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Collections. Providence, 1827-67. 6 v. in 5,

8°. 2613

Rhode Island Historical Tracts.

Providence, 1877-84. 19 Nos. in 20, sq. 12°.


Contents. Bartlctt, J. R. History of the Wanton

family of Newport, No. 3.— Brayton, G. A. Defence

of Samuel Gorton and the settlers of Shawomet, No. 17.

— Centennial celebration of the battle of Rhode

Island, at Portsmouth, Aug. 29, 1878, No. 6 Dimnu,

J. L. Capture of Gen. Richard Prescott by Lt.-Col.
William Barton; an address delivered at the centen-
nial celebration of the exploit at Portsmouth, July 10,
1877, No. 1.— Dorr, H. C. Planting and growth of
Providence, No. 15.— Durfee, T. Gleanings from the
Judicial history of Rhode Island, No. 18.— Farnurn,
A. Visits of the Northmen to Rhode Island, No. 2.—
Folger, P. Looking glass for the times, No. 16.—
Foster, W. E. Stephen Hopkins, a Rhode Island
statesman, No. 19, 2 pts.— Hopkins, S. True repre-
sentation of the plan formed at Albany, in 1754, for
uniting all the British northern colonies, in order to
their common safety and defence, No. 9.— Parsons,
C. W. Medical school formerly existing in Brown Uni-
versity, its professors and graduates, No. 12.— Potter,
E. R. Memoir concerning the French settlements
and French settlers in the colony of Rhode Island,
No. 5.— Potter, E. R., and Rider, S. S. Some account of
the bills of credit or paper money of Rhode Island
from the first issue in 1710, to the final issue, 1786, No.
8. — Rider, S. S. Bibliographical memoirs of 3 Rhode
Island authors: J. K. Angell, F. H. (Whipple) Mc-
Dougall, C. R. Williams, No. 11.— Historical inquiry
concerning the attempt to raise a regiment of slaves
by Rhode Island during the war of the revolution, No.
10 — Rogers, W. Journal of a brigade chaplain, in
the expedition against the 6 nations, 1779, No. 7—
Turner, H. E. William Coddington in Rhode Island
colonial affairs, No. 4.— Vernon, T. Diary, No. 13.—
Williams, R. " Christenings make not Christians,"
1645, NO. 14.

Rhodes, Albert. 1840—. A sentimental
journey to the Jordan. 6 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 63,
1876, p. 347.)

Rhodes, Hugh. 16 cent. The boke of
nurture, or schoole of good manors : for men, servants,
and children. Ed. by Frederick J. Furnlvall. 127 pp.
(Early Eng. Text Soc. No. 32, p. 115.)

Rhodes, City and Island.

Pfaff, C. Die eroberung von Malta und
Rhodus. 1880.

Ross, L. Reisen nach Kos, Halikarnassos,

Rhodos . . . 1852.

Rottiers, B. E. A. Description des monu-
ments de Rhodes. 1830, 2 v.

Torr, C. Rhodes in ancient times. 1885.

Rhodes in modern times. 1887.

