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Genealogical and


Personal History

Fayette County




Librarian of Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia



of Uniontown, Pennsylvania; author of "Washington and Braddock's Expeditions Through
Fayette County," and the reproductions of Judge James Veech's work entitled "The
Monongahela of Old, or Historical Sketches of Southwestern Pennsylvania to the Year 1800"


Volume II.










West Virginia. He owned a large estate,
but was not a slave holder. He married
Lyda Travitt, also born in Virginia, where
both died leaving issue: i. Anna, married
Joseph Young, a gunsmith, and resides in
West Virginia. 2. Aaron, now residing in
Fayette county ; he married a Miss Work-
man. 3. Mary, married John Allen, a far-
mer of Fayette county. 4. Martin, a miner
of Fayette county, married and has issue.
5. William, of whom further.

(H) William, son of Aaron F. and Lyda
(Travitt) Haney, was born in Marshall
county, West Virginia, February 2, 1839,
died in Putnam county, Virginia, February
2, 1889. He grew to manhood in Marshall
county, receiving his education in the school
of his neighborhood. He was a coal miner
until his enlistment in a West Virginia regi-
ment, serving two years in the Union army,
during the war between the states. After
the war he came to Fayette county, Pennsyl-
vania, locating at Dawson. He worked in
the Brown and Cochran coal mines until
1887, then moved to Putnam county. Vir-
ginia, on the Big Kanawha river, where he
died two years later. Both William Haney
and wife were members of the Methodist
Episcopal church.

He married Harriet Workman, born in
Marshall county. West Virginia, in Septem-
ber, 1842, who survives him. She is a
daughter of Joshua and Rebecca Workman,
born in Virginia, who li'^ed on a farm in that
state until death. Their children : i. Robert,
deceased, was a miner of Fayette county;
married Jane Norris. 2. Ebenezer, a miner,
now living in Charleroi, Pennsylvania ; mar-
ried Mary Norris. 3. Harriet, of previous
mention, widow of William Haney. 4. A
son died young. 5. A daughter died young.
Children of William and Harriet Haney: i.
Henry, died aged two years. 2. Rebecca,
married Henry Huffini, a miner, now re-
siding at Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania. 3.
Aaron, died aged twelve years. 4. John W.,
of whom further. 5. Lyda, married Wesley
Goe, a fire boss in the employ of the W. J-
Rainey Company at their mines near \^an-
derbilt. 6. Sarah, residing with her aged
mother. 7. Job, unmarried, a railroad em-
plo'^ee in Ohio.

(HI) John W., son of William and Har-

riet (Workman) Haney, was born in East
Liberty, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, July
22, 1866. He attended the public schools
in Lower Tyrone township, Fayette coun-
ty, Pennsylvania, having previously attend-
ed in Putnam county, Virginia. He re-
turned to the latter county in 1887 with his
parents, remaining until his father's death
in 1889. In 1890 he came to Jimtown, Fay-
ette county, Pennsylvania, where for seven
years he worked in the coal mines in dif-
ferent capacities. He was a clerk in hotels
at Dawson and Brownsville, continuing in
that business for three years. He then en-
tered the employ of the Pittsburgh 8z Lake
Erie railroad as brakeman, and after four
years service was promoted to the position
of conductor. After five years service as
conductor he was appointed yard master at
Dickerson Run, which position he now
holds. He is a Republican in politics, a
member of the United Brotherhood of
Trainmen and of the Knights of Malta. He
married, January ri, 1899, Ida M. Ramsey,
born near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, daugh-
ter of John and Mary Ramsey, both de-
ceased. John Ramsey was a contracting
stone mason, moved to Dawson, Fayette
county, where he died. Children of John
W. Haney: Charles, born June 10, 1900;
Donald, April 23, 1902; Gladys, March 7,
1904; Margaret, December 2y, 1907; Mil-
dred, twin of Margaret. The family home
is in Liberty, Pennsylvania, where Mr.
Haney built a residence in 1906.

Five generations of this fam-
RANDOL ily have resided in America.

The first of these generations
emigrated from Ireland, and nothing much
is known of that and the succeeding genera-
tion in America. The third generation was
represented by George Randol, who married
Mary Kennedy, and both were natives of
what is now northern West Virginia. He
was a farmer, and later in life removed to
Brownsville, Pennsylvania, where he died.
George Randol and wife were the parents of
seven children, as follows: i. Samuel, who
lived in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania ; he
served in the Federal army in time of the
civil war. 2. William, also served in the
Union cause in the civil war, after which he



resided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 3.
Alexander, served in the Confederate army.

