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chandise, navigation, and trade, elucidated.
Thoroughly revised and enlarged ... by M.
Seoane. Newed. London, 1862. 2 v. 8°. R.26

Spanish-English, v. 1. Ingles-Espafiol, v. 2.

Neumann, Friedrich Wilhelm . Varnhagen
von Ense, K. A. L. P. Wilhelm Neumann. 9 pp. (Aus-
gevi. schriften, v. 18, p. 245.)




Neumann, Johann Georg. 1661-1709. Cu-
rieuse betrachtungeu des sogenannten D. Faustens.
32 pp. (Scheible, J., Kloster, v. 6, a. p. 451.)

A < 'milium. Karl Friedrich. 1798-1870.
Translations from the Chinese and Arme-
nian, with notes and illustrations. London,
1831. 8°. (Orient. Trans. Fund.) 3174

Contents. Catechism of the Shamnns ; or, the laws
and regulations of the priesthood of Budda in China.
— Vanram. Chronicle of the Armenian kingdom in
Cilicia during the time of the crusades — Yuen tsze
ynng Inn. History of the pirates "Who infested the
China seas from 1807-10.

Das Chtnesenthum, die Jesuiten, und die evan-

gelischen seudboten. 15 pp. (Deutsch. morg. gesells.
Zeits. v. 7, 1853, p. 141.) — DleSinologen und ihrewerke.
(I. Robert Morrison.) 59 pp. (Deutsch. morg. ge-
sells. Zeits. v. 1, 1847, pp. 91, 217.)— Die erdichtete
inschrift von Singan Fn ; Claude Visdelou und das
verzeichniss seiner werke. 29 pp. (Deutsch. morg.
gesells. Zeits. v. 4, 1850, pp. 33, 225.)

Neumann, Karl Gottfried. 1842—. Vor-
lesungen ueber Eiemann's Theorie der
Abel'schen integrate. Leipzig, 1865. 8°.


Neumann, L. Hugo Grotius, 1583-1645.

31 pp. [Samml. wissens. vortrg. v. 19, 1884 - , p. 613.)

Jfenmayer, Georg, and Leichhardt,

Otto (Eds. ) Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt's Brief e
an seine angehoerigen. See Leichhardt, L.
Neumayr, M. Zur geschichte des oestlichen

Mittelmeerbeckens. 32 pp. (Samml. wissens. vortrg. v.
17, 1882, p. 249.)

Neumayr von Ramssla, J. W. Visit to

King James I at Theobalds In 1613, made by John
Ernest, Duke of Saxe-Weimar. 7 pp. (Rye, W. B.,
England as seen by foreigners , p. 149.)

Neunieistcr, Gottlob. Das ganze der tau-
benzuoht, oder vollstaendige, auf vieljaeh-
rige erfahiung gegruendete anweisung, wie
tauben aller gattungen zu halten und zu
warten sind, urn von ihnen den moeglich-
sten nutzen und grosses vergnuegen zu ha-
ben. 2 aufl. Weimar, 1869. obi. 4°. —2612

Bfeuu buecher preussischer geschichte.
Eanke, L. 3 v. 3686

Neuneu, Herr. [Lieder.] 4 pp. (Hagen, F.

H. Ton der, Minnesinger, v. 2, p. 171; v. 3, p. 331.)—
[Mimielieder.] 19pp. (Beidelbergerliederhandschrift:
Bibliolh. lit. vereins in Stuttg. v. 9, p. 118.)

Neure, Mathurin, pseud. See Mesme, L. (in

Neuritis. Nothnagel, H. On neuritis in

relation to its diagnosis and pathology. 36 pp. ( Clini-
cal lectures on . . . medicine : New Sydenham Soc. v. 71,
p. 201.)

Neurological contributions. Ham-
mond, W. A., and Morton, W. J. —3773
Neurology. See Brain and Nerves.

Blanchard, E. Histoire naturelle des
neuropteres. 1851.

