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Dark Margaret. 2 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 36,

1850, p. 725.)— The Land of Bums. 1 p. (Dublin
Univ. Mag. v. 19, 1842, p. 578.)— My birthday guest s.
2 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 33, 1849, p. 79.)— The Sea-
man's light. 1 p. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 24, 1844, p.
90.) — Something to think of. 2 pp. (Dublin Univ.
Mag v. 21, 1843, p. 123.)— Spare me yet awhile. 2
pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 27, 1846, p. 119.)— A passage
in the life of Terence. 2 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v.
44, 1854, p. 241.)— The Usurper. 2 pp. (Dublin Univ.
Mag. v. 81, 1848, p. 258.)

Murray, John O'Kane. Popular history of
the Catholic church in the United States.
New York, 1876. 8°. —3207

Murray, Lindley. 1745-1826. English gram-
mar, comprehending theprinciples and rules
of the language, illustrated by appropriate
exercises and a key to the exercises. York,
1808. 2 v. 8°. —2124

Moon, G. W. The bad English of Lind-
ley Murray. 1869.

Hale, S. Murray's and Latham's English gram-
mars. 9 pp. (Chr. Exam. V. 52, 1852, p. 335.)

Life of M. 10 pp. (Longacre, J. B., and Herring, J.,

Nat. portr. gallery, v. 8.)

Murray, Mungo. Trial of, for assaulting
Thomas Sydserf, comedian. 11 pp. (Abbotsford Club,
Miscel. v. 1, p. 85.)

Murray, Patrick Joseph. Life of John Ba-
nim, the Irish novelist. London, 1857. 12°.


Murray, R. B. (Tr.) Politique commerciale
de la France, ou le traite de 1860 avec l'An-
gleterre. Paris, 1872. 8°. (Oobden Club.)


Murray, Richard, D. D. Outlines of the
history of the Catholic church in Ireland. 16 pp. {Rev.
of in Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 17, 1841, p. 407.)

Murray, Robert. Rudimentary treatise on
marine engines and steam vessels ; together
with practical remarks on the screw and
propelling power as used in the royal and
merchant navy. London, 1852. 12°. —2716

Murray, Robert Dundas. Cities and wilds
of Andalucia. 21 pp. (Rev. of in Brit. Quart. Ztev. v.
11, 1850, p. 315.)

Murray, Rev. Thomas Boyles. 1799-1860.
Pitcairn : the island, the people, and the
pastor. To which is added a short notice of
the original settlement and present condition
of Norfolk island. 11 ed. London [1858].
16°. 3427

Murray, Thomas Chalmers. 1850-79. Lec-
tures on the origin and growth of the
Psalms. New York, 1880. 12°. —1237

Murray, William, 1 Earl of Mansfield. 1704-

93. On the right of England to tax America. House
of Lords, Feb. 3, 1766. 22 pp. (Adams, C. K., Repre-
sentative Brit, orations, v. 1, p. 150.)

Holliday, J. Life of William, Earl of

Mansfield. 1797.

Adams, 0. K. Lord Mansfield. 7 pp. (/k Ms Repre-
sentative Brit, orations, v. 1, p. 143.)— Brougham,
H., Baron. Lord Mansfield. 21 pp. (In Ids Hist,
sketches of statesmen, v. 1, p. 194: Works, v. 3.) —
Burke, E. P. Life of Lord Mansfield. 80 pp. ( With
Memoirs of . . . Lowth.)— Butler, 0. Sketch of the
professional character of the Earl of Mansfield. 27 pp.
(Works, v. 2, p. 217.)— Campbell, J., Baron. Lord.
Mansfield. 283 pp. (In Ms Lives of the Chief Justices,
v. 2, p. 302.)— Roscoe, H. Lord Mansfield. 58 pp. (In
his Lives of eminent Brit, lawyers, p. 171 : Lardner, D.,
Cab. Cyc.)




