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Charles Munson Belting Co. Office: 84 Frank- BURRY, James, physician; b. Montreal,

lin St. Residence: 1049 Winthrop Av. (Edge- Can., Jan. 3, 1853; s. William and Mary (Bry-

water). son) Burry; early education in public schools;

BURRES, Joseph Reuben, lawyer; b. Coles grad. Chicago Med. College, M.D., 1875; m.

Co., 111., Oct. 5, 1858; a. George W. and Amanda Lisbon, 111., Sept 2, 1879, Caroline J. Sherrill;

(Woods) Burres; reared on farm. ed. public children: Caroline J., James, Mary S., Emily

schools of Coles and Douglas Cos., 111.; De S. Began practice in 1875 at Raub, Benton


Co., 111.; came to Chicago in 1883 and has editor Toledo Blade, 1871-3; came to Chicago
since been engaged in general practice of and was western editor and mgr. of the Am.
medicine and surgery. Is chief surgeon Illi- Agriculturalist and Hearth and Home; later
nois Steel Co., and surgeon for the Elgin, with Chicago Tribune; and since 1876 has been
Joliet & Eastern R. R. Mem. Chicago Surgical editorial writer on the Inter Ocean; managing
Soc., Chicago Med. Soc., Illinois State Med. editor, 1883-98. Office: The Inter Ocean. Resi-
Soc. Mem. U. S. Examining Board for Pen- dence: 843 W. Adams St.

sions. Independent in politics. Presbyterian. BUSBY, Leonard Allen, lawyer; b Jewett,
Clubs: University, Chicago Athletic, Washing- Harrison Co., O., May 22, 1869; s. Sheridan
ton Park. Office: The Rookery. Residence: and Margaret (Quigley) Busby; ed. public
4862 Washington Av. school, Jewett, O., until 16, then taught in

BURRY, William, lawyer; b. Montreal, Can., public schools of Harrison Co, O, 4 years;
Jan. 10, 1851; s. William and Mary (Bryson) student Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1890-4, grad-
Burry; grad. academic course at Harvard uating A.B.; Northwestern Univ. Law School,
Univ., 1874; m. Chicago, June 3, 1896, Jane R. 1894-5, graduating LL.B. Admitted to Illinois
King; 1 son: William. Studied law and ad- bar, June, 1895; clerk with law firm of Lyman
mitted to bar 1875; since 1887 of Runnells & & Jackson; admitted to the firm, Dec., 1898
Burry (John S. Runnells, William Burry, E 1 . (David B. Lyman leaving the firm to become
B. Johnstone), and engaged in general prac- pres. Chicago Title & Trust Co., and his son,
tice. Director in several corporations. Demo- David B. Lyman, Jr., becoming junior mem.),
crat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago, University, under the style of Jackson, Busby & Lyman;
Union, Onwentsia, Law, Saddle and Cycle. Of- after the death of Col. Jackson, Jan. 3, 1901,
flee: 184 LaSalle St. Residence: Winnetka, 111. Mr. David B. Lyman resigned the presidency
BURSON, William Worth, inventor and of the Chicago Title & Trust Co. and became
manufacturer; b. Venango Co., Pa., Sept. 22, a mem. of the present firm of Lyman, Busby
1832; s. Samuel and Mary (Henry) Burson; & Lyman. Sole executor and trustee of the
came to Illinois 1842; lived on farm until Huntington W. Jackson estate; trustee John
1858; ed. common school and Lombard College, Crerar Library, succeeding Huntington W.
graduating from latter A.B., 1856 (later A.M.); Jackson in the Board; mem. Phi Delta Theta
married; children: Wilson Worth, Florence fraternity; treas. and mem. Board of Man-
Adele, Ernest Emerson. Since 1858 engaged agers, Chicago Bar Assn. Democrat (Cleve-
in mechanical study and manufacturing; has land). Clubs: Chicago, Chicago Literary, La-
worked mainly on grain binders, harvesters Grange. Office: 100 Washington St. Residence:
and automatic knitting machines; 1st patent 6042 Woodlawn Av.

