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d|i^tt>, both.

dv, post-posit, particle, { 207.

ivy conj., contr. from edv, q. v., if.

avd, prep., in prose w. a. only,
up, up along, over, through, among,
by, at the rate of, of place and time
and in distributive expressions ; dvd
Kpdroq, up to one's strength, at full
speed. In comp., up, back, again^ and
sometimes simply intens. On, ana-.

dyo^paCvca, to go up, mount.
^oanL-poum, e<«>C, ^, an ascent, march
inland. 21.

dyoi-'yk'yvcoaico>i to know againf rec-
ognize, read.





taya7Kol»(dvay«acJ-), avayKaau, etc.,
IV., to covipd, force^ constrain. 31.
I cWyicti, jyf, necessity, constraint;

avdyiaj kcriv, it is necessary or una-
! voidable. 31.

ovo-'yvovsy see ava-yiyvooKu,

aya-YpoL^y ^0 engrave and set up,
as a tablet, to recort^.

aiHxy«»i to 2eac2 uj?; mid. to pu^ to
I sea, set sail.

dvo-Oofpctt or ava-dapoiOf to regain

Mif4r[yMf aroc, t6 (ridtjfu), that
which is set up, a votive offering.

dy-aip€tt»y to take up ; mid. to take
up one's own, as the dead for burial.

qy-ttC oO n ' ros> ov (atcr/^avo/ia/), vnth-
out feeling. Anaesthetic.

oya-KOtvott {koivoo, Koiv^aa, etc.,
to make common, from Kotvo^), to
make common, communicate; mid. to
considt with, D. 38.

dya-Kpo^tty to cry aloud, shout.

aya^XaiiPcuw, to take up, rescue.

oya-|uvtt», to remain, wait for.

oyo^^iravtf, to stop, trans. ; mid. to
rfesisi, rest.

oya-m(Oc»y to persuade. 31.

oy-apurros^ ov (hpurrov), without

oy-apX^a, dc (a/[>;ti^), anarchy.

aya-<rirao, to e^rat& up.

aya-on'^, aycMmfivaiy see av-iarri-


dycMTTpc^y to turn hack, retreat,
retire. Anastrophe.

Qya-TopaTTtt, to confuse; avarera-
payfikvog, in disorder.

ayo^^cCvMy to stretch or ^o^c? up,

oya^TfXXA (je^O^, stem re/l-, ^rez-
Aa, -Terakfrnt, IV., to raise), to rise.

dlya-T(0t||u, to pu^ or set up, conse-

db^o-ToXify 17c (ova-rfAAw), a riain^.

aya-^'p«»,tocarryup. Anaphora.

ayoi-X^P^"> ^^ ^0 ^ae/;, withdraw,

oySpcCdy cif (flv^/!)), courage.

oySpciOf I a, ov (dv7/)), manly, brave.
^•aySpcCMt, Zi^e men, bravely.
faySptavro-voioty d (7ro£i<j), a sculp-

di^SpM&y dyroc, 6 (dt^/)), a statue.

ay8p««yy c^i^of, 6 (av^p), the men's

ay-i7f£p«y to u;a£e up, arouse,

oy-ii'Vfiv {elnov), to proclaim, an-

£yc|AO«y d, mncf.

oy-iirC-K\i|Tosy oy (cjrr-K^vrof , aum-
monerf, accused, from cTrr-Ka^icj, to
su7;i7non), unblamed.

oy-io^Vy see av-iorriiu.

avfVy improper prep. w. a., m<A-

ay-tlYayovy see av-dyoi.

oy-iiYcpdiiVy see dv-eysipu.

oyripy di'dpdf, d, § 57, 2, Lat. mr, a
man, as distinguished from a u;oman,
while dvdpoirog, Lat. homx), is man as
opposed to god or ieasf; hence a
husband, soldier. Often j oi ned w i th
another noun as a term of respect,
especially in address, as dvSpeg crpa-


avO'y by apostr. for dvri, before an

oy0-Co^|My to se^ against; mid. to
withstand, resist.
tay6p«0invo«y }?, ov, human.

av6p«»iro9i^^, a 7nan, person, human
being. See di^p. Phil-anthropy.

oyloWy dv£(i(T6>, Tp^Cioa, ijvlAOrpf {jiv^
ia, grief), to pain, grieve, trouble.

dy«ti)|Jii, to let go, unloose, unstring.

dy-CvTT||Uy to se^ up, raise, arouse,
start up ; mid. w. pf. and 2 a. act.,
to get up, rise.

arVoi|Tos, ov {ifoecj), demented.





ay-o(Y«, and dy-oCYrv|Uy 3, avoi^u,
avi(f>^a, avi(f}xa, aviffjyfiai^ ave(^)fitpf^
2 p. avktfiya (rare), J 104, H. 1 (otyw,
to optn\ to open.

