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firXovo-iOS, a, ov, ricA, wealthy.
firXovrcw, 7rAovrr/<T«j, to &e ric/i.

vXovTOSi 0, wealth.





irW«t (tvw-), irvehoofjuu and Trvev-

onvfiaij envevaa^ -irETTvevKaj II., to

2/2oi<;. 52. Pnen-matics.

. tndy» (^wy-), -jrvf^w, iirvl^a^ ire-

irviyfuUj 2 a. p. eirviytfVf II., to


v^Ocv, inter, adv., { 87, 2, whence f

vot, inter, adv., j 87, 2, whither f

vou»i TToi^Uj etc., to maA:«, e^o,

accomplish, bring about, inflict/; ev

or iMWMjf rrof^w, to treat toeW or HI,

i 165, H. 1.

4«0&||&a, aror, t<5, a poem.
|iroiifnft» ov, a poet.
iroucCXot, 7, ov, many-colored.
iroi|Liiv, evog, 6 {Troia and ttoc, grass),
a shepherd.

voSos, a, ov, inter, pron., J 87, 1,
of what kind, what f

t«oXf)utt, troXefiijGo, etc., to war,
viake or wa^c i/;ar, d. 38.

t«oXf|UK^f, 1^, 6v, warlike^ fitted for
war. Polemics.

tiroX4|U0t| a, ov, hostiUy at war
with, the enemy* s; irokkfuoq, 6, an
enemy in war, oi iroMfuoi, tite en-
emy; 4 noXe/iia (sc. X^P^)* ^^ ^^'
tny's country. II.
iroXc|iOs, <i, tvar. 11.
firoXi-opKitti noktofiKifoa, etc. (et/u-
yu), to besiege, blockade. 10.
{voXi-ofMcCfiy Ac, a siege.
vcSXvs, fwf, j>, { 63, 1, a city, state.
IvoklnUi, fif, a republic, govern-

tiroXvTcvM, Tro>.lTevau, etc., to be or
?ive as a citizen.
jiroXtTus, ou, a citizen. 4. Politics.
tiroXXoKvs, often, frequently.
firoXv-vevoSf "v, full of toU.

iroXvSy TTOXX//, TToXi), J 70, C. 7r?i€i(JV

or TrAiwv, s. Tr/Uiorof, J 73, 1, mv^h,
tnany, large, vast, long, great, in
great numbers. Poly-.
|iroXv-TcXt{si ig (Tih)c), costly. \

fvoWtty iravT/ao, etc., to toU, be busy.


firovilpCd, dc, baseness.
X'mrtipiif A, 6v, bad, evil, vicious,
dangerous, base, unprincipled.

vovofi 6 (irivofjuu), toU, luirdship.
fvopiCO, a^, a journey, march.
fvopcvTioti a, ov, to be gone, to he

vopcvMy iropevaa, etc. (ndpog), to
make go, convey; comm. as dep.
pass., to go, proceed, journey, ad-
vance^ march. 13. Fare.

tropOiw, TTop^acj {rcipda^ to rav-
age), to ravage, lay waste, plunder.
t»op{5» {Tzopt6-), TTopiC), etc., IV.,
to provide, bestow upon, procure,
find, A. D. 29.

voposi 6 ('rripd), a way across, pas-
sage; hence, a resource, means.

irapptt, adv. (cf. rrpdau), far from,

vop^vp€0$, fi, ov, contr* ovc, a, ovv
(trofx^pa^ the purple-fish), purple.

voovsi V, ov, inter, pron., { 87, 1,
how much f

iroTa|iasy ^ (^0-, stem of ^rfvc^), a
river. 9.

iTOTiy end. indef. adv., i 87, 2, at
any time, ever, once; w. an inter.,
in the world, pray f

iroTfpos, a, ov, inter, pron., | 87,
1, which of two; 7r<5r£pov...>/, whetheb
...or, i 282, 4.

irov, inter, adv., J 87, 2, where ?

irov, end. indef. adv., § 87, 2,
somewliere, anywhere, perhaps.

irovSi 7ro<5<5f, 6, a foot. 17. Tri-

irpuyiiay aroc, to (Trp^rrw), a t/ii? </
6?owe, deecZ, affair, undertaking, mat
ter, thing; pi. affairs, trouble. Prag-

vpfiVTJSi ^f , 7)rone, steep. 24,





irpofis, C6>f , jj (irpAmS), action^ ira7i8-
action, undertaking. 22. Praxis.

