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Thief, 0u»p.

Think, vopi^u or otfuu.

Third, rpirog.

Thirty, rpidKovra.

This, ovrog or ode, 2 148,
N. 1.

Those, see That.

Thought, take — in re-
turn, avreTrifieXiofjuu.

Thousand, ;t^^<; two
—, diax*^^^; ten — ,

Thrace, 0pm-

Thracian, Opg^.

Three, rpetg; — hun-
dred, rpiaxdaioi.

Through, Sid.

Throw, piiTTu; — in,

Thus, ode, in the sense
of as follows.

Tiara, ar^yyi^,

Tigris, HiypjK.

Time, xp^^>oq, in gen-
eral ; dpa^ season,
hour ; proper — , luu-
pdg\ at that — , Tdre;
each — , iKOOTore ; in
— , evKaipog; at tlie
same — vnth, dfia
with D.

Tissaphemes, Tiaaa-





To, elf, kni, Tra/wi, of,

or np6g.
Toil, Trdvos ; full of — ,

Toach, a^7 ; airTOfMi.
Towards, eni w. G.
Tower, rvpaig.
Track, Ixviov.
Traitor, irpoSdrnc.
Transgress, irapapaivo)

or afutprdvu.
Transport, Siaptpd^u.
Treason, izpodoaia.
Treasure, d^aavpSc.
Treat, xp^^t^^^-
Treaty, irirovdai or <rvv-

Tree, dhdpov.
Trench, rdt^poq.
Tribute, daaii6q.
Trireme, rpvfipiK.
Trojan, TpcjiKdg.
Trophy, rp&iratov.
Trouble, rapdrTu cr

Troy, Tpoia.
Truce, arrovdai
True, d?i7^/g.
Trumpet, aakiriy^.
Trust, TTioTEvu or ni-

Truth, speak the — ,

Try, iinx^ipkQ or ttw-

Tumult, eSpvpog.
Tunic, x^'^^'
Turn, rpi'jroi or arpi^.
Twenty, elKoai,
Two, dvo ; — thousand,

Tyrant, Tvpawoc,

Under, irrrS.
yndemeath, he — ,

Understanding, ai/ve-

Undertaking, irpd^ig,

Tzpaypja, or tpyov.
Uneducated, (nraiSev-


Unfinished, areX'^Q.
Unfortunate, drvxfj^ or

Unguarded, cu^vT^Krog.
Unjust, a6uiog.
Unless = if not
Unprepared, dnapa-

Unprincipled, Trovjjpdg.
Unseaworthy, airXoog.
Unseemly, alaxp^C-
Until, .yu^^/)/, axpi, lore,

ewf , or irpiv.
Up, — along^ avd.
Upon, eni.
Uprightness, Sucatoav-

Uproar, 66pvpog.
Urge, K£?£iMj.
Us, see I.
Use, make — of XP^^-

Useful, xpfff't/^'


Valor, dper^.
Vast, noXvg.
Vengeance, take — on,

dirorivofjuu or rifjujpio-

Very, fidXa.
Vex, ?.v7rt(j.
Vicious, TTcvrjpdg.
Victorious, he — ^vuidu.

Vigilant, i'7nfie7J]q.
Vigorously, \axvpug.
Village, KLifiTi ; village'

chief Kwfidpxn^,
Villager, Kufji^m,
Vine, dfiireh)^.
Violate, irapafieXiu,
Violently, ptaujg.
Virtue, dper^.
Voice, ifujv^.
Voyage, ir2.6oc


Wagon, afia^a ; passa-

hle hy wagons, dfrn^i'

Wailing, bdvpfiSg.
Wait, 7repifiiv<j ; — for^

dvafiivu or irepi/iivu^
Wall, Teixog ; huild a

— to intercept, diro-


War, 7r6Ac/«)f ; at — ,

noTiifuog ; — or make

— , iroXefjiiiJ.
Ward, — off, dfivvu.
Watchword, ovvdriiia.
Water, v6iop ; fetch — ,

Way, <5<J(5f; give — ,

EKKkivid'y give — to,

neiOoficu; in this — ,

W«ak, dddevrjg.
Wealth, irTMVTog,
Wear, ^a:"; —out.Ka-

Weep, SaKpvo,
Weight, pdpog.
Well, ev or mlog-j it

is — , KoXog Ix^i.
Well-armed, evoTrXog,
Well-bom, evyevr/c
Well-disposed, evpoog.