£v-oXpoS| ov, unhappy^ wretched.

a-vooSf ^1^, senseless.

ay-opuTTtt, (opirrro, stem d/)vy-, opi^-
f(j, Ztpv^a, -bp6pvxa, bpofwyfiat^ Ltpv-
xf*vv, IV., io rfi^), to <?i<7 wp.

ayr-cin.|uX^O|uU| to take thought in

aarrif prep. w. G., tn place of, in-
stead of, for; original meaning, over
against, against. In comp., against,
in opposition, in return, instead.

'Avny6rt\f w, AntigSne, one of
the daughters of Oedipus.

ovTi-XiY», to speak against, op-
pose, D., i 184, 2.

ayTi-irapaonccva];o|iai, to prepare
one's self in turn.

ayTi-irapa-TaTTO|icu, to draw one's
self up against or opposite.

a3^t-iroUw» to retaliate; mid. to
contend with one for something, D., g.

oyTt-o-raoxi»n|9, ov {oraaiCiTrfq, a
partisan, from ardaiq), an oppo-
nent. 33.

avrpovi t6, a cave.

ava (avd), J 75, N. 1, up, high up,
above, into the air.
4dy»-7€«v, t6 (yv), i 42, 2, a hall.

d£Cd, «f (af'Of), vaZue, rfeser^, due.

oiivr\t m, an axe.
ta|io-Oav)ia(rros, ov, worthy of ad-
td|io-Xo7os, ov, worth mentioning.

a£ioS| ft, ov (ayw), weighing as
much, of equal value, worth, worthy,
4.a^io<0i n^KMyu, etc., to deem worthy
or fit: hence, to ask, demand, claim,
a^ fit. 38.
^ci|C«»|ia, (iTog, r<5, dignity. Axiom.

4^te» worthily, in a manner wor-

a£», see ayu.

doiSosi <J (deiSd), a hard, singer,

caF-^yy{KKM,to bring or carry back
word, to re-port, announce.

obr-aYopcvtt, to renounce, give up,
become exhausted,

obr-aytt, to conduct or lead away or

oriraCScvTOSy ov {ircuSewSf^ unedu-

flbr-cUfw, to lift off; hence, to sail
away, depart.

obr-cuT^tt, to askfrom, dernand,
tdbr-oXXaYvii W, release.

cnr-oXXoTTtt, to set free, deliver
from ; mid. be freed from, a.

diraXos, ^, 6v, soft, tender,

£ira(, once, o^icefor all.

orirafMMrKcvao-ros or cMropo-
o-KCvos, w (irapa-CKevdi^c), OKevog), un-
prepared. 39.

£-ird8i fiffa, «v, (a- cop., 7r5c), aW
together, alt, the whole.

tdiraTcUi>, dTrarfyKJ, etc., to outwit^

WTOTT], w, cunning, cZecet^.

&r-€i|tt (et/M/), to 6e ai£;ay or absent.

&ir-ci|u (f ?A/«), to ^0 away.

dir-€tX^V| see air-kxtj.

dir-cXaifvw, to drive off, to ride or
march away.

dir^6<^, see dir-kpxotuu.

dir-€pvK» {eptKu, ept^o, vpv^a, to
keep off), to keep off.

dir-€pxo)UU, to ^0 away, vnthdraw.

dirWxot to Ao^^ q^, intrans, to 6e
distant; mid. to refrain or aistoin
/rom, G.

dir-TJXOov, see dTr-ipxofuu.

dir-T)pa, see dir-aipo.

dir-wvai, dir-i|JLCV, dir-Coi|u, dir-i«&ir|
see ciTT-e^ut.

dirXoos, 7, ov, § G5, simple.





a-irXoos, oi/, contr. itrXovc, ow
(nXiui), not sailing, unseaworthy.

