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La coltivazione, p. 3.)




Mazzuoli, Girolamo Francesco Maria, sur-

named II Parmigiano. Coxe, W. Sketches

of the lives of Correggio and Parmegiano.

[Anon.] 1823.
Blanc, A. A. P. 0. In his Hist, des peintres : Eoolea

lombardes. 16 pp. — Vasari, G. Francesco Mazzuoli.

26 pp. ( Opere, v. B, p. 217 ; Vite de' pittori, v. 9, p. 336 ;

and Lives of painters, v. S, p. 356: Bohn, H. Q., Stand.


Mc. See Mac.

Meacham, Joseph. Evans, F. W. Memoir

of M. 2 pp. ( With, his Shakers, p. 183.)
Mead, Charles Marsh (Tr.) 1836—. Exodus ;

or, the 2 book of Moses. See Lange, J. P.
Mead, Edward 0. (Ed.) Genealogical history

of the Lee family of Virginia and Maryland

from A. D. 1300 to A. D. 1866. With notes

and illustrations. New York, 1871. sm. 4°.

Mead, Edwin Doak. 1849—. Martin Luther.

A study of reformation. Boston, 1884. 12°.


Philosophy of Carlyle. Boston, 1881. 16°.

Emerson's ethics. 53 pp. (Sanborn, F. B.,

Genius and character of Emerson, p. 233.)

Mead, Henry {Ed.) Curiosities of literature.

London, 1846. 12°. 1256

Mead, Peter B. Elementary treatise on

American grape culture and wine making.

New York, 1867. 8°. —4683

Mead, William. Penn, W. The people's

ancient and ] ust liberties asserted In the trial of Wm,

Penn and M. 63 pp. {Works, v. 1, p. 79.)
Meade, Garnett P. Al Moakhibat. 1 p.

(Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 85, 1875, p. 732.)— Driftwood.

4 pp. (Dublin Univ. Mag. v. 86, 1875, p. 737.)

Meade, Maj.-Gen. George Gordon. Headley,
J. T. Maj.-Gen. George Q. Meade. 13 pp. (In his
Grant and Sherman, p. 346.)— Humphreys, A. A.
Ma] .-Gen. George Gordon Meade. 9 pp. (.His!. Mag.
3 s. v. 1, 1873, p. 209.)

See also Gettysburg.— United States, Civil war.
Also Swlnton, "W. Campaigns of the army of the

Meade, William, D.D., Bp. of Virginia.
1789-1862. Old churches, ministers, and fam-
ilies of Virginia. Phila. 1861. 2 v. 8°. —1275

Johns, J. Memoir of . . . the Right Rev.

Wm. Meade. 1867.

Angel in the way, poem. 1 p. (Eraser's Mag. v. 49,

1854, p. 81.)

Meadley, George Wilson. 1774-1818. Me-
moirs of Algernon Sydney, with an appen-
dix. London, 1813. 8°. (Rev. of in N. Am.
Bev. v. 14, 1822, p. 59.) 4865

Two pairs of historical portraits: Octavius

Caesar and William Pitt, Rienzl and Buonaparte. 13
pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 18, 1821, p. 129.)— Sketch of the
various proposals for a constitutional reform in
the representation of the people, Introduced Into
the Parliament of Great Britain from 1770 to 1812. 16
pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 2, 1813, p. 297.)

Memoirs of Wm. Paley. 13 pp. (Rev. of In Quart.

Rev. V. 9, 1813, p. 388.)

Meadow Lake, Cal. Powers, S. A city

of a day. 9 pp. ( Overld. Monthly, v. 13, 1874, p. 430.)

Meadows, Alfred, M. D. (Ed.) 1833—.
Clinical memoirs on the diseases of women.
See Bernutz, G., and Goupil, E.

Meadows, C. F. New grammar of the
Spanish language ; comprehending in a most
simple, easy, and concise manner, everything
necessary to its complete acquirement. Lon-
don, 1866. 18°. —2137

Meadows, Thomas Taylor. Circa 1810-75.
The Chinese and their rebellions, viewed in
connection with their national philosophy,

ethics, legislation, and administration. To
which is added, an essay 6n civilization and
its present state in the east and west. Lon-
don, 1856. 8°. (Rev. of in Dublin Univ.
Mag. v. 49, 1857, p. 216.) 3445

Meadows of gold and mines of gems, his-
torical encyclopaedia. Mas'udI All-Abu'l-
Hassan. (Orient. Trans. Fund.) 3174

Meals. See Eating.— Food.

