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The son of Don Juan; an original drama in 3 acts inspired by the reading of Ibsen's work entitled Gengangere online

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Online LibraryJosé EchegarayThe son of Don Juan; an original drama in 3 acts inspired by the reading of Ibsen's work entitled Gengangere → online text (page 8 of 8)
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CAR. Because I shall be close to you and will
you not see me? Because I shall call to you
" Lazarus ! " and will you not answer me ? Because
I shall weep much, my tears will fall upon you and
will you not feel them ? I am weak as a child, but


children too can hold on strongly. Lazarus, attend to
me; are you not attending to what I say? I am
Carmen. Look at me ! That pale little head which
you used to speak of is touching your lips. Look, I
am smiling at you. Laugh yourself. Answer me.
Lazarus Lazarus Awake ! Do you hear me ? What
are you looTcing at ?

LAZ. Yes I know I know but call my mother.

CAR. No I alone they would separate us : we
two alone. Why do you want your mother to come ?

LAZ. I want to sleep.

CAR. (looking on all sides). Then rest on me.
Sleep in my arms.

LAZ. You little fool, no. If I sleep it must be in
the arms of my mother. That's what mothers are
for. When I awake I shall call you.

CAR. Lazarus !

LAZ. Call her! Don't I tell you to call her?
Obey, you selfish girl. Don't you wish that I should
have rest neither ?

CAR. Yes. I'll call her. (Walking to the door.}
My God !

LAZ. Are you going or not ? Or must I go myself?

CAR. No ; wait ; it is that I am not able. (Stand-
ing at the door.) Dolores ! Don Juan !

LAZ. I said my mother I only want one person ;

CAR. Well, I was that one.

LAZ. No, she I can't say to you Mother !

CAR. (calling). Dolores !

LAZ. (going towards her and calling). Mother !

CAR. They are coming now.

LAZ. Several are coming. I did not say so many.

I shall have to defend myself, and, to defend myself

I need to have much courage. (Drinks a glass.)



CAR. Quick ! Here ! Dolores !


DOL. Why did you call? Is it that Lazarus ?

JUAN. What's the matter with Lazarus?

LAZ. Nothing ; Carmen was frightened I don't
know why, and she called.

CAR. He seems better. Lazarus, they are here
\jipw. Do you wish me to remain also?

LAZ. Why not ? Yes, everybody about me. As we
were downstairs. My mother, my father, sweet little
Carmen, I ! There's one short ah ! Paca. I still
keep my memory. (Laughing?) Well, yes, we are
short of Paca. Ha! Let us sit down as we were
before, and let us wait till the day arrives. It is now
about to dawn. Look, look what brightness there is
in the distance. A great sitting up I And why are
we sitting up ?

DOL. You wished it

JUAN. Yes, my son ; it was you that insisted upon
it ; and when you desire anything, what are we all for
but to give you pleasure ?

LAZ. We have to bid farewell to Carmen. A fare-
well is a very sad and solemn thing, a thing beyond
all consolation, and I have need to be consoled.
Come, mother, to this side ; come you also (to his
father) to the other side ; I must be between the two ;
and you must both tell me that this separation is a
passing one, that we shall soon be all reunited to
Carmen for ever and, such other things as are said ;
though they may not be true they are said.

DOLORES and JUAN are seated at either side

DOL. But they are true.
JUAN. Why, nothing else was to happen.


CARMEN approaches.

CAR. Yes, Lazarus, we shall be reunited very soon.

LAZ. (angrily). You must not come near. You
keep off.

CAR. (wiihdrawing in pain and anguish). Lazarus !

DOL. Lazarus, look how poor Carmen is grieved.

JUAN. Nay, come, my daughter, come ; Lazarus
wishes you to come.

LAZ. It cannot be. It is she who is going away.
If she is going away she must be at a distance. And
from a distance I say " Adieu, Carmen, adieu ; I love
you deeply." ( With passion!) Do you see ? It is
not that I do not love her ; it is that things must be
as they are.

CAR. (restraining her grief, aside). Impossible !
Impossible ! My Lazarus !

DOL. (to her son). What's the matter with you ?