irpdosy eittj ov, J 70, N. 2, tame.

irpdrrw (Tr/ofiy-), TrpA^cj^ etc., w. 2 p.
ire-rrpuya^ have fared {well or iZZ), IV.,
<o c?o, execute, practise; sometimes to
fare, i 165, n. 2. 20. Practical.

irpoUos (7r/>aof), lightly.

irpciTM, npexjJOy iTrperjxi, to be con-
spicaom, becoming, to befit, d. ; often
impers., it is fitting, proper.

irpco-^, C6)f , 6 (sing, not used in
prose), old; as noun, an ambassador.

vp(ao^ai| see cjvioficu.
fvpCvi adv. or conj., before, sooner,
than, until.

wpo, prep. w. G., FOR, before, of
place, time, preference, and protec-
tion. In comp., before, forward,
forth. For, fore, pro-.

irpo-a'yopcvWf to fore-tell.

irpo-dYO), to lead forward.

irpo-aiv6avo|Mu, to perceive before-

irpo-Parov, t6 {npo-Paiva, to go
forth), usu. pi., cattle, cli. small cat-
tle, sheep.

vpo^'^V9ivK09 to know beforehand.

vpo^&iajpaiim, to cross beforehand.

vpo-8C8»tu, to give up, betray, de-
sert, A. D.
4.irpo-8oo-(a, oc, treason.
4.irpo-8aTt)Si ov, a traitor.

irpo-8pa)U0V, see irpo-Tpkxi^^

irpo-€i|u (ei//f), to go forward.

irpo-€Xtt| to surpass, g.

vpo-Ocoy to run forward or wp.
tirpo-6vtuo|iai, izpcBvfiTfGOfim and
'KpoHvuTjdyaoiMi, vrpoWvfiijdTpf, to be
eager, anxious.
tirpo-Ovft^ dg, zeal.

irpo-6v|iAs, ov, earnest, zealous,
ready. 26.
|irpo-Otjj)M»Sy readily, zealously.

Tpo-fi)|ii, to send forth; mid. to
surrender, desert, abandon.

irpo-^(mf|tU| to set 6e/ore ; pf. to be
at the head of, g.

irpo-KO.ra-Xa|&pavt», to seize before-
hand, pre-occupy.

irpo-Xi Y«»| to tell beforehand. Pro-

irpo-voiOy fif iydoq), forethought.

npo-fcvot, ov, iVoa;eni«, a general
in the army of Cyrus the Younger.

irpo-oiSa, to know beforehand.

irpo-opoU#» to see in /ront, perceive

irpo-vf«, to send forward,

irpo-irvv6avo|iAi, to 2eam before-

vpos, prep., at or 6y t/te /ront of
(akin to ir/x$). (1) With g., in front
of, looking towards, by (in swearing),
pertaining to, in accordance with,
worthy of (of character) ; from, by
(of the agent). (2) With d., at, in
addition to. (3) With a., to, to-
wards, against, with a view to, in
reference to, according to, to the ex-
tent of. In comp., to, towards^
against, besides. Pros-ody.

irpoo'-aY«*» ^ advance.

irpoer-aTopcvM, to address, name,

irppv-PoXiiy VC {pdX?uS), ah attack.

irpoo>-8cx^H^^> ^ ^^c^f>^'

irpoo'-SoKow, TTpoadoK^au {dkxofiai),
to expect.

•irpoo'-c6C|;«»» to accustom.

irpoo - €i|&i .(f'/'Oi ^ ^^ attendant
on, D.

irpoo'-€i)u (elfu), to come to, against
or on, approa/ih, advance, d.

irpotr-cXavvtty to march forward or

vp<Mr-cpxo|fcai, to come on, ap-
proach, D. Pros-elyte.

irpoo'-€vx<>|^^i io pray to.




irpoo'-cxM, to hold to, apply; rbv
vovv trpoGEXftv^ to direct attentimi to,
give heed.

irpoc-iiKM, to be related to ; irpoa-
^Kei, impers., it becomes, d.

irporOcv ('t/^), before, previously,
sootier ; 6 irpooOev, the preoious.

irpocr-tviiuy to let go to, ad-mit.

vpoo'-KaXtMy to summon.

vpoV'Kvyint 'rrpooKwyatJ, etc. (ko-
vEii, to kiss), to do obeisance to, salute.

vpoa-^iirr»i to fall to, befall.