was dated Nov. 2 1858; about 50 have fol- BUSENBARK, William B., stock broker; b.
lowed. Made the 1st grain binder to tie the Ann Arbor, Mich., Apr. 25, 1855;- s. John H.
present binder knot, 1860; the 1st 1,000 grain and Lucy Amey (Wooster) Busenbark; ed.
binders, 1863; several important features of public schools of Ann Arbor, Mich.; m. Mason,
grain harvesters; a universal automatic knit- Mich., Oct. 10, 1876, Marie E., daughter of
ting machine in which every stitch of the Judge Amos E. Steele; 1 daughter: Grace
fabric is controlled by a pattern, removable, Marie. Entered service of the Michigan Cen-
1878; also numerous other improvements, tral R. R. Apr., 1873, in telegraph dept; occu-
Pres. Burson Manufacturing Co.; vice-pres. pied various positions in traffic dept., 1876-81;
Burson Knitting Co. Mem. Franklin Institute, appointed general western passenger agent,
Philadelphia. Republican. Unitarian. Club: Chicago, 1881; general eastern agent, Buffalo,
Hamilton. Office: Rockford, 111. Residence: 1883; asst. general passenger agent, Chicago,
3424 Sheridan Drive, Rogers Park. 1887; general passenger agent Chicago Great

BURTON, Ernest De Witt, head prof. New Western Ry., 1889-91; general traffic mgr.
Testament interpretation, Univ. of Chicago, same, 1891-4; retired from railroad business,
since 1892. (See Who's Who in America for 1894, to banking and brokerage business, and
sketch.) Residence: 5717 Monroe Av. since 1895 associated with Counselman & Co.

BUBWASH, Henry John, physician; b. St. Republican. Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago Board
Andrews, province of Quebec, Can., Nov. 17, of Trade. Clubs: Chicago, Union League,
1854; s. Albert and Jane (Jefferson) Burwash; Washington Park, Midlothian. Office: 137
ed. public school of St. Andrews, P. Q., Can., Adams St. Residence: 3122 Michigan Av.
La Chute Acad., 1874; graduate med. dept. Me- BUSH, David !., railway supt. ; b. Sharon,
Gill Univ., Montreal, P. Q., Can., 1879; also wis., July 31, 1855; s. Jacob H. and Martha
licentiate of Royal College of Physicians, Bush; public school education; m. Racine,
London, Eng., 1879; post-graduate St. Thomas wis., 1879, Nellie M. Smith; children: 1 son
Hosp. Med. School, London, 1879; m. Minne- and 2 daughters. Began railway service as
apolis, Minn., May 3, 1883, Margarita A. night operator on the Western Union Rail-
Meyer, of Hanover. Germany; children: Elvira way, 1872; chief operator at Racine, Wis.,
T. J., Florence M. H. (died at age of 5 years). 1875-7; train dispatcher, Jan. 18, 1877, to Sept.
Has practiced medicine in Chicago since 1884; 26, 1880; supt. telegraph. Western Union and
for several years surgeon Cook Co. Hosp. ; mem. Sabula, Ackley & Dakota Rys., May 1, 1877,
and ex-pres. McGill Alumni Assn., Chicago, to Jan. 1, 1882; supt. Racine & Southwestern
Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Chicago Med. Soc., Chi- division of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
casro Pathological Soc. Has written numerous Ry., Sept. 26. 1880, to July 1, 1887; supt.
monographs on medical subjects. Republican. James River division, July 1, 1887, to Jan. 31,
Mason, D. C. Cregier Lodge, Washington Chap- 1888; southern Minnesota division, Feb. 1,
ter; Chicago Commandery, K. T.; Royal 1888, to Feb. 1, 1890; Aug. 15, 1894, to Apr. 1,
League. Club: Illinois Athletic. Office and resl- 1898; supt. River division at St. Paul, Aug.
dence: 721 N. Hoyne Av. 15. 1894. to April 1, 1898; asst. gen. supt. at

