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copum. 1 p. (Mlgne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lai. v. 87, p. 259.)
Rauscll, Bruder. See Bruder Rausch.
Raute, Von. See Hartwig von Baute.
Ranter, Ludwig von. 1542^1615. Pilger-

scbrift (1667-71). 16 pp. (Roehrlcht, R., and Melsner,

H., Deutsch. pilgerreisen, p. 430.)

Ravaillac, Francois. Goldsmid, E. (Ed.)
Trial of Francis Ravaillac for the murder of
King Henry the Great. 1885. (Biblioth.

Loiseleue, J. A. J. Ravaillac et ses com-
plices. 1873.

Proceg de R. 29 pp. (Lafaiat, L., ArcMv. de I'Mst.

de France. 1 s. v. 15, p. 113.)

Ravaissoil, Francois. 1811-84. Archives
de la Bastille. Paris, 1866-84. 16 v. 8°.
(Rev. of in London Quart. Rev. v. 28, 1867,
p. 45.) 1604

Ravaissou, Jean Gaspard Felix. 1813—.
Essaisurlametaphysiqued'Aristote. Paris,
1837-46. 2 v. 8°. —1424

La philosophie en France au XIX siecle.

Paris, 1868. r. 8°. —1412

La Venus de Milo. Paris, 1871. r. 8°.


Catalogug librorum abbatlae Beccenals circa

saeculum XII. 7 pp. (Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v.
150, p. 769.)

Secretan, 0. La philosophie de R. 30 pp. (Bib-
lioth. univ. et rev. Suisse, n. p6r. v. 33, 1868, p. 363.)

Ravanel, Pierre, —circa 1680. Bibliotheca
sacra, seu thesaurus scripturae canonicae
aniplissimus, in quo ea, in utroque foedere
extant. Genevae, 1650-63. 3 v. fo. —1241


A-Lytron, v. 1. Abaddon-Scrlpturae, v. 3.

Maacha-Zorobabel, v. 2.
Wavelet, Armand. Circa 1835-75. Birth

and early life of Jean Baptiste de La Salle, 1651-78. 12

pp. (Wilson, Mrs. R. F., Christian brothers, p. 12.)
Raven, John. Parliamentary history of

England, from the passing of the reform

bill of 1832. London, 1885. 12°. 1517

Raven, The. 5 pp. Poe, E. A., Works, ed.

J. H. Ingram, v. 3, p. 1.
Raven, The, or the power of conscience, an

old border legend. 3 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 19, 1839,

p. 284.)

Ravenan de Lussan. See Lussan, R. de.
Ravenna. Agnello (Andrea), of Ravenna.

Liber pontificalia alve vitae pontiflcum Ravennatum,
cum appendlce. 205 pp. (Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat.
v. 106, p. 431 ; Monumenta German, biet. Script, rer. Lan-
gobard. saec. 6-9, p. 265.)— Amadesi, G. A. Dissertatlo
de metropoll ecclealastica Ravennatenai. 45 pp.
(Mlgne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 52, p. 91.)— Bacon, T.
A Gothic capital. 12 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 22, 1868,
p. 711.)— Cappi, A. Dante in R. 27 pp. (Cellini, M.,
and Ghlvizzanl, G., Dante e il suo secolo, p. 813.) — Free-
man, E. A. The Gotba at R. 52 pp. {Hist, essays, 3 s.
p. 121 ; Brit. Quart. Eev. v. 66, 1872, p. 297.)— Lewis, B.
Antiquities of R. 15 pp. (Archaeol. Journ. v. 32, 1875,
p. 417.)— Recollections ofR. 11pp. (Fraser's Mag.
v. 48, 1853, p. 186.)— Schrader, L. Urbis Ravennae
deacrlptio et antiq,uitatea. 4 pp. (Graeviua, 3. G.,
Thes. antiq. Ital. v. 7, pt. 1 .)— Siuivke. S. Account of
. the remains of the palace at R., reputed to have been
that of the Gothic king Theodorlc. 5 pp. 1 pi. (Archae-
ologia, V. 25, 1834, p. 679.)— Spicilegium Ro vf min-
ds historiae. 59 pp. (Muratori, L. A., Rer. Ital.
script, v. 1, pt. 2, p. 525.)— Spreti, D. De urbls Raven-
nae amplltudine, vaatatlone, et inatauratlone. 26 pp.
(Graevlus, J. G., Thes. antiq. Ital. v. 7, pt. 1.)— Triarte,
0. De Ravenne a Otrante. 80 pp. (Tour du Monde,
V. 34, 1877, p. 209.)




