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Except August and September



\ 1891


London : Keoan Paul, Trench, TRtfBNEit & Co.

Berlin : Mayer & MUller

Paris : F. Alcan


Digitized by VjOOQIC


J_^ Wrvard uNivERsma


'5 35
V. I




Copyright, 1890, 1891, by Henry Holt & Co.

t \'


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of contributors are printed in small capftals ; subjects treated, in ordinary type ;
titles of books reviewed, in italics.

Adams, Report of President A., for

1890, 175.
Aldrich, G. I.— The Fprty-sixth

Meeting of the Massachusetts State

Teachers' Association, 160 ; Cqgs-

weirs Lessons in Number for

Primary Schools, 302.
American Economic Association,

The Fourth Annual Meeting of,

Andrews, E. Benjamin. — Time

and Age in Relation to the College

Curriculum, 133.
Art Education in the Public Schools,

AzARiAS, Brother.— The Primary

School in the Middle Ages, 220.
Backus. Helen Hiscock.—

Lange^s Higher Education of

Women in Europe^ 84.
Baker, J. K., Elementary Psychology,


Baldwin, J. Mark.— James* Prin-
ciples of Psychology, 357.

Bancroft, George, 337.

Bardeen, C. W.— The Legal Defi-
nition of a school, 374.

Bascom, John.— The Bennett Law,

Baumann, J., EinfUhrung in die
Pddagogik, 186.

Belton, John Devoe, A Literary
Manual of Foreign Quotations,

Bennett Law, The, 48, 52.

Bird, Charles, Elementary Geology,

Boone, Richard Q.— -Steele's Ru-
dimentary Psychology for Schools
and Colleges, 394.

Bowser, Edward A., The Elements
of Plane and Solid Geometry, 95,

Bradford, Amory H.— Heredity
and Education, 147.

Brown, George P., Religious In-
struction in State Schools, 408.

Browne, William Hand.— IVill"
iams* Our Dictionaries and other
English Language Topics, 190.

Bureau of Education, The Work of,

Burt,Mary^E.— 7*i4if World's Lit'
erature, 509.

Butler, Nicholas Murray.—
Warner's The Growth and Means
of Training the Mental Faculty,
03 ; Fiske^s Civil Government in
the United States Considered
with some Reference to Its Ori-
gins, 87 ; Baumann' s EinfUh-
rung in die Pddagogik, 186; j ebb's
Erasmus, 188; Notes on Recejit
Pedagogical Literature, 304, 407.
511 ; Eisenhans* Psychologic und
Logik, zur EinfUhrung in die
Philosophic, 404 ; Verhandlungen
Uber Fragen des hoheren (Inter-
richts, 490.

Cajori, Florian, The Teaching and
History of Mathematics in the
United States, 183.

Carman, George N. — Schools
East and West, 469.

Cassel, Henry. — Adolf Diestcr-
weg, 345.

Cattell, James McKeen.— /« j/-
row's The Time -relations of
Mental Phenomena, 189.

Chamberlain, Daniel H. — Wil-
loughby's Supreme Court of the
United States, 498.

Children, The Color Vocabulary of,
513 ; The Psychological Study of,

Chisholm, George G., Longman's
School Geography for North
America, 92.

Coeducation in Boston, 46.

Cogswell, Francis, Lessons in
Number for Primary Schools,

Cogswell, William, 337.

Colbum, Warren. — First Lessons
in Arithmetic, 507.

Colleges — College Studies, Educa-
tional Value of, 105 ; The Fayer-
weather Bequests to, 388; The
Growth of New England, 209 ;
The Shortening of the College


zed by Google



Curriculum, i ; Time and Age in
Relation to. the College Curricu-
lum, 133.

COMEY, Arthur M. — The Growth
of New England Colleges, 209.

Com pay r6, Gabriel, The Elements of
Psychology, 72.

Compulsory Education, 48, 52, 177.

Congreso Nacional Pedagdgico, 407.

Cook, Albert S., Sidney* s Defense of
Poesy, 293.