cbroi prep. w. o., from, off from,
away from, of place, time, and cause ;
originally (as opposed to c/c), sepa-
rated from. In comp., /rom, away,
off, in return, sometimes simply in-
tens., a.nd sometimes almost nega-
tive. Off, of.

chto-PciXXa, to throw away, lose.

aan>-pipa^a>, to disembark.

d3ro-ScUvv|U| to point out, show,
publish, appoint, designate; mid. to
declare or expi^ess one's opinion, etc.

cbro-SiSpdirKM ('^3-), anodpAoofuu,
a7r(xU6f)uKa, 2 a. diri-6pnv, VI., § 108,
VI., BT. 1, to run away, escape un-
observed. 44.

cbro-SiSttfu, to give back or tip, re-
store, render wJtat is due; mid. to
sell. Apodosis.

ttiro-SoKcC {tioiUu\ it does not seem

daro-Svtt, to strip off, spoil.

a3ro-0vii<rKa>, to die off, die, sniffer
death, be slain.

airo-K€i|Uu, to be laid away, to be
reserved. *

airo-ia|pvTTa»| to renounce publicly,

Q«o-Kiv8vvcvfi»i to make a bold at-
tempt; pass, tobepid to greaf hazard.

obro-icXcCo, to shut off, intercept. 26.

curo-Koirrwy to cut off.

diro-Kpfvo|Uu, to reply, answer.

oiro-Kpvirrai, to hide from, conceal.

cbro-KTcCyw, to hill off, slay, put to

diro-KTCyvv|ii| 2, = aTzoKreivo.

diro-Kc»Xvo»i to hinder from.

coro-Xc^irwi to leave behind, desert.

cbr-oXXv|At» to destroy utterly, slay,
lose ; mid. to perish ; 2 p. an-6X(o2,a,
to be undone. 52.

'AiroXXoiv, (ovog, 6, Apollo.

tdbroAiMnf » ^ <i>r, ^, release,

airo-Xl$M, to free from.

oir-oXttXcKO, see air-6},Xi>/u,

iatd-yA^otf ov (jtaxofioi), disabled,
out of the ranks. 33.

airo-W|i«, to portion out, pay, give.

cbro-vooT^M (yoareu, vooH/ou, to
return home, from vdoroc, a return
home), to return home.

diiro-W|iir«i, to senxl back, away, or
home, remit; mid. dismiss.

&ro-irX^», to sail off or away.
tdriropc«i, (iKopfiOu, etc., to be at a
loss or in doubt.
tdnropCa, fif, perplexity, difficulty.

&-iropot} ov, withotit resources, dif-
ficult, impassable. 25.

oiro-o-KcSawviu, to scatter abroad.

cbro-o^oMi to draw off, vnthdraw.

oBKo-ariKkia^to send away. Apos-

cnro-«rTcp^a>, to rob, defraud. 27.

diro-o-Tp^<^», to turn back, induce
to return. Apostrophe.

diroHTvXdiw {avXau, trv^yoo, etc., to
strip off), to rob.

diro-o-<^Tra>, to slay.

diro-o-w^w, to lead back in safety.

diro^ciX%» (7"«A:'C", stem reixu^-,
Tet^io), irdxioa, JtrdxtKa, IV., to
wall, from relxog), to wall off, to
build a wall to cut an army off.

diro-rc|jLVW| to c^it off.

diro^C6T||u, to 2yut away, store up.

diro-T^vw (rivcj, stem n-, riau,
irlaa, rkrlKn, -Tiriafiai, -kTiadtjv, V.,
to 2^o,y), to 2)ay back; mid. to take
vengeance on.

diro-rpcirco, to turn off or back.

diro-TV7X*'"*» ^off-'^l lo hit, to fail.

diro-<taCva>» to show off; mid. ta
appear, display, declare.

diro-^cvYci>| to flee away, escape.

dsro-xcopCMi to go back, retreat.




Q UIgltt ' T O

arirpoo - Parrotf <w (/3«^v«), inacces-

aiTTw (a^), aV**. ^. ^/*/*«'. ^^^,
III., to fasten, kindle; mid. to fasten
one's self to, Umch, a. 40.

fifM, post-posit, particle of infer-
ence, therefore, accordingly,

opa, an inierrog. particle, { 282, 2.

