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ydroXXov, rd, a mine or quarry.

|UTa(v (//frd), improp. prep. w. G.
and adv., between.

|UTa-irf|&irMy to send after; mid.
to send for, summon.

|Lcra^C9v||Uy to put in a new place,

|iCTCM|>vTcve» ((pwevu, ^vrevoa, etc.,
to plant, (pvrSv, a plant, ^wu), to

fur-^X<^> to have a share of, share, G.

|UTpovy rd, a measure. Metre,

Iftc'xph improp. prep. w. G. and
conj., until.

litf, adv., not, | 283; conj. that
not, lest, that, ? 215.

|ti)-8c| &u^ no^, and not^ nor^ not
4.|&i)8-cCs, fiffde-fiia, nv6-h, J 77, 1, N.
2, no^ even o?ie, no one, no; ^ev,
T(5, nothing.
4-|AT|8c-iroTc, never.

MifScio, nq, Medea.

MtjSos, 0, a Mede.

|fci)-K-€Ti (fiTi, iTt\ no longer.

liTJKOSi ro^ length. 19.

|fctjv, a post-posit, intens. particle,
in truths surely »

jiify, fivv6c, A, a month. 17.

|jii|yiWy firn^tao, etc., to disclose,
make known. 55.

|iT{-irorC| n-evcr.

|iTf-«'tt>, no^ ye^

l&t{-TC, conj., anc? no<, nor; //ijrc. . .
/i^Tf, neither... nor; fiijTe...Te, both

jjiTinip, A"7i'P<5f, 4, 2 57, 1, w. N. 1,


(jiiaCvo (jiiav-), fuavij, kfiiava, fie-
fiiacfmi, efudvfhiv, IV., to pollute.

|&£yvv|u OM«y-), and /tterj^w, /£/^w,
efii^a, fikfiiynat, kfiix^t^, 2 a. p. ifii-
yvv, 2, to MIX with, mingle.

M£8dt| ov, Midas, a king of

MiOpiS^nis, ov, MithriduLtes, a sa-
trap of the Persian king.

(jilKpos, /i, ($v, 2 73, 1, sma^^, weak.
iMiXt{(ri0S| 0, a Milesian,

MtXT)Tos, 7, jWiie^tw.

MiXtioiStis, ov, Miltiades.

MlXttv, wvof, 0, Milo.

|Jii)UO|UUy filfi^aofiat, etc. {,ulf^og, a
mime), to imitate, mimic.

|U|iVT)(rK» (/fva-), fivtfGu, i/ivifoa^
fit fivri fiat ^ ifiv^odtfv, VI., to remind;
mid. and pass, to remember, m^ke
mention of mention; pf. fii/iviffiai^
remember, as pres., G. 29.

|iui^«iy ulaijoii, etc. O^iffof , hatred)^
to hate. Mis-anthropist.

ju«^os, 0, wages, pay, hire, re -
ward. 8. Meed.

j|Ai(rOo-4^p^ df (0^p«), receipt of
wages, wages received, wages.
j|u<r6o-^'pos, ov (0^^), serving for
hire; fiia6o(p6poi as noun, mercena-
j|AurOo«i| fiiaOcjoij, etc., to iei out for
hire; mid. J 199, n. 2, to hire, en-
gage the services of. 18.

I&vd, dc, a mina. The mijia of




100 dracbmas wm t"ir ^^ * talent,
and would be worth to-day about

|ivijp»v, ov (jufivfyjKu), minc^ul.

|M>Xvp8of, 0, lead.

|M>vot» n, ov, alone ; ft^vov as adv.,
only. Mono-, mon-.

Movtra, 9r. the Muse.


a teller of legends, from fiv(^t « to^.
and X^<i)), to tell as a legend, relate.
tfjivpidsy arfof , ^, a myriad,
li^pios, ft, ov, 2 77, 2, H. 3, ten
thoiisand. 29.

|iV$, juvoc. <>• A MOUSE.
MviroS) o, a Mysian,

voo's, ov, or yukf <&, J 42, 2 (va/«,
<(; (Zii;eW), a temple.
vairn, W. a ^r^en, ravine.


tvaiHinif^Si <$»' (ffJ^yvCA"). huilding

vavst ^f<^, ^* { ^4, a «Ai/>.
|vavTi)Si ov, a sailor.
4.vavnK0«» ^, 6v, naval, nautical;
vavTiKrj, ^, a fleet.

vtovCdS) ov (vioc), a young man,

vcdir(o-KOS| 6 (v^of), a young Tnan,
even to the age of forty.