irpoo - TaTT«, to apfoint to, enjoin
upon, D.

irpoo'-r(0t||u, to add to; mid. to
accede to, d.

vpoo'-rpcxtt, to run up to, d.

irpo<r-^'pfl*, to bring to or in.

irpoo'-^iXMS {7rpog-0fAr;f ^ kindly af-
fectioned, ^t^), kindly, with affec-
tion. ;

vpoa-'X»pi»t to go to, surrender.

irpoo-» {iTfyo), forth, far from.

irpoTfpos, a, ov {rrfw), J 73, 2, 5c-
fore, previous; irporepov^ before,
sooner, formerly, previously.

irpo-T(0t||iiy to put before, offer, a. d.

irpo-Tifuaiu, to honor before or above.

vpo-rpcirw, to turn forward, exhort.

irpo-Tpcx<*» to run forward or bC'

irpo-^a(vtt| to show forth; mid. to
appear in front.
tirpo-4>o<ns, fwf , 7, a pre-text.

irpo-<|n)|ii) to fore-tell.

|irpo-4w|Tcii«, 7rpo<l>?iT£va(o, to proph-

irpo-^vXa{» aKoc, 6, an outguard,

•irpo-x<«pcca, to go forward, prosper y
be favorable.

irpfivroSf 7, ov {irpo), g 73, 2, first.

irponro-roKOSi ov (tiktcj), bearing
her first-born.

irrapivu|tai (Trrap-), irTapiJ^ 2 a. ewTa-
f)ov, 2, to sneeze.

irrtpov, TO {ir€T0fJuu\ a wing.
j'TTf f»u£| vyof , jj, a wing, flap,

Vr»X&9, 7, ov (TTTCMTffiJ, to CTOUCll),

beggarly, mean ; as noun, a poor man.

wKvoSf V, ^^ (TT^fi "unth clinched
fist), close together.

irSKt^t m, a fold of a double gate ;
pi. gate or gat^, pass. 25.

irvvOdvo|iAi (ti;^-), irevaofuu^ Triirv-
afiai, 2 a. eirvOdfJUfv, V., ifo ^m 6y
hearsay, ascertain, inquire. 45. Bid.

irvp, TTu/joc, T(J, pi. nvpd, iiv, § 60,
1, FiEE. Em-pyrean.

•irvpe^&Cs, f'rfof , r), a pyramid.

trvpfYOSy 0, a tower,

vvposy o, comm. pi., wheat,

irc9^ end. indef. adv., yet, up to
this or that time, before.

irwXctty ttcjA^g), hnulkffiifv, to sell.

in»-iroTC, ever yet or before, ever.

irws, interrog. adv., § 87, 2, how ?

««»$, end. indef. adv., § 87, 2, in
any way,



^.j^ios, a, ov, J 73, 1, easy.
Ift^iwSf with ease, easily.
I^OvfUtt, padvfi^ QxJL-tiviioq, easy-
tempered), to lead a life of ease.
j^fwv, ^<^o-Tos, see l4&toQ,
^a (pv-), pevaofiai, Ippevaa, kppvij-
Ka, 2 a. p. eppvJfv, II., to flow.

ff^r»pt opo^, b (stem pe-, speak, see
elrcov), an orator. Rhetoric.

^lYOMy f)ly(oacj, kpiyuaa, J 98, N. 3
Qnyo^, cold), to be cold.

M*» '^u^ ^^^^* ^^^''^'

^twm (piip-) and pvtrri»f pi^,
ipplrjfa, Eppl(^t eppififitUf eppUjidtiv^





2 a. pass, epfnt^. III., to throw,
hurl, cast, cast a^ide. 20.

'PoStos, 6, a Rhodvan.

^8l»V| TO, a rose.

lt6o9t contr. ^vSf ^ (p^), o stream,

^<0vyv)u (/>"-), Ippaaa^ ippufiai,
knpuafhiv, 2, <o strengthen.

. tffDiXiriYKTT)S| ov, a trumpeter.

croXiri'yf, tyyoQ, t], a trumpet.
tSofuosy 0, a /S(Cimia7i.

Solf&osy V, Samos, an island.

SopSiiSy c&>v, at, Sardis, a city of

(rap£, aapKOc, i, Jlesh.
fo-arpaircifaii aaTpairevciJ, to rule as
satrap, G. or A.

o-arpdinis, ov, a satrap. 4.