Cottu, C. L'ile de R. 28 pp. (Rev. d. deux mondes,

1844, n. s. v. 6, p. 809.)— Delepierre, O. Colossus of
R. 6 pp. (In his Historical difficulties, p. 13.)— Heftier.
M. W. Noch elnige zusaetze zu der schrift ; " Die
goetterdlenste auf Rhodus, von M. W. Heffter." 2 pp.
(Zeits. f. Alterthumsw. v. 24, 1857, p. 83.)— Lueders, F.
Die kolonlen der Rhodier. 5 pp. (Zeits. f. Alterthnmsw.
v. 19, 1852, p. 289.)— Topographlsche notlz zur darstel-
lung der belagerung von R. in Ruestowund Koechly's
Griech. krlegsgeschlchte. 2 pp. (Zeits. f. Alterthumsw.
v. 20, 1853, p. 666.)— Meurs, J. Rhodus sive de illius
insulae atque urbis, rebus memoratu dignls. 48 pp.
1 map. (Opera omnia, v. 3, p. 681.)— Mtddlcton, Sir
H. Of the Red Sea, and of R. 4 pp. (Purchas, S., His
pilgrimes,v. 6, p.582.)— Rospatt, J. J. Die politik der
republik R. 45 pp. (philologus, v. 27, 1868, p. 673 ; v.
29, 1870, pp. 488, 577.)-Schlumoerger, G. Numis-
matique de R. 29 pp. (Rev. arcMol. n. s. v. 31, 1876,
pp. 233,305.)— Siege of R. in 1480. 31pp. (Edin. Rev.
v. 101, 1856, p. 121.)— Tercier, J. P. Memoire sur la
prise de la ville et de l'lsle de R. en 1522. 42 pp.- (Inst.
de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 26, 1759, p. 728 )—
Tissot, 0. Antiquites de l'ile de R. 5 pp. (Rev.
archtol. n. s. v. 18, 1868, p. 153.)- White-chalk days
of a wanderer. Day first. Rhodes. 7 pp. (Uvaser's
Mag. V. 32, 1845, p. 577.)

See also Malta, Knights of,

Rhododaphne; or, the Thessalian spell,

poem. 58 pp. Peacock, T. L., Works, v. 3, p. 1667




Rhododendrons of Sikkim - Himalaya.

Hooker, Sir J. D. —1691

Rhodomaiiuus, Laurentius. Niceron, J.

P. Hem. des bommes, v. 42.

Rhodon. 2 cent. Fragmenta ex opere ad-

versus Marcionis liaereain. [Gr. et Lat.] 3 pp.
IMlgne, J. P., Patrol, s. Gr. v. 5, p. 1333.)— Fragment.
2 pp. {With Lactantius, L. C. F., Works, v. 2, p. 119:
Ante-Niccne Christ. Libr.)

Rhodope, The story of. 56 pp. Morris, W.,

Earthly paradise, v. 3, p. 277.

Rhoenictalces. Neubauer, R. Das ar-
chontat des R. in Athen. 8 pp. (Hermes, v. 10, 1876,
p. 145.)

Rhoidis, Emmanuel. 1S39— . Pope Joan
(the female pope). A historical study. Tr.
. . . by C. H. Collette. London, 1886. 12°.


Rhomeo and Julietta. [From Painter's

Palace of pleasure.] 56 pp. (Hazlitt, W. C, Shakesp.
libr. v. 1, p. 205.)

Rhone valley. Oust, A. A pedestrian's

route from the Italian lakes to the Rhone valley. 10
pp. (Fraser's Mag. n. s. v. 19, 1879, p. 680.)

Rhosos. See Issus.

Rhua, Pedro de. 16 cent. Cartas. 22 pp.

lOchoa, E. de, Epistol. espan. v. 1, p. 229 : Bibliot. de autor.

Rhyme of the Duchess May. 31 pp.

Browning, Mrs. E. B., Poet, works, v. 2, p. 49.

Rhymes. Barnuh, S. W. Vocabulary of
English rhymes. 1876.

Hood, T., Jr. The rhymester. 1882.

Levins, P. Manipulus vocabulorum : a

rhyming dictionary of the English language.
1867. {Camden Soc. No. 95 ; Early Eng. Text
Soc. No. 27 ; Philol. Soc.)

Walker, J. Rhyming, spelling, and

pronouncing dictionary of the English lan-
guage. To which ... is added an index of
allowable rhymes, u. d.

Rhymes in many moods. 3 pp. (At-

lant. Monthly, v. 43, 1879, p. 715.)

Rhymes of northern bards. Bell, J.,

Jr. (Ed.) 1335

Rhymes on the road. 82 pp. Moore, T.,

Poet, works, V. 7, p. 269.

Rhymester, The. Hood, T., Jr. —2155

Rhyming, spelling, and pronouncing dic-
tionary of the English language. Walker,
J- 1156

Rhyn. See Ryn.