Meandrius, of Miletus. See Leander.

Meanness, False views of. 4 pp. (Eraser's

Mag. v. 87, 1858, p. 218.)

Means, John H. Perry, B. F. John H.

Means. 6 pp. (In his Reminiscences of public men,
p. 159.)

Means of preserving health. Carlisle,
Sir A. —3763

Meare, England. Nesbitt, A. The manor-
house, Meare. 11 pp. 5 pi. (Archaeol. Journ. v. 10,
1853, p. 130.)

Mearns, Rev. A. Overcrowding. 15 pp.

(London Internat. Health Exhib. Literature, v. 2, p. 34.)
Mease, James, M. D. 1771-1846. Description

of some of the medals, struck in relation to important
events in North America, before aud since the Decla-
ration of Independence of the United States. 18 pp.
(N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll. 1 S. V. 3, 1821, p. 387.)

Measles. Rhazes. Treatise on the small-
pox and measles. 1848. (Sydenham Soe.)

Hamilton, A. McL., and Emmett, B. McE. In their

Small-pox and other contagious diseases. 2 pp.
(Buck, A. H., Treatise on hygiene, v. 2, p. 532.)

Measure meted out to others, measured

to us again I 9 pp. (Blackwood's Mag. v. 40, 1836, p. 763.)
Measures. See Weights and measures.
Meaux, Marie Camille Alfred, Vicomte de.

Les luttes rellgleuses en France au XVI sidcle. 8 pp.

(Rev. of, by C. Rousset, in Correspondant, n. s. v. 80,

1879, p. 241.)
Meaux, France. Carro, A. Memoire sur la

topographie primitive de la vllle et du territoire de M.

32 pp. (Soc. antiq. de France, M(m. v. 25, 1862, p. 162.)

— Concllil Parlsiensis anno 1253 celebratl decretum de

translatlone capitull Carnotensis ad Meduntam. 1 p.

(Martene, E., and Durand, U., Vet. script, ampliss. collect.

v. 7, p. 143.)

Meaux abbey. Burton, T. de. Chronica
monasterii de Melsa, a fundatione usque ad
. . . 1406. 1866-68, 3 v. (Gt. Brit. Bolls

Iicvlen, E. On unpublished MSS relating to M.

13 pp. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc. Journ. v. 19, 1863, p. 263.)

Mecanique celeste. La Place, P. S.,

Marquis de. Tr. by N. Bowditch. 4 v. —2482
Mecanisme de la parole. Kempelen,

W. von. —2173

Mecca. Burckhardt, J. L. Travels in

Arabia, v. 1. 1829.
Burton, SR. F. Personal narrative of a

pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah.

1855-56, 3 v.
Keane, J. F. Six months in Meccah.


Ahmed Khan Ba7ia<2or, Seyd. History of the holy

Mecca. 12 pp. tin Ms Series of essays, v. 1.)— Burton,
R. F. To Medina and M. 22 pp. (Barper's Mag. v. 14,
1857, p. 174'.)— Kothb'eddyn al-Mckkl. Le livre
qui apprend a conuoltre la ville sainte de Dieu, ou
Histolre de la Mecque. 64 pp. (Inst, de France, Not.
et extr. des MSS, v. 4, 1798, p. 638.)— Pilgrimages to
M. and Medina. 32 pp. (Quart. Bev. v. 42, 1830, p. 18.)
—Sinai, Palestine, and M. 37 pp. (Edin. Rev. v. 104,
1856, p. 863.)— Wilford, F. Dissertation on Semira-
mis, [and] the origin of M. 22 pp. (Asiat. Research.
V. 4, 1795, p. 363.)

Mechain, Pierre Francois Andre, and De-
lambre, Jean Baptiste Joseph. Base du
systeme metrique decimal, ou mesurede
l'arc du meridien compris entre les paralleles



MECHANICS, Dictionaries

Mechanical problems. 1828.
Treatise on mechanics. 1814.
Handbook of the mechanical

de Dunkerque et Bareelone, executee en 1792

et annees suivantes. Paris, 1806-10. 3 v. 4°.

(Inst, de France, Mim. Suite.) (Rev. of in

Edin. Rev. v. 9, 1807, p. 373.) —3493

Mechanical arts, Handbook of the. Burn,

E. S. -3737

Mechanical philosophy. See Mechanics,

Mechanical principles of engineering.