SdrvpoSf 0, a Satyr, half man and
half goat, companion of Bacchus.

o-o+ijsi k, clear^ plain.
4.<rcu^i0S» clearly.

crpcvvv|U (ff/^f-), ffPiaa, ^a/ieaa,
-eaPrjKa, eapecfiai, ia^eoBijv, 2 a.
ea^tjv, 2, to extinguish.

o-c-avTOv, 1^, contr, o-avrov, r/c,
J 80, of thyself or yourself.
t<rcur|AOS9 0, a shaking, earth-quake.

tnl», aeiao, etc., to sAa^e.

crcXifvi), w (ff^A«f, brightness), tlie

crc|ivosy 7, 01^ (aipofiai, to worship),
holy, pious.

Scv9i]s, ov, Seuthes^ a Thracian

on||uUv» (mjfwv-), arffiav€>, harjiuiva,
ata^fiaafmi, eoTf/navdrpf, IV. (c^f^, a
sign), to give a signal, give noticcy D.

on||iCioV| TO {af/fza, a sign), a sign,
standard. 14.
to-iTOMy alyffoofiai, etc., to be silent.

o"iY^» vr. silence. 7.

SiKcXCdy ac, Sicily.

o-iTosy ^, pi. ffira, ra, § 60, 2, corTi,
grain, food. ii. Para-site.

<rKa4>oS| rd (ffic(i;rr6>, to dig), a hoU
low vessel, ship, boat.

o-KcSavvvi&i ((T/ccffrt-), aKE(\d(Ttj or
(TKe6C)^ eoKidaaa, kGKtSaafiai, ioKedd-
ctirjv, 2, to scatter.

o-KcXoSi t6, a leg. 43.

oKiiraajia, aro^, t6 (fficfTraCw, to
cover, from ffKcirac, a covering), a

o-KcirTO|&ai (cTKcir-), III., a late
pres., furnishing the rest of its
tenses to OKuniu, q. v. 29. Espy,

to-KCvd^tt {oKEva6-), OKewdao), egkev'
aaa, iaKevaafiai, IV., prop, to use
utensils, dress food; hence, to prepare,
fo-Kcinf, fjq, equipment, dress.

o-KCvoSy TO, a vessel or implement of
any kind; pi. baggage, things.

^.oKcvo-^'pos, ov {<l>€po)), carrying
baggage; masc. as noun, a baggage-
carrier; neut. as noun, a beast of
burden; rd aK£V(Hl>6fKi, the baggage-
train, baggage.
to'Ki)vc»} aKTjvfiaa, to quarter.

o-Kuvij, w, CL tent. 3. Scene.

(nctinTos, 6 {oKr/rrTcj, to fallj dart),
a thunderbolt.

t<rKi|irToiJxoSi (e;^^), a sceptre-

o-KTJirrpov, r($ (aK^irru, to prop), a
staff, sceptre.

o-Kioy df, shadow, shade. Sky.
(TKOircoy aKixjtofmi, ioKe/ifini^ ioKe-
tjjdfiTfv, to look intently, ascertain, to
see to, consider. 29. Scope.
4.(rKOiroSy 0, a scout.
a-KvKoVfTd (oKv^hj, to flay), comm.
pi., spoils.

<ros, 07/, OOP, J 82, thy, your, yours.
fcro^voi ag, wisdom. Philo-sophy.


u ui^uy 1 1 jf



tov^tvnff, ov {ao^u^ to make
urise), a master of hu crafty wise
man. Sophist.

tSo^KXijf, iovc, 2 52, 2, K. 3,
Sophocles^ the poet.

onravC{a» {awavid'), airavha, IV.
(jTrdwf, t(;a7i<), to lack^ o.

4.2irapTULTi|t, ov, a /^rton.
on u pTO» » r($, a cord
o^woM, <nra4ru, etc., w. perf. and
aor. pass, iairaafiat, icTrdaOtpf^ {113,
K. 1, to c^rai/y. Spasm.

mraCptft (oirep-), airep€>^ hwetpa^
kanapfMi^ 2 a. p. eairdptfv, IV., to

(r«fv8#9 (TTTfieru, imreura^ itnretafuu,
to offer a HhaHon^ pour out (u an
offering ; mid. to TnaiEk; a treaty.

ovftfSM, aneixJii, kanevaa^ to Aowton,
;?rcM on. 36.

rvovSi{i i7f (<T7r^<J«), a libation;
pi. a treaty, truce. 28.

fflnrovSoiO-XoY^tty (nrov6ato?.oy^ot
(Adyof), to engage in co^iversation
t«nrov8aSo«, A, ov, earnest, vtr^uote^.
o-ir«wSi|, w {orrMo\ haste,
(rra-, stem of I<n7^^, q. v.
4.oT«£BioV| r<$, pi. also ol ar&^toi, a
stadium, as a measure of distance
nearly a furlong.
4.oTa0|M>t, o, a station, stopping-
place; hence, a day* ^ journey, stage.

