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fied by the Romans with Vulcan.

il^osi 0, a sound, noise. Echo.


tOaXcurcro-Kpdrtfp, opog^ (5, 1} (k^-
tcq), master of the sea.

•skarra or OaXaoira, VT, <A« sea. 3.
t6dXirot» r<$, warmth, heat.

6aXir«y dd^V^, to warm, heat.

•ftyoTOtf {BvfysKjiS), death; efrl
davciTi,), hrl Bdvarov^ to or for execu-
turn. 44.
lOavoroi*! SavaT6oa, etc., to con-
demn to cfeaiA. 38.

Oio|UU| BAaofiai, kdQffdfisrv, to won-
der at, gaze upon.

96arrm {Ta^fh- for ^a^), edrfw, iOaifa,
TifkififMi, 2 a. p. erdipffv, III., to
bury. 47.

tOoppqXiof, fi, ov, courageous. 22.

}6af»iMX^<*s» tt^^A confidence.

t0apftf«i Bappfjao, to he courageous;
pt. as adv., without fear. Dabe.

Oojipos, r6, courage.

Oof«r-, for words so beginning see

6^trr»V| w, see Ta;|a>f .

Oaviio, aro^, r6 (de&ofMi), a wonder.

4.0av|ui(<i {BavfiaS"), Bavfidaofiii^
Wabfiaaa, reBahiioKa^kBavftdi^iTv, IV.,
to wonder at, admire, wonder, he
surprised or astonished. 4.

;eav|MMnos, a, ov, wonderful.

|9av|iao^os» V, <^, ^ he loondered
at, wonderful.

|9av|fcaffT(i0S» astonishingly.
M, ag, a goddess.
Ocdo|uu, OeAoofMi, etc., to ^oze at^
watch, ohserve. 37.

4.0cdn)«9 ov, a spectator.

lOf arpov, T<5, theatre.
Octosi fi, w {^£<5f), relating to the
gods, divine.
OcXm, see «^f X«.

6f|iurTo-KXci)S| «eof, i, | 52, 2,
N. 3, Themistocles.

6cos> voc. ^e(Jc, 6, »}, a ^rod, goddess^
deity. 13. Theism.

j0€O-<r«P€ia, fif {aefiojMii, to rever-
ence), piety.

fOcpdiraivcii tf^, a handmaid.




, (kpoKEVffo, etc., to terve,
worship, cure. Therapeutic.
0t pcw w y , ovToc, 0, a servant.
f0ip|io-irvXcu, cjv, Thermopylae, lit.

iipift^ 1^, ^v (^^pcj, ^0 warm), wabm.

0cpos, TO {Oepo, to warm), summer,

StTToXos, 6, a Thessalian.

0c« (^-), BeijaofMi, II., to run.

8i|PaSof , 6, a Thehan.

^^ dTjpdg, 6, a vnld beast. Beer.
\h\pd»9 Orip&o(^, eO^p&aa, TeOijpaKa,
hdrip&Qrrv, to hunt, catch. 8.
tOiipcvT^, ov, a hunter.
4.0i|ptvt», fhfpeijaa, etc., to hurii. 20.
lOvipCov, r<$, a wild beast or animal.

0f|<ravpos, ^ {r'Siiiu), a store laid
up, a treaemre.

ei|vivs, ^wf , o, Theseus.

•«|Tcv«», ftzTevffw (^f, a serf), to
serve for hire.

0vijoic«» {Bav-, &va-), Bavovfjuu, ri-
OvjfKa, 2 p. (riBvaa), 2 a. eBavw, VI.,
to cKc, be slain; pf. as pres., to be
dead. 48.

lOviiTos, ^. <5v, morteZ.

Oopv^os, 6 (ffpiofiai, to cry aloud),
a noi»e, tumult, uproar, 54.

t^P^i W, Thrace.

8p4£, <»u^, <^, a Thraeian.

evyaTtip, r^?, 17, § 57, 1, a daugh-

f9v|ft^ofuu,, dvfi6ao/iai^ etc., w. a. p.,
(o 6e an^ry, d.

9v|ios, d (6/^, ^ rush), the soul,
mind, passion.

dvpd, Sf, a (ioor; pl.DOOE, DOOES,
quarters, court. 54.

tOtfor^df Sf, sacrificing, a sacrifice.

Ovc», ^6(76>, etc., ^0 sacrifice, A. d. 5.
f0«*paKClflO {Bopatud-), (kipaidao etc.,
IV., to arm mi^ a breastplate, arm.