'ApapCo, af , ^ra5ia.

dpYof I <^ (a-, ipyov), vnthoui work,
idle. 42.
fopY^pcosi a, ov, 2 65, of silver, silver.

money. 9.

ojryvpos, 6 (a/^T'^if, t^Ai^), silver,

dpioicw (ape-). a/>f<yw, ^A>eff«, ip^'
afhpf, VI., to please, satisfy, d.

dpm|, vf, goodness, virtue, cour-
age. 39.

"Api^s, eoc, 6, succ.'Apif or 'A/ai/v,
<4rcs, the god of war.

'ApiaSosy 0, Ariaeus, commander
of the barbarian troops of Cyrus
the Younger.
tapiO}ua>» apiBfi^u, etc., ^0 estimate,
count, number. Arithmetic.

opiOfiosi <J, number, numbering, ex-

'Af Cirr-apxosi <$, Am^arcAus.

apurrott, apiarifao, etc. (fi/sMTTw),
io breakfast. 40.

'Apurrct&f)S| ov, ^nsftcfes.

apio-Tov, T<i {^pi, early), breakfast.

opio^os, ^, ov, 6csi, bravest. See
ayatiog. Aristo-crat.

'ApKoSi a^Jof, 6, an Arcadian.

dpKcco, dpKiau, 7/pKeaa, to suffice, D.

dpKTos, f/, a bear. Arctic.

dpiuif aro^, to, a tivo-whcelcd war-
chariot, a chariot.
4.ap}Ji-a|iata, vc, a covered carriage.

'Ap^Viosi d, ov, Armenian.

apiAOTTO) (d/i//oJ-), dpfidoL), etc., to fit
tof/dhcr; intrans. to befit or good for.
toporpoV} TO, a plough.

dpoM, fjpoaa, iip6Bifv, to plough.
topva^r 9 i7f, pillaging, plunder.

apir4a> (dpirad-), dpTvdou and dpTrd-
ffo^wM, etc., IV., to snatch up, seize,
carry off, piUage, plunder, tear. Bob.

app«|v or ^(pvi|V, appev, male.

'ApTo(^p(iif, ov, Artaxeraxs,' es^.
Artaxerzes II., son of Darius II. and
brother of Cyrus the Younger.

'AfrtttroTiis, ov, Artapates, a per-
sonal attendant of Cyrus the Younger.

"ApTiiuSi 160C, it Artemis, identi-
fied by the Romans with Diana.

jtpros, <5, breads

fdpx*^^! ^> ^^* original, old; rd
itpxatov, formerly, Ajrchaic.

tnpx^f VCi beginning, command,
rule, province, empire, realm. 13.

fdpXiKoSy ^, dv, fii to command.

£pX«> op^<^. *P^«. *f^A:a, *P}7'<«,
rippfinv, to be first; in point of time,
to begin (comm. mid. in this sense) ;
in point of station, to command,
govern, rule, Q. 15. Arch-, -arch.
4.dpXc«V| ovrog, 6, a commander, part,
of preceding ; for voc. sing., see J 48,
2b. i6.

QfoifktM^ fif {d-aep^, impious, oe-
Pofiai, to revere), impiety.

tdrirOcvitt, daOevijau, to be feeble or
sick. ,

d-a^cvffsi ^C {pbhoq, strength), weak.

drO\V(S69 S. daiviaraTa (d-mv^,
harmless, aivofiai, to harm), without

OrO'iTOSf ov, unthout eating.

dcKCtf, daicf/cfo, to practise, culti-
4>do-ict|Tco$| fi, ov, to be practised.

do-KoSy 0, a leathern bag.

ao^uvos, 7, ov {i}dofuu), well pleased,

cUnrCsy wJof, V, « shield. 33.

furrpdirrw (cot/^ott-), T^arpafa, III,
^0 lighten, gleam.





orrpov, t6, a stab ; comm. pi. the
STARS. Astro-nomy, astro-logy.

ooTv, eof, t6, i 53, 1, a city. See

'AoTu-ayfiSffiOf , <5, Astyliges, grand-
father of Cyrus the Elder.
tllra'^aOUu^ af, safety.

orv^oXiiSy k ((r^XX(S)j not liable
to be tripped up, firing safe. 30.

&4aXTO€| )}, bOumen, asphalt.

