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sions, and the means of prevention. New
York, 1839. 8°. (TJ. 8. 25 Cong. 3 sess.
House doc. No. 21 : Bound pamph. v. 238.)


Fairchild, H. Le R. William C. Redfield. 6 pp.

(In his Hist, of N. Y. Acad, of Scl. p. 76.)— Redfield's
and Espv's theory of storms. 32 pp. (N. Y.
Rev. v. 6, 1839, p. 269.)

Redford, John. 16 cent. Moral play of wit
and science, and early poetical miscellanies.
From an unpub. MS. Ed. by James Orchard
Halliwell. London, 1848. 8°- [Shakes. Soc.)


Play of wit and science. 3 pp. (Bell, ~R., Songs

from tlte dramatists, p. 37.)

Redgauntlet. 2 v.

ley novels, v. 35, 36.
Redgrave, Frances.

C. Frances Redgrave. 2
artists, v. 2, p. 239.)

Redgrave, Samuel,
catalogue of the historical collection of
water-colour paintings in the South Ken-
sington Museum. London, 1877. 8°. — 1753

Dictionary of artists of the English

school: painters, sculptors, architects, en-
gravers, and ornamentists : with notices of
their lives and works. London, 1874. 8°.


Redhouse, James William, LL. D. English

and Turkish dictionary, in 2 parts, English

and Turkish, and Turkish and English.

London, 1856-57. 2 v. p. 8°. 1167

English and Turkish, v. 1. Turkish and English, v. 2.

Grammaire de la langue ottomane, suivie

d'un appendice contenant l'analyse d'un
morceau de composition ottomane ou sont
demontrees les differentes regies auxquelles
les mots sont assujettis. Paris, 1846. 8°.


Simplified grammar of the Ottoman-
Turkish language. London, 1884. 12°. (Rost,
R., Truebner's Coll. of simplified grammars,
v. 9.) —2147

Diary of H. M. the Shah of Persia, during

his tour through Europe in A. D. 1873. See
Nassr-ed-Din, Shah of Persia.

Redi, Francesco. 1626-95. Opere. Venezia,
1742-60. 7 v. in 3, sm. 4°. —1194

Contents. Esperienze intomo a quell' acqua, che
si dice, che stagna subito tutti quanti i flussi di sangue,
che sgorgano daqualsisia parte del corDO, v. 2.— Osser-
vazioni intorno agli animal! viveiti ... v. 1.—

Scott, Sir W., Waver-


Needham, Mrs. E. C.

pp. (In her Eng. female

1802-76. Descriptive




Ailaiinn infcrma, ditlrambo ; annotazlonl de' A.
M. Salvini e G. Bianchlnl, v. 7.— Bacco In Toscana,

ditlrambo, colle annotazloni accresolute, v. 3 Bo-

nomo, G. 0. Osservazloni lntorno a' pelllcelll del
corpo umauo, v. 1.— Uegtoni, G. Lettera al Slg. An-
tonio Valllsnlerl, v. 1 — Consult! medici, v. 6, 7

Etimologie italtane, v. 2. — Osservazloni intorno a
quelle gocciole, e nil di vetro, ohe rotte In qualsisia
parte, tutte quante si stritolano, v. 2.— Esperlenze in-
torno a diverse cose naturali, e particolarmente a
quelle, one oi son portate dall' Indie, v. 2.— Esperl-
enze intorno alia generazion degl' insctti, v. 1.—

Jjetiere, v. 2, 4, 5 Lettera intorno all' invenzlone

degli occhtali, v. 2.— Piatt, T. Lettera d'alouue

esperlenze Intorno al veleno delle vlpere, v. 2 Glunta

di varie poesie, v. 3, 7.— Esperlenze intorno a' Salt
fattizj, v. 2.— Salvini, A. M. Delle lodi di F. Redi,
v. 1.— Salvini, S. Vita di F. Redi, v. 1.— Sonettl, v.
3 — Vallisnieri, A. Miglioramenti e correzloui d'al-
cune esperienze e osservazloni del Redi, v. 1.— Osser-
vazloni intorno alio vipere, v. 2.— Lettera sopra al-
cune opposlzlonl fatte alle sue osservazloni intorno
alle vipere, v. 2.

Opere. Milano, 1809-11. 9 v. 8°. —1107

Note. — Contents the same as the preceding.

Voci, maniere di dire, e ozzervazioni.

See Pasta, A.

