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May 31, 1789. He married Violette Littleton,
born January 30, 1759, near Bull Run, Vir-
ginia, of historic fame. She died in Spring-
field, Ohio, September 19, 1842, aged eighty-
three years. Both Mr. and Mrs. Dawson
were members of the Church of England
(Episcopal). Children: i. Eleanor, married
William Moore, Harrison county, Kentucky.

2. George, married Sarah Kennedy, of
Brownsville, Pennsylvania, and they were the
parents of Hon. John Littleton D'awson, a
distinguished member of the Fayette county
bar, who served four terms in congress and is
known as the father of the "Homestead Act."

3. Nancy, married Micajah Phillips. 4. John,
of whom further.

(IV j Judge John (2) Dawson, son of Nich-
olas and Violette (Littleton) Dawson, was
born near Georgetown, Hancock county, Vir-
ginia, July 13, 1788, died in Uniontown, Penn-
sylvania, January 16, 1875, aged eighty-six
years. He was reared in Harrison county.
Kentucky, obtained a good English educa-
tion in private schools, and when twenty year?
of age moved to Uniontown, Pennsylvania,
where he studied law in the offices of Gen-
eral Thomas Meason and Judge John Ken-
nedy. He was admitted to the Fayette coun-
ty bar, August 17, 1813, and successfully
practiced for more than thirty years in Fay-
ette county. In 185 1 he was appointed asso-
ciate judge of Fayette county by Governor
William F. Johnston, and served in that ca-
pacity until the office was made elective by the
new state constitution. He retired from the
bench to his farm which he superintended
until about 1865, after which he made his
iiome wnth children in LTniontown. For sev-
eral years prior to his death his sight failed,
leaving him at times in total blindness. He
was a Whig and Republican in politics. The
tribute paid to his memory bv his brethren of
the Fayette bar recites: "No tribute to his
memorv can speak too warmly of the manner
in which he discharged the duties of every
relation in life." He was a man bf sterling
character and held in highest esteem. He



was an Episcopalian, his wife a Presbyterian.
He married, in 1820, Ann Gregg, born in
Uniontovvn, Pennsylvania, September 8, 1799,
died there May 6, 1859, only child of Ellis
Ba.ily, who for forty years was a merchant of
Uniontovvn until his death, November 10,
1853. His wife, Ruth (Gregg) Baily, was of the
Loudoun county, Virginia, family of Greggs.
Children of Mr. and Mrs. Dawson: i. Ellis
Baily, of whom further. 2. Mary Ann, died
in early life. 3. Eliza, died young. 4. Ellen
Moore, married A. Ruby. 5. Emily Violette,
married Dr. W. H. Sturgeon. 6. George Lit-
tleton, died in infancy. 7. Maria, married
Henry Baldwin. 8. Henry Clay, married
Mary A. McCloskey. 9. Ruth Elizabeth,
married A. K. Johnson, now living at Hills-
boro, Ohio. 10. Louisa Cass, married John
M. Berry: now Hving at Lexington, Ken-
tucky. TT. An infant, died unnam'ed. 12.
John Nicholas, of whom further. 13. Rich-
ard Williams, died February i, 1865.

(V) Ellis Baily, eldest son of Judge John
(2) and Ann Gregg (Baily) Dawson, was born
in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, August 29, 1820;
died October 30, 1900. He received his early
education at Madison College, Uniontown,
and was graduated from Washington College
in the class of 1839. After his graduation he
began to read law with his father and was ad-
mitted to the Fayette county bar June 6, 1843,
and to the supreme court of Pennsylvania in
1846. He was largely interested in private
business atifairs, the multiplicity of which com-
pelled him 10 abandon his legal career after a
few years of active and successful practice. He
held but one political ofifice, that of "commis-
sioner of the draft," to which he was ap-
pointed l)y Governor Curtin in 1862. This
trust he fulfilled with strict impartiality and
ill a short time Fayette county's twenty-five
hundred men were at the disposal of the na-
tional government. He w^s always known as
a public spirited man, ready and anxious to
advance the best interests of Uniontown. He
served for several years on the town council
of Uniontown and was one of the first stock-
holders and for twenty years a director of the
National Bank of Fayette county. He was a
Republican in politics and an attendant of the
Cumberland Presbyterian church, his wife be-
ing a member.