NctXos, 6, i/ic iVi;<;.

vcKpot, o, a rfcoeZ 6oc?y, always of
a person ; ol veKpoi, the dead. Necro-

vc|iM» vefiu, heifia, vevifiJfKa, vevi-
fiTf/Mt^evefiijHT/v, to deal or portio7i out,
distribute, pasture, graze, a. d. Ne-

Wos, ft, ov, young, hew. Neo-
jriOTiit, rrroc, i, youth.
4.VfOTTcv4*t veoTTtvau (veooaog, a
young bird), to hatch.

v«vpdt, dc, a bowstring'.

Vfvpov, t6, a cord made of sinew,

n^r\t m (v^0of, a chxul), mist;
hence, a net.

vt«s, v€«r, see vavf .

vutfy 6, see vft^c.

vi|, an adv. of swearing, used w. the
ace. in affirmative oaths, § 163, hy.

vnt, rif^ see vavq.

vrjcrot, *, } 42, 1, an istonrf. Poly-

V((« (Wi3-), V<V*», iviJ^Hl, vkVLflfJLOl,

•iv'Kfthrv, IV., { 108, IV. 1 h, s. 2.

tvCKOWf viK^o, etc., to conquer, de-
feat, he victorious. 37.

v(iO|, IK, conquest, victory, 55.

NioPi|» W, Niobe.

vo/«, vo^w, etc. (mJoc), to ob-

vofuiiy tii'oc, b, i {vifuS), roaming
about for pasture; ol vofi&Seg, pasto-
ral tribes, nomads.

fvo|ji4«* h^f*^')t vofua, etc., IV., to
regard as a custom, to regard, sup-
pose, think, believe, C07isider. 27.

vo|ioSi 6 (vifiu), anything assigned,
a custom, law. . 6.

voof, contr. vovf, 6, J 43, minrf,
judgment. See npooixf^-

voo^Si V. disease, sickness.

wvs, vov, see v(5of .

iruKTcpcvMi wKrepevoo (yijf), to pass
the night.

wicTO-<^vXat, aKoc, 6 (w|^, <!>v^afj, a
night-watch, watchman.

vvKTwp (vv^), by night

vvv, NOW.




vvg, WKr<5f, ij, hight; rijg WKT^g,
ly night. 55.
V€p, see vw>f .


rruinder of auxiliary or 7r»6rccnory

^<v^>^i -^eTiios, a general in the
Greek army of Cyrus the Younger.
tffv4i» (ffv*<5-), ^ev<6), IV., to eTiter-
<ai7» as a guest.

t£ivuc09i ^, ov, relating to itrangers,
mercenary ; ^eviKdv^ t6 (sc. arpdrevfia)^
a foreign force.

|f vot, 0, a guest-friend^ guest^ Jiost,
stranger, foreigner.

iSfVO-^Miry uvTog, 6; Xenophon, an
Athenian, author of the Anaba^.

Scp£i)s,ov, Xerxes, in particular
JTerajcs I., son of Darius I.

(io^osy 7, <$v (^^di, to polish), smooth,

(i|paCv» {^npov"), ^vpo'^i^, e^vn^va,
i^rjpaafim, e^ijpdv&rpf (^Jjp^t dry), to
dry. 50.
t(vXiVO$, V or Of, ov, of wood, wooden.

(vXoVi t6, a stick of wood, wood,
fuel. 35.

{vv-» £vy-i for words so beginning
see ffvi^-, avy-.

6f i|, r^t the definite article ^^e,
J 78 ; 6 fiev...d 6k^J,he one...tlie other,
oi fi£v ...01 6e, thcM . . . those, sorne . . .
others, § 143, 1 ; d {i, ol, at) 6k, and
or hut he (s/tc, they), § 143, 1, N. 2
(never referring to the suhjectoi the
preceding sentence, hut always to
some word in an oblique case) ;
sometimes equivalent to the posses-
sive pron, /m, /tcr, their ^ J 141, n. 2.

|*-8€, iJ-Sf, To-Si, dem. pron., J 83,
w. N. 1, and J 148, w. 5. 1, iAis, ^/le
to8-i|YOS| 6 (tiyiofiai), a guide.
to8oi-«opoSy 6, a wayfarer, fellow-
traveller, guide.

f^8o-iroU«ii odorroi^u, etc., perf.
also w. double augm. uSoTreiroii^Ka,
o)6oneirohffiat, to make a road.

o8o$i i, a way, road, journey^ ex-
pedition. 12. Meth-od.
i&QV9f 6vTog, 6, a tooth.
t^vpi&asy 6, wailing.
o8i$po|UU {b6vp-), bdvpovficu, cjSv-
pdfitfv, IV., to bewail, lament, wail.