Councils of Education, State, 372.

Crosby, Howard. — Religion in the
Common Schools, 463.

Crosby, Howard. 484.

Cruikshank, James. — The Brook-
lyn Institute Geographical Exhibit,

Curriculum (College), Shortening

of, i; Time and Age in Relation

to, 133.
Curry, J. L. M., Speech before the

North Carolina Legislature, 513.
Davis, Horace. — Limitations of

State Universities, The, 426.
Deaf-Mutes, Fellowships for Teach-
ers of, 489.
De Garmo, Charles, Language Work

Below the High School, &.
De Garmo, Charles. — The Her-

bartian System of Pedagogics, 33,

244. 453.

Dewey. Johij,— Baker's Elemen-
tary Psychology, 495.

Diesterweg, Adoff, 187, 345.

Discussions, 46, 160, 265, 372, 463.

DOOLITTLE, T. S,-^Bowser*s Ele*
ments of Geometry, 199.

Dougherty, Newton C— The Il-
linois State Teachers' Association,

Draper, Andrew S.— The Limits
of State Control in Education, 26.

DuNTON, Larkin. — Imagination in
Mathematics, 269.

Durham, Bishop op.—- On Ideals,

Editorial, 61, 173, 280, 387, 484.

Education, Art Education in the
Public Schools, 313; Compulsory
Education Laws in Wisconsin and
Illinois, 52; Contempory Educa-
tional Thought in Great Britain,
410; German Emperor on, 200 j
Heredity and, 147; Higher Edu-

, cation of Women in Europe, 84 ;
Is there a Science of, 15, 121 :
Limits of State Control in, 26 ; Of

Education — Continued,
Women and Its Effects, loi ; Pol-
itics and, in South Carolina, 285 ;
Poverty and Compulsory, 177; Re-
organization of Higher Education
in America, 387 ; Secondary Edu-
cation in England, 306; State
Councils of, 372 ; Value of College
Studies, 105 ; Values, 97 ; Wood-
ward's Manual Training in, 194 ;
Work of the Bureau of, 280.

Educational Value of College Stu-
dies, The, 105.

Education of Women and its Effects,
The, loi.

Education Values, Notes on, 97.

Efficient Supervision, 62.

Einheitsschule in Germany, The
Movement for an, 378.

Eliot, President £., Report for 1890,

Ellis, George E.— Recollections
of Round Hill School, 337.

Elsenhans, Th., Psychologic und
Logik, 404.

Emerton, Ephraim. — Fletchers
Gustavus Adoiphus and the
Struggle of Protestantism, 295.

England, Contemporary Educational
Thought in, 410; Secondary Edu-
cation in, 306; The Greek Ques-
tion in, 281, 3oiS.

Fayerweather, F. Bequests to Col-
leges, 388.

Fiske, John, Civil Government in
the United States, 87.

Fiske, Thomas S. — Cajorfs The
Teaching and History of Mathe-
matics in the United States, 183.

Fitch, J. G. — Secondary Education
in England, 306; Contemporary
Educational Thought in Great
Britain, 410.

Fletcher, C. R. L., Gustavus Adoi-
phus, 295.

Forbes, S. A.— The Pedagogic
Value of Zoology, 328.

Foreign Correspondence, 410, 474.

Foreign Periodicals, 97, 200, 306,

Fowler, Harold N., Quintus Cur-

tius, 402.
Fruitful Lines of Investigation in

Psychology, 8.
Frye, Alexander E., Brooks and

Brook Basins, 405.

Introduction to Philosophy, yy.


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Geographical Exhibit, The Brooklyn
Institute. 384.

Germany, School Reform in, see
Prussian Commission ; The Move-
ment for an Einheitsschule in,


Gilder, Richard Watson.— The
New York Kindergarten Associa-
tion, 59.

GiLMAN, Daniel C— The Shorten-
ing of the College Curriculum, i.

Gilman, Report of President G., for
1890, 174.

GooDALE, Elaine.— Self Teaching
in the Indian Schools, 57.