Ravens. Broderip, W. J. The raven. 17

pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 55, 1857, p. 438.)

Ravensburg, Goeler von. See Goeler von

Ravensburg, F., Freiherr.
Ravensburg. Murer, J. Bauernkrieg um

Welsseuau. 9 pp. (Baumann, F. L., Quellen zur gesch.
d. bauernjcriegs in Oberschwaben, p. 495.)

Ravenshoe. 278 pp. Kingsley, H. (Mac-

millan's Mag. y. 3, 1861, pp. 161, 277, 382, 426 ; V. 4, 1861,
pp. 12, 111, 216, 280, 352, 417; v. 5, 1862, pp. 1, 95, 184,
319, 465; V. 6, 1862, pp. 47, 107, 222.)

Ravenstein, Ernst G. 1834—. The Rus-
sians on the Amur ; its discovery, conquest,
and colonisation. London, 1861. 8°. 3465

Ravenstone, Piercy. Thoughts on the

funding system and Its effects. 17 pp. (Key. ol In
Quart. Rev. y. 31, 1825, p. 311.)

Ravens wing, The. 128 pp. Thackeray,

W. M., Ballads and tales, p. 239.

Ravergie, ( — ). Notice mineralogique sur

le massif d'Alger. 18 pp. (Explor. set. de I'Algirie,
G(ologie, p. 165.)

Raverty, Maj. Henry George. Notes on
Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan, . . .
Extracted from the writings of little known
Afghan and Tajzik historians, geographers,
and genealogists . . ., and from personal ob-
servations. London, 1881. fo. 3431

{Tr.) Tabat-i-Nasiri. See Abu 'Omar

Minhaj Ed-din Othman ibn Siraj, Ed-din

Ravignan, Gustave Francois Xavier Dela-
croix de. 1795-1858. De l'existence et de
l'institut des Jesuites. Paris, 1845. 12°.


Clement XIII et Clement XIV. 38 pp. (Bey.

Of In Dublin. Rev. y. 39, 1855, p. 109.)— Foisset, J. T.
Le Pere de B. 11pp. (Correspondant, y. 45, 1858, p. 541.)
— Glajeux.A. des. M. de Eaylgnan, magistral. 21pp.
(Correspondant, n. s. y. 75, 1878, p. 1000.)— Hoppln, J.
M. Father de E. 14 pp. (New Englander, y. 29, 1870,
p. 23.)— Iiacordaire, J. B. H. D. Le K. P. de B. 7 pp.
(Correspondant, y. 43, 1858, p. 509.)

See also Brownson's Quart. Bey. 3 N. Y. s. y. 2, 1861,
p. 211 ; Dublin Bey. y. 45, 1858, p. 149.

Ravioli, C. Guerre dei sette anni sotto
Clemente VII 'assalto, preso e saoeo di Boma, l'assedio
e la perdlta di Firenze dall' anno 1523 al 1531. 142 pp.
(Soc. rom. di storia patria, Archivio, y. 6, 1883, p. 303.)

Ravoisie, Amable. Exploration scientifique
de l'Algerie pendant les annees 1840, 41, 42.
Beaux arts, architecture, et sculpture. Paris,
1846. 3 v. el. fo. • P.33

Rawal Pindi, India. Mitra, R. On some

Bactro-Buddhist relics from B&wal Pindi. Remarks
on the above by E. C. Bayley. 15 pp. (Aslat. Soc.
Bengal, Journ. y. 31, 1863, p. 175.)

