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4-ToSoTnt, ov, a bowman, arclur. 7,

TO'vos, 6, a place, region^ district.

TOoiovT09y ToaavTTj, ToaovTov or ro-
aovTo, demon, pron., J 87, I, so
much, great, or Zari/e, pi. so many ;
Toffovrov, so much space; tooovto)^
2 188, 2, by so much, the.

ToTi, at that time, then; rori fikv...
TOTE 6e, at one tim^ another.

Twil-, by crasis for rb i- or ro 6-.

Tp«yi||MS aroQ, t6 (rpijyu, 2 a.
erpayov, to gnaw), comm. pi., dried
fruits, sweet-meats.

rpchnto, W {rirTapec and frii^a^
foot), a table.

Tpav|ia» arog, t6 {TiTp6oKu), a
wound. 54.

rpo^voi, see Tpe<^.

rpoxi|^0Sy 6, the neck, throat.

TpcCSf Tpia, { 77, 1, THREE.

Tpc'vMi T/9cV«w, erpe^, rerpo^ or
rirpa^, rerpafifuu, erpi^v, 2 a.
mid. hpandfurv, 2 a. pass, erpdnj/v^
to turn; mid. betake one's self, 8omo<
times />ui to flight; elg fvy^v rpeirut^
to put to flight. 46.

Tpc4«> ('•/»c^- for <?p€^-), ^piifu,
Wperlfa, rerpw^, TiHpajiifiai, kdpeipthiv
(rare), 2 a. p. kTp6^riv, to bring up,
support, keep ; mid. to subsist.

Tp€x» (rpex- for %;t-, '^/xi/t-).
Apafiovpai, Wpe^a (rare), -de^pd/nfiKa,
-dedpafitffMi, 2 a. e6pafiov, VIII., to
run. 2.

TpidKovra (r/ocif), iAir^y.

rpidrKO<ruH» cm, a (rpeig, knaT^v),
three hundred.

trpipt{, v^, a rubbing, constant

Tptptt (rpip-), Tptx(jo, iTplrfHi, ri-
TpuJM, TETpipfmi, eTpi<li(h/v, w. 2 a. p,
krpipriv, II., to rub, thrash, as





tTpi-i{pt|«, eoc, }}, I 52, 2 (ap- in
apapioKii, to join), a trireme^ a ship.
f Tptv-oKpUi, «f , IHnacria, another
name for tlie island of Sicily.

TpCs, three times, thrice.
4.Tpur-ao-|uvosy 9, ov, three times as
iTpur-x^iOi, ai, a, three thousand.

TpLroif V, ov (rpelg), third.

TpoCa, uf , Troy.
frpovcuov, r6, a trophy.

rpoini, w {Tp^^f-*), defeat, rout.

rpovosi 6 {rpiTTij), a turn, man-
ner; disposition, character, habit.
42. Trope.

▼P^W* W {''P^^), food, support.

rpoxoti 6 (rpc;i;w), a wheel.

TpiKniMy Tpfm^u (rpinra^ a hole,
rpixj, to wear out), to bore,

Tpv^y W {ppiyrru^ to break in
pieces), luxury.

TpoaKot, 1^, A; (T/w^, Tros, the
founder of Troy), Trojan.

rvfjUWm {tvx-\ rei^ofiai, rerv-
Xntfo, or rkrevxa, 2 a. irvxov, V. 11. ,
(o Ai<, obtain^ receive^ happen,
chance, a. 45.

Tvpawofi li, a tyrajii.

Tvpot, 0, a c^e«6.

Tvptnt, iog, ^, a tower.

Tw^XoMy Tv^Tuutat) {rwfiuo^^ blind),
to make blind, blind.