JUAN. How are you, Lazarus ?

LAZ. Very well ; between you two, very well, as
when I was a child, with the same calmness, the same
peace as then.

DOL. You remember ?

LAZ. Yes, for my head is very sound. With what
clearness I remember those times !

JUAN (to DOLORES). You see? he is well, the same
as during all those days. Carmen has alarmed her-
self without cause.

CAR. That's true, without cause.

JUAN. His head is far more steady than ours. This
way between the two.

LAZ. No. I remember everything now ; between
the two, no ; I was alone with my mother ; you were
not there ! Go away, go away. (Putting his father
away without violence?)


JUAN. You don't remember that well, Lazarus.
(With humility.) We were both beside you many
times. (In a tone of angttish.) Is it not true,
Dolores ? (In a supplicating manner!)

DOL. Yes, my dear.

LAZ. No I must not be contradicted. I was alone
with her. (Embracing her.)

DOL. My son.

JUAN. Why do you put me away ? Can I love you
more than I do ?

LAZ. Ah ! yes well, you are right, father.

JUAN. You see ? I was right !

LAZ. Yes, once we were as we are now ha, ha, ha !

JUAN. The same as now.

CAR. Oh, his look his look ! (Aside.)

LAZ. Hush hush. As now no, not as now.
My mother was dishevelled, weeping, but very beau-
tiful, and you haughty and disdainful, but gay and
elegant. Away ! and she weeping, sobbing, and you
laughing ; and you quarrelled how you quarrelled !
it was terrible.


LAZ. Yes. I see it now.

CAR. (aside). His look ! How he stares on every
side !

JUAN. Don't be angry but you don't remember

LAZ. (angrily). I must not be contradicted. You
quarrelled. I know it I see it as I still feel that

JUAN. Lazarus !

DOL. (to JUAN). Be quiet.

JUAN. Well, then we quarrelled a little dispute.

LAZ. (laughing). No no it was not a little dispute.
It was a desperate fight ; you quarrelled in deadly


^ -

earnest. And you, father, wished to take hold of me
and you took hold of me and gave me a caress.
(Laughing?) Come, come, you were not so bad.

JUAN. You see, Lazarus, you see?

LAZ. But my mother tore me out of your arms, and
she pressed me in her own, and said to you : " Off
with your hold ; go away ; go and enjoy yourself ; go
and get drunk. Leave him to me."

JUAN. No, Lazarus I think not as you were such
a child you don't remember.

DOL. (to JUAN). Silence !

LAZ. And you cried out : "Well, then, remain with
him, and much good may he do you ! Much good ! "
What contempt ! and you pushed me away.

JUAN. No, no, that I did not. I never did so.

LAZ. Yes.


LAZ. (angrily}. I say yes. You pushed me leave
me, father ; leave me alone with my mother. (Putting
him away.) There, there, far off far off with Car-

JUAN (withdraws and embraces CARMEN). Oh, my
Lazarus, my Lazarus !

LAZ. (laughing, to his mother). There are the exiles
in their valley of tears.

CAR. It is not possible it is not possible ! Let
them come let them come ; jet them save


JUAN. Yes let them save him.

LAZ. (to his mother). Now, with you.

DOL. With me always with me.

LAZ. Always with you ! No, that's not true neither.
Why, Lord, you people don't remember anything ;
here nobody remembers a thing but myself. You
sent me away very far to an accursed college. I
wished to stay with you, and you said, " Let them


take him away, let them take him away ! " He (point-
ing to his father) said, " Stay with your mother," and
he went away. You said, " Let them take him away, 1 '
and you remained alone. Both, bojhjrfjrpU- se P arate d
yourselves from me. Oh, I remember all this very
well, and until now I had never called it to mind.
Something seems to be melting within my brain ;
something goes on sweeping away the ruins of all
ideas of the present ; and, as amid soil which the
torrent drags along, there spring to light ancient
moulds, so within here there rushes up the entire world
^_pf my childhood. So it is, and I remember every-
l thing. I fell asleep night after night without a kiss
\ from either of you. Morning after morning I awoke
Ljvithout a caress from any one. Alone I lived alone
I shall continue to live ; go, mother, to those yonder.
(Putting her away gently?)

