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Si-«Xavvtt, to ride through.

8i-cp«m», to cross-question.

ti-ix^t to stand or be apart, o.

Si-ifyt o|Mu, to describe in full, dis-

Si>Com)|u, to separate; mid. w. pf.
and 2 a. act., to stand apart.

t8iKat«* (<5f/carJ), ducdau, kdinaaa, 6e-
diKaofiai, kdiKdaOrfv, IV., to judge.
t&UouoSi «, ov, just, right; rb 61-
Katov, justice, pi. rights. 53,

:tSiKaio<rvvi|, W, justice, upright-
XhiKoUtit justly.
jSiKCMrnis, ov, a judge.

S(ict|i VC, right, justice, penalty, a
lawsuit; diKJjv duUvai, to pay the
penalty, suffer punishment; Ttjg diicng
Tvxeiv, to get one*s deserts. 50.

Aio^'vilS, eog, iwg, 6, Diogenes.

Aiovikrocy 6, Dionysus, one of the
names of Bacchus.

Aios, see Zevf . TuES-day.

€ur-xtXiOi, at, a (dig, twi/ie, X^Tnoi),
two tJwusand.

Si^0^pd, ag, a tanned hide. Diph-

8Cx* ('^'V , twice), in two, apart.

SC+o, J??, thirst.

iSiij^OMy diipi^Gu, editf^aa, g 98, N. 2,
to thirst, be thirsty.

f SittKTcos, a, ov, to be pursued.

SisMCWi dttj^cj or 6iG)^ofiai^ kSiu^a,
deiiluxa, kihuxt^v {Sio), to flee), to
pursue, chase, prosecute. 28.

jS^iSf c(^, V, pursuit.

SoOrivai, So^nv, see didufii.

SoKcco {doK-), do^to, edo^a, dahyfiat,
hdoxBvv (rare), VII., to think; intr.
to seem, seem good, be. thought best,
be voted, D. 42.

SoKi^t*'* {SoKifiad-), doKifidao), rJc-
(hKt/iaafiai, edoKifzdadr/v, IV. {ddKifiog,
accepted after j^^^of dixofiai), to
prove, examine.





Sojoy vi {<'oK^o), opinion^ reputa-
tion, glory. Ortho-dox.

8o(aSy 8o|W| see SoKiu.

8opKa8» ado^^ ^ (6ifMU>fuu^ to look),
a gazelle.

8opv, ddparo^, t6^ the trunk of a
tree, a spear-shafi, a spear,
fSovXcCot fif , slavery.
tSovXfiN*, dovXevau, to be a slave,

SovXot, 6, a slave. 13.
4.8ovXo«» Sov2.6au^ etc., to enslave.

Sovvcui 8ovs» see 6ido>fu.

Spdi&o, arog, t6 (dpdu, to do\ a

Spc4UH|u, Spc4iov|Mu, see rpexf^.

Svva|MU| dwijaofmi^ deSi/vtjfiai, idv-
vifiriv, \ 100, N. 2, to he able, strong
enough; ol fUyifsra Swd/ievot^ the
most powerful. 49.

|8vva|us, ecjf , 4, power, ability, a
war-force, forces, troops. 21. Dy-

jSvvaroSy 4, 6v, powerful, possible,

Si$v«i {6v-), 2 a. iSw, V., to enter,
set. See Sv(o.

8vo, § 77, 1, TWO. DoaL

8vs-, an inseparable prefix, J 131,
4 b, ill.

Sv<r-€{-cvpcTOS» ov (evpiCKu), hard
to find out.

Svoasi £cjg, rj (fJi'w), the setting of
the sun.

8vo'-KoXos> ov (kS^xw, food), hard
to satisfy, discontented; harassing,

8vo'|Ai{, vg {^vcS)y comm. pi. the set-
ting of tJie sun. 54.

8v(r-iropcvroS| ov {Tropevu\ hard to

8vo'-Tvxiis» k {jvxv\ unfortunate.
|8v<r-Tux.(d, aq, misfortune.
8vo>, (Hgo, idvaa, didma, didv/iai,
kdtdiiv, to cause to enter, sink, trans. ;

mid., w. p. act., to sink, set. See

8«0| sec didufu.

8«-8cKa (dvo, 6iKa), twelve.