He married, May 24, 1888, Elizabeth Jane
McGregor, born in Allegheny county, Penn-

sylvania, November i, 1856, daughter of
Matthew G. McGregor, bom in Allegheny
county, died in 1885, aged about fifty years.
He was a resident of the vicinity of Pitts-
burgh for many years, then moved to Fayette
county where he resided several years and
there died. He married Margaret Wallace,
also born in Allegheny county. Their chil-
dren were: i. Robert Wallace, died in 1900,
?ged fifty-two years, married (first) Mary V.
Richmond: married (second) Barbara E.
Slack. 2. James, killed in a Colorado Gold
Mine, in 1882. 3. Matthew Walker, died
voung. 4. Joseph Greer, married Sarah
Welch and lives at Cool Spring, North Union
township, Fayette county, where he is en-
gaged in farming. 5. Elizabeth Jane, of
previous mention, married Ellis Baily Daw-
son, and survives him a resident of Union-
tovvn. 6. Mary Ann, married (first) Jacob
Beeson, (second) William Davis, also de-
ceased. 7. William Craig, married Mollie
Jacobs, both dece:'sed.

The only child of Ellis Baily and Elizabeth
Jane (McGregor) Dawson, John Baily Daw-
ton, born July 23, 1889, is now a student in
a New York City business college.

(V) John Nicholas, son of Judge John
(2) Dawson, was born in Uniontown, Penn-
sylvania, December 6, 1839. He was edu-
cated at Madison College, Uniontown, and
Washington College, now Washington and
Jeft'erson, Washington, Pennsylvania, whence
he was graduated in 1861. He chose farming
as his occupation and owned a farm at Oak
Hill, which he cultivated until 1870. when he
came to Uniontown and leased the plant of
the Union Woollen Mill. Shortly afterward
he purchased the mill and successfully oper-
ated it until May 8, 1879, when it was entirely
destroyed bv fire. He did not rebuild but
at once est-iblished a general store in Union-
town, which he continued until 1888, when he
was elected justice of the peace and gradually
retired from other business. He has held, the
office of justice continuously by successive re-
elections for twenty years. He is a member
of the Episcopal church, which he has served '
as senior warden for many years. In politics
he is a Republican.

He married, September 9, 1863, Lucy
Strother. born at Morgantown, Virginia, Jan-
uary II, 1844, dauijhter of Colonel James and
Delia Elizabeth (Ray) Evans, of Morgan-

(^ jj//.j /Jj. . '^ fffr.jr' //



town, West Virginia, the former born tliere,
was a farmer, died there November 23, 1888',
aged seventy-eight years. Mrs. Evans was
also a native of Alorgantovvn, died September
19, 1898. Children of John N. and Lucy S.
(Evans) Dawson, i. James Evans, born Sep-
tember 18, 1864; graduate of the University of
West Virginia, class of 1889; studied law, was
admitted to the bar in 1892, and is now man-
ager of the Trotter Water Company and of
the Oliver Coke & Furnace Company; he
married Eleanor, daughter of F. C. Van
Dusen; child: Lucy Evans, born April 26,
1911. 2. Richard W. (see below). 3. Anne
Baily, of Uniontown, single. 4. John Little-
ton, employed by Oliver Coke & Furnace Com-
pany, single. 5. Harvie Ray, daughter, single.
6. George Ray, died in infancy.