Murray, Rev. William Henry Harrison.
1840—. Adventures in the wilderness ; or,
camp-life in the Adirondacks. Boston, 1869.
12°. 2477

The perfect horse : how to know him,

how to breed him, how to train him, how to
shoe him, how to drive him. With an in-
troduction by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher,
and a treatise on agriculture and the horse,
by Hon. George B. Loring. Boston, 1873.
8°. -4684

Mill's, France. Walckenaer, C. A. Memoire
sur . . . le cours de la Loire, entre Tours et Augers, et
sur la position du lieu uomm§ Murus dans lea actes
de la vie de S. Florent. 23 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad.
Inscript. Mtm. V. 6, 1822, p. 313.)

Murtedo, or Multedo, Guglielmo. Annales

Januenses, A. D. 126i-69. 19 pp. (Frankfort Soc. Script.
v. 18, p. 248.)

Murther, Murther ; or, a bloody relation

how Anne Hamton dwelling in Westminster nigh
London, by poyson murthered her deare husband,
Sept. 1641, being assisted and counselled thereunto
by Margeret Harwood. For which they were both
committed to gaole, and at this time wait for a tryall.
6 pp. (Hindley, C, Old book collect, miscel. v. 2, 3.)

Muruda, India. Rao Saheb Vishvanath

Narayan Mandllk. Account of the founding of the
village of M. 48 pp. (Boyal Aslat. Soc. Bombay,
Joum. V. 8, 1872, p. 1.)

Murviedro, Spain. Marti, M. De theatro

Saguntino. 6 pp. (Poleni, G. M., Ulr. antia. Bom.
Gr. Tioo. suppl.v. 5, p. 389.)— Bliuiaun, G. E. De theatro
Saguntino. 21 pp. (Poleni, G. M., Ulr. thes. antiq. Rom.
Gr. nov. suppl. v. 5, p. 401.)

Murviel, France. Montgravier, A. de, and

Btcard, A. Murviel. Buines d'un oppldum. 21 pp.
{Rev. archiol. n. s. v. 7, 1863, p. 145.)

Musa, Abu-Abdallah-Mohammed Ben. 9 cent.

Algebra. [Arabic and Eng.] Ed. and tr. by

Frederic Rosen. London, 1831. 8°. {Orient.

Trans. Fund.) —2437

Musa niadrigalesca, or a collection of

madrigals, ballets . . . Oliphant, T. 1334
Musaeum Regalis Societatis. Grew, N.

Musaeus. Carmina. [Or. et Lat.] 4 pp.

(Didot, A. F., Biblioth. gr. Fragm. philos. Gr. v. 1, p. 158.)

Musaeus, Qrammaticus. 5 cent. Carmen

de Herone et Leandro. [Gr. et Lat.] 11pp. (Didot,
A. F., Biblioth. gr. : with Hesiodus.) — Fragments,
Tr. by H. H. Mllman. 2 pp. (Milman, H. H. (Tr.),
Agamemnon of JEschylus, etc. p. 310.) — Hero and Le-
ander. From the Greek. 7 pp. [Blackwood's Mag.
v. 41, 1837, p. 267.)— Hero and Leander. Tr. by George
Chapman. 29 pp. ( With Homerus, Batrachomyomachia,
tr. by George Chapman, p. 207.) — Leander nnd Hero.
22 pp. (Stolberg, C. and F. L., Graf en zu, Gesamm. werke,
v. 16, p. 338.)— Loves of Hero and Leander. Tr.
by F. Fawkes. 8 pp. (Anderson, B., Brit, poets, v. 13,
p. 233; Chalmers, A., Eng. poets, v. 20, p. 401.)
See also Fraser's Mag. v. 33, 1846, p. 437.

Musaeus, Johann Karl August. 1735-87.
Volksmaehrchen der Deutschen. Pracht-
ausgabe in einem bande. Herausg. von
Julius Ludwig Klee. Leipzig, 1845. r. 8°.