Moseley, H. —2715

Mechanical problems. Bland, M. —2426
Mechanical theory of heat. Clausius,

R. J. E. —1523

Mechanics (Persons). Howk, H. Memoirs

of the most eminent American mechanics.


Feabody,A.P. Scientific education of mechanics.

11 pp. (Smlthson. Inst. Report, 1872, p. 1S5.)

See also Artizans. — Inventors. — Mechanics'
Institutes. Also names of mechanics, as Fulton,
B — Watt, J., etc.


Bland, M.

Bridge, B.

Burn, R. S.

arts. 1860.
Mechanics and mechanism, n. d.

Butts, I. R. Merchant's and mechanic's

assistant. 1856.

Duehring, E. K. Kritische geschichte

der allgemeinen principien der mechanik.

Emerson, W. Tracts: containing me-
chanics, or the doctrine of motion . . . 1793.
(In his Cyclomathesis, v. 7.)

Euler, L. Mechanica, sive motus scien-

tia. 1736, 2 v.

Ewbank, T. Descriptive and historical

account of hydraulic and other machines for
raising water, ancient and modern : with
observations on various subjects connected
with the mechanic arts. 1858.

Fenwick, S. Mechanics of construction.


Ferguson, J. Lectures on select subjects

in mechanics, hydrostatics, etc., . . . with
notes ... by D. Brewster. 1823, 2 v.

The same. New and improved ed. adapted
to the present state of science, by C. F. Par-
tington. 1825.

Fischer, E. G. Physique mechanique.

1813. H

The same, tr. into English. 1827.

Haswell, C. H. Engineers' and me-
chanics' pocket-book. 1861.

: Mechanics' tables. 1856.

Kater, H., and Lardner, D. Treatise

on mechanics. 1830. (Lardner, D., Cab. Cyc.)

Mater, J. R. Mechanik der waerme.


Morin, A. J. Fundamental ideas of

mechanics. 1860.

Moseley, H. Mechanical principles of

engineering and architecture. 1855.

Newton, Sir I. Philosophiae naturalis

pnncipia mathematica. 1779-82, 2 v. (Onera.
v. 2, 3.) ^ '

The same, tr. into English by A. Motte.

Nicholson, J. Operative mechanic. 1853.

Nicholson, P. Mechanic's companion*


Peircb, B. Physical and celestial me-
chanics. 1855.

Pratt, H. F. A. On eccentric and centric

force. 1862.

Rafter, G. "W. Mechanics of ventilation.

Renwick, J. Applications of the science

of mechanics to practical purposes. 1860.
Venturoli, G. Elements of practical

mechanics. 1823.
Walton, W. Collection of problems in

illustration of the principles of elementary

mechanics. 1858.
Warr, G. F. Dynamics, construction of

machinery, equilibrium of structures, and

the strength of materials. 1851.
Weisbach, J. Manual of the mechanics

of engineering and of the construction of

machines. 1877.
Principles of the mechanics of machin-
ery and engineering. 1848-49, 2 v.

Weewell, "W. Elementary treatise on

mechanics. 1847.

"Whitworth, J. Miscellaneous papers

on mechanical subjects. 1858.

Alembert, J. le E. d'. Sur les lois de l'Squilibre;