Gordy, J. P., Lessons in Psychology^


Great Britain, Contemporary Edu-
cational Thought in, 410; The
Greek Question in, 281.

Greek, Compulsory Study of, 281 ;
The Greek Question in England,
410; The Pronunciation of, 265.

Growth of New England Colleges,
The, 209.

Guillaume, J., Pestalozsi, 82.

Harkness, Albert, An Easy Method
for Beginners in Latin, 501.
-Harris, William ''T.— Fruitful
Lines of Investigation in Psychol-
ogy, 8 ; Compayri*s The Elements
0/ Psychology, 72.

Harrison, James A. — Sidney's
The Defense of Poesy: Others-
wise Known as an Apology for
Poetry, 293.

Hart, Albert Bushnell.— /*«/-
nam's Tabular Views of History,

Hayek, G. von, JLehrfilan der Rus*-
sischen Gymnasien, 512.

Heidsiek, J., Der Taubstumme und
seine Sprache, 496.

Herbartian System of Pedagogics,
The, 33, 244. 453.

Heredity and Education, 147.

Hervey, Walter L.,— QuickCs Es-
says on Educational Reformers,
69; Gordy s Lessons in Psychol*

ogy, 397.
Hodgkins, Louise Manning,Afatthew
Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum,


Hopkins, Louisa Parsons.— Co-
education of the Sexes in Boston
Public Schools, 46.

Howard, George E., Evolution of
the University, 303.

Hughes, Thomas.— Public Dispu-
tations, 166.

Huling, Ray Greene.— il/ii/M^w
Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum,

Hyslop, James W,-^ Mackenzie's
Introduction to Social Philoso*

P^y* 493.

Ideals, On, by the Bishop of Dur-
ham, 515.

Illinois, Repeal of Compulsory Edu-
cation Laws in, 52 ; State Teach-
ers' Association, 163.

Imagination in Mathematics, 269.

Indian Schools, Self Teaching in,

Is there a Science of Education } 15.

Jackman, Wilbur S., Outlines of
Natural Science for Compton
Schools, 504.

Jackson, Sheldon, Report of the
General Agent of Education of
Alaska, 512.

James, Wm., Principles of Psychol-
ogy, 357.

Jastrow. Joseph.— The Psycho-
logical Study of Children, 253.

Jastrow, Joseph, The Time-rela*
tions of Mental Phenomena, 189.

Jebb, R. C, Erasmus, iSS.

Kennedy, John, A Stem Dictionary-^
of the English Language, 192.
\Kennedy, John.— Function of Su-
pervision, The, 465.

Kindergarten Association, The New
York, 59.

Kirchner, Friedrich. — Contem-
porary Educational Thought in
Prussia, 474.

Klemm, L. 'R.-^Guillaume's Pesta-
loszi, 82 ; Scherer's Adolf h Dies-
terweg's Pddagogik, 187; The
Movement for an Einheitsschule
in Germany, 378 ; Heidsiek' s Der
Taubstumme und seine Sprache,

Kratz, Henry Elton, Naturalism in
Pedagogy, 304.

Ladd, George Trumbull, Introduce
tion to Philosophy, 77,

Lange, Helena, Higher Education
of Women in Europe, 84.

Laurie, S. S., Lectures on Language
and Linguistic Methods in the^
School, 181 ; The Study of tlw-*
Philosophy of Mind in its Educa-
tional Reference, 514.



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Le Bon, Gustave.— The Education
of Women and its Effects, loi.

Leete, C. H., Lon^fnan's School
Geography for North America,

Legislation, School Text-Book, 286.

Libraries, Public L. and Reading
Rooms in Schoolhouses, 389.

Limits of State Control in Educa-
tion, 26.

Lonnbeck, Gustaf F.. Uno Cygnaeus,

Low, Report of President L., for
1890, 175.

Mac Alister. Retirement of Superin-
tendent, 65.

Mac Alister, James. — Art Edu-
cation in the Public Schools, 313.