Costa, O. G. Fauna del regno di Napoli :

Nevrotteri. 1860-70.

Hagen, H. A. von. Catalogue of the

specimens of neuropterous insects in the col-
lection of the British Museum. Pt. I. Ter-
mitina. 1858. (Brit. Mus. Cat.)

■ Synopsis of the neuroptera of North

America. Tr. from the Latin by P. R. Uhler.

Pictet, F. J. Histoire naturelle, gene-
rale, et particuliere des insectes neuropteres.
Famille des ephemerines. 1843.

The same. Famille des perlides. 1841.

Rambue, J. P. Histoire naturelle des in-
sectes. Nevropteres. 1842. (Suites a Buff on.)

Schneider, W. G. Symbolae ad mono-

graphiam generis chrysopae. 1851.

Selys-Longchamps, M. E. , Baron de, and

Hagen, H. A. von. Monographie des calopte-
rygines. 1854.

The same. (Liege Soc. roy. des sci. Mini,
v. 9, 1854.)

Monographie des gomphines. 1858.

(Liege Soc. roy. des sci. Mem. v. 11, 1858.)

— Revue des odonates ou libellules

d'Europe. 1850. (Liege Soc. roy. des sci.
Mem. v. 6, 1850.)

Walker, F. Catalogue of the specimens

of neuropterous insects in the . . . British
Museum. 1852-53. (Brit. Mus. Cat.)

White, A. List of the specimens of

British animals in the collection of the
British Museum. Pt. 14. Nomenclature of
neuroptera. 1853. (Brit. Mus. Cat.)

Zaddach, G. Untersuchungen ueber die

entwickelung und den bau der gliederthiere.

Brauer, F. Neuropteren. MIt 2 tafeln. 104 pp.

{Novara expedition, Zool. theil. v. 2, abth. 1, a. )— BruI16 f
A. Neuropteres. 4 pp. (Exped. sci. de MorSe, v. 3, p.
275.) — Haiti euian, S. S. History and transformations
of corydalus cornutus. 5 pp. (Am. Acad, of Arts and
Sci. Mem. n. s. v. 4, pt. 1, 1849, p. 167.)— Leldy, J. In-
ternal anatomy of corydalus cornutus in its 3 stages
of existence. 7 pp. 3 pi. (Am. Acad, of Arts and Sci.
Mem. n. s. T. i, pt. 1, 1849, p. 162.)

Neurypnology ; or, the rationale of nerv-
ous sleep. Braid, J. — 1688

Neuse river. Swain, G. F. Neuse river
and tributaries. 5 pp. (In his Report on the water-
power of the southern Atlantic water-shed : V. S. Dept.
Interior, 10 Census, v. 16, pt. 1, p. 711.)

Neuser, Adam. Lessing, G. E. Von Adam

Neusern, elnlge authentische nachrichten. 53 pp.
[Saemmt. schriften, v. 9, p. 352.)

Neuss, Prussia. Annates Novesienses. 110
pp. (Martene, E., and Durand, U., Vet. script, ampliss.
collect, v. 4, p. 521.)

Neustria, or West France. Bonamy, P. N.

Memolre sur les Incursions que les Normans flrent
dans la Neustrie, par la Seine. 22 pp. (Inst, de France,
Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 17, 1751, p. 273.)— Bourquelot,
F. Sens des mots France et Neustrie sous le regime
merovlngien. 8 pp. [Biblioth. Ecole d. Charles, v. 26,
1864, p. 567.)

See also Normandy.

Neu test amen tliche

Hausrath, A. 4 v.

Adams, C. F. Struggle for neutrality in
America. 1871.

Analysis of the late correspondence be-
tween our administration and Great Britain
and France. With an attempt to shew what
are the real causes of the failure of the nego-
tiation. 1809. (Bound pamph. v. 110.)