The Dumb lover. 103 pp. (Boscoe, T.,Ger. novelists,

v. 3, p. 3.)— Dumb love; Libussa ; Meliclisnln. 142

pp. (Carlyle, T., Trs.from the German, v. 3, p. 1.)

. Everett, A. H. Musaeus's Popular tales. 14 pp.

(Crit. and miscel. essays, 2 s. p. 130.) — Hedge, F. H.
Life of M-, with examples of his writings. 28 pp.
(In his Prose writers of Germany, p. 154.)

Musai denck- und leszwuerdige lebens-
erzehlung, roman. 53 pp. Grimmelshauseu, H. J.
C. von, [Schriften], v. 4, p. 853.

Musaici cristiani saggi dei pavimenti
delle chiese di Roma anteriori al secolo XV.
Rossi, G. B. de. P.34

Musarion, gedicht. 66 pp. Wieland, C. M.,

Saemmt. werke, v. 12, p. 1.

Musaruui deliciae. Mennis, Sir J., and

Smith, J. 2v. 1336

Muscat, Arabia. Carter, H. J. Geology of

Maskat. 11 pp. (Boyal Asiat. Soc. Bombay, Joum. v.
3, 1849, p. 118.)— JVewbold, T. J. Rock-specimens
from Maskat in Arabia, Persia, and Babylonia. 6 pp.
(Royal Asiat. Soc. Bombay, Joum. v. 3, 1849, p. 26.)—
Treaty between the D. S. of America and the Sultan
of Maskat: the Arabic text, accompanied with a tr.
and introduction by A. I. Cotheal. 16 pp. (Am. Orient.
Soc. Journ. V. 4, 1854, p. 341.)

Musci exotici. Hooker, Sir W. J. 2 v.


Henle, F. G. J. Handbuch der muskel-
lehre des menschen. 1871. (In his Hand-
buch der systemat. anat. v. 1, pt. 3.)

Radcliffe, C. B. Dynamics of nerve

and muscle. 1871.

Rosenthal, I. General physiology of

muscles and nerves. 1881. (Internat. Sci. S.)

Soemmering, S. T. von. Lehre von den

muskeln und gefaessen des menschlichen
koerpers. 1841. (In his Vom baue des
menschl. koerpers, v. 3.)

Theile, F. W. Traite de myologie et

d'angeiologie. 1843. (Bisehoff, T. L. W.,
and others, Encyc. anat. v. 3.)

Bernoulli, Jean. Dissertatio de motu musculo-
rum. 26 pp. (Opera omnia, v. 1, p. 93.) — Bramwell,
B. Progressive muscular atrophy with unilateral
atrophy of the tongue. 4 pp. (Brain, v. 3, 1881, p. 396.)
— Chevreul, E. Mouvemens musculaires. 9 pp.
(Rev. d. deux monies, 1833, 2 s. v. 2, p. 258.)— Ficlc, A.
Ueber das wesen der muskelarbeit. 32 pp. (Samml.
wissens. vortrg. v. 12, 1877, p. 297.)— Foster, M., Jr.
Elements of muscular strength. 11 pp. (Fortn. Rev.
v. 6, 1866, p. 189.)— Hermann, L. Le muscle. Etude
physiologique. 25 pp. (Biblioth. univ. et rev. Suisse, n.
per. v. 63, 1875, p. 193.)— Sewall, H. How me move.
13 pp. (Martin, H. N., and others, Lectures . . . to the
employes of the B. and 0. R. R. Co. p. 35.)— Waller, A.
On muscular spasms known as "Tendon-reflex." 13
pp. (Brain, v. 3, 1881, p. 179.)

Muscovy. See Russia.

Muscular Christianity. 4 pp. Knowl-

ton, E. ( Ooerld. Monthly, v. 2, 1869, p. 530.)

Muse, William B. Zones of stars. See
Major, J.

Muse du departement, La. 164 pp. Bal-
zac, H. de, (Euvres compl. v. 6, p. 379.