6«tpd{, aKJO^, 6, a cuirass, breast-

plate, comm. consisting of a breast*
piece and back-piece joined by
clasps. 16.
$i%f Bode, 6, i, a jackal.

idoiiOiy i6ao/Mi, laadfufv, to heal,
jidrp^, 6, a surgeon, physician.

tSctvi see 6pdu. Idea.

CSuSrv|«| ov (idioc, per8onal,privat€),
a common person or soldier, a private.

t8ei|Uy see opdu,

tSos, t6, sweat.

iSpoM, iSp6acj, fSpooa {iSp6g), { 98,

N. 3, to SWEAT.

ISplW, iSptao, etc. (i^a, to make to
sit), to fix, found, dedicate.

l8p«Sy uTog, 6 (ISog), sweat

C8«| 18mv, see 6pda.

Up^i A, 6vy sacred; lep6v, r6, a
temple; iep6, sacrifices, sacred rites.

4.Upo-oitX4)«y 6 ((ffvMu, to de^oil), a
robber of temples.

ft||u (e-), vo(^t ^'"*. ^*'"*i cW^i «*^,
J 127, III., to send, hurl; mid. rua^,
^wrry on, charge.

UaWti ^, <Jv (Fkw), becoming, suf-
ficient, able, capable, enough.

'^"Koposy ^, Iciirus, the son of Dae-
flKcnvMi kerevert), k^retxra, to «up-

ttKCTi)Si ov, a suppliant.

fUvcotMU. (Ik-), l^ofiai, ly/xai, 2 a.
LKdnnv, v., to come, arrive at, reach.

fxtti poetic, to coTTie.

iXca>Si <>)v, ^ropt^ious. 12.

^t|, ^f , a iroop q/" Aorse.

l}ji^3i avrof, 6, a leathern strap. 17.
i|MfcTioV| rd (ewijwe, to clothe)^ a gar'




tvo, final conj., in order that, that

IvSiKot, V, ^ {'IvdSc, an Indian),

tei|ii, lovroti lovrmv, see el/u.

Tn-a^ofi <5, Hipparchut, son of
Pisistratus, the tyrant.

flnivSi ^wf, 6, a honeman; pi.
cavalry. 21.

flmnvMy innevaa, to he a horseman
or trooper, serve as a cavalryman.

flinriKOti 1^, ^v, eqiiestrian, cavalry ;
TO iirniKov, bc. OTpdrevfM, the cavalry.

tvwoty 6, «7, a Aorse, mare,- of or
e0' tTTTTov, 071 horseback, of a single
horseman ; in tjie pi. of more than
one. 9. Hippo-potamuB.

tv^by see olda,

ftano-irXcvpoSi ov (nXevpi), equi-lat-

It^9 7, ov, equal; i^ laov, on an
equality. Iso-sceles.

to-rc, see oMa.

t(rTn|u(ffro-), an^u, itm^a, itmfKa,
eara/iai, kaTddrflf, 2 p. (iirraa), 2 a.
IcTTTV, 1, { 123, to sef, 8€^ wp, «toiion,
make stand, halt; mid. w. pf., pip.,
and 2 a. act., to stand, stand one's
fioxvpott A, 6v, strong.
iioxvp«^f forcibly, strongly, vigor-
ously, -exceedingly, very, greatly. 36.

iox^> *^i i (&. ^1 strength),

to-ttv (iffof), equally, perhaps.

trcM^v, see eZ/ii.

l^OvSi iiOQ, 6, a fish. Ichthyo-

txvos and txvtovi r<$, a track. 13.

'IttvCd, Qg, Ionia.
4,*lMViK(^, ^/, 6v, Ionian,

Ka-» crasis of xai d-, jozt e-, as ica^a-

KciS*, by apost. for icard before an

Ka0cUp« {KoBap-), naBapij, hKadrjpa
or iKdBapa, KCKoBapfjuu, eKoBapfh^, IV.
(Kodapog, pure), to purify.
^ koO-cXkm (eXxij, cA^<j, elhcvaa, eiX-
KVKaj el^KWTficu, elhcvoO^, J 104, to
draw), to haul down.

Ka0-ivS«* {evSa, eW^o, to sleep),
to lie down to sleep, to sleep.

KoO-ifyf 0|UU9 to go before, lead the

Ka0-ifK«»» to reach down.

Ka(0^|iai| to sit down, sit.

Ka9-({«i (Kaffi6-\ koBm and KoBdJ}-
aofuu, tK&Biaa and KoBlaa, IV. (ZC^^, to
cause to siQ, to seat, place ; intr. to
sit down.