'nfX1» W ("7;t«i^). fortune, luck,


tvpp{l«> {vPptd"), ippiu, etc., IV., ^
insult. 35.

vppif , ecjf , 1^, insolence.
|1S^pu^rararos, 7, w, s. as if fr.
vppiarog, most insolent.
f v8po-^opcc»| vSpoijfop^/aij {^epo), to
fetch water.

vStfpi vdarog, r<J, water.

vlo9» <^, reg., ])nt also w. forms sm
if fr. vievg, vieog, a SON. 8.

v\t|, ^f, a wood
4.^i{€is, Eoaa or e<f , cv, woody.

vfici*, ifaosi see ou.
|v|fccrcpos, d, ov, 2>oss. pron., { 82,
your, yours.

j|u«v, v|Ltv, see aiO.

vir-oyMy to lead on slowly; mid.
to draw on.

i5ir-a(»x^» ^^ ^^ afoundatio7i or &c^
ginning, commence, support, favor,
belong, be, D.

vir^4U (ei/"). '^ ^^ underneath.

vir-cXavvii, to ricZe up.

vtra p, prep., over, ahove. (1) With
0., ahove, for, in behalf of, concern-
ing. (2) With A., over, beyond, of
place and measure. In comp., aver,
beyond, exceedingly, in behalf of.

vircp-poXXMy to throw over; mid.
to exceed.

i)irfp-cx«» to &e above, surpass, d.

virip-^po»v, ov ((^priv), high-minded.
fvmiptTitty imripeTTfaii, to be a ser-
vant, serve, furnish, D.

vir<4|pcn)9, 6 {kpknjg, rower), an
underling, assistant, helper. 46.

vmorxvioiuu, imoax^oopai, {nrkaxv-
fiat, 2 a. m. VTreax6fJurv^ V. (strength-
ened from vn-txopfu), to hold one^s
self under, to promise, d. a. 53.

virvosy 0, sleep.

vwo, prep, under, by. (1) With
o., under, from under, by (of the
agent), through, of place, cause, etc.
(2) With D., under. (3) With a.,
to {a place) under, towards, during.
In comp., under, secretly, slightly,
gradually. Hypo-.

i3iro-{iryiov, r6 {^vy6v, a yoke), a
beast of burden.

viro-Xa|jipav«»i to take under one^s
protection ; to assume, suppose,

v«o-Xciir«, to leave behind.





i5iro-X^» to loosen below ; mid. to
untie one's shoes.

vvo-|UvcA, to be patient under, en-

vv-ovrcvw, vnoiTTevao^ J 105, 1,
N. 2 (uTT-oTrrof, siwptCMms, wlhopdu,
to suspect), to suspect^ apprehend, be

uro-inrov8o«9 ov {(nrovd^\ under a

viro-x(4>^os, ov (x^ip), subject to.

vir-oxos» ov (ix^)i subject to.

vv-oi|^Cdf (ig {vijh-opdu), to suspect),
su^ncion, apprehension. 15.
j-virTcpato^i fi, ov, following, next,
second; ry vcrtpaia^ on the next day.

vfTTfpos, a, ov {v7t6, § 73, 2), later;
varefMv, subsequently.

v^-tt)|ii| to send under ; mid. yield,


v^-{crni|ii, to p>ut under; raid. w.
p. and 2 a. act., to undertake.

vi|ro«, t6 (akin to t)V'<, on high\
height. 19.

^afifV, see ^^/i/.

<^aCv«» (0«v-), 0«v<j, l^TfiKi, irii^yKa,
nk(lKiafiai, £(l>dvOijv, 2 p. irkt^rfva intr.,
2 a. p. ef^vTjv, IV., fo fi/to?(;,- mid. to
show one\ self, appear, be seen. 47.

4>aXaY(| ayyoc, jj, a line of battle,
phalanx; Kara (jtd^yya, in line of
battle. 16.

^vcposy A, <5v ((paivu), apparent,
in sight, visible, manifest, plain, con-
spicuous. 25.

(JMipiiOKovy t6, a medicine. Phar-

^apvaPatosi 6, Phamabdzus, a
satrap of north-western Asia Minor.

<|>ad-K<o (0a-), VI. (0;?///), to say,
state, allege. 44.

^00x9, i^ or IOC, 0, the PhasiSj a
river in Armenia.

f^vXoSy Jf, ov, trifling, bad.

^'po (0I-, EveK-j heyK- for kv-evcK-),
olau), fjveyKa, kvipmxa, hvijvryfini., i/ve-
Xfhffv, 2 a. ffveyioov, VIIL, to bear,
carry, endure, produce, bring. 4.

^v, inteij., alasf

<^cvY« (^vy-), i>eh^ofiai or ^^ovfiai,
2 p. ^^0evya, 2 a. e<^vyov, II., ^0 ^ee,
retreat, flee from, fly, shun, avoid, be
banished. 45.