Sonetti. 3 pp. (Glronl, R., Raccolta lirici ital. p. 151.)

IViceron. J. P. M6m. des hommes, v. 3.— Salvini,

S. YitadiR. 19 pp. (Redi, F., Opere, v. 1, p. ix.)

Redillgton, Joseph (Ed.) Calendar of
Home Office papers of the reign of George
III, 1760-69, preserved in H. M. Public
Record Office. London, 1878-79. 2 v. r. 8°.
(Gt. Brit. Rolls chron.) 4593

(Ed. ) Calendar of treasury papers, 1556-

1719, preserved in H. M. Public Record
Office. London, 1868-83. 5 v. r. 8°. (Gt.
Brit. Rolls chron.) 4593

Redon, Abbey. Courson, A. de (Ed.) Car-
tulaire de l'abbaye de Redon. 1863. (Coll.
de doc. inkd. hist, de France, Is.)

Barthelemy, A. de. Cartulaire de l'abbaye de R.

9 pp. (Rev. arcMol. n. s. v. 7, 1863, p. 397.)

Red path, James. 1833—. Guide to Hayti.
Boston, 1861. 12°. 1638

Talks about Ireland. New York, 1881.

12°. 2586

Redskins, The. Cooper, J. F. 1275

Redslob, Gustav Moritz. 1804-82. Ueber
den ausdruck " Mosaik." 16 pp. (Deutsch. morg.
gesells. Zeits. v. 14, 1860, p. 663.)— Versueh einer fest-
stellung des urspruenglichen siegels des Templer-
ordens. 12 pp. (Deutsch. morg. gesells. Zeits. v.
16, 1862, p. 245.)— Ueber den " Z weihoernigen " des
Ivoran. 10 pp. (Deutsch. morg. gesells. Zeits. v. 9,
1855, p. 214.)

Redtenbacher, Ludwig. 1814—. Cole-

opteren [der Novara expedition]. 249 pp. 5 pi. (No-
vara reise, Zool. theil, v. 2, 1 abth. A.)

Redtenbaclier, Rudolph. Baldassare Pe-

ruzzl; Leon Baltista Albert!. 43 pp. (Dohme, R.,
Kunst und kuenstler, V. 3.)

Reduction of Ireland to the crown of
England. Borlace, E. 2577

Reduction of the observations of
planets made at the Royal Observatory,
Greenwich, from 1750 to 1830, under the
superintendance of George Biddell Airy.
London, 1845. 4°. " —2422

Reduction of the observations of
the moon, made at the Royal Observatory,
Greenwich, from 1750 to 1830, under the
superintendance of George Biddell Airy.
London, 1848. 2 v. 4°. —2422

Rcdusio da Quero, Andrea. 14 cent.

Ohronicon Tarvlsinum, 1368-1428. 69 pp. (Muratori,
L. A., Rer. Ital. script, v. 19, p. 735.)

Redwitz-Schmoelz, Oskar, Freiherr von.
1823—. Amaranth. 28 aufl. Mainz, 1872.
16°. 2357

Das lied vom neuen deutschen reich.

Berlin, 1871. 12°. 2356

Chants d'amour, tr. par R. Werro. 10 pp. (Bib-

lioth. univ. et rev. Suisse, n. p6r. v. 17, 1863, p. 599.)— Holy
stewardship. 3 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 52, 1858,
p. 312.)— Liady Agnes. 6 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v.
52, 1858, p. 28.) — Le Maitre des compagnons de
Nuremberg. 95 pp. (Bibliotli. univ. et rev. Suisse, n.
per. v. 19, 1864, p. 468; v. 20, 1864, p. 248.)— Reproof.
Tr. by M. W. Cabell. 1 p. (Ooerld. Monthly, v. 11, 1873,
p. 416.)

Gallier, A. de. Oscar de Redwitz. 31pp. (Oorres-

pondant, v. 37, 1856, p. 516.)— Taillandlcr, St. R. La
poesle catholique en Allemagne. Redwitz. 21 pp.
(Rev. d. deux mondes, 1852, n. per. v. 15, p. 761.)

Ree, Anton. Wanderungen eines zeitgenos-
sen auf dem geblete der ethik. 9 pp. (Rev. of, by J.
U. Wirth, in Zeits. f.philos. v. 36, 1860, p. 166.)