4. F , was a well-to-do farmer. 5.

Robert, was a farmer. 6. Jane, married and
lived near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 7. Jo-
seph, of whom further. The above family
were all reared and lived on the old home
farm until after the civil war when they
became much scattered, most of them going
to Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.

(IV) Joseph, son of George and Mary
(Kennedy) Randol, was born near Fair-
mont, West Virginia, in July, 1832, died
in September, 1904. He was reared on a
farm where he remained with his father until
the breaking out of the civil war, when he
engaged as a deck hand on a river boat.
Later he returned to farm life where he
spent the remainder of his days. Politically
he was a Democrat, and in his church faith
was a Methodist Episcopalian. He married
Hannah Elizabeth Rodabaugh, born in Pres-
ton county, Virginia, near the north line of
the state, in August, 1825. She was of
German descent, the family coming from the
Fatherland, she being of the fourth genera-
tion in America. The parents were sturdy
farmers, and both natives of West Virginia.
Joseph and Hannah Elizabeth (Rodabaugh)
Randol had five children as follows: i.
Maggie, married John Shaffer, a farmer
now living in Monongahela county. West
Virginia. 2. George A., of whom further. 3.
and 4. (twins) William, deceased, married
Almeda Hostetler and was the father of four
children ; he was a railroad man. Frances,
married Will Mollison ; she is now deceased.

5. Sarah, married Robert Dean and they re-
side in Monongahela county, West Virginia,
on a farm.

(V) George A., son of Joseph and Hannah
Elizabeth (Rodabaugh) Randol, was born
February 19, 1858, near Morgantown, West
Virginia. He was educated in the common
schools of West Virginia, and at the age
of twenty-one years commenced to mine
coal at the old White mines in Fayette coun-
ty, Pennsylvania. He gave all of his time
up to the years of his majority to his father,
then started in life for himself. Many years
he dug coal, drew coke and was variously
engaged in the mines of the Rainey Coal
Company. In 1886 he went to the Fort Hill

works above Dawson, where he has gener-
ally been engaged ever since in minmg oper-
ations. In 1900 he was promoted to yard
boss at Fort Hill and still holds this posi-
tion. He is thoroughly posted in most of the
details in coal mining and shipping. He
votes the Democratic ticket, nationally, but
locally chooses the best man, regardless of
party lines. He belongs to the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, the Modern Wood-
men and keeps abreast with the workings
of these two orders. He married, March 15,
1884, Mary Jacobs, born near Laurel Hill
Church, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, May
I, 1856, daughter of John and Jane (Hainey)
Jacobs, both natives of Fayette county. Her
father is a farmer by occupation.

The Duliere family of Point
DULIERE Marion, Fayette county,

Pennsylvania, were origin-
ally from Belgium, Europe, where Henry
Duliere was born, a son of Leopold Duliere,
of Ransart, Belgium, a contractor of mason
work, and his wife, Marie Oome (Quinet)
Duliere. Their children were : Fannie, Ono-
rine, Joseph, Henry, Pierre, Louis, Paul, Lu-
cien, Fortune.

(II) Henry, son of Leopold Duliere, was
born in the town of Jumet, Belgium, Au-
gust 16, 1838, died in Meadville, Pennsyl-
vania, July 21, 1886. He was a window glass
worker and until 1882 worked at his trade
in his native land. In March of that year
he emigrated to the United States, locating
in Meadville, Pennsylvania. In the summer
of the same year he sent for his fmily, and
on September 15, 1882, his wife and five chil-
dren sailed from Antwerp, Belgium, land-
ing in New York, September 30, reaching
Meadville, October 4, following. The fam-
ily kept together until 1886 when Henry
Duliere, the father, died. He had become
a naturalized citizen, voted with the Repub-
lican party, and was a Catholic in religion.
He married Olphonsine Dufour, born in
Jumet, Belgium, October ir, 1844, who sur-
vives him. She is a daughter of Nicholas
Toseph and Henriette fLechien) Dufour,
both native Belgians. Children of Henry and
Olphonsine Duliere: i. Angele, born at Ju-
met, Belgium, September 2, 1864. 2. Florise,
born in Jemappes, Belgium, (also the birth



place of all the following children). 3. Estel,
born March 6, 1869, died January 26, 1870.
4. Este Zoe, June 9, 1871. 5. Olphonsine
Blanche, September 18, 1873. . 6. Gaston
George, April 12, 1876. These five children
all accompanied their mother to the United
States and joined their father in Meadville.