Rawdon, Marmaduke. Da vies, R. (Ed.)
Lif e of Marmaduke Rawdon. 1863. (Camden
Soe. No. 85.)

Rawdon papers, consisting of letters . . .
to and from Dr. John Bramhall, Primate of
Ireland. Faithfully printed from the orig-
inals : and illustr. with notes, by Rev. Edw.
Berwick. London, 1819. 8°. 3855

Rawdon-Hastings, Francis, 2 Earl of
Moira and 1 Marquis of Hastings. 1754-
1826. Private journal. Ed. by his daughter,
the Marchioness of Bute. London, 1858.
2 v. p. 8°. 34 56

Summary of the administration of the Indian

government, from Oct. 1813, to Jan. 1823. 46 nn
(Pamphleteer, v. 24, 1824, p. 287.)

Lossing, B. J. The Marquis of Hastings In Amer-
ica. 12 pp. (Earper's Mag. y. 47, 1873, p. 15.)

Rawle, Francis. Circa 1660-1727. Ways
and means for the inhabitants of Delaware
to become rich: wherein the several growths
and products of these countries are demon-
strated to be a sufficient fund for a flourish-
ing trade. [Anon.] Phila. 1725 ; repr. 1878.
8°. —1302

Rawle, William, LL. D. Wharton, T. I.
Memoir of E. 59 pp. (Pa. Hist. Soc. Mem. y. 4, pt. 1,
1840, p. 33.)

Rawle, William Henry, LL. D. 1823—.
Unveiling of the statue of Chief Justice
Marshall at Washington, May 10, 1884.
Oration. Phila. 1884. 4°. 3773

Rawleigh redivivus: or, the life and
death of Right Hon. Anthony, late Earl of
Shaftesbury. London, 1683. 16°. 4767

Rawley, William, D. D. Circa 1588-1667.

Life of Francis Bacon. 18 pp. (Bacon, Sir F., Works,
ed. by J. Spedding, y. 1, p. 1.)

Rawlins, John. 17 cent. The wonderfull

recovery of the Exchange of Bristow from the Turkish
pirats of Argier. 8 pp. (Purchas, S., His pilgrimes,
y. 2, p. 889.)

Rawlins, Thomas. —1670. The Rebellion.

29 pp. > (Scott, Sir W., And. Brit, drama, y. 3, p. 544.)

Rawlinson, Rev. George. Circa 1815—.
Commentary on Kings I, II, Chronicles,
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther. London, 1872-73.
2 v. 8°. (Bible, Holy Bible, with, . . . commen-
tary, etc., ed. by F. C. Cook, v. 2, 3 ; Speaker's
Commentary.) — 1214

Egypt and Babylon, from sacred and

profane sources. New York, 1885. 12°. 1787

Exodus. 4 ed. London, 1883. 2 v. r. 8°.

(Spence, H. D. M., and Exell, J. S., Pulpit
commentary. ) — 3241

Five great monarchies of the ancient

eastern world ; or, the history, geography,
and antiquities of Chaldaea, Assyria, Baby-
lon, Media, and Persia, collected and illus-
trated from ancient and modern sources.
London, 1862-67. 4 v. 8°. (Rev. of in Brit.
Quart. Rev. v. 49, 1869, p. 349; Edin. Rev.
v. 125, 1867, p. 108 ; N. Brit. Rev. v. 44, 1866,
p. 331.) S 413

Sixth great oriental monarchy, or, the

geography, history, and antiquities of Par-
thia. London, 1873. 8°. 2413

Seventh great oriental monarchy; or, the

geography, history, and antiquities of the
Sassanian or new Persian empire. London,
1876. 8°. e 24^

Historical illustrations of the Old Testa-
ment. London, n. d. 12°. —1237

History of ancient Egypt. London, 1881.

