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1900. 7 V. r. 8° ( Gt. Brit. Bolls ohron. ) 4503

Pike, or Peake, Richard. 17 cent.

Three to one. Being an English-Spanish
combat performed by a Western gentleman
of Tavistock, in Devonshire, with an English
quarterstaflf, against three Spaniards [at once]
with rapiers and poniards, at Sherries [Xeres]
in Spain, 15 Nov. 1625. London, [1626] ; repr.
1877. 8°. {Arber,E., Eng. garner, v.l.) 2117

Pike, Warburton.

Barren ground of northern Canada. Lon-
don, 1892. 8°. 2402

Big game shooting. See Phillipps- Wolley,

C, and others.

Pike, Brig.-Gen. Zebnlon Montgomery. 1779-

Expeditions to headwaters of the Missis-
sippi river, through Louisiana territory, and
in New Spain, 1805-07. A new ed., now first
repr. in full from the original of 1810, with
copious critical commentary, memoir of Pike,
new map and other illustrations, and com-
plete index by Elliott Coues. New York,

1895. 3 V. 8°. .2485

Note.— HBO copies printed. With bibliography.

Cones. E. Memoir of P. 95 pp. (Pike, Z. H., Expe-
ditions, V. 1, p. xix.)— Sfiles, J. M. Biography of P.
21pp. [In his Life of O. H. Perry, p. 317.)

Pike, County, Pa. White, I. O. Geology of

Pike and Monroe counties. 1882. {Pa. 2 geol.

surv. GK) —4637

Pike's Peak, Col. Mathews, E. B. Granitic

rocks of the Pike's Peak quadrangle, n. d.

(Johns Hopkins Univ. Theses, 1894. ) .—2363

United States. Signal OflBce. Meteoro-
logical observations made on the summit of
Pike's Peak, latitude, 38° 50' N.; longitude,
105° 2' W.; height, 14,134 ft.; Jan., 1874, to
June, 1888. 1889. (Harvard Univ. Astron.
Observ. Annals, v. 22. ) .—2452

Whitney, E., and Alexander, W. S.

Legends of the Pike's Peak region. 1892.

Pikler, Julius. Genesis of the cognition of
physical reality. 7 pp. f Mind, v. 16, 1890, p. 394.)

Robertson. G. C. Pikler; Psychology of the belief

in objective existence. 5 pp. (ikfind, v. 16, 1891, p. 100.) —
Stoiit, G. F. Pikler on the cognition of physical real-
ity. 6 pp. (Mind, V. 15, 1890, p. 545.)

Pildf-Tep^, Tumulus of. 6 pp. 1 pi. Edmonds,

C. D. [Journ. of Hellen. studies, v. 20, 1900, p. 20.)

Pilate, Mt. Kaiser, J. Lucerne et les envi-
rons du lac des quatre-eantons, avec une de-
scription spgciale des monts Righi, Pilate et
St. Gotthardt. 1855. .2477

Pilatte, Rev. L6on {Ed.) 1822—.

Edits, dficlarations, et arrests concernans
la religion p. r6form6e, 1662-1751 ; pr6c§d6s
dl'Editde Nantes. Paris, 1885. 12°. .—2207

Pilatus, Pontius. Cura sanitates Tiberii Oae-

saris Augusti et damnatione Pilati. 3 pp. (Baluze, B.,
Miscel. tf. 4, p. 56.)
Pilchards. Great Britain. House of Com-
mons. Committees on the state of the pilchard fisheries,
1785-86. Reports and appendices, 1803. 8 pp. (Gt. Brit.
H. of C. Beportsfrom Committees, v. 10, p. 1.)

Pilciao, Argentine Republic. Gould, B. A.
Cliraa de Pilciao. 33 pp. [In his Anales de la oflc. met.
argent, v. 3, p. 368. )

Pile of Pouldrey, Some account of. 4 pp. 1 pi.

Fell, J. (Gray, H., Views of the old halls of Lancashire
and Cheshire, p. 115.)

Pilgrim fathers.

