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Eagle; ed. Chicago public schools; m. Milwau- Sarah F. (Parrish) Eastman; grad high
kee, June, 1898, Nancy Belle Parker. Began school of Ashtabula, O. ; complete collegiate
business life, 1875, as a boy in the employ of course under Rev. Joseph N McGiffert
W. S. Knight & Co. (established 1874), whole- Presbyterian clergyman, Ashtabula, O m'
sale brokers in dried and canned goods and Ashtabula, O., July, 1889, Myrta E. Hopkins-
other California products, and eastern canned children: Walker P., Frances E. Came to Chi-
goods. Has continued with the house ever cago and studied law in office of Smith &
since and is now at its head as pres. Demo- Helmer; admitted to Illinois bar. May, 1887;
crat. Clubs: Chicago Athletic, Exmoor. Office: entered office of Weigley, Bulkley & Gray
2-4 Wabash AV. Residence: 214 33d St. Sept, 1887; became a partner in 1894; firm

EARLE, Frank B., physician; b. Illinois, became Weigley & Eastman, 1895, and dis-
Oct. 22, 1860; s. Moses L. and Maria E. solved in June, 1896; then practiced alone;
(Breckenridge) Earle; grad. Waukegan (111.) now with Edward P. Eastman and Frank
High School, 1881; College of Physicians and White and Harold F. White, in firm of Albert
Surgeons, Chicago, M.D, 1885; m. 1885, Eliza,- N. and Edward P. Eastman. Presbyterian;
beth H. Biddlecom. Engaged in general prac- trustee and pres. board of trustees of Edge-
tice of medicine since 1885. Prof, of obstet- water Presbyterian Church. Clubs: Hamilton
rics, 1894-1902; prof, of pediatrics since 1903, (life mem.), Lincoln (formerly pres.), Casino
and sec. since 1901, College Physicians and (Edgewater), Edgewater Golf. Office: 184 La-
Surgeons. Obstetrician Cook Co. Hosp. since Salle St. Residence: 724 Winthrop Av.
1895; attending physician, 1895-1903, and con- EASTMAN, Barrett, journalist and dramatic
suiting physician since 1903, Home for Crip- critic; b. Chicago, Jan. 25, 1869; s. Francis
pled Children; attending physician (children's Ambrose and Gertrude (Barrett) Eastman;
dept.) St. Mary's Hosp. since 1903. Editor ed. The Gunnery, Washington, Conn, Acad,
Filatov's (Russian) Diseases of Children, 1904. Utlca, N. Y, Racine College (Wis.). In news-
Mem. Am. Med. Assn., Illinois State Med. Soc, paper work since 1889, beginning as reporter
Chicago Med. Soc, Chicago Gynecological on the Chicago Herald; later editorial writer
Soc, Chicago Pathological Soc, Chicago Med- Los Angeles Tribune, Chicago Evening Post,
ico-Legal Soc.; fellow Soc. of Am. Obstetri- New York Am. and Journal, Chicago Daily
clans and Gynecologists. Republican. Congre- Journal; special writer Chicago Inter Ocean,
gationalist. Clubs: Illinois (ex-pres. ), West- Sunday editor Chicago Tribune; dramatic
ward Ho. Office and residence: 903 W. Monroe critic Chicago Tribune and Chicago Daily
St. Journal. Author of many contributions, in

EARLE, John Estcourt, steamship agent; b. prose and verse, to magazines, and of book,

on Island of Jersey, Great Britain, Feb. 28, Paris in 1900; also (with Wallace Rice) Un-

1838; s. Thomas and Harriette (Estcourt) der the Stars, and other Songs of the Sea. Ad-

Earle; ed. Gloucester and Bristol Colleges, dress: Chicago Daily Journal.

Eng. ; an officer in the British army for 8 EASTMAN, John Coates, publisher Chicago

years; m. Oconomowoc, Wis, 1879, Mary E. Journal; b. Eaton, O, Dec. 19, 1862; s. John

Ballard; children: Kittle H, Myra, Thomas E. and Harriet Ardella (Davis) Eastman; ed.

