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gan clerking in the shoe store of John Irvins,
in Connellsville, later was clerk in the shoe
department of the Wright-Metzler Com-
pany, and filled the same position with Gor-
man & Company. In 1910 the Horner Crow-
ley Shoe Company was formed, a new store
secured on North Pittsburgh street, and
after being fully stocked, was opened for
business with Mr. Crowley in full charge.
He understands every detail of the retail
shoe business, and the firm is having splen-
did support from the public. He is a mem-
ber of the Christian church (Disciples of
Christ) and of the Modern Woodmen of

He married, September 6, 1910, Nellie
Bryner, born in Connellsville, June 27, 1889,
daughter of William and Eydia Bryner, of
Connellsville, the former an accountant.
Child: Irene, born September 20, 191 1.

This family name, spelled

ARISON both Arison and Arisen, was

brought to America by an

emigrant from Germany, who settled in New

Jersey, where he married and reared a fam-


(II) John Arison, son of the emigrant,
was born in New Jersey in 1750, died in
Loudoun county, Virginia. Prior to 1780
he moved to Loudoun county, Virginia,
where he became a large landowner and
planter. He married Ann Davis and left
issue. Descendants are found in various
parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania. The
first record of the family is of John (2)

(HI) John (2), son of John (i) Arison,
was born in Loudoun county, Virginia, in
1780, died in Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
November i, 1870. He married young and
about 1815 came with his wife, and at least
one child, to Fayette county, making the
journey by wagon and team, bringing with
them such household belongings as could
be packed and transported in one wagon.
They settled on a large tract of land which
he owned.

He was a cooper by trade, working
his farm in connection therewith. He was
a thrifty, energetic man of quiet tastes
and habits devoted to his family and busi-
ness, mingling little in public affairs, but
holding some of the local offices. He served
in the war of 1812 from Virginia. He was
a Whig, later a Democrat in politics, and
a member of the Redstone Baptist church
in Franklin township. He married, Sep-
tember 12, 1812, Catherine Day, born in
Loudoun county, Virginia, who at the time
of her marriage was aged fifteen years. They
had a large family, including sons Matthew
and William, both of whom further.

(IV) Matthew, son of John (2) Arison,
was born in Loudoun county, Virginia,
March 4, 1814. died in 1897. He was well
educated, taught school in German and
Franklin townships for twenty-two years.
He was elected justice of the peace for ten



consecutive terms of five years each and
served forty-seven years in that office. After
leaving the schoolroom he purchased a farm
on which he resided during his later years.
He was a deacon of the Baptist church and
a faithful Christian worker. His wife was
also a Baptist. He married (first) Alice
Gettys, of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.
Children: i. John Davis, married (first)
Anna Hazen ; married (second) Amanda
Allen. 2. Samuel G., deceased. 3. Hickman,
deceased. 4. William H., now living at Ni-
agara Falls, New York ; with the Carborun-
dum Company. Matthew Arison married
(second) Margaret Foster, born in Frank-
lin township, Fayette county, November 19,
1836, daughter of Henry and Rebecca Fos-
ter, both born in Franklin township ; he of
English descent. Children: 5. Enoch A., of
whom further. 6. Charles T., now living in
Dawson, Pennsylvania ; married (first)
Alice Pennington, (second) Delia Lindsay.
7. James Elmore, now store manager at
Colebrook, Pennsylvania. 8. Jennie. 9. Ro-
zanna, married Charles Johns, of Dickerson
Run, Pennsylvania. 10. Minnie, at home.