BUSBEY, William Harrison, journalist; b. Milwaukee, Apr. 1, 1898, to May 1. 1903; since
Vienna, Clark Co., O., Feb. 24, 1839; s. Thomas last date gen. supt. of the entire Chicago, Mil-
C. and Anna Botkin Busbey; m. Oak Grove, waukee & St. Paul Ry. system. Office: Railway
111., May 21, 1868, Mary M. Harvey; children: Exchange. Residence: Evanston.
Winifred Grace, Mabel Harvey. Left school BUSH, Henry W., fire underwriter; b. Kala-
Apr., 1861, to enlist in Union Army, serving mazoo, Mich., Nov. 29, 1847; s. Harvey and
until June 19, 1864, Co. C, 1st Kentucky Volun- Laura M. (Burdick) Bush; ed. public schools
teer Infantry. While in the army served as of Jackson, Mich.; m. Chicago, Oct. 4, 1869,
newspaper correspondent; at close of war Hannah P. Frishie; children: Laura M., Hattie
was city editor of Ohio State Journal until F., Harvey A., George A. Entered insurance
1867; was private sec. to Governors J. D. Cox office of Bush & McGee, Jackson, Mich., 1869,
and R. B. Hayes, of Ohio, 1867-8; again city and later became mem. of firm of Harvey,
editor Ohio State Journal, 1868-71; associate Bush & Son, then Bush, Brown & Bush, and



afterward Bush & Ernst; traveled, 1874-82, as
special agent of the Fire Assn. of Philadelphia
and Am. Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia;
asst. mgr. western dept. Fire Assn. of Phila-
delphia, 1892-1900; appointed mgr. Nov., 1900,
and since Jan. 1, 1902, associated with John
S. Belden under firm name of Belden & Bush
as mgrs. western dept. Fire Assn. of Philadel-
phia. Republican. Club: Union League. Office:
159 LaSalle St. Residence: 316 E. Forty-first

BUSH, William Henry, merchant; b. Mar-
tinsburg, Lewis Co., N. Y., Oct. 22, 1849; s.
James and Caroline L. (Hills) Bush; ed. pub-
lic schools of Martinsburg and in Lowville
(N. Y.) Acad.; m. DeKalb, 111., Feb. 1. 1877,
Elva Glldden. First employment was in 1863
as clerk for Smith & Pitcher, Martinsburg, N.
Y., for 1 year; then was in school 2 years,
and after Sept. 10, 1866, was 2 years clerk
for Seth Miller & Son, Constableville, N. Y.;
came to Chicago Feb. 22, 1869; established in
business as a wholesale dealer in hats, caps
and gloves; now pres. and treas. of William
H. Bush & Co.; also pres. of Francis T. Sim-
mons & Co. (women's kid gloves). Presby-
terian. Clubs: Chicago, City, Merchants.
Office: 188-90 Market St. Residence: 606 N.
State St.

BUSH, William Lincoln, pres. Bush & Gerts
Piano Co.; b. Chicago, Mar. 3, 1861; s. W. H.
and Mary J. (Brunt) Bush; ed. public schools
of Chicago; m. Chicago, Feb. 26, 1887, Pearl E.
Barrow. Began business career in 1877 with
George Woods & Co., manufacturers of pianos
at Cambridgeport, Mass., first In the factory
and later as traveling salesman; represented
W. W. Kimball Piano Co. as traveling sales-
man, 1879-81; 1881-5 was road mgr. for a
Board of Trade firm; in 1885, with his father,
W. H. Bush, and John Gerts, formed firm of
W. H. Bush & Co., of which he was mgr.,
and when business was incorporated, 1889,
as the Bush & Gerts Piano Co., became sec.
and mgr., and upon death of his father, be-
came pres.; also pres. of the Bush & Gerts
Piano Co. of Texas, and the Bush & Gerts
Piano Co. of Memphis, Tenn. Dir. of the North
Side State Savings Bank. Treas. and founder
of Bush Temple Conservatory of Music and
Dramatic Art; pres. of the Bush Temple of
Music of Dallas, Tex.; pres. of the Chicago
Harmonic Assn. Republican. Mason. Clubs:
Marquette (pres. 1901-3), Germania, Chicago
Yacht, Mendelssohn. Office: Cor Clark St. and
Chicago Av. Residence: Plaza Hotel.