Ka0-<o^|&ii to set down, station,
establish, bring, post, make, consti-
tute, appoint; mid. w. pf. and 2 a.
act., to take one's place, be established.

KaO-ovX(l«ii to arm fully, equip.

KaC} conj., and, also, even, further ;
Kot... 6i, but . . .further or also ; re
...Kal, Kal^..Kaij both.,. and; Koi
ydp, see yitp.

KOip^Si h, tKe fitting or proper
time, a crisis, occasion.

KaUroiy and certainly, and yet.

KoU (kov-) and in old Attic k^,
Kovati, etc., IV., to bum, kindle, set
on fire, canterize. 41. Caustic.
fKoxCd, Sc, badness, baseness.
fKcuco-iiOiif, cf (^of), ill-disposed,

fKcuco-voos, ov, contr. kokovovs, ow,

KOKosi t ov, { 73, 1, bad, base, HI,
corrupt, cowardly; kukSv, t6, an
evil, harm. Caco-phony.

JKOKOvpYOf, ov (e/oyop), criminal; as
noun, an evil-doer.
4.KaK(Ssi badly, evil, ill; KaKC>g iruiia
or irpdrrcj, J 1G5, notes 1 and 2.




itiKAijKa^ KEKknfuu, EK^Jftipf^ to Call,
summon; pt. KohAfievo^, so-called.

KoXXttfVy KoXXioTOf, c. and s. of

KoXot, ^, ov, 2 73, 1, beautiful, no-
blcj good, favorable. I2. Whole.

KoXvirrw (mTivp-)^ /coAw^, eiw-
?Afrjxi, KCKaXv/ifiai, eKaXiMftOtiv, III., to
cover, conceal.

koXms (koAi^c'), beautifully, well,
bravely, successfully. See ^ji-w.

K«i}i,y» {Kafi-), Kafjtovfjicu, KkufirfKa,
2 a. eKafjjov, V., to 6e iirc<?, exhaust-
ed, disabled, sick.

KC4iot» by crasis for xai kfioi.

Koy, by crasis for xal av.

KoySvti voc, ^, ctn outer garment,

Korcov, contr. xavovv, r6, a wicker-
backet. 9.

KopSCa, dc, ^A« HEART. Car-

Kopvot, 6, fruit. Harvest.

KopTipiKof, 7. <^ (icdpTepo^, see
Kparepog), able to endure, patient.

Kop^, W {Kafx^to^^to dry), hay.

KooToiXosy in the phrase Kaora-
Tioif irediov, the plain of Casiolu^, a
mustering field in Lydia.

Kara, prep., down (as opposed to
dm). (1) With G., down from, down
upon, against, under, concerning.
(2) With A., down, down along, over,
through, among, into, against, ac-
cording to, con^ming, by, during,
of place and time, and distributive-
ly ; Kara Kpdrog, according to or with
all one^s might ; Kara irdXeig^ by cities,
Kara ^^yya, in the form of a pha-
lanx. In comp., down, against, and
often simply intens.

Karo-paCvM, to go or come down,

iKora-Pooas, eac, fj, a descent, a re*
turn to the coast. 21.

KarcUYfios or KaTo-YMOty ov {y^),
underground, subterranean.

Karo-'Yc^aMy to laugh at, a.

KOT-dvyM, to bring down or back^
restore ; mid. to return.

Kar-aYwyC^oiuui to struggle or pre-
vail against, conquer,

KaTO^SvWy to TTUi^e to sin^ (2oii;n,
sin^. 52.

KOTtt-Mofuu, to too£ (foi<;n upon,
take a view.

KaTa.4v«y to sacrifice.

Kara-KaCvt» [naivu, stem mzv-, icavci,
2 p. Kiieova, 2 a. CKavov, IV., to ^iW),
to CM< cfot/;n, KZ/, slay.

Karo-KoCtt, to 6wm rfoi^n, bum up.

leard-KcijuUi to Zte inactive.

KaTa-in|pvrr«i| to proclaim.

Kara-KoirTciy to cu^ cZot{;n or to
pieces. 31.

KaTfli-Xa|&Pav«»| to seize upon, seize,
overtake, find. Catalepsy.

Karo-Xc^irwi to leave behind, leave,
desert, abandon.

Kara-XfVM (Aevo, Xeioo, €?i£voa, .
e'kevodriv, to stone), to stone to death.

Kar-aXXoTTtt, to change, change
from enmity to friendship, reconcile.


