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265 pp. ( Works, V. 2, 1853, p. 181 ; v. 2, 1884, p. 181.)


See with Crime.

Weights and measures.

Weights and measures. 6 pp. (Am. Quart.
Rev. v. 2, 1827, p. 533.)

New York, State. Canal Commissioners.

Annual report, made Feb. 4, 1858. Albany,

1858. 8°. —2714

New York, State. Insurance department.

Second annual report of the Superintendent.

Albany, 1861. 2 v. 8°. —1393

New York, State. Natural history of New

York. Albany, 1842-84. 22 v. in 23, 4°.
Contents. Beck.L. 0. Mineralogy, 1 v.— De Kay,

J. E. Zoology, 5 v.— Emmons, E. Agriculture, 5 v.

—Geology, pt. 2, 1 v.— Hall, 3. Geology, pt. 4, 1 v —

Palaeontology, 5 v. in 6.— Mather, W. W. Geology,

pt. 1, 1 v.— Torrey, J. Flora, 2 v.— Vanuxem, L.

Geology, pt. 3, 1 v.

New York, State. Prison Association. 22-
26 annual reports of the executive com-
mittee, and accompanying documents. Al-
bany, 1867-71. 5 v. 8°. —2345




New York, State. Railroad Commissioners.
Drawings of maps, bridges, profiles, coal
burning locomotives, etc., accompanying
the report of, for 1856. Albany, 1857. 8°.


Jfcw York, State. Secretary of State. Names
of persons for whom marriage licenses were
issued by the Secretary of the province of
New York previous to 1784. Albany, 1860.
8°- 3564

O'Callaghan, E. B. {Ed.) Calendar of

historical MSS in the office of the Secretary
of State, Albany, N. Y. 1865-66, 2 v.

New York Academy of Sciences. An-
nals. New York, 1879-86. 3 v. 8°. —2565

Transactions, v. 1-3, 5. New York, 1881-

86. 4 v. in 2, 8°. —2563

Fairohild, H. Le R. History of the New

York Academy of Sciences, formerly the
Lyceum of Natural History. 1887.

See also Lyceum of Natural History of Wew

New York and Brooklyn bridge.

Opening ceremonies of the New York and
Brooklyn bridge, May 24, 1883. Brooklyn,
1883. sm. 4°. 3565

New York and Erie Railroad. Adams,
C. F., Jr., and Adams, H. B. Chapters of
Erie. 1871.

New York and London Petroleum Com-
pany. 15 pp. {Dublin Unie. Mag. v. 81, 1873, p. 321.)

New York and New Haven Railroad.

Coleman, J. A. The fight of a man with a railroad.
13 pp. {Allanl. Monthly, v. 30, 1872, p. 641.)_My railroad
fight in and out of court. 9 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 31,
1873, p. 610.)

New York city during the American revo-
lution. Being a collection of original papers
(now first pub.) from the MSS in the posses-
sion of the Mercantile Library Association
of New York city. [New York], 1861. 4°.


New York Genealogical and Biograph-
ical record. New York, 1870-87. 18 v. in
13, 8°. 3704

New York Herald, April 21, 1861- June

30, 1865. New York, 1861-65. 8 v. fo. N.52

Note.— V. for 1861, "62 are incomplete. Part of the v.

for 1861 is bound with the 2 v. for 1862, and part with

the New York Tribune.

Herald, onward : 11 pp. (Bern. Rev. v. 31, 1852,

p. 409.)

See also N. Am. Bev. v. 102, 1866, p. 373.

New York Historical Society. Col-
lections. New York, 1811-29. 5 v. 8°. 2 s.
New York, 1841-57. 3 v. 8°. (Rev. of in N.
Y. Rev. v. 10, 1842, p. 93.) 4635

Collections, 1868-82. Publication fund

series. New York, 1868-83. 14 v. 8°. 4634

Note— V. for 1874 wanting.

John D. Jones fund series of histories and

memoirs. New York, 1879. 2 v. 8°. 3572

Contents. .Jones, T. History of New York during
the revolutionary war.

Proceedings, 1843-49. New York, 1844-

49. 4 v. 8°. 4635

Catalogue of the books, tracts, etc., in the

library of the New York Historical Society.
1813. (N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll. 1 s. v. 2, 1814.)

New York Indians. Denton, D. Brief
description of New York . . . Likewise a
brief relation of the customs of the Indians
there. 1670; repr. 1845. (Pa. Hist. Soc.
Bull. v. 1.)

