until war broke out;
mustered in as private Co. B, 21st Wis. Vols.,
Aug., 1862, becoming successively 1st ser-
geant, 2d lieut., and capt., then detailed as aid
to Gen. Harrison C. Hobart, commanding 1st
Brigade, 1st Division, 14th Army Corps, until
general muster-put at Washington in summer
of 1865; participated in many engagements;
m. Oct. 3, 1870, Marie E., daughter late Hon.
Peter Roberts, of Iowa City, la. After muster
out became postal clerk on route between Chi-
cago and Green Bay, Wis., until 1868; chief
clerk railway mail service of Iowa, 1870-3;
when promoted to postoffice inspector, in
charge division comprising the States of Illi-
nois, Michigan and Wisconsin; active in fer-
reting out and convicting large numbers of
persons for fraudulent use of mails and other
postal crimes. Active in 2d regt., I. N. G.,
since 1885, of which he has successively been
capt., maj. and col.; regt. enlisted in Govern-
ment service for war with Spain and was sent
to Jacksonville, Fla., and thence to Havana,
Cuba; placed on detached service after war as
chairman military postal committee and es-
tablished postal service in Porto Rico. Mem.
Union Vet. League, Loyal Legion and G. A. R.
Office: Chicago Postofflce. Residence: 1419 W.
Monroe St.

STUART, Robert, miller; b. Ingersoll, Ont.,
Nov. 22, 1852; s. John and Elsie (Bremner)
Stuart; ed. public schools; m. Aug. 2, 1876,
Margaret Sharrar; children: John, Margaret,
R. D. Engaged in milling in Canada, 1871-3;
came from Canada, 1873, to Cedar Rapids, la.,
and became a mem. of the firm of Douglass &
Stuart, merchant millers, of Cedar Rapids,
la.; resided in Cedar Rapids until 1879; since
then in Chicago; firm sold mills to the Am.
Cereal Co., of which he has been treas. since
1890. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, Washing-
ton Park. Office: Railway Exchange Bldg. Resi-
dence: 4850 Woodlawn Av.

STUBBS, John C., railway official; b. Ash-
land, O., May 31, 1847. Entered railway ser-
vice, 1869; held various positions on different
roads until 1871; asst. gen. freight agent,
1871-3, general freight agent, 1873-82, freight

traffic mgr., 1882-4, Central Pacific Road; gen-
eral traffic mgr., same road and leased lines,
1884-5; general traffic mgr. Southern Pacific
Co., 1885-9; now 3d vice-pres. and traffic dir.
Southern Pacific R. R. ; traffic dir. U. P. R. R.,
Oregon R. R. & Navigation Co., Oregon Short
Line R. R. ; traffic mgr. Mexican International
R. R. Mem. S. A. R. Clubs: Chicago, Mid-Day.
Office: 135 Adams St. Residence: 620 Dearborn

STUMER, Louis M., merchant; b. Baltimore,
Md., Apr. 24, 1869; s. Michael and Jennie

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