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Modena. 1860, 2 v. (In her Queens of Eng-
land, v. 9, 10.)

The same, tr. into French. (Corres-
pondant, v. 20, 21, 1847-48.)

James II and Mary of Modena. 21 pp. {Dublin

Rev. V. 22, 1847, p. 428.)

Mary de Crousa. 15 pp. (Fraser's Mag.

V. 18, 1838, p. 28.)

Mary Hughes, a tale of the "Welsh high-
lands. 11 pp. {Fraser's Mag. v. 6, 1832, p. 33.)

Mary Kingsford. 6 pp. (Harper's Mag.

V. 3, 1851, p. 121.)

Mary MacAlister, a tale of the Antrim

glens. 16 pp. {Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 32, 1848, p. 389.)

Mary Magdalene, St. Fisher, J., Bp. of

Rochester. De unica Magdalena. 36 pp. ( Opera, p. 1393.)
— Jameson, Mrs. A. M. St. Mary Magdalene. 39 pp.
{In her Sacred and legendary art, v. 1, p. 343.)— Lacor-
dnire, J. B. H. Saiute Marie Madeleine. 121 pp.
{OCuvres, v. 9, p. 361.)— Legend of Provence. 32 pp.
{Dublin Rev. n. a. v. 31,1878, p. 42.)— Halon de Chaide,
P. La conversion de la Madalena. 143 pp. {Escril.
del siglo XVI, v. 1, p. 275 : Bibliot. de aulor. espan. v. 27.)
— Marlcham, G. Marie Magdalene's teares. 62 pp.
(Fuller worthies' llbr. Miscel. v. 2.)— Mary Magda-
lene in tlie Gospels. 22 pp. {Dublin Eev. n. s. v. 19,
1872, p. 28.)— Rahamis Manrns Magnentius, Abp.
of Mayence. De vita beatae Mariae Magdalenae. 39 pp.
(Migne, J. P., Patrol, s. Lat. v. 112, p. 1431.)— South-
well, B. Mary Magdalen's funeral tears. 84 pp.
{Prose works, p. 1.)

See also Ancient mysteries, p. 62 : Abbotsford
Club.— Digby mysteries, p. 53: New Shaks. Soc.
s. 7, No. 1 ; Fraser's Mag. v. 19, 1839, p. 164.

Mary Melrose. 10 pp. (Blackwood's Mag.

v. 25, 1829, p. 411.)

Mary Powell, Maiden and married life of.
Rathbone, Mrs. M. A. M. 1298

Mary Schweidler, the amber witch. Mein-
hold, J. W. (Murray, J., IAbr.) 3157

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. 1542-87.
Latin themes, pub. from the original MS in
her own handwriting. Ed. by Anatole de
Montaiglon. London, 1855. 12°. (Warton
Club.) 3217

Lettres de, et de Christine, Reine de

Suede ; precedees de notices sur Marie
Stuart, Elisabeth, et Christine. Pub. par
Leopold Collin. Paris, 1807. 3 v. 16°- 5881

Lettres, instructions, et memoires. Pub.

sur les originaux et les MSS du State paper
office de Londres et des principales archives
et bibliotheques de 1 'Europe, et accompagnes
d'un resume chronologique par le Prince
Alexandre Labanoff. Londres, 1844. 7 v.
8°. (Rev. of in Quart. Rev. v. 77, 1846, p.
139.) 4864

Lettres, pub. avec sommaires, traduc-
tions, notes, et fac-simile par A. Teulet.
Paris, 1839. 8°- 4866

Love letters to James, Earl of Bothwell ;

with her love sonnets and marriage con-
tracts. [Ed.] by Hugh Campbell. London,
n.d. 8°. 4892

Poems. Ed. by Julian Sharman. Lon-
don, 1873. p. 8°. 1394

Charter ... in favour of James Sandilandis,

Lord St. John, of the possessions of the templars and
hospitallers, 24 Feb., 1663. 14 pp. {Spottiswoode Miscel.
v. 2, p. 17.)— Lettres. 13 pp. {Rev. rUrospect. 2 s. v. 4,
1835, p. 114.)— Poeins. 7 pp. (Chalmers, G., Poet,
remains of some of the Scotish Icings, p. 183.)