The same. A new ed. 1845.

Hocjgh, F. B. (Ed.) Proceedings of the

commissioners of Indian affairs, appointed
by law for the extinguishment of Indian
titles in the state of New York. 1861, 2 v.

O'Callaghan, E. B. (Tr.) Brief and

true narrative of the hostile conduct of the
barbarous natives towards the Dutch nation.

Ruttenbee, E. M. History of the Indian

tribes of Hudson's river. 1872.

Sills, A. G. Some account of the advent of the

New York Indians into Wisconsin. 35 pp. (Wisconsin-
Hist. Soc. Coll. V. 2, 1856, p. 415.)

See also Iroquois Indians. — Mohawk Indians.
— Mohegau Indians. — Onondaga Indians.—
Seneca Indians.

New York Institution for the blind.

Eighth annual report of the managers to the
Legislature of the state, made Feb. 1844.
New York, 1844. 8°. (Bound pamph. v. 143.)

New York Institution for the deaf and

dumb. 19 pp. {Am. J. of Education, v. 3, 1857, p. 347.)

New York Juvenile Asylum. Dodge,

M. E. A day with Dr. Brooks. 22 pp. {Scribner's
Monthly, V. 1, 1871, p. 36.)

New York literary and Philosophical
Society. Transactions, v. 1. New York,
1815. 4°. 2122

New York Produce Exchange. An-
nual reports, 1872-82. New York, 1873-83.
10 v. 8°. —2393

Wheatley, K. New York Produce Exchange. 30

pp. [Harper's Mag. v. 73, 1886, p. 189.)

New York Review. New York, 1837-42.
10 v. 8°. 4133

New York Shakespeare Society. Pa-
pers, No. 3. New York, 1886. sm. 4°- 3394
Contents. Frey, A. R. William Shakespeare and
alleged Spanish prototypes.

New York State Agricultural Society.

Thirty-ninth annual report, for 1879. Al-
bany, 1880. 8°- —4673

Transactions, with an abstract of the pro-
ceedings of the county agricultural societies,
v. 2-33, 1842-82. Albany, 1843-84. 32 v. in
33, 8°. —4675

New York State Board of Health.

Brooks, E. Work of the State Board of health of
New York. 3 pp. (Am. Pub. Health Assoc. Reports, v.
8, p. 68.)

New York State Cabinet of Natural His-
tory. See New York State Museum of Natu-
ral History.

New York State Inebriate asylum.

Ceremonies, etc. New York, 1859. 8°-


New York State library. Annual reports

of the Trustees, Nos. 45, 53, 57-69. Albany,

1863-87. 15 v. 8°. L.76

Catalogue, 1855. General library. Al-
bany, 1856. 8°. L.72

Catalogue, 1855. Law library. Albany,

1856. 8°. l.72

Catalogue, 1856. Maps, MSS, engravings,

coins, etc. Albany, 1857. 8°. L.72

Catalogue, 1872. Subject-index of the

general library. Albany, 1872. 8°. L.72

Catalogue of the books on bibliography,

typography, and engraving. Albany, 1858.
8°- L.72




New York State Medical Society.

Anniversary address, at its 75 annual meet-
ing, by the President, William H. Bailey.
Syracuse, 1881. 8°. —3703

Transactions, 1858-60, 62, 64, 65. Albany,

1858-65. 6 v. 8°. —3794

New York State Museum of Natural
History. Annual reports of the Regents
of the University on the condition of the
State Cabinet [Museum] of Natural History.
Nos. 1-16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26-39. Albany,
1848-86. 20 v. 8°. —4625

Contents. Additions to the botanical depart-
ment, from Jan. 1, 1853, to Jan. 1, 1854, 7 rep.— Addi-
tions to the historical and antiquarian collection, from
1849 to 1856, 1860-61, repts. 3-9, 14.— Additions to the
State Museum during the years 1865-67, 69-70, 72-86,
repts. 19-21, 23, 24, 26-39.— Baird, S. F. Serpents of
New York, rep. 7.— Beck, L. 0. Catalogue of the
specimens iu the miueralogical department of the
geological survey, rep. 1.— Report ou the mineralogy
of New York, rep. 3.— Beechcr, C. E. List of species
of fossils from an exposure of the Utica slate and
associated rocks within the limits of the city of Albany;
Some abnormal forms of fresh-water shells from the