4.^uY<»v» ovrof , 6, a fugitive, exile^
pt of foregoing ; for the voc. sing.,
see J 48, 2 6, second paragraph.
16. Bow.

«h»*^ (^O. #^". ^^^^'t 2 127,
IV., <o say, affirm, say yes; ov f^fu^
to decline^ refuse, deny.

^Oouftt {^-), (jiOdffu and <f)d^ofiai^
e^aaa, 2 a. act. k<firpf, V., to antid-
pate; often to be translated by an
adv., before, sooner, previously, i 279,
4. 49.

<^af)Tos, //, 6v {^dpci, to destroy),

<^€YYO|UU90d^^o/ia/, etc., to sound,
raise a cry, shout. Di-phthong.

t^ovctty ^ov^ffcJ, e<pH6vff<ja, l^^hvij-
drjv, to envy.

^Oovofi, 6, envy.

^loXi], W, « broad, shallow bowl.

^aCrcposi a comparative of ^t'Xof ,
? 71, N. 2.

4MX-apYvpo«, ov (0£Xof, apyvpoc),
f(md of money.

^iX^»» ^tXj^aw, etc. (0t^), <o ?ot>c,
prop, of the love of friends. 18.

^iXCd) «f (^^''^oc), friendship.

(|>(Xios> «, ov (<f>i2x)c), friendly.

<|>£X.iinroSi ov (^/Xof, tTrTrof), /one?
q/" horses.

lOiX-iinroSi o, P7tiKp. Philip-





♦iX<>-Oiipos, w {<ltih)Cf Oipa^ hunt-
ing, fr. Oyp\ fond of hunting,

^iXo-KCpSrisi kg (0/Aoc, Kkp^og),
greedy of gain.

<|>iXo-k£v8vvos« ov (0/Aof, KivdvvoQ),
fond of danger.

4^iXo-)ia0ifti ig (^t'^i iwv6dvo)\
fond of learning,

^iXo|&i{Xdt uf , the nightingale.

♦^^1 V, ov, 2 73, 1, loved, beloved,
dear, actively well-disposed; 0/Xof,
6, a friend, ii. Phil-, philo-.

l^iXo-v«^(a» fie, ^^ ^e of wisdom,

4.<^iXo-<ro^o$y ov, fond of wisdom ;
masc. as noun, a philosopher.
4.^iXo-T4|JioS9 ov {Ttpiffj, Jionor-loving.

^Xc«|r, <{>2£p6g, i, a vein.
t<^XvapiWy ij>Xvapya(j, to talk non-

t^XvdpCd, fif, silly talk, lA. fooleries,
nonsense. 54.

<|>Xvdpos, 6 (jpU'O, to bubble), bab-

t^Pcpds, A, 6v, fearful, terrible,
alarming. y>.

t<^Pcw, ^P^(^, k^Pnaa, ire^liTi-
luu, i^pffirjv, to frighten; mid. as
dep., w. a. p., to fear, dread, 26.

^pos, b ((pipofuu, to flee affrighted),
fear, fright. 50.

^oivticcos, 2, 01/, contr. tpoivucovg^
^, ovv, purple.

^tvtf, z«of, 6, a Phoenician; as
common noun, ^tyi£, the palm-

^o¥€vmf ^ei)aii, etc. ((f>6vog, mur-
der, cf. <J>£vcj, obs., ^ 8lay\ to kill.

<^pfi%«» (j>pa(^-), (;>pdau), etc., IV., <o
tell, D. 40. Phrase.

<|>pv{v, (ppevog, r/, prop. <Ac (Zia-
pjiragm; also, comm. pi., <A« mind,

4^poWc»i <f>povi/(Ju, e<pp6v7jaa, ire^pd-

vtjKa, to think ; fuya ippcwiuy to be
haughty-minded; Koiujg t^poviu, to be

4.<^povi|0'iS9 ewe, V, wisdom, prudence.

J<hpovTQ^«> ((l>pain-id-), ^ppovTiij, t<^p6v-
Tiaa, ir£(pp6vTiKa, IV., to take thought
for, be anxUms, a.

^^porrisf idog, ^, thought.

t^vp-ofxost b (apxul), the com-
mander of a garrison. 27.