Wet, Ppix».

What, Wf, inter.; 8f,

rel.; borig, gen. rel.

and indir. inter.
Whatever, barig.
When, wf , knei, or eTrei-

Whence, irdOev.
Whenever, 6ir6Te or

Where, Mfa or bmf.
Wherefore, twrre.
Wherever, brrov.
Whether, el.
Which, 5c.

Whichever, im&repoq.
Whip, fiiliGTi^.
White, ^£VK6q.
Whither, nol.
Who, T<V, inter. ; 6f, rel.
Whole, 6^ or irdr-^
Whosoever, 8f .
Why, rt.
Width, ev/wf .
Wife, ywij.

Wild, dy/i^of ; — heoAt,
Brjpiav, r

Willing, he — , mhS^
Wind, avefjog.
Wine, olvog.
Wing, Kipag.
Winter, x^¥^^'
Wisdom, (7o0ia.
Wise, ao(l>6c.
VfiBhfkdiXo or povh}fmi.

With, ffhv, Ix^ ; — i^^
aid of,avv; — respect
to, TTpdg.

Withdraw, airoairdu or

Within, cZ(T(j, indicates
the motion of going
into the place ; Mav,
in the sense of in the
inside, without im-
plying such motion ;
fVT(5f , prop, inwardly,
but sometimes as a
prep. w. a.

Without, dvev ; —
breakfast, avapiarog.

Witness, ftdprvq.

Wolf, TiVKoq.

Woman, ywij ; old — ,
ypavg ; Cilician — ,

Wonder, 6avfi&^a.

Wonderful, 0avfiaar6q.

Wooden, ^hTuvog.

Word, yl(Jyof ; bring or
carry back — , aTvay-
y^XAw; send — , napay-
yiXXa ; pass the — to
one another, diayyi?.-


Work, kpydl^ofjuu.
Worse, c. of kokSc.
Worsted, he — , irrdo-

Worthy, d^«of .

Would, — that, elde or
ei yap.

Wound, TlTptiGKli

Write, ypd^.
Wrong or do — , ddi-

Kea-; wrong-doing,


Xenias, ^eviag.
Xenophon, Zevoijujv.

Year, eviavrdg.

Yet, not — , oijTTu or

fi:fyirij ; and — , koitoi.
Yield, vt^fuu.
You, ah.
Young, viog; — man,

Your or yours, o6g or

vfikrepog^ and often by

the gen. of ffv.
Yourself, oeavrov, ror

flex. ; avrdg, intens.

like ipse.
Youth, vedr^g.

Zealous, rrpdOv/wg.
Zeus, Zcig,







Goodwin's Greek Grammar.

By William W. Goodwin, Ph.D., Eliot Professor of Greek Literature
in Harvard College. Revised and Enlarged Edition. Published in
December, 1879. 12mo. Half morocco. 425 pages. Mailing Price,
$1.65; Introduction, $1J50; Allowance for old book, 50 cents.

rpHE object of this Grammar is to state general principles clearly
and distinctly, with special regard to those who are preparing
for college.

In the new edition many important changes have been made.
The part relating to the inflection of the Verb has been entirely
rewritten, and increased from fifty to one hundred pages. Part
III., on the Formation of Words, has been added in this edition.
Part v.; on Versification, is almost entirely new, and follows to a
great extent the principles of J. H. H. Schmidt's Rhythmic and
Metric, The other parts, especially the Syntax, have been thor-
oughly revised, and numerous additions have been made. The
Catalogue of Verbs has been greatly enlarged, and each verb is
now referred to its proper class in the classification of G. Curtius,
which is adopted in the Grammar itself. The sections on the Syntax
of the Verb are generally condensed from the author's larger work
on the Greek Moods and Tenses, to which advanced students, and
especially teachers, are referred for a fuller exposition of many
matters which are merely hinted at in the Elementary Grammar.