Muse napolitane, Le. Basile, G. B.,
Conte di Torone. 2 v. (Collezione poemi
napol. v. 20, 21.) . 2367

Muse of the drawing-room. 6 pp.

(Fraser's Mag. v. 65, 1862, p. 252.)

Muse parietaire et la muse foraine. No-

dier, C. 1224

Musec de sculpture antique et moderne.

Clarac, C. O. F. J. B., Comte de. 12 v. in 16.

Musee des antiquites egyptiennes. Le-

normant, C. P. 32

Musee des archives nationales. Maury,

L. F. A. 1682

Musee des monumens frangais. Lenoir,

M. A. 8 v. 1785

Musee imperial des monumens francais.

Lenoir, M. A. 1786

Musenchor, Der. Trendelenburg, A.

(Berlin Archaeol. Gesells. Winckelmannsfest,

Programm 36. ) 2702

Museo Cavaleri, e il municipio di Milano.

Cavaleri, M. —1741




Museo Chiaramonti. Visconti, F. A.,
Guattani, G. A., and Nibby, A. 3 v. (Vis-
conti, G. B. A., and Visconti, E. Q., Museo
Pio-Clementino, v. 8-10.) P.28.1

Museo nacional de Mexico. Anales.
Mexico, 1877-86. 3 v. 4°. —3661

Note. — V. 1, pt. 5, and v. 3, pt. 2, are wanting.

Museo PiO'Cleinentino. Visconti, G.

B. A., and Visconti, E. Q. 11 v. P.28.1
Muses. Heyne, C. G. Musarum religio

ej usque orlgines et caus3ae. 14 pp. (Goettingen, K.
gesells. wissens. Comment, antiq. v. 8, 1787, p. 33.)

Muses, Ballet royal des. 46 pp. (Fournel,

V., Contemp. de Moliere, v. 2, p. 573.)

Muses de la JVouvelle-France. Les-
carbot, M., Hist, de la Nouvelle-France, v. 3.

Muses' dirge. 24 pp. James, R., Poems,

p. 107.

Muses' elysium. 82 pp. Drayton, M.,

Works, v. 4, p. 1441.

Muses' library. Cooper, E. {Ed.) 1367
Museum. 212 pp. Richter, J. P. F., Saemmt.

werke, v. 27, p. 1.

Museum Adolphi Friderici. Linnaeus,

C. —1691, —2575
Museum botanieum Lugduno-Batavum.

Blume, C. L. 2 v. —2603

Museum criticum; or, Cambridge classi-
cal researches. Cambridge, 1826. 2 v. 8°.

Museum d'histoire naturelle. An-
nates. Paris, 1802-12. 20 v. 4°, and table,

ao 2593

' Memoires. Paris, 1815-32. 20 v. 4°.


Nouvelles annales. Paris, 1832-35. 4 v.

40 2593

' Archives. Paris, 1839-61. 10 v. 4°. —2592

Nouvelles archives. Paris, 1865-74. 10 v.

ao 2592

' —2 s. Paris, 1878-87. 9 v. 4°. —2592

Museum Disiiciaiiuni. Disney, J. —1721
Museum Italicuin. Mabillon, J., and
Germain, M. (Eds.) 2 v. —3241

Museum Liudovicae Ulricae. Linnae-
us, C. 1 v. in 2 pts. —2575
Museum of Comparative Zoology.
See Harvard College, Museum of Comparative
Museum of science and art. Lardner,

D. (Ed.) 12 v. in 6. —1518
Museums. Hibbert, J. (Ed.) Notes on

free public libraries and museums. 1881.

Papwoeth, J. W., and Papworth, W.

Museums, libraries, and picture galleries.


Dwight, T. ]?. Collectors ana collections. 7 pp.

( Overld. Monthly, v. 5, 1870, p. 139.)