BUSHNELL, Charles Henry, physician; b.
Chicago, Apr. 30, 1860; s. Lewis and Harriet
Augusta (Hitchcock) Bushnell; ed. public
schools of Chicago; grad. Bennett Med. Col-
lege, Chicago, M.D., 1896, and post-graduate
and honorary M.D., Am. College of Medicine
and Surgery of Chicago; was assistant to a
Chicago physician for 15 years prior to grad-
uation in 1896; m. Chicago, Nov. 24, 1881, Ella
Clark Dole; children: Lewis Edward, Anson
Charles, Elmer Dole. In general practice of
medicine since 1896. Attending gynecologist
St. Anthony's Hosp. and Orphanage, 4 years;
attending gynecologist Frances E. Willard Na-
tional Temperance Hosp., 6 years; mem. of
faculty Bennett Med. College, 6 years; sec.
Eclectic Med. and Surgical Soc., 4 years; now
prof, of obstetrics Am. College of Medicine and
Surgery; prof, of obstetrics, Chicago College
for Nurses; attending surgeon Chicago Union
Hosp.; med. examiner several fraternal insur-
ance associations; attending obstetrician Am.
Hosp. of Chicago; attending obstetrician Cook
Co. Hosp.; prof, gynecology, Bennett Med. Col-
lege. Mem. National, Illinois State and Chicago
Eclectic Med. and Surgical Soc. Republican.
Undenominational in religion. Office and resi-
dence: 1680 N. Clark St.

BUSHNELL, Lemuel Moffett, hardware
manufacturer; b. Ashtabula Co., O., Jan. 8,

1844; s. Sidney S. and Laura (Moffett) Bush-
nell; ed. public schools of Ohio; m. Chicago,
Annie Creswell; 1 son: Charles E. Early life
spent on a farm; came to Chicago in 1862 in
the employ of J. W. Bushnell & Bro., commis-
sion merchants, with whom did accounting
and general work until 1867; was exchange
clerk in Union National Bank, 1867-8; then
in retail hardware business with E. H. Wells
& Co., as a partner; later engaged in hard-
ware manufacturing, Vaughan & Bushnell, in-
corporated in 1882 as the Vaughan & Bush-
nell Manufacturing Co. Presbyterian. Club:
Illinois. Office: 877 Carroll Av.

BUSSE, Fred A., state treasurer; b. Chi-
cago, Mar. 3, 1866; ed. public schools of Chi-
cago. Was engaged in hardware business with
his father for years, then went into the coal
business and was sec. and treas. of the North-
western Coal Co., later pres. of the Busse-
Reynolds Coal Co., and is now pres. of the
Busse Coal Co. Always a Republican and
active in politics; was town clerk of North
Chicago 1 term, then 4 years in the sheriff's
office, and after that chief clerk in the North
Town Collector's office. Elected to House of
Representatives in the 39th and 40th General
Assemblies (1894 and 1896); elected State
Senator from the 21st Senatorial District in
1898, and in 1902 elected State Treasurer of
Illinois for term expiring 1906. Mem. of the
Republican State Committee from the 9th Dis-
trict; mem. Cook Co. Central Republican Com-
mittee. Mem. Germania Mannerchor. Mason
(32). Clubs: Hamilton, Marquette, Chicago
Athletic. Office: 391 Sedgwick St. Residence:
504 N. Clark St.