Andeeson, J. [Ed.) Collections relating

to the history of Mary, Queen of Scotland.
1727-28, 4 v.

Buchanan, G. Detectio : sive de Maria

Scotorum regina ; Actio contra Mariam.
1725. (Opera omnia, v. 1.)

Detectioun of the doingis of Marie,

Quene of Scottis, twiching the murther of
hir husband. 1572. (Anderson, J., Coll. rel.
to . . . Mary, Queen of Scotl. v. 2.)

Caied, A. M. Mary Stuart, her guilt or

innocence. 1866.

Chalmers, G. Life of Mary, Queen of

Scots. 1822, 3 v.

Chantelauze, R. de. Marie Stuart et les

causes de sa chute. (Correspondant, n. s.
v. 60-62, 1874-75.)

Marie Stuart, son proces et son exe-
cution. 1876.

Note.— Repr. from Correspondant, n. s. v. 63-65, 1875.

Crosby, A. J., and Bruce, J. (Eds.) Ac-
counts and papers relating to Mary, Queen
of Scots. 1867. (Camden Soc. No. 93.)

Elizabeth, Queen of England. Corres-
pondence with George, Earl of Shrewsbury,
during the 15 years in which Mary, Queen
of Scots, remained in his custody. 1838.
(Lodge, E., Illust. of British hist. v. 2.)

Froude, J. A. In his History of Eng-
land, v. 4-12. 1858-70, 9 v.

Gaedeke, A. Maria Stuart. 1879.

Hosack, J. Mary, Queen of Scots and

her accusers. 1870-74, 2 v.

Kirkaldy, Sir W. Memoirs and adven-
tures. 1849.

Laing, M. History of Scotland . . . with

a preliminary dissertation on the participa-
tion of Mary, Queen of Scots, in the murder
of Darnley. 1819, 4 v.

Leader, J. D. Mary, Queen of Scots in

captivity: a narrative of events from Jan.
1569 to Dec. 1584. 1880.

Mackie,C. Castles, palaces, and prisons

of Mary, Queen of Scots. 1853.

Maxwell, J., Baron Herries. Historical

memoirs of the reign of Mary, Queen of
Scots. 1836. (Abbotsford Club.)

Meline, J. F. Mary, Queen of Scots and

her latest English historian. 1872.

Melville, Sir J. Memoirs. 1752 ; 1827.

Mignet, F. A. A. Histoire de Marie

Stuart. 1852, 2 v.

Petit, J. A. History of Mary Stuart,

Queen of Scots. 1874, 2 v.

Philippes, M. Treatise concerning the

defence of the honour of . . . Marie, Queene
of Scotlande. 1571. (Anderson, J., Coll.
rel. to . . . Mary, Queen of Scotl. v. 1.)

Poulet, Sir A. Letter-books of. 1874.

Raumer, F. L. G. von. Die koeniginnen

Elisabeth und Maria Stuart. 1836. (In his
Beitr. zur neueren geschichte, v. 1.)

The same, tr. into English. 1836. (In his
Contrib. to modern history.)

Scott, Sir W. The Abbot. 1860, 2 v.

(Waverley novels, v. 20, 21.)




— Strickland, A. Mary Stuart. 1852-58,
5 v. (In her Queens of Scotland, v. 3-7.)

— Stuart, J. A lost chapter in the history
of Mary, Queen of Scots recovered. 1874.

— Swinburne, A. C. Bothwell, a tragedy.

Chastelard, a tragedy. 1868.

Mary Stuart, a tragedy. 1881.

— Thorpe, M. J. (Ed.) Calendar of state
papers, relating to Scotland, v. 2. State
papers relating to Mary, Queen of Scots
during her detention in England, 1568-87.
1858. (Gt. Brit. Bolls chron.)

— Tytler, W. Inquiry, historical and criti-
cal, into the evidence against Mary, Queen
of Scots. 1790, 2 v.