Xrrcuri6ii» (ora<T/ai5-), araaidou,
karaalaaa, earaoiaKa, IV., to revolt,
quarrel, be at odds,
loToo-if , e6>c, 4, dissension.
4.(rTavpo»|U)^ arof , r<5 (ffravpSu, to pal-
isade, fr. oTavp6q, a stake), a stockade.
(rrc^P«* (oTi/3-), ioTeitfKi, haripijfiai,
II., to ircac?, 6ea^ down.

otiXXm (otcA.-), oreA6), ^ore<^.

laraXxa^ Itrrakfioi^ 2 a. p. gfrrdXifv,
IV., to accoutre, send.

rrw^ ^, 6v, narrow. Steno-

vripym^ arip^o, iarep^a, 2 p.
ioTOfyya, to love, of the natural love
of parents and children.

mff«t, and mpCvicM (<Trep-), VI. ,
arep^au, etc., w. 2 a. pass, iaripjpf^
to ro\ deprive; pass. vWpofMu,
orep^Ofim^ eorip/ffuu, kartpffirfv^ to
be deprived of be without, foant, o.
51. Steal.

oT^fwev, t6, the brecLst, chest.

OTippiSt {areppd^f firm), resolutely.


vr4^a»9%t 6 (<rre^, to encircle), a

ivrm^Wfomf are^vomi, etc., to

«mplT|, IK («^^A")i «t pHlar.
vrXrfy^y "^» ^» <* ^wi**Oi tt'* orna-
ment for the head.

orreXtti, ddoc, ^ (oriXXa), a leath-
ern jerkin.

o^roXif, w (<n-iXA«), a dress, gar-
ment. Stole.

o^roXoti « (<n-^AA«),|?rg9arattor?, an
expedition. 39.
a*ro|ia, aroc, r<$, ^Ae mou^^, van.
tvTftaTiCfi, Af, an eocpedition.
tvTp(£TfV|ia, arog, t6, prop, droops
in tfie field, an army, host. 17.

fe-rpaTivM, arparevaa, etc., to mcJ^e
an expedition, ch. of the comman-
der ; mid. to make war, make or take,
part in an expedition, of both com-
mander and soldiers. 31.
tvTpar-i|Yitt, oTparrry^u, to lead,
command, a. Stratagem.

t(rTpaT-t)7os» (fiykopm), a leader
of an army, general. 6.
ttrrparutf ac, an army in ^Ae field
or on ^Ae march. 13.
{vTpaTM«Ti)s, oi>^ a 4.'o^ier. 4.





tvTparo-vfSciM*, or/xiTOTrcrfefa^etc.,
to encamp, but comm. as dep. mid.,
to encamp, bivouac. 15.

fo^rparo-irfSoVy t6 (TriSov^ ground),
a camp, encampment. 28.

o-rparos, 6, an army encamped or
on <Ac march.
fq-r p c H ras» 6, a necklace.

«rrpc4«» CToeilMj^ iorpafi/LUU, karpk-
^fhpf, 2 p. iarpwpa (rare), 2 a. p.
earpddffv, to turn, twist, pervert;
mid. to /ace oiou/. 47.
4.«rrpr|ri-8ucos, ov {Hiiof), perverting

vTpovOosi o, jj, prop, any 6ir<i, as
a sparrow, eagle; also an ostrich,
when sometimes /e/^^'oc is added.

o^nryyot, ^, <J.v {oTvyfu, to hate),

•T», oov, second pers. pron., { 79,
1, THOU, you.

wy-yiy¥0^jaif to meet^ D.

ovY-Ypa^i to compile, draw up.

o^r^c, i. e. ai) yc, you Jor your

cnry-KoX^M, to call together.

wy-KaroHrrpc^Wf comm. mid., to
assist in subduing.

onry-KCifMUy to be agreed upon ; eJf
rb ovyKeifievov, sc. ;tfjptov, to the place
agreed upon ; ra ovyKeifxeva, the
things agreed upon, a^eement.

onry-x^'P^^* to go with, yield.