(\T) Richard William, son of John Nicholas
Dawson, was born in Ltnion township, Fay-
ette county, Pennsylvania, April 2, 1866.
When four years of age his parents moved to
Uniontown, where his early education was
obtained in the public school. He then en-
tered the University of West Virginia, at
Morgantown, whence he was graduated A. B.,
class of 1886. He then took a law course in
the same university and was graduated B. L.
in 1887. On September 10, 1888, he was ad-
mitted to the Fayette county bar, and at once
began the practice of law in Uniontown, where
he continues well established and successful.
He has important business interests outside
of his profession and is a director of the Cit-
izens' Title & Trust Company. He is a mem-
ber of the bar association of the county, and
possesses the confidence of his clients as well
the respect of his professional brethren. He
is a Democrat in politics, has been an active
partv man, but never held any public office.
He has always taken a deep interest in public
affairs trom "the standpoint of the citizen, not
as the partisan. His influence is solely for the
public good, and all that is best in our public
life. He is a member of the Protestant Epis-
copal church of Uniontown, his family being
communicants of the same faith.

He married, October 2, 1890, Nettie Win-
field, daughter of Adam L. Nye, of Morgan-
town, West Virginia. Children: i. George
Littleton, born January 12, 1892; educated in
the Uniontown public schools, Washington
and Jefferson Academy at Washington, Penn-
sylvania; passed his freshman year at Wash-

ington and Jefferson College; entered Am-
herst College as a sophomore, and was grad-
uated B. A. in class of 1912. He is now a
law student under the preceptorship of his
father. 2. Mary Wallace, born January 5,
1896: now a student in Bradford Academy,
Bradford, Massachusetts (191 2). The family
home is on Ben Lomond street, Uniontown.

(\') William H. Dawson, son
DAWSON of John Dawson, was born in

Fayette county, Pennsylvania.
He was educated in the 'public schools
and grew to manhood on the farm. He' choose
agiiculture for his business, and followed it all
his lite. He was a member of the Baptist
church, his wife also being a communicant.
He was a Republican in politics, and filled
ncaiiy aii township offices. He married Cerice
Nixon. Children: i. Emma V., married
Homer S. Lewis, of German township. 2.
William Newton, residing in Morgantown,
West Virginia. 3. Louisa, married Mack In-
gram, of Newton, Kansas. 4. Taylor N., of
whom further. 5. Laura, married Seawright
Brown, of Uniontown. 6. Erwin M., mar-
ried, and resides in Uniontown. 7. Ella, mar-
ried Kenly E. Porter, of Uniontown. 8. Rus-
sell E., unmarried. 9. Robert W., married;
resides in Los Angeles, California.

(VI) Taylor Nixon, fourth child and second
son of William H. Dawson, was born in
Georges township, Fayette county, Pennsyl-
vania, July 10, 1865. He was educated in the
public schools of his district, finishing his
studies at Uniontown high school. He grew
to early manhood on the home farm, and
began Isusiness life as a commercial traveler.
Alter leaving the road he began dealing in
coal lands, a business he still continues. He
is a capable, energetic man of business and a
successful operator. He is a Republican in
politics, but never has sought or held office,
excepting as member of his ward election
board. He is a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church, his wife also being a mem-
ber. He is active in church and Sunday
school work, in which he is interested and
useful. He married (first) Emma P., daugh-
ter of Ernest E. and Anna E. Wengle. Chil-
dren: Pauline, Elizabeth, Ruth. He married
^second) December 2, 1904, Mary Edith,
daughter of Thomas M. and Margaret M.
(Cooper) Gregg.



Harrison Dawson, father of
DAWSON John W. Dawson, was born
in Georges township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer there,
but now resides in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
He married Elizabeth Richey, also born in
Fayette county, died April 25, 1912, aged sev-
enty-one years. Children: i, John VVilham,
of whom further. 2. Sarah Margaret, married
Clark Lancaster, of Beallsville, Pennsylvania.
3. James, of Charleroi, Pennsylvania. 4. Ahcc
C, married George B. Nelan, of Charleroi,
Pennsylvania. 5. Lutellus. 6. George W.