See also British Museum. -Louvre.- South
Kensington Museum, and the names of cities
which have museums, as Berlin. — Boulak. —
Dresden. — Florence. — Munich. — Naples. —
Paris. — Rome, etc. Also Antiquities, Museums. —
Fine arts, Galleries, Museums, Collections. — Natural

Musgrave, Rev. George (Tr.) 1798—.
Odyssey of Homer. See Homerus.

Musgrave, George "Washington, D. D.
1804-82. Polity of the Methodist Episcopal
church in the United States. Baltimore,
1843. 8°. —3275

PABT IV.— 51.

Vindication of religious liberty : or, the

nature and efficiency of Christian weapons.
Baltimore, 1834. 8° (Bound pamph. v. 174.)


Musgrave, Philip, pseud. See Abbott, J.

Musgrave, Sir Richard. Circa 1758-1818.
Memoirs of the different rebellions in Ire-
land, from the arrival of the English ; to
this ed. i§ added, a concise history of the
reformation in Ireland. 2 ed. Dublin, 1801.
4°. 2582

Strictures upon an Historical review of

the state of Ireland, by Francis Plowden.
[Anon.'] London, 1804. 8°. 2585

Musgrave, Samuel, M. D. Circa 1733-80.
Notae integrae in Euripidem, accedunt
praetor lectionis varietatem scholia auctiora,
commentationes, et animadversiones viro-
rum doctorum excerptae, et index verborum
copiosus. Lipsiae, 1788. 4°. (Euripides,
Tragoediae, Cur. C. D. Beckius, v. 3.) 3281

Musgrave, Thomas Moore. Considerations
on the re-establlshment of an effective balance of
power. 42 pp. {Pamphleteer, v. 3, 1814, p. 1.)

Mush, John. —1617. Life of Margaret
Clithevon. 110 pp. (Morris, J., Troubles of our Catholic
forefathers, 3 s. p. 331.)

Musliacke, Wilhelm. Geschichtliche ent-
wicklung der mundart von Montpellier.
(Languedoc.) Heilbronn, 1884. 8°. (Fran-
zoesische studien, v. 4.) — 2182

Mushet, David. 1772-1847. Papers on iron
and steel, practical and experimental. Lon-
don, 1840. 8°. —3743

Smiles, S. David Mushet. 8 pp. (In Ms Industrial

biog. p. 141.)

Mushrooms. Roques, J. Atlas des cham-
pignons. 1864.

Broderip, W. J. Mushrooms. 16 pp. IFraser's

Mag. v. 59, 1859, p. 78.)
See also Fungi.


Berlioz, H. L. Selections from his let-
ters, and aesthetic, humorous, and satirical
writings. 1879.
Burette, P. J. Remarques sur le Dia-
logue de Plutarque touchant la musique.
Suites des Remarques. 1736-51, 4 v. (Inst.
de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 10, 13, 15,

Chomet, H. Influence of music on health

and life. 1873.

Gardiner, W. Music of nature. 1856.

Haweis, H. R. Music and morals. 1873.

The same. 1871. (Contemp. Rev. v. 16, 17.)

My musical life. 1884.

Huefper, F. Musical studies. 1880.

Mathews, W. S. B. How to understand

music : a concise course in musical intel-
ligence and taste. 1881.

Pontecoulant, L. A. le D., Comte de.

Phenomenes de la musique. 1868.

Rousseau, J. J. Melanges sur la musique

etbotanique. 1826. (CEuvres compl. v. 14.)

Schumann, R. Music and musicians.


Musikalische haus- und lebensregeln.

n. d.

Upton, G. P. Woman in music. 1886.

Vincent, A. J. H. Notice sur divers MSS

grecs relatifs a la musique. 1847. (Inst.



MUSIC, Composition, theory, etc.

de France. Not. et extr. des MSS, v. 16,
pt. 2.)