Rhynchotcn Livlands. Flor, G. 2 v.


Rhyne, Willem ten. 17 cent. Account of
the Cape of Good Hope and the Hottentotea. 16 pp.
(Churchill, A. and J., Voyages, v. 4, p. 762.)

Rhys, John. 1840—. Early Britain : Celtic
Britain. London, 1882. 16°. 1588

Lectures on the origin and growth of

religion as illustrated by Celtic heathendom.
London, 1888. 8°. (Hibbert lectures, 1886. )


Lectures on Welsh philology. 2 ed.

London, 1879. 12°. —2126

-and Evans, J. Gwenogvryn (Eds.)

The text of the Mabinogion and other Welsh
tales from the Red book of Hergest. V. 1
Oxford, 1887. r. 8°. 1382

Rhythm. See Prosody.

Rhythmi veteres: MilitumMutinensium;

De Ludovico II imp. per Adelgisum capto. 26 pp
(Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 151, p. 755.)

Rhythmic and metric of the classical
languages, Introduction to the. Schmidt,
J. H. H. —2156

Rhy 111 ill us antiquilS Ludovico regi Fran-
corum, victori Nortmannorum acclamatus.
Ulmae, 1727. fo. (Schilter, J., Thes. antiq.
Teuton, v. 2.) 3601

Rhytidandra. Gray, A. On the affinities

of the genus Vavaea, Beuth. ; also of Rhytidandra,
Gray. 8 pp. (Am. Acad, of Arts and Sci. Mem. n. s.
V. 5, pt. 2, 1855, p. 329.)

Rianibourg, Jean Baptiste Claude. Foisset,

J. T. Biographie de R. 19 pp. ( Correspondant, v. 25,
1819, p. 3.)— Frantin, (— ). OEuvres completes de R.
11 pp. ( Correspondant, v. 27, 1851, p. 293.)

Riant, Paul, Qomte. 1836—. Expeditions
et pelerinages des Soandinaves en Terre
Sainte au temps des Croisades. Paris, 1865.
8°. 3735

Rihadeneira, Pedro de. 1527-1611. Obras
escogidas. Con una noticia de su vida y
juicio critico de sus escritos por Don Vicente
de la Fuente. Madrid, 1868. 8°. (Bibliot.
de autor. espan.) — 1193

Contents. Epistolario. — Vida de Ignacio de

Loyola. — La Fuente, V. de. Discurso prellminar.
— Vida del Padre Diego Lainez. — Tratado del prin-
cipe cristiano. — Historia eclesiaatica del scigma
del reino de Inglaterra. — Tratado de la i i i bu lacion.

L«a Fuente, V. de. Noticias biograflcas de R. ;

Obras de R. 19 pp. (Ribadenelra, P. de, Obras escog.
pp. v, xv: Bibliot. de autor. espan.)

Ribalta, Francisco. Mantz, P. Francisco
Ribalta. 8 pp. (Blanc, A. A. P. C, Hist, des peinlres,
Eeole espagnole.)

Ribary, Ferencz. Essai sur la langue
basque. Tr. du hongrois, avec des notes
complementaires et suivi d'une notice bib-
liographique par J. Vinson. Paris, 1877.
8°. —2134

Ribauld de Rochefort. See Rebauld
de la Chapelle, J.

Ribault, Jean. Circa 1520-65. Histoire
memorable du dernier voyage aux Indes, lieu appele
la Floride (Nouvelle France). 20 pp. (French, B. F.,
Hist. coll. of La. v. 3, 1851, p. 203.)— Narrative of the 1
voyage to take possession of, and found a colony of
French Protestants (Huguenots) in Florida, 1662.
32 pp. (French, B. F., Hist. coll. of La. and Florida, 2 s.
1875, p. 159.)— Voyage to Florida, 1562; 2 voyage,
1565. 23 pp. (Hakluyt, R., Voyages, v. 3, pp. 371, 419.)

Sparks, J. Life of R. 156 pp. tin his Am. biog.

2 s. v. 7, p. 1.)