, vicinity of Albany, rep. 36.— Spiral bivalve shell from
the Waverley group of Pennsylvania, rep. 39.— Cata-
logues of the birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes,
etc., added to the State Cabinet of natural history

during the years 1849-55, '59, repts. 2-9, 13 List of

genera and species of hrachiopoda, of which sec-
tions have been prepared for the microscope, rep. 36.
— Bruyas, J. Radical words of the Mohawk lan-
guage, with their derivatives, rep. 16.— List of build-
ing stones contained in the economic collection of
the State Museum, rep. 27.— Carpenter, P. P. Cata-
logueof the Relgen collection of Mazatlan mollusca,
rep. 13.— Cheney, T. A. Illustrations of the ancient
monuments in western New York, rep. 13.— Colvin,
V. Ascent of Mt. Seward and its barometrical meas-
urement, rep. 24.— Cook, G. H. Communication on
the nature of the specimens of salt and salt water
presented by him, rep. 7.— List of corbiculidae of
the New York State Collection, rep. 35.— Danker, H.
A. List of the birds of New York, noticed in Maine
during June, 1862, rep. 16.— De Kay, J. E. Catalogue
of the fishes ... of New York, as classified and de-
scribed in Pt. IV of the New York Fauna, rep. 8.— De
Tarr, D.N. List of the rhizopoda found in the vicinity
of Albany, rep. 35.— Dewey, C. Monthly result of
observations at Rochester for the years 1865-66, rep.
20.— Dewey, C, and others. Addresses delivered at
the inauguration of the State Geological Hall, Aug. 27,
1856, rep. 10.— Fitch, A. Catalogues of insects, repts.
2, 4.— Facts and observations touching the flora of the
state of New York, rep. 19.— Catalogue of fossils from
H.C. Grosvenor, of Cincinnati, rep. 11. —List of Niagara
fossils from Waldron, Indiana, rep. 36. — Fritz-
Gaertner, R. Notes on phlogopyte, rep. 31.— Record
of borings of Gardner oil well No. 3 at east Sham-
burg, Pa., rep. 26.— Catalogue of geological speci-
mens from England, rep. 11. —Hall, C. E. Lauren-
tian magnetic iron ore deposits in northern New York,
rep. 32.— Hall, J. Bryozoa (Fenestellidae) of the
Hamilton group, rep. 36.— Catalogue of . . . rocks and
fossils in the gray sandstone, Medina sandstone,
Clinton group, Niagara group, Onondaga salt group,
and a part of the water-lime group, rep. 4.— Catalogue
of specimens in the geological department of the geo-
logical survey, rep. 1.— Catalogue of specimens in the
palaeontological department of the geological survey,
rep. 1.— Contributions to palaeontology, repts. 12-16,
20.— Corals and bryozoans of the lower Helderberg
group, rep. 32.— Description of new species of fossils
. . . from the Trenton limestone, rep. 3.— Description
of new species of crinoidea and other fossils from
strata of the age of the Hudson-river group and Tren-
ton limestone, rep. 24.— Description of new species of
fossils from the Hudson-river group, in the vicinity of
Cincinnati, Ohio, rep. 24.— Description of new species
of goniatitidae, rep. 27.— Description of stylonurus
excelsior, rep. 36.— Descriptions of bryozoa and corals
of the lower Helderberg group, rep. 26.— Descriptions
of corals from the Niagara and upper Helderberg
groups, rep. 35.— Descriptions of palaeozoic fossils,
rep. 10.— Descriptions of the species of fossil reticulate
sponges, constituting the family dictyospongidae, rep.
35.— Fauna of the Niagara group, in central Indiana,
rep. 28.— Niagara and lower Helderberg groups ; their
relations and geographical distribution, rep. 27.—

