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years, school director in independent district
for four years, and road supervisor of Me-
nallen township, in which capacity he has
built the first piece of state road in the county.
He is a member of the Christian church in
New Salem; is superintendent of the Sunday
school, superintendent of the board of finance,
and superintendent of the mission school at
Shamrock, Pennsylvania. As a power for
good in the church his value cannot be over-
estimated, and his congenial, pleasing manner
gives him nmch liberty and freedom of action
in his Sunday school work. He is a fine type
of the successful business man, the Christian
gentleman and the good citizen.

He married, June 29, 1904, Evelyn B.,
daughter of Oliver C, a boot and shoe manu-
facturer of McClellandtown, Pennsylvania,
and Elizabeth (Huhn) Harn, of German town-
ship. Children: Evelyn B. (of previous men-
tion); Emmons Blaine, manager of Lamson
Store Service Company, Atlanta, Georgia.
Child of Samuel O. and Evelyn B. (Harn)
McCormick: Elizabeth, born October 20,

This family name is of
FAIRCIIILD Scotch origin, and until

the settlement in England
was Fairbairn, "bairn" being the Scotch
equivalent of "child." The coat-of-arms is
an ancient one, and denotes in heraldry three
pilgrimages to the Holy Land and three pris-
oners taken by knights of the family during
the Crusades. Thomas Fairchild, ancestor of
the American family, and his first wife, were
among the first settlers of Stratford, Connec-
ticut, coming in 1639 from England, where a
branch of the Scotch family settled in the fif-
teenth century. He became a prominent man,
and in 1659 the general court honored him
Vvith the prefix "Mr."

He married (first) in England, about 1639,
Sarah, daughter of Robert Seabrook, (second)
Katherine Craig, of London, England. He
died December 14, 1670, and his widow mar-
ried (second) Jeremiah Judson. Children of
Thomas Fairchild and his first wife: i, Sam-
uel, born August 31, 1639; said to have been
the first white child born in Stratford, Con-
necticut. 2. Sarah, born February 19, 1641 ;
married Jehiel Preston. 3. John, born May,
1644, died young. 4. Thomas (2), born Feb-
ruary 21, 1645; married Susan , who sur-
vives him and married (second) Samuel Nich-
ols. 5. Dinah, born July 14, 1648, died 1703;
married Benjamin Corey. 6. Zachariah, of
whom further. 7. Emma, born October, 1653.
Children by second wife: Joseph, born April
18, 1664; John, June 8, 1666; Priscilla, April
20, 1669.

(H) Zachariah, son of Thomas Fairchild
and his first wife, Sarah Seabrook, was born
in Stratford, Connecticut, December 14, 165 1,
died June 3, 1703. He married, November 3,

1681, Hannah, daughter of John Beach. She
survived him and married (second) IMay 5,
1708, John Burritt. Children of Zachariah
Fairchild: i. Mehitabel, born March 21,

1682, died September 27. 1684. 2. Hannah,
born August i, 1685. 3. David, March, 1688.
4. Agnes, October i, 1691. 5. Caleb, Septem-
ber ID, 1693; settled at Whippany, New Jer-
sey, and died there May i, 1777. 6. James,
born February 12, 1695. 7. Mary, May 7,
1698. 8. Zachariah (2), of whom further. 9.
Abiel. born July 15, 1703.

(fH) Zachariah (2), son of Zachariah (i)
Fairchild, was born at Stratford, Connecticut,



settled at Morris Plains, Morris county, New
Jersey, where he died August 6, 1777. He

married (first), Deborah , born 1707,

died April 3, 1757; (second) widow Lydia
Hathaway, in August, 1757; she was born
1724, died May 22, 1769. Children of first
wife: I. Jane, married Silas Goble, 1744 2.
Mary, married Benjamin Hathaway. 3. Phin-
eas, of whom further. 4. Abigail, married
Jonathan Conklin. 5. David, born May 6,
1734; married (first) November 9, 1757, Cath-
erine Gregory, born March 13, 1735, died
February 18, 1800; (second) Nancy Loper.
6. Katurah, married Philip Hathaway. 7.
Rhoda, born November 4, 1737; married
Jedediah Gregory. 8. Abel, born November
4; 1739; married (first) Esther Gard, (sec-
ond) Elizabeth . With Zachariah (2)

and his children the prominence of the Fair-
childs as a Morris county. New Jersey, fam-
ily, began.