69w9 rel. adv., { 87, 2, whence, from
what source.
otyvviu (oiy-) and otY«| ol^a, {i^a

or -^v^a, -fv;r«i '^'pyf^^t ^^x^nv, 2 p.

-^^yo (rare), 2, to open.

olSa (i<J-, F<(J-), a 2 p. used as a
pres., 2 127, VII., to know. See
Xdfiic Wit.

toCKO-Sf, /or Ao?M<j, home-ward,
home. 26.

toCjccTi)s» ov, a domestic, a housC"
servant. 55.

'*'oCjci«y oiK^ao, etc., to inhabit, oc-
cupy, dwell in, live in, dwell, live;
pass, be situated. 23.

toCjc^df uf, a house, dwelling.

toCjcC^M {o\Ktd'), ouuCi, (fuuaa, {mc£-
afiai, ^iad^v, IV., to colonize.

JoCjcumisi ov, a colonist.

tolKO-8o|tt«, <HKo6ofiii<jQ, etc. {pkflti^
to build), to build, construct.

totKoi, at home.

tolKo-vo|JbOs, 6 {vifitS), a steward,
manager, economist.
oIkos, 0, a house, home.

olKTcfptt {oMTep-), OlKTEpO, OKTEipa^

IV. (oIktoc, pity), to pity, feel pity.

olvos, 6, WIKE. 8.

otofLai, oiT^aofiai, (i^^dr^, to think,
suppose ^ expect; the first pers. sing.





pres. and imperf., generally ol/ww

oloSf ", ov, rel. pron., J 87, 1, of
what sort, what sort of what; roi-
cvToq...o\oq, such,.. as; o\6c Tf, J 151,
IT. 4, ad fin., able, possible.

ott» oi6g, nom. and ace. pi. also oig,
6, jj, Lat. ovis, a slieep. EwE.

oCtrOi 866 0f/>O.

olxofLOiy oixvoo/uu^ oixiMca or if^X^-
Ka, J 200, N. 3 a, to he gone. 53.

^kWo»i oKvrjaa (oKvog, hesitation),
to be apjrreJiensive, to dread, fear,

6kt», eight.

^Pos» 6, prosperity, happiness.

jfXcOpoSi 6 (dk^vfit), destruction.
toXi7-a^tef fif {apxcS), a govern-
ment by a few, oligarchy.

oXCyoSi V) ov, { 73, 1, litUe, pl./cw,
a few.

SyXv^ (p?.-), o^iJ, Ci^eaa, -b^^\eKa,
2 p. 6?.(jAa, 2 a. mid. iJM^T^v, 2, to
destroy, mid. to perish; 2 j). to be

Ska%^ 7, ov, whole, all. Catholic.

'Oi&Tiposy b. Homer.

j|jivv|U (6//-, ofM-), bfjovfiai, uputaa,
bfi6fioKa, bfiL}fMHj/jLaij L>ft6(hjv and ijfid-
afhjv, 2, to swear, take an oath.

t^|Mu>s, H, ov, like, similar. Same,

$o|ioCa»S| iu (lie same inanner.

j-d|M>-XoYCtt>y biioTuoyrjOLi, etc. (?-*7<j),
to agree, acknowledge.

:[({|io-XoYov|i^VttSy confessedly; 6/zo-
Tcoyovfihtoq c/c iravruv, by the acknowl-
edgment of all.

o|u»s> ^, <$^, one and the same.

4.o|iocrcy to i/te 8a77ic |;Zac<j, to cZosc

|o|M>-TpairctoS| «»* (r^w7rcC«), sitting
at the same table; masc. as noun,

or disposition.