Appeal to the government and Congress

of the United States, against the depreda-
tions committed by American privateers,
on the commerce of nations at peace with
us. 1819. (Bound pamph. v. 109.)

Bemis, G. American neutrality : its hon-
orable past, its expedient future. 1866.

Bernard, M. Historical account of the

neutrality of Great Britain during the Ameri-
can civil war. 1870.

Boynton, C. B. English and French

neutrality and the Anglo-French alliance, in
their relations to the United States and Rus-
sia. 1864.






Fessenden, T. G. Some thoughts on the

present dispute between Great Britain and
America. 1807. (Bound pamph. v. 110.)

Hall, W. E. Eights and duties of neu-
trals. 1874.

Hautefeuille, L. B. Des droits et des

devoirs des nations neutres en temps de
guerre maritime. 1868, 3 v.

Hauterive, A. M. B. de. Memoire sur

les principes et les lois de la neutrality mari-
time, accompagne de pieces officielles justi-
ficatives. [Anon.] 1812. (Bound pamph.
v. 109.)

Ingersoll, C. J. View of the rights and

wrongs, power and policy, of the United
States of America. 1808. (Bound pamph.
v. 110.)

Lesue, C. L. Memoire sur la conduite de la

France et de l'Angleterre a l'egard des neu-
tres. [Anon.] 1810. (Boundpamph. v. 203.)

Madison, J. Examination of the British

doctrine, which subjects to capture a neutral
trade, now open in time of peace, n. d.
(Bound pamph. v. 203.)

Moreis, G. Answer to War in disguise ;

or, remarks upon the new doctrine of Eng-
land, concerning neutral trade. [Anon.]

Schlegel, J. F. W. Neutral rights ; or,

an impartial examination of the right of
search of neutral vessels under convoy, . . .
tr. from the French. 1801. (Boundpamph.
v. 109.)

Stephen, J. War in disguise ; or, the

frauds of the neutral flags. [Anon.] 1806.

Sulpicius, pseud. Letters on the Northern

Confederacy. With an appendix containing
the treaty of armed neutrality. 1801. (Bound
pamph. v. 109.)

Ward, E. Treatise of the relative rights

and duties of belligerent and neutral powers,
in maritime affairs. 1801; 1875.

Allen, J. H. American expositions of neutrality.

12 pp. ( Chr. Exam. v. 77, 1864, p. 239.)— English expo-
sitions of neutrality. 11 pp. ( Chr. Exam. v. 76, 1863,
p. 435.) — American belligerents. Rights of neu-
trals. 25 pp. (Westtn. Rev. n. s. v. 21, 1862, p. 200.)—
Belligerent war vessels in neutral ports. 41
pp. [N. Am. Rev. v. 101, 1865, p. 474.)— Belligerents
and neutrals. 35 pp. (Edin. Rev. v. 115, 186^, p. 258.)
— Cairnes, J. E. England's neutrality from the fed-
eral point of view. 13 pp. (Macmillan's Mag. v. 9, 1864,
p. 260.)— Declaration of Paris. 18 pp. [Edin. Rev.
v. 144, 1876, p. 352.)— Eyma, X. L'affaire du Trent et
le droit des neutres. 14 pp. [Rev. contemp. 1861, v. 6,
p. 540.)— Hautefeuille, L. B. Reglernents danois et
autrichens sur la navigation des peuples neutres. 15
pp. [Rev. conlemp. 1864, v. 2, p. 448.) — On the neutral
questions. 30 pp. {Edin. Rev. v. 11, 1808, p. 1.)—
Neutrality law : what does it mean, what prohibit,
and what permit ? 16 pp. (Dem. Rev. v. 30, 1852, p. 497.)
— Ogilvy, D. G-. D., Earl of Airlie. Belligerent claims
and neutral rights. 11 pp. (Far In. Rev. n. s. v. 21, 1877,
p. 580.) — Tallichet, E. La neutrality. 33 pp. (Bibliolh.
univ. et rev. Suisse, n. per. v. 41, 1871, p. 96.)— Thornton,
W. T. Neutrality for neutrals. 17 pp. (Contemp. Rev.
V. 18, 1871, p. 489.)