B, Bessie, Florence, Estcourt, Enid. Went to public schools, and in Ohio State Univ., 1878-

New York in 1865; was mgr. of the New York 1882; ed. as civil engineer; m. Marion, Ind.,

office of Austin, Baldwin & Co, express and July 20, 1886, Eva Harter.- Reporter on Chi-

steamship agents and brokers, and In 1873 cago Herald, 1890-5; business mgr. Chicago

was transferred to Chicago as their western Chronicle, 1895-8; advertising mgr. New York

gen. mgr.; in 1876 was made western gen. Journal, 1898-1900; treas. and business mgr.

mgr. for the Anchor Line Steamship Co, and Chicago American, 1900-4; became owner of

in 1891 became associated with the firm of Chicago Daily Journal, Apr. 2, 1904, and pres.

Earle & Massey, so continuing until the dis- and treas. Chicago Journal Co. Presbyterian,

solution of that firm, May 1, 1898, when pres- Mem. Y. M. C. A, Loyal Legion. Clubs: Mid-

ent firm of John E. Earle & Co. was formed, lothian, Glen View. Office: 160 Washington St.

Republican. Episcopalian. Office: 12 Sherman Residence: 220 E. 60th St.

St. Residence: Cor. Elm and Walnut Sts, Hins- EASTMAN, Oagrood Tilton, treas. The Searle

dale. & Hereth Co.; b. South Braintree, Mass, Jan.

EARLINO, Albert J., pres. C, M. & St. P. 18, 1865; s. Rev. Dr. L. R. and Octavia (Smith)

Ry. ; b. Richfield, Wis, Jan. 19, 1849; common Eastman; grad. Amherst College, Mass, 1886;

school education; left school at 18; entered m. Omaha, Neb, Sept. 30, 1891, Nellie McKell

employ C, M. & St. P. Ry, 1866. Has been Burns; children: Helen, Margaret. Was in



traffic dept. of the U. P. Ry. at Omaha and
Kansas City, 1886-90; since 1890 treas. of the
Searle & Hereth Co., pharmaceutical chem-
ists. Republican. Congregationalist. Clubs:
Skokie Country, Chicago Drug Trade. Office:
73 Wells St. Residence: Evanston, 111.

EASTMAN, Royal Adalbert, last manufac-
turer; b. VanBuren Co., Mich., July 12, 1855;
s. William Wallace and Nancy Jane (Tousey)
Eastman; ed. common schools of VanBuren
Co, Mich.; m. VanBuren Co., Mich., Oct. 20,
1877, Elma Josephine Field; children: Le Roy
Adelbert, Mabel Verne, Gladys, Grace Lucille.
Spent boyhood and early youth on farm in
VanBuren Co., Mich.; came to Chicago, 1877,
and was traveling salesman in the last busi-
ness until 1884, since which time he has been
pres. of the Chicago Last & Die Co. Repub-
lican. Mem. Nat. Union. Club: Lincoln. Office:
194-200 S. Clinton St. Residence: 5029 Calumet

EASTMAN, Sidney Corning, lawyer; b. Chi-
cago, Jan. 26, 1850; s. Zabina and Mary Jane
(Corning) Eastman; early education Chicago
public schools; under private tutors in Eng-
land, 1861-9, during which period his father
was U. S. Consul in Bristol, Eng.; grad. Univ.
of Michigan, A.B., 1873; studied French in
Geneva, Switzerland, 1866-7; m. Ann Arbor,
Mich., June 9, 1886, Charlotte Hall. Studied
law after leaving college; admitted to bar
July 4, 1876; since then in active practice, and
referee in bankruptcy since Dec., 1898. Repub-
lican. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., Illi-
nois State Bar Assn., Chicago Bar Assn., Chi-
cago Historical Soc. Clubs: Union League,
Hamilton, Glen View, City, Law. Office:
Monadnock Blk. Residence: Melrose Av., cor.
Essig St., Kenilworth.