Ribbeck, Ernst Friedrich. 1783 - 1860.
Donatus und Augustinus, oder der erste
entscheidende kampf zwischen separatis-
mus und kirche. Elberfeld, 1858. 8°. —3272

Ribbeck, Johann Karl Otto. 1827—. Fried-
rich Wilhelm Ritschl. Ein beitrag zur ge-
schichte der philologie. Leipzig, 1879-81.
2 v. 8°. 5861

Geschichte der roemischen dichtung, V; 1.

Stuttgart, 1887. r. 8°. 3212

Ueber die mittlere und neuere attische

komoedie. Oeffentlicher vortrag, gehalten
im Rathhause zu Bern. Leipzig, 1857. 12°.

3267 und seine tragoedien. 31 pp. (Samml.

wissens. vortrg. v. 4, 1870, p. 383.)

(Ed.) Leipziger studien zur classischen

philologie. See Leipziger studien.

(Ed.) P. Vergili Maronis Opera. See

Virgilius Maro, P.

(Ed. ) Scaenicae Romanorum poesis frag-

menta. Lipsiae, 1871-73. 2 v. 8°. 3245




Contents. Comicorum Ronianorum praeter Plautum
et Terentlum fragmenta, v. 2 :

Afranlus, L.
Aprlsslus (?).
Atta, T. Q.
Caecillus Statlus.
Ennlus, Q.
Laberlus, D.
Xicinlus Imbrex.
Llvius Andronlcus.
Traglcorum Romauorum fragmenta, v. 1


Lusclus Lavinius.



Naevlus, C.


Pomponius Bononlensls, L.

Syrus, P.



Turplllus, S.


Incerti poetae.

Acclus, L. Pompillus.

Ennlus, Q. Pomponlus Secundus, P.

Gracchus. Santra.

Livlus Andronlcus. Scaevua Memor.

Naevlus, C. Varlus Rufus, L.

Ovidlus Naso, P. Voplscus, 0. J. C. S.

Pacuvius, M. Incerti poetae.
Conington, J. On parts of Rlbbeck's Prolego-
mena crltlca to his ed. of Virgil. 21 pp. (Vlrglllus
Maro, P., Opera, with a commentary by J. Conington, v. 3,
p. 471.)

Ribbing, Sigurd. 1816—. Ueber das ver-
haeltniss zwisohen den Xenophontischen
und den Platonischen berichten ueber die
persoenlichkeit und die lehre des Socrates ;
zugleich eine darstellung der hauptpuncte
der Socratischen lehre. Upsala, 1870. 8°.


Ribbonism, its oath and structure. 8 pp.

(Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 62, 1863, p. 003.)

Ribchester, England. Just, J., and Har-

land, J. On Roman R. 23 pp. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc.

Journ. v. 0, 1851, p. 229.)— Townley, C. Account of

antiquities discovered at R. 8 pp. ( Vetusta monumenta,

v. 4, pi. 1-4.)
Ribe, Denmark. Chronicon ecclesiae Ripen-

sis. 28 pp. (Langebeck, J., and Subm, P. F., Script.

rer. Danic. v. 7, p. 182.)— Necrologium Ripense.

37 pp. (Langebeck, J., and Subm, P. F., Script, rer.

Danic. V. 5, p. 534.)

Ribeira* Manoel Soarez da. 16 cent. Ob-
servationum Juris liber. 34 pp. (Meerman, G., Nov.
thes. v. 5, p. 561.)

Ribeii'O, Bernardin. 16 cent. A huma

molber que seruia ... 4 pp. (Biblioth. lit. vereins in
Stuttg. v. 26, p. 389.)

Iieaves from the Portuguese olive. Bernar-

aim Ribeyro. 11 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 37, 1851,
p. 302.)

Ribera, Jose, called Spagnoletto. Blanc, A.

A. P. C. In his Hist, des peintres : Ecole espagnole.
8 pp. — Eisenmann, O. Giuseppe Ribera, gen. Spag-
noletto. 14 pp. (Dohme, R., Kunst und kuenstler, v. 6.)

