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History of the conspiracy of Pontiac, and

the war of the North American tribes against
the English colonies, after the conquest of
Canada. Boston. 1851. 8°. (Rev. of in N.
Am. Rev. v. 73, 1851, p. 495.) 1653

Jesuits in North America in the 17 cen-
tury. Boston, 1867. 8°. (In his France and
England in N. America, pt. 2.) 1646

La Salle and the discovery of the great

west. 11 ed., revised, with additions. Bos-
ton, 1879. 8°. (In his France and England
in N. America, pt. 3. ) 1646

Montcalm and Wolfe. Boston, 1884. 2 v.

8°. (In his France and England in N. Amer-
ica, pt. 7.) 1646

Old regime in Canada. Boston, 1874.

8°. (In his France and England in N. Amer-
ica, pt. 4.) (Rev. of in N. Am. Rev. v. 118,
1874, p. 225.) 1646

Pioneers of France in the new world.

4 ed. Boston, 1867. 8°- (In his France
and England in N. America, pt. 1.) 1646

JSllis, G. E. Parkman's Conspiracy of Pontiac. 19

pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 61, 1851, p. 376.)— Parkman's Dis-
covery of the great west. 25 pp. (iV. Am. Rev. v. 110,
1870, p. 260.)— Hale, E. E. Parkman's Pioneers of
France in the new world. 10 pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 79,
1865, p. 364.)— Hale, N. Parkman's Jesuits in North
America. 16 pp. {Chr. Exam. v. 84, 1868, p. 347.)—
Howells, W. D. Mr. Parkman's histories. 9 pp.
{Atlant. Monthly, v. 34, 1874, p. 602.) — Jesuits In
Canada. 17 pp. (Rev. of In Dublin Rev. n. s. v. 12,
1869, p. 70.)— 'Ward, 3. H. Mr. Parkman's histories.
10 pp. (Inlernat. Rev. v. 3, 1876, p. 609.)

Parkman, Mrs. Mary E. "Fais ton faict."

1 p. (Harper's Mag. v. 40, 1870, p. 906.)

Parks. Famous parks and gardens of the
world described and illustrated. 1880.

Rauch, J. H. Public parks: their effects

upon the moral, physical, and sanitary con-
dition of the inhabitants of large cities.

Bellows, H. W. Cities and parks : with special

reference to the New York Central Park. 14 pp.
(Atlant. Monthly, v. 1, 1861, p. 416.)— Drnonf, A. A.,
Baron. Pares et jardins paysagers. 33 pp. (Rev. con-
temp. 1864, v. 3, p. 691.)— Hall.W. H. Influence of parks
and pleasure-grounds. 9 pp. (Overld. Monthly, v. 11,
1873, p. 527.)— JVewell, T. Sanitary, physical, and
educational advantages of interior open areas in large
cities. 9 pp. (Am. Pub. Health Assoc. Reports, v. 8, p.

See also Yellowstone national park. Also
names of cities, as Baltimore.— London, — IVew
York.— Paris.— Philadelphia.

Parks, gardens ... of London and its
suburbs. Kemp, E. — 4697

Parks, promenades, and gardens of
Paris. Robinson, W. —4684

Parky its, Mansfield. Life in Abyssinia.

16 pp. (Rev. of in Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 43, 1854, p. 297.)

Parky its, Sir Thomas. Progymnasmata, or

treatise on wrestling. 14 pp. (Eev. of in Retrospect.
Rev. v. 11, 1825, p. 160.)

Parlements de France, Les. Bastard
d'Estang, H. B., Vieomte de. 2 v. —1337

Parley, Peter, pseud. See Goodrich, S. G.

Parleyings with certain people of
importance in their day. Browning, R. 1387

Parliament of correction. 33 pp.

Lyndsay, Sir D., Eight interludes : Plnkerton, J., Scolish
poems, v. 2, p. 139.