(V) Enoch A., son of Matthew Arison
and his second wife Margaret Foster, was
born in Franklin township, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania, February 18, 1869. He re-
ceived his preparatory education in the pub-
lic schools, later entering the University of
Indiana at Valparaiso, whence he was grad-
uated with the class of 1891. For the next
seven years, 1891 to 1898, he taught in the
schools of Franklin township, Fayette coun-
ty. In 1898 he entered the employ of the
Union Supply Company at their Trotter
store, continuing there as clerk for seven
years. In 1901 he was made manager of the
Trotter store. In 1906, manager of their
store at Adelaide and in 1908, manager of
the company store at Leisenring No. i,
which position he now holds. He is an ef-
ficient capable man of business, loyal to
his company and careful of the interests of
the store patrons. He is a Republican and
a member of the Baptist church. His frater-
nal order is the Modern Woodmen of Amer-
ica. He married, October 14, 1897, Rogua,
born in Menallen township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, in 1881, daughter of
Joshua W. and Rachel (Sickles) Scott, of

New Salem, Fayette county. Her father
was formerly a merchant of New Salem,
now a farmer. Child : Mozelle, born April
19, 1900.

(IV) William Arison, son of
ARISON John (2) Arison (q. v.) and

Catherine (Day) Arison,
was born in Franklin township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, December 20, 1820,
died in 1889. He attended the public school,
and became a prosperous farmer of the
township. He was always prominently
identified with the aflfairs of his township,
serving as tax collector, assessor, school di-
rector, and in other offices. He was a Dem-
ocrat in politics, and a member of the Red-
stone Baptist church. He married, October
27, 1842, Susannah Whetsel, born in Frank-
lin township, Fayette county, daughter of
George and Eliza (Jordan) Whetsel, 'born
in Fayette county. Children of William
Arison: I. Mary Ann, born September 18,
1843; married May 25, 1861, Alexander
Johnson ; she was an invalid eleven years
"before her death. 2. George W., born Jan-
uary 20, 1846; served three years in the
civil war; married, December 7, 1865, Bell
McDougal. 3. Catherine, born April 4, 1847;
married, September 20, 1866, George Brad-
man. 4. Elizabeth, September 18, 1848; mar-
ried, September 20, 1864, Silas Russell. 5.
Amanda, August 19, 1850, died; married,
October 7, 1869, George Shanneyfelt. 6.
Mahala, June 7, 1852, died; married Martin
Pickard. 7. Matthew. April 4. 1854; mar-
ried Anna Mills. 8. Campbell B., of whom
further. 9. Sarah Ellen, May 4, 1857 ; mar-
ried James Low. 10. Dellazona, June 6,
1859; married James C. Lutz.

(V) Campbell B., eighth child of William
and Susannah (Whetsel) Arison, was born
in Franklin township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, September 18, 1856. He was edu-
cated in the public schools, and until 1883
followed the occupation of a farmer. He
then learned the carpenter's trade, becoming
an expert mechanic, and is now a successful
and well known contractor and builder of
Vanderbilt, which has been his home for
nearly thirty years. He is a Democrat in
politics ; was appointed in 1880, by the board
of county commissioners, tax collector for



Franklin township; reappointed to same
office in 1883, and in 1884 collector for Dun-
bar township, and in 1889 was elected asses-
sor for Dunbar township, serving three
years. In 1905 Vanderbilt was incorporated
a borough, and Mr. Arisen was elected a
member of the first board of school di-
rectors, serving three years, re-elected in
1908, and in 1909 was elected chief burgess,
to hold until January i, 1914. In 191 1 he
was elected justice of the peace for a term
of six years. He is a capable efficient of-
ficial, and carefully administers the trusts
committed to him. He is largely interested
in private business investments in his town,
owning many residence and business prop-
erties. He is a member of the First Presby-
terian Church of Vanderbilt ; the Independ-
ent Order of Odd Fellows, the Knights of
Pythias and Knights of the Mystic Chain.