8«pov, 76 (6t6<jfu\ a gift, presenit
bribe. 7.

ttioMf see SiSofu.

idXmKOf hSXnVt see dXiffKOfuu.

coy {el, 6v), conj., followed by the
subj., if
Icoy^ircp, if indeed or only.

«-avTov, Wi J 80, w. N., of himself,
herself, itself; oi iavrov, his own
{men), rd eavruv, their own {affairs).

loMh ^Aau, eiCiaa, daxn, ddfJMiy e\A-
Brjv, to aUow, permit, let go or alone,

lyyvt, c. and b. kyy^Tepov, kyyvra-
ra, or kyyvripo, iyyvrdru, near ; sup.
w. art., the nearest.

l-ycCpM {fyep-), h^p(->f vy^ipa, kyrj'
yepfjuu, vyepOnv, 2 p. typiiyopa, IV.,
to wake, stir up, raise, erect; 2 p. to
be awake.
tcVKpwrcu^ «f, self-control.

lY-KpaTi(s« k {t^Tog), in power
over, self-controlled, in possession of.

CY-Kpvrr», to bury.

^YVWKo, see yiyvcMTKo.

^Y-X«4>?» {hx^tpf^'\ kyxeipi^
{xeip), to intrust.

iy-X<iipw9t a or of, ov {x^po), in or
belonging to the country.

c'y^ §79,1, and? 144, l,w.N.,Z
\^iywyt, I for my part, I certainly.

IScura (cJi-, (hi-), (UthiKa, 2 p. cUSia,
i 109, 3, N. 2, and § 125, 4, each p.
in pres. sense, to feat, be afraid.

c8T(8oKa, see eaOici), Eat.

«8o(a| see doKiu.





c8oo«v» see dlSofii.
cSpofiov, see rpexo).
cSmco, see 6i6u>fu,
tc9fXovTi|s» ov, a volunteer; B» adj.

f0fX«, sometimes MX«, ede^^u,
ffikhioa^ rfithjKa^ to he willing, wish,
desire. 2.

fOCi;» {ediS'), kdlow, eWiaa, eWiKu,
elBiafiat, eWiadrfv, IV. (i^og), to ac-
I Ovof , TO, anation. Ethno-graphy.
I0OS, r<J, custom; pi. Tnanners.
cl, conj., t/,- « /*7, unless; el yap
or ct^, § 251, t/7owW that ; as an inter,
part., 2 282, 4, whether,
^(jStn^ see h&u.
clScroiy see oUa,
ct8ov» see o/ido.
JilSos, -<5,/on7i.
clS«» ctS«dSy see oMa.
^i|, see eliii.
ct-Oc, see ft.

cbcdto {nKad-\ eiKdao, etc., IV.,
to make like, liken, suppose, conjec-
dEKOor^ twenty.

clKOTfltfS (ioiKo), with good reason.
dXov, ciX((|ii)v, see aipiu.
fl|&f (£(T-), laofiai, imperf. riv, ? 127,
I., to he; ioTiv, it is possible. Am.

ct)u («-), imperf. ^«v or ya, § 127,
II., and i 200, K. 3 h, to go'.

tUrov (eir- for Feir, kp-), epa, elna,
Elpr/Ka, elpTffiai, hppfjdriv, VIII., to
speak, say, advise, order. 48.

ctfryM, elp^u, e\p^a, elpyfiai, elpxfhfv,
to hem in.
ctpifKa, ctpv||iai, see elnov.
ctfyrjvii, W, peace. 23.
cCsi prep. w. ace, into, to, among,
till, for, about, up to, on, of place,
time, number and measure, and pur-
pose or reference ; originally (as

opposed to €«), to (a place) within.
In comp., into, tn, to. 3.

cts, //<a, iv, 2 77, 1, one; xaff fw,
one by one, singly.

cC^-PaXXwf throw one*s self into,
4.cC0 - PoXi{, ^Cy an entrance, pass.
f (o'-Svofuu, to enter into.
ct(r-fi)u (elfu), to go into or tn.
iXa-w (fif), within.
•Ito, <Acn, thereupon, next.
ctxOVi SCO f,t"-

<K or ff, 2 13, 2, prep. w. o.,from,
oy^ of by (of the agent), of place,
time, and origin ; originally (as op-
posed to anS),from within; ek 7rai6<jv,
from boyhood. In comp., out, from,
away, off. 3.

iKooTot, fi, ov, each, every, of a
number ; pi. several, respective, all.
I^KovTOTf, ea^h time.
cKarcpof, a, ov, each, of two.
jcKari pwOiv, on both sides.
IcKarcpoHTc, in both directions.
cKarovy a hundred. Hecatom-b.
cK-po(XXa>, to cast out, banish.
iK-pouns, eijg, 71 (fiaivu), outlet,
pass. 25.

cK-70V0$| ov {yev'), bom from ; ol
EKyovoi, the descendants ;'Ta Itcyova^
the young of animals.

cK-8cp«* (f^^/K.>, 6ep(^, h\eipa, di^ap'
fiai, 2 a. p. kiSaprrv, to flay), tofiay.
cK-SCSc»|ii, to give up.
cKci| there.