See also Trent, Steamship.

Neuville, Anne Joseph Claude Frey de.
1693-1774. CEuvres completes. Paris, 1854.
r. 8°. (Migne, J. P., Orat. saeres, v. 57.)


Contents. Avent.— Carfime.— Sermon sur l'etat

religieux. —Exhortations. —Instruction sur le

jutaile.— Mysteres et fStes — Oraisons funebres.

— Panegyriques.— Pens6es diverses sur la reli-

f;ion et la morale. — Rctraite spirltuelle de neiif

1>AKT IV.— 59.

Neuville, Hyde de. See Hyde de Neuville,

J. G.
Neuville, Pierre Claude Frey de. 1692-1773.

Notice; ffiuvres completes. 129 pp. (Migne, J. P.,

Orat. sacrCs, v. 57, p. 9.)

Nevada. Wheeler, Lieut. G. M. Prelimi-
nary report concerning explorations and
surveys principally in Nevada and Arizona.

Evans, A. S. In whirlwind valley. 6 pp. (Overld.

Monthly, v. 2, 1869, p. 111.)— Fitch, T. Nevada. 7 pp.
(Harper's Mag. v. 31, 1865, p. 317.)— Palmer, L. M.
How we live in N. 6 pp. ( Overld. Monthly, V. 2, 1869,
p. 457.)— Rideing, W. H. The Wheeler survey in N.
12 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 55, 1877, p. 65.)

See also Reese river. — Walker river. — Washoe
county. — Washoe district.

Nevada, Constitution. Hough, F. B. Con-
stitution of N., 1864. 40 pp. (In his Am. constitutions,
v.l, p.847.)— Poore.B.P. Constitution of N. 23pp. [In
his Federal and state constitutions of U. S. v. 2, p. 1247.)

Nevada, Mines and mining. Kuestel, G.

Nevada and California processes of silver

and gold extraction . . . 1863.
Slmonin, L. Les mines d'argent du N. 22 pp.

(Rev. d. deux mondes, 1874, 3 pSr. v. 2, p. 941.)

Nevaii, Nizam eddin Mir Ali Chir. Belin,

F. A. Notice biographique et litteraire sur Mir All-
Chir-Nev&ii. 159 pp. (Journ. asiat. 5 s. v. 17, 1861, pp.
175, 281.)

Nevay, I. The cotter's birth-day. 7 pp.

[Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 26, 1845, p. 368.)

Neve, Felix Jean Baptiste Joseph. 1816—.
Etudes sur les hymnes du Eig-VSda, avec
un choix d 'hymnes tr. pour la premiere fois
en francais. Paris, 1842. 8°. 3175

Introduction a l'histoire generale des li-
teratures orientales, legons faites a 1 'univer-
sity catholique de Louvain. Louvain, 1844.
8°. 3175

"Valroger, H. de. La tradition indienne du deluge,

par N. 10 pp. ( Correspondant, v. 32, 1853, p. 601.)

Nevelingen-Iied. 8 pp. (Kalff, G. (Ed.),

Mittelnederlandsche epische fragmenten, p. 1 : Moltzer, H.
E., and Winkel, J. te, Bibliobh. van middelnederlandsche

Never bet the devil your head. 11 pp.

Poe, E. A., Works, ed. J. H. Ingram, V. 2, p. 324.

Never : for ever. 235 pp. Gray, E. (Dub-
lin Univ. Mag. v. 68, 1866, pp. 13ti, 282, 380, 507, 643 ; V. 69,
1867, pp. 106, 200, 311, 380, 498, 622 ; v. 70, 1867, pp. 22,
149, 329.)

Never too late. 109 pp. Greene, E., Life

and compl. works, v. 8, p. 1. (Huth Libr.)