Reeck, Adolph. 1845—. De Catullianorum
carminum re grammatica et metrica. Vratis-
laviae, 1872. 8°- 3244

Reed, Andrew, D. D., and Mathcson,

James, D. D. Narrative of the visit to the American
churches. 21 pp. (Rev. of in Am. Quart. Rev. v. 18,
1835, p. 190; Fraser's Mag. v. 12, 1835, pp. 464, 575; iV.
Am. Rev. V. 41, 1835, p. 489.)— Walker, J. Visit of
Reed and Matheson. 11 pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 19, 1836,
p. 257.)

Reed, Sir Edward James. 1830—. Japan :
its history, traditions, and religions. With
the narrative of a visit in 1879. London,
1880. 2 v. 8°. 3416

Shipbuilding in iron and steel. A prac-
tical treatise, giving full details of construc-
tion, processes of manufacture, and building
arrangements ; with results of experiments
on iron and steel, and on the strength and
watertightness of riveted work. London,
1869. 8°. -2763

Forms of ships. 26 pp. (Inst, of Civil Engineers,

Hydro-mechanics, p. 183.)

Reed, Henry, LL. D. 1808-54. Lectures on
English history and tragic poetry, as illustr.
by Shakspeare. Phila. 1859. p. 8°. 15C8

Lectures on English literature, from

Chaucer to Tennyson. Phila. 1860. p. 8°.


Lectures on the British poets. Phila.

1858-60. 2 v. p. 8°- 1376

I«ife of Joseph Reed. 231 pp. (Sparks, J., Am.

biog. 2 s. v. 8, p. 209; Rev. of in N. Am. Rev. v. 65, 1847,
p. 441.)

Life, character, and works of R. 19 pp.

(Southern Rev. v. 1, 1867, p. 412.)

Reed, Adj.-Gen. Joseph. 1741-85. Remarks
on a late publication in the Independent
Gazetteer; with a short address to the people
of Pennsylvania, on the many libels and
slanders which have lately appeared against
the author. Phila. 1783. 8°. (Reed and
Cadwalader pamph.) 1633

Reed, W. B. Life and correspondence

of Joseph Reed. 1847, 2 v.

Reed, H. Life of R. 231pp. (Sparks, J., Am. bioa.

2 s. v. 8, p. 209.) "

Reed, Rebecca Theresa. Narrative of 6

months' residence in a convent. 31 pp. (Rev. of in
Dublin Ren. v. 1, 1836, p. 313.)

Reed, Sampson. Observations on the growth

of the mind. 8 pp. (Rev. of in Chr. Exam. v. 3, 1826.
p. 418.)

Reed, Samuel Rockwell. Vicksburg cam-
paign, and the battles about Chattanooga . . .
in 1862-63. Cincinnati, 1882. 8°. nCAQ





Reed, Talbot Baines. History of the old
EDglish letter foundries, with notes, his-
torical and bibliographical, on the rise and
progress of English typography. London,
1887. 4°. W.42

Reed, Thomas Allen. 1826—. Reporter's
guide. London, n. d. 12°. —2174

Reed, William, Jr. Offices of the president,
dean, and secretary. 3 pp. (Vaille, F. O., and Clark,
H. A., Harvard book, v. 1, p. 109.)

Reed, William Bradford, LL. D. 1806-76.
Life and correspondence of Joseph Reed.
Phila. 1847. 2 v. 8°. 3883

Memories of familiar books. With a me-
moir of the author, ed. by Manton Marble.
New York, 1876. 12°. 2265

Contents. Amei'ican history.— Autographs. —
Blackstonc— Bolingbroke.— Books of travel.

—Clarendon.— William Cobbett.— Memories of the
East.— Junius.— Marble, M. Memoir of B.— The
Kaplers. — Novels: Defoe to Thackeray. — Lord
PaJmerston. — The Prayer book.— Quotation
books.— Henry Reed.— Walter Scott.— Sermons :
Barrow to Manning.— The Stuart books.— Swift.—
Thackeray.— The Theatre.

Marble, M. Memoir of E. 11 pp. (Beed, W. B„

Memories of familiar books, p. v.)

Reed. See also Read. — Reade.— Rede. — Reid.
Reed and Cadwalader pamphlets.

Reprint, with an appendix. Phila. 1863.
8°. 1633
Contents. Cadwalader, J. Beply to Gen. Joseph
Eeed's Remarks, on a late publication in the Inde-
pendent Gazetteer, with some observations on his ad-
dress to the people of Pennsylvania Reed, J. Re-
marks on a late publication in the Independent
Gazetteer ; with a short address to the people of Penn-
sylvania, on the many libels and slanders which have
lately appeared against the author.