Sur Ie mouTement des fluides. 29 pp. (Ohrora, v. 1,
p. 891.)— Aristoteles. Mechanica. [Or. et Lat.] 21
pp. ( Opera omnia, v. 4, p. 54 : Didot, A. F., Biblioth. gr.)
— Brugmans, A. Specimen mechanicae veterum
per mechanicam recentiorem plenius expositum. 14
pp. 1 pi. (Goettingen, K. gesells. wissens. Comment,
matliemat. v. 7, 1786, p. 75.) — Burrow, R. Hints rela-
tive to friction in mechanics. 25 pp. 1 pi. {Asiat.
Research, v. 1, 1788, p. 171.)— Descartes, R. TraiW de
la mecanique. 14 pp. ((Euvres, v. 5, p. 429.)— Galilei,
G. Delia sctenza meccanica. 56 pp. ( Opere, v. 11, p.
81.)— Glogau, G. TTeber die psychische mechanik.
29 pp. (Zeits. f. philos. v. 75, 1879, p. 1.)— Goodeve,
J. M. Applied mechanics. 7 pp. (South Kensington
Mus. Handb. sci. apparat. 1876, p. 188.)— Huygens, C.
Machinae quaedam, et varia circa mechanicam. 58
pp. ( Opera varia, v. 1, p. 249.)— Kaestner, A. G. De
velocitate vectis inflexi. 22 pp. 1 pi. (Goettingen, K.
gesells. wissens. Nov. comment, v. 5, 1774, p. 119.)—
Kant, I. Neuer lehrbegrlff der bewegung und ruhe,
und der damit verknuepften folgerungen in den
ersten gruenden der naturwissenschaft. 13 pp.
[Saemmt. werke, v. 2, p. 13.)— Lambton, W. On the
maximum of mechanic powers. 25 pp. {Asiat. Re?
search, v. 6, 1799, p. 137.)— Lipschitz, R. Bedeutung
der theoretischen mechanik. 32 pp. (Samml. wissens.
vortrg. v. 11, 1876, p. 109.)— Maupertuis, P. L. M. de:
Eecherche des loix du mouvement. 14 pp. (OSuvres,
v. 4, p. 29.)— Ruelle, C. E. Etude sur un passage
d'Aristote relatlf a la m6canique. 15 pp. (Rev. archtol.
1857, p. 7.) — Schering, E. Hamilton - Jacobische
theorle fuer kraefte, deren maass von der bewegung
der koerper abhangen. 54 pp. (Goettingen, K. gesells.
wissens. Mathemat. elasse Abhandl. v. 18, 1873, p. 3.)—
Verallgemelnerung der Poisson-Jacobischen stoer-
ungsformeln. 38 pp. (Goettingen, K. gesells. wissens.
Mathemat. elasse Abliandl. v. 19, 1874, p. 1,)— Trow-
bridge, W. P. Importance of experimental research
In mechanical science. 13 pp. (iVeio Enalander, v. 42,
1883, p. 183.)-Wright, E. What are we going to
make? 12 pp. (Atlant. Monthly, v. 2, 1858, p. 90.)

See aZso Aeronautics.— Air pump.— Dynamics.
—Engineering. — Hydraulics. — Machinery.—
Mills.— Motion. — Patents. — Statics. — Steam-
boats. —Steam-engiues. —Strength of mate-
rials.— Wheels.

Mechanics, Bibliography.

Engelmann, W. Bibliotheca mechanico-
technologica. 1844-50.

Reuss, J. D. Mechanica. 73 pp. (In his Eepert.

comment, v. 7, p. 170.)

Mechanics, Dictionaries.

Appleton's dictionary of machines, me-
chanics, enginework. 1858-60, 2 v.

MECHANICS, Dictionaries



Benjamin, P. Appleton's cyclopaedia of

applied mechanics. 1880, 2 v.

Hebeet, L. Engineer's and mechanic's

encyclopaedia. 1837-39, 2 v.

Knight, E. H. American mechanical

dictionary. 1876, 3 v.

New mechanical dictionary. 1884.

Mechanics, Periodicals.

American Railroad Journal, and mechan-
ics' magazine. 1838-42, 9 v. in 5.

— — Appleton's Mechanic's magazine and en-
gineer's journal, v. 1, 3. 1851-54, 2 v.

Artlzan, The. 1843-71, 29 v.

Industrial Monthly, v. 4-6. 1873-76, 3 v.

Mechanics' Magazine, and register of in-
ventions. 1833-37, 9 v. in 5.

Mechanics' Magazine, museum, register,

v. 4, 5. 1831-32, 2 v.

Practical mechanic and engineer's maga-
zine. 1842-45, 4 v. ; 2 s. 1846-47, 2 v.

Scientific American, v. 1-4, and 18-55.

n. s. 1859-86, 42 v.

Mechanics, Philosophy.

Allen, Z. Philosophy of the mechanics
of nature. 1852.

Carpenter, W. B. Mechanical philos-
ophy. 1857. (Bohn, H. G., Sci. Libr.)

Coues, S. E. Outlines of . . . mechanical

philosophy. 1851.

Millington, J. Epitome of the elemen-
tary principles of mechanical philosophy.

Mitchell, "W., Young, J. R., and Imray,

J. Mechanical philosophy. 1856. (Orr, W.
S., Circle of sci.)

Pratt, J. H. Mathematical principles of

mechanical philosophy. 1836.

■ Robison,J. System of mechanical philos-
ophy. 1822, 5 v.