— Abbott, L. Mary, Queen of ScotB. 17 pp. (Har-
per's Mag. v. 46, 1873, p. 347.)— Alflerl, V. Maria
Stuarda, tragedia. 83 pp. ( Opere, v. 5, p. 5.)— The same,
tr. Into English. 56 pp. (Tragedies, tr. by E. A. Bowring,
v. 1, p. 625: Bonn, H. G., Stand. Libr. ; Tr. by 0. Lloyd,
v. 2, p. 247.)— Babington conspiracy. Mary Stuart.
43 pp. {Dublin Rev. n. s. V. 23, 1874, p. 336.)— Birch,
W. de G. Original documents relating to Sheffield,
principally in connection with M. 17 pp. (Brit. Ar-
chaeol. Assoc. Journ. v. 30, 1874, p. 308.)— Brantome,
P. Marie Stuart. 44 pp. ( OHuvres compl. v. 5,
p. 82 ; and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, Lettres, 1807, v.
1, p.i.) — Brougham, H., Baron. Elizabeth's conduct
to M. 6 pp. (tn his Historical sketches of statesmen,
v. 1, 1854, p. 455.)— Remembrance of the order and
manner of the burial of M. 6 pp. (Archaeoloyia, v.
1, 1779, p. 357.)— Mary, Queen of Scots. The casket
papers. 42 pp. (Dublin Rev. n. s. v. 14, 1870, p. 123.)
— Chantelauze, R. de. Marie Stuart et ses derniers
historiens. 40 pp. (Correspondanl, n. s. v. 69, 1874, p.
1034.)— Chasles, V. E. P. Nouveaux documens sur M.
48 pp. (Rev. d. deux mondes, 1841, 4 s. v. 26, p. 5.) —
Clieruel, A. Marie Stuart et Henri III. Relations
diplomatlques de la France et de l'Angleterre. 20 pp.
(Rev. contemp. 1856, v. 5, p. 713.) — Coquebert de
Montbret, C. E., Baron. Notice sur une lettre auto-
graphe de M. avec un facsimile. 3 pp. (Soc. antlq. de
France, Mim. v. 9, 1832, p. 291.)— Didron, A. N. Icono-
graphle de Francois II et de M. 6 pp. 2 pi. (Ann.
archM. V. 11, 1851, p. 108.)— Elizabeth and Mary.
26 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 101, 1867, p. 389.)— The
French on Queen Mary. 20 pp. (Blackwood's
Mag. v. 86, 1869, p. 617.)— Froude and Queen Mary.
18 pp. (Blackwood' s Mag. v. 107, 1870, p. 105.)— Fronde's
History of England. Mary Stuart. 35 pp. (Dublin
Reo. n. s. v. 3, 1864, p. 97.)— Holt, H. F. On the Great
Seal of Francis II of France aud M. 9 pp. (Brit.
Archaeol. Assoc. Journ. v. 24, 1868, p. 343.)— Hunter, J.
On the claim of Hardwick in Derbyshire to have been
one of the residences of M. during her captivity in
England. 10 pp. (Archaeol ogia, v. 32, 1847, p. 73.)—
Imprisonment of M. at Bolton castle. 3 pp.
1 pi. (Arcliaeologia, v. 21, 1827, p. 161.)— Jameson,
Mrs. A. M. Mary, Queen of Scots. 61 pp. (In her
Memoirs of female sovereigns, v. 1, p. 218.)— Joubert,
L. Nouvelle apologie de M. 20 pp. (Rev. contemp. 1864,
v. 2, p. 45.)— Letters of M. 16 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 28,
1843, p. 253.)— Mary, Queen of Scots. 114 pp.
(Blackwood's Mag. v. 9, 1821 , p. 194 ; Dublin Rev. v. 19,
1845, p. 195; iV. Am. Rev. v. 34, 1832, p. 144; Quart. Rev.
V. 67, 1841, p. 303.)— Mary Stuart. 47 pp. ( Westm. Rev.
n. s. V. 1, 1852, p. 96.) — Mary Stuart and her times.
54 pp. (N. Brit. Rev. v. 4, 1846, p. 1.)— Menzies, J.,
and GUlis, J. Notices of the portrait of M. 2 pp.
(Soc. of antlq. Scotl. Archaeol. Scot. v. i, 1857, p. 370.)—
Nisard, J. M. N. D. Le procea de M. 23 pp. (Rev.
d. deux mondes, 1851, n. per. v. 12, p. 466.) — Queen
Mary. 15 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 72, 1852, p. 614.)—
Sadler, Sir R. Letters and papers relating to M.
during her imprisonment in England. 214 pp. (In las
State papers, v. 3, p. 89.)— Schiller, J. C. F. von.
Maria Stuart, trauerspiel. 178 pp. (Saemmt. werke,
v. 5, p. 1.) — The same, tr. into English. 124 pp. (Hist,
dramas, p. 205: Bohn, H. G., Stand. Libr.)— Si .inonnet,
J. Marie Stuart et la critique htstorlque. 25 pp.
(Rev. contemp. 1870, v. 4, p. 112.)— Skelton, J. (Ed.)
The trial of M. 39 pp. (Fraser's Mag. n. s. v. 4, 1871,
pp. 586, 727.)— Strickland, A. Escape of M. from
Locnleven Castle. 4 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 2, 1851, p. 22.)
— Swinburne, A. C. Note on the character of M.
13 pp. (Fortn. Reo. n. s. v. 31, 1882, p. 13.)— Tytler, W.