EATON, Charles Scribner, lawyer; b. Pal-
myra, Mo., Aug. 24, 1878; s. J. W. and Emma
Louise (Scribner) Eaton; came to Chicago
yith parents in childhood; early education in
Chicago public schools, West Division High
School and Lewis Institute, Chicago; grad.
Univ. of Chicago In class of 1900, A.B., and
Harvard Law School in class of 1903, LL.B..;
m. Oct. 6, 1904, Helen Davida Harper, daugh-
ter of Dr. Wm. R. Harper, pres. Univ. of Chi-
cago. Admitted to bar by Supreme Court of
the state of Illinois in 1903. and entered into
partnership with Messrs. Thomas Dent and
Russell Whitman in the law firm of Dent,
Whitman & Eaton. Republican. Mem. Alpha
Delta Phi. Office: 107 Dearborn St. Residence:
6126 Jackson Park Av.

EATON, Martinis, lawyer; b. VanBuren Co.,
Michigan, Apr. 5, 1875; s. Charles L. and Nellie
(Joiner) Eaton; grad. Univ. of Michigan, A.B.,
in class of 1895; m. Flint, Mich., June 8. 1904,
Jacquette Hunter. From 1895 to 1897 was
chief of the tax division of the auditor gen-
eral's office at Lansing, Mich., and from 1897
to 1900 was associate reporter of the Supreme
Court of Michigan. Admitted to bar in Mich-
igan in 1897 and in Illinois in 1900, and since
1900 has been engaged in general practice
of law in Chicago; since 1903 mem. of law
firm of Cody, Eaton & McConahey. Mem. of
Chicago Bar Assn. Republican. Mason. Clubs:
Hamilton, Quadrangle. Office: 135 Adams St.
Residence: 5623 Washington Av.

EATON, Thomas Wood, elevator manufac-
turer; b. Morristown, Vt., June 16, 1839; s.
Lathrop and Sabrina (Wood) Eaton; ed. pub-
lic schools of Morristown, Vt., and of Crete,
Will Co., 111., followed by private studies in
natural philosophy, mechanical drawing and
the higher mathematics; went to Hyde Park,
Vt., 1854, to learn furniture trade; father
died, 1855; mother moved to Crete, 111., 1856;
m. 1st, Ann Jane Winslow, of Crete, 111.; 2d,
North Craftsbury, Vt., Dec. 25, 1888, Olive M.
Litch; children: Marion Augusta, Edward
Winslow, Jessie Maud, Ethel Bell, Charlotte
Grace. In 1857 started little shop at Crete,

111., for manufacture of furniture, working in
it when not attending school, and mornings
and evenings for relaxation from study; con-
ducted it there until 1864; removed business
to Kankakee, where secured room with water
power; older brother, Augustus, who returned
from California, became partner in 1859;
bought out brother's interest soon after re-
moving to Kankakee; later, through death of
a party with whom had large contract, was
left with large amount of unsalable material;
gave up assets to creditors and went through
bankruptcy; embarked in pattern making, and
later contracting and constructing engineer-
ing work; came to Chicago immediately after
fire; worked in elevator shops of Crane Bros.
Mfg. Co. 16 months; went into business for
self, 1873, as manufacturer of freight and
passenger elevators; Midas Brooks became
partner, 1875, but in 1876 sold interest to
Frederick H. Prince; firm was T. W. Eaton &
Co. several years, then Eaton & Prince; incor-
porated, 1890, as Eaton & Prince Co., of which
is pres. and gen. mgr. Also pres. and dir. Nota-
way Mining Co. Republican; candidate for
alderman, 1904-5. Mem. and chairman board of
trustees Church of the Redeemer (Univer-
salist). Mem. Undercliff Sportsmen's Assn.
of Chicago and Putnam, 111. Clubs: Menoken,
Garfield Gun (pres.), Valley Gun (vice-pres.),
Chicago Fly-Casting. Office: 70-6 Michigan St.
Residence: 1447 Fulton St.