^povpoty {irpo-opdu)^ a garrison-

t^piryCd, fif , Fhrygia.

t^pvyios, d, ov, Phrygian.
*PwS> ^y^^i ^1 « Phrygian.
^iryasi ddog, 6 {^iryu), an exile,
fugitive. 17.

^vXain{| ^c, prop, a guarding;
hence a guards garrison, in the col-
lective sense.
t^vXo{, ttKog, 6, ^, a guard, watcher,
used of the individual. 16.

^vka.'rr»{<iftv2.aK-), (^7u6^ti, etc., IV.,
to guard, keep guard; mid. to guard
one's self against 34.

t^uooo-XoYoty ov, inquiring into
nature. Physiology,
t^voasi eug, if, nature.
t^vrovy r6, aplarU.
^vof ^tau, l^ija, iri^ica, 2 a.
e0Dv, 2 a. p. kifrvfpf, to produce ; perf.
and 2 a. intrans., to be.

♦•vif, v^, a sound, the voice, vpeech,
language. la Phonetic.
4m0P, <^p6g, 6, a thief.
^C9S| <lx^^t ^<5, light. Photo-
graphs •

XeUpw {xap-l X<up^a, nexdpnKa,
Ksxdprjfiai and Kkxappai, 2 a. p. e;t'^-
pjpf, IV., to rejoice. Yearn.

XoXSoSoi, oi, the CJialdaeans.
tXaXcTcUvtt (x^^''^^^-)i X^'^^^'^ovOf





exa^^^^Wf^t f;fa^f7r<ivft7v, IV., to he
angry, d.

XoXciroti V, ^i hard, difficult,
grievous, severe, harsh, hitter^ angry,
cross, cruel. 32.
IXoXtvtft, grievously, severely, ex-
ceedingly ; ;fa^f7rd)C ^pu^ to he dis-
XoXivot, 6^ a hridle.
txoXKCOSy n, ov, contr. a:<»^^awf, f/,
ovv, of bronze, hronze.
XoXkos, 6, brome.
IXoXkwIUS aroc, t6, a hronze uten-
sil. 43.

XaXos, 6, the river Chalus.
X(£Xv4'y v/?oC, \ o, Chalyhian.

XapaSpd, ag {x^^pdrro^ to cut\ a
txapCcif, Effffa, ev, { 67, 2, graceful,
pleasing, clever.
|XOLp«^'vrwSf pleasingly.
txapftoijuu (xapi(i-l Xopun^f^e, IV.,
to gratify, j>blige, indulge.

XC^Sy '™f I V {X^'P<*), grace, favor,
gratitude; x^P^"^ olSa, to he grateftd;
X&ptv ix^i to feel gratitude. 17. Eu-
XCi|MM^i ovog, 6, winter, storm.
XcCp, x^^P^, g^n. and dat. dual
X^polv, dat. pi. X^P^K^i i^ hand. -39.
iXcipC-cro^oS) ^y Chirisophus^ a
Spartan general in the army of Cyrus
the Younger.

JX<^po-irXT)6Tit, cf {ir'X^fiiS), filling
the Jiand.

4X<ipo-ToWtf, x^^P^oviiGU {reiv(S),
1M hold up the hand, elect.

|X<(-po*'i X^^P^^^t ^ut comm. mid.
as dep. xctpoo|iai, x^^P^^t^^, etc., to
get in Ihand, subdue.

X€CpwV| ov, inferior, c. of KaK^q.
Xcppo-vi)(ros,7,^^e Thracian Cher-
X6cst yesterday.

X0«^> ;f^f>v<5?, 'i, land, country.

X^^-oh o-t, a, a thousand.

XtXos, 0, fodder; ^rjpbg x^^, dried
grass, hay.

X^uupa, fif , a she-goat : the

XiT«r» iJWK, ^j a tunic.

X^9 <^^» V, snow. 55.
txopcvnfsi ov, a choral dancer.
tXopcv«»» x^P^f^t etc., to dance.
tXopo-SiiSdMrKaXos, 6, a chorus^mcLs^

XOpoSi o, either a circular donee
or a hand of dancers, chorus.

Xopratf <^. fodder, grass.

Xpoo^M^ XpfjoofMi, etc., J 98, n. 2,
/o use, treat, employ^ make use of^
have the service of, D. 26.