Mackenzie, John S., An Introduce
tion to Social Philosophy, 493.

McMurry, Frank, Herbert Spencer*s
Erziehungslehre, 513.

Manacdine, Marie, Le Surmenage
Mental, 408.

Mania for Degrees, The, 64.

Mapel, J. J.— The Repeal of the
Compulsory Education Laws in
Wisconsin and Illinois, 52.

Marble, A. P. — Outline Course of
Study in Elementary Science^
Manual Training, and Lan-
guage, 297.

March. F. A.— Webster's Interna-
tional Dictionary of the English
Language, 288.

Massachusetts, Provincialism of her
Teachers, 66 ; State Teachers' As-
sociation, 160.

Massachusetts State Teachers' As-
sociation, The Forty-sixth Meeting
of, 160.

Mathematics, Imagination in, 269.

Maxwell, William VL.—DeGar^
mo*s Language Work Below the
High School, 89; Woodward's
Manual Training in Education,
194; Pic hard's School Supervi-
sion, 299; The Department of
Superintendence, 381 ; Helton's
A Literary Manual of Foreign
Quotations, 398; Rosetti's The
Adonais of Shelley, 404; Burt's
The World's Literature, 509.

Mayfield, George W.— Politics
and Education in South Carolina,

Middle Ages, The Primary School
in the, 220.

Monteith, James, School and Family

Atlas of the World, 403.
—New England Superintendents'

Outline Course of Study, 297.
New York Kindergarten Association,

The, 59.
Noss. Theo. B. — Monteith's School

and Family Atlas of the World,


Patten, Simon N.—The Educa-
tional Value of College Studies,
105. '

Peck, H. T,— Fowler's Q. Curti ,
Rufi Historiarum Libri III et
IV, 402.

Peck, Tracy. — Harkness' Easy
Method in Latin, $01,

Pedagogics, the Herbartian System
of, 33, 244, 453-

Pedagogic Value of Zoology, The,
-N Philadelphia, School Reform in, 486.

Philosophy in America, 61.

Pickard, J. L., School Supervision,

Poland. Addison B,— Longmans
School Geography for North
America, 92 ; Kennedy's Stem
Dictionary of the English Lan-
guage, 192; State Councils of
Education, 372 ; Frye's First Steps
in Geography : Brooks and Brook
Basins, 405 ; Colburn's First Les^
sons and Wheeler's Second Les-
sons in Arithmetic, 507.

Politics and Education in South
Carolina. 285. 471, 487.

Poverty and Compulsory Education,

Primary School, The P. S. in the
Midale Ages, 220.

Provincialism of New England
Teachers, The, 66.

Prussian Commission in School Re-
form, The, 173, 200, 273, 490.

Psychology. Baker's Elementary,
495 ; Compayr^'s Elements of, 72 ;
■^ Elsenhans', 404 ; Fruitful Lines of
Investigation in. 8 ; Gordy's Les-
sons in. 397 ; James* Principles of,
357 ; Steele's Rudimentary, 394.

Public Disputations. 166.

Public Schools, Art Education in,
313 ; Religion in, 463.

Putnam. G. P.. Tabular Views of
Universal History, 500.

Quick. Robert Hebert. -— My
Pedagogic Autobiography, 417.


zed by Google



Quick, Robert Hebert, 484 ; Essays

on Educational Reformers ^ 69.
Rein, W., Pddagogik im Grundriss, n

Reviews. 69, 181, 288, 392,490.
Rice, William North. -Wa^'^-

man*s Outlines of Natural Science

for Schools, 504.
Ridenour, William ^,^Bowser*s

Elements of Plane and Solid

Geometry, 95.
Rossetti, William Michael, The Ad-

onais of Shelley, 404.
Round Hill School, Recollections of,

Rousselot, Paul, Pidagogie Histo-

rigue, 409.
ROYCE, JosiAH.— Is there a Science

of Education? 15; 121.
Salmon, Lucy M.— Study of His-
tory in Elementary Schools, The,


Salomoil, Otto, Handbok i Pedago-
gisk Snickerisldjd, 407.