PABT IV.— 15.

Dissertation on the marriage of M. with the Earl of
Bothwell. 11 pp. (Soc. of antlq. Scotl. Archaeol. Scot.
v. 1, 1792, p. 611.)— Vondcl, J. van den. Maria Stuart.
71 pp. (Werken, v. 5, p. 431.)— Way, A. The slguot-
ring aud silver bell of M. 14 pp. 1 pi. (Archaeol. Journ.
v. 15, 1858, p. 253.)— WyngBeld, R. Account of the
'execution of M. 12 pp. (Clarendon Hist. Soc.)

See also Elizabeth, Queen of England. — Scotland,

Mary the Virgin, Monastery of. Chronica

abbatum Beatae Mariae Virginis lu Arena. 131 pp.
(Script, rer. Sites, v. 2, p. 156.)

Maijan, M. L'Envers d'une dot. 119 pp.

( Oorrespondant, n. s. V. 87, 1881, pp. 870, 1073 ; V. 88, 1881,
pp.89, 298.)— Kate. 121pp. ( Oorrespondant, n. s. v. 77,

1878, p. 1039 ; V. 78, 1879, pp. 120, 300, 489.)— Un Mariage
de convenince. 46 pp. (Correspondent, n. s. v. 80,

1879, p. 98.) — Primavera. 131pp. (Oorrespondant, n.
s. v. 74, 1878, pp. 289, 448, 643, 837.)— Le Roman d'un
medecin de campagne. 108 pp. (Oorrespondant,
n. 8. V. 84, 1880, pp. 283, 481, 688, 874.)


Alsop, G. Character of the province of
Maryland . . . together with a collection of
historical letters. New ed. with an intro-
duction and copious historical notes by John
Gilmary Shea. 1869.

The same. 1880. (Md. Hist. Soc. Fund
pub. No. 15.)

Brief sketch of Maryland ; its geography,

boundaries, history, government, legisla-
tion, internal improvements . . . 1845.

Dalrymple, Rev. E. A. (Ed.) Extracts

from different letters of missionaries, from
1638 to 1677. [Lot. and Eng.] 1877. (Md.
Hist. Soc. Fund pub. No. 7, Supplement.)

Edwards, R. Statistical gazetteer of the

state of Maryland. 1856.

Fisher, R. S. Gazetteer of Maryland.

Hammond, J. Leah and Rachel, or, the

two f ruitf ull sisters Virginia, and Mary -land.

1656. (Force, P., Tracts, v. 3.)

Hawes, G. W. Maryland state gazet-
teer and business directory, 1867-68. n. d.

Howard, G. W. In his Monumental city.

1873-83, 3 v.

Maryland Pocket Annual, 1839. n. d.

Pangborn, J. G. Picturesque B. and O.

1882 ; 1883.

Relation of Maryland, reprinted from the

London ed. of 1635. With a prefatory note
and appendix by Francis L. Hawks. 1865.
(Sabin, J., Reprints, No. 2.)

Shrigley, N. A true relation of Vir-
ginia and Mary-Land. 1669 ; repr. 1844.
(Force, P., Tracts, v. 3.)

White, A., Father. Relatio itineris in

Marylandiam. 1635-1638. Narrative of a
voyage to Maryland. Ed. by Rev. E. A. Dal-
rymple. [Lot. and Eng.] 1874. (Md. Hist.
Soc. Fund pub. No. 7.)

Wingate, J. The Maryland register for

1856-57, 1860-61, 1874-75-76. 1856-75, 3 v.