EATON, William Thomas, warehouseman; b.
Rochester, N. Y., June 8, 1851; s. Thomas
Wright and Amanda (Noble) Eaton; ed. pub-
lic schools, and at Prof. Miller's Acad. at
Friendship, Allegany Co., N. Y.; m. Friend-
ship, N. Y., Mary Wheeler. Came to Chicago,
1876, at age of 18, as the western representa-
tive of the Stoddard Mfg. Co., of Dayton, O.,
remaining in that position for 14 years; since
1890 in warehouse business, now being treas.,
dir. and mgr. of the Belt Line Transfer &
Storage Co., with warehouse at 76th and
Wallace Sts. ; is also, on his own account, a
jobber of binder twine, and is pres. of the
Lake Co. Gravel Co. Republican. Methodist.
Clubs: Union League. Englewood Men's. Of-
fice: 4 Sherman St. Residence: 6620 Harvard
Av. ; summer, "Sunnyside," Wirt Centre, N. Y.
EBELINO, George, wholesale millinery; b.
Chicago, July 26, 1852; s. George Philip and
Anna (Dittewig) Ebeling; ed. Chicago public
schools; m. Chicago, Sept. 6, 1876, Louise
Affeld. Began business career as bill clerk
with P. H. Willard & Co., wholesale grocers,
1868-71; bookkeeper and cashier for J. H.
Dunham & Co., wholesale grocers, 1871-4; with
Reid, Murdoch & Fisher as cashier and later
in charge of credits, 1874-82; in Peoria, as
sec. and treas. of Peoria Stone & Marble Co.,
1882-92; sec. and treas. Gage Bros. & Co.,
wholesale millinery, since 1892. Republican.
Club: Chicago Athletic. Office: 129-131 Mich-
igan Av. Residence: 1144 Michigan Av., Evans-

EBERHART, John Frederick, LL.D., edu-
cator and real estate dealer; b. Hickory Twp.,
Mercer Co., Pa., Jan. 21, 1829; s. Abraham and
Esther (Amand) Eberhart; reared on farm; re-
moved to Big Bend, "on Allegheny River, when
8 years old; ed. district schools; began teach-
ing at 16; attended Cottage Hill Acad., Ells-
worth, O., 2 terms; at Allegheny College, 1849-
1853, earning money for college course by
teaching and working in harvest field; grad.,
1853; m. Chicago, Dec. 25, 1864, Matilda Char-
ity Miller; children: John J., Frank N., Mary
E., Grace. Was principal of Albright Semin-
ary, Berlin, Pa,, 1853-5; but resigned because
of impaired health, and came to Chicago, Apr.
15, 1855, becoming lecturer, editor of the
Northwestern Home and School Journal, and
also traveled for a New York publishing
house; county school supt. of Cook Co., 1859-
1869; organized the Cook Co. Normal School,


now the Chicago Teachers' College; was one 22, 1858; s. James Starr and Margaret David-

of the organizers of the Illinois State Teach- son Eckels; ed. city public schools and high

ers' Assn.; one of founders of State Normal school, graduating from the latter In 1876;

Univ. at Normal, 111.; principal mover in grad. Albany, N. Y., Law School, 1880; m. Dec.

formation of State Assn. of County Superin- 15, 1887, Fannie Lissette Reed; 1 daughter:

tendents and its first pres.; one of early Phoebe. Practiced law at Ottawa, 111., 1881-

members of Am. Institute of Instruction; 1893; appointed Apr. 3, 1893, comptroller of

one of first life members Nat. Teachers' Assn. currency. Democrat. Made speeches on the

Began to deal in Chicago real estate and since currency question, and became prominent as

leaving the superintendency of schools has gold-standard advocate; In 1896 affiliated with

been engaged largely and continuously in real Nat. (gold-standard) Democrats. Remained in

estate transactions. Reared a Methodist, but office until Dec. 31, 1897, when he resigned to

became one of the early members of the Peo- become, Jan. 1, 1898, pres. Commercial Nat.

pie's Church under Dr. H. W. Thomas, who Bank, Chicago. Vice-pres. Hewitt Mfg. Co.;

was his former pupil and induced him to come treas. Chicago Union Traction Co., Feather-

to Chicago; now pres. People's Church, of stone Foundry & Machine Co.; trustee Chicago

America. Office: 3655 W. 63d St. Residence: Real Estate Trustees, Y. M. C. A. of Chicago;

3515 W. 64th St. dir. Allis-Chalmers Co., Am. & British Securl-

EBERHART, Noble Murray, physician and ties Co., Ltd., Am. Surety Co. of New York,

surgeon; b. Benton Harbor, Mich., Apr. 21, Bankers' Trust of New York, Oakland Nat.