^vci8os» r6, reproach, blame.
t^VTio-ifi ecjf, jj, benefit.

ovCvi||U (ova-), bv^Of uvfjoa^ Lvfy-
Orfv, 2 a. mid. iivdiiffv or uvTjfjajv (rare),
1, to benefit, do one a service.

^vofio, aroc, r6, a kame. 34. An-
4.3vo|u^«» (6i«|m<5.), ovofi&aii^ etc.,
IV., to nam<j, caW.

Jvotf b, f), an 033. 9.

^vw{, v;fof , i, a toton, claw, ttail.

o(vSt ^'^1 ^1 sharp. Oxy-gen.

dfmj or Arfl, rel. adv., § 87, 2,

Jino^cvy behind; ra dmodetf, the
^dirto-6oH^vXaic^«y oTrtoBo^vXaK^acj,
to guard the rear.

|dirurOo-^vXa{, aKoc, 6, one of the
rear-guard; pi. the rear-guard. 25.
ti{irXC(«> {birTud-)^ cm'Xiaa, Cm^iafiai^
oitr'Uadjjv, IV., to ami; mid. to anji
one's self 23.
tdirXtn)$, ow, a heavy-armed foot-
soldier, hoplite. 5.

^irXov, TO, an implement ; pi. arms^
armor. 13. Pan-oply.

oiroOcv, rel. adv., J 87, 2, whence,
(a source) /rowi which,

5iroi, rel. adv., J 87, 2, Wii^Aer,

diroCosy a, ov, rel. pron., § 87, 1, 0/
whatever kind, whatever^ what^ (such)

diro<roSi >7, w, rel. pron., § 87, 1,
ho^o much, (as much) as; pi. Aow
many, (as many) os.

diroTCi rel. adv., 2 S7, 2, when,
whenever, since.

■' dirorcposy 5, w, rel. pron., J 87, 1,
whichever, of two persons or things.





u, rel. adv., § 87, 2, w^erc,

onrro^f y, 6v,'hahcd, burnt, aiS brick.

otPfoSt conj., i?i or<igr that, that.
topcurts, €L>c, 4, iight.

op(u» (oTT-, W-), drlx)fmtj iupilKa or
iopuKa, icjpaiiai or ^fi/iicu, cxpdTjv, 2 a.
fMoi;, VIII., to fiee. 49. Pan-orama,

om'f ^f J anger.

opCYOy opi^G), &pe^a^ c>pixGrfv, to
BEACH out; mid. to aspire or strive
a/Xcr, G.

*Opc«m|s, ov, Orestes.
topOios, a, ov, straight wp, 8<«cp.

opOos» 7, <$v, straight^ upright^ right.
|op6«0S> rightly, jusUy.

^piovy rd (o/wf, a 6ound), a boun-

opKosy 6 (fVy^i ^ restrain), an
oath. 7. Ex-orcism.

tdpiAOMi opfirjGu, etc., to stor< yuic^-
/y, inirans. to rush^ rush at; mid. to
set out. 44.

opfiTfi vc, movement.
topvCOiovy r<$, a Zi^^^ bird.

opvls, zft>f, 0, /), a bird, fowl.

'OpovTos, «, ? 39, 3, Orontas, I. a
Persian nobleman condemned to
death by Cyras the Younger ; II. a
satrap of Armenia.

opos, TO, a mountain, chain of
hills, lieight. 19.

^prvfy vyoq, 6, a quail.

opxio^xu, opxv<J<^licu, iipxno&fitfv
{opx(K, a row), to dance. Orchestra.
4.3pXii(rri|S> ov, a dancer.

5s» tf» ^f rel. pron., ? 86, who,
which, what, that; y (sc. 66<p), in
what way, as; Kal 6c, j 151, n. 3,
and he; ef 9, on condition that,
i 2G7.
- ^Pcrosy Vi 0V1 rel. pron., 2 87, 1, how

much or grectt, or simply who^ who-
ever, which, what, whatever, that;
TiXTovTog . . . 6<Tof , 80 much, pi. so
many ... as ; 5<y^ . . . tooovtu, § 188, 2,
6y Aoti; so much, the.. .the;
ooov, as adv. w. numerals, about.

Sc'^mpf V-nep, b-nep, strengthened
form of 6c, who or which indeed, just
who or which,

6n^W¥f t6, comm. pi. legumes,

^TtiWf or contr. dorovvy r6, a bone.