Nevers, Louis de Gonzague, Due de. See

Gonzague, L. de, Due de Nevers.
Nevers, France. Delisle, L. V. Le mystere

des Rois Mages dans la cathedrale de N. 6 pp. (Ro-
mania, v. 4, 1875, p. 1.)

Neveu de Rameau. 176 pp. Diderot, D.,

Q£uvres inCdites, p. i.

Nevil family. Planche, J. R. On the

Norman ancestry of the Nevils. 12 pp. 1 pi. (Brit.
Archaeol. Assoc. Journ. v. 22, 1866, p. 279.)

Neville, Alexander, Abp. of York. Copy of
a libel against N. 9 pp. (Arckaeologia, v. 16, 1809, p. 80.)

Neville, R. C. Saxon obsequies illustr. by
ornaments and weapons : discovered in a
cemetery near Little Wilbraham, Cambridge-
shire, during the autumn of 1851. London,
1852. fo. 1702

Neville, Richard , Earl of Warwick. Aulnoy,
or Aunoy,M. C. J. deB., Comtessed\ Comte
de Warwick. 1704, 2 v. in 1.

Giles, J. A. (Ed.) La re volte du Conte

de Warwick contre le roi Edward IV. 1849.
(Caxton Soc.)

Nevilles of Garretstown. Lever, C. J.
(Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 24, 25, 1844, 45.)




Nevin, Alfred, D.D.,LL.D. 1816—. Churches
of the valley: or, an historical sketch of the
old Presbyterian congregations of Cumber-
land and Franklin counties in Pa. Phila.
1852. 12°. —3286

and others (Eds.) Encyclopaedia of the

Presbyterian church in the United States of
America : including northern and southern
assemblies. Phila. 1S84. r. 8°. 1141

Kevins, W. 8. Old Naumkeag : an historical
sketch of the city of Salem. See Webber, C.
H.. and Nevins,'W. S.

Kevins, William, D.D. 1797-1835. Thoughts
on popery. New York, n. d. 16°. —3207

Nevinson, Rev. Charles (Ed.) Later writ-
ings of Bp. Hooper. See Hooper, J., Bp. of

Nevis. Sloane, Sir H. Voyage to the islands
Madeira, Barbadoes, Nieves, etc. 1707-25, 2 v.

Smith, W. Natural history of Nevis.


Nevius, John Livingston, D. D. 1829—.
China and the Chinese : a general descrip-
tion of the country and its inhabitants ; its
civilization and form of government ; its
religious and social institutions ; its inter-
course with other nations ; and its present
condition and prospects. New York, 1869.
12°. 3447

Ncviusia. Gray, A. Neviusia, a new genus
of Kosaceae. 4 pp. (Am. Acad, ol Arts and Sci. Mem.
n. s. v. 6, pt. 2, 1858, p. 373.)

Nevizan, Giovanni. Niceron, J. P. Mem.

des hommes, v. 24.

Nevrologie et esthesiologie. Hirschfeld, L.
2 v. —1604. atlas —1662

New Albion, Province of. Keen, G. B.
Note on New Albion. 12 pp. (Winsor, J., Narrative
and crit. hist, of America, v. 3, p. 457.) — Penington, J.
Examination of Beaucliamp Plantagenet's Description
of the province of New Albion. . 33 pp. (Pa. Hist. Soc.
Mem. v. 4, pt. 1, 18i0, p. 138.)— Plantagenet, B., pseud.
Description of the province of New Albion. 35 pp.
(Force, P.. Tracts, v. 2.)

Jfew Almaden, Cal. Browne, J. E. Down
in the cinnabar mines. 16 pp. [Harper's Mag. v. 31,
1865, p. 545.}— Meagher, J. T. Quicksilver and its
home. 8 pp. ( Orerld. Monthly, v. 3, 1869, p. 501.)—
Wells, W. V. Quicksilver mines of New Almaden,
Cal. 17 pp. [Harper's Mag. v. 27, 1863, p. 25.)