Ames, A. May-flower and her log, July
15, 1620-May 6, 1621, chiefly from original
sources. 1901. .2621

Arbbr, E. {Ed.) Story of the Pilgrim fa-
thers, 1606-23; as told by themselves, their
friends, and their enemies. 1897. .2627



PILLING, James Constantine

Bradford, W. History of Plymouth

plantation. . . . Ed., with notes by O. Deane.
1856. 2612

The same. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 4 s. v. 3. )


The same. Now reproduced in facsimile

from the original MS. 1896. .2621

Goodwin, J. A. The Pilgrim republic.

1888. , 2631

Morton, N. New England's memorial ;

or, a brief relation of the most memorable
and remarkable passages of the providence of
God manifested to the planters of New Eng-
land in America. 1826. .2627

Russell, W. S. Guide to Plymouth, and

recollections of the Pilgrims. 1846. .2517

Young, A. Chronicles of the Pilgrim fa-
thers of the colony of Plymouth, 1602-25.
1844. .2626

D., E. A. Pilgrim memorial. 1 p. (Mag. Am. Hist,

V. 8, 1882, p. 697.)— Everett, E. Departure of the Pil-
grims. 7 pp. (Orations and speeches, v. 2, p. 639.)— Pil-
grim fathers. 21 pp. ( Orations and speeches, v. 2, p. 484 ;
V. 3, p. 232.)— Goss, E. H. The hungry Pilgrims. 5 pp.
(Mag. Am. Sist. v. 13, 1885, p. 477.)— Why did the Pil-
grims leave Holland for America? 2 pp. (Mag. Am.
Hist. V. 8, 1882, p. 845.)— Hyde, W. De W. Pilgrim
principle and the Pilgrim heritage. 9 pp. (Forum,
V. 20, 1895, p. 480.)— The Mayflower compact. 1 p.
(Mag. Am. Hist. v. 8, 1882, p. 847.)— Winters, W. No-
tices of the Pilgrim fathers : John Eliot and his friends
of Nazing. 45 pp. (Royal Hist. Soc. Trans, v. 10, 1882,
p. 267.)

See also Congregational Cltnrches.— Ifew Ens-
land, History. — 'Sew Plymouth. -Plymouth.-

Pilgrim republic. Goodwin, J. A. 2631

Pilgrim station. 18 pp. Poote, Mrs. M. H.

(Atlant. Monthly, v. 77, 1896, p. 596.)

Pilgrimage in the Holy Land (in the year
1185 A. D.). Joannes Phocas. {Palestine
Pilgrims' Text Soc.) ' 1405

Pilgrimage of Arculfus in the Holy Land
(about the year A. D. 670). Adomnan, St.,
Abbot of Hv. (Palestine Pilgrims' Text Soc. )


Pilgrimage of grace. 18 pp. Thompson,

W. H. (Andrews, W., Bygone Yorkshire, p. 174.)

Pilgrimage of the life of man. Guilleville,
G. de. (Early Eng. Text Soc. Extra S. no. 77.)


Pilgrimage to the holy places (circa 385
A. D.). Silvia., St., of Aquitaine. (Palestine
Pilgrims' Text Soc.) 1405

Pilgrimages in New England, Historic.
Bacon, E. M. .2627

Pilgrim's progress. Bunyan, J. —4156

Pilgrims to Mecca. 10 pp. Poote, Mrs. M. H.

(Century Mag. v. 35, 1899, p. 742.)

Pilikias. 8 pp. Beardslee, L. A. (N. Am. Rev.

V. 167, 1898, p. 473.)

Pilk, Georg. Urkundlicher beitrag zur ge-
schichte der burg Sohreckenstein. 19 pp. (Verein f.
gesch. d. Deutschen in Boehmen, Mittheil. v. 28, 1890,
p. 274.)

Pilkington, Rev. George Lawrence.

Harpord-Battebsby, C. F. Pilkington
of Uganda. [1899.] .2404

Pilkington, Rev. Gilbert. 14 cent.

Turnament of Tottenham ; or, the wooing,
winning, and wedding, of Tibbe, the reeu's
daughter there. [Ed. by] W. Bedwell. Lon-
don, 1631 ; repr. 1718. p. 8°. (With Butcher,
R., Survey of . . . Stamford.) 2536

Pilkington, James.