2v 8". • 1785

manual of ancient history from the

earliest times to the fall of the western
empire . . . Oxford, 1869. 8°. 2453

Origin of nations. In 2 parts : Early

civilizations ; Ethnic affinities. New York,
1881. 12°. 24 16 '

— — Story of ancient Egypt. With the colla-
boration of Arthur Gilman. New York,
1888. p. 8°. (Story of the nations.) 2426

— — (Ed.) History of Herodotus, a new Eng-
See Herodotus.

lish version.

Historical evidence of the truth of the Scripture

records. 17 pp. (Eev. o£ in Westm. Rev. n. s. v. 18,
I860, p. 33.)




R:vw liiison, Maj.-Gen. Sir HenryCreswicke.
1810 — . Commentary on the cuneiform in-
scriptions of Babylonia and Assyria ; includ-
ing readings of the inscription on the Nim-
rud obelisk, and a brief notice of the ancient
kings of Nineveh and Babylon. London,
1850. 8°. ( With his Persian cuneiform in-
scription at Behistun.) (Bev. of in Eraser's
Mag. v. 42, 1850, p. 632.) 1214

England and Russia in the east. A series

of papers on the political and geographical
condition of central Asia. London, 1875.
8°. 3436

The same. 2 ed. London, 1875. 8°.
(Rev. of in Edin. Rev. v. 142, 1875, p. 264 ;
Quart. Rev. v. 138, 1875, p. 568.) 3436

Memoir on the Babylonian and Assyrian

inscriptions. London, 1851. 8°. (Boyal
Asiat. Soc. Gt. Brit. Journ. v. 14.) 3195

Notes on the early history of Babylonia.

London, 1854. 8°. 1776

Persian cuneiform inscription at Behis-
tun, decyphered and tr. ; with a memoir on
Persian cuneiform inscriptions in general,
and on that of Behistun in particular. [V. 1.]
London, 1846. 8°. 1214

The same. London, 1846-49. 2 v. 8°.
(Boyal Asiat. Soc. Gt. Brit. Journ. v. 10, 11.)
(Bev. of in Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 29, 1847, p.
14 ; Prater's Mag. v. 42, 1850, p. 632 ; Westm.
Bet), v. 53, 1850, p. 38.) 3195

Behistun inscription of Daring. 24 pp. (Birch, S.,

Records of thepast, v. 1, p. 107.)— Inscription of Tiglath
Pileseil. 22 pp. (Birch, S., Records of thepast, v. 6,
p. 6.)

(Ed.) Cuneiform inscriptions of western

Asia. London, 1861-84. 5 v. in 6, fo. 1211

Contents. Bawlinson, Maj.-Gen. Sir H. C, Norris, E.,
and Smith, G. Selection from the miscellaneous in-
scriptions of Assyria, v. 2-4. — Bawlinson, Maj.-Gen.
Sir H. O., and Pinches, T. G. Selection from the mis-
cellaneous inscriptions of Assyria and Babylonia,
v. 5, pts. 1,2. — Bawlinson, Maj.-Gen. Sir H. C, and Nor-
ris, E. Selection from the historical Inscriptions of
Chaldaea, Assyria, and Babylonia, v. 1.

(Ed.) History of Herodotus, a new Eng-
lish version. See Herodotus.

Gustafson, A. C. J. Bawlinson's "Afghan crisis."

20 pp. (Internat. Rev. v. 6, 1879, p. 443.)

and others (Trs.) Inscription of Tiglath

Pileser I; King of Assyria, B. C. 1150.
London, 1857. 8°. ( Wit h Bawlinson, Maj. -
Gen. Sir H. C, Persian cuneiform inscription
at Behistun.) 1214

Bawlinson, W. G. Turner's Liber studio-
rum, a description and a catalogue. Lon-
don, 1878. 8°. —1724

Rawson, Edward, and So wall, Samuel.
Revolution in New England justified, and
the people there vindicated from the asper-
sions cast upon them by John Palmer, in his
pretended answer to the Declaration. Bos-
ton, 1691; repr. 1773. 8°. (Force, P., Tracts,
v. 4.) 1644

The same. Boston, 1691; repr. 1868. 8°.
(Whitmore, W. H., Andros tracts, v. 1:
Prince Soc. ) 4626

Rawson, Bobert. The screw propeller ; an
investigation of its geometrical and physical
properties, and its application to the propul-
sion of vessels. London, 1831. r. 8°. —2713

Ray, Isaac, M. D., LL. D. 1807-81. Contri-
butions to mental pathology. Boston, 1873.
8°. " —3786

Mental hygiene. Boston, 1863. 12°.