He married, December 21, 1876, Carrie
Addis, born October 14, 1856, daughter of
Robert and Sarah (Crosier) Addis, and
granddaughter of Ever Addis, an early set-
tler of Fayette county. Children of Camp-
bell B. and Carrie (Addis) Arison : i. Harry
Walter, born February 4, 1878, died Febru-
ary 14, 1880. 2. William Robinson, born
September 25, 1879; now with Union Sup-
ply Company, at Hecla, Pennsylvania ;
married (first) Mary, daughter of Henry
Hoop ; children : Harold L. ; Lorna, de-
ceased ; and Carrie. (After the death of
their mother, Harold and Carrie were taken
by their grandparents Arison, by whom they
were carefully reared and educated.) He
married (second) Lorna Campbell. 3.
Grace C, born May 18, 1882; married June
6, 1904, H. L. Miller : child, Lorna Fay.
4. Jessie S., born January 28, 1884. 5.
Clyde Samuel, born August 31, 1886; killed
in a railroad accident, January 6, 1907. 6.
Delia May, born March 4, 1890, died April
9. 1891. 7. Ray Olin, born December 2,

The Morgans of this narra-
MORGAN tive are of Welsh descent.

The founder of the family in
Fayette county, David Morgan, was the first
of the line to come to America. He was born
n Wales, where he grew to manhood, mar-
ried, and had issue. He became one of the

earliest settlers in southwestern Fayette
county, and there fought with the forest,
the beast and the savage, for the right to
exist. He won his fight, saw civilization
follow, and ended his days on his cultivated
farm surrounded by neighbors and within
sound of the church bell. He was a religious
man, and one of the founders of Mount
Moriah Baptist Church. He died in 1798,
aged fifty-four years. Seven or perhaps
eight of his ten children were born in Fay-
ette county.

(II) Colonel John Morgan, seventh child
of David Morgan, the pioneer, was born in
Springfield township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, August 8, 1790. He assisted his
father at the farm until as a young man
he became an apprentice to the blacksmith's
trade, a fellow apprentice with Hon. Andrew
Stewart. He only followed his trade a few
years, then for three or four years became
a riverman, flat boating on the Monongahela
and Ohio rivers. He then returned to the
old homestead, where he remained in the
quiet pursuit of agriculture until his death.
He served as a private in the war of 1812,
but gained his military title of colonel
through service in the Pennsylvania militia,
being commissioned by Governor William
Snyder. When discharged from the army
in- 1814, he walked one hundred miles to his
home, covering the distance in twenty-four
hours. He was a Democrat in politics, and
in 1843 was elected a member of the house
of assembly, serving with such honor that
he was re-elected in 1844 and 1845. He was
a warm friend of the cause of education,
strongly advocating the establishment of
public schools ; was one of the first school
directors elected in Springhill, and held
other township offices. He owned a great
deal of land, was strong of body, possessed
of great powers of endurance, with an abun-
dance of good hard common sense. He was
held in high esteem, and was one of those
rare characters that leave a deep impress
on their day and generation. He married,
March 12, 1817, Elizabeth Lyons, of Spring-
hill 'township. Children: i. William, a
farmer ; married Sarah Ann Stautz. 2. Frank,
a farmer ; married Amanda Shufif. 3. Jack-
son, a farmer; died unmarried. 4. David, of
whom further. 5. Lavina, married William



James, a farmer. 6. Nancy, married George
Beatty, a farmer, now living in Nicholson
township. 7. Polly, married Daniel Hum-
bert, a farmer.

(Ill) David, son of Colonel John and
Elizabeth (Lyons) Morgan, was born in
Springhill township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, in 1825, died there August i, iSgo.
He was educated in the public schools, and
grew to manhood at the Morgan homestead
farm, which he inherited at his father's
death. By successive purchases he became
the owner of nine hundred acres of valuable
coal and farm land. This he sold, with the
exception of two hundred acres which he
retained for a home farm. He was a Demo-
crat in politics, and held the offices of poor
director and justice of the peace. He mar-
ried Caroline Stewart, born in Springhill
township, Fayette county, lives in Union-
town (1912), aged eighty years, a daughter
of William Stewart, a farmer, died in
Springhill township, who married Linnie
Johns. Children of William Stewart: i.