Note on some obscure organisms In the roofing slates
of "Washington county, New York, rep. 39.— Note on
the genus plumalina, rep. 30. — Notes and observations
on the Cohoes mastodon, rep. 21.— Notes on some new
or imperfectly known forms among the brachiopoda,
etc., rep. 23.— Notice of some remarkable crlnoidal
forms from the lower Helderberg group, rep. 28.— On
the structure of the shells in the genus orthus, rep.
36.— Preliminary notice of the lamelllbranchlate shells
of the upper Helderberg, Hamilton, and Chemung
groups, rep. 35.— Reports of the Director, 23, 24, 26-39.
—Reports of the State Geologist, 38, 39. —Report on
building stones, rep. 39. — Reply to a " Note on a ques-
tion of priority," rep. 23.— Hall, J., and Whitfield, R. P.
Description of new species of fossils, from the De-
vonian rocks of Iowa, rep. 29.— Description of new
species of fossils from the vicinity of Louisville, Ky.,
and the Falls of the Ohio, rep. 24.— Remarks on some
peculiar Impressions in sandstone of the Chemung
group, New York, rep. 24.— Hall, J. W. Notice of the
machinery and methods of cutting specimens of rocks
and fossils at the State Museum, rep. 35.— Hall, J. W.,
and Fritz-Gaertner, R. On the structure of astraeo-
spongla meniscus, rep. 30.— Catalogue of the histori-
cal and antiquarian collection in the State Cabi-
net of natural history, rep. 2. — Hough, F. B. Notices
of several ancient remains of art, in Jefferson and St.
Lawrence counties, repts. 3, 4.— Paper on Indian anti-
quities, rep. 3.— Hunt, T. S. On the mineralogy of
the Laurentian limestones of North America, rep. 21.
—List of iron ores in the economic collection, repts.
20, 26.— Jewett, E. Catalogue of fossils, rep. 10.—
Leeds, A. R. Notes upon the lithology of the Adiron-
dacks, rep. 30.— Lincklaen, L. Guide to the geology
of New York, and to the State Geological Cabinet, rep.
14. — liintner, J. A. Entomological contributions,
repts. 23, 24, 26, 27, 30— Reports of the State Entomolo-
gist, 37-39.— Insects and other animal forms of Cale-
donia creek, N. Y., rep. 32.— Catalogue of the mam-
malia and Iblrds In the State Cabinet of natural
history, rep. 1. — Marsh, E. S., and others. Rain
table kept at Pierrepont Manor, N. Y., during the years
1851-65, rep. 20.— Meriam, E. Description of the
means employed to remove the rocks at Hurlgate, by
submarine engineering, rep. 5 — List of minerals,
geological specimens and fossils, added to the

collection during the years 1847-55, repts. 2-9 List of

minerals in the general collection of the museum,
rep. 38. — Catalogue of the mollusca, Crustacea,
etc., added to the State Cabinet of natural historytrom
Jan. 1, 1853, to Jan. 1, 185i, rep. 7.— List of Gould types
of mollusca in. the collection of the State Museum,
rep. 27.— Morgan, L. H. Communications, rep. 2. —
Ground plans and dimensions of several trench en-
closures In western New York of fort hills (so called),

rep. 2 Reporton the fabrics, inventions, implements,

and utensils of the Iroquois, rep. 5. — Report upon the
articles furnished the Indian collection, Dec. 31, 1849,
rep. 3. — Stone and bone implements of the Arlckarees,
rep. 21.— Murray, D. Catalogue of the published
works of James Hall, 1836-82, rep. 36.— References to
various writings relating to the natural history of
]Vew York, that have appeared during the year,
rep. 4.— Statistics relating to the New York State
Museum of natural history as compiled from
the report of the 10 census of the United States, Jan.
4, 1882, rep. 35.— Peck, C. H. Facts and observations
touching the flora of the state of New York, rep. 20.—
List of mosses of the state of New York, rep. 19. —
Mosses of Caledonia creek, rep. 32. — Reports of the
Botanist, 21, 23, 24, 26-39.— Pierrepont, W. C. Rain
table kept at Pierrepont Manor, N. Y., during the
years 1851-65, rep. 20.— Record (by diagrams) of ther-
mometer and barometer, at Pierrepont Manor, for
Jan. 1866, rep. 20.— Index to the volumes in the State
Cabinet of natural history, containing the plants of
the state of New York, rep. 3.— List of plants for state
herbarium, collected by H. B. Lord, in the vicinity of
Ludiowvllle, Thompkins county, 1865, rep. 19.— Cata-
logue of the reptiles and amphibians in the State
Cabinet of natural history. Jan. 1, 1850, rep. 3.— List of
rock specimens from Cumberland, Eng., rep. 27. —
Catalogue of translucent sections of rocks and fossils,
rep. 37.— Salisbury, J. H. Analysis of a specimen
of hematitic iron ore, rep. 4.— Catalogue of shells
contributed from the duplicates collected by the Ex-
ploring Expedition by Prof. Henry,, rep. 15.— Catalogue
of shells from J. G. Anthony, Cincinnati, Ohio, rep. 15.
— Catalogue of shells presented by W. Newcomb,1858,
rep. 11.— Catalogues of shells presented by the Smith-
sonian Institution, rep. 20.— List of land and fresh-
water shells' from T. H. Aldrlch, rep. 27.— List of the
land shells of the New York state collection, rep. 35.—
List of land shells of the United States, rep. 35.— List