Johnson, J., Jr. Old Maryland manors. 38 pp.

(Adams, H. B., Johns Hoplcins Univ. studies, No. 7 ; and
in Mayer, L., Ground rents in Maryland, p. 137.) —
Kennedy, J. P. A legend of M. 28 pp. (Atlant.
Monthly, v. 6, 1860, pp. 29, 141.)— Pyle, H. A peninsular
Canaan: M. 13 pp. (Harper's Mag. v. 59, 1879, p. 63.)
—Taylor, B. Down the Eastern Shore. 7 pp. 1 Har-
per's Mag. v. 43, 1871, p. 702.)— Townsend, G. A.
Chesapeake peninsula. 12 pp. (Scribner's Monthly, v.
3, 1872, p. 513.)

See also Annapolis.— Baltimore City.— Balti-
more County. — Cecil County. — Ellicott's
Mills.— Kent County.

MARYLAND, African colonization



fll arj laml, African colonization.

Maryland Colonization Journal. 1841-57,

Maryland State Colonization Society. Re-
ports of the Board of Managers. 1835, '50,
'52, '53, '56, '58.

Board of State Colonization, Managers. Report,

Jan. 29, 1858. 4 pp. (Md. Senate, Journ. and Doc. 1858,
F.)— Hall, ,T. Address to the tree people of color of
the state of Maryland. 15 pp. 1859.— Latrobe, J.
H. B. Colonization and abolition. An address deliv-
ered May 13, 1852. 46 pp.— McKeiuicy, W. A brief
statement of facts, shewing the origin, progress, and
necessity of African colonization. 1836.— McPher-
son, B. W. Report of the select committee on the
communications relative to the tariff, the Colonization
Society, and the method of electing President and
Vice-President. 7 pp. (Md. Pub. Doe. 1829.)— Mary-
land State Colonization Society. Ann. re-
■port (3) of the Board of Managers. 1834. 28 pp. (Md.
Pub. Doc. 1834.)— Report in answer to an order of the
House of Delegates, 2 Jan. 1844. 31 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc.
Sess. 1843, P.)— Treasurer of* the Western Shore.
Report concerning the tax for colonization in obedi-
ence to an order of the House of Delegates of 24 Jan.
1835. 5 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. Sess. 1834.)

See also under Colored population.

Maryland, Banks.

House of Delegates. Report of the committee
to whom was referred a bill, entitled, "An act
for the better regulation of the banking institu-
tions of this state," with the proposed amendments
from the Senate. March 14, 1840. 8 pp. (Md. Pub.
Doc. 1839, G. G.)— Statement of the condition of
the banks of Mai'yland, made to the Treasurer
of the Western Shore. Feb. 20,1840. 16 pp. {Md. Pub.
Doc. 1839.)— Report of the select committee of House of
Delegates, appointed to investigate the affairs of the
Farmers' and Millers' Bank of Hagerstown.
71 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1842, Q.)— Communication from
the Treasurer of the Western Shore in relation to the
charter of the Farmers' and Millers' Bank. 1843.
4 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1842, X.)— Randall, A. Commu-
nication to the Senate, in relation to state and national
banks. March 7, 1835. 10 pp. (Md. Senate, Journ. and
Doc. 1865, K.)— Report of the committee of House of
Delegates to whom was referred several memorials
praying for the establishment of a real estate bank.
"Feb. 28, 1835. 14 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1834.)— Treasurer
of the Western Shore. Report relative to the several
banks in this state. Jan. 11, 1828. 4 pp. (Md.
Pub. Doc. 1828.)— Report of the select committee of
House of Delegates to which was referred the bill
from the House of Delegates, providing for the resump-
tion of specie payments by the banks of this state.
Also minority report. (Wm. Prick.) 14pp. (Md.Pwo.
Doc. 1841-42.)— Report of the select committee of House
of Delegates relative to the establishment of a state
bank, and a national currency. Jan. 26, 1835. 52 pp.
(Md. Pub. Doc. 1834.)— Treasurer of the W. S. Commu-
nication to the House, in obedience to their order . . .
18 ult. enclosing statements from the several
banks. 10 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1829.)— Treasurer of
the W. S. Report concerning the Union Bank of
M. 1829. 5 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1829.)— Commission-
ers of House of Delegates appointed to examine the
affairs of the Western Bank of Baltimore. Feb.
8, 1840. 8 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1839, S.)