— Alembert, J. Ie R. d'. De la liberte de la musique.
32 pp. ((Euvres, v. 1, p. 515.)— BcatCie, J. On poetry
aud music, as they affect lie mind. 234 pp. [Essays,
p. 347.)— Blaze de Bury, A. H. B., dit. La muslque
et ses destinies. 31 pp. [Rev. d. deux mondes, 1875,
3 per. v. 11, p. 811.)— Bloomfield, R. Nature's music.
51 pp. (In his Remains, p. 93.)— Burette, P. J. An-
alyse du Dialogue de Plutarque sur la musique ; Ex-
amen du Tralie de Plutarque sur la musique; Obser-
vations touchant l'bistoiro litteraire du Dialogue de
Plutarque sur la musique. 53 pp. (Inst, de France,
Acad. Jnscript. Hist. v. 8, 1733, pp. 27, 44, 80.)— Burja, A.
Remarques sur la musique. 14 pp. (Berlin Akad.
wlssens. Nouv. mim. 1796, p. 3.)— Sur les rapports qu'U
y a entre la musique et la declamation. 37 pp. (Berlin
Akad. -wlssens. Nouv. mim. 1803, p. 13.)— Capes, J. M.
Music and architecture. 8 pp. (Fortn. Rev. n. s. v. 2,
1867, p. 703.)— Music the expression o£ character. 10
pp. (Fortn. Rev. n. s. v. 1, 1867, p. 410.)— Castillon,
G. F. S. de. Recherches sur le principe du beau et sur
son application a la musique. 17 pp. (Berlin Akad.
wissens. Nouv. mim. 1804, p. 3.)— Censor In us. Frag-
menta de musica. 12 pp. (Keil, H., Grammat. Lat. v. 6,
p. 605.)— Cursory remarks on music. 9 pp. {Black-
wood's Mag. v. 1, 1817, pp. 313, 459.)— Dodge, M. A.
Camilla's concert. 11 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 11, 1863,
p. 756.)— Dwight, J. S. Intellectual influence of
music. 12 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 26, 1870, p. 614.)—
Our dark age in music. 11 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 50,
1882, p. 813.)— Edwards, H. S. Literary maltreat-
ment of music. 7 pp. (Macmillan's Mag. v. 33, 1876, p.
552.)— Bhlert, L. Musik und geselligkeit. 11 pp.
(Deutsch. rundschau, v. 19, 1879, p. 459.)— Euler, L. Du
veritable caractere de la musique moderne. 26 pp.
(Berlin Akad. wissens. Mini. 1764, p. 174.)— Music and
musicians of Europe. 28 pp. (Am. Quart. Rev. y. 7,
1830, p. 213.)— Falloux, A. F. P., Comte de. De la
musique. 7 pp. ( Uorrespondant, v. 65, 1865, p. 823.)—
De la musique, reponse a M. De Laprade. 16 pp.
(Correspondant, v. 75, 1868, p. 514.) — Fashionable
fallacies. " Sweet keys." 6 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag.
v. 54, 1859, p. 117.)— Fitch, B. T. Music as a fine art.
37 pp- (New Englander, v. 31, 1872, p. 689.)— Giles, H.
Music. 25 pp. (In his Illustrations of genius, p. 157.)
—Gray, E. Mission of music. 9 pp. (Harper's Mag.
v. 51, 1875, p. 736.)— Gurney, E. Musical crisis. 21
pp. (Fortn. Rev. n. s. v. 32, 1882, p. 432.)— Harris, J.
Concerning music, painting, and poetry. 57 pp.
(Works, v. 1, p. 47.)— Haweis, H. R. Music and
emotion. 19 pp. ( Contemp. Rev. v. 15, 1870, p. 363.)—
Music, emotion, and morals. 9 pp. (Harper's Mag.
v. 44, 1872, p. 752.)— Hay ward, A. Imitative powers
of music. 19 pp. (Biog. and crit. essays, v. 2, p. 211.)—
Hill, O. Colour, space, and music for the people.
12 pp. (Nineteenth Cent. v. 15, 1884, p. 741.)— Hill, T.
Music, a language. 23 pp. (Biblioth. Sacra, v. 37, 1880,
p. 249.)— Hiller, F. Wie hoeren wir musik. 17 pp.
(Deutsch. rundschau, 9. 24, 1880, p. 432.)_Janes, E.