1870; s Dr. Isa A. and Melissa (Jacobs) Eber- Bank, State Savings Bank, Detroit; 1st Nat.

harf grad Racine College, B.S., 1888; M.S., Bank, Baltimore. Mem. western board of con-

Hedding College, 1891; M.D., Bennett Med. trol Audit Co. of New York. Clubs: Chicago,

College Chicago, 1894; M.D., med. dept. of the Union League, Commercial, Merchants. Office:

Univ of Illinois, 1901; also did graduate work Commercial Nat. Bank. Residence: 18 Ritchie

in Univ. of Chicago, Lake Forest Univ., etc. PI.

Engaged in practice of medicine since 1894. ECXHART, Bernard Albert, flour miller and

Formerly interne and for 5 years attending merchant; b. Alsace, France, 1852; s. Jacob

physician of Cook Co. Hosp.; formerly sur- an( j Eva (Root) Eckhart; came with parents

geon Chicago Baptist and St. Gerard's Hosps.; to U. S. in infancy; ed. public schools and

now prof, of electrophysics, Post-Graduate pi-fid. college in Milwaukee, 1868; m. 1874,

Med. School. Honorary life fellow Soc. of Katie L. Johnston; children: Carlos K., Percy

Science, Letters and Art, London, Eng.; mem. p _ Hazel. Dorothy M. Was clerk, 1868-9, for

Chicago Med. Soc., Illinois State Med. Soc., the Eagle Milling Co., Milwaukee, for which

Am. Med. Assn., Chicago Electro-Therapeutic ^ e was appointed eastern agent, 1869, and

Soc., Am. Assn. of Life Insurance Examining Chicago mgr., 1870; in 1874, with James Swan,

Surgeons. Author of series of text-books on bought out Chicago business of the company

entomology and one on zoology; formerly con- ar!( j founded the wholesale flour business of

nected in editorial capacity with various pub- Eckhart & Swan. Republican. Senator in Illi-

lications. Republican. Brevetted capt. by gov. no j s Assembly 4 years; was dir. of Board of

for services with Reed's Provisional Regt., Trade 1888-91. Mem. Republican State Com-

Spanish-Am. War. Mason (32), (Garden City m jttee from 3rd Congressional District, 1888:

Lodge, Oriental Consistory) ; also Medinah mem board of trustees Sanitary District of

Temple, Mvstic Shrine. Club: Calumet. Office: Chicago 1891-1900. Clubs: Commercial, Mer-

Chicago Savings Bank Bldg. Residence: 341 c ] ian t s Chicago, Illinois, Glen View, Union

Oak St. League. Office: 373 Carroll Av. Residence: 187

EBINGER, Frederick Christian, merchant; Ashland Av.

b. Canfield (now Edison Park), Cook Co., 111., T-CKHAKT John William, flour merchant

July 2, 1872; s. Christian and Elizabeth (Stry- nfmer- b West Bend, Wis., Nov. 20, 1855;

ker) Ebinger; ed. Niles township and Park ^j^oband Eva Eckhart; ed. high school.

Ridge public schools and In Metropolitan s ; acoD ^na ^ va ch , A 12 1884 Mary

Business College, Chicago; m Aurora, 111 , T 'Buchanan- children Eunice, Paul, John.

Apr. 17, 1902, Nellie Boessenecker. Boyhood J- ^mes Mary Established in flour busi-

up to 20 was divided between hard work on ' gince Apr 3 1873, and has since been

his father's large farm In the town of "ff| nl fjvely engaged in wholesale and milling

Maine and attending school; early in 1892 f, 1V n S y t he business being incorporated as

entered employ of Thayer & Jackson Sta- ^^ Eckhart & Co., of which he Is pres.

tionery Co., but following July became a bill ifp Chicago Cavalrv. Democrat. Pres. Chi-

clerk with S. Peterson & Co., wholesale ^tS' public Library Clubs: Illinois, Troquois,