Xpit» impers., ;r/yryae«, imperf. kxp^v
or ;t/^''» *^ ** necessary^ one must,
should, ought.

xrbV (;t:p'/-). ;tP!/<^", f;r/>9ffa, IV.,

to want, wish, desire. 29.

X(»Ti|fca, arof , t<5 (;t^o/i<M), a thing
used, comm. pi., tilings, goods^ pos-
sessions, means, property, wealth,
money. 27.

XpTJvai,, see xpt

X(»ii<n|M>s, V, ov {xp^f^\ useful.

Xpil<rTvipu»v» t6 (xpd'-^y to give an
oracle), the seat of an oracle, an oracle.

XPHO-ros, ^, 6v (xpdofiai), useful,
worthy, good.

XpovoSf ^, time. 31. Chronic.
tXP^cos, a, ov, contr. xp^f^^, V,
ovv, of gold, gold.

txpv<rCov, t6, a piece of gold, gold,
golden. 6.

Xpv(ros» 0, GOLD. Chryso-lite.
IXpv^ro-xoXivoS) ov, with gold-stud-
ded ^ridle.

X<»Xos» V, ^^, If^ff^'

X««pd, «f (cf. ,T^C). « country. 3.

X(i»pc» (/T^P^C), AfW^" or X<^P^o-
fmi, etc., <o yive ^?acc, inove on, yo.





X«p^v (x^H^)i ^^. « confined place,
tironghold, Bpot.

X«»p£8, apart, apart from.
X«pos» o, room, space, place.

"^oposi ^, ^^e river i^arus.

t|rfY«»t i>^^^, li\>e^a, l^//uai, fo

t|rcXiov, t6, a bracelet. 9.
-hjrcvSift, ic, false. 24.

^•vStf| iffevao, i\lievaa, iilfeva/iai,
k-^afhjv, to deceive; mid. to deceive,
lie. 31. Pseud-onyme.
4^vvTi|Sf ov, a Ziar.

4"|+4«» (t^^-), i^td, etc., IV.
(^i^T^oc, a 2^cbble, from V^^i ^o rw6),
comm. mid. as dep., to vote, decree,
resolve, decide.
^i^^^^ioyMf aroc, t6, a decree.

ifikott tl, 6v, bare. E-psilon.

i^o^os, o, a noise.

+*X^» Vf.(#A:«^i ^ breathe), soul,
life. Psycho-logy,

+^^> ^^ {V'^;t"» io blow), cold.


«^ interjection, 0.
tS^ (bSe), thus, as follows.
tf^ yg (^6)), a song. Ode.
f tra, M^V| see oio//a<.
m^» (^-), ^<>), ^6H7a, iuajMu, m-
ofhfv, VII., fo^wA. 48.
MV, part, of e2//i.
Mofuu, ijy^o/mi^ kCnnifuu^ kuv^-

fhfv, w. 2 a. mid. eirpi&furv from a
stem Trpm- which has^no present
(wvof , jjricg), to 6wy, purchase. 49.

•Sioosi fi, ov (ojvog, price), to be
bought ; ra uvta, wares.

tip&i ag, a proper time, time, hour,
w. £<rri often omitted. Horo-

•is, proclitic, I. as a rel. adv., as,
used (1) in elliptical expressions, as
wf iwog elwelv, so to speak, J 268 ;

(2) with participles, | 277, N. 2 ;

(3) as a preposition, to, J 191, III. 2;

(4) to strengthen a superlative, as
tjg raxurra, as quickly as possible.
II. wf is used as a conj. (l)to express
a fact like bri, that; (2) in a final
clause like Iva, in order that; (3) w.
the inf. generally to express result
like tjare, so that, hut sometimes
purpose, so as, J 266, n. 1 ; in a
causal clause, since, or a temporal
clause, when, or in the sense of
birug, how. III. ijg w. numerals has
the meaning of about.

jtSo'-irfp, rel. adv., just as.
|«So - Tc, conj. expressing result, (1)
w. the inf., so as, i 266, 1 ; (2) w. the
indie, so that, consequently, where-
fore, J 237.

(^, in the phrase e^* ^f, on con-
dition that, for the purpose of, § 267.
d&rfis, i6og, Tl, a bustard.
M^cXcM, i^TJfou, etc. {w^'hog), to
benefit, aid, help. 38.

|(i4^Xi||&a, arog, t6, an advantage,
|M^t|i0Sy fj or Of, ov, serviceable.