Ribeyre, Felix. 1831 — . Biographie des
representants a l'Assemblee nationale. An-
gers, 1871. 12°. 3837

Ribier, Cesar. 1762-1820. Notice ; CEuvres
oratoires. 49 pp. (Migne, J. P., Orat. sacr&s, v. 68, p. 841.)

Ribini, Johann (Ed.) —1788. Memorabilia
Augustanae conf essionis in regno Hungariae,
a Ferdinando I, usque ad III. [Francoforti],
1787. 8°. —1277

Ribot, Theodule. 1839—. Diseases of mem-
ory: an essay in the positive psychology.
Tr. by W. H. Smith. New York, 1882. 12°.
(Internat. Sci. S.) —3767

English psychology; tr. from the French.

2 ed. London, 1877. 12°. —1437

Heredity: a psychological study of its

phenomena, laws, causes, and consequences.
From the French. New York, 1875. 12°.


La psychologie allemande contemporaine.

(Ecole experimentale.) Paris, 1879. 8°.


It i bond. Thomas. Lenoir, A. Rapport sur

un mfimolre de R., Intitule 1 Description d'un olyphant
ou grand cornet. 13 pp. (Soc. antlq. de France, Mlm.
v. 2, 1820, p. 312.)

Ribourt, Pierre Felix. 1811—. Rapport

sur les itln6raires dresses par MM. les ofllciers de
gSnle du corps expMltlonnaire du Mexlque. 5 pp.
(Archiv. commis. sci. du Mex. v. 2, p. 455.)

Ribton-Ttirner, C . J. History of vagrants
and vagrancy, and beggars and begging.
London, 1887. 8°. —1382

Ricaniatore. See Giovanni da Udine.

Ricarde, Queen of France. 9 cent. Charta

pro Stivagiensi coen'obll. 2 pp. (Bouquet, M., Bee.
hist. Gaules, v. 9, p. 662.)

Ricardo, of San Oermano. 13 cent. Chro-
nica, 1189-1243 ; Eplstola ad patres Casinenses in flue
vitae missae. 66 pp. (Frankfort Soc. Script, v. 19, pp.
321, 384; Muratorl, L. A., Rer. Hal. script, v. 7, p. 963.)

Ricardo, David. 1772-1823. Works. With
a notice of the life and writings of the author,
by J. R. McCulloch. 2 ed. London, 1852.
8°. —1305

Contents. Protection to agriculture. — Reply to
Mr. Bosanquet'g practical observations on the
report of tbe bullion committee.— High price of bul-
lion a proof of the depreciation of bank notes. —
Essay on the influence of a low price of corn on tbe
profits of stock, shewing the Inexpediency of restric-
tions on importation.— Proposals for an economical
and secure currency; with observations on tbe
profits of the Bank of England as they regard tbe
public and the proprietors of bank stock.— Essay on
the funding system.— McCulloch, J. R. Life
and writings of R.— Plan for the establishment of a
national bank. — Observations on Parliamentary
reform.— Principles of political economy and
taxation.— Speech on the plan of voting by ballot.
— Index.