^-Ti«| fj-Tiq, 6 Ti, rel. pron., { 86,
whoever, whichever, whatever, or sim-
ply who, which, what, that ; da-Tiq-
ovv, without relative force, any one,

^o*^pi]Oi.s, e<,)g, ^ (ba<^paivopcu, to

smell, scent, cf. d^u, to smell, have a

smell), smelling, the sense of smelling.

t^rav (6rf, av), rel. adv. w. subj.,

wJienever, when.

^Ti, rel. adv., J 87, 2, when.

oTi, conj., that, because; often
strengthening the sup., as brt Taxi-
ora, as quickly as possible.

o Tiy SrcVf oT^ 6rmv, see baric.

ov, ovKy ovxi § 13, 2, not; ov pij^
in strong denial, § 257 ; ov or ap^ ov
in a question, \ 282, 2 ; ov ^7^^, to
deny, refuse, say not or no.

01J, ot, ly third pers. pron. (see
i 144, 2, and § 79, 1), of him, her,
it, of himself herself, itself.
tov8a|u>$y ^, 6v, not even one, none.
Jov8c4io0cVy /rom no quarter.
:iotlSa|MSsy in no way.

ov-Scy conj., and not, but not, nor,
nor yet; as adv., not even, certainly
not; o{)6l . . . ov6k, not even . . . nor yet.
4.ov8-€^, ov6e-pia, ov6-h, J 77, 1,
N. 2, not even one, no one, no ; oinUi
as adv., not at all.
4.ov8€-irorc, not even ever, v^ever,

ovK-<Tiy no longer, not now.





o^K-«w, not therefore,

oik-ovry interrog. not therefore f
not thenf Hence in assertion w.
no neg. force, therefore, then.

ovv, an infer, post-posit, conj.,
stronger than afM, there/ore, conse-

ov-irori| 7i-et>er.

oit-Wf not yet.

ov-vci-vorc, never yet or before,

ovpoy dc, the tail.
fovpoyioSf « or of, ov, heavenly.

ovpav^y (S, heaven, the heavens,

ovSt wr<Jf, r(5, ear. 43.

o^-^i» conj., and not, nor; olre . . .
ovre, neither . . . nor.

ovTOSy avTtf, Toirro, dem. pron.,
J 83, and J 148, K. 1, this, pi, these,
but from a difference in the point
of view the neut. pi. ravra often
to be rendered into English by

4ovTM«, thus, in this way, so, in that

ovx^ a more emphatic form of ov,
q. V.

j^cXos, r6 (o^^Au, to further), ad-

o^aX|io's, & (oTT- in d^lfojLuii, see
6pdu), the eye. Ophthalmy.

j^if , ecjg, 6, a snake. ^

6\4»t oxvoi^, aor. mid. Lxnaannv
and pass. LixV^^ {^X^^t a chariot), to
carry, hear. Way.
lox'HH^ "''^f » ''"^» ^ conveyance.

oxXos» 6, a crowd, mvXtitude.

oxvpotty ojT'^pwffw (ox^p^Q J firmj for-
tified, cf. i;rw), to fortify.


ira7Cst «5of , j} {ir^yvfjfu), a snare.
iroOcbV, see rrdax*^-
va0ost TO {ndax*^), feeling, passion,
ill-treatment. Pathos.

fvotScidy OCt education, training^
discipline. Cyclo-paedia.

fmuSciftty Traiihiaij, etc., to educate.

tirai8(ov, t6, a little chiM, child.

tinuSo-Tp{pi|s, ov (rptpo)), a train-
ing-master, teaclier.

fvo^M (7ra/<J-, Tra^y-), irai^ovfioi^
encuaa, neizaiKa^ iriTratafitu, IV., <o
«pori, play.

vaSsy 7rai66ct 6, ij, a child, boy, gvrl,
son, daughter, 42. Ped-agogue.

vcUtii rraiow, etc., to stride, 8mt/«,
6eai. 5.
ira\(u, loThg ago, formerly,

jiraXoios, A, 6v, old, ancient. Pa-
vdXiVf again, hack. Palim-psest.
iraXrovi t6 (rdAAw, to brandish),
a javelin. 42.

tira|&-irciv (^of), altogether, entirely.

tira|;b-iroXvS| wafi-nd^hf, irdii-irokv^
very large, pi. very many.
nay, neut. of nag. Pan-acea.

|irav-ovX^ «C (oirAov), a jfutt «uii
of armor, panoply.

t«aiM>vfryCd, fif , knavery ^ vUlany.

jvov-ovpYOSy ov {Ipyov), ready for
every act, unprincipled^ perfidious,


jiravraxovy everywhere.