4.4x1 i9cv, thence, from that place.
4.cKctvos, v, «, dem. pron., J 83, that.
CK-Kf&Xvirrw, to uncover.
ck-kXt)o'^ 5f (/ca/.c6>), an assembly
called by the crier. 10. Ecclesiastic.
cK-KXfv» (K?dvij, stem icXfv-, kA/vo),
f/£?Jvo, KkKTufiai, hXiOjfv, 2 a. p. ekXU
V7]v, IV., <o 6cnt?), to give way. 41.
CK-Xf 701, to select. Eclectic.
cK-ir£vw, <o drink up.





lic-v^irrt*, to fall out, be banished
or exiled.

cK-vXayf^ see eK-TrX^o,

(K-vX^M, to sail away.
. «K-9rXifrT«iy to strike out of one's
senses, terrify. 47.

cK^vo8«y (Tovf ), out of the way.

cK-^ropcvo|Uu, to march out.

«K^rpc«tft, ^f {irpiiTu), distin-

{k-t16t|)u, <o expose.

JK-^iVM, <o s^oio /orM, proclaim.

iK-^iry«t tojUefrom, escape.

JKciVi ovaa, <$v, J 66, N. 1, wHXing,
of one's own accord.

SkoMOVf t6, olive-oil, oil.

fXdTTwv, ov, see //t/cp<if and oXlyog.

iXi^TMfuu, fjTMjfv, v., to cZriw, rwfe,
march, of the commander, both
trans, and intr. See nopevofmi. 2.

cXo^y 6, 17, a deer, ato^.

2Xt^«, cXfj^fw, ^A^y^a, i^Aey/ttit,
fiTity^Vv, to confute, convict. 43.

cXfSv, cVccrOoi, see alpiut.
tcXfvOipCd, (if, freedom, liberty. 53.

cXcv6cpos, a, ov, free, indepen-
I^XcvOfpow, eXe^epoau, to free.

cXc^aSt avTog, 6, the elephant.

MtiVf IX9oi)u, Mut cX9«iir, see

t'EXXoSy a<5of , ^, Greece.
"EXXviv, v^og, 6, Helleii,%on of Deu-
calion ; then, a Greek, used also adj.
4*EXXt|vucos, ^, 6v, Greek, Grecian ;
TO 'E?J/^7fviK6v (sc. oTpdrevfia), the
Greek force. Hellenic.
IfiXXiiviKcSs, in Greek,
t«Xir(|;« {e/imS-), ff2.iruja, ff?.nia(h/v,
IV., to hope.

cXirCs, *<5of, ^, i 50, I., hope.
c|fc-avTov, 7f, § 80, w. N., of myself.

c|i-paCvw, to go into or on boards
embark, followed by eig.

4|Jt-p(&XX«, to throw in ; to inflict ;
empty ; reflex., with eic, to invade.

I|ji-Pdls> c|ipParrt$, see kfi-paivu.

f |ji-pipcl{«i» to make embark^ put on

«|u» see ty6. Me.

I|uiva, see fih/u.

C|i-|UVM, to remain in.

cfioC, see f T't^.

cfftoSy ^, 6v (cyw), J 82, my, mijie,

c|&ov» see e>'(j. '

c|ft-trfCp«»t ('Treipa, trial, a/iquaint-
ance), in acquaintance with.

c|fc-irCirT«o, to fall into, occur to, D.

«|i-iroic«i, to impress upon, vispire
in, D. A.
t«|i-iropcuo|uu, to ^o to, ^rave^ oh
6?mrt€8s, engage in traffic.
tc|t-iropu>v, r<$, a 7nart, emporifun.

c|Ji-tropos» 6, one on a jourriey, a

l|&-irpo<r9cv, in front; 6 Ifiirpoatfev^
the preceding.