This new edition has been published also by Macmillan & Co. m
London, and is commended by British authorities as "the best
Greek Grammar of its size in the English language."

Martin L. D*Ooge, Professor of
Greek inthe University of if ichigan:
The Grammar, it seems to me, hits
the exact mean between a book of
reference and a bare outline. It
gives results concisely and yet fully

and clearly. Its treatment of the in-
flection of the verb is especially skil-
ful and clear. I know of no Greek
grammar for English-speaking stu-
dents that combines so many merits
in so attractive a form.




White's First Lessons in Greek.

Prepared to aooompany Goodwin's Greek Grammar, and designed as an
Introduction either to liis Greek Reader or to bis Selections irom Xeno-
phon and Herodotus, or to the Anabasis of Xenophon. By John Wil-
liams Whitb, Ph.D., Professor of Greek in Harvard Uniyersity. 12mo.
Halfmoroooo. x + 286 paf2:es. Mailing Price, 91.30; Introduction, $1^;
Allowance for old book, 26 centa.

A SERIES of eighty lessons, with progressive Greek-English
"^ and English-Greek Exercises, toX;en mainly from the first friut
hooks of Xenophon* s Anabasis. The Exercises consist wholly of
complete sentences, followed hy a series of Additional Exercises
on Forms, and complete Vocabularies. These lessons are care-
fully graded, and do not follow the order of arrangement of the
Grammar, but begin the study of the verb with the second lesson,
and then pursue it alternately with that of the remaining parts oi

Alexander Kerr, Prof, of Greek,
University of Wisconsin: The best
book for beginners which I have ever

S. H. WUaon, Prin. of High School,
Middletovon, Conn.: It is the best
book for beginners in Greek I have
ever used.

Leighton's New Greel< Lessons.

With references to Hadler's Greek Grammar as well as to Goodwin's
New Greek Grammar. Intended as an introduction to Xenophon 's
Anabasis or to Groodwin's Greek Reader. By R. F. Leighton, Ph.D.
(Lips.), Principal Brooklyn High School, N.Y. 12mo. Half morocco.
Mailing I'rice, $1.3Q ; Introduction, $1.20 ; Allowance, 25 cents.

A BOUT seventy easy and well-graded lessons, both Greek and
"^ English, introduce the pupil to the first book of Xenophon's
Anabasis, from which the Exercises and Vocabularies are mainly
selected. The amount of matter to be translated into Greek is
sufficient to prepare a student for most American colleges.

M. W. HQinplireys, Prof, of Greek,
University of 2'exas : 1 have found
by actual trial that, for beginners, it
forms an excellent companion to the
Grammar. (March 6, 1882.)

A H. Buck. Prof, of Greek, Bos-
ton University : In its general plan,
subject-matter, and method, it is ex-
cellently well adapted to the wants
of the beginner, {May 6, 1881.)



First Four Boohs of Xenophon's Anabasis.

With an illustrated Vocabulary. Edited by Professors W. W. Goodwiu
and John Wiijliams Whitb, of Harvard University. 12mo. Half
morocco. 355 pages. Mailing Price, $1.65; Introduction, $1.50; Allow-
ance, 25 cents.

Without Vocabulary. Mailing Price, $1.10; Introduction, $1.00;
Allowance, 25 cents,

rriHE Notes are copious, and much grammatical aid is given,
chiefly in the form of references to the Grammar.

A colored map is added, giving the route of the Ten Thousand.

Until Professor White's Illustrated Vocabulary is ready, Profes-
sor Crosby's complete Lexicon will be bound with this edition.

Goodwin's Greel{ Reader.

Edited by Professor W. W. Goodwin, of Harvard University. 12mo.
Half morocco. 384 pages. Mailing Price, $1.65 ; Introduction, $1.50 ;
Allowance, 25 cents.