Letters to Thomas Robert Malthus, 1810-

23. Ed. by James Bonar. Oxford, 1887.
8°. —1366

Bagehot, W. David Ricardo. 10 pp. (Economic

studies, p. 151.)— Brougham, H., Baron. Ricardo.
19 pp. (In his Hist, sketches of statesmen, v. 2, p. 155 :
Works, v. 4.)— Sir P. Francis and Ricardo on bullion.
9 pp. (Quart. Rev. v. 3, 1810, p. 152.)— Cherbuliez, A.
E. La doctrine de R. et l'ecole harmonlenne. 26 pp.
(Biblioth. univ. el rev. Suisse, 4 s. V. 29, 1855, p. 313.) —
Crombie, A. Letter to R., containing an analysis of
his pamphlet on the depreciation of bank notes. 44
pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 10, 1817, p. 529.)— Jemmett, H.
Observations on Rlcardo's "Principles of political
economy and taxation." 11 pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 27,
1826, p. 141.)— McCulloch, J. R. Life and writings
of R. 19 pp. (Ricardo, D., Works, p. xv.)— Principles
of political economy and taxation. 33 pp.
(Rev. of in Blackwood's Mag. v. 1, 1817, p. 175 ; Edin. Rev.
v. 30, 1818, p. 59.)— Letter on Rlcardo's theory of rent.
6 pp. (Blaclcwood's Mag. v. 21, 1827, p. 74.)— Ricardo
and Adam Smith. 51 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 52,
1842, pp. 338, 457, 718.)— Ricardo and the Edin-
burgh Review. 5 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 4, 1819,
p. 58.)— Opinions of R. and of Adam Smith on some
of the leading doctrines of political economy. 20 pp.
(Pamphleteer, v. 23, 1824, p. 517 ; V. 24, 1824, p. 49.)

Ricart, Robert, —circa 1508. The maire
of Bristowe is kalendar. Ed. by Lucy
Toulmin Smith. [Westminster], 1872. 4°.
{Camden Soc. n. s. No. 5.) 1594

Ricauti, T. J. Sketches for rustic work ;
including bridges, park and garden build-
ings, seats, and furniture. With descrip-
tions and estimates of the buildings. Lon-
don, 1848. 4°. —1771

RiCCi,Luigi. 1742-99. Riforma degl' istituti
pii della citta di Modena. [Anon.] Modena
[1787]. 8°. -1386

RiCCl, Matteo. Nocentini, L. II primo
siuologo, p. Matteo Riccl. 8 pp. (Cong, internaz
degli orient. Atti, 1878, v. 2, p. 273. )

and Trigault, Nicholas. Discourse of

the kingdome of China. 32 pp. (Purchas, S., Bis
pilgrimes, v. 3, p. 380.)




Ricci, Mauro. 1826—. La religione e la

pleU di Dante. 36 pp. (Cellini, M., and Ghlvizzant,
G., Dante e il suo secolo, p. 79.)

Ricci, Scipione. Potter, L. J. A. de. Me-
moirs of Soipio de Ricci. Ed. by Thos.
Roscoe. 1829, 2 v.

See alsi> Dublin Rev. V. 32, 1852, p. 48.

Ricciardetto di Niccolo Carteromaco.

Fortiguerra, N. 3 v. 2364

Ricciardo, Conte di San Bonifacio. Vita.

8 pp. (Graevius, J. G., Tlies. antiq. Ital. v. 6, pt. 1;
Muratorl, L. A., Rer. Ital. script, v. 8, p. 117.)

Ricciarelli, D. See Volterra, D.

Riccio, D. See Rizzio, D.

Riccio, or Ricci, Michele. lGcent. Deregi-

bus Siclliae, eorumque orlglue et successlone, librl IV.
20 pp. (Graevius, J. Q., Thes. antiq. Sicil. v. 5.)

RiCCO, Mazzeo di. IS cent. Canzoni. Sonnet.

7 pp. (Rossetti, D. G., Dante and his circle, p. 323.) —
Poesie. 9 pp. [Ilalienische lieder, p. 37: Biblioth. lit.
vereins in Stuttg. v. 5.)

Riccobaldo, of Ferrara. —circa 1313.

Hlstoria universalis ab anno clrclter 700 usque ad
annum 1297 ; Clironicon Romanorum lmperatorum a
Carolo Magno usque ad Ottonem IV. 172 pp. (Mura-
torl, L. A., Rer. Ital. script. V. 9, pp. 97, 279.)

Riccoboni, Antonio. 1541-99. De gymnasio
Patavino coramentariorum librl VI. 114 pp. (Graevius,
J. G„ Thes. antiq. Ital. V. 6, pt. 4.)

Meeioii. J. P. Mem. des hommes, v. 28.

Riccoboni, Luigi. Circa 1675-1753. Dell'
arte rappresentativa capitoli sei. Londra,
1728. 8°. [With his Hist, du theatre italien.)