Jackson (deceased), married . 2.

Alfred, married Mary Morris. 3. Frank,
married Margaret Hall. 4. Owen, lives in
Smithfield, retired; married Elizabeth Conn.
5. Milton, a dentist of New York; married
Margaret Abraham. 6. Elizabeth (de-
ceased), married William Brown. 7. Jen-
nie, married Jacob High. 8. Caroline (of pre-
vious mention). Children of David and
Caroline (Stewart) Morgan: i. Elizabeth,
married Robert Higginbotham, a farmer,
and lives near Masontown, Pennsylvania;
children : Linnie, married Howard Ber-
chanal ; Catherine, married William Cans ;
Morgan, a bank clerk in Uniontown. 2.
Frank, a farmer; married Mollie A. Good-
win, and lives in Springhill township ; chil-
dren : David, deceased; Benjamin, married
Lulu Miller; Thomas; Frank; Emma, mar-
ried Edward Sisily. 3. Lewis, a farmer;
married Addie Brown, and lives in Smith-
field; children: Lucy, married Ber-

chanal ; Charles; Maria, married Hall;

Edna; Carrie; Walter; Harry. 4. Emma,
married George Brown, a farmer, and lives
in Uniontown ; children : Nora ; Abraham ;
George ; Sally, married William Gans ;
Catherine. 5. E. A., of whom further. 6.

(IV) E. A. Morgan, son of David and
Caroline (Stewart) Morgan, was born in
Springhill township, Fayette county, Penn-
sylvania, October 17, 1865. He was educated
in the public schools of the township of his
birth, and until attaining his majority was
his father's assistant on the farm. He later
rented the farm and at his father's death
inherited it. He has since purchased one
hundred and nine acres and owns at the
present time two hundred and thirty-four
acres of the best farming land in that sec-
tion. He is a Democrat in politics.

He married, April 17, 1890, Ella Ramsey,
born in Nicholson township, Fayette county,
Pennsylvania, August 2;^, 1870, only child
of L. Dow and Anna (Lyons) Ramsey. L.
Dow Ramsey married (second) Elizabeth
Griffith, and lives in Nicholson township.
Children of L. Dow Ramsey: Walter,
Frank, Alice, Dow. Children of E. A. and
Ella (Ramsey) Morgan, all living at home:
George, born May 12, 1892; Earl, April 10,
1894; Helen, August 30, 1895 ; Anna, July 8,
1897; Andrew, May 23, 1902.

This branch of the Harris
HARRIS family descends from Scotch,
Welsh and French settlement
in the United States. The Harris family
has long been seated in Scotland, and the
maternal line, Bolm, is an ancient family of
Wales. The emigrant ancestor, Joshua Nunn
Harris, was born in Scotland and grew to
manhood in his native land. He married
there Nancy Bolm, born in Wales and re-
mained in Scotland until 1862, when he
came to the United States with his wife
and family. He settled first in Illinois,
where he owned and operated several saw
mills. He was himself a practical mill saw-
yer and ran his own mills. Later in life he
moved to near Logansport, Indiana, where
he died. Children: i. Winfield, of whom
further. 2. Louis. 3. Joshua Nunn (2),
served in the American army during the
Spanish war. 4. Mary, married John M.
McLaughlin, and resides in Lafayette, In-
diana. 5. Anna, married Abraham Harsh-
berger, and resides in Crawfordsville, In-
diana. 6. Huldah, married Jacob Milligan.