New America. Dixon, W. H. 2 v. 2463

New American biographical dictionary.
Rogers, T. J. 1184

New American clerk's magazine, and com-
plete practical conveyancer. By a gentleman
of the bar. 2 ed. Hagerstown, 1808. 8°.


New American cyclopaedia. See Rip-
ley, G., and Dana, C. A.

New American hymn book. (t. p. w. )
[Wilmington, 1811. 16°.] —1248

New American practical navigator.
Bowditch, N. —2763

New analysis of chronology and geog-
raphy. Hales, W. 4 v. 2455

New and accurate account of the prov-
inces of South Carolina and Georgia : with
many curious and useful observations on
the trade, navigation, and plantations of
Great Britain, compared with her most
powerful maritime neighbors in ancient and
modern times. London, 1733; repr. Savan-
nah, 1840. 8°. (Georgia Hist. Soc. Coll. v. 1.)


New and complete clock and watch-
makers' manual. Booth, M. L. —3736
New and complete dictionary of the

English language. Ash, J. 2 v. 1165

New and complete Newgate calendar.

Jackson, W. 7 v. in 8. —2346

New and complete treatise on the aits

of tanning, currying . . . Dussauce, H.

New and general biographical dictionary.

London, 1761-67. 12 v. 8°. R.122

Aaron-Aylmer, v. 1. Jablonski-Livlus, v. 7.

Babington-Bzovius, v. 2. Lloyd-Nye, v. s.
Caelius Aurelianus-Cyrill, Obrecht-Pope, v. 9.

Porphyrius-Stone, v. 10.
Stow-Zuinglius, v. 11.
Supplement. Abernethy-
Zoroaster, v. 12.

The same. New ed. London, 1798. 15 v.



v. 3.

Dacier-Eutychlus, v. 4,
Faber-Gower, v. 6.
Graaf-Hypatia, v. 6.

Jones-Lowth, v. 9.
Loyola-Moliere, v. 10.
Mollnaeus-Papinian, v. 11.
Pappus-Rameau, v. 12.
Itamsay-Sarto, v. 13.
Sirmond-Toland, v. 14.
Tollius-Zulnglius, v. 15.

Aa-Azorius, v. 1.
Baart-Boyer, v. 2.
Boyle-Cibber, v. 3.
Clcero-Denham, v. 4.
Dennis-Eugene, v. 5.
Euler-Gerson, v. 6.
Gesner-Hearne, v. 7.
Heath-Jonas, v. 8.

New and universal dictionary of the
marine. Falconer, W. R.74

New and universal English dictionary.
Barclay, J. R.13

Newark, England. Milner, G. On sepul-
chral urns found at N. 2 pp. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc.
Journ.y. 8, 1853, p. 192.)— Proceedings of the Con-
gress held at N. 22 pp. 1 pi. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc.
Journ. v. 8, 1853, p. 243.)

Newark, N. J. Atkinson, J. History of
Newark. 1878.

Proceedings commemorative of the settle-
ment of Newark on its 200 anniversary, May
17, 1866. 1866. (N. J. Hist. Soc. Coll. v. 6,
Suppl. 1866.)

Records of the town of Newark, from its

settlement in 1666, to its incorporation as a
city in 1836. 1864. (N. J. Hist. Soc. Coll.
v. 6, 1864.)

Stearns, J. F. Historical discourses re-
lating to 1 Presbyterian church in Newark.

■ Lamb, M. J. Newark. 19 pp. [Harper's Mag. v. 53,

1876, p. 660.)

New art of memory. Feinaigle, G. von.

New artistic alphabet, 1595. Bry, T. de.

New Atalantis. See Manley, Mrs. M. de

New Atlantis. 48 pp. Bacon, Sir F., Works,

v. 3, 1870, p. 119.

New basis for chemistry. Hunt, T. S.