View of the present state of Derbyshire ;
with an account of its most remarkable an-
tiquities. Derby, 1789. 2 v. 8°- 2526

Pill to purge state-melancholy ; or, a collec-
tion of excellent new ballads. London, 1715.
12°. 1338

Pilla, Leopoldo. Ayala, M. d'. Leopoldo

Pilla (1805-48). 15 pp. (Amato, G. d', Panteon, v. 2,
p. 257.)

Pillager Indians, Protest of the. 14 pp.

Leupp, F. B. (Forum, v. 26, 1898, p. 471.)

Pillar of Eliseg, On the. 5 pp. Bloxam,

M. H. (Brit. Arohaeol. Assoc. Joum. v. 89, 1883, p. 371.)

Pillars of the state. 20 pp. (Blackwood's

Mag. V. 128, 1880, p. 271.)

Pillet, Charles.

Catalogue des objets d'art . . . composant
I'importante collection of Lafaulotte. See
Lafaulotte, ( — ).

Catalogue des tableaux . . . composant la

collection de M. B. Narischkine. See Narush-
kin, B.

and F^ral, EugSne. Catalogue de tab-
leaux . . . formant la collection de M. F.
Reiset. See Reiset, M. P.

and Petit, Francis. Vente Sedelmeyer,

comprenant ses tableaux inodernes des ecoles
franjaise et gtrangferes joints a. ceux des gale-
ries de San-Donato et de San-Martino.
[Illustr. Paris, 1877.] r. 8°. — 17C5

Pilling, James Constantine. 1846-95.

Bibliography of the Algonquian languages.
Washington, 1891. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Bu-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Bibliography of the Athapascan languages.

Washington, 1892. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Bu-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Bibliography of the Chinookan languages

(including the Chinook jargon). Washing-
ton, 1893. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Bureau of
Ethnol.) —3453

Bibliography of the Eskimo language.

Washington, 1887. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Bu-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Bibliography of the Iroquoian languages.

Washington, 1888. 8°- (Smithson. Inst. Bu-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Bibliography of the Muskhogean lan-
guages. Washington, 1889. 8°. (Smithson.
Inst. Bureau of Ethnol. ) —3453

PILLING, James Constantine


pmgON, Vincent

Bibliography of the Salishan languages.

Washington, 1893. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Bu-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Bibliography of the Siouan languages.

Washington, 1887. 8°. (Smithson. Inst. Stt-
reau of Ethnol. ) —3453

Catalogue of linguistic MSS. in the library of the

Bureau of Ethnology. 25 pp. (Powell, J. W., Bureau of
Ethnol. 1 ann. rejjt. p. 653.)— Writings of Padre Andrea de
Olmos in the languages of Mexico. 18 pp. (Am. An-
throp.v.8, 1895, p. 43.)-Siinplieed spellins. 6 pp.
{Am. Anthrop. v. 6, 1893, p. 182.)

McGee, W. J. [Notice of P.] 3 pp. (Am. Anthrop.

V. 8, 1895, p. 407.)

Pillory, Brief observation on the punishment

of the. 17 pp. (Pamphleteer, v. 4, 1814, p. 633.)
See also Piinisbments.

Pillow, Brig.-Gen. Gideon Johnson. Kelly,

E. M. A brush with P. 14 pp. ( Hunter, R., SfceteTies o/
war history, 1861-65, v. 3, p. 319.)

Pillow, Ft. Pitch, 0. Capture of P.— vindi-
cation of Gen. Chalmers. 3 pp. (Southern Hist. Soc.
Papers, v. 7, 1879, p. 439.)— Waike, H. Western flotilla
at Fort Donelson, Island No. 10, Port Pillow, and Mem-
phis. 23 pp. (Johnson, B.U., and Buel, CO., Ba4«es...
of the Civil war, v, 1, p. 430.)

Pilloy, Jules.

Guerre de 1557 en Picardie. See Lemaire,
E., and others.
Pillsbury, John Elliott. Recent discoveries

concerning the Gulf stream. 8 pp. ( Century Mag. v. 21,
1892, p. 633.)