»9<^oXms (ao^^f), vnth or in
safety, safely. 23.

^HroKTOSf ov (rdTTiS), in disorder.

^ToffOf ag (rdtrui), want of disci-

toMXiMfty ac, exemption; &2^ rtg
ark2£ia, exemption from some other

drrAtff , ic (t^^), unfinished, ex-
empt from service.

OTcp, improper prep. w. G., vnthout.
ior^l^m (anfm6-\ drlfidato, etc.,
IV., to dishonor, disgrace. 33.

£rTi|jLos» <w (t^M)! dishonored, vnth-
out honor.

aT|fc(£M (irfud-), hrfjiffa, IV. (ir/^iJf ,
vapor), to steam,

^F/rovoSf oi', <^ of place, absurd.

cUrvxn9» ^f (i^AfV), wn/oriwnafe.

avi again, moreover, on the other

avki», avViGiji {avTJtq^ a flute), to
play the flute.

cd»pioy» to-morrow.

avr-apKi)f9 ef {avrdq, dptUtS), suf-
ficient in one's self, independent,

a^, a^roi, see ovrog.

favrCKo, at the very instant, at once.
tavro-KAcwTos, w {KsMtS)^ self-
hidden, of one's own accord.

tavro-|AoXI«*, ahroiiMioiji (from a
stem |mX-| go), to desert.

aWs, V, d, self i 79, 1, n. 1 ;
him, her, it, J 79, 1 ; tfie same, ? 79,
2. Auto-.

lavTOv, here, there.

avTov, see i-avrov.

aM-xdrnVf ov {avrdc, pfitjv), sprung
from the land itself.

o^', see awd.

*d^-aip/«i, to take away; mid. to
rob, deprive.

or^amftt ^c (^<w). unseen, out of
sight, little known, 24«

4^U^Wt«» (a^avtd-), a^vtio, IV., to
make unseen, destroy, annihilate.

cL^f VC (dnroftai), the sense of touch,

or^Oovld, Of (a-^^tevof , ungrudging^
(j)86vog), abundance.

d^ti|)u, to 8enc2 away, back, or q^,*
to set free, let loose or ^o.

d^ucWofMUy to come yrom some
place, arrive.

d^iinravw (lirireUj, iirireiotj, to
ride, fr. Inirevg), to ride off or back.

d^-C<m||u, to remove ; mid, w. 2 a.
act., to revo/f. Apostate.

&-^p«V| ov {^pfiv), senseless.

or^vkwtn^ ov {<pv^TTu\ un-
guarded. 34.
forxapurrCdy fie, ^AanibZessne^s.

orX^H'^*'''^^ ^ (x^f*^^ofuu), thank-
less, ungrateful, unrewarded.
\or%a9f^i''f^t without gratitude. 25.

A-XP't^''^* ^^ {XP^f^<^\ useless.

&xph improp. prep. w. G. and
conj., until.


BoPvViSr, civoc, i, Babylon.
tpa0ot, r($, c2epf^. Bathos.

poOvt, em, i*, c2eep. 24.

pa(9i9 (i3a-, /3av-), p^ofiai, p^Pv^a.
'pepafiai (rare), -kpdBtiv (rare), 2 p.
(/3^^aa), 2 a. ipvv, V., IV., to 5^0.
49. Come.
iPfiucTTipCd, Sf , a staff. 50.

pdXavos, 1^, a nut or fruit, such as
the acorn, date, etc.





fJXkm {flaX-, pXa-l ^aXa, pkpknna,
^tpXijuta, kpT^nv, 2 a. ipalov, IV.,
to throw, throw at, hitf stone,
tpappgpiicott ^1 ^( barbarian,

tpoppopucMtf in ^r^rtan, in P*^-

P opPopoty <w, (arftarian, barbar-
011B. 25.
tpapof, rd, weight.

Popvfy em, {>, Aeatiy.
tpa0tiv4«i (fiaoavi6-\ fiaeavta, IV.,

pcwravof , 1), tA« fouc^fone, a f«<^.
tP<uriXf(dt fie, kingdom, royal au-
thority or power.

tpo0>^iot, Of or a, ov, iin^Zy, roy-
al; neut. sing, or pi., sc. <to/«a, d<2>-
^ra, a palace. 14.