(11} John William, eldest son of Harrison
and Elizabeth (Richey) Dawson, was born
January 4, 1867, in Georges township, Favette
county, Pennsylvania, in the same house in
which his father was born. He grew up on
the home farm, attended the public school of
his district, continuing his study at Madison
Academy, Unionrown, and at Smithfield
y\cademy. He taught in the public schools of
Fayette county tor nine years, until 1895, then
entered the lav/ department of the University
of West Virginia at ]\Iorgantown, whence he
was graduated, receiving the degree of B. A.,
class of 1896. He located in Marion, Indiana,
where he engaged in practice with Judge Jo-
seph L. Cuscer, a lawyer of that city, formerly
a resident of Fayette county, Pennsylvania.
After two years in Marion he came to Union-
town, where in 1900 he was admitted to the
Fayette county bar. He has since been ad-
mitted to practice in all courts of this state
and is well established in his profession. He
is also interested in the development of coal
lands in Fayette county and western Penn-
sylvania, and director of the Title & Trust
Company of Uniontown. He is a Repub-
lican in politics, but extremely independent
in political action. He is public-spirited and
interested m ai! that concerns the public good.
He is an elder and trustee of the Third Pres-
byterian Church of Uniontown, and superin-
tendent of the Sunday school. He is a mem-
ber of the Fayette County Sunday School As-
sociation and deeply interested in its work,
which has for its object the moral and spiritual
advancement of the young.

He married. June 21, 1904, Mary Emma,
daughter of Isaac and Hettie (Hornbeck)
Mills, both deceased, former residents of Fay-
ette countv, Pennsylvania. She is also a mem-
ber of the Third Presbyterian Church. Chil-

dren: Edgar William, born July 25, 1905;
Ruth E., IJecember 2y, 1907; Paul M., June
2^, 1909. The family residence is at No. .204
West Main street, Uniontown, a purely resi-
dential section of the city.

There are several families
COLLINS bearing this name in Fayette

county, Pennsylvania, spring-
ing from both Irish and English ancestors.
The name has always been an honored one in
the county; those bearing it have been im-
portant factors in the development of Fayette
industries and in the military history of the
county. The branch herein traced springs
from William Colhns, born in England in
1762, who may have been of the same Eng-
Hsh family as an earUer emigrant, Charles
Collins, who came from Bristol, England,
about 1734, settled in New Castle county,
Delaware; married Sarah Hammond, and
had a son, Isaac, founder of the Collins fam-
ily of Burlington, New Jersey.

(I) William Collins was born in England in
1762, and when a young man came to Kent
county, Maryland, where he passed the re-
mainder of his life, engaged in farming. He
married a Miss Gail, of the same county.
They died leaving issue: William, John,
George and James. From the latter springs
the Collins branch herein recorded.

(II) James, youngest son of William Col-
lins, the emigrant, was born October 17,
1777, in Kent county, Maryland, where he
was educated, grew to manhood and married.
In 1822 he came with his family to Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, settling on a farm in
Dunbar township, known as Fort Hill. He
devoted his life to agriculture both in Mary-
land and Pennsylvania. He was a man of
steady, industrious habits, and bore a high
character in his neighborhood. He served in
the war of 1812, in the commissary depart-
ment. He married, in Kent county, Mary-
land, Sarah Dudley, daughter of Nicholas
Dudley. Children: i. William (2), of whom
further. 2. James, born April 20, 1810. 3.
John D., born April 29, 1813; came to Fay-
ette county with his parents; married Agnes,
daughter of Christian Stoner; he was a mem-
ber of the Cumberland Presbyterian church,
trustee, and a man noted for charity and
benevolence. 4. Louisa, born May 19, 1816;

вЦ†married William Patterson, who died March



8, 1838. Nicholas Dudley, father of Sarah
(Dudley) Collins, was born in England, came
to America and settled in JMaryland, where
he died, leaving children: Benjamin, Nicho-
las (2), Francis, Elizabeth, Mary ; "Sarah, mar-
ried James Collins; Samuel, died in Fayette
county. May 25, 1889, aged 8/ years.