Karo-XiUi to unyoke, halt, over-
throw, stop fightinq.

Kora-tuvoy stay behind, remain^
setUe down.

KarcMiuvwi to jowi to resi, end

Karo-irf |jiirO| to send down.

KaTa-in|8cM> {Trr^Mu, •JtijdrjGoiiai,
ewf/dTjoa, ireir^rfKa, to leap), to leap
down. 44.

KaTo-irXtiTTM, to strike down^

KaTa-<rp€VKv|At| to extinguish.

Kara-CKairrw ((TKOTrrw, stem aica^^
GKofo), iaKatjm, eoKOipa, ioKafifuu, 2 a. p.


ttHwn^Bi o n a i



koK&tffTTv, III., to dig\ to (Kg dmm,
raze, demolish.

KOTOHnc^'TroiMu, a late pres., fur-
nishing the rest of its tenses to Kara-
CKontcj, <{. V.

KaTar«iccv«l<i» to prepare fully,
furnish, supply, make.

KaTar«ic««i«i to look dx>wn upon,

Karo-o-voMy to drag dovm.
KaTa-9Tpf<|^» to turn dovm; mid.
to subjugate, subdue.

Karo-ox^M} to hew dovm, burst

Karor^COiliUy to put dovm; mid. to
deposit, lay up in store.
Karor^ptp^i to wear out.
in plain sight. 24.

Karw^vy»f to flee for refuge to,
take refuge.

Karo-^povcMy to think inferior,

KaT-cx«i to hold down or fast, re-
strain, forbid, occupy, cmne to land.
tKaT-t|70pc», KaTrryopTiOii, to speak
against, accuse, G.

Kar-fiTopos, 6 (ayopeixS), an ac-

KariiXoYCM, Karjfh)yr/aa {Kara, U-
yoq), to make of small accou7it, de-

Kortt {Kara), down, below.
tKavfiOi aro^, t6, heat.
KOMi see Kaiii.

Kct|&ai| Ksioofiai, J 127, VI., to lie,
to lie ovUtretched, be laid.
KCKTiiiidh see Kraofiai.
KfXcuvcU, civ, Celaeivjfij a city in

Kc)Uv»i keXevou, UkXevaa, kck^^^v-
Ka, KEKiXewjfiai, EKeT^vaOrpf {KeAofiat,
to urge on), to urge, bid, command,
order. 4.
KtX-nit, ov, a Celt.

Kcvot, ^, 6v, empty, growndless,
4.KfVO-rvo«M» fie {avevScj), zealous
piirsuit of frivolities.
^K€¥o^r6J^yw, r6 {ra^), an empty
tomb, cenotaph.
fKipoiuiKoti Ceramlcus, the Pot-
ter's Quarter.
Kf pa4iof, 6, Cer&mus.
Kipaw«|M (Kcpa-, Kpa), iKkpaffa,
KeKpdfioi, £Kf)fifhfv and in^pdoBfjv, 2,
to mix.

K^pa^t fii'<>f or «^. ^<^i J 5^, 2, a
HORN, sometimes a horn for blow-
ing, the wing of an army. Rhino-

tKfp8a(vi» {KEp^av-), KspSavo, eitip-
<)ava, KSKifxhfKa, IV., to gain.
Kip8ot, r6, gain.

Kc<|K&Xvi, K, the HEAD. Cephalic
KtiSofiOi (ica<5-), eiofdeodfiJfVj II., to
be troubled about, care for, G.
fKTJpvd Mcoc, 0, a herald. 16.
Ktipvrrw {KtfP^'K-), KTjpHti, etc., IV.,
to proclaim, make proclamation, D.

fKiXiKtdf fic, Cilida, a province lU
Asia Minor.
KCXiti iKo^, &, a Oilician.
jKlXiova, 37f , a CUician wmnan or

tKiv8iivcv#» Ktvdfhfeixju, . etc., to en-
counter danger, run a risk, be in
peril. 33.
kCvSvvos, 6, danger, penl. 1 1 .
KiW», Klv^ta, etc. {km, to go), to
make go, move.