Reeder, Charles. 1817—. Caloric. A re-
view of the dynamical theory of heat. Balti-
more, 1887. p. 8°. " —1528

Reedtz, Holger Christian. 1800-57. Dan-
marks og Sverrigs forblndelse til de neutralehandels-
rettigheders beskyttelse i aarene 1690 til 1693. 58 pp.
(Skandin. litteraiurselskab, v. 21, p. 99.)

Reedyrill. 148 pp. {Bern. Rev. v. 28, 1851,

p. 532; v. 29, 1851, pp. 33, 142, 225, 337, 417, 529; v. 30,
1852, p. 252.)

Reeland, Adrian. See Reland, A.
Reelfoot lake. Sbaler, N. S. Reelfoot

lake. 7 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 42, 1878, p. 216.)

Roes. Abraham, D. D. 1744-1825. Cyclo-
paedia ; or, universal dictionary of arts, sci-
ences, and literature. 1 Am. ed. Phila.
n. d. 41 v. 4°, and pi., 6 v. 4°. R.41


A-Alzum, v. 1. Magician-Mboteley, v. 23.

Am-Arkwrlght, v. 2. Meaco-Monsoon, v. 24.

Arl-Barnera, v. 3. Monster-New Thames.v. 25.

Barnes-Blast, v. 4. Newton-Ox-feet, v. 26.

Blast-Bunlus, v. 5. Oxford-Periplysis, v. 27.

Bunker's Hill - Captain's Peripneumony-Plasher, v.

clerk, v. 6. 28.

Captainry-Chan-Cban, v. 7. Plashing-Prosopolopsla, v.
Chance-Classification, v. 8. 29.

Classification - Condemna- Prosopopoeia-Refrangible

tion, v. 9. v. 30.

Condensation-Cranmer, v. Eefranglbility-Ros, v. 31.

10 - Rosa-Satureia, v. 32.

Crannichfeld-Degree, v. 11. Saturn-Sheppey, v. 33.

Degree-Duck, v. 12. Shepreve-Sparaxis, v. 34.

Duck-Epictetus, v. 13. Sparenberg-Stuart, v. 35

Epicureans-Fence, v. 14. Stuart-Testaceous, v. 36

Pence-Frederic, v. 15. Testament-Tropatena.v. 37.

Frederic-Glbraleon, v. 16. Trope-Vitetz, v. 38.

Glbraltar-Gypsophila.v. 17. Vltex-Water, v. 39.

Gypsum-Hookah, v. 18. Water-Vamanchalinskoi, v.
Hooke-Inse, v. 19. 40.

Insects-Eziken, v. 20.
L-Lindy, v. 21.
Line-Magical, v. 22.

Yamasca-Zytomlers. — Ad-
denda, A-Zollikoffer, v. 41.


Agriculture - Astronomical Navigation- Writing by el-
instruments, v. 1. pher, v. 4.

Basso relievo-Horology, v. 2. Natural history, v. 5.

Hydraulics-Naval architec- Ancient and modern atlas,
ture, v. 3. v. 6.

Rees, J. Ruutz. Horace Vernet. London,
1880. 12°. (Illustr. biog. of great artists.)


Paul Delaroche. 31pp. {With his Horace Vernet,

p. 53.)

Rees, James. 1802—. Life of Edwin Forrest,
with reminiscences and personal recollec-
tions. Phila. 1874. 12°. 3886

Rees, Mary J. J. Sonnet. Hope. 1 p.

(Fraser's Mag. v. 53, 1856, p. 252.)

Rees, Thomas. History of Protestant non-
conformity in Wales, from its rise to the
present time. London, 1861. 8°. —1287

Reese, David Meredith, M. D. 1800 - 61.
Observations on the epidemic of 1819, as it
prevailed in a part of the city of Baltimore.
Baltimore, 1819. 12°. —3777

Phrenology known by its fruits, being a

brief review of Dr. Brigham's late work,
entitled "Observations on the influence of
religion upon the health and physical wel-
fare of mankind." New York, 1836. 12°.