(II) Winfield, eldest son of Joshua Nunn
and Nancy (Bolm) Harris, was born in




Scotland, June 2^,, 1857. He was five years
of age when the family came to the United
States, where he was educated in the pub-
lic schools. He learned the. carpenter's
trade, to which he added that of millwright.
He worked at his trades as a journeyman
for several years, then became a contractor,
building many grain elevators and mills in
Illinois. Later he moved to Indiana, locat-
ing at Oxford, where he is now engaged in
business. He is a Republican in politics,
and a member of the Christian church (Dis-
ciples of Christ). He married Mary Eliza-
beth Temple, born in Marseilles, France,
January 22, 1859, daughter of John and
Catherine (Davis) Temple, both born in
France, but of English descent, their fa-
thers both being engaged in commerce as
shipping merchants or exporters of French
made goods of various kinds. The father
of John Temple made several business voy-
ages to the United States and finally died
in Ohio. Shortly after their marriage John
and Catherine Temple came to the United
States, bringing their daughter Mary Eliza-
beth, then an infant of five weeks. They
came in a sailing vessel and were thirteen
weeks on the voyage. They settled on a
farm near Piqua, Ohio, where John re-
mained several years. Later they moved to
Indiana, where John Temple owned two
farms, one in Cass the other in Carroll coun-
ty. He died in Indiana. His widow still
survives (1912) aged ninety-nine years.
Children of John and Catherine Temple :
Mary Elizabeth (of previous mention),
married Winfield Harris; Louis D. ; Luther
C. ; Harriet, married a Mr. Loveland ; Ella,
deceased, married Thomas Byers and lived
at Rockfield ; Laura, unmarried, resides at
the Temple home, and has the care of her
very aged mother. Children of Winfield
and Mary E. Harris: i. Minnie, married
Joseph Goarnall, a farmer and resides at
Oxford, Indiana. 2. Harley A., died in in-
fancy. 3. Burley Milroy, of whom further.
4. Ada Alice, married Elza McVey, a farmer,
and resides at Idaville, Indiana. 5. Nellie
Pearl, married Edward Aldrich, a farmer;
now resides at the village of Burnetts
Creek, Indiana. 6. Daniel Arthur, died aged
thirteen years. 7. Larry, a hotel proprietor.
8. Chloe Irene, married George Blessing, a

farmer, and resides at Otterbien, Indiana.
9. Temple, died in infancy. 10. Alta, un-

(HI) Burley Milroy, third child of Win-
field and Mary E. (Temple) Harris, was
born in Logansport, Indiana, August 28,
1881. His primary and preparatory educa-
tion was obtained in the public schools, and
later entered the University of Indiana, at
Valparaiso, whence he was graduated, class
of 1902. During the years spent securing
his university education, he also taught
school in Carroll county, Indiana. He was
but eleven years of age when he entered
the high school, fifteen years of age when
he was graduated therefrom, and at that
same age began teachmg school. During
his senior year at the university he taught
classes in psychology and physiology in that
institution, being then only twenty years of
age. The funds for his university course
were all provided by himself. In 1903 he
came to Connellsville, Pennsylvania, where
he entered the employ of the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad in an humble position in their
shops. In 1904 was apponted airbrake in-
spector, then entered the train service as
brakeman, continuing until 1908. In that
year he entered the service of the Penn
Power Company, in the machine depart-
ment, remaining thirteen months. He next
joined a bridge building gang working for
the Pennsylvania railroad, but after three
months began canvassing for the Interna-
tional Correspondence School of Scranton,
Pennsylvania, continuing as their represent-
ative for nine months. In 1910 he entered
the employ of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
railroad as fireman, and in December of that
year was appointed night foreman at Dick-
erson Run, where he still continues. He is
a Republican in politics.

He married, March 12, 1903, Dora Char-
lotte, daughter of Robert and Rebecca Jane
(Nicklow) McNeal, of Somerset county,
Pennsylvania. She was a student at Val-
paraiso University, where they first met.
Her only sister Margaret was a school
teacher, but is now deceased. Her only
brother, Robert L. McNeal, is a farmer on
the old McNeal homestead in Lower Turkey-
foot township, Somerset county. The Nick-
lows and McNeals are old Somerset county



families, Rebecca Jane Nicklow being a first
cousin of Norman B. Ream, the well-
known capitalist of Chicago and New York.
Children of Burley Milroy Harris: i. An
infant, died unnamed. 2. Burley Milroy (2),
born March 27, 1906. 3. Dora C., November
5, 1908. 4. Mary Jennie, September 26, 191 1.
The family home is at the corner of Snyder
and Locust streets, Connellsville, Pennsyl-

