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died October 16, 1865. He was a farmer of
Jefferson township, and a man of strong
deep, religious temperament. He was a de-
voted Methodist, and like his parents most
hospitable and generous in entertaining the
ministers who came to his neighborhood. He
was a strong abolitionist, and fought earn-

estly against human slavery ; otherwise he
was very independent in politics and not
bound by any party prejudice. He married,
March 24, 1816, Mollie Budd Brown, born
at Mount Holly, New Jersey, December 9,
1793, died May 25, 1875. Children: Eliza,
born February 8, 1817; Chads (2), born
October i, 1818 (q. v.) ; Samuel B., Septem-
ber 24, 1820; James W., of whom further;
Fletcher F., May 8. 1825 ; Henry Swatzer,
March 23, 1828; Margaret, December 19,
1829; Charles B., October 21, 1832; William
B., January 17, 1835; Duncan, October 25,
1836: Anna Swatzer, February 11, 1840.

(Ill) James W., son of Walter B. and
Mollie B. (Brown) Chalfant, was born in
Jefferson township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, July 5, 1822, died 1891. He was
educated in the public school and spent his
life engaged in agriculture. His leaning was
toward the Methodist Episcopal church. He
was a member of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, and a Republican in politics,
and served as town supervisor. He mar-
ried, in 1858, Margaret Lee, born in Jeffer-
son township, Fayette county, in 1840, died
1909, daughter of Francis Lee and Martha
Moorehouse. Children: Martha A., born
185Q. married, 1880, William H. Bradman;
Walter B., of whom further; Frances L.,
born August 25, 1862; Mollie B., 1865;
Chads W., 1867; Haddie, 1869; Harry S.,
1871 ; Fred J., 1878.

(IV) Professor Walter Brown Chalfant,
son of James W. and Margaret (Lee) Chal-
fant, was born in Jefferson township, Fay-
ette county, Pennsylvania, August 25, i860.
His early and praparatory education was ob-
tained in the public schools, followed by a
course at Duff's Business College at Pitts-
burgh, whence he was graduated with hon-
ors, class of 1883. After graduation he es-
tablished a school for business instruction
at Verona Place, continuing same until 1891,
when he returned to Duff' Business College
as an instructor and superintendent in
charge of the graduate department. In three
years he prepared and examined over 600
students for graudation. He continued
there until 1894, then until 1908 was expert
accountant, and for one term attended the
law department of Michigan University. In
1908 he established Chalfant's Business Col-






lege at Brownsville, a most successful and
high grade school for instruction in business
branches and methods. Not only is Pro-
fessor Chalfant a capable instructor and
head of his institution, but he is one of the
most expert accountants in Western Penn-
sylvania, and one of the most rapid and ac-
curate calculators in the whole country. In
1896 he discovered a new and entirely origi-
nal method of proof that can be applied to
all the fundamental rules of arithmetic, and
proof of any mathematical calculation ob-
tained in one-fifth the time consumed l)y any
other method. He also has formulated a
rule for obtaining the exact gain or loss from
double entry books, a method far in advance
of any found in the latest and best works
on bookkeeping. He is an active Republi-
can and an attendant of the Methodist Epis-
copal church. He is unmarried.

(IV) Fred James, youngest brother of
Professor Walter B. Chalfant, is a graduate
of Chalfant's Business College, class of 1894.
He held various positions, and in 1899 was
appointed postmaster at Braznell, Fayette
county, the appointment being made on his
twenty-first birthday, being then the young-
est postmaster in the United States. He has
held in recent years clerical positions in the
state senate, and is secretary of South
Brownsville Fire Department and Relief
Association. He is a member of Browns-
ville Lodge No. 60, Free and Accepted Ma-
sons, of which Chads ChaHant was the first
master, and belongs to the Central Presby-
terian Church. He married, in 1901, Sarah
\'. Pringle, of W^est Brownsville, born Jan-
uary 7, 1878. Children : Helen, born De-
cember 12, 1904; James. July 15, 1908.