(Ill) William, son of James and Sarah
(Dudley) Collins, was born in Kent county,
Maryland, in 1807, died October 24, 1888.
He came with his parents to Dunbar, Fay-
ette county, in 1822, and from that time for-
ward was a resident of that township until
1822, when he moved to Kansas. He was
reared a farmer, educated in the public
schools, and always followed agriculture as a
business. He was highly respected in his
town, was a faithful member of the Cumber-
land Presbyterian church of East Liberty, and
always found on the side of morality and
clean living. He moved to Kansas in De-
cember, 1882, where he lived near seven of
his ten living children until his death six
years later, aged over eighty years. He was
carried to the grave by his six sons, that
having been among his dying requests. He
married (first), August 28, 1833, Eliza Cox,
died July 22, 1851, daughter of Joseph Cox.
He married, (second) October i, 1851, Mary
B. Stone, of Knox county, Ohio. Children
by first marriage: i. George W., born June
25, 1834, died 1837. 2. Joseph R., born April

9, 1836, died young. 3. Lutelus L., of whom
further. 4. James C., August 20, 1840; served
in the Union army three years of the civil
war, in the Fifteenth Regiment Cavalry. 5.
William H., born February 13, 1843; ^Iso a
veteran of the civil war; enlisted as private,
rose to the rank of captain, in the Seventh
Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, served near-
ly four years; was engaged in numerous bat-
tles and was with the troops that captured
JefTerson Davis, president of the Confed-
eracy. 6. Susan E., born October 21, 1845;
married William Parkhill, of Franklin town-
ship. 7. Sarah, born April 24, 1848, died
young. 8. Eliza Alice, born October 24,
1849; married Clark Shaw, of Connellsville,
Pennsylvania. Children of second marriage:
9. Mary A., born July 20, 1852; married Hen-
ry Ackley, of Kansas. 10. John E., born
May 26, 1854. II. Alonzo D.,'May 18, 1857.
12. Ida M., July 20, 1858; married John
Smith, of Kansas. 13. Margaret O., born

August 17, 1862, died young. 14. Charles E.,
born December 4, 1864.

(IV) Lutelus, son of William Collins and
his first wife, Eliza Cox, was born in Dunbar
township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania,
April 7, 1838. He was educated in the public
schools and at Che.sterville (Ohio) Seminary.
He was a lad of thirteen when his mother
died, and six years later, in 1857, he migrated
to Kansas, where, although yet not a legal
voter, he threw all his influence in favor of
the Free Soil movement, and in 1858 worked
for the election of the first Free Soil state
legislature elected in that state. He caught
the gold fever then raging through the west
and crossed the southern plains to California,
where he worked for a time in the gold mines
of Nevada county. He left San Francisco
December 5, 1862, on a Pacific mail steam-
ship to the Isthmus, crossed and took pas-
sage for New York on the steamer "Aerial."
which on the passage was chased by the cele-
brated Confederate cruiser "Alabama," but
escaped. In August, 1864, he enlisted in the
Sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Heavy Ar-
tillery for the defense of Washington, was
detailed as clerk at headquarters of De Bus-
sey's division, and served in that capacity
until mustered out at Washington, June 13,
1865. After the war he returned to Fayette
county, where he engaged in farming and
stock dealing, purchasing a farm from his
father. He is a member of the Cumberland
Presbyterian church of East Liberty, holding
the ofifice of elder several years. He is a
member of William Kurtz Post, Grand Army
ot the Republic, of Connellsville, and a Re-
publican in politics. He married, November
5, 1863, Anna, daughter of Christian and
^lary H. ( Shallenberger) Stoner; she was
born June 20, 1845. Children: i. Mary E.,
born September 21, 1864, died May 18, 1882.
2. George A., born November 10, 1866; mar-
ried Elizabeth, daughter of William Leighty,
of Ohio. 3. John W., born August 18, 1868;
married Millie, daughter of John Lint, of
ijickerson Run, Pennsylvania. 4. Blanche,
April 20, 1871; married Ulysses S. Thomp-
son, v.ho was killed in a shaft at Trotter Coke
Works, August 9, 1908. 5. Curte C, of whom
further. 6. Ken H., born February 19. 1881;
married Jennie Bunnell. 7. Florence, March
22, 1886; married John Leslie Love, of Pitts-
burgh, Pennsylvania.