(IV) Phineas, son of Zachariah (2) and his
first wife, Deborah Fairchild, was born 1730,
died in Morris county. New Jersey, Novem-
ber 12, 1801. He was a prominent citizen of
Morris county, New Jersey. He married

Sarah , born 1729, died November

2, 181 1. Children: Abigail, born December
24, 1754, married David Hurd; Deborah,
born February 22, 1757, married William
Hubbard; Sarah, born February 22, 1759,
drowned 1769; Mary, born June 12, 1761,
married Caleb Tuttle; Timothy, born July 22,
1763, married Stephen Mehitabel Tuttle;
Stephen, of whom further; Esther, born No-
vember 20, 1766, married Jonathan Dean;
Charlotte, born October 10, 1768, married
Loammi Chesterline; Justus, born July 20,
177 1, died November 22. 1772; Sarah, born
February 26, 1773, died May 6, 1861, married
December 15, 1795, Peter Tompkins.

(V) Stephen, son of Phineas and Sarah
Fairchild, was born in Morris county. New
Jersey, November 30, 1764. He served in the
revolution, but not as an enlisted man, being
but fifteen at the time, but one of his older
brothers in the army was taken sick, and
while he was home being nursed back to
health Stephen took his place in the army.
His service was recognized, and in her old
age his widow was granted a revolutionary
pension, which she drew until her death. One
of his brothers was with Washington the
dreadful winter at \^alley Forge. Stephen

Fairchild was a shoemaker by trade, and
after attaining manhood he moved to Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, settling at what is now
East Liberty. He married, late in life, Eliza-
beth Jillet. Children: Twins, Alexander and
Andrew; Alexander owned a farm on the
mountain above Dunbar, Fayette county,
and married (first) Catherine Logan.

(VI) Andrew, son of Stephen and Eliza-
beth (Jillet) Fairchild, was born in Dunbar
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
June 6, 1823, died June 5, 1892. He grew to
manhood in East Liberty, attended the pub-
lic schools, and in early life worked at cab-
inet making. He then bought a saw mill on
Dickerson Run, which he operated for ten
years. He engaged in undertaking, was jus-
tice of the peace, and so continued until his
death. He was a strong Democrat of the
Jackson type, and a devoted member of the
Cumberland Presbyterian church. During
the civil war he contracted mail routes in
West Virginia, which he sub-contracted to
other parties, visiting Buchanan and Beverly
for that purpose, and there having excitng
adventures with guerrillas. He married
(first) Eliza Jane Evans, who died at the age
of twenty years. He married (second) Mar-
tha Brewer, born in Perry township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, 1825, died 1856. He
married (third) Sarah Brewer, a sister of
Martha, his second wife. Martha and Sarah
were daughters of Aaron and Elizabeth
Brewer. Their father in early life was a
wagoner on the old National Pike, but after
his marriage settled on a farm in Franklin
township, Fayette county. In later years he
moved to Van Buren county, Iowa, where he
settled on a farm and died. The family were
from Eastern Pennsylvania, and of German
descent. Martha Brewer was the second of
a family of twelve children. Children of An-
drew Fairchild and his first wife, Eliza Jane
Evans: i. Daughter, died unmarried. 2.
Susan, after her mother's death was taken and
reared by her grandmother Evans; she mar-
ried Stewart Worthington. Children of sec-
ond wife, Martha Brewer. 3. Elizabeth, mar-
ried Rudolph Wariaka and moved to Cali-
fornia, where both died. 4. Aaron J., of
whom further. 5. Joel Evans, now living in
California, engaged in orange growing at
Redlands, also a carpenter and builder; mar-
ried Florence Hutchinson. Children of third



wife, Sarah Brewer: 6, Martha, died Septem-
ber 9, 1875, aged sixteen years seven months
thirteen days. 7. Harriet, married Samuel
Snedekcr, deceased. 8. Anna, married Jacob
Strawn, and lives in Allegheny county, Penn-
sylvania. 9. Sarah, died in infancy. 10. John
A., now living at Pocohontas, Illinois, where
he owns and operates a flour mill.