^ -3787

Treatise on the medical jurisprudence of

insanity. 5 ed., with additions. Boston,
1871. r. 8°. —3784

Ray, James. Compleat history of the rebel-
lion, from its first rise, in 1745, to its total
suppression at the glorious battle of Cul-
loden, in April, 1746. Bristol, 1752. 16°.


Ray, John. 1628-1705. Collection of Eng-
lish words not generally used, with their
significations and original. London, 1874.
8°. (Eng. Dialect Soc. No. 6.) —2163

Compleat collection of English proverbs

... To which is added a collection of Eng-
lish words not generally used, with an ac-
count of the preparing and refining such
metals and minerals as are found in Eng-
land. 4 ed. London, 1768. 8°. 1247

Correspondence, consisting of selections

from the philosophical letters pub. by Dr.
Derham, and original letters of John Ray,
in the collection of the British Museum.
Ed. by Edwin Lankester. London, 1848.
8°. (Ray Soc.) 3864

Memorials of, consisting of his life by Dr.

Derham ; biographical and critical notices
by Sir J. E. Smith, and Cuvier and Dupetit
Thouars, with his itineraries, etc. Ed. by
Edwin Lankester. London, 1846. 8°- (Ray
Soc.) 4865

(Ed.) Ornithology of F. Willughby. See

Willughby, F.

Bohn, H. G. Hand-book of proverbs.

Comprising an entire republication of Ray's
Collection of English proverbs . . . 1860.
(In his Antiq. Libr.)

Philosophical correspondence of R. and

Willughby. 31 pp. (Be?, of In Retrospect. Rev.
V. 14, 1826, p. 1.)

Memoir of E. 56 pp. (Jardlne, Sir W., Nat. Libr.

v. 33, p. 15.) — Niceron, J. P. M6m. des hommes, v. 41.

Ray, Lieut. P. Henry. Beport of the inter-
national Polar expedition to Point Barrow,
Alaska. Washington, 1885. 4°. (U. S. 48
Cong. 2 sess. exec. doc. No. 44.) 2461

Ray, Fish. Mueller, J., and Henle, F. G. J.
Systematische beschreibung der plagios-
tomen. 1841.

Otto, A. W. Ueber elne neue roche. 16 pp. 3 pi.

(Acad. Caes. Leop.-Oar. Nova acta, v. 10, pt. 1, 1820,
p. 111.)

Ray Society. [Publications.] London,
1845-88. 50 v. fo.,8°.

Contents. Agassiz.L. J. B. Bibliographia zoologiae
et geologiae, 4 v.— Alder, J., and Hancock, A. Mon-
ograph of the British nudibranchiate mollusca. —
Airman, G. J. Monograph of the gymnoblastic or
tubularian hydroids, 2 v Monograph of the fresh-
water polyzoa.— Baird, W. Natural history of the
British entomostraca.— Blackwall, J. History of
the spiders of Great Britain and Ireland, 2 v.— Beports
and papers on botany Bowerbank, J. S. Mon-
ograph of the British spongiadae, 4 v.— Brady, G. S.
Monograph of the free and semi-parasitic copepoda
of the British islands, 3 v.— Brown, E. Miscellaneous
botanical works, 2 v.— Buckler, W. Larvae of the
British butterflies and moths. Ed. by H. T. Stainton,
2 v.— Buckton, G. B. Monograph of the British
aphides, 4 v. — Cameron, P. Monograph of the
British phytophagous hymenoptera. — Carpenter,
W. B. Introduction to the study of the foramlnlfera.