SWwfo^Sy <oc, ^, Syennesis, a king
of Cilicia.

o-vX-Xa4iPay«i} to arr6«^. S jllable.

o^X-X^YMi to gather together, col-
lomX-Xoyvfy 7f , o ^.

o-v|v-PaXX«| to cos^ together; mid.
to contribute. Symbol.
ton»|v-povX«vo,topZan ^i^Ti, counsel,
advise; mid. to consvU with, d. 28.

<rv|&-pov\if, 7C, advice.
to^»|artftax^ ac, an alliance. 53.

OTitft-|MkXOH^Li» to fight along with,
|<rv|fc-|iaxoS| 0, an a%, auxiliary,


o^li^yvviu, to mingle with, join,
join battle, d. 52.

oii|irW|Lir«i, to sen^ t^n^A, a. d.

avy^^imm, to grapple with.

o^|v-irX<«iS| wv, very full

(rv|i-iropcvouittH. to proceed with,
join in proceeding.

(rv|irirpdTTi»| to asswi in affecting,


(rv|ji-^'p»y to co^Zecf, &€ useful, to

<rv|i-^|Ui to acknowledge.

av^r^opdt Of (<nj/z-0^p6>), an eveni,
mishap, misfortune.

orw or {vv, prep. w. D,, lyiiA, in
company with, by aid of. In comp.,
with, together. Syn-.

<rw-ay«»i to 6nn<7 together, collect.

<rw-aOpoC|;», to coZ^ct together.

orw-oKoXovOitti to follow closely,
accompany, d.

o-vy-avTOHDf otn^i^^o (avrdo, to
meet, am), to wcci.

<rw-air-€i|&i (e^/«), to c?epar< m^A.

(Tvv-Siiirvos, 6 (SeiTTvov), a table-

(rvv^ifu (elfit), to be voith, d. ; cl
awovTEQ, one*8 associates.

(rvv-€K-piPdt», to join or aic^ in
getting out. 35,

<rw-€XaPoVf see avTi-Xa/x/Jdvo.

<rw-€Xc|o4 see <Ti;A-A^ycj.

oniv-€vifvcY|iiu, see avii-^ptpo.

crvy-eiri-Tpfptt, to crush together,
destroy utterly, ruin.

crw-€iro|&ai9 to accompany, d.

«rw-€pYas> ^ {^97^), o- co-worker.

(rw-€pxo|icu, to come together, con-
vene, go in a body.

orvv-c<ns, ccjf, ^ {aw-ivfii), under-





tovr-€X^) ^f » l^lding togetJier, con-
tiniwusr neat, as adv., unceasinyly.

owWx«i to constrain.

ow-'^Xj9ov, see aw-ipxofjm,

ovy-6TJKt|, J7f {aw»TiOT}fii\ comm.
pi., a treaty^ compact.

Q-uv-9i||ia, aro^^ t6 {aw-TiQjifu\ an
agreement, password, watchword. 51.
' <rvr-tT||Uy to understand.

onnr-(vTt||u, to set together; mid.
.w. p. and 2 a. act, to assemble.

crvr-oi8«^ to 5e conscious xoith or
to, p.

orviM>irr«Vy see aiv-eifu.

ow-ovo>Ca, fie {avv-cifu), a being
together, intercourse.

oniy-TOTTw, to (/ratp up. Syntax.

«rw-rC0i||u, to ^u< together; mid.
to maA;6 an agreement, to compact.

oTJv-TO(fcO», <w(T^;*wi)), concise, short.

onnr-rptp«», to cn^^ together.

«rw-Mi^fX^«*, to ^'oin tn benefiting;
owtj^7<£u oixJev, to contrihute no

2vpdK(fo%ot9 ^, a Sgracusan.
fSvpCd, rlc, /Syria.
fSvpios, «, o*', Syrian.

Svpos, 6, a Syrian.

o-v-aKcvat», comm. mid., to co^^ec^
one*s baggage, pack up, m^he ready
to start.

o-^oipo, fie, CL ball. Sphere.

o'4^'yu>V| r6 (ff<j>dTTtj), victim; pi.

iaif>aXfMi, 2 a. p. eatpaXtpf, IV., to trip
upt deceive; mid. and pass., to 5e
throvm down, stumble, meet with a
reverse. Fall.

o-f^TTtt and o-^cij^o (d^dy-), tr^df u,
kat^a, £a<^yfi€u, koi^x^ (rare),
comm. 2 a. p. €ff<j>dyifv, IV., to fifciy,
slaughter. 40.