(\TI) Aaron Jillet, son of Andrew Fair-
child and his second wife, Martha Brewer,
was born at East Liberty, Fayette county,
January 11, 1852. He spent his early life at
East Liberty and there attended the public
schools. He learned the trade of carpenter
in his father's mill and followed it until he
was thirty-five years of age. At that time he
purchased a small piece of ground near Dick-
erson Run, to which he steadily added imtil
he owned seventy-five acres. Here he en-
gaged in the dairy business for a time with
but indifferent success. Recently he has been
engaged in operating real estate adjoining
Dickerson Run, and in this has been very
successful. He votes the Prohibition ticket
and is a member of the Patrons of Hus-

He married. December 25, 1873, Susan
Strickler, born in Franklin township April
12, 1S55, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca
(Snyder) Strickler. Children: i. Leroy
Oglevee, born October 30, 1874; married
Rachel Johnson; he is a civil engineer in the
employ of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad at
Chillicothe, Ohio. 2. Elbert Strickler, born
January 19, 1876; married Anna Simpson,
and lives in Wilson, Pennsylvania, a contract-
ing carpenter. 3. Bessie Pearl, born Septem-
ber 10, 1879; married Clyde Brown, a farmer
01 Franklin township. 4. Wilford Cleveland,
born February 5, 1884, civil engineer in the
employ of the American Bridge Company at
Toledo, Ohio. 5. Cora Belle, born October
28, 1887; lives with parents.

The earliest record of this fam-
HAIR ily to be found gives Daniel Hare

as the immigrant ancestor from
Ireland, settling in Dunbar township. He
had been a weaver in his native land and
soon after settling in Dunbar township was
offered a large tract of land for a pony and a
web of Irish broadcloth which he had in his
possession, but probably from reasons of sen-

timent refused to accept the offer. He was
unable to follow his trade in this country and
attracted by the fertility of the soil engaged
in agriculture, soon owning a great deal of
land in the vicinity of Paul Works.

(II) Joseph, son of Daniel Hare, was born
in Fayette county, and married Susan Foster,
born in Lancaster county; both are buried in
the old Cumberland Presbyterian church
cemetery at Vanderbilt. Children: (This
generation spelled the name Hair), i. Dan-
iel, born and died in Dunbar township. 2.
David, died young. 3. James, moved to
Washington county, and there died at a very
old age. 4. John W., of whom further. 5.
Susan, born and died in Dunbar and Franklin
townships; married John Barricklow. 6.
Mary, born and died in Dunbar township;
married Jacob Leighty. 7. Eliza, died young.
8. Elizabeth, deceased; married R. M. Boyer.
Joseph Hare was a lifelong Democrat, and
served as road supervisor, and once was a
candidate for associate judge of Fayette

(III) John W. Hair, son of Joseph and
Susan (Foster) Hars, was born in Dim-
bar township. He engaged in farming
with his brother James on land given
them by their father, who continued to
be with them until his death. He was
a Democrat in politics, and held the office
of county commissioner for some time, and
also was school director many years. He
moved to Franklin township and lived there
on the old Rankin farm until the time of his
death. His only lodge was the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows. He married Annie
Stoner, who still remains his widow, living
in Dunbar township. Children: i. Agnes,
married George Edwards (deceased): lives at
Dickerson Run. 2. Emma, married William
Work: lives at Cadiz. Ohio. 3. Alfred W.,

of whom further. 4. Jesse D., married .

5. Christian, unmarried, and living at home
with mother. 6. jNIary. married David
Hughes, a conductor of the Lake Erie rail-
road; lives at Glassport. Pennsylvania. 7.
Annetta, married Benjamin McManus, a tele-
graph operator; lives ?t Dickerson Run. 8.
Samuel, engaged in milk business at Dicker-
son Run. 9. John W., employed by brother
Alfred W. 10. Anna Grace, at home. Four
others died in infancv.