of shells presented In 1875, by James Lewis, rep. 35.—
Simpson, G. B. Anatomy and physiology of Anodonta
Jluviatilis, rep. 35. — Anatomy of the snail, rep. 39. —
Smock, J. C. Report on the Archaean rocks of tire
Highlands, rep. 39.— Speyer, A. On cucullia inter-
media n. sp. and 0. lucifuga W.V., rep. 23. — Torrey,
J. Catalogue of plants of the state of New York, rep.
2. — Trembley, J. B. Annual meteorological synop-
sis for the year 1865, rep. 20.— Lists of the Unionidae,
rep. 35.— Walcott, C. D. Description of new species
of fossils from the calclferous formation, rep. 32.—
Description of new species of fossils from the Chazy
and Trenton limestones, rep. 31. — Description of
new species of fossils from the Trenton lime-
stones, repts. 28, 35.— Note on the eggs of the trllo-
bite, rep. 31.— Notes on some sections of trllobites
from the Trenton limestone, rep. 31. — Preliminary
notice of the discovery of the remains of the natatory
and branchial appendages of trllobites, rep. 28.—
"Webster, H. E. Annelida chaetopodaof New Jersey,
repts. 32, 39.— Whitfield, R. P. Observations on the
internal appendages of the genus atrypa, rep. 20.—
'Wilson, W. D. Local climatology, rep. 20.— IV right,
C. H. Aboriginal work on Bluff Point, Yates county,
N. Y., rep. 35.— General index to the Annual reports,
1-20, with rep. 21.

• Catalogue of, and of the historical and

antiquarian collection annexed thereto.
Albany, 1853. 8°. —4625

New York State Teachers' Associa-
tion. Report of the committee appointed
on Mrs. Willard's theory of respiration.
Albany, 1851. 8°. {Bound pamph. v. 251.)


New York Times, v. 9-14. New York,
1860-65. 6 v. in 11, fo. N.57

New York trade sale. Leavitt, G. A.,
Strebeigh, (— ), & Co. W.15

New York Tribune, v. 20-23. New York,
1861-63. 4 v. in 1, fo. N.51

Note. — V. 21-23 are incomplete.
See also Tribune almanac.

New York University

of the state of New York.
New Zealand.

Beees, S. C. Pictorial illustrations of
New Zealand. 1848.

Brown, W. New Zealand and its ab-
origines. 1845.

Howitt, W. History of discovery in

Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.
1865, 2 v.

■ Mundy, D. L. Rotomahana: and the

boiling springs of New Zealand. With de-
scriptive notes by Ferdinand von Hoch-
stetter. 1875.

Polack, J. S. New Zealand ; being a

narrative of travels and adventures. 1838,

Shortland, E. Southern districts of

New Zealand. 1851.

■ Silver, S. W., and Co. Handbook for

Australia and New Zealand. 1874.

• Taylor, R. Te ika a maui, or New Zea-
land and its inhabitants. 1855.

Wakefield, E. J. Adventures in New

Zealand, from 1839 to 1844. 1845, 2 v.

■ Yate, W. Account of New Zealand.


• From A ii tin ml to A wamntu. 17 pp. IFraser's

Mag. v. 70, 1864, p. 407.)— Chapter showing how we live
at Awamutu. 20 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 70, 1864, p.
606.)— Bates, J. C. Life in the cannibal isles. 34 pp.
(Scribner's Monthly, v. 1, 1871, pp. 529, 577.)— Bunbury,
C. Visit to the New Zealand geysers. 8 pp. IFraser's
Mag. n. s. v. 19, 1879, p. 761.)— Canterbury, New Zea-
land. 10 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 42, 1850, p. 463.) —
Clarke, G. M. Resources of New Zealand. 4 pp.
( Overld. Monthly, v. 6, 1871, p. 250.) — Principles of