«|i-^v((«» (efuftaviS-), ifju^avm, IV.
{<paivu), to show forth, show.

iVf prep. w. D., in, on, at, among, of
place and time. In comp., in, on,at,
tcv-aKiWo|&ai| kvavTiuaofjuu, iivavrU
ufiai, fjvavrtuldriv, to vjithstavid, D.

cv-arr<os, a, ov (avri), opposite^ op-
posed to, in one*sface.

h-dvrt^f to bind on, set on fire,

lv-8ct{s» ^C (f^^<^). in want.

Iv-ScCkvv|u, to mark out^ in-dicate,

jfvSov (h), vnthin,

cv-8ih^«»> to put on.

cv-€i|Ai (etf^, to be in, D.

IvcKo, improper prep. w. G., on ac
count of.

iv-€XcCpio^ see ey-xeipKi^.

iv-tjv, see ev-uiu.





fvOtt (h), there, here, where, there-
upon, then.
4.cv0a-8c, here, hither.
\iy%ik-^m^ jtLst where.

li^6fiv|V, cv-4^|uvoti see ev-TiBtf/u.

iV0€v (ev), thence, hence, whence.
4.4ir0€v-8f,/rom this very place, hence.

Iv-Ofos, ov, inspired.

iv4v|U0|MU, kvdi}fi^aofiai, etc., w.
a. pass. (Bvfidg), to have in mind, re-
flect. 29.

|lv-Oif|u||ia, arof, r^, a thought,

InavTos, o, a year.

fvC-oTt, j 152, K. 2, iomearnes.

cv-vo€«*9 often dep. w. a. pass., to
have in mind, he apprehensive.
jcv-voio, Of, a thought, reflection.

^v-opoiMi toseeim, person or thing.

iv^t ivlf see ei^.

iV-TOTTw, to enroll.

cvravOa {ev), here, there, then, here*
vpon, thereupon.

fV-TcAwf to stretch tight or upon,
string a bow, inflict upon, A. D.

lv-^rfX.t{9» k (tc^), o^ the end, comr-
plete, full.
^v-rAikt completely.

cvTivOcv (ev), from here or there,

Iv-T£0i|tuy to put or inspire in, A. D.

4v-ToXi(, J7f (£v-r^XA«, to put upon,
command, rcX^, to raise), a com-

4vT08 {ev), vfithin.

cv-Tiryxdya», to/aZ2 in vnth, D,

^ prep., see e/c.

f& SIX.

{{-ayyAXtt, to teU out, report.

l(-<£y«», to lead out, induce.

l^-aiTCtfyto demand from; mid. to
6«5f 0/.

tc£-airaT(£ai| to deceive grossly, de-
cevoe. 34.

{(-airCvi|f or c|-«U^vi|t (o^, Ufi*
awares), of a sudden, suddenly.

f(-fi|tt (f i^Oi ^ ^ ^^^ 9f restraint,
only imper., ifetrr*, k^karat, etc., i< ia
in one^s power, possible, one may ;
pt. e^6v used absol., { 278, 2, t(;A«7»
i< is or WGW in one'* power, when one
)nay or might.

c£-«i|u (cf/ui), to ^0 out, empty, as a

l(-€Xavvtti to eo^peZ; intr. to ride
out, m^rch forth, on, or away, to ad-

c|-cpyato|UU| to t(;or^ ou^, accom-

^^fXC^Mif to come out.

It-co^rt, 4£-^0Tai, it is, wUl be, pos-
sible, see ^-eifii.

i(-rnitM (k^erai-), e^erdau, etc.
(cretJf, reaQ, to examine, scruti-
l^-^roo^s, e(jc, 4, an inspection, re-
view. 21.

^{viKOVTa (cf ), «ia:fy.

c{-TixOT|V, see H-dyu.

j(-iKVco)MUy to eo7}ie out to, to reacA.

ct-ov, see ^^-e//«.

4t-oirXCj;a», arm completely.

c{-op|uU», to urge forth; intr. to «et

!(«» (ex), without, outside, abroad,
beyond, beyond the reach of. Exotic.

coiKa (i/c-), 2 p., related to ei«dCo
q. v., to 6e like or /t, d.; eot/cc,
impers., it seems.

lir-dyw, to bring to, on, or upon.

cirodov, see irdax<').
tcir-cuvrros, v, ^, praiseworthy.
Ufr-axv4», to approve, praise, com-
mend. 42.

cir-aivos, 6, praise.