Pilots. See Navigation, Coast pilots, sailing

directions, etc.
Pilpay. See Bidpai.
Pilsbry, Henry Augustine. 1862—.

Bermuda islands. See Heilprin, A., and


Manual of conchology. See Tryon, G.

W., Jr., and Pilsbry, H. A.

Pilsen, Bohemia. Felix, P. Ueber das vor-

dringen des deutsohen elementes bei P. im 17 jahrh.

4 pp. (Verein f. gesch. d. Deutsohen in Boehmen, Mit-
theil. V. 1, pt. 4, 1863, p. 24.)— Thurnwald, A. Tracht
der Deutsohen in den doerfern bei P. 5 pp. (Verein f.
gesch. d. Dentscheu in Boehmen, Mitlheil. v. 3, 1865,
p. 59.)

Pilsna. See Pilsen.

Pilsno, Poland. Spominki pilznienskie. [Lat.'\

5 pp. (Bilowski, A., Monum^nta Polon. hist. v. 3,
p. 245.)

Pilzen. See Pilsen.

Pima Indians. Davis, A. P. Report on the
irrigation investigation for the benefit of the
Pima and other Indians on the Gila river
Indian reservation, Arizona. 1897. ( U. S. 54
Cong. 2 sess. Senate doc. v. 1.)
See also United States, Indian tribes.

Pimenoff, Lydia Lvovna. Science and the

woman's question. 4 pp. (N. Am. Bev. v. 156, 1893,
p. 248.)

Pimlico, England. Dillon, R. 0. Brief state-
ment of the origin, progress, and plans of
the Sunday and daily schools established at
Charlotte Chapel . . . Pimlico. 1836. .—2305
See also Middlesex.

Pimlyco ; or, Runne red-cap. Tis a mad world
at Hogsdon, 1609. Reproduced in facsimile.
Bullen, A. H. (Ed.), Antient drolleries, no. 2.
^ " 1313

Pinacoteca della Pontiflcia Accademia; delle
Belle Arti in Bologna. Rosaspina, F. — 5.46

Pinacothfeque royale a Munic, Catalogue des
tableaux de la Dillis, G. von. —1758

Pinart, Louis Alphonse (Ed. ) 1852—.

Ooleccion de linguistica y etnografla
americanas. V. 4. Noticias de los Indies del
departamento de Veragua, y vocabularies
de las lenguas guaymi, nortefio, sabanero,
y dorasque. San Francisco, 1882. 4°. —2152

Pinchart, Alexandre. 1823—. Lettres mis-
sives tiroes des archives de Belgique concernant I'his-
toire de Prance, 1317-24. 8 pp. (Biblioth. Ecole des
Chartes, v. 45, 1884, p. 73.)

Pinches, Theophilus Goldridge. 1856—. Baby-
lonian and Assyrian cylinder : seals of the British Mu-
seum. 9 pp. 3 pi. (Brit. Archaeol. Assoc. Joum. v. 41,
1885, p. 396.)— Babylonian chronicle. 55pp. (Royal
Asiat. Soc. Gt. Brit. Joum. n. a. v. 19, 1887, p. 655 ; v. 29,
1894, p. 807.)— New version of the creation -story.
16 pp. 1 pi. (Royal Asiat. Soc. Gt. Brit. Joum. h. s. v. 23,
1891, p. 393. )— Observations upon the languages of the
early inhabitants of JHtesopotamla. 24 pp. (Royal
Asiat. Soc. Gt. Brit. Joum. n. o. v. 16, 1884, p. 301.)

Pinchon, J6rome, Baron.

Catalogue de I'argenterie ancienne appar-
tenant a M. P. Eudel. See Eudel, P.

Catalogue des tableaux anciens . . . com-

posant les collections de feu M. le Comte de
La Bgraudifere. See La B6raudi6re, ( — ),
Comte de.

Pinchot, Gifford. 1865—.

Biltmore forest, the property of Mr.
George W. Vanderbilt: an account of its
treatment, and the results of the first year's
work. [Illustr.] Chicago, 1893. 12°. —4696

Primer of forestry. Pt. 1. The forest.