See also under the other divisions, Comptroller of
the Treasury — Finances.— State Treasurer.—
Treasurer of the Western Shore. Also Bank
of Maryland.

Maryland, Bibliography.

Mayer, B. In his Catalogue of a choice
collection of books . . . 1870.
Maryland, Biography.

Biographical cyclopaedia of representa-
tive men of Maryland and the District of
Columbia. 1879.

Boyle, E. Biographical sketches of dis-
tinguished Marylanders. 1877.

Maryland, Boundaries.

Aydelott, W. J. Report of Eastern Shore boun-
dary between M. and Va. 11 pp. (Md. Senate, Journ.
Senate and House, Doc. 1872, G.)— Commissioner for
surveying boundary line between states of
M. and Va. Report. 1884. 22 pp. (Md. House and

Senate, Doc. 1884, K.) — Joint Commissioners to ad-
just the boundary line of the states of Maryland
and Virginia. Report and Journal of proc. 1874.
(Md. House, Doc. 1874, J. ; Senate, Doc. E.)— Dunlop, J.
Memoir on the controversy between William Pennand
Lord Baltimore respecting the boundaries of Pennsyl-
vania and M. 38 pp. (Penn. Hist. Soc. Mm. v. 1,
1826, p. 159.|— Jones, I. D. Report upon the boun-
dary line award between Md. and Va. 1878. 8 pp.
(Md. House and Senate, Doc. 1878, N.)— Lee, T. J.
Southern boundary of M. 1860. — McDonald, Col. A.
Extract from the report of in March, 1861, to the Gov-
ernor of Virginia, of the results of his mission to Eng-
land to obtain maps and documents relating to the
boundary line between Virginia and M. 13 pp. (Md.
Senate, Journ. Senate and House, Doc. 1872, W.)— Ma-
son and Dixon's line. Message of the Governor
of M. in relation to the boundary lines of Maryland,
Pennsylvania and Delaware. 1850.— Me same. (Bound
pampli. v. 118.)

Maryland, Canals.

Correspondence with the President of the TTnitod
States and Secretary of War, respecting survey of
canal routes, etc. 7 pp. (Md.-Piib. Doc. 1829.)
Report by the Maryland commissioners on a pro-
posed canal from Baltimore to Conewago. 1823.

Report of tho commissioners appointed to explore

and survey the route for a canal from Baltimore to
Port Deposit. 1825. ( Canal reports, 1824-25.) —
Briggs, I. Engineer's report . . . canal from Balti-
more to the Potomac. 1823. 34 pp. (With Fenwick,
A., and others, Report of commissioners . . . canal from
Baltimore to the Potomac, p. 29.) — Fenwick, A., and
others. Report of the commissioners appointed to
examine into the practicability of a canal from Balti-
more to the Potomac. 1823 Howard, W. Report

on the survey of a canal from the Potomac to Balti-
more. 1828.— Trimble, I. Report of the engineer
on the subject of the Maryland canal. 1837.

Chesapeake and Delaware.

Gilpin, J. Memoir on the Chesapeake
and Delaware canal. 1821.

Baltimore City Council. Report of the minor-
ity of the jointspecial committee ... in relation to the
expediency of constructing a cross-cut canal and
also as to the disposition of the rail-road dividend
stock. 1851.

Chesapeake and Ohio.

Acts of the states of Virginia, Maryland,
and Pennsylvania, and of the Congress of the
United States, in relation to. 1828.

Considerations on the question of the

completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
to Cumberland, n. d.

Considerations on the special report, on

completing the canal to Cumberland, n. d.

Correspondence between the Chesapeake

and Ohio Canal Co. and the Bait, and Ohio
Railroad Co. concerning the right of way
along the Potomac river. 1830.

Garrett, J. W. Reply to the communi-
cation of A. P. Gorman, President of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co. May 5, 1877.

Proceedings of the Chesapeake and Ohio

Canal Convention, in Washington. 1823.

Proceedings of the President and direc-
tors, in relation to the present condition of
the work. 1840.

Shriver, J. Account of surveys and ex-
aminations, relative to the projected Chesa-
peake and Ohio, and Ohio and Lake Erie
canals. 1824.