Histoire du theatre italien depuis la de-
cadence de la comedie latine ; avec un cata-
logue des tragedies et comedies italiennes
imprimees depuis 1 'an 1500, jusqu'al'an 1660,
et une dissertation sur la tragedie moderne.
[Paris, 1728.] 8°. 3345

Riccoboui, Mme. Marie Jeanne Laboras de
Mezieres. 1714-92. CEuvres completes.
Nouv. ed., avec une notice sur la vie et les
ouvrages de l'auteur, et ornee de 6 gravures.
Paris, 1818. 6 v. 8°. —1101

Contents. Abeille, v. 3.— Suite de l'Abeille, v. 3.—
Lettres d'Adelaide de Dammartiti, Comtesse de
Sancerre, v. 4.— Histoire d'Aloise de IJivarot, v. 2.
— Ami lie, v. 2. — Histoire des Amours de Ger-
trude, v. 2. — Aveugle, v. 3.— Les Caquets, comedie,
v. 6.— Histoire de Christine de Snalje, v. 2.— Col-
man, G., tltA elder. The Deuce Is In him, ou 11 est

poss§de, comedie, v. 5 Jealous wife, ou la femme

Jalouse, comedie, v. 6.— Histoire de Deux jeunes
amies, v. 2.— Lettres d'Elisabeth-Sophie de Val-

liere, v. 3 — Histoire d'Enguerrand, v. 2 Histoire

d'Ernestine, v. 1.— Kelly, H. False delicacy, ou la
fausse delicatesse, comedie, v. 6. —Lettres de Madame
la Marquise d'Artigues, a sa soeur, v. 3. —Suite de
Marianne, v. 1.— Histoire du Marquis de Cressy,
v. 1 — Lettres de Miladl Juliette Catesby, v. 3.—
Lettres de Milord Rivers, v. 4.— Histoire de Miss
Jenny, v. 1.— Lettres de Mistriss Pannl Butlerd,
v. 4.— Moore, E. The Foundling, ou l'Enfant trouve,
v. 5.— Murphy, A. The Way to keep him, ou la fajon
de le fixer, comedie, v. 5.— Lettres de la Frlncegse
Zelmai'de, v. 3.— Notice sur la vie et sur les ouvrages
de R. v. 5.

History of Miss Jenny Salisbury. Tr.

from the French. London, 1764. 2 v. 16°.


Notice sur la vie et sur les ouvrages de R. 56 pp.

{In lier GSuvres compl. v. 5, p. 1.)

Rice, Charles Allen Thorndike(#d.) 1853-89.
Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln by distin-
guished men of his time. New York, 1886.
&"■ 3794

Alley, J. P. Boutwell, G. S.

Andrews, E. W. Butler, Gen. B. F.

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[Ed.) North American Review. See

North American Review.

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the celebration of the 200 anniversary of the
1 parish at Salem village, now Danvers,
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Boston, 1874. 8°. —3273

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Sir Richard Whittington. See Besant,

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John A. Rice's library to be sold Mch. 1870.

[With prices.] 1870.
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Speech in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, July
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ornamental turning, in eccentric and con-
centric patterns intended chiefly for the use
of beginners. Southampton, 1819. 4°





Rich, Claudius James. 1787-1821. Narra-
tive of a journey to the site of Babylon in
1811 ; memoir on the ruins ; remarks on the
topography of ancient Babylon, by Major
Rennell, in reference to the memoir ; with
narrative of a journey to Persepolis. Ed.
by his widow. London, 1839. 8°. 1774

Narrative of a residence in Koordistan,

and on the site of ancient Nineveh ; with
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the most distinguished persons of all times,
written for the work by Sir Archibald Ali-
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• 2 ed. London, 1858. 8°. R.124

Occult sciences. See Smedley, E., and


See also Hawks, F. L. Pictorial cyclopaedia of

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Monthly, v. 25, 1870, p. 711.)— In the sea. 1 p. (Allant.

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