(IV) Alfred W., son of John W. and Annie
fStoner) Hair, was born in Dunbar township,
November 21, 1868. He was educated in the
public schools of Vanderbilt, and grew to
youthful manhood on his father's farm. He
was employed for two years as a mercantile
clerk by W. J. Rainey, at Vanderbilt, and for
the following two years was; employed by the
Brown & Cochran Coal Company as check-
weighman at the Nellie Works. He then
moved to Dunbar; township, where he rented
land and engaged in general farming until
1902, when seeing the possibilities in that
section for a reliable dairyman he started a
dairy business. In the spring of 1905 he pur-
chased a farm of one hundred fifteen acres
near Dawson, and has continued in the same
business ever since. He keeps a herd of about
twenty fine bred Holsteins and Jerseys, and
does a profitable retail business at Vander-
bilt and Dickerson Run. His milk is pro-
duced under the very best conditions from
high-class stock, and because of the excellency
and cleanliness 01 his dairy facilities, the pos-
sibility ot contamination is reduced to a mini-

In politics he is a strict Prohibitionist,
but has never sought public office. He is
a member of the local grange; Patrons of
Husbandry, and both he and wife are mem-
bers of the Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church.
He married, November 10, 1892, Zella M. Ed-
wards, born April 5, 1870, daughter of Squire
and Clarissa P'dwards (see Edwards). Chil-
dren :

I. Bessie, born February 22, 1895, a stu-
dent in Dunbar high school. 2. Mabel,
born February 3, 1899, student in public
school dt East Liberty.

The maternal grandfather of Alfred W.
Hair was Christian Stoner, who was a farmer
of Westmoreland county, owning the Freed
farm, which is now included in Dunbar town-
ship. His children: i. Isaac, living in Dun-
bar township. 2. Cyrus, deceased. 3. Ab-
raham, died in Missouri. 4. Christian, died
in the west. 5. Levi, died in West Virginia.

6. Rebecca (deceased), married J. Oglevee.

7. Sarah (deceased), married Henry Freed. 8.
Agnes, twin of Sarah, died at very old age;
married John D. Collins. 9. Elizabeth, mar-
ried Joseph Newcomer, and" now lives in the
west. 10. Annie, of previous mention.

From 1798 until 1880 there
McBURNEY has always been a McBur-

ney in the blacksmithing
business in East Liberty, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania. The first to settle was Robert
McBurney, a Scotchman who came from
Maryland in 1798 to visit Robert Boyd, his
brother-in-law. He was a blacksmith and on
the lookout for a location. He was strongly
urged by Boyd and the neighboring farmers
to settle in East Liberty who as an induce-
ment offered to fit him up a shop. He ac-
cepted their ofifer, rnd with his bride soon
afterward came permanently to East Liberty.
His first shop was in an old building that had
been previously occupied as a smithy, but for
few houses in the village then, but the farm-
some time had been abandoned. There were
ers W'Cre coming in and he had plenty of work.
He prospered, was justice of the peace, and
later engaged in a mercantile business, but
also retained his smithy until his death. He
married Annie Burford, born in England,
came to America when a girl with an invalid
brother William, locating at Hagerstown,
Maryland. Her brother died and soon after-
ward she met and married Robert McBurney.
They both lived to an old age, leaving issue.
Wiliiam, of whom further; John, Robert (2),
Nancy, Esther and Eliza.

(II) William, son of Robert and Annie
(Burford) McBurney, was born in East Lib-
erty, Dunbar township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, in August, 1807, died there about
1805. He learned the blacksmith's trade with
his father, succeeding him in East Liberty and
continuing until about 1880, when he retired.
He was in active business for over a half cen-
tury. He was a quiet homeloving man, a
staunch Democrat in politics, and an indus-
trious capable business man. His home in
East Liberty was formerly owned by Samuel
Brown, a hatter, and is said to have been the
first building erected in East Liberty. He
married Frances Boyer, born on the farm
where Vanderbilt now stands, daughter of
George Boyer. Children: i. Robert, now
an old man of seventy-eight, living- in East
Liberty. 2. Maria, died in Dunbar town-
ship, unmarried. 3. Mary, married Ayers
Hayden, died in East Liberty. 4. George, of
whom further. 5. Died in infancy.