[Illustr.-] Washington, 1899. 12°- (U. S.
Agricult. Dept. of, Div. of forestry, Bull.
no. 24.) —4696

Short account of the big trees of Cali-
fornia. [Illustr.] Washington, 1900. 8°.
(U. S. Agricult. Dept. of, Div. of forestry,
Bull. no. 28. ) —4533

Crovernnient forestry abroad. 50 pp. (Am.

Econ. Assoc. Pub. v. 6, no. 3, p. 6.)

Pinckney, Charles. 1758-1824. Letter of a

steady and open Republican, printed . . . May, 1788.
7 pp. (Pord, P. L., Essays on ifte Constitution, p. 407.)

Pinckney, Mrs. Eliza Lucas.

Ra VENAL, H. H. Eliza Pinckney. 1896.
( Women of colonial and revolutionary times. )


— Two American women.

V. 186, 1897, p. 44.)

20 pp. (Quart. Bev.

Pinckney. See also Pinkney.

Pinion, Vincent. Gambler, J. W. True dis-
covery of America. 16 pp. (Fortn. Bev. n. s. v. 65, 1894,
p. 49.)

PINOOTT, Frederic


PINELLI, PierDionigi

Pincott, Frederic. Arrangement of the

hymns of the Adi Granth. 26 pp. (Royal Asiat. Soo.
Qt. Brit. Journ. n. s. v. 18, 1886, p. 437.)— Koute by which
Alexander entered India. 14 pp. ( Boy al Asiat. Soc.
Qt. Brit. Journ. n. s. v. 26, 1894, p. 677.)— Index. 265 pp.
(Malleson, Q. B., Kaye's and Malleson's Hist, of the In-
dian mutiny of 1867-58, v. 6, p. 177.)— First Mandala of
the Kltf-Tedn. 27 pp. (Boyal Asiat. Soc. Qt. Brit.
Journ. n. s. v. 19, 1887, p. 698.)— On the arrangement of
the hymns of the Rii^-Veda. 20 pp. (Hoyal Asiat.
Soc. at. Brit. Journ. n. s. v. 16, 1884, p. 381.)— Tri-
Ratna. 9 pp. (Koyal Asiat. Soc. Qt. Brit. Journ. n. s.
V. 19, 1887, p. 238.)

Primitive and universal laws of the forma-
tion and development of language. See
Godde de Liancourt, O. A., Gomte de, and
Pincott, F.

Pindar, Peter, pseud. See Wolcott, J.

Pindariana ; or, Peter's portfolio. Wolcott, J.

Pindarics, Origin of the. Olunes, J. 3406

Pindanis. Circa B. 0. 520-442.

'Eirtw/iroi hB/iioviKaii. Isthmian odes. Ed.
with introduction and commentary by J. B.
Bury. London, 1892. 8°. 3261

Odes, tr. Into verse by Gilbert West. Lon-
don, 1790. 16°- (Johnson, S., Eng. poets,
V. 57.) .2347

[Odes], tr. by Rev. C. A. Wheelwright. Lon-
don, 1830. 18°. 4357

Hymn to Persephone. 4 pp. (Blackwood's Mag.

Y.127, 1880, p.lS.)