Sawyer, George C— The Pronun-
ciation of Greek, 265.

Scherer, Heinrich, Adolf Diester- '
weg*s Pddagogik^ 187.

School, The Legal Definition of a,

School Reform, the Prussian Com-
mission on, 173. 200, 273, 490; in
Municipalities, 485 ; in Philadel-
phia, 486.

School Text-book Legislation, 286.

Science Teaching, 170, 180.

Sectarian Universities, 63.

Self-Teaching in Indian Schools, 57.

Seligman, Edwin R. A.— The
Fourth Annual Meeting of the
American Economic Association,

Shortening of the College Curri-
culum, The, I.

Slater Fund, A New Agent for, 176.

Smith, Vi\jtiVLOiE..-^Evolutionof the
University, 303.

Society of Naturalists, Appeal of,

South Carolina, Politics and Educa-
tion in, 285, 471.

Spalding, J. L., Education and the
Higher Life, 392.

Steele, George M. — Rudimentary
Psychology for Schools and Col-
^g^s, 394.

Superintendence, The Department

of, 38f .
Supervision, Efficient, 62 ; Function

of, 465 ; Waste of Energy in,

Thwing, Inauguration of President.

Time and Age in Relation to the

College Curriculum, 133.
Universities, Sectarian, 63; Three

Reports, 174 ; Limitations of State,

University Extension, The U. E.

Movement, 388.
University of Chicago: Official

Bulletin No, i, 304.
University of Michigan : the Pres^

idenfs Report, 1890, 305.
Verhandlungen iiber Fragen des

hoheren Unterrichts, Berlin, 1890,

Ward, Duky.^,— Spalding's f. H.

Education and the Higher Life,

Ward, James.— Notes on Educa-
tion Values, 97.
Warner, Francis, The Growth and

Means of Training the Mental

Faculty, 83.
Webster s International Dictionary

of the English Language, 288.
West, Andrew Y,— Laurie's Lec^

tures on Language and Linguis^

tic Method in the School, 181.
Wheeler, N. N. — Second Lessons in

Arithmetic, 507.
William, Germa)? Emperor. —

Address to tbo Commission on

School Refon]|b^200.
Williams, GM)RGe U,-— Bird's

Elementary myology, 401.

Williams, R. <3f, Our Dictionaries
and Other .English Language
Topics, 190.

WiUoughby, Westel W., The Su-
preme Court of the United States,


Wolfe, Harry K., On the Color Vo-
cabulary of Children, 513.

Wood, henry.-— The Results of
the Prussian Commission on
School Reform, 273.

Woodward, CM., Manual Train-
ing in Education, 194.

Zoology, The Pedagogic Value of,


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- . i- /




Professor of Pkihsophy in Columbia College^ President of the New York College for the Training

of Teachers

Assisted BY 'E.,\i.QOOYi,V\i.\>.,Head-Master Rutgers Preparatory School, New Brunswick, N.J,

WILLIAM H. MAXWELL, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Brooklyn, N, K

ADDISON B. POLAND, Ph.D.. Superintendent of Schools, Jersey City, N, J.


Januari?, 1891

The Shortening of tfie College Curriculum, . DANIEL C. OILMAN

Fruitful Lines of Investigation in Psychology y

Is there a Science of Education f I, .

The Limits of State Control in Education, .

The Herbartian School of Pedagogics ^ /, .

Discussions :

Co- Education in Boston, Lonlsa Parsons Hopldns— The Bennett Law, John Bascom
— ^The Repeal of the Compulsory Education Laws in Wisconsin and Illinois,
- J. J. Mapel—Self-Teaching in the Indian Schools, Elaine Goodale— The New
York Kindergarten Association, Richard Watson Gilder.

^-4 Introductory — Philosophy in America — Efficient Supervision — Sectarian Universities
■^^ — The Mania for Degrees — The Retirement of Superintendent MacAlister— The
Provincialism of New England Teachers.