KX«'-a|ixos, o, CUarchus, a general
under Cyrus the Younger.

kXcU*, KkeiGUi, EKleiaa, KkK7<.£ifiai or
K£KAeuTfJLai, eKXelaOffv, to shut, close.
kXcos, r6 (kIeio, to glorify), glory.
KXiirrw {Kleir-), K^e}l>u, iK^ein,
/ccK^o^a, KEi^fifiai, ckM^v, 2 a. p
UMitTp;, III., to steal.





ticXt|ia{, airoc, '), a ladder. Climax.

icXtvi* {kXiv-)^ KJUviiy iK^lva, kckXi-
fmi^ EKkifh/v^ w. 2 a. p. tK^vrftf, IV.,
to bend, incline, niake to leak.

kXoviI, i7f (kActtto), theft.

icX«MrtiM>| K^urrevao (KAiirrcj), to
steal, intercept stealthily.

kW^oSi ^'^i Attic ovg (as if from
Kvi^), TO, darkness, dark.

KOifioMf CKoifiTfoa, ktcmfiifiriv (m-
fiai), to pat to sleep; mid. and pass.,
to lie dovm, go to bed. 37.

KOivoty if, 6v, common; ra Koivd,
public affairs. 44.
4.KOiy«#v(a» uc, communify.
4.KOiv«»vtfs, if, 6v, sharing in.

icoXa(<i (KoAad-), xoAdau, eiuiAcMTa,
Kexd^jaafiai, kmkaadfiv, IV. (ic^Aof), to
c^ecib, punish, chastise. 26.
fKoXoKivtti ia)Xaice{;ff&>, to flatter.

KoXof, a«coc, 0, afljatterer.

KoXiftvWoti s, o>^ (koA^Coi), to he

KoXao-n|s, ot) (KoXdC^)), a punisher.

KoXotyOv, docked, curtailed, stunted.

KoVoor«raC, 6n;, Colossae.

KO|ftCt« (KofjiiS'), KOftuj, etc., IV.
{Koueu, to tend), to take care of, carry
away so as to save, carry, bring,

KOVi-opTOt* ^ («<^«C, dust, dpvi)fu, to
raise), a cloud of dust.

Koirrw (kott-), K&ipu, kisxyfpa, Kiiooipa,
idKOfifiai, 2 a. p. kKonrpf, III., to
strike, cut, slaughter, knock. 22.
Chap, chop.

Kopa£| oicoc, o, a raven or croti;.

^^tmif^^- o{K6poq, a boy), a girl.

KOfUM^, fK {i^^pv?, helmet, Kapd, the
head), the lop of anything, summit.
tKO«r|&ittf Koa/i^u, etc., to arrange,
adorn. Cosmetic.

Koaya^t 6, order, ornament, equip-
ment. Cosmical.

, 17, ov, light, dry.

Kpat«» ('f^y-), f. p. KeKpd^o/Mi, 2 p.
as pres. KiKpaya, 2 a. -SKpayov^ IV.,
to cry OM^.

Kpayot, r6 {KapH, the head), a hel-
met, 19.
txpanposi /i, 6v, strong.

KpaWtt, Kpar^o, etc. («p4rof), to
5e strong, masUr of, or victorum«, to
control, overcome, conquer, g. or a.

Kpdnfp, 7/x)c, ^ {icepavvvfii), a mix-
ing vessel, large bowl. Crater.

KpandTTot {Kpdrofj), best, see ayaB6^.

Kp«rot» t6, strength, might, power;
ava Kpdroc, up to one's strength, at
full speed. 19. Hard, aato-crat.

Kpairyt|9 Tf (f^^^)* <^^ outcry,
noise, shout, shouting. 54.

Kp^oSy aoc or (i>C,r($, 2 b^,\,fUsh, meat.

KpcCtTMV (updrof), 6cW€r, more ej^-
oien^, see ayad6q,

KpcWy ovTOf , 6, Qreon, a king of

Kpi{vi|i Tf , o «prin^, «cwrcc. 3,

K|n|irtsi {(Jos', 7, a foundation.

Kpvft) ^<Jf , o, a C^eton.

Kpi0i{, Wi comm. pL, barley.
|Kpt9ivot» 7, ot', o/" barley.

Kptvw (Kptv-), Kpivd, ixplva, niKpiKa,
idKptfiat, EKp'Sffv, IV., J 109, N. 1, to
separate, judge. 43.

4.KpConity Biiq, 17, a judgment, trials
Crisis. 54.
.{.KpiTtffy Ot), a judge. Critic.

KptrCdiBi ov, Critias.

KpoKoSciXof, 6, the crocodile.

Kpovtty Kpovao, etc., w. a. p. eK/:>oi'-
afhfv, to strike, clash.
txpinrrosi 7, <iv, hidden, secret.