<r^ts, cr^Cin, see ov.
to-i^cv8ov«U»i o<lt£vi^av//a(j, to use the
sling, throw with a sling, sling.

o^cv6on|, 7C, a sling ; by meton<
ymy, the missile. 32.

o^Tfpof, a, ov, poes. pron., g 82,
<Aeir, <A«r o«;7i.

cn^oSpoty <i, <^, vehement, severe;
aiftdSpa, neut. pi. w. changed accent,
extremely, greatly, very much. 46.
4.(r^o8p«Ss» severely, savagely.

ox?« {f^Xt^'l f^X^<^^, etc., IV., to
isplit. 35-

to^o^** (a;(foAa(5-), ffjfoXdffw, kax^-
laaa, iax^i^^oMa, IV., to be at leisure.

oxoXtI) yc, leisure; ffxo^ij, at leis-
ure, slowly. SchooL

v^Hm (<r«<5-, <r«-), auao, etc., w. a. p.
kff^i/hjv (acjof), to saw, preserve, keep
safe, rescue, bring in safety, conduct
safely ; mid. to escape. 22.

2fi»-KpaTi|t, eof , 6, iSbcratos.

VM|&a, arof, t6, the body. 51.

CTMOSi u, ov, contr. cniSs, (rwwy safe
and SOUND, safe.

|o^»Ti|p» vpoq, voc. <T6irf/>, 6 (<T<5C«^),
a savior.

4.(r«»TT|p(ay Sf, safety, deliverance,

I^wnipiosy w, promising safety;
acjTTJpia, BC. ifpd, thank-offerings for

o^».^poWtt» aa^pavf^u, to be wise.


to-«i»-^poon»vi|9 7f, wisdom, discreet-
ness, self-control.

o-c»-^po»v, ov (ff6X)c, ^p'/v), sound*
minded, wise^ prudent, discreet.


TO, To-Sc, see hde.

Tc^avTov, r6, a talent, worth 60"
minae, or 6000 drachmae, or about





ToXds, TaTucuva^ toTmv^ 5 G7,

ToLvavrCa, by crasis for to havria.

Tojis, f<^, ») (rdrrcj), arrangement^
good order, discipline, rank, ranks,
line, battle-array, division, hand. 21.

TttTrcivoMy TaTcetvcjau (raireivdg,
humble), to humble.

Topdrrtt {Tapax-\ rapd^cj, etc.,
IV., to disturb^ disorder, stir up,
throw into confusion, trovhle, 20.
4-Tapaxosi 0, disturbance.

TopcroC, oi, Tarsus, a city in Oilicia.

TOTTM {ray-), rd^u, etc., w. 2 a.
pass, hdyrpf, IV., to arrange, post,
station, marshal, order, assign. 28.

ravpos, 6, a bull. Steeh.

ravTOf, see ovrof .

ravTo, ramVf by crasis for rd
avrd, TO avrov. Tauto-logy,

Tctf^, 6 {OdTTTu), a tomb. Epi-

nf^pos, y (ddiTTij), a ditch, trench.
^ra\(<a9t c. ffdrrov, s. rdxiora, quick-
ly, rapidly, suddenly ; o>g rdxiora, as
quickly a^ possible.

raxvsi fia, ^, J 73, 1, sunft, quick;
raxv, as adv., = raxeoq ; r^ raxi-
ffTjjv, 8C. oddif, the quickest way, used
adv. 35.

TOCOS, 6, a pea-cock.

TC, post-posit, end. conj., and; re
...T£ or T€...Kal, both...and.

Tey/ii, af , Tegea, a city in Arcadia.
|Tryc^Tif)Si ov, a rnan of Tegea.

TcdvT|K04 TiOvifivSi TcOvwcUl see


TcOpa|i)&ai, see rpk^.

Tc6p-iinrov» to (Tirrapeg, linrog), a
four-horse chariot. 26.

TcCvtt {retf-), rnftj, ereiua, riro^Ka,
rkrafiai, hddrjv, IV., to stretch. 41.
Tone, tonic.