For fuller Infonimtlon In regard to the Greelc words here given, consult the foregoing
Vocabulary. In caae of synonytnes, when tlie difference of iwe is not here iwinted out, the
first or etynwlogical meaning of Uie Greek words should be iletennlned from the preceiliiig
Vooabulary.aud so Uie proper word selected. OocaslouaUy the woi-ds are bnterchangeable.


Abandon, ^fVw.
Abl3, he — , ^vvafMt.
Abolish, a{>6>.
About, afjifti or irepi]

be — , /uf /Xw.
Above, vnip.
Abundance, a^ovia.
Abuse, ?jot6opi{>).
Accomplisb, eiriTeXiu,

Tccpaivu^ or noiiu, the

last in the sense of

Bimply to do.
Accord, of one's own

, €KCJV.

According, — to, Kara.
Accordingly, <J^ or oiw.
Account, — " happy, (m-

KapiC,io ; on — of, dm.
Accuser, Karyyopoq.
Acknowledge, bfwTM-

Action, ipyov.
Admiration, worthy of

— , a^iodavfjicujTog.
Admire, Oavfid^u.
Adorn, Koafiiu.
Advantage, ayad6v.
Affair, npdyfia.
Affection, vnlh — ,

Af&rm, (l>vf^L
Afford, Tvapexi^.
After, tierd.
Again, nahv.

Against, ktri or irpdq.
Age^ old — , yvpf^C ; free

from old — , ayijpoq.
A^ree, ofiokoyko) ; be

agreed upon, ovyKEi-


Aid, poTJdeta ; ixfte^^o ;
— in getting out,
avvEKpipd^ij; loiththe
or by — of, ovv.

Jiinif — at, kipiefjuiL.

All, iTaq\ on — sides,

Allege, 0(i<TK6».

Allow, iTEpiopdo).

Ally, ovfifiaxog.

Alone, fidvog.

Along, napd; up — , dvd.

Already, vStj.

Also, Koi.

Always, del.

Among, ev, napd, or elg.

Ancestral, irarp^.

And, Kai, the reg. and
stronger word, but
sometimes di; - -then,
eha de ; — yet, fdvrot.

Anger, bpy?^.

Angry, he — , ;^^aXe7rotva>.

Animal, dy^piov, a wild
animal; ^(i>ov, a liv-
ing being.

Announce, dyyi^^Li or

Another, dAAof ; one — ,


Answer, — or give — ,

Ant, iivpfin^.
Anxious, he — , ^povTi-

Any, TIC ; — one or hody

or thing, tic, tI.
Apparent, ^vepof .
Appear, ^ivofiai or

Appoint, KaBiaTfffu.
Apprehension, vno'tlw.
Apprehensive, be — ,

Approach, irhfaidCoi or

Approve, knatv^D.
Archer, To^drTfc.
Arise, dviarafMi,
Ann, dirX^u ; fully — ,

KodoKTii^cj] arms, ar-
mor, fiTrXa.
Army, orpaTdc, aTparid,

or arpdrevfia.
Arouse, dvitmjfu.
Arrange, rdTTu.
Arrangement, rd^.
Arrest, avKkafipdvLi,
Arrive, dfpucveofMi.
Arrow, rS^evfia.
Artaxerxes, *ApTa^ip-'





As, ^'y {as much) — ,
oTrdaog; — ... — pos-
sible, wc or oTi with

Ascertain, irwdavo/iac.

Ask, epurdu^ to inquire
or question ; C^r^w, to
ask for, ask to see,
seek ; alreu, to ask
some one for some-

Ass, fiyof.

Assemble, adpoi^a.

Assembly, eKKkTjaia.

At, fv, eic, ^'t/, or ^/twJf.

Athenian, 'Afh^valog.

Athens, 'AB^ai ; to — ,
'A6^«Ce; at—.'kdii-

Athlete, a&Xijrijg.

Attack, emTideficu; —
or make the — , ineifii.

Attempt, kmxeipiu or

Attention, give — to,

Authority, royal — ,

Await, uJhu, in the gen-
eral sense; d^xof^^if^^the
attack of an enemy.

Axe, d^ivij.