- 81N - Cnrpenter

aw JUST jssr: ft

1903, moved to present premises; exclusively cagp, 1891; Chicago M ^r a T Tniv of

hair goods business. Republican. Mem. M. E. 1894; Chicago Acad., 1895. Univ of

Church. Office: 182 State St. Residence: 224 Ph.B., with honorable mention 1^99^

S. Klmwood Av, Oak Park. l JnlV T,, La ^,^ C ^iqnV Charlotte RrigRS

ECKELS, George Morris, lawyer; b. Prince- ton 111., June 6, _1S & s .vJp" T a 'i?S" Estab

ton, 111.. Apr. 3, 1863; s. James S. and Mar- 1 child: Eleanor ^ With ' Lowden

garet Davidson (Herron) Eckels: ed. public Davis, attys., 1899. rmei law

schools and graduated in law at Columbian with Roy O. West fl f ^ e _* of We

Univ., Washington, D. C., 1887: m. Washing- 1902 C * a 2 gl ,?*-i* 9 r T l?tr Sn law of 'public

ton. D. C.. Apr. 18. 1892, Edith M. Oberly; Eckhart & Ta ^r. Lecturer n law or pii ^

children: George Morris, Jr., Virginia. Was service corporations in Law School or umv

engaged in railway service, 1881-3; in insur- of Chicago, 1903-4 and 1904-5 Chicago att

a nee business, 1883-5; In supervising archl- Western Union 23l^&i2^V

t erf's office at Washington, D. C., 1885-7; since of North America CChl^W).

1887 engaged in general practice of law in Presbyterian. : Mem. Delta Kappa

Chicago Democrat. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chi- ternlty, "n ls Bar Assn. Cl

cago. Quadrangle, Homewood. Office: Commer- league. Quadrangle Office 1st Nat.

cial Bank Bldg., 175 Dearborn St. Residence: Bldg. Residence: 1302 Berwyn Av.
5537 Woodlawn Av. ECKSTEIN, Henry Gottlieb, treas. of Rueck-

ECKEIiS. James Herron, ex-comptroller of heim Bros. & Eckstein; b. Chicago, Jan. 15,

currency, U. S., 1893-7; b. Princeton, 111., Nov. 1860; s. Charles and Julia Eckstein; ed. pri-


vate schools and 1 year in public school; m. panded Metal Co. Mem. Chicago Stock Ex-
ist, Apr. 19, 188.3, Emily L. Wegner, who died change. Clubs: Chicago, Caxton, Saddle and
July 25, 1885, leaving 1 daughter; m. 2d, July Cycle, Chicago Golf; also of the Essex Coun-
9, 1887, Louisa M. Rau, by whom has 2 chil- ty (Boston, Mass.), Reform and New York
dren: boy and girl. Began business career at Clubs (New York\ Office: Monadnock Blk.
age of 12, in employ of N. K. Fairbank & Co. Residence: 1601 Michigan Av.
Beginning at bottom of ladder, advanced until EDDY, George Day, manufacturer; b. Buf-
in 1885 was placed in charge of soap mfg. falo, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1849; s. Robert M. and
dept.; in 1888 became supt. of all manufac- Sarah (Quackenbush) Eddy; ed. public
tured products in Chicago factory, and in 1S03 schools of Buffalo, and in Bryant & Stratton's
was made supt. of the various mfg. depts. ; Business College, Buffalo; came to Chicago
retired Oct., 1898, because of ill health. In 1899 with parents, 1865; m., 1st, 1871, Adalirfe
bought an active interest in firm of F. W. Charbonneau, of Chicago (died Dec. 31, 1881);
Rueckheim & Bro., makers of Cracker Jack 1 child: George Albert; m., 2d, Nov. 26, 1884,
and cantlier,, shortly afterward incorporated Mary V. Riley, of Lake Geneva, Wis. ; chil-
as Rueckheim Bros. & Eckstein, of which has dren: Alice Hazel, Harriet Ellen. Coming to
since been treas. Office: 239 S. Peoria St. Resi- Chicago went to work in the Eddy Foundry,
dence: 4421 Vincennes Av. established by his father, 1865, and developed

ECKSTEIN, Louis, merchant; b. Milwaukee, such expert knowledge and executive ability