Gandab, E. Ronsard considSrS comme

imitateur d'HomSre et de Pindare. 1854. 2395

Scott, J. A. Comparative study of He-

siod and Pindar. 1898. (Johns Hopkins
Univ. Theses, 1897.) .—2363

Borncmann, L. Jahresberichte ueber Pindar, 1879,

1885-91. 136 pp. {Jahresb. uebei fortsehr. der class, al-
terth. V. 42, 1887, p. 62 ; v. 50, 1889, p. 21 ; v. 67, 1892, p. 1 ;
V. 71, 1893, p. 268.)— Pindar's achte pythisohe Ode, nebst
einem anhang ueber die Pythiadenrechnung. 18 pp.
(Philologus, v. 50, 1891, p. 230.)— Pindar's elfte pythische
Ode ein sieger- und todtenlied. 11pp. (Philoiogus, v. 62,
1893, p. 38. )— Pindar's sechste olympische Ode. 10 pp.
(Philologus, v. 47, 1889, p. 589. )— Pindar's sechste pythi-
sohe Ode. 9 pp. (Philologus, V. 51, 1892, p. 466.)— Pin-
dar's siebente nemeische Ode ein siegertodtenlied. 18 pp.
(Philologus, v. 45, 1886, p. 596.)— Ueber die Aegiden, von
denen angeblich P. stammte. 7 pp. (Philologus, v. 43,
1884, p. 79.)— Bnry, J. B. Paronomasia in Pindar.
24pp. (Hermathena, v. 6, p. 185.)— "Third Isthmian."
5 pp. (Hermathena, v. 7, p. 276.)— Christ, W. Metri-
sche ueberlieferung der Pindarischen Oden : ein bei-
trag zur geschiohte der metrik. 64 pp. ( Munich, Akad.
wissens. Denkschr. v. 42; Philos.-philol. classe, Abhandl.
V. 17, pt. 2, 1886, p. 461.)— Zu P. 2 pp. (Philologus, \ . iS,
1886, p. 190. )— Faber, M. Zum fuenfkampf der Griechen.
Mit beitraegen zur erklaerung des P. 30 pp. ( Philologus,
V. 50, 1891, p. 469.)— Fuehrer, A. Der boeotisohe dia-
lektPindars. 12 pp. (Philologus, v. 44, 1885, p. 49.)—
Olrard.J. A. Pindare. 33 pp. (Bev. d. deux mondes,
1881, 3 pSr. V. 44, p. 793.)— Hiller, E. Die antiken ver-
zeiciinisse der Pindarischen dichtungen. 15 pp. (Hermes,
V. 21, 1886, p. 357. )— Zu Pindar 01. 1. 3 pp. (Philologus,
V. 52! 1893, p. 719. )— liHebhert, E. Zu Pindar's Hypor-
chema an Hieron. 2 pp. (Bheinisch. mus. n. s. v. 41,
1886, p. 468.)— Wagnire, T. Myer's Pindar. 13 pp.
(Hermathena, v. 4, p. 121.)-Some passages in Pindar and
Homer. IS pp. (Hermathena, v. 3, p. 374.)— JVaber,

S. A. Pindarica. 20 pp. (Mnemosyne, n. a. y. 12, mi,
p. 24.)— Pindar's Odes of victory. 25 pp. (Quart.
Rev. V. 162, 1886, p. 166.)— Schroeder, O. Pindarica.
28 pp. (Philologus, v. 53, 1894, p. 717 ; v. 64, 1895, p. 274.)
—Tyrrell, E. Y. Pindarica. 3 pp. (Hermathena, -v. B,
p. 351.)

Pindarus Thebanus. Epitome ac summa

universae Iliados Homeri. 9 pp. (Coll. Pisaur. V. 4,
p. 216.)

Pindemonte, Ippolito. 1753-1828. Letters

inedite. 8 pp. (Milan, Soc. stor.lombarda,AroAijj. 2 s.
1884, p. 741.)

Pine, John. 1690-1756.

Bucolica at Georgica. See Virgilius Maro, P.

Pine, John B. King's College : now Colum-
bia University, 1754-1897. 67 pp. (Goodwin, M.W., and
others, Historic New York, p. 323.)

Pine, Robert Edge {Ed.) 1730-88.

Bucolica et Georgica. See Virgilius Maro, P.
Pine. See also Pyne.
Pine Bluff, Ark. Marmaduke, J. S. Report

of expedition against P. B. 1 p. (Southern Hist. Soc.

Papers, v. 9, 1881, p. 238.)

Pine tree coast. Drake, S. A. 2472

Pine trees.

MOHB, C. Timber pines of the Southern
United^tates. 1896. (U. S. Agricult. Dept.
of, Div. of forestry. Bull. n. 13. ) —4696

Murray, A. Pines and firs of Japan.

1863. .—2675

Sargent, C. S. Coniferae (Pinus). 1897.

{In his Silva of North America, v. 11. ) —2601

Spalding, V. M., and others. White pine

(pinus strobus Linnaeus). 1899. (U. S. Ag-
ricult. Dept. of, Div. of forestry. Bull. no. 22.)