4-irav-TcX(5s (Trav-reA^f, all-comr
plete, TfAof), completely.

^mL^Ti\ or irovrQ, everywhere.

jiravToSairosi v, ^i*', of every kind.

liroyroOcVi on all sides.

lnuvToCos, d, ov, of all kinds.

|irayu, wholly, altogether, very.
vaD|uu (pres. not in use), irdaofiai,
nendfiat, knaadfiTpf, to acquire ; pf. to
Aave acquired, to possess.
irapa, prep., by, near, alongside of,

(1) With Q., /rom beside, from.

(2) With D., alongside of, near.





(3) With A., to {a place) near, to;
by the side of, by, beyond^ contrary
to, beside, except, along with, beeaxcse
of, throughout, of place, time, cause,
etc. In comp., beside, along by, hith-
erward, wrongly, over. Para-.

vapa-palvt»9 to transgress.

vap-ayy^XXM, to send w6rd along,
command, bid, to give out a pass-,
word, give orders, j>.

«ap^-8ctY|tai arog, t6 {irapa^ei-
Kvfffu, to show by the side of), an ex-
ample. Paradigm.

vofoScwvsy i, a park. 1 1 . Para-

vapo^(8«|u» to pass along, give or
deliver up or &oer, surrender, A. D.

vopo^tvai, see TrafM-riBiffii.

vopa-KoXiM, to call along or for-
ward, summon, invite, exhort.

vapa-KC^vo|iai| to exhort, D.

irai»a-Xf Cm*, to leave on one side,

«af-a|uXi», to pass by in neglect,
violate, o.

trapcMr^lLVMi to despatch.

TOpcMrXifotosy S. or of, ov, similar,
like. 22.

vapdrsyYT|«y ov, a paraaang, a
measure of distance equal to 30
stadia or about a league. 12.

vofM^^vcWttti to put things side
by side, make ready, prepare. 47.

«iipa-<rKi)Wtt, to encamp near, D.

vopOF^^Iu, to set near or before,
A. D.

«op-€4u {elfti)^ to be by, near, at
hand, or present, to arrive, i). ; ra
irapdvra, present circumstances. 32.

vap-cifu (elfu), to go or pass along
or by.

vap-cXavv«»9 to ride or march along
or by.

^cQj^fi%fi^jaXf to come or ride along,
to pass along or by.

**p-'X*» ^0 afford, offer, give, pro-
vide, to cause for a person.

vopO^vosi 4, a virgin, maiden,

irap-(an||u, to station near; mid.
w. p. and 2 a. act., to stand near or
by. ^

irap-oSofiy ij, a way by, passage^

vap'W^JLdi, aC (Trdp-oiptog, by the
wayside, olfMC, a way), a by-word^

Ilofpaoxof I 6, a ParrJuisian.

Il€Lp4vofr%,9p iSog, ^, ParystUis,
mother of Cyrus the Younger.

vds, ndaa, nav, { 67, 2, and J 25,
3, N. 1, all, every, the whole, every
kind of all kinds of; in the sing,
comm. without the art. ; see also
i 142, 4, N. 5. Pan-theism.

Hibriuv, wwf, 0, Fasion, a gen-
eral of Cyrus the Younger.

viwx^ (n-flrf^-, irevO-), nelaofmi, 2 p.
TriirovOa, 2 a. krroBov, VIII., to be
affected by something, to suffer; ev
or KOKug ndaxf^i to receive good or
suffer harm, to be well or ill-treated,
i 165, N. 1. 45.

vanipy T/:«5f, &, J 57, and 1, a fa-


jvarpCs, t<5oc, v, one* s fatherland.
jvarp^os, a, ov, one*s father's, he-
reditary, ancestral.

navauv^, ov, Pausamas.

vavtti iravau, etc., to s^op, c?irf;
mid* to stop one*s self, cease, desist,
pause, a. 15. Few.

iraxvSf f*«i ^, ^^icA. Pachy-

mSCoVi r(J (TT^fW, ground), a plain.