(Ill) Florise, eldest son of Henry and
Olphonsine (Dufour) Duliere, was born
May 25, 1867, at Jemappes, Province of
Hainant, Belgium. He was educated in the
public schools, and was fifteen years of age
when the family came over to the United

He began his residence in Meadville, Penn-
sylvania, October 4, 1882, continuing there
seven years. He learned the glass blower's
trade and worked at window glass making
until 1907. His father died in 1886 and in
1880 he moved to Findlay, Ohio, working
at his trade in that city four years. In 1893
he moved to Dunkirk, Indiana, remaining
there seven years. In 1900 he located in
Point Marion, Fayette county, Pennsyl-
vania, where he established in business as
a manufacturer of window glass. In 1902 he
was elected secretary of the Jeannette Win-
dow Glass Company, and since 1908 has
been manager of the company. He has been
very successful as a glass manufacturer and
is the capable efificient manager of a pros-
perous enterprise. He was one of the organ-
izers and since August 9, 1909, a director
of the People's National Bank of Point

He is a Republican in politics and in
1908 was elected a member of the borough
council. He is a communicant of the IMfetho-
dist Episcopal church, and a member of the
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

He married, June 10, 1892, at New
Brighton, Beaver county, Pennsylvania, Or-
lena Sherwood, born there, December 21,
1874, daughter of William Sherwood, a pot-
tery manufacturer, and his wife, Esther E.
(Couch) Sherwood. She has a brother, John
Snellingburg Sherwood, and a sister, Mae
Olive, married George Cable. . Children of
Mr. and Mrs. Duliere, born at Point Marion,
Pennsylvania : Sherwood Florise, born Au-
gust 20, 1903; William Henry, January 21,

The present representative
McSHANE of this family in South
Union township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, although born in the
state of Iowa, descends from an early Fay-
ette county settler, Daniel McShane, born
in Ireland, who accompanied by his wife,
Jane (McDonald) McShane, came from the
north of Ireland to America in 1780, settling
in New Jersey, later coming to Fayette coun-
ty, Pennsylvania. He had two sons : John,
Barney, of whom further.

(II) Barney, son of Daniel and Jane (Mc-
Donald) McShane, was born in Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, in 1799, died in Linn
county, Iowa, in 1879. Accompanied by his
family, he removed to Iowa in 1852. He
married Betsy Romine, a native of Virginia,
whose death occurred in 1880. Children,
all of whom are deceased but John: Frank,
Luther, Jacob, William, of whom further ;
David, Eliza, John, Porter.

(HI) William, son of Barney and Betsy
(Romine) McShane, was born in Wood-
bridgetown, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
February 20, 1829, died October 29, 1898, in
German township. He was his father's as-
sistant on the farm and in his stock dealings.
He attended the public schools, receiving a
fair education. He accompanied his father
to Iowa remaining until 1865, then returned
to Fayette county, settling in North Union,
later in German township, where he became
a farmer, also engaged in the buying and
shipping of live stock. He was a good judge
of cattle and made his business a profitable
one. He was a Democrat in politics, and a
member of the Baptist church. He married,
in 1852, Elizabeth Hurst, born in Georges
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
daughter of Nathaniel Hurst, a farmer and
miller at what is now Ruble's Mills near
Smithfield. He died in Uniontown in 1875,
aged eightv years. He married Mary Eliza
Wells. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Hurst: i.
Sarah, married Thomas Batton. 2. Eliza-
beth, of previous mention, died April 15,
1875, aged forty-five years. 3. Julia, mar-
ried Lee Tate. 4. Isaac, married Catherine
Grififin. 5. Rebecca, married Joseph Baker.
6. Martha, married William Rankin. 7.
Porter, killed when a boy, while hauling
logs. 8. Frances, married Stephen Hankins.



Children of Mr. and Airs. McShane : i. Mary,
married Hugh Cameron and Hves in Linn
county, Iowa. 2. EHzabeth. lives in Union-
town. 3. Anna, deceased, married George
Strouble, now a farmer of German town-
ship. 4. William, of whom further. 5. Julia,
married Edward Porter, now assistant su-
perintendent of the Union Supply Company
at Uniontown. 6. John, died 1878, aged
thirteen years. 7. Martha, married William
Grove, a farmer of German township. 8.
Porter, married Annie Mosier.