— Darwin, 0. R. Monograph on the sub-class cirri-
pedia, with figures ol all the species, 2 v.— Douglas,
J. W., and Scott, J. British hemlptera. V. 1. Hemlp-
tera-heteroptera.— Eschriclit, D. F., Relnhardt, J.,
and Lilljeborg, W. Recent memoirs on the cetacea.
Ed. by W. H. Flower.— Forbes, B. Monograph of the
British naked-eyed medusae.— Guenther, A. 0. L. G-.
Reptiles o[ British India.— Henfrey, A. [Ed.) Botan-
ical and physiological memoirs ; Reports and papers
on botany.— Hofmeiater, \V. F. B. Germination,
development, and fructification of the higher crypto-
gamia, and on the fructification of the coniferae.—
Huxley, T. H. Oceanic hydrozoa. — Leighton.w. A.
British species of angiocarpous lichens.— Lubbock,
Sir J. Monograph of the collembola and thysanura.
— Mcintosh, W. C. Monograph of the British anne-
lids.— Masters, M. T. Vegetable teratology.— Meyen,
F. J. F. Outlines of the geography of plants. —
Michael, A. D. British oribatidae, 2 v.— JVitzsch,
C. L. Pterylography, tr. from the German by P. L.
Sclater.— Parker, W. K. Monograph on the struc-
ture and development of the shoulder - girdle and
sternum in the vertebrata.— Ray, J. Correspondence,
consisting of selections from the philosophical letters
pub. byDr.Derham.etc. Ed. by E. Lankester ; Memo-
rials: consisting of his life by Dr. Derham, biograph-
ical and critical notices by Sir J. E. Smith, and Cuvier
and Dupetit Thouars, with his itineraries, etc. Ed.
by E. Lankester.— Steenstrup, 3. J. S. On the alter-
nation of generations, tr. by G. Busk.— Williamson,

W. C. Recent f oramlnif era of Great Britain Reports

on zoology for 1843-44.— Reports on the progress of
zoology and botany, 1841-42.

Raymond, Count of Burgundy, 11 cent.

Donatio. 1 p. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 3, p. 417.)

Raymond, Count of Qalicia, and Henri,

Count of Portugal. Eplstola ad Hugonem abbatem
Cluniacensem. 1 p. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 3,
p. 418.)

Raymond II, Count of Melgueil. 12 cent.

Testamentum. 2 pp. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 3,
p. 460.)

Raymond, Count of Nimes. Scent. Placi-

tum Nemausi habitum in gratiam Giberti Nemausen-
sls eplscopl adversus Genesium. 2 pp. (Bouquet, M.,
Rec. hist. Gaules, v. 9, p. 706.)

Raymond I, Count of Souergue. —961.

Testamentum. 6 pp. (Bouquet, M., Rec. hist. Gaules,
V. 9, p. 724.)

Raymond I, Count of Toulouse. Moline

de Saint-Ton, A. P. Raymond I. 11 pp. (In Ms Hist,
des Gomtes de Toulouse, v. 1, p. 109.)

Raymond II, Count of Toulouse. Moline

de Saint-Yon, A. P. Raymond II. 9 pp. (In his Hist,
des Comtes de Toulouse, v. 1, p. 128.)

Raymond III, or Pons I, Count of Tou-
louse. Moline de Saint-Ton, A. P. Raymond III,
ou Raymond Pons. 19 pp. [In his Hist, des Gomtes de
Toulouse, v. 1, p. 137.)

Raymond IV (de Saint Grilles), Count of

Toulouse. — 1105. Diploma de donations medietatis
villae Gibellet facta S. Victori Massiliensi. 2 pp.
(Mlgne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 155, p. 483.)— Donatl-
ones. 3 pp. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 1, p. 629;
V. 3, p. 415.)