BUSSE, Gustavo Adolph, retired merchant;
b. Prussia, Ger., Sept. 24, 1837; s. John H. and
Magdalena Busse; ed. public schools at Halle,
Ger., and at Franke's Stiftung; came from Ger-
many to Chicago, 1855; m. 1865, Carrie Gross;
children: Fred A. (now State Treas. of Illi-
nois.), Carrie M., George A. Engaged in mer-
cantile business in Chicago until 1861, when
he joined and became lieut. in the 24th III.
Vol. Infy., later becoming capt. in the 57th
111. Veteran Infy.; served in the 16th and 15th
Army Corps (Gen. Sherman's) until the close
of the war; then again engaged in mercantile
business, but is now retired. Republican.
Lutheran. Mem. A. F. and A. M. Mem. G. A. R.,
and Loyal Legion; iiat. vice-pres. of the Army
of the Tennessee. Residence: 504 N. Clark St.
BUSSEY, George Newton, physician and
surgeon; b. Albion, Wis., Dec. 18, 1864; s.
Benjamin and Jane (North) Bussey; prepared
for college at Albion (Wis.) Acad., 1883-8;
at Univ. of Wisconsin, 1888-90, graduating
Ph.B., 1890; Rush Medical College, 1890-3,
graduating M.D., 1893; house physician Au-
gustana Hosp., 1893-9; m. Chicago, May, 1899,
Flora M. Squires: Children: Frederick Newton,
Kenneth George. Engaged in gen. med. prac-
tice since 1893. Mem. Chicago Med. Soc., Illi-
nois State Med. Soc., Am. Med. Assn., Univ.
of Wisconsin Club. Republican. Methodist.
Office: 550 Wilson Av. Residence: 2640 N. Her-
mitage Av.

BUSSEY, William Thompson, pres. Chicago
Stove Works; b. Troy, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1854; ed.
public schools and Rensselaer Polytechnic In-
stitute, Troy, N. Y.; m. Millersburg, O., Oct.
12, 1877, Ella Lusk; children: Irene, Cornelia.
Entire business career has been in the stove
industry, beginning in 1873 in the repair dept.
of the Bussey, McLeod Stove Works; in 1876
started in the Chicago office of the same com-
pany, and has continued in that business ever
since; now pres. the Chicago Stove Works.
Republican. Presbyterian. Club: Illinois. Of-
fice: Blue Island Av. and Twenty-second St.
Residence: 521 Jackson Boul.

BUSWELt, Henry Grant, insurance; b. Jer-
sey City, N. J., Mar. 4, 1865; s. Henry L. and
Isabella (Smith) Buswell; ed. public schools;



m. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1890, Josephine del
Risco; children: Josephine, Walter, Marian,
Florence. Began business career in the office
of Provident Savings Life Assurance Soc. in
New York City; clerk in the home office of
the Home Insurance Co. of New York, 1885,
and has remained in the service of that com-
pany continuously ever since, coming to Chi-
cago in June, 1903, as local mgr. Served 10
years as a mem. of the 23d (Brooklyn) Regt.
of the N. Y. State N. G. Mem. Chicago Under-
writers' Assn. Congregationalist. Office: 201
LaSalle St. Residence: 1334 Hinman Av.,

BUTLER, Edward Burgess, merchant; b.
Lewiston, Me., Dec. 16, 1853; s. Manly Orville
and Elizabeth (Howe) Butler; ed. Boston pub-
lic schools; employed In wholesale dry goods
house. Boston, 1870-6. With brother, George
H., founded, 1877, house of. Butler Bros., at
Boston; -now at New York, Chicago and St.
Louis (general merchandise) ; m. Norwalk,
Conn., 1880, Jane, daughter of William Henry
and Esther (Pratt) Holly. Was chairman
ways and means committee and chairman
dept. of admissions and collections, World's
Columbian Exposition. Pres. for years Illinois
Manual Training School Farm, Glenwood,
111.; trustee Hull House Social Settlement;
Chicago Orphan Asylum, Erring Woman's
Refuge, 1st State Fawners' Soc., Rockford
College, Bureau of Associated Charities; dir.
Corn Exchange Nat. Bank. Clubs: Commer-
cial, Merchants, Chicago, Union League,
Washington Park, Midlothian. Office: 7 W.
Randolph St. Residence: 3408 Michigan Av.