ir«to«, ^, <5v (iTovg), on foot; ttcCoc,
<5, a foot-soldier, ol ire^oi, the infan-
try; ^cCy, on foot.
tirc^-04ixosy ov (apxcS), obedient.




vtiBm (mO-)^ ireiau^ etc., w. 2 p.
iriTTudh, 2 a. eniOov^ II., to persuade,
in pres. and imperf. to try to per-
suade, urge; mid. to persuade one's
self, obey, give way to, listen to, p. ;
2 p. as pres., to trust, d. 15.

invva, 7f , hunger.
Iwfvvdu} ireiv^au, kireivtjoa, ireird'
wy/ca, J 98, H. 2, to hunger, be hun-

Ilcipauvs, ioK, &, i 53, 3, H. 3, the
harbor of Peiraev^,

mipoMi netp&auy kirelpOaa, ireirel-
pupaij eTreipiOjpf (velpa, a trial),
comm. as dep. pass., to try, endeavor^
undertake J attempt, a. 15. Pirate.

vf Co^fiOi, see trdaxf^ or ireiBo,

mirrioif a, ov (ireiBij), to be per-
suaded or obeyed.

WXa^os, t6, the sea.
tncXoirov-vij<rioS| a, ov, Pelopon-

HtkovoV'Vi^rfii, 7 {nfAoV*, v^ffoc,
Pclops's Island), the Peloponnesus.

irfXrao-n{s, ov {TTtTiTij, a shield), a
targeteer, peltast. 5.

vcfiirw, irifirJHj, iTrefixJHi, iri7rofi<j>a,
irerrefifioi, eTrifupOjufy to send. 2.
tircvr|Si T^of, hypooT^ a poor man.
tircvCd, ag\ poverty.

ir€vo|iou, to toil, live in poverty.

trtvrt, FIVE. Penta-gon.
^.ircvTc-Kai-ScKa, fifteen.
^.ircvTTjKovTo, fifty. Pentecost.
4ir€VTt|KovTopos, r/, a galley with 50

ireirdi&ai, see irdofuu.

irciroi^ai see TrelOu.

irciTTcaKa, see TrlirTcj.

ircirovi ov, i 66, ripe.

irip, an enclit. particle emphasiz-
ing the word to which it is attached,
very, altogeiJier, just.

iKpd, across, beyond.

Xtnpntim (irepav-), trepavu, hirtpQ -
va, ireirlpaafjuu, ETztpavBijv^ IV. {ncpag,
an end), to accomplish, execute.
\itipS»i across, on the other side.

trcpSig, £/coc, o, J7, a partridge.

trcp(, prep., around (on all sides).
(1) With G., about, concerning, for,
and to denote value (where the word
worth will translate it literally), as
in the phrases, irepl itavrog, of the
utmost moment ; nepl iT?.eiardv, of the
greatest importance. (2) With d.,
about, around, concerning (rare in
Att. prose). (3) With A., around,
about, in the case of, in, of place,
time, etc. In comp., around, about,
exceedingly. Peri-.

inpi-ayMy to take about.

vtpi-yiyvo^jaxf to over-come, o.

vcpC-citu {£lfi)i to go about.

ircpi-cx«*, to surround. 5.

irfpi-(o^|U| to set rhund; mid. w.
pf. and 2 a. act, to stand round.

IlipuKXiis, iovg, 6, J 52. 2, k. 3.
Pericles, I. the celebrated statesman ;
II. his son.

iripi.-Xa|iPav«»» to embrace.

vipu|uvW| to stay around, wait;
to uf ait for, await.

Wpi{ (T€p/), round about.

trcpi-opotty to over-look, allow,

vffk-vCirra>, to faU on and em-
brace, D.

YTcpuoTfXXMy to wrap up, cloak.

vcptHTcfoi to save so that one is
about, save alive.

vipi-TCOi)|u, to put around.
tircpi.TTCvo», irepiTTevau, to outflanh,

YTcpiTTos and irtpwirdsi if, 6»
(ttc/)/), above measure, superfluous,

Ilcpo-qs, ov, a Persian.
IIIipcnKos, V, ov, Persian.

ir€orciv, irco-e&v, see ttltttu.





ircro|iiu (Trer-, nT-)^ ■nr^oftcu, 2 a.
ETrrdfiTjv^ to fly.

ircrpdi af, a roch^ mass of rock,
large stone, pi. crags. 4. Petr-

irrj or iqf, indef. enclit. adv., J 87,
2, in any way.

in)Yv(> '/T, a spring, source. 1 1.

rniTyvfU (^ray-), 707^6), kirij^a, eir^-
X^v (rare), 2 p. TrcTriTya, 2 a. p. t'ffd-
>^v, 2, II., to fix, freeze, hv>ild; 2 p.
as pres., to be fixed. 52.

vijxvsy fwf , <5, a cti6i^ Bough.