See University

colonization. 29 pp. (Dublin Rev. v. 4, 1837-38, p.
68.)— Cummins, C. F. G. New Zealand in blooming
December. 6 pp. {Century Mag. n. s. v. 6, 1884, p. 919.)
— New Zealand and its gold-fields. 25 pp. (Black-
wood's Mag. v. 105, 1869, p. 298.)— Harrison, W. G.
New Zealand. 16 pp. ( Overld. Monthly, v. 11, 1874, p.
519; V. 12, 1874, pp. 55, 143.)— Homes of the south.
14 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 52, 1858, p. 298.)— Home,
R. H. Australia and New Zealand. 32 pp. (Contemp.
Rev. v. 22, 1873, p. 699.)— Manning, J. The Maorles.
8 pp. ( Overld. Monthly, v. 7, 1871, p. 48.)— Ogilby, J. P.
Facts about New Zealand. 4 pp. ( Overld. Monthly, v. 9,
1872, p. 247.)— Polynesians, and New Zealand.
29 pp. {Edin. Rev. v. 91,1850, p. 443.)— Reminiscences
of New Zealand. 11 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 64, 1861,
p. 246.)— Renard, L. La Nouvelle Zelande. 30 pp.
( Correspondant, v. 62, 1864, p. 90.)— Sketches at the
Antipodes. 11 pp. [Fraser's Mag. v. 59, 1859, p. 159.)
— Wallace, A. R. In his Australasia, p. 645. 48 pp.

See also Dublin Rev. v. 9, 1840, p. 189; Dublin Univ.
Mag. v. 14, 1839, p. 298; V. 26, 1815, p. 405; London
Quart. Rev. V. 15, 1861, p. 519 ; N. Am. Rev. v. 18, 1824,
p. 329; N. Brit. Rev. v. 16, 1852, p. 336; Westm. Rev.
n. s. V. 25, 1864, p. 420.

New Zealand, Customs, superstitions, etc.
Polack, J. S. Manners and customs of the
New Zealanders. 1840, 2 v.

Schirren, C. Wandersagen der Neusee-

laender. 1856.

Shortland, E. Traditions and super-
stitions of New Zealanders. 1856.

Collins, D. New Zealand and its inhabitants. 13

pp. (In his Account of the Eng. col. of N. S. Wales, p.
519.)— Dumont d'Urville, J. S. 0. Du tabou et des
f unerailles a la Nouvelle-ZSlande. 17 pp. (Rev. d. deux
mondes, 1831, v. 3, p. 197.)— New Zealanders. 17 pp.
(Blaclavood's Mag. v. 70, 1851, p. 414.)— Traditions,
customs, and superstitions of the IVew Zea-
landers. 15 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 47, 1856, p. 221.)

New Zealand, Finances, etc. Fellows, C.

Financial policy of New Zealand. 14 pp. (Fraser's
Mag. n. s. v. 11, 1875, p. 74.)— Rejoinder on the debts of
New Zealand. 9 pp. (Fraser's Mag. n. s. v. 11, 1875, p.
384.)— Vogel, Sir J. Finances of New Zealand. 19 pp.
(Fraser's Mag. n. s. v. 11, 1875, p. 254.)— Some remarks
on the resources of New Zealand. 5 pp. (Fraser's Mag.
n. 8. v. 16,1877, p. 134.)

New Zealand, Geology and natural history.
Gray, J. E. Lizards of Australia and New
Zealand. 1867.

Hochstetter, F. von. Beitraege zur ge-

ologie der provinzen Auckland und Nelson
(Neu Seeland). 1864. {Novara reise, Qeolog.
theil, v. 1, abth. 1.)

New Zealand, its physical geography,

geology, and natural history. 1867.

— and others {Eds. ) Beitraege zur kennt-

niss der fossilen flora und fauna der pro-
vinzen Auckland und Nelson, n. d. {Novara
reise, Qeolog. theil, v. 1, abth. 2.)

Hooker, Sir J. D. Handbook of the New

Zealand flora. 1867.

Owen, R. Memoirs of the extinct wing-
less birds of New Zealand. 1879, 2 v.

~Sew Zealand, History. Gisborne, W.
New Zealand rulers and statesmen, 1840-85.


1883, 3 v.

Russell, M. Polynesia: or, an historical

account of the principal islands in the South
Sea, including New Zealand. 1843. {Edin.
Cab. Ubr.)

Affairs of New Zealand. 90 pp. (Westm. Rev.

v. 45, 1846, p. 133.)— Blanchard, E. La Nouvelle Ze-
lande. 81 pp. (Rev. d. deux mondes, 1878, v. 26, p. 34;
1879, v. 36, p. 766.)-British colonization of New
Zealand. 12 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 42, 1837, p. 784.)
—Broome, F. N. Crisis in New Zealand. 8 pp. (Mac-
millan's Mag. v. 20, 1869, p. 417.)— New Zealand and our
colonial empire. 29 pp. (Quart. Rev. v. 128, 1870,
p. 134.)— Gorst, J. E. Our New Zealand conquests

History of New Zealand.




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