4ir-a(TioS| ov, blamed for a thing ;
eirainov, a ground of accusation.

t^ir^i or imjv {ettel, dv\ conj. w.
subj., whenever, as soon as.





iwd (etr/), conj., vfJien^ tince.
XltnuMv (av), conj. w. subj., wJien
indeed, whenever, when.
|c«ii-S«i, conj., when now, when.

cir-fi|tt (etfu), to be upon or over.

Iv-fi|tt (elfit), to go or come upon,
to come on, attach, make an aU€ick,
D. ; i kmovoa fffiipay the next day;
so 7 hnuAoa vvf .

lir-ATa, thereupon, thereafter; 6
hreira xP^^^t *^ coming time.

lv-cp«TOi*9 to ptU a question to, to
ask a^ain.

Iv-cx«*f io hold upon the place
where one is, delay. Epoch.

Ivijv, see tviv.

ctr-«ivi see iir-eifu.

itr-4|poVi|V, see eTepurdu.

M, prep., on, upon. (1) With
o., on, upon, towards, in the time of,
of place and time ; kirl TeTTdpuv,four
deep. (2) With d., upoJi, over, for,
at, near, in addition to, on account
of in thepower of, of place, time, and
various other relations ; km yafu^, in
marriage ; k^* <f, on condition that,
2 267. (3) With A., originally up
to, and then, to, towards, for, against;
knl 'keiav,for or to obtain booty. In
comp., upon, over, after, toward, to,
for, at, against, besides, and some-
times simply intens. Ep-, epi-.
t Jvi-povXfvc*, to plan or plot against,
to plot, D.

cm-PovXify nc, a plot.

ijn^yly¥O^Mif to come upon, arise.

cirv-Sc(icvv|u, to exhibit, show, point

c«i-SC8«i|u, to give besides, yield
more, intr. increase.

f«v4v}U»» eniOvfj^u, irrEdtfUfoa,
eiriTeObfiTfKa (dvfidc), to set one^s heart
on, desire, G. 38.
4.<iri-6v}JiCd, ag, desire.

iiriKOvpiUM&, arog, to {ewucovf^iij, to

aid; iirUaivpoQ, helping), a proteetioTi,

IviHcav^ll^ (kov^I^u, stem kov^-,
Kov^, CKov^ufa, IV., to lighten,
Kowfoq, light), to lighten,

cvi-KpaTCtiy to rule over, he vieto^

cvt-KpwvTii, to throw a covering
over; mid. to conceal on£s self, and
so the pt, secretly.

cw-K^vTii {idmrii, stem kC^, idinpu
and Kb^fiat, Ixi^Vw, 2 p. kskv^. III.,
to bend forward), to bend to or over,

ffVi-KipMi (K^fpdu, KXipoau, etc., io
confirm, icvfM)^, authority), to confirm,
ratify, vote. 38.

lw% Xai>^»o|iai, to forget, a.

cwJUy^y to say besides or also.

4«iA«Uni, to have behind; of
things, to fail.

{«i-|uXto|uu and ivt-fuXoifcOiy kiri'
fuXr/aofioi, etc., w. a. pass. (jieXu), to
care for, look out for, give attention
to, observe or waieh carefuUy, a. 36.

c«v-|MXi{t, ic (jishS), earful, vigi-
4l«i-tuX«t, with care.
tc«i-opK^«i, tniofiidjoii, hiriuptajaa^
ewicjpKtfica, to swear falsely, forswear
one's self 44.
tcm-opKCd, as, perjury.

ctrC-opKOf, ov (5/wcof), against one's
oath, perjured.

lnvnr^vTw, tofaU upon.

cvC-irovos, ov,for toil, toilsome, la-
borious. 23.

Im-o-mov^f ^ {sKi'ClrUyOfJuu, to
furnish one's self vnth food, otroc),
provisioning, obtaining provisions, a
supply of provisions.