(IV) William (2). son of William (i) and
Elizabeth (Hurst) McShane. was born near
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 11, 1861. He
was four years of age when his father re-
turned to Fayette county, Pennsylvania, set-
tling first in North Union township, later
lived in other parts of the county,
William attending different public schools.
After growing to man's estate he spent
seven years in Iowa and Colorado, farming
and working in the gold mines. He then
returned to Fayette county, spending three
years in German township, then was five
years in Uniontown. He then located on
a farm in South Union township, where he
is now living. He is a stockholder and for
three years was a director of the Buchanan
Coal & Coke Company of West \'irginia.
He has served as school director, the pres-
ent being the fifth year in that office. He is
a Democrat in politics, and with his wife
belongs to the Baptist church : is a Master
Mason of Mahaska Lodge, New Sharon,

He married, December 10, 1890, Anna
\^ail, born in Menallen township. Fayette
county. Pennsylvania, daughter of Abraham
\'ail. of Welsh descent, a farmer of Menallen
township, later of Iowa, where he died
August 18, 1887, aged fifty-six years. He
married Ellen Dixon, also born in Menallen
township, who survives him, now living at
New Sherwood, Iowa, aged seventy-two
years. Children of Mr. and Mrs. McShane :
I. Elizabeth, born November 9, 1892; a stu-
dent at \'assar College, where she recently
won signal honor in a discussion of the now
vital question. Initiative, Referendum and
Recall. 2. Edward, born August 2, 1894;
student at Uniontown high school. 3. Ruth,

born May 2-j, if
high school.

student in Uniontown

This family is of Irish de-
McHUGH scent, the first record being
of Bernard McHugh, born at
Yellow Creek, Bedford county, Pennsyl-
vania. He became interested in canal trans-
portation and owned several boats. He died
when comparatively a young man. and
when his children were quite small, conse-
quently little record can be obtained of him.
He has a brother Edward living in Cambria
county, Pennsylvania. Bernard McHugh
married Elizabeth Sweeny, born in Hunt-
ington county, now Blair county, Pennsyl-
vania. Children : Edward, Albert and Will-
iam A., the latter the only survivor of his

(II) William A., son of Bernard and
Elizabeth (Sweeny") McHugh, was born at
Hollidaysburg, Blair county, Pennsylvania,
December 7, 1850. He was educated in the
public schools of Blair and Huntington
counties, adding to his knowledge by much
study outside of his early years in school.
His youth, after his father's death, was spent
in Huntington county and Pittsburgh.
Pennsylvania. His early employment was
with a butcher, and later he became a coal
miner in Huntington county. In 1868 he
came to Fayette county, locating in Con-
nellsville. working in the mines and at coke
burning for several years. In 1873 he opened
a meat market in Connellsville, continuing
successfullv until 1883. when he disposed of
his business. From 1884 until 1891 he was
engaged in the hotel business in Connells-
ville. In 1893 he purchased the Central
Hotel in Uniontown. Pennsylvania. In 1894
became proprietor of the McClelland House
in Uniontown. continuing until 1808. In
1900 he organized the Fayette Brewing
Company, of which he is vice-president and
manager. He is also interested in the de-
velopment of coal lands and other business
investments. He is a Democrat in politics,
and in Connellsville served on the school
board. He. is a member of the Roman Cath-
olic church and of the Benevolent and Pro-
tective Order of Elks.

He married. Seotember 18, 1876. Mar-
garet, daughter of Francis McGrath, of Erie,




Pennsylvania. Children: i. Francis D.,
now a resident of Uniontown. 2. Anna, mar-
ried Dr. P. A. Larkin, of Uniontown. 3.
Albert J., of whom further. 4. Margaret, re-
siding at home. 5. William A., Jr., now a
physician in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a
graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.
6. Edward L., a student at St. Vincent's Col-
lege, near Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

(Ill) Albert James, son of William Arm-
istead and Margaret (McGrath) McHugh,
was born at Connellsville, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania, December 24, 1881. When
he was ten years old he removd with his
father to Erie, Pennsylvania, but they after-
ward returned to Fayette county and lived
at Uniontown. At Erie and at Uniontown
he attended the public schools. After leav-
ing school and until 1901 he was a clerk in
his father's hotel at Uniontown. His fa-
ther having sold the hotel and organized the
Fayette Brewing Company, he joined his fa-
ther in the management of the brewery. In
1910 he came to Fairchance, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania, where he conducts one of the
best hotels in the county. He was from 1896
to 1900 a noted bicj'clist. and won many
prizes and medals in contests in western
Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Cath-
olic Mutual Benefit Association, and an hon-
orary member of Uniontown Lodge, Ben-
ovelent and Protective Order of Elks. All
the family are members of St. John's Roman
Catholic Church, at Uniontown.