(III) George, son of William and Frances



(Boyer) AlcBurney, was born in East Liberty,
Fayette county, Pennsylvania, January i6,
1843. He was educated in the public school,
and early in life became a clerk in his father's
store, later becoming a merchant of East Lib-
erty, continuing in successful business until
1902, when he was compelled to relinquish
business cares through failing health, and is
now living retired in East Liberty. He is a
Democrat in politics, and has always borne a
high reputation in his community. He mar-
ried Nancy Wadsworth, born in Franklin
township, Fayette county, February 20, 1849,
daughter of John, son of Joseph Wadsworth.
Joseph Wadsworth raised a company in
Brownsville to serve in the war of 1812, and
went to the front with them. He died in 1814,
before the war was over, and was buried at
Fort Meigs, Ohio. His widow, Susan Hart-
man, married (second) Joseph Evans, of
Franklin township. John Wadsworth was
born in Fayette county, and was a boat builder
and riverman. He built the flatboats in which
he boated coal, etc., down the river to Pitts-
burgh. Later he became a farmer. He mar-
ried (first) Nancy Walker, who died young;
(second) Jane Evans, and moved to Illinois,
where both died. Children of first wife,
Nancy Walker: i. Joseph, became a farmer
of Kansas; died in Wichita, that state. 2.
Sarah, (first) Samuel Harper, (second) Mat-
thew Cunningham. 3. Thomas, now a farmer
of California. 4. William, now living retired
in Wichita, Kansas; he served four years un-
der two enlistments in the 83rd Regiment
Illinois Volunteer Infantry. 5. Susan, now a
widow, living in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
6. Jane, married William Randolph, and re-
sides in East Liberty, Pennsylvania. 7. John,
a carpenter, now living in Perry, Oklahoma,
he is a, veteran of the civil war, having served
in the 112th Regiment Illinois Volunteer In-
fantry. 8. Caroline, married Calvin Harvey,
both now living in Illinois. 9. Nancy (of
previous mention, wife of George McBurney).
10. Emma, died aged three years. 11. Mary,
married Robert Hoke and lives in Westmore-
land county, Pennsylvania. Children of John
Wadsworth and his second wife, Jane Evans:

12. ]\Iartha, married and lives in Chicago.

13. Walker, lives in Chicago. Children of
George and Nancy McBurnev: i. Wil-
liam Wadsworth, of whom further. 2.
John, a clerk in Scottdale, married Catlierine

HLxon. 3. Ola, married William Allen, re-
sides at Clairton. 4. Howard, was mercan-
tile appraiser of Fayette county two terms,
now an employe of Ogelvie & McCIure at
East Liberty; married Pearl Brasher. 5.
Anna, married James Dunn; resides in Union-
town. 6. Georgia, a teacher in East Liberty,
resides a I home.

^ (IV ) William Wadsworth, eldest son of
George and Nancy (Wadsworth) McBurney,
was born in East Liberty, Dunbar township,
Fayette county, Pennsylvania, April 29, 1874.
He was educated in the public schools of Van-
derbilt, and began his active business life as
a farmer working for others. In 1906 he pur-
chased one hundred acres of the farm on
which he had been employed several years
and on which his mother had been kindly
reared by Henry Bowman and his sister Eliza.
He built a modern farmhouse, has his farm
wel! stocked, and in fertile well tilled
condition. He is a Democrat in politics, and
has served the election board. He is an at-
tendant of the Baptist church, his wife a

He married, in 1893, Mary N. Cooper, a
sister of Ex-Congressman A. F. Cooper.
Children: i. Nellie C, born March 16,
1894, now a student in Dunbar township high
school. 2. Anna Grace, born July 5, 1903.
3. Willetta, August 30, 1910.