Parliament of verlues royal. Sylvester,
J. 2 pts. in 1 v. 1308

Parliamentary county atlas and hand-
book of England and Wales. Stanford, E.
(Pub.) . 1434

Parliamentary directory. Hall, P.,
Reliquiae liturgicae, v. 3. — 1248

Parliamentary election acts for Eng-
land and Wales. Lely, J. M., and Foulkes,
W. D. I. —2323

Parliamentary elections and election-
eering in the old days, History of. Grego,
J- .. —2325

Parliamentary generals of the great
civil war. Walford, N. L. 3707

Parliamentary government consid-
ered with reference to reform. Grey, H.
G., 3 Earl Grey. —1335

Parliamentary government in Eng-
land. Todd, A. 2 v. —1337

Parliamentary government in the
British colonies. Todd, A. —1334

Parliamentary history of England.
Raven, J. 1517




Parliamentary history of the Irish land
question. O'Brien, R. B. —1348

Parliamentary law. See Parliamentary

Parliamentary or constitutional
history of England, being a faithful ac-
count of all the most remarkable transac-
tions in Parliament from the earliest times.
By several hands. London, 1751-61. 23 v.
and index, 8°. —3387

The same. 2 ed. London, 1763. 23 v.
and index, 8°. —3367

Parliamentary procedure. See Par-
liamentary usages.

Parliamentary reform. See Great
Britain, House of Commons, Reform.

Parliamentary register, The. Almon,
J., and Debrett, J. 92 v. in 84. —3386

Parliamentary register : or, history of
the proceedings and debates of the House of
Commons of Ireland, the 1 session of the
4 Parliament in the reign of his present
Majesty, v. 2-10. Dublin, 1784-91. 9 v. 12°.
J J -3306

Parliamentary usages.

Coshing, L. S. Lex parliamentaria
Americana. Elements of the law and prac-
tice of legislative assemblies in the United
States of America. 1859.

Manual of parliamentary practice.

Rules of proceeding and debate in deliber-
ative assemblies. [1872.]

Dickinson, R. Summary of the rules

and procedure of foreign Parliaments. 1882.

Fish, G. T. American manual of parlia-
mentary law. 1880.

Hatsell, J. Precedents of proceedings

in the House of Commons, with observa-
tions. 1818, 4 v.

Jefferson, T., Pres. of U. S. Manual of

parliamentary practice. 1859. {Writings,
v. 9.)

The same. 1860.

Manual of the House of Representatives,

U. S and joint rules of the 2 Houses.


• May, Sir T. E. Treatise on the law,

privileges, proceedings, and usage of Parlia-
ment. 1863.

Modus tenendiParliamentum; an ancient

treatise on the mode of holding the Parlia-
ment in England. Ed. by Thomas Duffus
Hardy. 1846. (Gt. Brit. Record comm.)

I!ain,A. Procedure of deliberative bodies. 13 pp.

( Contemp. Rev. v. 38, 1880, p. 773.)— Bentham, J. Essay
on political tactics. 76 pp. {Works, v. 2, p. 299.)—
Sumner, C. A senator cannot vote lor himself.
Speech In the Senate, on the vote of Hon. John P.
Stockton affirming his seat In the Senate, March 26,
1866. 14 pp. [Works, v. 10, p. 391.)— Vulbert, G. Les
nouvelles pratiques parlementalres. 12 pp. (Rev. d.
deux mondes, 1880, v. 37, p. 213.)

Parliamentary writs. Palgrave, Sir F.

2 v. in 4. -2321

Parliaments. Peynne, W. Soveraigne

power of Parliaments and kingdomes. 1643.

Ralph, J. Of the use and abuse of Par-
liaments. 1744, 2 v.

Zcller, J. S. Rapport sur le concours relatlf au

r81e politique des parlements. 24 pp. (Inst, de France,
Acad. Sci. moral. M6m. v. 14, pt. 2, 1884, p. 713.)

See also names of countries, as France.— Great
Britain, etc.