Kpvwna {fcpvP-, Kftw^-), KpvrJMj, etc.,
w. 2 a. p. sKpvpfv (rare). III., to con-
ceal. 27. Crypt.
4.Kpv^ci, without the knowledge of.

Krou>|UU| KTT/<jof£cu, etc, to ac^^ire,
gain, get together; pf. to Aaw oc-
quired, to possess. 37.





KTiCvM (f'fv-), KTeva^ hretva, 2 p.
iKTova, 2 a. exravov, IV., <o KW. 48.

KTTJiia, orof , T<J {kt6o/mi)^ a posses-
sion. 27.

KTiivoty TiJ (#frao/«M), a |nec€ of
property ; pi. ca///e.

KTiio^, f «jf , ^ {KTaofMi\ a posses-
sion, 2>038e8sions^ property.

ktQ^m (icr«5-), #crttT«i), iieTiaa^ ixri-
a fiat, £KTia(hfv^ IV., to found.

KvPcpvifnif , ow {Kvpepvdu^ to steer),
a pilot: Governor.

KvSvot» <^, ^^« Cydnus^ a river in

icv^uci|vos, 6 (sc. oraHip^ a stater),
a gold piece, coined at Cyzicus,
worth 28 Attic drachmae, or about

KvKXoa*, KVK^.Ltau, etc. {iAkXo^, a
circle), to encircle, surround, hein in.
18. Cycle.

KvKVoSy 0, the swan,

KW-dYos» {kvuv, iyiofiat), a hun-

KvviXXovy t6, a beaker, goblet.

Kvpcios or KvpcCott fi, ov (Kvpog),
belonging to or of Cyrus.

K^piosy u, ov (Kvpoc, authority), Jutv-
ing authority ; KvpiH, Sg, a mistress.

Kvposi ^, I- Cyrus the Elder,
founder of the Persian empire, over
which he began to reign 559 b. c.
11. Cyrus the Younger, son of Da-
rius II., brother of Artaxerxes II.,
unsuccessful aspirant to the throne
of Persia. The history of the expe-
dition which he made against his
brother 401 B.C. was written by

Kv«»V| Kwoq, voc. Kvw, 6, fj, a dog.
50. Hound, cynic.

K»X&) Kulhato^ etc. ('coAof), to hin-
der, forbid, 2yrevent, a. g. 26.

tKo>|&-apX'nSi ow {apx^\ a village-
chief. 8.

4-ic«|ftf{n|t, ov, a villager, 15.
K«rKXot» 7, ov {KirrfXy^ci, to prate,
chatter), loquacious.

Xayx^um Q^x-), >Mofuu, dXnx<t,
ethjyuai, kTiiixBiiv, 2 a. khixw, V., to
get by lot.

XaY«t» u, 2 42, 2, w. K. 1, a hare, 8.

Xa0tCvy XolOwVt see "kavfidvu.

AcucfSaifMnoty ^, a Lacedaemo-

XoXi^ (iq {UUo, to chatter), talk-
ing, talkaiiveness.

XafiPayw (^^a^-)t ^H^Hiai, rtA^^,
eikfififiai, eX^^Si/v, 2 a. ekapov, V., to
take, capture, receive, obtain. 46.
tXc4i«iJt9 ddoi, iy a torch.
tXofiirpoti A, ov, brilliant.
tXajiirpoTiis, jyrof , ^, splendor.

Xofivwy ?.dfi\lKj, eXafifpa, 2 p. ^e-
/Mftira, to shine. Lamp.

XavMw (^«^-)i ^'A^w, Xi?Ji(jfiai, 2 p.
Af^i!^, 2 a. «^a<fev, v., to escajte the
notice of, lit hid from ; mid. to for-
get, G. For its constr. w. a. part.,
see 1279, 4. 48.

Xaxot» t6 (kayx^vii), lot, share.

\4ym, ^e^«, iXe^a, 2,£Xeypai, i^i-
X^v, to say, tell, speak, state, call,
speak of, mention, mean. 18. Lexi-

-Xc7<i» ?.if o, l7jE^a, -eihtxa, -ei^y/iai
or -XeTiryfiM, eXix^, 2 a. p. -kkeytfv^
to collect, gather, 18.

Xf (d| &g, booty, plunder.

Xci|JMiir, uvoq, 6 (^ipu^ to pour), a
moist place, nuadow.

Xsiirm (A<7r-), kelxlKj, ?,£keififiai, cXei-
f^thp^, 2 p. XfAwTTo, 2 a. i^dnov, II., to
leave, abandon; fut. pf, vnll have
been left, will remain. 45. El-lipaUu





XcvKoS|J7, ov, hriglil, white.