The Covers came to Fayette
COVER from Lancaster county, Penn-
sylvania, where John Cover, the
founder, was born. He settled first on land in
Springhill township that later was set ofif in
Nicholson township. He purchased a good
farm and was successfully engaged for many
years in its cultivption and in the raising of
live stock. Fie took great interest in politics,
never holding ofifice, but always a strong
Democrat. He married and had issue: Ja-
cob: John; Betsey, married Jacob Snowderly;
Michael; Sanuiel. of whom further; Polly,
married Elijah Board; Sally, married Peter

(11) Samuel, son of John Cover, was born
on the old homestead in Nicholson township.
Faxctte county, Pennsylvania. He obtained
his education in the public schools and finish-
ing scliool. and engaged in farming, following
out the plans of his father in regard to the
management of the property. He held the



office of town supervisor and school director,
to both of which he was elected as a Dtemo-
crat. For many years he was a member of
tlie German Baptist Church. He married
Alary Newcomer, born in York county, Penn-
sylvania, 1S02. daughter of Jacob Newcomer.
Children: 1. John, born 1826, died 1876. 2.
Nancy, born 1828, died 1900; married Jacob
Fast. 3. Martha, died 1853. 4. Mary, died
igu5; married John A. Walters. 5. Betsey,
died 1865; married Peter A. Johnson. 6.
Jacob, of whom further.

(Ill) Jacob, son of Samuel and Mary
(Newcomer) Cover, was born at the home of
his father in Nicholson township, Fayette
county. Pennsylvania, June 23, 1842. He
was educated in the public schools of the
township, and followed farming with his
father, later assuming entire control of the
home farm. He has several very fine or-
chards wliich bear fruit of superior quality.
He lias served his township as auditor and
school director, always acting with the Demo-
cratic party. At one time he held the rank of
lieutenant in the National Guard, but is no
longer a member. He hves a rather retired
lift, devoting much time to reading and study.
The privilege of a college education was de-
nied him, nevertheless he makes books his
constant companions and study his unfailing
recreation, believing with Cicero, that "one is
never alone, having made a friend of litera-

The Leightys of Fayette coun-
LEIGHTY ty, Pennsylvania, are of Ger-
man ancestry. The first of

the family was Leighty, who came

from east of the mountains during the revo-
lutionary period and bought his land from an
earlier settler named Stauffer; hence the land
records do not give his name or the date of
his coming. He married and had a son
Henry, of whom further.

(H) The first record in the county is of
Flenry Leighty, a wealthy farmer of Dunbar
township and the owner of several farms in
the vicinity of Vanderbilt. He was a man of
influence and of high standing in the town-
ship. He married (first) Sarah Smith, born
in Dunbar township, the mother of eight chil-
dren. He married (second) Mrs. Mnrgaret
(Varnes) Secrease, a widow. Children of first
'¬ї\ife: I. Henry S., moved to Illinois, went to

California in 1849, returned later to Illinois
and is now a wealthy farmer and stockman.
2. Jacob S., noyv a farmer of Kansas. 3.
John, died in St. Joseph, Missouri. 4. Wil-
liam, died in Illinois. 5. Frances, married a
Mr. Muriel and lived in Ohio. 6. Elizabeth.
7. Daniel, died in Illinois. 8. Stephen S., of
whom further. Children of second wife:
Joseph, Christopher, Peter, Sarah, Clarissa.

(HI) Stephen S., eighth child of Henry and
Sarah (Smith) Leighty, was born in Dunbar
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, Sep-
tember 13, 1815, died August 10, 1892. He
was reared a farmer and followed that occu-
pation all his life. He owned three hundred
acrose of good farm land underlaid with coal,
but sold the coal at the rate of twelve dollars
per acre, now worth hundreds. The farm he
retained and it is now owned by his son
Ulysses Grant. He was a man of industry and
thrift, highly regarded for his sterling traits
of character. He was a Republican, served
as school director, and was a member of the
Pre.sbyterian Church of Liberty. He mar-
ried (first) Eliza Hudson, born in Dunbar

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