Parliaments and councils of England

chronologically arranged. Parry, C. H. 1564

Parma, Italy. Annates et notae Parmenses

et Ferrarleuses. 131 pp. (Frankfort Soc. Script, v. 18,
p. 660.)— Chronicon Farmenae 1038-1309, auctore
anonymo. 65 pp. (Muratori, L. A., Rer. Ital. script, v.
9, p. 755.)— Cornazzani, G. Historlae Parmonsis
fragmenta, 1301-55. 17 pp. (Muratori, L. A., Rer. Ital.
script, v. 12, p. 725.) — Diarium Parmense . . . auctore
anonymo. 80 pp. (Muratori, L. A., Rer. Ital. script, v.
22, p. Jit .)— Duchalals, A. U. Explication dea sculp-
tures du tyrapau du baptistere de Panne, au moyen
de la parabole de Saint Barlaam. 37 pp. (Soc. antiq.
de Frauco, Mm. v. 22, 1855, p. 277.)— Floridablanca,
J. M.,ConeZe de. Julclo imparclal sobre las letras, en
forma de breve, que ha publicado la curia romana, en
quo se intentan derogar ciertos edictos delserenlsimo
sefior Iufante Duque de Parma, y dlsputarle la sobe*
rania temporal con este pretexto. 105 pp. [Obras
originates, p. 69: Bibliot. de autor. espari.) — Libri, G.
Revue sclentlDque et littiSralre de l'ltalie . . . Parma.
21 pp. {Rev. d. deux mondes, 1832, V. 7, p. 347.)

Parmegiano. See Mazzuoli, G. F. M.

Parmenides. See Plato.

Parmenides, of Elea. B. C. 5 cent. Car-
minis reliquiae. De vita ejus et studiis dis-
seruit, fragmenta explicuit, philosophiam
illustravit Simon Karsten. [Or. et Lat.]
Amstelodami, 1835. 8°. (Karsten, S., PhUos.
Or. vet. v. 1.) 3296

I in in in ii in reliquiae. [Gr. et Lat.] 22 pp.

(Dldot, A. F., Biblioth. gr. Fragm. philos. Gr. v. 1 , p. 109.)
—Fragmenta. [Gr.] 3 pp. (Gaisford, T., Poet. min.
Gr. v. 3, p. 286.)

Boeckh, A. Parmenldis libri de natura exordium

emendatur. 5 pp. [Gesamm. kleine schriften, v. 4, p.
415.)— Davidson, T. Parmenides. 16 pp. (Journ.
Spec. Philos. v. 4, 1870, p. 1.)— Preller, L. Recension
von Karsten's Parmenides. 7pp. (Zeits.f. AUerthumsw.
v. 4,1837, p. 138.)— T. Observations on Empedoclis et
Parmenldis Fragmenta. 10 pp. (Valpy, A. J., Class.
Journ. V. 26, 1822, p. 250.)

Parmenius, Stephen. Memoir of. 4 pp.

(Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. v. 9, 1804, p. 49.)

Parmiero, Jacov' Antonio. Composezejune

poveteche 'n lengua napolitana. 30 pp. (Coltezione
poemi napol. v. 22, p. 105.)

Parnaso espaflol. Quevedo y Villegas,
F. G. de. (Obras, v. 3 : Bibliot. de autor.
espari. v. 69. ) —1192

Parnasse francais. A book of French
poetry- Parton, J. (Ed.) 2373

Parnasse occitanien. Rochegude, (— )
de. 2374

Parnassus. Emerson, R. W. (Ed.) 1365

Parnell, Edward Andrew. Life and labours
of John Mercer, the self-taught chemical
philosopher ; including numerous recipes
used at the Oakenshaw Calico print-works.
With a portrait. London, 1886. 12°. 4787

Parnell, Henry Brooke, Baron Congleton.
1776-1842. History of the penal laws against
the Irish Catholics, from the treaty of Limer-
ick to the union. Dublin, 1808. 8°. (With
Milner, J., Inquiry into certain vulgar opin-
ions concerning the Catholic inhabitants. )

The same. London, 1808. 8°. (With Par-
nell, W., Hist, apology for Irish Catholics.)

The same. London, 1822. 2 v. 8°. (Pam-
phleteer, v. 20-21.) (Rev. of in Edirn.. Rev. v.
13, 1809, p. 77.) 5937

Treatise on roadB ; wherein the principles

on which roads should be made are explained
and illustrated. London, 1838. 8°. —2715

Substance of the speeches of, in the House of Com-
mons, with additional observations on the corn laws.
40 pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 4, 1814, p. 131.).