Plain and practical treatise on the epi-
demic cholera, as it prevailed in the city of
New York, in the summer of 1832 ... To
which is added by way of appendix, a brief
essay on the medical use of ardent spirits . . .
New York, 1832. 8°. —3763

Supplementary appendix to the surgical

dictionary of Samuel Cooper. New York,
1868. 8°. {With Cooper, S., Dictionary of
practical surgery. ) R. 82

Reese, John James, M. D. 1818—. Manual
of toxicology, including the consideration
of the nature, properties, effects, and means"
of detection of poisons, more especially in
their medico-legal relations. Phila. 1874.

Reese, Rev. Levi R. 1806-51. Discourses
on the origin, universal obligation, perpetu-
ity, duties, and general usefulness of the
Sabbath, delivered in the capitol of the
United States. Baltimore, 1838. 12°. —4225

Reese river, Nevada. Browne, J. R. The

Reese river country. 19 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 33, 1866,
p. 26.)

Reess, Maximilian. Ueber die natur der

flechteu. 47 pp. (Samml. wissens. vortrg. v. 14, 1879,
p. 241.)

Reeve, Clara. 1725-1803. Old English Baron.

lo which is prefixed a memoir of the life of the author.
59 pp. (Ballantyne, J., Novelist's Libr. p. 601.)
~Z f eot t'J ir w - Clara Eeeve. 12 pp. (Miscel. works,
y. i, p 325 ; ana with her Old English Baron : Ballan-
tyne, J., Novelist's Libr. p. lxxlx.)

Reeve, Henry, M. D. 1780-1814. Journal
of a residence at Vienna and Berlin in the
eventful winter 1805-6. London, 1877. 12°.

Reeve, Henry (Ed.) 1813—. The Greville

memoirs. See Greville, C. C. F.

(Ed.) St. Petersburg and London in the

years 1852-64. See Vitzthum von Ecksthum.

K. F., Graf von.
(Tr.) Democracy in America. See Toc-

queville, A. C. H. C. de.




Reeve, Lovell Augustus. 1814-65. Concho-
logia Ioonica. London, n. d. 2 v. 4°. —2632

Anoulotus. Hermislnus. Melanla.

Caijlnarla. Io. Melatonia.

Elements of conchology; an introduction

to the natural history of shells and of the
animals which form them. London, 1860.
2 v. r. 8°. —2634

Reeve, Thomas, D. D. God's plea for Nine-
Teh. 12 pp. (Eev. of in Retrospect. Rev. v. 8, 1823,
p. 246.)

Reeve, Rev. William. Dictionary, Canarese
and English. Revised, corrected, and en-
larged by Daniel Sanderson. Bangalore,
1858. 8°. 1175

Reeves, Boleyne. Sonatas and pastorals
for the harp. 6 pp. (Bev. of la Fraser's Mag. v. 47,
1853, p. 396.)

Reeves, James E., M. D. Eminent domain

of sanitary science, and the usefulness of state boards
of health in guarding the public welfare. 14 pp. (Am.
Pub. Health Assoc. Reports, v. 9, p. 171.)— Pollution
of the upper Ohio, and the water supply of the
cities and chief towns within the first 100 miles of Its
course. 10 pp. (Am. Pub. Health Assoc. Reports, v. 10,
p. 86.)

Reeves, John. 1752-1829. History of the
English law from the time of the Romans
to the end of the reign of Elizabeth. New
ed., with numerous notes ... by W. F. Fin-
lason. London, 1869. 3 v. 8°. —1334

Reeves, John. The Rothschilds : the finan-
cial rulers of nations. Chicago, 1887. 12°.


Reeves, William, D. D. Ecclesiastical his-
tory of Down, etc. 21 pp. (Eev. of in Dublin Univ. Mag.
T. 31, 1848, p. 207.)

Reference catalogue of current litera-
ture. Whitaker, J. 5 v. L.86

References to the history of presiden-
tial administrations, 1789-1885. Foster, W.
E. {Economic tracts, No. 17.) —1398

Reflection, Philosophy of. Hodgson, S. H.
2 v. —1453

Reflections and resolutions proper for
the gentlemen of Ireland. Madden, S. 2586

Reflections in Palestine, 1883. Gordon,
Maj.-Oen. O. G. —4246

Reflections on a flower garden. 94 pp.

Hervey, Rev. J., Works, v. 1, p. 77.

Reflections on the conduct of the allies.

10 pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 18, 1821, p. 41.)