Il£Yf»)Sy TTToc, 0, Pigres, an inter-
preter to Cyrus the Younger.

vUl/u (irtsS-), irUao), kizUoa, irtrcie-
Cfiai, eTTiiadTiv, and (^f^y-), hrcU^a,
ireTrUyfiaij iniexGTjv^ IV., to press

wiKpoSi ^, ov, &{<<€r.

v^irXtifU (TrArt-), 7r>^j^ff(j, InTiTjoa,
•ttkir'hjKa^ iriirXr^a/iai, ETtV^jjaOjjv, 1, to
FILL, A. a. 49.

vivw (tt/-, tto-), fut. Trtofiai, irkiroKa,
nirrajLiat, eiroOtfv^ 2 a. iiriov^ VIII., to
drink .

vxirparKtt (t/w-), neTrpaica, Trkirpa-
fuu^ iitfMTjv, VI., to ficW. 51.

irCirTO» (tct-, ^rro-), Treoovfiai, iri-
7rrcj/ca, 2 a. kneaov, VIII., to fall. 45.

IIurC8T|Sy «v, a Fisidian.
tiruTTCtiMy TTiGTeiaa, to trust, believe,

irCcmsi f<'>f , ij {ireidd), trust, confi-

iTMPTos, ^, <5v (ireido), trusty, trust-
worthy, faithful; iriara, as noun,
pledges. 25.
4.irurTOTns, ^of , jf, fidelity.
jirurTttSy faithfully.

«irXa(o-ioV| t(J, a square.

vXarosi 7-<J (TrAarvf , broad), breadth.
firXiOpioXos, a, ov, o/" ^Ae <ize 0/ a

irX«6pov, rd, apZc^Arum, 100 /ec^

vXcCoiv or irXcWy irXcCd~ro«| see


irXcKtti rrP.ffw, etc., w. 2 a. pass.,
-£7r?.d/c^i', to PLAIT, braid. 32.

irXcovy neut. of TrXfwv, see TroAvf .

irXcov-<(^ "f (TrA^cn/, e;^:w), yrccc?i-
ness, covetousness.

vKevpd, dg, a rib of the body, flank
of an army. 36. Pleurisy.

irX^«» (^^w-), nXeijaofiai or ttAci;-
oovfiaiy iirXevaOj Tr^TrAev^a, Tr^TrXev-
<T/«M, II., to «ai^. 50. Flow.

irX^ttV, see n^^iuv and iroXvg.

irXc«»Si a, cji;, Att. for irX^oSy a, o>,


vXtiyi)! vC {T^^TTu), a blow. 39.

firXiJOoSi t6j fulness, a great num-
ber, an amount, length, people. 21.

vXijOtt (7r/i<jr), to be full. Sep*
ayopd. Plethoric.

irXifvi improp. prep. w. G. and
conj., except.

irXT|pf|s^ eg (n-Aiwf), full. 24.
lirKifpotti irhfp6auj etc., to fill, man^
as a ship.

t1rX1)o^ala> {nhtaiad'^irhimdau, IV.,
to approach, d.

irXt^o-CoSi fi, ov, c. and s. irJirfmai-
repoCj irXTfOialraTog, g 71, N. 2 (TTf/laf,
near), near; irXr^aiov, as adv., near;
6 irTiTfoioVy one's neighbor,

irXiJTTW (TrAay-, TrA^y-), ttA^/^cj,
cTrA^fa, Triirhjyftaij kiTyjxJ^iTjv^ 2 p.
izkTr'kriya, 2 a. p. c^rA^y^ or -eTrAa-
y^, II. IV., to s^riAe.
firXCvOiVOs, 7, w, 0/ 5ric^.

irXCvOosy^i a 6ric^. Flint, plinth.

vXotoVi t6 {rcTikiS), a boat, trans-
port, vessel. II.

irXoosi contr. TrAoiif, 6 (ttA^w), a
voyage, weather for sailing. 9.

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