BUTLEK, Eugene Klncaid, manufacturer; b.
on farm near Rome, N. Y., June 8, 1843; s.
Ezekiel and Eunice (Shaw) Butler; parents
removed to Prophetstown, Whiteside Co., 111.;
ed. country schools except 1 term at Kenosha
(Wis.) High School; m. Geneseo, 111., Mar. 4,
1867, Sarah R. Olmsted; children: Hulbert W.,
Frank (died in infancy), Robert S., Edward
Earl. Worked on farm, 1859-61, for $12 per
month; continued farming until 1866; entered
employ of C. H. & L. J. McCormick, as can-
vassing salesman to farmers, continuing with
that firm and their successors until 1898, in
various depts. of field work and as supt. of
factory and up to sec. and gen. mgr., which
position he held for years; out of active busi-
ness, 1898-1902. In 1902 bought controlling in-
terest in The Keystone Co., Sterling, 111.,
manufacturers of farm implements for sale
at wholesale to dealers only; since then pres.
of that company. In 1901 assisted in organiz-
ing and is now dir. in the Brownsville (Texas)
Land and Irrigation Co., owning 27,000 acres
of rice land (7,000 under cultivation), 40 miles
of canals and a pumping plant with capacity
of 100,000 gallons per minute; dir. Iowa Na-
tional Bank, Des Moines. Republican. Clubs:
Union League, Kenwood. Office: 52 State St.
Residence: 4850 Greenwood Av.

BUTLEB, Frank Osgood, vice-pres. J. W.
Butler Paper Co.; b. Chicago, Apr. 22, 1861; s.
Julius Wales and Julia (Osgood) Butler; ed.
Brown School and Central High School; m.
Louisville, Ky., June 10, 1886, Fannie M. Bre-
maker; children: Paul, Julius Wales, Jr. After
leaving school entered employ of J. W. Butler
Paper Co. as clerk, salesman, etc., and since
1890 has been vice-pres. of the company. He
is also vice-pres. of the Standard Paper Co.
of Milwaukee, and of the Butler-Jarboe Paper
Co., Oklahoma City. Republican. Clubs: Union
League, Hinsdale Golf. Office: 212 to 220 Mon-
roe St. Residence: Hinsdale, 111.

BUTLEB, Hurbert Wilson, real estate deal-
er; b. Freeport, 111., Jan. 10, 1868; s. Eugene
K. and Sarah (Olmstead) Butler; ed. Chicago
public schools; grad. Yale Univ. Law School,
LL.B., 1888; m. 1st, Viola Douglas; 1 son:
Douglas; m. 2d, Chicago, Sept. 17, 1901. Alice
Carter. Engaged in business as real estate

dealer since 1890. Alderman from 27th Ward,
now serving 5th term in the City Council.
Republican; chairman board of trustees of
the First Congregational Church of Jefferson
Park. Mem. Royal League, Odd Fellows, K. P.
Mason, Providence Lodge, Irving Park Chap-
ter, St. Elmo Commandery, K. T. Office: Butler
Bldg. Residence: 1991 Roberts Av.

BUTLER, John Sinnott, lawyer; b. Quebec,
Can., June 4, 1863; s. Michael and Mary (Sin-
nott) Butler; grad. law dept. Lake Forest
Univ., 1896; attended no other schools or col-
leges except a short term of night school in
Chicago; m. Milwaukee, Wis., July 26, 1893,
Matilda E. Tschirch. Lived on farm near
Chester, S. C., until 17 years old; from 17 to
28 employed in manufacturing business with
Adams & Westlake Co., Chicago; in same
business on own account, in Chicago, 1891-6;
admitted to Illinois bar, 1896; since then
practicing law in Chicago; especially devoted
to corporation law and laws of mines and
mining and successful in organizing gold
dredging properties. Sec. and treas. Oro Dredg-
ing Co., and sec. Pacific Dredging Co. Demo-
crat (independent) ; was nominated in 1899,
by petition, for General Assembly, 21st dis-
trict, on "Anti-Allen Bill" ticket, to oppose J.
H. Farrell, democrat, and was supported by
press unanimously, but Farrell was elected.
Mem. Fullerton Av. Presbyterian Church.
Mason: Ashlar Lodge, York Chapter, St. Ber-
nard Commandery, K. T., and Medinah Tem-
ple (Shrine). Mem. Chicago Chapter Delta
Chi (law fraternity), Chicago Bar Assn., Illi-
nois State Bar Assn. Mem. Royal League,
Royal Arcanum. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Ger-
mania, Chicago Yacht, Iroquois, Edgewater
Golf, Illinois Athletic. Office: Stock Exchange
Bldg. Residence: The Lessing, 1810 Surf St.