(V) Curte Christian, son of Luteins Col-
lins, was born in Dunbar township, Fayette
county, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1876. He
was educated in the township schools and
Vanderbilt high school. He grew to man-
hood on the farm, and in January, 1898, es-
tablished in the lumber business in Vander-
bilt, Pennsylvania, and in 1900 became one
01 the proprietors of the mills, retail lumber
yards and contracting business of the firm
Ugilvie, AlcClure & Company, a thoroughly
well established concern of Vanderbilt. Mr.
Collins is a Prohibition Republican in poli-
tics, served three years as school director of
Dunbar township, and now a member oT the
town council of Vanderbilt. He is a member
01 James Cochran Lodge, No. 614, Free and
Accepted Masons; Connellsville Chapter, No.
283, Royal Arch Masons; Uniontown Com-
mandery, No. 49, Knights Templar; Union-
town Lodge of Perfection, Ancient Accepted
Scottish Rite, in which he has attained the
fourteenth degree. He is also a member of
Modern Woodmen of America and has been
clerk of the Vanderbilt Camp since it was
organized thirteen years ago. He is a mem-
ber of the Presbyterian church at Vanderbilt,
in which he has taken an active part for more
than fifteen years; is chorister and choir
leader and superintendent of the Sunday
school, in which capacity he has served about
fifteen years.

He married, April 27, 1905, Estella Arison,
born in Fayette county, January 30, 1886,
daughter of Hickman and Althea (Evans)
Arison. Hickman Arison was killed at Star
Junction, being crushed between cars on coal
tipple. His wife survives him, a resident of
Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania. Their children:
Ethel, Clayton, Estella, Joel E., Arleigh A.
and Lela. Children of Curte C. and Estella
Collins: Grace, born March 19, 1906; Clar-
endon, June 27, 1907; Harold Dudley, June 6,
1908, died August 8, 1908; Ethel May, born
May 7, 1909; Harry J., January 29, 191 1.

This branch of the Collins
COLLINS family descends from James

Collins, born in Ireland, who
came to the United States, settling in Somer-
set county, Pennsylvania. The name of his
wife has not been ascertained. He lived to a
good old age, was prosperous and respected.
One of his sons, William Collins, was asso-

ciate judge of Somerset county, and was noted
for his great height, standing six feet five
inches; another son, Moses, is of further men-

(II) Moses, son of James Collins, the emi-
grant, was born in Somerset county about
1820. He was a millwright by trade and
superintendent of the woolen mills at New
Haven, Pennsylvania, at one time; also su-
perintendent of the Dunbar Furnace Com-
pany at Dunbar, Pennsylvania, for many
years. When the railway mail was estab-
lished he was one of the first appointees on
the Baltimore & Ohio road, running between
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Cumberland,
Maryland. He met his death in the wreck at
Bidwell, Pennsylvania, October 22, 1871, be-
ing caught in his car and literally burned to
death. He married Phoebe Scritchfield.
born in Fayette county, Springfield township,
of German parentage. Moses Collins left

(Ill) James S., son 'of Moses Collins, was
born August i, 1841, died January 29, 1890.
His early education was obtained in the
schools of Dunbar township and Connells-
ville, Pennsylvania, his parents settling in the
.atter town when he was about eight years of
age. He enlisted at the beginning of the civil
war in Company C, Eighty-fifth Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and served
during the entire war, enlisting a second
time, serving in the latter year as commissary
sergeant. He was shot in the thumb and nit
Dv fiving pieces of shell, but never received
serious injury. After the war he returned to
Fayette county, learned the carpenter's
trade, and for thirteen years was employed
in the Calhoun planing mill at New Haven.
He was an invalid during the last six years
01 his life, but bore his sufferings with Chris-

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