Bad,.Ka«<5f, in the gen-
eral sense ; novrfpSg^ in
the sense of hurtful,
dangerous, innately

Baggage, collect one's
— , avaK£vaC,ofiaL.

Banish, IkPclaXu.

Barbarian, pdpPapog or

Basket, Kaveov.
Bathe, Tiovofiai.
Battle, pdxV'
Be, nfii'^ — at handj

Bear, depu.
Beast, vrild — , Orjpiov ;

— of burden, vno^ij-

Beat, iraiti.
Beautiful, KokdQ.
Because, hn.
Become, yiyvopni.
Befit, irpiiru ; it is befit-
ting, Trpiirei.
Before, irp6 ; irpdaOev or

Trpdrepov; trph.
Beg, — off, k^cuTkoficu.
Beget, ri/crw.
Begin, dpxofiai.
Beginning, dpxt
Behalf, in — of, imkp.
Behavior, good — , ev-

Behind, leave — , «ara-

Believe, vofii^o.
Benefactor, evepyern^.
Benefit, ixpeMu,
Beseech, iKErevu.
Beside, wapd.
Besides, trpdc.
Besiege, noliopKea.
Bestow, — upon, ito-

Betake, — one's self,

Betray, irpo6idufii.
Better, see Gk>od.
Between, fiETo^v.
Beware, evXapioficu.
Bid, KelEvio.
Bind, (Uo).
Bird, &pvig.
Black, fU^ag.

Blame, pkfi^pm.
Blessed, fiaKap.
Blind, — or make — ^

Blow, TrXr^y^.

Boat, ttAoZov.

Body, GOfia.

Bone, bareov.

Book, pipTdov.

Bore, Tpwrdui.

Both, dp^ or dp<^T£pog\
on — sides, dp<poTipu-
6ev ; — .... and, Kal
... Kai, or r£ ... /cat.

Bow, t6^ov.

Bowl, KpaTTJp.

Bowman, ro^dr^f.

Boy, Traig.

Brave, dyaBdg,

Bravely, dvdpeiug.

Brazen, x^^^oc-

Breadth, evpog.

Break, Xvcj.

Breakfast, without — ,

Breast, paardg.

Breastplate, 66pa^; put
on Okie's — , dopaKi-

Brick, 'KlivBivog, adjec.

Bridge, y£<pvpa.

Bring, dycj, prop, to
lead, conduct, while
^kpu signifies to bear,
carry; — a^out^ Troiiu;
— back word, diray-
yeTChj)- — in safety,
acjl^u ; — together, aw-

Broad, evpvg.

Brother, d6eX(p6g.

Build, ETToiicoSopio),

Bull, ravpog.

Bum, Kaiu ; — ttp, kg'





Bant, — through or
open^ Karcujxi^f^.

Bury, OdiTTu.

Bastard, 6>r/c.

Bat, Si or d?iM, the lat-
ter being the stronger
word; — ahOf dX^

Bay, uviofim.

By, V7r6^ with G. of the
agent, or napd; —
land and sea, Kara yijv
Koi Kara 6d?uiTTav,


Call, comm. icaX^o), in
the sense both of sum-
moning and naming;
sometimes A^yw, but
in the sense only of
naming; — out,^u;

— together, ovyKaXiu ;

— an assembly, eiocAiy-
aiav irotka.

Camp, ffTparSiredov,
Captain, h)xay6g.
Captive, aixf^d^xjTo^.
Captare, 7Mfij3dv(j; be

captured, dXioKOfuu.
Care, — for^ hmfieXeo-


QdkXrj, (l>ep(^, in the gen-
eral sense, while dyo
signifies to convey
by carriage ; — back
word, dirayyi^^(j; —
over, diapt/id^u.

Case, in that — , ovrog.

Cast, — or — aside,
{yiiTTu or f)nrTiu.

Catch, Offpdio.

Cattle, j3ot)f or kt^oq,
both in plur., the
former the general

word, the latter prop-
erty in cattle.

Caase, oXtm.

Cavalry, InniKdQ, ad-
jec. ; tTTTrcif (lit. horse-

Cease, travofiat.

Celaenae, KtXaival,

Certain, a — , rig.

Chains, Xdhyg.

Chance, ruyxdvu.

Change, fierariBiifu.

Charge, leiuu.

Chariot, dpfm ; four-
horse — , Tcdpiirnov,

Chase, 6i6iuj.