(HI) Chads (2) Chalfant,
CHALFANT eldest son of Walter B.
Chalfant (q. v.) and Mol-
lie B (Brown) Chalfant, was born in Jeffer-
son township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
October i, 1818. He married Malinda
Shearer, born in Fayette county, where she
died at the age of seventy-seven years. Chil-
dren : I. Elizabeth, born 1842; married, 1866,
Thomas H. Cline, and resides in South
Brownsville, Pennsylvania ; children : i. Et-
ta, born 1867, married O. E. Hibbs, a- mer-
chant of Uniontown, and has Vera Bell,

born 1888, died 1898; Blanche, born 1891 ;
Thomas, 1894; ii. Kate, born 1869, died June
5, 1909, married E. M. Garwood, and" has
Esther E., born 1888, died 1900; Carl, born
1892, died 1894; Marie E., born 1895; "i-
Lavinia, born 1870, graduate State Normal
School at California, 1892, married the same
year. Rev. James Hamilton, jiastor of Car-
michael Cumberland Presbyterian Church ;
children : John and Robert, died in infancy ;
James, born 1894; Elizabeth, 1897; Mary,
1901 ; William Chalfant, 1903 ; Roland, July,
1906; iv. John L., born 1875, graduate of
Duff's Business College, June 2, 1912; mar-
ried Nellie G. Hess; child, Clark H.,
died in infancy ; v. Malinda, died in infancy.
2. Joseph \Valter, of whom further. 3.
Rel)ecca, born 1846, died January, 1910.

4. James Fletcher, born 1850, resides
in Charleroi, Pennsylvania; married
(first) Margaret Fuller, who died in
1875; (second) 1883, Eliza Reeves;
children: i. Ira, born 1873, died 1899; •'•
Malinda B., born 1874, married William Al-
bright, has Rebecca and Mildred: iii. Joseph,
born July 13, 1884; iv. Floyd, July 13, 1889.

5. Frederick S., of whom further. 6. Wil-
liam Henry, born 1854; a farmer; died 1884.
7. Ira, born 1857, died 1893.

(I\') Joseph Walter, son of Chads and
Malinda (Shearer) Chalfant, was born
on the old Shearer homestead in Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, December 10, 1843,
died May 5, 1888. He attended the State
Normal School, and afterward Meadville
College, but finished his course at Mount
Union College. For two years he taught in
Peoria, Illinois; and afterward in Jefferson
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania.
Owing to delicate health and a love of na-
ture, he bought a farm in Redstone town-
ship, Fayette county, and raised cattle, sheep
and horses until his death. For some years
he was town assessor; he also held the of-
fice of tax collector. He was a member of
the Redstone Presbyterian Church.

He married. September 4. 1873, Elizabeth
Anna, daughter of James Madison and
Nancy Jane (Steele) Bigham. She survives
him, and is now living at Brownsville. Fay-
ette county. The name Bigham is said to be
another form of Bingham, and the family
is thought, though this is by no means cer-



tain, to be descended from Sir John de Bing-
ham, who came over with WilHam the Con-
queror, and received estates near Sheffield,
Yorkshire, England. It is said that one of
his descendants, -Thomas, went to Ireland
about 1480, and that the Irish branch of the
family, from which the Westmoreland
county Bighams come, is descended from
him. James Madison Bigham was of the
Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, fam-
ily. There is a Connecticut Bingham fam-
ily, of Sheffield, England, descent. The
name was perhaps Saxon, and assumed by
the Norman soldier from his estate. Nancy
Jane (Steele) Bigham was the daughter of
AVilliam and Sarah (Elliott) Steele. Chil-
dren of James Madison and Nancy Jane
(Steele) Bigham: Elizabeth Anna, menr
tioned above, married Joseph Walter Chal-
fant ; William Steele, living at Belleflower,
Illinois ; Norah Gillette, died at Canton,
Ohio ; Sarah Marie, married James Barnaby,
lives at Alliance, Ohio ; John Newton, lives
at Alliance, Ohio; Charlotte May, married
Rev. Charles Russell Carlos, lives at Vallejo,
California; James Elliott, died at the age of

Children of Joseph Walter and Elizabeth
Anna (Bigham) Chalfant: i. Carl Dudley,
born November 23, 1874, died October 22,
1896. 2. Florian, born February 7, 1877, 3.
John, March 27, 1879. 4. Myrtle, March 14,
1880. 5. Lloyd G., January 30, 1883. 6. Ben-
jamin S., August 21, 1884, died November
19. 1891.