He married, April 27, 1903, Katharine,
daughter of Leopold and Katharine ("Beck-
er) Kuth. Her paternal grandparents, John
and Theresa CKleinmacht) Kuth, were born
in Baden, Germany, and married in Ger-
many, in 1838. Several years later they came
to the United States. They settled in Cleve-
land, Ohio, but after a short stay in Amer-
ica returned to Germany, where John Kuth
died in 1893. Children, so far as known to
us: I. Leopold, was a baker at Greensburg,
Pennsylvania, in 1870, but removed to
Uniontown. where he followed the same
trade. We suppose him also to have been
born in Germany, and to be the older of
these brothers. He married, November 4,
1869, Katharine, daughter of John and Kath-
arine CSteinmetz) Becker, who was born in
Kittanning, Armstrong county, Pennsyl-

vania, April 18, 1851. John Becker was a
stonemason, builder, and contractor of Kit-
tanning; both he and his wife were of Ger-
man birth. Children of Leopold and Kath-
arine (Becker) Kuth: Mary; Katharine,
married Albert James McHugh ; William,
Alice, Charles, Rose, Josephine, Clara, Ger-
trude, Amelia, Leona. 2. John, born in
Baden, July i, 1850; came to the United
States in 1864, married, July 24, 1883, Eliza-
beth Becker.

Children of Albert James and Katharine
(Kuth) McHugh : Katharine, born Jan-
uary 19, 1904; Margaret, September 20,
1906; Albert James, born June 25, 1909, died
December 10, 1910.

The first Chalfant of the
CHALFANT line herein recorded to ap-
pear in Fayette county
was Chads Chalfant, who came from Chester
county, Pennsylvania. The Chalfants of that
county descend from John Chalfant, who ob-
tained a warrant for two hundred and fifty
acres of land in Rockland Manor, October
22, 1701, having settled there two years i)re-
viously. He died in August. 1725, leaving
sons John and Robert. Chads Chalfant
sprang from this family, and probably ob-
tained his name from the marriage of his
father with a daughter of the Chads family
of Chads' Ford, Chester county. The Chads
descend from Francis Chads, who came from
Wiltshire. England, in 1684, and after his
second marriage in 1695 to Grace Marple
settled on the Brandywine, at the ford that
bears the family name Chads' Ford. His
son, John Chads, built the old stone house
at the north end of the village of Chads'
Ford and established a ferry across the
creek. This name is also written Chadds,
Chadsey and Chadsi, but the emigrant wrote
it Chads. The intermarriage between the
families cannot be given, but the supposition
is strong that in that way the name Chads
came into the Chalfant family.

(I) Chads Chalfant was born at Chads'
Ford. Chester county, Penn.sylvania, about
1750. He grew to manhood there and mar-
ried, then with his bride started westward
in search of land and a home, even though
it was to be in the wild and unsettled coun-
try. He located in Brownsville township.



where he and a Nathan Chalfant both owned
farm land. When the village (now bor-
ough) of Brownsville was first started they
were buyers of several lots. In 1788 Chads
Chalfant had a farm one mile from the vil-
lage, but was the owner of several town lots.
In 1804 he donated to the Methodist Epis-
copal church the lot on which their church
stood, and also owned a lot opposite the Ma-
sonic Hall. His name appears in a list of
"Taxables in Brownsville in 1818," although
"he always remained on the farm. Nathan
Chalfant lived in the village and carried on
boat building. Chads Chalfant was a wheel-
wripht by trade and probably had his shop
on the farm, as he is not named among those
in business in the village. He was a mem-
"ber of the Masonic order, worshipful master
of Brownsville Lodge No. 60, that com-
menced work January 23, 1794, under a
■dispensation of the Grand Lodge of Penn-
sylvania. On June 14, 181 1, he sold for fifty
dollars the lot on Church street where the
Masonic Hall was erected in 1834. He was
a devoted Methodist, an exhorter and local
preacher. He hewed and hauled the logs of
which the first church was built, and was
buried in the rear of the stone church that
followed the rude one of logs. The pulpit
in the present First Methodist Episcopal
Church of Brownsville is directly over his
remains. His wife, a Miss McManna, was
an intensely devout, pious woman, and had
read the Bible through fifty times. She read
it through once on bended knees, assuming
that attitude of prayer at each reading.
The Chalfant home was much used for re-
ligious meetings, and was a favorite stop-
ping place for itinerant ministers of the
gospel. They had one daughter, Elizabeth,
■who married Wesley McCracken. Their
sons were James, Robert, Mordecai, Abner,
Basil and Walter B.

(II) Walter Brown, son of Chads Chal-
fant, was born in Brownsville township,
Fayette county, Pennsylvania, May 8, 1794.

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