PoooXfvtt e<^, ^. 2 63, 3, a king,
esp. the king of Persia, when comm.
the art. is omitted. Basilisk.

4pa(rtXi««, paocMou, to be king,
rule. 2.
IPoo^Xucot, it ^, royal, the king's.
Basilica. 23.

pcpoiot, oc or a, ov (fiaiviS), abid-
ing, constant, firm.
pcXos, rd ()3dA^(j), a missile.
PfXricpy, PfiXrupTOtt see ayoBdg,

4Pid{o|iai ()3«id-), pidffofiai, etc., IV.,

IPicuos, fi, ov, violent.
jpiodtsy violently.
pipcit» (/}<i9ad.), /3<^dou or ^i/?6,
c/Jt/Jaoa, IV., i 110, II. 2 b (causa-
tive of paivu), to make go.

pipXCov, r<J (PipXo^, papyrus-bark),
a book. Bible.
ptKofi 6, a wine-jar, jar.
P(os, <i, Zi/c, o ?iMn^. Quick, bio-
jpiOTfvc*, Piorevou, to live.
pXa^vi, 7f {pTidTTTuI), injury.

pXoKcrSi*, pUKevau {fi'^A^, lazy), io
be lazy.

fk&mm {PUp-), pUiKj, etc., III.,
to injure, harm, hurt.

pXf ««*, pXk^fiOL, ip?jnlHi, to look,
see. 28.

tPootf^ po^ofioi, epotioa, to coil or
sJunit out, T>. 37.

poff, i7f , a 2ow<i cry.
|poT|4aa» ag, aid, asdstance, 4.
tPOT|-^«t PonO^u, kpofifhioa, pepo^
(hjKa, pcpo^fiai, to aid, go to aid^
bring aid^ assist, D. 47.
iPtyq-eot, 6v, for Poi|4oot, ov (^(•>),
running to ^« battle-shoui, aiding,

BoppoBf a, or Bop^dSt ^'v, ^jrea«,
i^c north-wind.

Poo^lio, arof, t6 (pdoKu, to feed),
pi. faMed caitle,

Porpwt, vof, 6, a bunch of grapes.

f PovXfuc*, povkevao^ etc., to plai\

plot ; mid. to plan with one*B self,

deliberate, concert, devise, m^dHcUc. 7.

tpovXtf, vc, a plan, counsel.

Pov\o|UUy pov^aouai, pepobXij/uu,
kpovTitifhrv, 2 100, N. 2, to mZZ. 6c unU^
ing, vnsh. poifXofuu expresses wiU-
ingness, i. e. mere wish or innliwition
towards, iBihj vnll, i.e. choice and
purpose^ but this distinction is oftea
ignored. 18. Will.

Povs, ^<$f , 6, f), 2 54, a buUock, ox^
or cow ; pi. ca^^. .

Ppaxvtf sia, if, short; M PpO'XV, a
short distance. 35.

xOnv, to wet. ^6. Baik.

ppovTcU*, Ppotn^au (fipovr^, ihun*
der), to thunder.


Y<iXek, ydXoicrof, t6, milk.
'ya|ios» 0, marriage. 27.






jApt a post-posit, cansal con]., for;
au yap, etenim, and {this is or was,
ete., the case), for,

Y^, a post-posit, enclitic particle
of emphasis, quidem, at least, any-
how, indeed, certainly, even, too.

ytffmiVf ovoCt 6, ^ (y^), a landsman,

y§Kdm, yeXAao/mi, eyiXaea, iytTui-
ofhfv, to laiLgh, laxigh at, 33.
JY^X«9y uro^, 6, laughter. 17.

•yir-, the stem of yiyvofmi and
source of many other words.
■^Yn^o'^tth see yiyvo/uu,
iTfWtilo*, a, ov {yiwa, descent),
high-bom, noble,
JYcvfoUfs, nobly.
^ywoi^7\y, see yiyvofuu,
\yiv9if t6, race, offspring, kikd.

YV«^» d, 6v (yvfMg), cyepalrepoc,
8. yepcuTftroCi old.

yippoVf t6, a wtcker- shield coyered
with ox -hide.

T^pMVf ovToc, 6, an old man. 16.

yvmf yevau, iyevaa, yiyevftai, to give
a taste of; mid. to^taste, a. Choose.