Emotions in music. 11 pp. (New Englander, v. 33, 1874,
p. 257.)— Jouve, E. G. Manuscrits de musique an-
cienne. 7 pp. 1 pi. (Ann. archiol. v. 10, 1800, p. 242.)—
King, T. S. Music. 23 pp. (In his Substance and
show, and other lectures, p. 231.)— Lambert, J. H.
Remarques sur le temperament en musique. 19 pp.
(Berlin Akad. wissens. Nouv. mim. 1774, p. S5.)_Late
musical season. 8 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 42, 1850,
p. 329.)— Liszt, i\ Reisebriefe eines baccalaureus
der tonkunst (1835-40). 143 pp. [Gesamm. schriften,
v. 2, p. 113.)— Some words about music and modern
opera. 15 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 36, 1847, p. 432.)—
Music- and poetry : their origin and functions. 41
pp. (London Quart. Rev. v. 39, 1873, p. 1.)— Musical
literature. 10 pp, (Blackwood's Mag. v. 27, 18311, p.
471.)— National music. 16 pp. (Am. Quart. Rev. v.
17, 1835, p. 265; N. Am. Rev. v. 50, 1840, p. 1 ; If. Brit.
Rev. v. 20, 1854, p. 341.)— Oersted, H. C. Om grunden
til den forniiielse tonerne frembringe. 57 pp. (Skan-
din. litteraturselskdb , v. 7, p. 1.) — Paget V. Imper-
sonality and evolution in music. 19 pp. (Contemp.
Rev. v. 42, 1882, p. 840.)— Plutarchus. Dialogue sur
la musique. [Gr. et Fr.] 69 pp. (Inst, de France,
Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 10, 1736, p.m.)— Note. For other
eds. see name of author.— Rot your Italianos ! 6
pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 46, 1839, p. 410.)— Schmidt
M. Zum anonymus de musica. 8 pp. (Phiiologus, v!
31, 1872, p. 577.)— Something about music. 6 pp.
(Blackwood's Mag. v. 54, 1843, p. 709.)— Something
more about music. 15 pp. (Blackwood's Mao. v 59
1846, p. 169.)— Tuckennan, H. T. Music. 12 pp
(In his Optimist, p. 60.)-Webster, J. W. Musical
taste. 15 pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 31, 1842, p. 83.)— Wesley

J. Thoughts on the power of music, i pp. (Works,
v. 13, p. 470.)— "White, R. G. Meaning of music;
Nature of music. 22 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 42, 1878,
pp. 488,749.)

See also Acoustics. — Chants.— Church music.
— Concerts. — Harmony. — Instrumentation. —
Intonation. — Musical education. — Musical
instruments.— Musician s.— Opera.— Oratorios.
— Singing. — Songs. — Sound. — Voice. Also the
names of musical instruments, as Flute. — Harp. —
ljute.— Lyre.— Organ.— Pianoforte.— Trumpet.
— Violin.— Violoncello. Also the names of musi-
cians, as Bach, J. S.— Beethoven, L.von.— Chopin,

F. F Haendel, G. F.— Haydn, J.— Liszt, F.—

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F.— Mozart, J. C. S. W.
A. — Rossini, G.— Schubert, F.— Spohr, L — Wag-
ner, R.— -Weber, K. M. F. E. yon, etc.

For the music of a particular country see the name
of that country.

Music, Bibliography, catalogues, etc.

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Music, Color-music.

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Music, Composition, theory, etc.

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MUSIC, Composition, theory, etc.


MUSIC, Composition, theory, etc.

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2 v. in 1.

— Koch. A. J.

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