On financial reform. 18 pp. (Bev. of In Blackwood's

Mag. v. 30, 1S31, \i. 457; Quart. Rev. V. 42, 1830, p. 505;
Wtslm. Re:: v. 12, 1829, p. 3'J1.)

PanieJl. Richard, M. D. Grassesof Scotland.

Edinburgh. 1842. 8°. —2694

Parnell, Thomas, D. D. 1679-1717. Poet-
ical works, and life of. Edinburgh, 1794.
8°. (Anderson, R., Brit, poets, v. 7.) 1363

Poetical works. With memoir, critical

dissertations, and explanatory notes, by-
Rev. George Gilfillan. New York, 1855. 8°.
(With Johnson, S., Poet, works.) 1373

The Hermit ; a fairy tale In the ancient English

Btile. 18 pp. (Eitson, J., Eng. anlhol. v. 1, pp. 253, 262.)
— Poems. 9 pp. (Alkln, J., Brit, poets, v. 1, p. 221;
Campbell, T., Brit, pnets, v. 4, p. 409.}— Poems, includ-
ing those pub. by Mr. Pope, and his Poems moral
and divine. 74 pp. (Chalmers, A., Eng. poets, v. 9,
p. 343.)

Goldsmith, O. Life of P. 19 pp. ( Works, V. i, p.

127.)— Johnson, S. Life of P. 3 pp. (Chalmers, A.,
Eng. poets, v. 9, p. 345.)

Parnell, William. Historical apology for
the Irish Catholics. London, 1808. 8°. —3204

Maurice and Rerghetta ; or, the priest of

Bahery. A tale. 16 pp. (Rev. of in Quart. Bev. v. 21,
1819, p. 471.)— Smith, S. Parnell and Ireland, i pp.
(World, p. 33 ; Edin. Bev. V. 10, 1807, p. 299.)

Paruell movement. O'Connor, T. P.

Parny, Evariste Desire Desforges, Vicomte

de. 1753-1814. Poesies erotiques, etc. 97 pp. (Poitevin,

P., Petits poites francais, v. 2, p. 441.)

Sainte-Beui'e, C. A. Parny, poete elegiaque. 16

pp. ( Causeries du-Lundi, v. 15, p. 285.) — Pontes et roman-
ciers de la France. Parny. 28 pp. (Bev. d. deux mondes,
1844, n. s. V. 8, p. 810.)

Parochial and plain sermons. Newman,

J. H., D. D., Cardinal. 8 v. —4237

Parochial epic, A. 11 pp. (Blackwood" 's

Mag. v. 84, 1858, p. 327.)

Parochial system, without a poor rate.

Chalmers, T., Works, v. 21. 2177

Parochialia. 17 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag.

V. 51, 1858, p. 595.)

Parody. Delepieree, J. O. La parodie
chez les Grecs, chez les Romaines, et chez
les modernes. 1870.

Panofka, T. Parodleen und karikaturen auf

werken der klasstschen kunst. 27 pp. 3 pi. (Berlin
Akad. wissens. Philot. klasse Abliandl. 1851, p. 3.) —
Parody and parodists. 20 pp. (Brit. Quart. Bev.
V. 67, 1878, p. 173.)

See also Westm. Eev. n. s. v. 6, 1854, p. 95.

Paroeiniograplii Graeci. Gaisford, T.
(Ed.) 3293

See also Zelts. f . Alterthumsw. v. 11, 1844, p. 939.

Paroles de philosophic positive. Lit-
tre. M. P. E. —1438

Paroles d'un croyant. La Mennais, H.
F. R. de, (Euvrescompl. v. 11. — 1114

Paros, Island. Freret, N. Observations sur
plusieurs epoquesde la Chronique de P. ; Eclaircisse-
ment sur la nature des annees employees par I'auteur
de la Chronique de P. 62 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad.
Inscript. Hist. v. 26, 1759, pp. 157, 200.)— Gilbert, J. B.
Observations sur la Chronique de P. 21 pp. (Inst, de
France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 23, 1756, p. 61.)

Parquili, Mme. Louise Cochelet. Memoires

sur la reine Hortense et la famille imperiale.