(IV) Frederick Shearer, fifth child of
Chads (2) and Malinda (Shearer) Chalfant,
was born in Jefiferson township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1850, twin
of Jpmes Fletcher Chalfant. He was educated
in the public schools and grew to manhood
on the home farm. When a young man he
came to Brownsville and engaged in the
coal business, also conducting a livery. He
was very successful, being an active ener-
getic capable man of business. He was a
Republican in politics, and in November,
1895, was elected sheriflf of Fayette county,
serving until January i, 1899. He made a
vigorous, efficient sheriff, giving general
satisfaction to all having business with
the sheriff's office. He was a mem-
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church,

and a useful, consistent Christian man.
He married (first), in 1871, Josephine
Breckinbridge of Jefiferson township, Fay-
ette county, who died in 1882; (second),
July 18, 1895, Ella Hill, born in Dunbar
township, June 20, 1870, daughter of Colonel
Alexander J. Hill, for many years superin-
tendent of the Fort Hill works of the Rainey
Bank Coal and Coke Company at East Lib-
erty, Fayette county. The title of colonel
is honorary, and inherited from his father.
Colonel Alexander McClelland Hill, son of
Rev. George Hill, of Scotch-Irish descent
(see Hill). Mrs. Ella (Hill) Chalfant sur-
vives her husband, a resident of Browns-
ville, Pennsylvania. Children of Frederick
S. Chalfant and his first wife: i. Chads (3),
born 1872, died 1895. 2. Claude, born 1874,
died in infancy. 3. Carl Wilson, born 1876,
died April 26, 1900; deputy sheriff of Fa>
ette county under his father; married. May
28, 1896, Sadie Hill; one child: Chads (4),
died in infancy. 5. Lillian Frances, born

(The Hill Line).

(I) Rev. George Hill was born in York
county, Pennsylvania, in 1764, and moved
with his father and family to Georges Creek
township, Fayette county. He studied di-
vinity and became a member of the Pres-
byterian church, and was for many years
pastor of Ligonier Valley Church in West-
moreland county, Pennsylvania. ' He mar-
ried Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Mc-

(II) Colonel Alexander McClelland Plill,
son of Rev. George Hill, died in 1863, aged
about sixty years. He was in early life a
tanner, but later a large land owner and
prosperous farmer. His Dunbar township
farm of three hundred and fifty-eight acres
was underlaid with the best of coking coal,
as were other farms he owned of smaller
area. He was one of the pioneer coke man-
ufacturers of Fayette county, and very
prominent in the development of the county
and in political life. He was a strong and
early advocate of the extension of the Balti-
more & Ohio railroad through Fayette
county, and aided all early enterprises pos-
sible. He was a strong Democrat, and
twice represented Fayette and Westmore-
land counties in the state legislature. He



was faithful to his constituents and made
an excellent record as a legislator. He
served in the house, 1851-1852, and in 1854
and again in i860 was the successful candi-
date of his party for state senator*. He mar-
ried and had issue.