BUTLEB, Julius Pred, sec. J. W. Butler
Paper Co.; b. Chicago, 111., July 20, 1866; s.
Julius Wales and Julia A. (Osgood) Butler;
ed. public schools, graduating West Division
High School, class of 1884; m. Lillie J. Tag-
gart, Louisville, Ky. ; 1 daughter: Florence
Elizabeth. After leaving school entered his
father's wholesale paper business, beginning
as clerk in the stationery dept. and later be-
coming city buyer, then city salesman, and in
1891 was made gen. supt. of the manufactur-
ing depts.; since 1892, sec. of the company;
pres. Butler-Jarboe Paper Co.; dir. Standard
Paper Co. of Milwaukee, Wis.; dir. Royal
Trust Co. Bank. Mem. Paper Trade Club of
Chicago. 1st It. Co. G, 2d Regt., I. N. G. Re-
publican. Congregationalist. Clubs: Union
League, Westward Ho. Oak Park. Office: 218
Monroe St. Residence: 3 Elizabeth Ct, Oak

BUTLEB, Julius Wales, paper merchant; b.
Essex, Chittenden Co., Vt., May 7, 1828; a.
Zebediah (paper manufacturer) and Ester
(Morris) Butler; ed. elementary and academic
schools of Vermont; m. May, 1858, Julia A.
Osgood, of Bellows Falls, Vt.; children: Frank
Osgood, Julius Fred, and also 2 daughters,
both now deceased. At age of 13 was appren-
ticed to a harness and trunk maker at Hines-
burg, Vt., to remain until his majority, at a
remuneration of $30.00 per year, and 3 months'
schooling each year. At 18 he had become ex-
pert at his trade and made a set of carriage
harness and a trunk, both of which took first
prize at the State Fair. At 20, in cpnsideration
of exceptional services, he was given a year
off his time, and came west to Illinois,
in 1848, the journey taking 4 weeks, which
was then considered a quick trip from New
England to Chicago. Went to St. Charles, 111.,
where his brother, Oliver M. Butler, had a
paper mill and general store; clerked in his
brother's store about 6 years; then became
partner in a paper warehouse in Chicago
(Butler & Hunt), which handled the products
of the St. Charles mill; firm became Laflin,



Butler & Co., 1862, and J. W. Butler & Co.,
1869; incorporated as J. W. Butler Paper Co.,
1872, of which he is pres.; also pres. of the
Standard Paper Co., Milwaukee, Wis. ; dir.
Royal Trust Co. Bank. Mem. and officer Union
Park Congregational Church. Club: Union
League. Office: 218 Monroe St. Residence: Hins-
dale, 111.

BUTLER, Nathaniel Butler, prof. Univ. of
Chicago since 1901. (See Who's Who in Amer-
ica for sketch.) Address: 5601 Madison Av.,

BUTLEB, Rush Clark, lawyer; b. North-
wood, la., Aug. 27, 1871; s. Lindley S. and
Julia (Pickering) Butler; ed. public schools
of Northwood, la.; Cedar Valley Seminary,
Osage, la.; Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, la.;
Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, graduating Ph.B.,
1893; m. Chicago, June 6, 1901, Isabelle Crilly;
1 son: Rush Clark, Jr. After leaving college
studied law; admitted to bar, 1894; since July
1, 1899, with Eldor J. Cassoday, in law firm
of Cassoday & Butler. Pres. and dir. Illinois
Collieries Co., Sorento Coal Co., United Securi-
ties Co.; dir. Chicago Virden Coal Co., Glrard
Coal Co., Chester N. Mathews Co., Jones &
Adams Co. Republican; nominee for legisla-
ture, 1904. Mem. Plymouth Congregational
Church. Pres. 3d Ward Improvement Assn.
Formerly capt. and inspector of rifle practice,

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