Paris, 1836-38. 4 v. 8°. 1603

Parr, Harriet (Holme Lee, pseud.) Life and

death of Jeanne dArc, called the maid.

London, 1866. 2 v. 12°. 5831

Forgnes, E. D. Thorney-Hall, by Holme Lee. 76

pp. (Bev. d. deux mondes, 1856, 2 p6r. v. 3, pp. 320, 520.)

Parr, John. 17 cent. Abstract of the laws,
customs, and ordinances of the Isle of Man.
Ed., with notes, by James Gell. V. 1. Doug-
las, 1867. 8°. {Manx Soc. v. 12.) 2516

Parr, Richard, D. D. 1617-91. Life of James
Usher, late Lord Abp. of Armagh . . . With
a collection of 300 letters. London, 1686.
fo. * 4761

Parr, Samuel, D. D., LL. D. 1747-1825.
Works, with memoirs of his life and writ-
ings, and a selection from his correspondence
by John Johnstone. London, 1828. 8 v. 8°.

Contents. Praefatio ad Bellendini libros, v. 3.—
Notice on Dr. Combe's Horace, v. 3.— Extracts from
a pamphlet published in answer to Dr. Combe's
statement respecting his variorum Horace, v. 3. —
Correspondence, v. 7, 8. — Character of Charles
James Fox; Notes; Appendix to notes; Note upon
Mr. Fox's History of the early part of the reign of
James II, v. 4. — Inscriptions, v. 4. — Letter from
Trenopolis to the inhabitants of Eleutheropolis, v.
3. — Johnstone, J. Memoirs of Parr's life and
writings, v. 1. — Letter to Eev. Dr. Jtlilner, v. 3. — Mis-
cellaneous remarks on politics, jurisprudence,
morals, etc. v. 3.— Notes on Kapin's dissertation
on Whigs and Tories, v. 3. — Sermons, v. 2, 5, 6.—
Warburtonian tracts, v. 3.

(Eev. of in Quart. Rev. v. 39, 1829, p. 255.)

Bibliotheca Parriana. A catalogue of the

library of Rev. Samuel Parr. London, 1827.
8°. W.15

See also Valpy, A. J., Class. Journ. v. 36, 1827, p. 131.

(Ed.) Metaphysical tracts by English

philosophers of the 18 century. London,
1837. 8°. -1426

Contents. Collier, A. Clavis universalis; or, a
new inquiry after truth; Specimen of true philoso-
phy; in a discourse on Genesis 1 chap. 1 verse

Hartley, D. Conjecturae quaedam de sensu, motu,
et idearum generatione.— Inquiry into the origin of
the humanappetltes and affections.— Tucker,
A. Man in quest of himself.

Characters of the late Charles James Fox, selected,

and In part written by Philopatris Varvicensis. 26 pp.
(Kev. of in Quart. Rev. v. 2, 1809, p. 375.)— Smith, S.
Dr. Parr. 4 pp. ( Works, p. 9 ; Edin. Rev. v. 1,1803, p. 18.)

Barkee, E. H. Parriana ; or, notices of

Rev. Samuel Parr. 1828, 2 v.

Field, W. Memoirs of the life, writings,

and opinions of Rev. Samuel Parr. 1828, 2 v.

Johnstone, J. Memoirs of Parr's life

and writings. 1828. (Parr, S.,Works, v. 1.)

Johnstone, J. Classical and philological ex-
tracts from Life of P. 72 pp. (Valpy, A. 3., Class. Journ.
V. 39, 1829, p. 221; v. 40, 1829, pp. 33, 241.)— Memoirs
of P. 37 pp. (Am. Quart. Bev. v. 5, 1829, p. 222 ; Chr.
Exam. v. 6, 1828, pp. 154, 453.) — Necrology. The
late Eev. S. Parr. 9 pp. (Valpy, A. 1., Class. Journ. v.
31, 1825, p. 408.)— Dr. Parr and his loiitcmpo-
raries. 69 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 29, 1831, pp. 61,
376, 703, 901.)— Parriana. 9 pp. (Valpy, A. J., Class.
Journ. v. 38, 1828, p. 125.) — Two days with Dr.
Parr. 5 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 18, 1825, p. 596.)