Y^^vpOy fie, a bridge, whether sta-
tionary or pontoon. 5.
ff^^tipyid, fif (ipyov), agriculture.
fYc-«py^f9 ^ {^P7ov\ a husbandman.

Y^jj VJ^ (contr. from yia), pi. rare,
earth, land. 9. Geo-logy, geo-
graphy, etc.
4yv|Ao^i ^, a hiU.

y^fisuif aog, uf, r6, J 66, 1, old age.

yiySSt avToc, 6, J 50, a giant.

yiyvo^M (yev-), yev^ofxai, yeyevtf-
fiOL, 2 p. ytyova, am, 2%*. tyev6fjupf,
VIII., to be bom, beii^me, &#, occur,
come out, prove one*s self, arise, ac-
crue, get 45.

jIvfmrMtm {yvo-), yv^ofiai^ iyvma,

iyiKMrfiai, kyvuoBtfv, 2 a. kyvov, VI.,
topcrc^ve, know. 51. Can.

7Xav{| k6c, f) iyT^avKdq, gleaming),
the owl, so called from its glaring eyes.

YXvKvty eia, i, sweet,

yXmovu, nq, the tongue. GlosMiry.

r^^t W (yiyv6aKu, st. p^o-),
judgment, 2>urj)ose, opinion, knowl-
edge. 42. Qnomio.

yovivf, fwf, 6 (yev-), a father; pi.

yo¥9t aroc, t6, the KNEE. 50.

Ypc4ft|M, oTOf, T<J iypa^), a letter i
pi. letters, literature. Grammar.

Ypavt, xpfi^, 4, J 54, an o/(2 t(;oman.

YP«*^ y/w^. etc., w. 2 a. p. kypd^
<l>rfVr to GRAVE, unrite, compose.- 2.
fTviAvoi;** (yvfivaS-), yvfivaau, IV.,
to exercise. 40. Gymnastic.

tiwvilt, ^rof, 6, or YVfivrfnif, ov,
%Ai armed; as noun, a light-arm^d

YVfiviff , 1^, (Jv, naiec?, lightly clad.

^fwif, ywaucSg, ywaiKi, ywaiKa,
yvvat, etc., v (ye^Oj ^ «^oman, ii^e.

Y^, yvirSg, 6, a vulture.

8cU|M»Vy wof , 0, J>, a ^rorf, destiny,
Scucpv, w)f, r^, a tea a.
ISeucpfuovy r($, a tear.
jSoKp^, doKptou, iddKpvaa, dedd-
KpDftai, to weep.

fSamwUty dairav^a, etc., to ca;-
pcnrf. 39.

Scmni, w, expense.
fSdpciKos, <$, a dario, a Persian
gold coin containing about 125.5
grains of gold, and worth, therefore,
about $5.40. A daric was worth
20 Attic drachmae.





AipiCof, 6, Darius, the name of
several kings of Persia, in particu-
lar Darius II., father of Cyrus the

8ao-|ios, 6 (Saiofjuu, to divide), an
impost, tribute, tax. 7,

tif a post-posit, conj., but, and;
Kal...di, but {6e) further {lau).

ScSio, StSouca, see Idtuja.

8cty Sc'ti, see deu, to want.

8cCSm, Epic, see edeioa.

Sc(icvii|U {deiK-), Sei^u, idei^a. Si-
deixa, dedeiyfiat, idelxfhjv, 2, to show,
exhibit, portray. Teach.

ScCXvi, IK, afternoon, evening.

ScivoSf ^, ^v (6ei6ia),fearful, mighty,
skilful ; deivov, t6, danger, peril.
ISciVMS, terribly.

t8ciirv«», deimf^tj, edeiirv7/aa, 6t-
duitvTjKa, to dine.

Sctirvov, TO, dinner, the second of
the two regular meals of the day.

Sf KO, TEN. Decade.

AcX^^ iyv, Delphi, the seat of the
famous oracle of Apollo in Phocis.

ScvSpov, r6, or 8f vSpoty r6, a tree. 53.

Sffios, &, 6v, right, on the right
hind; fi (k^id, so. x^H^r ^^« right
hand, often given and taken in
making a treaty; ev de^i^, on the
right hand; rb de^i6v, sc. Kipag or
lupoc, the right wing; so ra de^id,
the right. 33.

A/^-HTiroS} o, Dexippus.