Reflections on the decline of science

in England. Babbage, C. —1493

Reflections on the war of 1812. Tchuy-

kevitch, (— ). 3464

Reflections upon ancient and modem

learning. Wotten, W. 3201

Reflector, The. Hunt, J. H. L. 2274

Reflexions critiques sur la poesie et sur

la peinture. Dubos, J. B. 3 v. 2287

Reform. Gallier, A. de. La reforme et la

revolution. 36 pp. ( Corresptmdanl, v. 32, 1853, p. 862.)
—Greenwood, F. W. P. Spirit of reform. 18 pp.
' (Chr. Exam, v. 14, 1833, p. 273.)— Hall, E. B. Eolation
of the Christian ministry to reform. 16 pp. (Chr.
Exam. v. 41, 1846, p. 157.)— Julian, G. W. Is the re-
former any longer needed ? 24 pp. (N. Am. Rev. v.
127, 1878, p. 237.)— Parltman, J. Eeforms and re-
formers. 30 pp. (Chr. Exam. v. 49, 1850, p. 348.)—
Philosophy of reform. 15 pp. [New Englander,
v. 13, 1855, p. 28.)— Reforms of the future. 17 pp.
{Fraser's Mag. v. 68, 1863, p. 713.)

See also Westm. Eev. n. s. v. 31, 1867, p. 171.

Reform act, 1832. Grey, 0., 2 Earl Grey.
2 v. 2554

Reform hills. See Great Britain, House
of Commons, Reform.

Reform der verwaltungs-organisa-
tion unter Stein und Hardenberg. Meier,
E. H. —1354

Reform schools. See Reformatory edu-

Reformateurs et publicistes de l'Eu-
rope, 17 sidcle. Franck, A. —1355


Aubigne, T. A. d\ In his Histoire uni-
verselle. 1626, 3 v. in 1.

Beneath, K. Bernardino Ochino of

Siena ; a contribution towards the history
of the reformation. 1876.

Beandt, G. History of the reformation

. . . 1720-23, 4 v.

Beieger, T. Gasparo Contarini und das

Regensburger concordienwerk des jahres
1541. 1870.

Oeeighton, M. History of the papacy

during the period of the reformation. 1882-
87, 4 v.

Cunningham, W. The reformers and

the theology of the reformation. 1866.

Fishee, G. P. Reformation. 1873.

Geedes, D. Introductio in historiam

Evangelii seculo XVI. 1744-52, 4 v.

Haeussee, L. Geschichte des zeitalters

der reformation, 1517-1648. Herausg. von
Wilhelm Oncken. 1868.

Period of the reformation, 1517-1648.


Haedwick, C, Archdeacon of Ely. His-
tory of the Christian church during the re-
formation. 1873.

Kuetz, J. H. In his Textbook of church

history, v. 2. 1862.

Lyall, A., Hampden, R. D., Bp. of Here-
ford, and others. History of the Christian
church from the 13 century to the present
day. 1858. (Encyc. Metropol.)

Meele dAubiqne, J. H. History of the

reformation in Europe in the time of Calvin,
1863-78, 8 v.

Milman, H. H. Savonarola, Erasmus,

and other essays. 1870.

Pocock, N. Records of the reformation.

1870, 2 v.

Stebbing, H. History of the reformation.

1836-37. 2 v. (Lardner, D., Cab. Cyc.)

Tollin, H. Servet und die" oberlaend-

ischen reformatoren, v. 1. 1880.

Willis, R. Servetus and Calvin. 1877.

Allen, J. H. Eeformation and its results. 19 pp

( Chr. Exam. v. 72, 1862, p. 255.)— Bible and the refor-
mation. 25 pp. {Dublin Rev. v. 3, 1837, p. 428.)—
Cazales, E. de. Etudes et esquisses pour l'histotre
de la reformation. 40 pp. ( Correspondant, v. 35, 1855,
pp. 96, 185.)— Druffel, A. von. Kaiser Karl V und die
roemlsche curie, 1541-46. 132 pp. (Munich Acad,
wissens. Denlcschr. v. 47 ; Hist, classe, v. 13, pt. 2, 1876
p. 145.) — Effects of the reformation. 19 pp.
(Brownson's Quart. Rev. N. Y. 8. v. 1, 1856, p. 307;)-
Gladstone, W. E. Sixteenth century arraigned be-
fore the 19: a study of the reformation. 57 pp (In
his Gleanings of past years, v. 3, p. 217 ; and Contemn.
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