Parr, Thomas. Harvey, W. Anatomical

examination of the body of P., who died at the age of
152 years. 6 pp. (Works, p. 587: Sydenham Soc.)

Parr, William, Marquis of Northampton.
Franks, A. W. Notice of a stall-plate of P. 6 pp.
(Archaeologia, v. 36, 1855, p. 214.)

Parrain magnifique, Le, poeme en 10
chants. Gresset, J. B. L., CEuvres compl.
v. 2. _ 1114

Parratt, Walter. Music. 28 pp. (Ward,

T. H., Reign of Queen Victoria, v. 2, p. 593.)

Parreidt, Johann Heinrich. 1718-49. De
suspecta Livii fide disputatio. 15 pp. (Livius Patavi-
nus, T., Hist, libri, ed. A. Drakenoorch, v. 7, 1746, p. 230-
V. 15, pt. 1,1828, p. 442.)

Parrhasins. Fragmenta. XGrA 2 pp.

(Bergk, T., Poet. lyr. Gr. v. 2, p. 635.)

Parriana. Barker, E. H. 2 v. 4862

Parrish, Mrs. Lydia G. Brockett, L. P.,

and Vaughan, Mrs. M. C. In tlieir Woman's work in
the civil war, p. 362. 12 pp.

Parrocel, Charles. Blanc, A. A. P. C. In

his Hist, des peintres : Ecole francaise, v. 2. 8 pp.




Parrocel, Joseph. Blanc, A. A. P. C. In

his Hist, des peintres : Ecole francaise, v. 1. 8 pp.
Parrot, Johann Jakob Friedrick Wilhelm.

1792-1841. Journey to Ararat. Tr. by W.

D. Cooley. London, 1845. 8°. 1443

Parrots. Finsch,0. Die papageien. 1867-

68, 2 v. in 3.

Selby, P. J. Parrots. 1855. (Jardine,

Sir W., Nat. Libr. v. 10.)

Knhl, H. Conspectus psittacorum. 104 pp. 3 pi.

(Acad. Caes. Leop.-Car. Nova acta, v. 10, pt. 1, 1820, p. 1.)

Parry, Charles Christopher, M. D. Intro-
ductory chapter oa geographical distribution and
botanical features. 26 pp. (Emory, Maj.- Gen. W. H.,
Report ... U. S. and Mex. boundary surv. v.*2, pt. 1, p. 1.)
— General geological features of the country ;
Geological features of the Eio Grande valley from El
Paso to the mouth of the Pecos river. 42 pp. (Emory,
Maj. -Gen. W. H., Report . . . U. S. and Mex. boundary
surv. v. 1, pt. 2, pp. 1, 49.)— Reconnolssance to the
mouth of the Gila river, from San Dieeo, California,
Sept. 11, to Dec. 10, 1849. 6 pp. (Emory, Maj.-Qm. W.
H., Report . . . JJ. S. and Mex. boundary surv. v. 1, pt. 1,
p. 125.)

and others. Botany of the boundary.

Washington, 1859. 4°. (Emory, Maj.-Gen.
W. H., Report . . . U. S. and Mex. boundary
surv. v. 2.) —3511

Parry y Charles Henry, M. D. —I860. Par-
liaments and councils of England, chrono-
logically arranged, from the reign of William
I to the revolution in 1688. [Anon.] Lon-
don, 1839. 8°. 1564

Parry, David. A British etymologicon, or
the Welsh collated with the Greek and Latin, and
some other European languages. 33 pp. (Lnuyd, E.,
Archaeologia Britannica, p. 266.)

Parry, Edward, D. D. 1830— Memoirs of
Rear-Admiral Sir W. Edward Parry, late
Lieut.-Gov. of Greenwich Hospital. 3 ed.
London, 1857. 12°- 4857

Parry, Rev. J. D. Legendary cabinet : a
collection of British national ballads, ancient
and modern ; from the best authorities, with
notes and illustrations. London, 1829. 12°.