This family originally from

HERTZOG Germany first settled in

Eastern Pennsylvania. The

first of whom we have record is Andrew

Hertzog. The family is a prominent one of

Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

(I) Andrew Hertzog, first of the family to
settle in Fayette county, came from Eastern
Pennsylvania about 1786. He lived for a
time in Lancaster county, where some of his
children were born. Later he moved to
Springhill township, Fayette county, where
he was a farmer until death.

(H) George, son of Andrew Hertzog, was
born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania,
February 20, 1776, died in Springhill town-
ship, Fayette county, and is buried in the
cemetery at Smithfield. His early child-
hood was spent in Lancaster county, his
boyhood and mature years in Fayette coun-
ty. He followed his father's trade of gun-
smith, and after the death of the latter suc-
ceeded to a well established business in
Springhill township. In that day Indians
were numerous and troublesome, every male
in the community carrying a weapon, and
even the women were taught to shoot with
deadly intent. He was a man of importance
in his section, and a devoted member of
Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Smith-
field. He married and left issue: i. Annie,
born June 2, 1798, died August 13, 1839;
married Jacob Lyons. 2. David, born De-
cember 7, 1799, died February 13, 1835; un-
married. 3. Catherine, born April 6, 1802,
died June 15, 1802. 4. Andrew, born March
7, 1804, died November 18, 1839. 5. John,
of whom further.

(Ill) John, son of George Hertzog, was
born in Springhill township, Fayette coun-
ty, Pennsylvania, February 11, 1806, died
July 24, 1870. He was educated in the pub-

lic school of Springhill township, continuing
at home until he was eighteen years of age,
then went to Virginia, where he began
learning the tanner's trade. He returned to
Fayette county after one year, locating in
Uniontown, where he served a full appren-
ticeship of three years, later returning to the
old homestead. The old log cabin in which
he was born was later torn down, and in
its stead he erected a more modern home
which was known as the Hertzog Home.
He also built a stone tannery which he oper-
ated for ten years, then retired from that
business, devoting himself entirely to agri-
culture. He became one of the substantial
farmers of his township, and at his death
left an estate of two hundred acres that
has since been managed by his sons, John
A. and George. He was a member of
Mount Moriah Baptist Church, and a Demo-
crat in politics, serving as school director
and supervisor. He married, March 23,
1843, Margaret Hertzog, born in German
township, Fayette county, December 4,
1812, died 1901, daughter of Jacob Hertzog,
who was born in German township, near
the Nicholson township line ; he married
a Miss Baker. His children: i. Andrew,
married (first) West, (second) Eliza-
beth Lyons. 2. Elizabeth, married Michael
Cofifman. 3. Margaret (of previous men-
tion), married John Hertzog. Children of
John and Margaret Hertzog: i. Eliza-
beth, born December 23, 1843, died un-
married 2. George, of whom further, 3.
John Andrew, born May 14, 1849, in Spring-
hill township, Fayette county, educated in
the public schools, now a farmer and stock
dealer of his native township. He is a Dem-
ocrat in politics, has served for many years
as school director, and is now justice of the
peace. He married, September 17, 1896,
Lucy, daughter of Altha and Mary (Lyons)
Gans. Their daughter, Lucy Margaret,
born March 28, 1904, is the only living
grandchild of John and Margaret Hertzog.
4. David Morgan, born March 30, 1852 (see
sketch). 5. Margaret, died November 10,
i860, aged six years.

(IV) George, eldest son of John and
Margaret Hertzog, was born in Springhill
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
October 25, 1846. He was educated in the



public schools, and spent his years of mi-
nority as his father's assistant in farming,
chopping and hauling wood. Later he es-

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