Defence of mechanical philosophy. 15 pp.

(1ST. Am. Rev. v. 33, 1831, p. 122.)— Mlvart, St. G. Me-
chanical philosophy. 20 pp. (Brit. Quart. Rev. v. 79,
1884, p. 267.)

Mechanic's and builder's price book. "Wil-
son, J. -3737
Mechanic's companion. Nicholson, P.

Mechanics' Institutes. Hall, B. On

mechanics' Institutes, 4 pp, (Eraser's Mag. v. 1, 1830,
p. 40.)— Institutes for working men. 26 pp.
(Quart. Rev. v. 113, 1863, p. 34.)— Mechanics' insti-
tutions. 36 pp. (Edin. Rev. V. 42, 1825, p. 499 ; Westm.
Rev. y. 41, 1844, p. 416.)— Mechanics' institutions and
the Society of arts. 11 pp. (Brit. Quart. Rev. v. 26,
1857, p. 323.)

Mechanics' Magazine, and register of
inventions and improvements. New York,
1833-37. 9 v. in 5, 8°. —4734

Mechanics' Magazine, museum, register,
■journal, and gazette, v. 4, 5. London, 1831-
32. 2 v. 8°. -4734

Mechanics of construction. Fen wick,
S. —2715

Mechanics of ventilation. Rafter, G.
W. —1786

Mechanics' tables. Haswell, C. H. —2716

Mechanik der nerven, Untersuchungen
zur. Wundt, W. —1693

Mechanik der vaerme. Mayer, J. R.


Mechanik des riechens. Wolff, O. J. B.

35 pp. (Samml. wissens. vorlrg. v. 13, 1878, p. 1.)

Mechanische theorie der chemischen

afflnitaet. Mohr, P. —1595

Mechanism in thought and morals.

Holmes, O. W. —1438

Mechanism of the heavens. Somer-

ville, M. —2405

Mechanism of the ossicles of the ear.-

Helmholtz, H. L. F. —1683

Mechanism of vital actions. 39 pp.

(N. Am. Rev. V. 85, 1857, p. 39.)

Mechlin, Belgium. Sketches and studiea

from Belgium. 13 pp. (Fraser's Mag. v. 52, 1855, p. 378.)

Mechtilda, St. Legenda ; [versio Suecana.j

1 p. (Kletz, J. E., Script. Suede, v. 1, p. 300.)

Mechuacan. See Michoacan.

Meckel, JohannFriedrich. 1781-1833. Traite
general d'anatomie comparee, tr. de l'alle-
mand et augmente de notes par MM. Riester
et A. Sanson. Paris, 1828-38. 10 v. 8° —1696

Meckel, Petrus. 16 cent. Sathan anklager
des ganzen menschlichen geschlechts, Gott der Vator
Rlchter, Chrlstus der Mltler und Vorsprech 1st. 32 pp.
(Goedeke, K., and Tlttmann, J., Deutscli. dicltter 16
jahrh. v. 2, p. 255.)

Mecklenburg, Germany. Bartsch, K. F.

Sagen, maerchen, und gebraeuche aus Mek-

lenburg. 1879-80, 2 v.
Freybe, A. Das meklenburger Oster-

spiel vollendet im jahre 1464. 1874.
Meklenburgisches urkundenbuch. 1863-

70, 6 v.
Niederhoeffer, A. Mecklenburg's volks-

sagen. 1857, 4 v. in 2.
Demomhynes.G. Mecklembourg. Parlement. 3

pp. ( Constitutions europe'ennes, v. 2, p. 566.)

Mecklenburg, County, N. C. Graham,
W. A. Address on the Mecklenburg declara-
tion of independence of the 20 of May, 1775.

Hawks, E. L. Mecklenburg declaration of Inde-
pendence. 56 pp. (Coolie, W. D., Revol. hist, of N.
Carolina, p. 43.)— "Welling, J. 0. Mecklenburg declara-
tion of independence. 38 pp. (iV. Am. Rev. v. 118, 1874,
p. 256.)

Meda, Charles Andre. 1775-1812. Precis

hlstorique des 6v6nemens qui se sont passes dans la
solrSe du 9 Thermidor. 40 pp. (Bervllle and Barri&re,
Mlm. rel. rivol-franf. v. 17, p. 353.)

Medallic history of imperial Rome.

Cooke, W. 2 v. 2772

Medallic history of the United States.