(m-^-KcvroiftOi, a pres. not used in
good Alt., furnishing the rest of its
tenses to sq.




vtn-vnatwtm, to look at, imped,
consider ; hence, to ascertain,

jv(irrc4MU| eiriar^oficUy ^unifiriv,
1, to know how, know, understand. 49.
|lviOTi||U|, vc, knowledge,

cviHrroXi], ^ {eTri-OTiX^, to send
to), a letter, epistle. 3.

t«i-o^parciM»» to make an expedi-
tion against, d. /

cviHr^aXtfs, k^ {a^a>Chi), prone to
fall, unsteady, dangerous^

IviHn^m* and l«%-o^icitai, to slay
upon. '

IvwTfXitt, to bring to an end, a/>

««iTi)8cio$, il, ov {emr^iCy for a
purpose), suitable, proper; ra km-
T^ua or fiimply eTriT^deia, pro-
visions. 29.

c«in|8€Vfi*, emTtfdeija(o{emT^6i^, on
purpose, advisedly), to pursue, devote
one's self to.

lin-Ti0i||U9 to put upon, inflict, as
punishment; mid. to put one's self
upon, attack, d. Epitiiei.

fvwrpcirw, to turn omer to, intrust,
permit, a. d.

cvi-^aivtt| to show forth ; mid. to
appear, d.

f«i-XCHMa>y ewixetfi^tj, eTrexeiptfoa,
emKexeipv^a (x^ip), to put hand to,
try, attempt. 10.

cin-i|n|4^|;ai, to put to vote.

IvXiryiIVy see ir^iffrru.

lv-oiKo8o|M«», to build upon.

^vofMu (oen-), hffoficu, 2 a. iairdfufv,
to follow, attend, belong to, d. 52.

cirosi r6, word; pi. verses, a poem.

itrr^ SEVEN. Hept-archy.

cpaimfsi ov {epafjLot, to love), a

t^fryatofiiu {hpyad-), epydaofiai, eipya-
Cfioi, eipyaadfiTpf, J 104, to work.
{iftyoArCd, a^, work.

Ufyw, t6, work, deed, action, un*
dertaking, execution, fact, event, re-
sult, exercise. 34.

Ip8« (fpy-), ip^f^, ip^a, 2 p. eopya,

ti|n||Udy fif, a desert Eremite,

lpi|jMt| V or oc, ov, lonely, deserted,
empty, unprotected. 55.
t(p4» (c/5*<5-)» ^/o"'". IV., to contend
with, D.

Ipiff i^t i, strife.
tlpftoiov, TO, apiece of good luck.
tJp)iT)vcvs, ftof, 6, an interpreter.

*£p|iiis,ot), J 38, Hermes, identified
by the Romans with Mercury, the
god of speech, messenger of the
gods, and giver of good luck. Her-

cpvfii^, j;, 6v (epvoficu, to defend),
fortified, defensible.

IpXOfUU {ehjO-, e}£vd-), i2£iaofiai
(Att. elfii), 2 p. e?.^Xvea, 2 a. iJA^v,
VIII., to come, go,

Ipw, see elirov.

Ip»s, 6>T0f, (5 (Jpafjuu, to desire),
love, desire. Erotic.

cpcmiw, epoynfcw, etc., w'. 2 a. r/pS-
fjofjv, to inquire, ask, question. 51.

Mvgit iJTo^, Tj (ewvfu, to clothe), a
garment, apparel.

ccrO^ (cd-, 0ffy-), Idojim, kd^SoKa^
kS^dea/iai, ridEodrjv, 2 a. e^yov, VIII.,
to EAT, consume.

MXoi, ^, 6v, good.

incipA, Sf, evening.

ioTox, see elfii.

coToiXfuvos, see areXho,

coToiuv, cimuHU, § 124, see lo^

cc-TC (eJf, ore), conj., until,
ccmfKo, JaTT|v, see loTTjfu,
co-rC, lo-Tw, see e</a.
co^c»s, see tariffu.





cTOtpof, 6 (^n/c, d clansman)^ a
companion^ comrade.

CTofoy M.yfir\Vf see rarrw.

CTOi^tpr, Bee Odirru.

«Tipos» 2, ov, ^^e OTHEB o/ fti;o.

€Ti, 3/c<, a<i/Z, further^ any longer ;
w. c. s^iZ/, even, any.

cTOi|U>s or cToS|iOtt V or of, oi;,

Ito«, t<J, a year.