New Bedford, Mass. Crapo, W. W. Cen-
tennial in New Bedford. Historical address,
delivered on the occasion of the celebration
in New Bedford of 4 July, 1876. 1876.

Notes on Blew Bedford. 2 pp. (Mass. Hist. Soc.

Coll. 2 s. v. 3, 1815, p. 18.)— Topographical descrip-
tion of New Bedford. 6 pp. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll.
V. 4, 1795, p. 232.)

New Bedford Free Public Library. Supple-
ment to the catalogue. New Bedford, 1869.
8°- L.74




Newberie, John. 16 cent. Voyages, one

into the Holy Land; the other to Balaam, Ormus,
Persia, and backe thorow Turkle. 12 pp. (Purchas,
S., His pilgrimes, v. 2, p. 1410.)

Newberry, John Strong, M.D. , LL.D. 1822—.
U. S. Sanitary Commission in the valley of
the Mississippi during the war of the rebel-
lion, 1861-66. Cleveland, 1871. 8°. —3784

■ Geology of the route In California and Oregon j

Botany of the route in California and Oregon. 187 pp.
(Reports Surv. Pacif. It. R. v. 6.)— Geological report [of
expedition from Santa Fe, New Mexico ... in 1859].
lit) pp. 11 pi. ( With Macomb, J. N., Report of exploring
expedition from Santa Fe . . . in 1859, p. 9.)

and others. Geological survey of Ohio.

Reports of progress in 1869, 70. Columbus,
1871. 2 v. 8°. —1633

Report of the geological survey of

Ohio. V. 1, 2, 4, pt. 1. Columbus, 1873-82.
3 v. in 5, 8°, and maps, 3 v. 8°. —1633

Contents. Geology and palaeontology, V. 1, 2.
—Zoology, v. 4, pt. 1.

Newbery, Francis. 1743-1818. Autobiogra-
phy. 42 pp. 2 pi. ("Welsh, C, Bookseller of the last cent.
p. 118.)

Newbery, John. "Welsh, J. A bookseller
of the last century. Being some account of
the life of John Newbery. 1885.

JVew biographical dictionary of 3000
cotemporary public characters, British and
foreign, of all ranks and professions. 2 ed.
London, 1825. 3 v. in 6, 16°. 1187

Abbott-Chaptal, v. 1 , pt. 1. Kamenski-Myers, v. 2, pt. 2.
Charlemagne-Forster, v. 1, Nagel d'Ainpsen-Eudlng, v.

pt. 2. 8, pt. 1.

Fortia d'Urban-Kabrus, v. Buffln-Zuylin-Van-Nievelt,

2, pt. 1. v. 3, pt. 2.

Newbold, John S. Collins, S. Henry Mar-

tyu, John S. Newbold. 9 pp. (In his Mtscel. p. 59.)

New book of loyal English martyrs

and confessors. Heath, J. 1518

New book of old ballads. Maidment,

J. (Ed.) (Biblioth. curiosa.) 2127

New booke of new conceits. 18 pp.

Johnson, T. (Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., Lit. of 16 and
17 cent. p. 205.)

New Britain, Conn. Camp, D. N. New

Britain. 42 pp. (Trumbull, J. H., item. hist, of Hart-
ford county, Conn. v. 2, p. 277.)

New Brunswick. Gesnbe, A. New Bruns-
wick ; with notes for emigrants. 1847.

Miscellaneous remarks and observations on Nova

Scotia, New Brunswick, etc. 8 pp. (Mass. Hist. Soc.
Coll. V. 3, 1794, p. 94.)

See also Restigouche river.— St. John's river.

New Brunswick, Qeology and natural his-
tory. Dawson, J. W. Acadian geology:
the geological structure ... of Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, and Prince Edward island.

Roosevelt, R. B. Game fish of the

Northern States and British Provinces.
"With an account of the salmon and sea-
trout fishing of Canada and New Brunswick.
Illustr. 1884.