(HI) Colonel Alexander J. Hill, son of
Colonel Alexander McClelland Hill, was
born at Laurel Hill, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, December 19, 1836, died August
18, 1894. He was educated in the public
schools, Dufif's Business College of Pitts-
burgh, and Laurel Hill Academy. He was
a farmer in early life, but for many years
connected with the Rainey Company as su-
perintendent at the Fort Hill works. He
was an active Democrat, and once the can-
didate of his party for the state legislature.
He was a man of high character, and like
his father a man of strong friendship, and
like all strong characters, aroused the en-
mity of weaker men. He was a member of
the Presbyterian church and of the Masonic
order. He married (first) Caroline Braden
Strickler, born in Fayette county, Pennsyl-
vania, December 14, 1836, died March 16,
1879, daughter of Stewart and Mary (New-
comer) Strickler and granddaughter of Ja-
cob Strickler. Stewart Strickler was born
at New Salem, near Uniontown, Pennsyl-
vania, February 17, 1812. His mother died
when he was sixteen years of age, leaving
himself and eight sisters. He worked on a
farm by the month and later bought and
sold eggs and poultry, taking them down the
river in a rude boat of boards. He worked
and saved until he got a start in life. He
bought land in small quantities at first and
made coke which he shipped by flatboat to
Cincinnati, Ohio, and prospered. In 1855
he purchased a tract of eighty acres of coal
land, and in 1857 put in operation eighty
coke ovens, later selling his plant and land
for $80,000. About 1867 he moved with a
part of his family to Middle Tennessee,
where he died. Stewart Strickler married,
in 1835, Mary Newcomer, of Tyrone town-
ship, who bore him two sons and six daugh-
ters, the eldest being Caroline B., wife of
Colonel Alexander J. Hill. Their children : i.
Harry Braden, born October 29, 1864, died
July 28, 1891. 2. George Johnson, born Oc-
tober 19, 1865, deceased. 3. Alexander S.,

born October 20, 1867, now a resident of
Latrobe, Pennsylvania. 4. Mary, born May
2-j, 1869, died in infancy. 5. Ella, of whom
further. 6. Lyman Strickler, born August
12, 1871, died in infancy. 7. Sadie, born
November 10, 1872: married. May 28, 1896,
Carl Wilson, son of Frederick Shearer Chal-
fant (see Chalfant I\'), who died April 26,
1900; child: Chads Chalfant, died in infancy.
Colonel Alexander J. Hill married (second)
Josephine Francis, who died in March, 1894.
Child: James Francis Hill, now residing in
Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

(IV) Ella, daughter of Colonel Alexander
J. and Caroline Braden (Strickler) Hill, was
born June 20, 1870; married, July 18, 1895,
Frederick Shearer Chalfant, whom she sur-
vives. Children : Alexander Hill, born May 2.
1896 ; Josephine, Jan. 2, 1898, died Jan. 6, 1898.

The earliest Chalfants in
CHALFANT Fayette county, Penn.syl-
vania, were Chads and
Nathan Chalfant, who settled at Browns-
ville, Pennsylvania. The Chalfants of this
sketch descend from George, who was prob-
ably a son of Nathan Chalfant. (See Chal-
fant on preceding pages).

(I) George Chalfant was a farmer of Red-
stone township, Fayette county, Pennsyl-
vania. He was also a stone mason, varying
his building with farming operations all his
life. He was a Democrat in politics and a
member of the Presbyterian church. He
died at the age of seventy-seven years, and
his wife at eighty years. Children: i. Fin-
ley, of whom further. 2. Parker, married
Mathilda Wilson ; conducted a general store
at New Salem ; both deceased. 3. Hannah,
married A\'illiam Meredith, a merchant of
Cambridge ; both deceased. 4. Eliza, de-
ceased ; married Andrew Hanna, a farmer of
Ohio. 5. Harriet, married James Henshaw,
a farmer of Fayette county ; both deceased.
6. Griffith, deceased; a farmer of Ohio; mar-
ried Anseline Reeves. 7. \\'illiam, a farmer
in Ohio ; married Maggie DofF, deceased.

(II) Finley, son of George Chalfant, was
born in Redstone township, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania. His education was obtained
in the public schools of Fayette county. He
was always associated with the Democratic
party, and rose to a position of political im-



portance in the county, holding the offices of
county auditor, road supervisor and justice
of the peace of Redstone township, Fayette
county. He is a member of the Presbyte-
rian church, of which he has for some time
been an elder. He married Prudence,
daughter of Philip Grable. Children: i. Jo-
seph Newton, of whom further. 2. Pru-
dence. 3. Nimrod, deceased. 4. Earhard.
5. Esther, deceased; married Daniel Mc-
Donald, and lived in Brownsville, Pennsyl-
vania. 6. Rebecca, married Harvey Chub-
buck, deceased. 7. Sally. 8. Thomas, de-
ceased. 9. Hannah, deceased ; married Jon-
athan C. McCormick, deceased, a farmer of
Redstone township.