Irpo^Vy see rpk^,

cv (prop. neut. of Epic iir, ^'ooc?,
6ravc), well, easily; in comp. wcW,
very. Eu-, eu-logy.

fv-'ycviis (T'fv-), well-horn^ noble.

c^-'yctts, 6W iyrj), fertile.
tfv8ai|ftoyCd, ^c, happiness,
tfv-8ai|iovCi;« {ev6at/uvi6-), eMaifto-
ww, IV., to regard or es^em happy,

cv-8a£|A»v» ov (Saifjujv, forttme),for'
tunate, prosperous^ happy.

cv-8o{os» oy (r^<ifa), in repute,

cv-ctSiisi k (el^og), fine-looking. 30.

cv-cXmty eveXiri^ { 66, N. 3, of good
hope, hopeful.

favor; bene-ficence.

cv-cpYCTT|s, ov (ipyov), a bene-f actor.

cv-(a>vos» ov (C<^), well-girtf ac-

cv-TJOciOy Sc {ev'iflri^, simple-hearted,
simple, vdog), simplicity, stupidity^

c^vSy ««, v, straight ; hence, evdv^
as adv., directly, straightway, at
once, immediately, forthvnth. 35.

cv-KoCpwt {i»itpo^)t seasonably, op-

cv-KXct{si ^C («^fof), glorious,

iv-Koayia, flf (Kdafiog), good be-

cv-XA9co)iai., ev7vaPfjaofmt, evTuapij-
iii]v {€vXa(3^g, cautious, Tiafi^dvd), to
have a care, beware.

tcv-voiOy fif, good-will, fidelity, 45
tcv-voucMs, mt^ good-wiU.

cv-voos» ov, contr. £vvov$-, ow, i£;«2Z-
disposed. 14.

cil-oirXof 9 ov (ottAov), well-armed,

30- ^

cv^iriiOifSt ^f (ireidofMi), obedient.

cv-wfTttfi (et»-7rer7f , falling well, of
dice, TriTTTcj), favorably, with ease,

cv-irpaKTOtt ov (irpATTu), easy to
do, practicable. 34.
fcvptnit, dv, a discoverer.

(vpCcKM {evp-), evp^u, evpiixa, ev-
fjfifjuu, evpidrpf, 2 a. evpov, VI., tofind^
devise. 46. Eureka,
fcvpot, r6, breadth, width. 19.
fEvpv-Xox^f ^1 EurylochvLs.

cvpvty sla, i), broad, wide, 24.
tfv-cr^pcia, flf , piety.

cv-0Ypi|t» ^f {pkpofioL, to revercTiee),

(v-TOKTMt (e^-TOKTOf, «^2^orcferedi
rdrrtS), in good order.

cv-Tvx<»f ei/Tvx^o, etc. (ev-rv;W,
fortunate, ruxn), to be fortunate,

ctv-^paiv«» (ci^pav-), ev^pavo^ ffb-
^fivo, nw^pdvOrpf, IV. (^pT"), ^ re-
joice, please, gladden.

Et4p^'"1Sf ^'v, ^Ae river Euphrdtes,

c^X^C^*^ ^§ofiai, ev^dpjiv, to pray,
vow. 20.

cvHiW|fto«y ov (5vo/<a), of good name
or omen ; hence, ^, used eni[>)]kemis-
tically for the ill-omened Word
dpurrepdc, on the left hand, omens
from the left being nnlucky ; rb
evowfiov (sc. Kipag), the left {wing),


I^onivi see (jmIvo.

c^ooravy see ^p.

j^irofMU, to /o^Zoio after, accom-
pany, D.

f+t|V» «+*li see (^fii.

4^-ti]|u, to send to ; mid. to aim at,
long after, Q,





l^bm^tuy to bring to a stand, halt ;
also to set upon or over, appoint; mid.,
w. p. and 2 a. act., to stop, intr.

c^-o8os» v^ o, way to, an approach.

«^-opa»9 to look over, oversee, guard.
, f ^* 1^, see krri.

t«X®*^ (c;t^«P-)» ex^ap*^f VXfhpa,
IV., to hate.

cxOof, t6^ hatred.
J«X*P*» ^f » enmity.
IfX^fioSi ^) ov, hateful^ hostile ; tx-
' Bp^, 6, a personal enemy, while iro-
iifuog is an enemy in war^ a public

Ix» ((Te;r-)» «^" or (t;^^", lffA:v««,
iaxvf^^, £<fX^^i 2 a. l<T;t<'»'. VIIL,
to have, hold, possess, have in mar-
riage, contain, wear; lx<'>v, having,
with; ovK ix^j woi to know; h v^
exi^, to purpose, intend; with an
adv., to be, as koTms ix^i, it « well.
5. Hectic.

cfKCiVi see loim.