New Brunswick, History.. Atkinson, W.
C. Historical and statistical account of New
Brunswick. 1844.

Cooney, R. Compendious history of the

northern part of . . . New Brunswick. 1832.

Martin, B. M. New Brunswick. 54 pp. [In his

Brit, colonies, v. 1, p. 220.)

Newburgh, N. Y. Ruttenber, E. M. His-
tory of the town of Newburgh. 1859.

Papers relating to the Palatines and to the first

settlement of Newburgh, Orange county. 40 pp.
(O'Callaghan, E. B., Docum. hist, of N. T. v. 3, p. 325.)

Newbury, England. Money, "W. First and
second battles of Newbury and the siege of
Donnington castle during the civil war, A.D.
1643-46. 1884.

History of the ancient town and

borough of Newbury, in the county of
Berks. 1887.

Proceedings of the BTewbnry Congress. 53

pp. (Brit. Arclmeol. Assoc. Jaurn.v. 16, 1860, pp. 74,226.)

Newbury, Mass. Coffin, J. Sketch of the
history of Newbury, Newburyport, and
West Newbury, 1635-1845. 1845.

Newburyport, Mass. Coffin, J. Sketch
of the history of Newbury, Newburyport,
and West Newbury, 1635-1845. 1845. '

Spofford, H. P. Newburyport and its neighbor-
hood. 20 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 51, 1875, p. 161.)

Newburyport Public Library. Cata-
logue. Newburyport, 1857. 8°. W.54

New Caledonia. Campbell, F. A. Year
in the New Hebrides, Loyalty islands, and
New Caledonia. 1873.

Deportes en Caiedonie. 32 pp. ( Correspondent,

n. s. v. 67, 1876, p. 450.)— Gamier, J. Nouvelle-Cale-
donie depuis sa decouverte j usqu'a sa prise de posses-
sion par la France le 29 Sept. 1853. 26 pp. (Rev. con-
temp. 1R69, v. 4, p. 110.)— Iiabillardiere, J. J. H. de.
Vocabulary of the language of the natives of New
Caledonia. 10 pp. [In his Voyage in search of La Pe-
rouse, v. 2, p. 409.)— Malte-Brun, V. A. Notice geo-
graphiquo et hlstorique sur la Nouvelle-Caledonle.
26 pp. (Soc. de gSog. Bullet. 4 s. V. 7, 1854, p. 230.)—
Martin, E. M. Islands to which England has a claim :
New Caledonia. 4 pp. (in Ms Brit, colonies, v. 3, p. 378.)
— Merruau, P. La Nouvelle-Caledonie et la trans-
portation. 21 pp. (Rev. d. deux mondes, 1871, 2 p6r. v.
96, p. 178.) — De Paris a Noumea. Journal d'un
colon. 115 pp. ( Corresnondanl, n. s. v. 64, 1875, p. 1175;
v. 65, 1875, p. 1214; v. 66, pp. 467, 816.)— Planchut, E.
Kevolte des Canaques. 18 pp. (Rev. d. deux mondts,
1878, 3 per. V. 30, p. 672.)

Newcastle, Ducliess of. See Cavendish, M.,

Duchess of Newcastle.
Newcastle, Duke of. See Cavendish, W.,

Duke of Newcastle.— Clinton, H. P. F. P.,

Duke of Newcastle.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Lith-

gow, W. Siege of Newcastle. 1820.

The same. (Somers, J., Coll. of tracts,

v. 5.)

Plans, elevations, and sections of the castle of.

( Vetusta vionumenta, v. 5, pi. 10-18.) — Report of the
annual meeting at IV. 20 pp. (Archaeol. Journ.
v. 9, 1852, p. 361.)

New century of inventions. White, J.


New chapter in the early life of Washing-
ton. Pickell, J. 3882

New chemistry. Cooke. J. P., Jr. —1596

New Church. See New Jerusalem Church.

New Church quarterly review, or

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