Wis., Feb. 10, 1865; s. S. E. and Anna (Bloch) that he was entrusted with the management

Eckstein; ed. public schools, Milwaukee, Wis.; for some time before his father's death, Feb.

m. Chicago, 1900, Elsie Snydacker. Was in 23, 1884; became pres. upon incorporation,

railway service with Wisconsin Central R. R. 1885, of the R. M. Eddy Foundry Co. Is 32

for 10 years, until entering firm of Stumer, Mason, Templar, Shriner, and has held high

Rosenthal & Eckstein, millinery; also inter- offices in lodge, commandery, consistory and

ested in the North Am. Bldg., Mercantile temple. Club: Casino (Edgewater). Office: 61

Bldg., Am. Restaurant Co. (of which he Is Indiana St. Residence: 2583 Sheridan Rd.
pres. and treas.), and Red Book Corporation EDDY, Oeorg-e Spencer, real estate; b.

(pres. and treas.). Also sec. and dir. Emporium- Brighton, Washington Co., la., June 16, 1844;

World Millinery Co., and sec. and treas. of the s. Ebenezer Cheney and Margaret Ann (Gale)

Public Drug Co. Clubs: Standard, Ravisloe Eddy; ed. public school No. 20, Buffalo, N. Y.,

Country. Office: 150 State. Residence: Hotel from 6 to 12 years old; public school, Brighton,

Metropole. la., and Washington College (private school)

EDDY, Albert Marshall, manufacturer; b. from 12 to 18; m. Chicago, Oct. 5, 1869, Har-

Buffalo, N. Y., July 4, 1851; s. Robert M. and riet Lester Rigdon; 1 son: Henry Cheney.

Sarah M. (Quackenbush) Eddy; family came Worked on farm until Aug. 15, 1862, when en-

to Chicago, 1865; ed. public schools of Buffalo listed in Co. E., 30th Iowa Vol. Infy., of which

and Chicago; grad. Washington School, 1866; regt. was q. m. sergeant; mustered out June-

m. Jan. 2, 1873, Sarah A. Emery, of Rochester, 16, 1865, and became clerk in express office

N. Y.; children: Blanch E., Charles Mortimer, and store June 25, 1865, and bookkeeper until

In 1869 became connected with the Robert N. May 1, 1868; after that hat and cap salesman

Eddy Foundry, a large enterprise originally until Aug. 1, 1869; bank clerk (Franklin Bank)

founded by his father, and James Gardner, In until Sept., 1872; bank teller Mar. 18, 1873, to

1865, his father, Robert Mortimer Eddy, be- Aug. 1, 1882 (Fidelity Savings Bank, Chicago,

coming sole proprietor in 1869, and dying, and First Nat. Bank, Independence, la.); real

1884; sec. and treas., since its incorporation, estate broker in Chicago since Nov. 1, 1882,

1885, of the R. M. Eddy Foundry Co. Mason composing, with H. G. Young, firm of H. G.

(Blue Lodge, Chapter, Commandery and Con- Young & Co. Also sec., treas. and dir. Home

sistory), and mem. Medinah Temple, Nobles Club Amusement Co.; treas. and dir. Soldiers'

of the Mystic Shrine. Club: Illinois. Office: 61 Memorial Assn. Mem. Chicago Real Estate

Indiana St. Residence: 478 W. Congress St. Board. G. A. R. Republican. Universalist. Of-

EDDY. Alfred Delavan, lawyer; b. Bellona, flee: Stock Exchange Bldg. Residence: 6811

N. Y., June 3, 1846; s. Rev. Alfred (Presbyte- Wentworth Av.

rian clergyman) and Catherine H. (Wilcox) EDDY, Henry Clay, insurance; b. Provi-
Eddy; removed to Illinois, 1856; ed. Illinois dence, R. I., May 9, 1848; ed. Highland Mill-
public schools and Chicago Univ.; grad. Union tary Acad., Worcester, Mass. When 16 years
College of Law, LL.B., 1879; admitted to bar; old entered the employ of an insurance agency
enlisted in May, 1863, in Co. D., 134th Illinois at Providence, R. I., and from there, 1867,

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