Proceedings of the agents of the state under the

act . . . passed at December session, 1844. 5 pp. (Md.
Pub. .Doc. 1849, 1.)— Annual reports. 1829, '42, '43, '50.
148 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1829, '42, '43, '49.)— Bowie, God.
O. Message upon the subject of the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Company. Mch. 14, 1870. 17 pp. (Md.
Senate, Journ. Senate and House, Doc. 1870, TJ.) —
Brown, G., and others, Trustees of the holders ofbonds.
Memorial. 1856. 7 pp. (Md. Senate, Journ. and Doc.
1856.)— Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Conven-
tion. Proceedings. 112 pp. 1827.— Communica-



MARYLAND, Charter and constitutions

tion from the Executive department enclosing
the report and memorial of. the President and direc-
tors oj the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company . . .
1830. 10 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1829.)— Communica-
tion from tHe President enclosing correspond-
ence with the Messrs. Barings, and others, In relation
to the procurement of funds, etc., for the completion
of the work. By order of House. '23 Feb. 1844. (Md.
Pub. Doc. 1843, CO.)— Communication from the Presi-
dent, in auswer to interrogatories, propounded by or-
der of the House. 19 Feb. 1844. 2 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc.
1843, U.)— Communication from the President, in rela-
tion to the bonds issued by the state for the subscrip-
tion to the capital stock. 16 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1844, V.)
—Communication from the President to the House, in
reply to their order of the 1st of Jan. 1842 ... in regard
to affairs of the company, and the sum required to
complete the canal to Cumberland. Jan. 10, 1842. 8
pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1841-42.)— House of Delegates.
Committee of Internal Improvement. Report, to which
was referred the memorial of a convention of the citi-
zens of the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania
and Ohio, and of the District of Columbia, invoking
further aid to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Feb.
28, 1835. 7 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1834.)— House of Dele-
gates. Select Committee. Report ... whether the Penn-
sylvania, Delaware, and Maryland Steam Navigation
Co., and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company,
have not forfeited their charters. 24 pp. (Md. Pub.
Doc. 1843, W.) — Communications from the Pres-
ident and directors to the Governor of Md. 1842,
'43, '44, '45. 77 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1841, '42, B., K., '43,
'44.) — Statement of the condition and financial
affairs. 8 pp. (Md. House, Journ. and Doc. 1865, X.) —
Report . . . relative to examinations and surveys
made with reference to a dam or slack water naviga-
tion from dam No. 6 to Cumberland. House. Feb.
19, 1844. 9 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1844, T.)— Gorman, A.
P. Communication to the General Assembly in rela-
tion to the bill to authorize the issuing of bonds for
repairs upon the canal. 12pp. (Md. House and Senate,
Doc. 1878, J.)— Grrason, W., Governor. Communication,
inrelationto. Jan. 20,1840. (Md.PuI). Doc. 1839, K.)—
Harper, Gen. Speech to the citizens of Baltimore on
the expediency of promoting a connexion between the
Ohio, at Pittsburgh, and the waters of the Chesa-
peake, at Baltimore, by a canal, through the District of
Columbia . . . 1824.— Hunter, J., and Harris, T. G.
Petition praying relief ... 14 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc.
1849, P.)— Jones, I. D., Attorney-Gen. of Md. Reply to
the order of the Senate upon the subject of the pay-
ment of $58,000 by the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co.
to the Commonwealth of "Virginia. 12 pp. (Md. Sen-
ate, Journ. Senate and House, Doc. 1870, T.)— McBJeill,
Gen. W. G., late President. Report. 1843. 60 pp. (Md. Pub.
Doc. 1843.)— Memorial of tine bondholders of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Oanal Co. Feb. 3, 1858. 12 pp.
(Md. Senate, Journ. and Doc. 1858, G.)— Memorial of
the contractors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Co., praying for relief. Jan. 11, 1842. 5 pp. (Md. Pub.
Doc. 1841-42. 1-Mcmoiial to theGeneral Assembly
of M. in behalf of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.
Feb. 13, 1835. 12 pp. (Md. Pub. Doc. 1834.)— Memo-
rial to the Legislature of M. 12 pp. (Md. Pub.
Doc. 1829.)— Obligations of, to the state of M. 1840.

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