Chastise, koM^o.

Child, commonly iralg,
but sometimes riicvov
(prop, that which is
born, a bairn), or irai-
diov (prop, the dim.) ;
Utile — , naidiov. '

Choose, aipiofiai.

Choral, — dancer y x^-

Cilicia, KtXucia.

Cilician, — woman or
queen, Ki^aaa.

Citizen, irolirifc.

City, TrdXtg, used either
of the place or the
inhabitants, or of the
two together, a town,
city, state; d(nv, of
the place only.

Clear, acupyc ; make — ,

Clearchas, K?^apxoi,

Close, lOieuj.

Close, — together,

Cloud, ve^A^ ; — of

dust, Kovioprog.
Cock, dleKTpvufV, I

Collect, ffvTCkeyu or
ddpoi^o); — together y

Come, epxofiai, eljut, ^icw;
be or have — , ^ko) ; — ,
together, awepxofiai;

— along, napipxofiai ;.

— on, rrpoaipxo/iai^
iireifity or n-pdaEifii ; —
to an end, A^ya>.

Command, iceXehu, to

bid, order, but dpx^,

to rule.
Commander, dpxiJv.
Commend, hraiviu.
Commit, — error, dfmp-

Common, koiv6c.
Companion, halpog.
Company, "kdxoi-, in » —

vnth, avv.
Compel, dvayKdl^(j,
Compose, ypd^.
Comrade, eralpog.
Conceal, Kpimra.
Condemn, — to deaths

davarSu. ^

Condition, or^ — Ahat,

Conqaer, vucdu.

Conscious, be — to, avv-

Consider, oKonia^, to
look intently, ob-
serve, but vofu^ij^ to

Constant, pifiaioc.

Consult, — with, crv/*-

Contain, ix^-

Contend, dyuvi^ofiat.

Contest, dyow ; judge of
a — , dycjvodertfg.

Continue, dtareXsij.

Converse, diaXeyofKu,





Convict, cA£y;fa>; becon-
victed^ d^iaKOfuu.

Com, alTog.

Corrupt, KttKSg.

Costly, TTohrreX^.

Country, x^P^* lands,
territory, but irarpig,
one's fatherland.

Courage, ape-r^.

Courageous, (hppaXiog.

Courageously, Bappa-

Covetousness, n^eove-

Cowardly, KaKdg.
Co-worker, awepydg.
Crag, n^Tpa,
Criminal, KOKovpyog,
Cross, 6iapaiv<j,
Cultivate, aaiUu.
Current, p6og.
Cut, — topieces or dovm,

KaTOKdirTCi ; — off^ airo-

Cydnua, Khdvog.
Cyrus, Kvpog,


Dagger, fidxaipa.
Dancer, choral — , x^-

Danger, idvdwoc ; fond

of — , (pi^juKivdwog.
Daric, SapeiKdg.
Darius, Aapeioc.
Dark, Kvitpac.
Daughter, Qvydrijp,
Day, viikpa.
Daybreak, at — , afia

ry Vf^pa.
Dead, veKpdg; the — ,

01 TEdvrjK6T€g\ he — ,

TefhifKevcu or rtthdvai.
Deal| — outf vifuj.

Death, ddvarog ; con-
demn to — , davarSu ;
put to — , diroKTEivu ;
suffer — , dTToOvjfOiaj.

Deceive, k^aTrardu, or
V'evfJu, to deceive by
lying; — grossly, ot
completely, k^airardu.

Declare, dTroSeUvvfu or

Decree, ^j^i^^fM.

Deed, ipyov.

Deep, Padvg,

Defeat, viKdot; he de-
feated, ^rdofuu.

Defend, dfivvu.

Delay, fikXTM, to be on
the point' of doing a
thing.without actaal-
ly doing it; StaTpi^D,
to spend one's time,
tarry ; — one's march,
kirext-i T^c iropeiag.

Deliberate, povXebofiai.

Delight, TEpiro.

Deliver, — over, napa-

Deliverance, aurripia.

Delphi, ^eh^i.

Democracy, ^rjfjtoKparia.

Deny, oh ^nju.

Descend, KaTapaiva.

Desert, KaTaXeiKu.

Deserted, ipf/jnog.

Designate, dirodeiKWfu.

Desire, edkhj or hirdh-

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