/CONSISTING of Selections from Xenophon, Plato, Herodotus,
^^ and Thucydides; being the full amount of Greek Prose
required for admission to Harvard University. With colored
maps, notes, and references to the revised and enlarged edition of
Groodwin's Greek Grammar.

written, and, what- 1 think much of,
the type is clear and the book looks

B. 1. Cilley, Professor of Greeky
Phillips Exeter Academy : The selec-
tions are good, the notes are well

Cebes' Tablet

Edited with Introduction, Notes, Vocabulanr, alid Grammatical Ques-
tions, by BiCHABD Pabsons, Professor of Greek, Ohio Wesleyan Uni-
versity. 12mo. Cloth. 91 pages. Mailing Price, 85 cents ; for intnn
duction, 75 cents.

rpniS little volume has arisen from a belief that Cebes' Tablet
deserves a higher recognition than it has received. In con-
firmation of this claim, editions based upon more modem data
and research have recently appeared in Germany and England.

In its preparation the works of Schweighaiiser, Simpson, Drosihn,
BUchling, and Jerram have- been consulted, besides some minor




editions prepared for school and gymnasium use. The monographs
of Drosihn (Die Zeit des Pinax) and of Dr. Carl Miiller on the
manuscript authorities (De arte critica ad Cebetis Tabulam adhi-
bendd) have been of service.

Besides being an entertaining and instructive allegory, in the
form of a lively dialogue, Cebes' Tablet is moderately easy to con-
strue, and not above the comprehension of a boy of fourteen.

As a drill-book on forms and constructions, especially on inter-
rogatives and conditional sentences, the work should come into
use, to say nothing of its own intrinsic excellence. Particular
attention is invited to the feature of questions.

It should be put into the hands of beginners in their second or
third term's work as an alternative book to the Anabasis, which
is in parts a little too military and tedious.

Geo. A. Williami, ProfeMor of
Greek, Cook Academy ^ Havana,
y.T,: It seems admirably adapted
to supplement the regular work in
the Anabasis, or to take the place of
an equivalent of the latter.
(Aug, 25, 1887.)

A. K. WeUi, Professor of Greek,

Antioch College, Yellow Springs, O. :
I am well pleased with it, and shall
certainly use it next term with my
beginning class. The Anabasis never
seemed to me interesting enough to
the average student to make a fit
introduction to Greek literature. I
think the Tablet will meet my need
exactly. {Nov. 11, 1887.)

Selections from Xenophon and Herodotus.

With Notes adapted to the revised edition of Goodwin's Greek Grammar,
and copperplate maps. Edited by W. W. Goodwin, Ph.D.. LL.D.,lSliot
Professor of Greek Literature, and John Williams Whitb, PhJD.,
Professor of Greek in Harvard College. 12mo. Half morocco, vii + SOT
pages. Mailing Price, $1.65; for introduction, ^IJBO,

Greek Inflection.

By B. F. Harding, Teacher of Greek in St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H.
12mo. Cloth. 54 pages. Mauling Price, 55 cents; for introduction, 50 cents.

TAESIGNED to economize time for the teacher, by furnishing a
large number of words for ready use, as paradigms, in the
class-room, and at the same time to suggest a systematic and sci'
entific treatment of the noun and verb.




Goodwin's Greek Moods and Tenses.

By William W. Goodwin, PhX>., Eliot Professor of Greek Literature
in Harvard University. Seventh Edition. Revised and Enlarged. 12mo.
Cloth. 279 pages. Mailing Price, $1.65; Introduction, $1.50.

rpHE object of the work is to give a plain statement of the prin-
ciples which govern constructions in this, the most important
and the most difficult part of Greek Syntax.

Since 1874 Goodwin's Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb has
been included in the list of works recommended by the Board of
Classical Studies of the University of Cambridge (England) to
candidates for honors in the Classical Tripos. In 1975 it was re-
published by IVIacmillan & Co. in London and Oxford.

Arthur Sidgwick, Lecturer at
Corpus Christi College^ Oxford, and
Fellow of Trinity College^ Cam-

bridge : The hest hook on the subject
that has been pahlished, either in
Europe or America.

Medea of Euripides.

Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, hy Fbedbbick D. Allen,
Ph.D., Professor of Classical Philology in Harvard University. 12mo.
Cloth. 141 pages. Mailing Price, $1.10; Introduction, $1.00.

rpHE Introduction contains a full discussion of all the principal
questions arising in a study of this play.

M. 1. FOoge. Prof, of Greek, Uni-
versity of Michigan : It fully meets
my expectations. The notes are

models of conciseness, clearness, and
directness. I am using it with great

(Edipus Tyrannus of Sophocles.

Edited, with an Introduction, Notes, and full Explanation of the Metres,
by John Williams Whitb, Ph.D., Professor of Greek in Harvard Uni-
versity. 12mo. Cloth. 219 pages. Mailing Price, $1.25: Introduction,

rpmS edition of the (Edipus Tyrannus has been made for the
class-room, and is especially designed for those who begin
their study of the Greek drama with this tragedy.

Wm. S. Tyler, Prof, of G^recA;, [ guide in the study of this masterpiece
Amherst College : I know of no better | of the old Greek drama.


Greek Text-Books.

Intro. Prio9.

Allen : Mcnlea of Enripides $1 00

Flaffff : Hellenic Orations of DemostheneB . . 1.00

Seven against Thebes 1.G0

Anacreontics J25

Goodwin: Greek Grammar IJK)

Greek Reader tJBO

Greek Moods and Tenses IJSO

Selections from Xenophon and Herodotus . 1.50

Goodwin ft White : Anabasis, with vocabulary .... 1^

Harding : Greek Inflection j$0

Keep: Essential Uses of the Moods J25

Leiirhtoc: New Greek Lessons 1.20

Uddell A Scott : Abridged Greek-English Lexicon .... 1.90

Unabridged Greek-English Lexicon .... 9.40

Parsons: Cebes' Tablet .75

Seymour: Selected Odes of Pindar 1.40

Introd. to Language and Verse of Homer, j nj^^ 'Iq

SidflTwick: Greek Prose Composition 1J50

Tarbell: Philippics of Demosthenes 1.00

Tyler: Selections from Greek Lyric Poets .... 1.00

White: First Lessons in Greek 1.20

Schmidt's Rhythmic and Metrio 2^

Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles 1.12

SteiiTs Dialect of Herodotus 10

Wblton: Orations of Lysias . . ^ . . . . 1.00

BeckT/ith : Euripides' Bacchantes.

Text and Notes, Paper, .80; Cloth, $1.10; Text only, :20,
D'Ooge : Sophocles' Antigone.

Text and Notes, Paper, .96 ; Cloth, $1.25 ; Text only, .20.
Dyer : Plato's Apology and Crito.

Text and Notes, Paper, .96; Cloth, $1.25 ; Text only, .20.
•fi Powler: Thucydides, Book v.
9 Text and Notes, Paper, .95; Qoth, $1.25; Text only, .20.

Humphreys : Aristophanes' Clouds,
ft Text and Notes, Paper, .95; Cloth, $1.25; Text only, .2a

o Manatt : Xenophon's Hellenica, Books I.-1 V.
A Text and Notes, Paper, $1.20 ; Cloth, $1.50; Text only, .20.

^ Morris : Thucydides, Book L

^ Text and Notes, Paper. $1.20; Cloth, $1JS0; Text only, .20.

Seymour : Homer's Iliad, Books L-IIL

Text and Notes, Paper, SH ; Cloth, $1.25; Text only, .20.
Smith : Thucydides, Book YIL

Text and Notes, Paper, .95 ; Cloth, $L25 ; Text only, .2a


ArrowsTnith : Kaegi's Rigveda, (translation) $lJiO

Blwell: Nine Jatakas (Po/t) £0

Lanman: Sanskrit Reader 1^

Perry: Sanskrit Primer 1^

Whitney: Sanskrit Grammar 2.50

Ccpies 9ent to Teachers for Sxamination^ with a view to Introduction^ on
receipt of Introduction Price.

CINN & COMPANY, Publishers,

Boston, New York, and Chicago.





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