Loubat, J. F. 2 v. 2771


Beatjvais, G. Essay on the means of

distinguishing antique from counterfeit

coins and medals. 1819.
Carter, T. Medals of the British army,

and how they were won. 1861, 3 v.

Cooke, W. Medallic history of imperial

Rome. 1781, 2 v.

Donaldson, T. L. Architectura numis-

matica; or, architectural medals of classic
antiquity. 1859.

Edwards, E. The Napoleon medals. 1837.

Evelyn, J. Numismata. A discourse of

medals, antient and modern. 1697.

Laskey, J. C. Description of the series

of medals struck at the national medal mint
by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. 1818.

Loubat, J. F. Medallic history of the

United States. 1878, 2 v.

Mionnet, T. E. Atlas de geographic

numismatique, pour servir a la description
des medailles antiques. 1838.




— — Mionnet, T. E. De la raret6 et du prix

des medailles romaines. 1858, 2 v.
• Description des medailles antiques,

grecques et romaines. 1806-37, 16 v.
Poids des medailles grecques d'or et

d 'argent du cabinet royal de France. 1839.
Mudie, J. Historical and critical account

of a grand series of national medals. 1820.
• Pinkerton, J. Essay on medals. 1808,

2 v.
Poole, S. L. Coins and medals, their

place in history and art. With numerous

illustr. 1885. (Antiguary''s IAbr.)
Prime, W. C. Coins, medals, and seals,

ancient and modern. 1861.

Satterlee, A. H. Arrangement of

medals and tokens, struck in honor of the
Presidents of the United States. 1862.

Snowden, J. B. Description of the medals

of Washington ; of national and miscellane-
ous medals, and of other objects of interest
in the museum of the mint. 1861.

Till, W. Descriptive particulars of Eng-
lish coronation medals. 1846.

Tresor de numismatique . . . ou recueil

general de medailles, monnaies, pierres
gravees, bas-reliefs, etc. 1858, 20 v.

Walsh, E. Essay on ancient coins,

medals, and gems. 1828.

Adams, G-. G. Medals commemorative of events In

British history. 9 pp. 1 pi. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc.
Journ. v. 34, 1878, p. 360.} — On 2 coronation medals of
George I. 5 pp. 2 pi. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc. Journ. v.
33, 1879, p. 271.)— Addison, J. Dialogues upon the
usefulness of ancient medals ; especially in relation
to the Latin and Greek poets. 40 pp. {Works, v. 3,
1859, p. 273; v. 1, 1862, p. 253. )— Ar dant, M. Forma-
tion du mSdalller du musSe de Limoges. 5 pp. {Rev.
archiol. 1848, p. 681.)— MSdallles et monnaies trouvSes
it Saint-Martial de Limoges. 11 pp. (Soc. antiq. de
France, Mm. v. 14, 1838, p. 164.)— Harrington, D.
Observations on the Apamean medal. 16 pp. {Archaeo-
logia, v. 4, 1777, p. 315.)— Barthelemy, J. J. Disser-
tation sur 2 medailles samaritaines d'Antigonus, roi de
JudSe. 18 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist.
v. 24, 1756, p. 49.)— Essai d'une palSographle numis-
matique. 88 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist.
v. 24, 1756, p. 30 ; v. 47, 1809, p. 140.)— RSflexiOns sur
une mSdaille de Xerxes, roi d'Arsamosate. 17 pp.
(Inst, de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 21, 1764, p. 404.)
— Remarques sur quelques mSdailles. 39 pp. (Inst,
de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 26, 1759, p. 532; v. 32,
1768, p. 671.)— RemarqueB sur quelques medailles de
l'empereur Antonln. 22 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad.
Inscript. Hist. v. 41, 1780, p. 501.)— and Combe, C. Re-
marks upon Mr. Bryant's vindication of the Apamean
medal. 9 pp. {Archaeologia, v. 4, 1777, p. 347.)— Belley,
A. Observations gSographiques et historiques sur les
mSdailles ImpSriales de plusieurs villes ou nomes
d'Egypte. 19 pp. (Inst, de France, Acad,. Inscript. Hist.
v. 28, 1761, p. 526.)— Observations historiques sur les
medailles et les inscriptions de la ville de Sardes. 44
pp. (Inst, de France, Acad. Inscript. Hist. v. 18, 1753,
p. 115.)— Observations sur l'ere et sur les mSdallles de la
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