Parry, William. Last days of Lord Byron :
with his Lordship's opinions on various sub-
jects, particularly on the state and prospects
of Greece. London, 1825. 8°. (Rev. of in
Blackwood's Mag. v. 18, 1825, p. 137.) 4811

Parry, William. Sir Anthonie Sherley his
voyage over the Caspian Sea and thorow Bussia. 4 pp.
(Purchas, S., Bis pilgrimes, v. 2, p. 1407.)

Parry, Sir William Edward. 1790-1855.
Journals of 3 voyages for the discovery of a
north-west passage from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, performed in the years 1819-25, in
H. M. Ships Hecla, Griper, and Fury . . .
London, 1821-26. 3 v. 4°. (Rev. of in
Blackwood's Mag. v. 9, 1821, p. 289 ; Quart.
Rev. v. 25, 1821, p. 175 ; v. 30, 1824, p. 231;
v. 34, 1826, p. 378.) 1442

— — Narrative of an attempt to reach the north
pole, in boats fitted for the purpose, and
attached to H. M. Ship Hecla, in the year
1827 . . . Illustr. by pi. and charts . . . Lon-
don, 1828. 4°. (Rev. of in Quart. Rev. v.
37, 1828, p. 523.) 1442

Remarks on Capt. Parry's Expeditions. 4 pp.

{Blackwood's Mag. v. 8, 1821, p. 219.)

Parry, E. Memoirs of Rear- Admiral Sir

W. Edward Parry. 1857.


Avesta, die heiligen schriften der Parsen.
Aus dem grundtexte uebersetzt, mit steter

ruecksicht auf die tradition von Dr. F. Spie-
gel. 1852-63, 3 v.

The same. Tr. into English by A. H.
Bleeck. 1864, 3 v. in 1. (Orient. Trans.
Fund. )

Burnoup, E. L. Commentaire sur le

Yacna, l'un des livres religieux des Parses.
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[Anon.] 1630. ( With his Discoverie of the
sect of the Banians.)

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East, v. 5, 18, 24.)

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tained in the Zand-Avasta . . . unfolded,
refuted, and contrasted with Christianity.

Arrival and settlement of the Parsis in

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See also Avesta.

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— . Au feu 1 3 extraltdu Journal d'une dSsoeuvrfie. 40
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Journal d'une desoeuvrSe. 45 pp. [Correspondant, n.
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amere. 145 pp. [Correspondant, n. s. v. 52, 1872, pp.
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[Correspondant, n. s. v. 57,1873, pp. 65,359, 488.)— L'Om-
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( Correspondant, n. s. v. 46, 1870, p. 84.)

Parseval-Grandmaison, Francois Au-

guste. Phillppe-Auguste; poeme h6ro'iq.ue. 8 pp.
(Rev. of in Quart. Rev. V. 34, 1826, p. 399.)

Parsi religion, The. Wilson, J. —2284

Parsis. See Parsees.

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V. 56, I860, p. 411.)

Parsons, Charles William, M. B. 1823—.
Medical school formerly existing in Brown
University, its professors and graduates.
Providence, 1881. sq. 12°. (Rhode Island
Hist. Tracts, No. 12.) 2621

Parsons, Emily E. Brockett, L. P., and

Vaughan, Mrs. M. C. In their Woman's work in the
civil war, p. 273. 6 pp.

Parsons, Isaac. Account of New Gloucester.

14 pp. (Maine Hist. Soc. Coll. v. 2, 1347, p. 151.)

Parsons, James, M. D. 1705-70. Remains
of Japhet : being historical inquiries into
the affinity and origin of the European lan-
guages. London, 1767. 4°. —2101




Parsons, Rev. Jonathan. 1705-76. To live
is Christ, to die is gain. A funeral sermon
on the death of Rev. Mr. George Whitefield.
To which are added an account of his inter-
ment, the speech over his grave, by Rev. Mr.
Jewet, and some verses to his memory by
Rev. Thomas Gibbons. London, 1771. 8°.
( With Pemberton, E. , Sermon. ) —4234

Parsons* Lawrence, 2 Earl of Sosse. Park-
man, F. Earl of Eosse on the Christian evidences.
14 pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 17, 1835, p. 155.)

Parsons, Robert, Allen,William, Cardinal,
and Englefield, Sir Francis. Conference
about the next succession to the crown of

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