Scp|fte4 arttQ, t6 {dkpn, to shn), the
shin, hide. Epi-demais.

8co-|fcos, 6 {diu, to bithd), band, strap.

SfoWnit, ov, voc. SiaTTora, a mas-
ter, despot.

Scvpo, hither,

SfVTcpos, a, ov (Svo), the second;
Sevrepov or rb deirrepov, a second
time. Deutero-nomy.

8^X<>I'^<^ ^^iofiai, etc., take, accept,
receive, await the attack of 28.

ScMy djfou, eS^aa, dttieKa, SeAeftai,
edWfp;, to bind. 50. Dia-dem.

8c«i| ^e^cj, ederfffa, dedeifxa, 6e6hj~
fuu, kdeijfhjv, to want; del, impers.,
there is need of, it is necessary, one
must or ou{fht ; mid. to stand in need
of, want, beg, g.

Sri, post-posit, intens. or infer, par-
ticle, accordingly, so, then, now,

SiJXot, ^, ov, clear, evident.
4.St|X«N», dTjTuuaa, etc., to make clear^
relate. i8.

Srufc-ayflryos, 6 (S^fwc, ayu>), a

Demeter, the Roman Ceres.
tSi||io>KparCd, 5f {Kparftg), a de-

Svii&oc, o, the people.

8||o«»» tii^JGcj, £6y<jaa, efiijt^fhrv (fiiiui^^
hostile, from 6ai<j, to hincUe), to raw-
age, lay waste.

ACo, see Zei^c.

Sio, prep., through. (1) With g.,
of place, time, and means ; did ^^A/af
ievcu, to be in friendship (with one).
(2) With A., on account of, through
the agency of, by reason of In comp.,
through, apart. Dia-.

Suft-pafvw, to go through or cu^oss^
to cross.

Suft-PaXXtt, to attack one's charac-
ter, to a/icuse falsely, slander. Dia-

SuUPaoat, fwf, ^ {dut^PaiwS), a
place of crossing, ford, ferry, bridge.

SiCu-PoTiOf, S, ov (dia-PcUvta), to be

Sto-paT^ 7, ^v (dia-paivu)^ ford-

8ia-pipclt«»i to carry or lead across,

8ia-PoXi{, nc (dui'l3d7i2xS), slander.

8i-ayycXXM, to report, announ/ie;
mid. to pass the word to one another.





Sia-8l8«*|u, to distribute,

Suv-OfaofMu, to examine^ observe,

SCoiTO, w , mode of life.

Sub-KHfiAif to be disposed.

SuoKCKriOi, <w, a {dig, twice, Ikotov),
two hundred.

SuipXcyoimu, to converse, D. Dia-

8i-aXXdrr«, to interchange, change
enmity for friendship, reconcile.

SioA'dwy to put an end to.

S«a-«oXi|&c», to fight it out.

SiOriropcvwi to carry across; mid.
to inarch through.

8ia-«p^LrT«»i to work out, accom-

8i-af>irat«»> to tear apart, plunder.

8iCMrn|Miiytt, to signify, make

Uarvm», to draw apart, separate.

Sio-o^mCpW} to scatter abroad ; mid.
to scatter, intrans. 43.

Sta-o-Mttty to keep safe through,
bring safe.

SiOrTcX««»» to continue.

Sio^COvilu^ to dis-pose, manxige,
treat; mid. to^^l.

€ia-^pc^» to sustain.

Sia-Tptpfl»» to wear away, waste,
delay. 22.

^tia^^€povr9»S9 pre-eminently. 29.

Sio-^'pMf to differ, contend, fight,
be different from. Of

SuM^CpM (9^ef>w, stem (jiOep-,
(pOepa, €<pdupa, lifBapKa, l<j)ftapfmi, 2 p.
l(peopa, 2 a. p. k(p6dprfv, IV., to de-
stroy), to destroy utterly.
Sia-<^vXaTTC0| to preserve, defend.

tSiSouncoXoti o, a teacher.

SiSoiVKM {didax-), ^L^d^ut, etc., VI.,
to teach. 53. Didactic.
SCSf||u, 1, to bind. See (Uu.
S(8c»iu (<5o-), 66(jcj, edcjKa, iU6o)Ka, (U-
iofuu,e666tiv,ly to give, grant. Dose.

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