Reviews :

Quick's Educational Reformers — Compayr6's Psychology — Ladd's Introduction to
Philosophy — Gutllanme's Pcstalozzi — Warner's Mental Faculty — Lange's Higher
Education of Women in Europe — Fiske's Civil Government in Uie United States —
De Garmo's Language Work below the High School — Longmans' School Geography
for North America — Bowser's Elements of Geometry.

Education in Foreign Periodicals:

No^aja p Education Val ues — The Education of Women and its Effects.

Books Received.



.Ceoan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. Paris : F. Alcan. Berlin : Mayer & Muller
(CorvKiGHT, 1890, by Hbnrv Holt ft Co.)
Bntered at the Post-office at New York, N. Y., as Second-class Matter
Published Monthly except Angiut and September
. J. Whole No. 1 $3 a Your (10 Nos.) 3dc a Co»v

Digitized by V^OOQIC

THE EDUCATIONAL REVIEW v/ill appear on the first day of each
month, August and September excepted. The scope of the Review is
as broad as education itself, and subjects relating to elementary, secondary,
and higher education will be given equal prominence and attention. Each
number will contain signed articles on topics of current interest, critical
notes and discussions, editorial comments on contemporary educational
thought and practice, reviews of new publications, including text-books,
and a summary of the contents of the leading educational journals pub-
lished abroad.

Contributions have been secured for early publication from

FMddent B. BESJAXXN ANBBJBWS, JAMX8 !•. HUaEGSS, Inspeotor of
Brown UniTenity. SohoolB, Toronto, Canada.

Brother AZABIAB, De Iia SaUe Institute, Superintendent W. N. HATTiMANy^ Ia
New York, Porte. Indiana.

Prof. JOHBT BA8COM, Wffliaanatown, Mra. OABOLYN ULDD HAL!,, Bryn

Uawr CoUege.

Superintendent JOHHT ». BBADiaY, P»j^WAI.TEBI..BDBBVBY, BTewYork

Minneapolie. Ulna. OoUege for the Train ing of Teaohen.


BrooUjrn, N. 7.


- ^v.A.H.BBADFOBD.Montolair.W.J. ^^^^ ^^™^^' ^^««**3r of
Prot^ABBIiSI. COlCPATBlfi, Poitlwt, j^^ j^^Y PUTlff AM JAOOBI. ISTew



Ber. HOWABD CB08B7, Kew York* i>r, BOBBBT POBTSSB XSBP. JTorwioh,
Prof. J. McK. OATTXIiIi, TTniverrity of Oonn.

Pennsylvania. Br. If. B. KIiEMM. Bureau of JDducatlon,
OSOBOB W. BBBSYOIBB, Superin* Washingtoxi, D. C.

tendent of School Buildings. New President J. J. MAPIQti, State ITormal

York. School. Milwaukee. Wis.

Prof. Q. 8. PUIiIJBBTOK, University of Prof. J. CI«ABK MUBBAY. MoGIU Unl.

Pennsylvania* versity, Montreal* Canada.

Dr. J. a. PTFOH. Inqpeotor of Training l>r. JAMBS MAO AUSTFSB. President

Colleges. Iiondon. »«gi«^««i- of the Brezel Institute. Philadelphia.

Prof. J. P. OOBDY, Ohio State Univer. Z>ro£ LUCY M. SAI.MOB. Vassar Col.

sity. ^«««-

BAY aBBBNB HUIJSra Bew Bed- JAMBS S UIiLY . I<mdon. Bnglaad.

ford. Mass. J. B. THAYBB. State Superintendent of
Prof. B. A. HIBSDALB. University of Public Instruction, Wlaoonsin.

Michigan. And many others.

Subscription price $3 per year (ten numbers, none being issued for
August and September). Single copies, 35 cents.

All manuscripts intended for publication should be addressed to Prof.
NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, Columbia College, New York.

Checks, drafts and money-orders should be made to the order of tl

All subscriptions and other business communications should be sent t(

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