(HI) Joseph Newton, son of Finley and
Prudence (Grable) Chalfant, was born in
Redstone township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, September 27, 1844. He has fol-
lowed farming all his life, which has been
passed in Fayette county. He is a member
of the Democratic party, and at one time
held the office of school director in the inde-
pendent district at New Salem. He is a
member of the Patrons of Husbandry and
belongs to the Presbyterian church. A good
citizen, a successful tiller of the soil, his
reputation throughout the country is with-
out a blemish.

He married Jane Violet Swan, born in
Fayette county, July 4, 1849, daughter of
Presly Swan, who died in Kansas, married
(first) Maranda Hibbs, (second) Clarissa
Carter. Children of Presly Swan by first
wife: I. Sarah Anne, born May, 1844; lives
in Uniontown, Pennsylvania ; married Jo-
seph Campbell (deceased), a farmer of Fay-
ette county. 2. Jane Violet (of previous
mention). 3. Richard, lives in Colorado:
married Catherine Barom (deceased). 4.
John, married Harriet Chalfant (deceased).
Child of Presly Swan by second wife : Ma-
randa, married Fred Herr, a farmer in Kan-
sas. Children of Joseph Newton and Jane
Violet (Swan) Chalfant: i. James P., born
April 23, 1876; a farmer of Fayette county;
married Nora Craft ; children : Clark New-
ton, James Edward, and twins George Fin-
ley and Samuel Parker. 2. Earl Newton,
born November 16, 1881, died November
18, 1903. 3. Joseph Morgan, born December
22, 1883 ; lives with parents. 4. Louise Vio-

let, born September 22, 1887 ; lives at home.
5. Arthur Greeg, born August 21, 1890; lives
in Montana.

There are several families bear-
DUNN ing this name in Fayette county,

mostly of Irish and Scotch de-
scent. Grandfather Dunn, the founder of
this branch, was born in county Down, Ire-
land, about the year 1780, came to the
United States before marriage and settled
in Jefiferson township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania. He owned his farm, and after
marriage took his bride to his own home.
He was a Democrat in politics, and was a
man of good character and industrious hab-
its. His children : Robert, James, Thomas
W., of whom further, Mary Ann, married
Robert Layton ; Eliza, married Thomas
Cooke, of Tippecanoe, Pennsylvania ; all are

(II) Thomas W. Dunn, son of the emi-
grant, was born in Jefferson township, Fay-
ette county, Pennsylvania, in 1810, died
March, 1896. He passed his life in Fayette ■
county engaged as a laboring man in vari- I
ous occupations. He was a Democrat in ■
politics and served as tax collector of his
township. Both he and his wife belonged
to the Methodist Episcopal church. He mar-
ried (first) Rachel Bradman, who bore him
nine children. He married (second) Se-
villa, daughter of William Pence. William:
Pence was born in Germany, coming to the
United States when a young man. He was
a saddler by trade, and after settling in
Fayette county worked at his trade until
death. He is buried in Fairview cemetery,.
Jefferson township, Fayette county. Chil-
dren of Thomas W. Dunn by first marriage r

1. Gilmore, died in the United States army.

2. John, died aged sixteen years. 3. Priscilla,
deceased. 4. Annie, deceased. S- Thomas,
now living at Lisbon, Ohio. 6. Rachel, de-
ceased. 7. William L., deceased. 8. Mary-
Jane, deceased. 9. , died in infancy.

Children by second marriage : 10. Frank-
lin, died in Fayette county, Pennsylvania.
II. George W., a blacksmith, now residing
at Laurel Hill, Fayette county. 12. Marga-
ret, deceased. 13. Agnes, married John Den-
nis and lives in Dunbar township, Fayette
county. 14. James H., of whom further. 15.



Charles E., a blacksmith, member of the
firm of J. H. Dunn & Brother. 16. Joanna,
married Isaac Ball, of Dunbar township, i".
Lulu, deceased. 18. John E. ; living in Fay-
ette county. 19. Ella, married George W'ood-
ward and lives at Donora, Pennsylvania.