Xc«*V9 ovTo^^ 6, a lion.

AcoyfSdSf ov, Leoiiiclas, iho Spar-
tan hero who fell at Thermopylae.

XifyMy ^'/^w, iA^^rt, to fciy, allay;
comm. intr. to come to an end.

Xi]Oi|, IK {^avOdwj), forgdfulness.

Xi|i{ojuu or Xntofifu (AiyZrJ-, XycJ),
'XijiaofiM^ etc., IV. (^f*<<), to plunder.
{X^io^cidi fie, robbery. 54.
■(.X'n«mj«, oi', a robber.

Axfivii, 7f , Libya.

Aipvs, uof, 6, a Libyan.
f XAivos, V, ov, ()/■ stone.
-jXiOo-PoXCd, af (pdUtjl a throwing
of stones.

XCOos, 6, a stone. 6. Litho-graph.

Xi|ii|v, £vcjf (Xfi/Jw, to pour), d, a

XC|jLVi|y W (A«)3(.», to pour), a /aie.

XifioSf (^, hunger.

XCviOS* fi, ov, contr. hvovg, ^, ovy
(Aivoi;, anything made 0/ flax), flaxen,

tXo7C(o|UU (Xo7«J-), ^oytovfiat, etc.,
IV., to consider, calculate, expect. ^2.

Xoyo%p ^ (^-^y"i to say), a word,
fiarrative, discmirse, speech, discus-
sion, -logy, -logne.

Xo^x^ W, o, spear-head, spear,

XoiSopco»i 'Xoi^opfyjo, etc. (loU\ofxi^,
abusive), to revile, abv^. 40.

Xoiiroti Vt ^v (^e'nriS), remaining;
2oi7r6v tcTLv, it remains ; w. art., tlie
rest; to htiirSv, in future, J 160, 2.

XovMy to wash, comm. mid. as dep.
?jwofiai, 7.oixjofmi, etc., to 6a^Ae.

Xo^os» o, the baxik of the neck, a
ridge of ground, a hill. 6.
tXox-ayos, (vy^ofMi), a captain. 6.

Xo'xos, 6 (Xc;r-. seen in ^exoc, bed),
an ambush, ambuscade^ company of
loldicrs. 2^.

AvSCd, i'g, Lydia, a province of
Asia Minor.
AvKio«y o, Lydus.
XvKosy 6, a wolf.

Xv|&aCvofilK {^Z'fjULv-), Xvfiavoviiat,
^eXtfjuujfzm, kTiVfjojv&firiv, IV. (>ti/i>7,
outrage), to outrage, destroy, cause

f Xviff »y ^vnijoii, etc., to grieve, pain,

X^, w, J»ain, grief, disiress. -
|Xvin)p<^, /i, 6v, painful, grievous.
Xvpd, fif , tJie lyre.
AwravSpos, 6, Lysander, a Spar-
tan general.
tXikrC-irovof y ov, freeing from toil.
fXvoafi «Jf , Vt « release.
JXiio-i-TfXifsy f f ("^Aof), paying trib-
ute to, advantageous, profitable.
f Xvrpovy t6, a ransom.
Xi^My A^orw, f^iffa, AfAv/crt, Xe'Xvfiai,
kXvdrjv, to LOOSE, 6rcaA, destroy, abol-
ish, remove; mid. to ransom. 2.

Xc»To-4>aYos, 6 (Tlutoc, the lotus,
and <j>ay', appearing in etpayov, see
eaSiu), a lotus-eater,


|u£» an adv. of swearing, used w.
the ace. in negative oaths, J 163, by.

|AaOi||Aa, arog, t6 (jxai^avtS), a les-
son; pi. teaming. MathematicB.

MaCavSpos, 0, the Maeandcr, a
river of winding course in Asia
Minor. Maeander.

|&aCvo|Jiai ifJ-ciif-), fiavovfiat, hjurjva-
fjLijv, IV., to be mad. Maniac.

liOKOp, apoq, 6, fern. fidKap or fid-
KaifKi, blessed.

||icuc(ipi{o (fiaKapid-), (lampiL)^ IV.,
to account or esteem hajypy or fortu-

|icucpoS| ^, dv iji^Kog), long; (JtaKpaw




(sc. dA6v\ a long way ^ far; fiaKpdre-
pov, as Adv., farther. 12.

ImXoi c. //dAAov, 8. fioXiara^ { 75,
F. 2, much, very, exceedingly.