▼ctxos, TO, a wall for defence, fort-
ress, fort. 19. Dike.

f TCK)JiaCpO|uu {vEKfiap-), TeKfiapovftai^
ereKftJjpdfzr/v, IV., to judge, conclude.
TCK|uip, indecl., t6, a sure sign.
|riK|iTfpioV| t6, a sure sign, positive
proof. 42.
rcKvov, t6 {tIktu), a child.
rcX<6a>, to arise,, coine forth.
trcXivratoSi a, ov, final, rearmost ;
oi Tt^evraiot, the rear.

trcXcvrott, reXevryffo, etc., to end,

finish life, die. 10.

f TiXcvrrJ, yg, the end.

frcXctt, T£/iia(j or re^tj, htXeaa,

T£rB.£Ka, TETi^EOfiai, heTiicfOrfv, to

finish, fulfil an obligation, pay. 32.

TcXoSy t6 {Te72w, to accomplish),

end, accomplishment, tax, burden;

pi. by metonymy, magistrates. 19.

TC|LVtt (re//-, Tflt-), T€JLl(J, TkTjITJKa,

rhfivfiai, hfir/frp;, 2 a. hefiov or era-
fiov, v., to cut, 48. A-tom.

rtpntiaf rfpfu, ertpypa, hip^yv, to
delight. Trust.

|Tcp4r^-vooS| ov, gladdening the
fTCTOpTos,. 7, ov, fourth.
-frrrpo-KoViOii ai, a {kKarov), four
f TcrrapcucovTa, forty.

rirra/^f apa, | 77, 1 , four. Tetr-

Tcv^fjLCu, see rvyxdvii.

TtXV^i W {riKTu), art, skill, trade.

JTfxvcTTjs, ov, an artificer, work-

TTiKw (ra/c-), T^^cj, Iry^a, hyxOrp;
(rare), 2 p. TerTjKa, 2 a. p. hdnr/v, II.,
to meW, 2 p. to be melted. 47. Tuaw.

n]|jicpov (r-, a demon, pron. prefix,
and ^f^£pa), to-day. 22.

TC'ypus, rrrog, 6, the Tigris.

T^OijpA (&e-), dyacj, eOijKa, rWetKa,
riOeifiat, hedriv, 1, to put, place, en-
act; Tidefjuu rd 67rAa, lit., to ground




amUf i. e. to stand witli Bpear and
shield resting on the ground ; then,
to take up a military position^ to ap-
pear under arms. Do, thesifl.

Tdrra (Teii^), ri^ofmi^ Ire^a (rare),
erixOvv (rare), 2 p. rirowi, 2 a. ereioov^
III., to beget, bring forth, produce,

rOUUt {riX-), Tiktj, erika, Ttrikftm,
zTi'kdfjv, IV., to pluck, torment.
friiMMy Tlfit^a, etc., to honor. lo.

Ti|fcij, vf ('**«, to pay honor), honor.
4r{|U0f » a, ov, in honor.
%rl^r^»f Tlfiupr/au, etc., to help,
avenge; mid. take vengeance, take
vengeance on, punish; pass, to be
|T4i-«»p(dt Sc, punishment.
JTifi-Mpot, dv ((u/M>), upholding
honor, helping.

tCi, tC, inter, pron., { 84, who?
which? what? ri, as adv., whyf

tWi Ti, indef. pron., § 84, some,
any, a certain ; rif , as noun, ao7?i6 or
any one; t\, as noun, something,
anythiiig, as adv., a^ all.

Tuivo^'pvi|t» fo^-, ace. iTv and 7, 6,
Tissaphernes, a Persian satrap.

•nrpMO-KM ('*/»-), TpLtau, irpuoa,
Tirpufuu, £Tp^)6ipf, VI., to wound.


To€| post-posit, end. particle, in
truth, indeed, surely.
4to(-vw» post-posit, conj., therefore.
TOio«r8i9 Toiade, roiMe, demon,
pron., i 87, 1, such, as follows.

TOiovToty Toiavnf, rotovrov or roi-
ovTo, demon, pron., § 87, 1, 8y>ch, as

ToX|uU»y To?.fi^afo {roXfM, bMness),
to venture, dare. 37.
ToXffcCSiis, ov, Tolmides.
froJcvfiA, aroq, r6, an arrow.
trofcvu, To^evau, krd^evaa, rerd^ev-
ftai, to shoot with a bow, shoot. 7.
tTo^Mciji ^f, sc. rkxyVi bowmanship.

To(ov» r6, a bow. 13.

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