(Ill) James H., fourteenth child of Thom-
as W. Dunn and fifth child of his second
wife, Sevilla (Pence) Dunn, was born in
Franklin township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, December 24, 1861. He was edu-
cated in the public school, and worked at
farming until he was sixteen years of age.
He was then apprenticed to the blacksmith's
trade under Thomas G. King, of Uniontown.
After serving his years of apprenticeship he
worked as a journeyman for a time, then
established a shop of his own at Tippecanoe,
Fayette county, where he remained eighteen
months. He was then in business with Rob-
ert Hogsett, of Lemont, Fayette county,
until 1897, then sold out and located in busi-
ness alone at No. 163 East Main street,
Uniontown, buying out the former owner.
He remained there six years. He then
bought his present place of business of Wil-
liam McCormick and in 1905 admitted his
brother, Charles E. Dunn, as partner, the
firm being known as J. H. Dunn & Brother.
They conduct a large and prosperous busi-
ness and are leaders in their line. Mr. Dunn
has real estate investments in Uniontown.
and is a keen, reliable man of business. He
thoroughly undertands hig trade and does
nothing but honest work. He is a member
of the Baptist church, the Royal Arcanum,
and a Democrat in politics. His residence is
at No. 227 Main street, where he built a
good house in 1904.

He married, June 22, 1883, Charlotte, born
in Fayette county, daughter of Jacob and
Julia Markley, an old Fayette county fam-
ily. Children: i. Lillian, married Newell R.
Allton, of Uniontown, who she survives;
child, James N. 2. Paul, a student at Union-
town high school. 3. Roy, attending the
grade school.

dll) Charles E., fifteenth child of Thom-
as W. Dunn and sixth child of his second
wife, Sevilla (Pence) Dunn, was born in
Franklin township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, Tune 15, 1864. He was educated
in the public school, and on arriving at suit-

table age began learning the blacksmith's
trade with W. H. Wilhelm, of Uniontown.
He spent one year with him, then two years
in the blacksmith's shop of the H. C. Frick
Coke Company. He then entered the em-
ploy of the Stewart Iron Company, remain-
ing sixteen years. In 1905 he entered into
a partnership with his brother, James H.
Dunn, already estal)lished in business in
Uniontown, forming the firm of J. H. Dunn
& Brother, general i)lacksmiths. Mr. Dunn
is an expert worker in iron and steel and
allows nothing but first-class work to leave
their shop. He is a Democrat in politics,
and with his wife belongs to the Presby-
terian church. He is a member of the Royal
Arcanum. He is interested in Uniontown
real estate. His home is at No. 15 Winona
street, which he bought in 1902.

He married, September 23, 1886. Sarah
R., born in Fayette county, daughter of
William H. and Sarah Yardley. Children :
Bertha R., born 1896; Ruth E., 1909.

Probably no state in America
DUNN has more profited through emi-
gration from Ireland than Penn-
sylvania, and no section of any state to a
greater extent than Western Pennsylvania.
Hardy sons of Scotch-Irish parentage have
made glorious records in the upbuilding of
the western counties, and the pages of his-
tory teem with names that are yet familiar
ones, coming among the earliest settlers ;
these advance agents of civilization suf-
fered and bravely endured all the dangers
and privations — even the portion of the pio-
neer — and thousands gave their lives that
fields might supplant the forest, comfortable
homes the tepee, and iron rails the tangled
trail along which lurked the savage things
of the forest.

(i) Among those who came at an early
day was Samuel Dunn, l)orn in the North
of Ireland, who settled in Washington coun-
tv, Pennsylvania, where he cleared a farm
and lived until his death. Among his chil-
dren was a son Daniel.

CII) Daniel, son of Samuel Dunn, was
born in Washington county. Pennsylvania,
in 1807, died 1862. He secured a limited ed-
ucation in the schools of that period, but in
the greater school of actual experience



gained a knowledge and acquired a phy-
sique that more than compensated for the
loss of advantages. He cleared and tilled

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