Roth, P. Notes on the structure of the wood of the

5 Southern pines. (Pinus palnstris, taeda, echinata, he-
terophylla, glabra.) 13 pp. 7 pi. (U. S. Agricult. Dept.
of, Div. of forestry. Bull. no. 13, p. 131.)

Pineapples. Rolfs, P. H. Pineapple grow-
ing. 1901. (U. S. Agricult. Dept. of. Farmer's
bull. no. 140. ) —4553

Pineau, L6on {Ed.)

Contes populalres du Poitou. Paris, 1891.
16° {Coll. de contes et chansons populaires,
V. 16.) 1217

( Ed. ) Folk-lore du Poitou. Avec notes.

Paris, 1892. 16°. {Coll. de contes et de chan-
sons populaires, v. 18. ) 1217

{Ed.) Folk-lore de Lesbos. See George-

akis, G., and Pineau, L.

Pineau family., E. Les Pineau, sculp-
teurs, dessinateurs des b§,timents du roy,
eraveurs, architectes (1652-1886). 1892.
^ — 17B6

Pineda, Pedro de.

Los diez libros de Portuna de amor. See
Frasso, A. de lo.

Pinelands of Georgia, Notes and observa-
tions on the. Sibbald, G. .2475

Pinelli, Pier Dionigi. Bersezio, V. Pier Dio-

nigi Pinelli. 5 pp. (Carpi, L., Bisorgimento ital. v. 3,
p. 366.)

PINERO, Arthur Wing


PINKNEY, William

Pinero, Arthur Wing. Courtney, W. L. Idea

of comedy and Mr. Pinero's new play. 11pp. {Fortn.
Bev. IX. s. V. 161, 1897, p. 746.)— Kobb«, G. Plays of P.
10 pp. (Forum, v. 26, 1898, p. 119.)

Pinerolo, Italy. Saves, F. Le serenate pei

SS. Crispino e Crispiniano in P. 9 pp. {Archiv. studio
tradiz. popolarU v. 8, 1889, p. 564; v. 9, 1890, p. 223.)

Pines, Isle of, Cuba. Millspaugh, C. F.
Plantae insulae Ananasensis : a catalogue of
plants collected on the Isle of Pines, Cuba,
by Don Josg Blain. 1900. [Field Columb.
Mus. Pub. 48. ) —3444

Pinette, Rev. Jean. Dablon, 0. Lettre au R.

p. Pinette. [Fr. and Mig.] 20 pp. (Thwaites, E. G.,
Jesuit relations, v. 59, p. 64.)

Ping-aud, Lgonce. 1841—. Un captif 4 Alger

au XVIII siScle. 15 pp. [Bev. hist. v. 13, 1880, p. 325.)—
Uu chevalier errant au XVIII si6cle : le Comte Roger de
Dainas. 35 pp. (Oorrespondant, n. s. T. 103, 1885,
pp. 667, 829.)— Duo de Kicbeliea en Russie. 40 pp.
{Correspondant, n. s. v. 91, 1882, pp. 569, 802.)— President
de Vezet. 45 pp. {Bev. hist. v. 20, 1882, p. 282.)
Pingret, Edouard. Rosny, L. de. Cabinet
d'un antiquaire amfiricaniste. 11 pp. (Soc. am. de
Prance, Archiv. u. s. v. 1, 1876, p. 215.)

Pinheiro da Veiga, Thomg. Ormsby, J.

Diary at Valladolid in the time of Cervantes. 13 pp.
(Blackwood's Mag. v. 139, 1886, p. 314.)

Pinheiro-Ferreira, Silvestre. 1769-1846. Me-

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Pini, Carlo. Lungo, I. del. Scrittura di ar-
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Pink, William Duncombe. Cleworth Hall,
Tyldesley, the home of the Parrs and the Starkies.
4 pp. 1 pi. (Gray, H., Views of the old halls of Lanca-
shire and Cheshire, p. 53. )

Pink pearl. Land of the. Powles, L. D. .2495

Pink villa, A. 20 pp. Woolson, C. F. {Har-
per's Mag. f. 77, 1888, p. 837.)

Pinkerton, John. 1758-1826.