Ojjim^ 2 a. ifJuUhv, V., to fcam, ascer-
tain. 45.
tfiayritef <!c, an oracle.

Iiaimf, fc^f, o, jj (juiivofuu), a seer,
Bootlitayer. 22.

Ifoprvott ov, Martyae, I. a Phryg-
ian satyr; II. a small river of
Fhrygia, said to be named ailer the

f lioprvp^Mi fiapTvp^ao, etc., to hear
wiincM, confirm, b.

tiaapT^pOfftOi {fiaprvp-), ifiaprvpa-
fiiiv, IV., to call to witness.

laoprvti fidfrrvpo^, d. pi. /idprvoi,
6, y, a vntness. Martyr.

MorKdSy &, i 39, 3, ^Ae Mascas, a
tributary of the EuphratoR.

|uurri(, ^T'oc, 9, a whip, lash,
scourge. 16.

|MiffTos, 6, 07ie of the hrea^, a
breast ; hence, o hill. 36.

fuLxoH^ ^^> ^ shortswordor dagger.
tnaxni W. « battle, figU. 15.

luLxoiiOh fiaxovfMt, fiefidxnftai,
kiiaxtadfiTiv^ to fight, D. 31.

l&ryaXo-vpcinitt ^f (A'^yaf, ^piiru),

lluyoXo-irpfirttti with great liberal-

l»ryoXM« {fiiyag), greatly.

McYOpo, rd, Megara, the capital
of Megaris.

|u Yas» fJtey&^Vy f^^yf^, 1 70, c. pui^iutv,
8. fiiyurroc, { 73, 1, ^reat, ^or^c.

|uOt|, w (/^£^v, loinc), siron^f cZriJi^,
drunken)ies8. Mead.

lifOvtt (/u£^, mne), to be drunk.

fu^wvy lUTtoToty see /if^'af . More.
¥f ov, smaller, see ftlxpdg.

|UXa8| a<Mi, Av, 2 67, black. Mel-

ImXctsMi fieXtrrjou, kfieXkr^a, fie-
fu7.£T7^Ka (fuhS), to care for, practise,


|uX^in|y 7f , millet.

|uXX«», /zeAATfTo, kitfkhjoa, { 100,
2, N. 2, to be about, to intend; hence,
to delay.

luXosi t6, an air, melody.

|uX«»| fitkijou, fjiefiih/fjiat^ kfieh^Oijv^
to be a care to, d. ; comm. imper.,
fik^ei^ fieXrjaei, ifikXt/ae, fUfik'XriKt, aa
fik'Xsi fioi TowJc, I care for this, J 184,
2, N. 1 ; mid. to take care of.

|U|iini||iai| to remember, see lu/ii/^"


|i/|ft^|iai, /lifiilfOfiM, efi€fiil>afi7jv and
efiifi^thfv, to blame.

|i/v, a post-posit, particle (never
used as a conj. to connect words or
sentences), used to Sifitroguish the
word or clause with which it stands
from something that is to follow,
and comm. answered by 6e^ some-
times by d?.Xd, fUvToi, iireira, in the
corresponding clause, on the o^ne
liand, indeed, though often not to
be translated.

Iiuv-Tot, post-posit, OASuredly^ in-
deed, however, and ycL

|i/vt», /iev6), i/uiva, fieftivifKa, to
stay, remain^ continue, be in force,
await. 41.

M^VttV, uvog^ 6, Mejion, a general
under Cyrus the Younger.

|upi|iva, 17C1 care, anxums thought,

|i/p0Si t6, a part, share, detach-
ment ; kv fiipei or h t^ pipet, in txim.
t|Uo - t)|&Pp^ ag (w^pa), midday,
noon; the country towards the me-
ridian, the south.

|uo*oS) V, fiv, middle; pkouv, t6^
tfie middle, inidst; did piaov, kv idai^.





through, in the space between, or sim-
ply between. 14.

MccnriXoi w or wv, ^ or ra, a city
on the Tigris.

|jic«rTos» J^, ^v, ^Zi, /wW of.

fUTo, prep, (akin to fiioog), amid,
among. (1) With a., with, on the
side of. (2) With a., after, 7ie.xt to.
In comp., among, in quest of, and
expressing participation, as in firr-
iz^t and change, as in fieTo-TiOtffu.

|icra-PaXX»| to change.
4|WTa-poXT(, vc, a change.

|jL€T8uS(8«»|u, to ^ve a £^r6, d. o.
tl&crcAXcv«»| nETaXkevau, to mine.

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