Moline de Saint-Ton, A. P. Raymond IV. 284

pp. [In his Hist, des Comtes de Toulouse, v. 2, p. 1.)

Raymond V, Count of Toulouse. 1134-94.

Connrmatlo donatlonis ab Isnardo factae; Charta.
3 pp. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 3, pp. 546, 554.)—
Eplstolae ad Ludovicnm VII regem Francorum.

1 p. (Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 155, p. 1268.)

Moline de Saint-Ton, A. P. Raymond V. 153

pp. [In his Hist, des Comtes de Toulouse, v. 2, p. 412.)

Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse. Moline
de Saint-Yon, A. P. Raymond VI. n. d.,

2 v. (In his Hist, des Comtes de Toulouse,
v. 3,4.)

Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse. 1197-

1249. Diploma; Matrimonlum. 2 pp. (Achery, J. L.
d', Spicileg. v. 3, p. 621.)— Ordlnatlones, tractatus,
et statuta pro extirpations haeresis Albigenslum. 9
pp. (Duchesne, A., Hisl. Franc, script, v. 5, p. 817.)

Moline de Saint- Yon, A. P. Raymond

VII. n. d. (In his Hist, des Comtes de Tou-
louse, v. 4.)

Raymond I, Count of Tripoli. —1151.

Prlvilegla. 3 pp. (Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 155,
p. 1191.)

Raymond, d'Avignon. Thomas, A. La

versification de la chirurgie proveusale de R. 10 pp.
(Romania, v. 11, 1882, p. 203.)

Raymond de Banza. 12 cent. Donatio.

1 p. (Achery, J. L. d', Spicileg. v. 3, p. 444.)

Raymond de Curamonta. 11 cent. Charta

qua Hierosolymam proflciscens praedla quaedam
monachis Tutelensibus impignorat (A. D. 1096). 1 p.
(Mlgne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 165, p. 483.)

Raymond, de Miraval. —1220. Gedichte.

23 pp. (Mann, K. A. F., Werke der troubadours, v. 2,
p. 113.)

Raymond, D., Abbe. Circa 1805-73. Dic-
tionnaire d 'education publique et privee,
tant en France qu'a l'etranger, a l'usage du
clerge, des seminaires, des lycees, des pen-
sionnats, et des families chretiennes. Paris,
1865. i . 8°. (Migne, J. P. , Nouv. encyc. thiol.
v. 34.) —4292

Raymond, Daniel. Elements of political
economy. 3 ed. Baltimore, 1836. 2 v. 8°.
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The bankrupt law, the fiscal agent, and auction

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Essai sur la determination des bases physico-
mathematiques de l'art musical. Paris, 1813.
8°. —3746

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of the administration of President Lincoln :
including his speeches, addresses, procla-
mations, and messages. With a preliminary
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Political : or, the spirit of the Democracy

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. H - Joh h T. Raymond. 18 pp. (Matthews, J. B.,
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K , a -r, lnoilld ' Pierre, of Toulouse. 13 cent.
dmrsTvX pfi§3 P .) (Malln ' K - A " *■' Wtrke der trmba -

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desert. 8 pp. (Overld. Monthly, v. 13, 1874, p. 113.)

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Robert the Devil, Duke of Normandy : a musical
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Glossary of mining and metallurgical terms.
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Mines, mills, and furnaces of the Pacific

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Mines of the West ; a report to the Secre-
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Silver and gold : an account of the mining

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Statistics of mines and mining in the

states and territories west of the Rocky
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(Ed. ) American journal of mining. See

American journal of mining.

(Ed.) Engineering and mining journal.

See Engineering and mining journal.

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Souvenirs du bombardement et de la capitu-
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Raymnndus Arnalli, of St -Victor's, Mar-
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suum, excusat se quod nondum redierit ex Italia,
oratque ut studio legum operam dare slbi liceat. 2 pp.
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1711-96. Anecdotes historiques, militaires,
et politiques de 1 'Europe. Amsterdam, 1753.

2 v. 16°. 1248

Supplement pour servir d 'introduction

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