Lives of the Scottish saints. Revised and
enlarged by W. M. Metcalfe. Paisley, 1889.
2 V. 8°. 3702

Contents. De Sancto Andrea apostolo, v. 2, p. 287.—
Walafridus Strabo, Abbot of Bichenau. Vita Sancti
Blaithinalc martyris, v. 2, p. 293. — Adomnau, or
Adamnan, St., Abbot of Hy. Vita Sancti Golumbae,
V. 1, p. 71.— Oummian, St., Abbot of lona. Vita Colnm-
bae, V. 1, p. 49.— Offlcium Sancti Columbae Abbatis, v. 1,
p. 210.— Ailred, or Ealred, Abbot of Bievaux. Eulogium
Davidis regis Scotorum, ex Genealogia regum Anglo-
rum, V. 2, p. 259.— Jocelin, Monk of Furnes. Vita Ken-
tcg-erni, v. 2, p. 1.— Oflclum Kentegerni, v. 2, p. no.—
Vita Kentegerni imperfecta, auctore ignoto, v. 2, p. 97.—
Offlcium Macharlj, v. 1, p. 217.— Officium 9Iagnl, v. t,
p. 269.— Vita Magni, comitis Orcadum, auctore anonymo,
V. 2, p. 211.— Vita Margaretae, auctore incerto, v. 2,
p. 197.— Turgot, Prior of Durham, Bp. of St. Andrews'.

Vita Slar^aritae Scotorum regiuae, v. 2, p. 135.

Metcalfe, W. M. Introduction, v. 1, p. ix.— Ailred, or

Paired, Abbot of Bievaux. Vita Niniani, v. 1, p. 9.

Officium Niniani, v. 1, p. 40.— Offlcium Servant, v. 2,
p. 129. — Vita Servani, auctore ignoto, v. 2, p. 117.

Modern geography : a description of the

empires, kingdoms, states, and colonies. The
astronomical introduction by Rev. S. Vince.
Phila., 1804. 2 v. 8°. .2416

Pinkerton, Percy {Tr.)

Memoirs of Constant. See Constant
Wairy, L.

and Asliworth, J. H. (Eds.) Reign of

terror: a collection of authentic narratives
of the horrors committed by the Revolution-
ary government of Prance under Marat and
Robespierre written by eye-witnesses of the
scenes. Tr. from the French. [lUustr.]
Phila., 1898. 2 v. 8°. .2695

Contents. Horrors of the prisons of Arras, v. 2,
p. 113.— Beaninarchais, P. A. C. de. Incarceration
and dreadful terrors of, v. 1, p. 107.— Brissot, J. P.
Letter to BarriSre, v. 1, p. 238.— Rlouffe, H., Baron.
Note relative to occurrences at the Cone jergerie, t. 1,
p. 237.— Account of the conduct of »ornay, while at
the Conciergerie, v. 1, p. 289.— L'Bpinard, J. P. Hu-
manity trampled upon, v. 1, p. 129.— Jonbert,
( — ). Relation, v. 1, p. 266.— Jourdan, A. G. A. Dec-
laration, V. 1, p. 95. — Jourgniac St, M^ard, F. de.
Account of various attempts to assassinate him, v. 1,
p. 236; My agony of thirty-eight hours, v. 1, p. 1.—
Weber, J. Extract from the memoir of, relative to the
massacre of Mme. de I,amballe, v. 1, p. 210. — I^e
Plessis, V. 2, p. 63.— liUxembourg, y. 2, p. 1.— The
prison Sladelonnettes, v. 2, p. 41.— Account of the
massacres in each prison, v. 1, p. 223. — Journey of the
hundred and thirty-two JTantais sent forward to Paris
by the revolutionary committee, v. 2, p. 137. — Sfantes
drownings, v. 2, p. 169.— Coittant, (— ). Prison of
Port lilbre, commonly called La Bourbe (the Mire),
V. 2, p. 83.— Memoirs of the prisons, v. 2.— Fars Faus-
selandry, (— .), Vicomtesse de. Some of the bitter fruits
of the Revolution, v. 1, p. 43.— Rlouffe, H., Baron.

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