^MpttVf ^cipoKo, see 6p(icj.

Ifl^, £w, f/, J 42, 2, w. N. 1, c?ati?n,
morning. East.

{«•«, conj., as 2on^ as, untU.

\jS», rijau, Knaa, Knita, J 98, N. 2,
to live. 37.

tcvyvviu (Cvy-). C^^<^» ^fcvfa, ^Ccv-
y/ttM, Kev)flriv, 2 a. p. c^vrvv, II. 2,
to YOKE, join, /orm fty joining. 52.
•|>tcvyotv r<$, a yoke, team.

Zcvf I A£<$c, ^^^> ^^} Z^> .^eu3, iden-
tified by the Romans with Jupiter.

l^ see ^do>.

|;i|Xoc*9 ^ffkCHJo (C^^oc, emulation,
zeal, C^«, io boil up), to envy.

tilli^ SC, ^o«Si penalty.
4.ti||uo«9 !^f)fucMJi}, etc., to cause one
Zoss or (fo one damage, to fine, pun-

tiiv, see C<i6).

ti|rcw, (^rrrrioo, etc., see^, injuire
/or. 20.

t«wv|u (Cw-), ^C«ffa, kl^wtfiai, e^o-
adfujv, 2, to ^rd.
It«<<^i ^> A ^^^^) zone.

t^V| t6, for C^tov (C<«><5c, living,
l^diS), a living being, animal. Zoo-

J(, conj ., or, than ; ^...v, either . . .
or; irdrefiov . . , 17, whether ... or, J 282,

i|, an interrogative particle, J 282,

t$Pi|8(fv (^/37, manhood, youth), in
the manner of youth ; navreg vPv^ov,
all from the youth upwards.

^fyyfXovy TfYyfiXoy see dyyiXXa,
ti}yc|u5yi 6voc, 6, a leader, guide. 1 7.

irycoiiiuy Tfyfiaofiai, etc. (fiyw), to
Zeac?, tAin^. 38.

jSciVy {8c<raV| see olda.

tJScMS (??<Ji'f), gladly, cheerfully^
with pleasure ; c. lydiov, s. ^diara.

TJSii, already, just now, now, at
length, presently, at once, forthwith.

if8o|MU, ^aO^cofiai, ^aOffv, to be
pleased. 46.
4.tjSovi{, w, pleasure.
4.i|SvS| eta, v, SWEET, pleasant. See

{ciV| ijfco'avy see el//^.

i|9o$, t6 {eHog), custom; pL disposi-
tion, character.

i{Ka, see !]7/u<.

flKowo, see ckovo.

•qKn, rj^o, to be come, have come,
come. 28.

i{XOov, see ipxofiai.

i^^ios, a, ov {v^6g, crazy, silly,
dXj7, wandering), foolish.

ifjXioSy 6, the sun. 32. Helio-
type, Helio-trope.





i||uu (i}<r-), imperf. ^/^, i 127,
v., to git.

ijlMSy see ex(&.

•ij^y^imt (pf. pt. of afuXio), in-
cautioiLsly, carelessly.

ijli^pd, fic, the day. 8. Eph-eme-

lifi^Tfpot, fi, ov, 2 82 (ifieic), our.

if |u-y in comp. , semi-, half. Hemi-.

i{|»i-8apciKoV, t6 {6apeiK6g), a half-

i||u-8ciit» ^f (<5^w), wanting half

V(|u<rvs, efa, v (i}//*-), half.

V|v, contr. from eav, q. v., if

i^vCko, yel. adv., w^en.

i1vUxo«, <i (^wA a rein, l;t"), «

"^pdy a?, JS<?ra, identified by the
Bomans with Juno.

'BpoKkiifi, itoq, 6, 2 52, 2, N. 3,

IJP^Ot|v, see alf>^6>.

•4po|Jii|V» see kfxjrda,

^m9, 6)of, 6, { 55, N. 1, a hero.

'QO^v, see et/«.

^a, i5<»^v, see slfil.

TJo^v, see ^(5o^.


tt{TTao|MU, iirrnaofjuu or imfOijaoftai,
etc., w. a. pass., io 66 inferior, worsted,
conquered, or defeated, G. 37.

V(ttc»v, ov, «;or86, inferior, see KaK<5f .

t|v-, T|v-, for words so beginning
see €v-, ev-.

*^<^aurros» <^, Hephaestus, identi-

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