DOL. (to JUAN). Ah ! through you ! (Turning back.}
Lazarus !

GLAZ. I have said that I wish to be alone. I love
rou dearly, but take notice that things have to be
>recisely as they are.

DOL., CAR., and DON JUAN are together; LAZ.
contemplates them with a vague smile j then he

Thus we are as we should be. Each one in his place
to every one his own. But I don't want to be so
lonely either. Let Paca come Paca !
JUAN. Whom is he calling ?
LAZ. Her. Paca !

Enter PACA.
PACA. Senorito.

LAZ. Come ; here very close. ( To the others.}
Now I am not alone, you see, father? Now I have


company, and merrier company than yours you who
are sad and gloomy as death. Take a glass, Paca,
and give me another, and let us drink as we did a
short time ago.

DOL. Lazarus !

PACA. Senorito, I drank a great deal, and now I
don't know now, my head is

LAZ. Yes, I insist on it you and I.

JUAN. Good God ! No.

LAZ. Why not? Ah, you egoist, that have your
own enjoyment and don't wish others to enjoy them-
selves. Well, I too wish to enjoy myself. My life
is drawing to a close, and I must take advantage of
that ! Drink, Tarifena, drink, and laugh, and dance,
and twirl about. And tell me of your merry, youthful
days something that will cheer me, something to fire
my blood, which I now feel turning cold. Laughter,
orgies, dances, loves something that may shake my
nerves, which I now feel to be growing torpid. Come,
Tarifena, give me life, for I am young, and I wish to

JUAN. No more, no more I cannot see this. I
cannot hear this.

DOL. Oh, God !

JUAN (rushes away from the others and approaches
PACA, seizing her by an arm}. Go !

LAZ. (holding her also). She shall not go.

JUAN. I command it.

LAZ. And I also.

JUAN (to PACA). By the salvation of my soul, if
you don't go, I shall throw you from that balcony into
the river. Look, you don't know yet what I am.
Quick !

LAZ. (fiercely). I have said no ! Do you take a
* e light in tormenting me ?


JUAN {falling on his knees at the feet of his son}.
Lazarus, for the love of God let this woman go away.

LAZ. Poor man ! Ah ! those white hairs. (Fondling
them.} And he is weeping. Poor dear father ! Well !
you now see how grieved he is. Go away, woman, go
away since it must be so.

PACA withdraws.

JUAN. Oh my Lazarus my happiness my chas-
tisement !

LAZ. I don't want to chastise you ; I don't want to
chastise anybody. What I desire is that we should
all be merry. Come, woman, you now see that nobody
wants you ; go away. Have you not heard ?

PACA. First of all, I have to tell what those people
(pointing to the cabinet} are saying ; you ordered me.

LAZ. (in astonishment}. I ?

JUAN (rises}. What do they say ?

They all surround PACA.

PACA. Wicked things. That they won't let these
two be married.

CAR. My God !

JUAN. Why ? Speak !

DOL. Quiet!

JUAN. Say it low !

PACA. Because the senorito is about to have his last
attack, and all will be at an end with him ; and you
(to CARMEN) your father is now going to take you

DOL. Ah ! (runs to embrace her son, who has fol-
lowed with his gaze the group.}

CAR. (desperately). No ! I with him for ever.

JUAN (rushing to the cabinet}. Bermudez ! Here I

PACA (aside}. It's well that they should know it.


JUAN. Bermudez save my son and demand of me
my life, my soul all that you wish what shall I not
give you? but save my Lazarus.

DOLORES runs to meet BERMUDEZ ; CARMEN alone
remains with LAZARUS.

DOL. Bermudez, one hope ! One hope !
approaches LAZARUS. TlMOTEO advances towards
CARMEN. JAVIER stands apart.

TIM. Come, Carmen ; my daughter, come. It is
getting late.

CAR. No. With him ; I'll not leave him so.

TIM. It is necessary for heaven's sake, girl.
(Separating her from LAZARUS.)

CAR. Lazarus, they are separating us.

LAZ. (gathering himself together with a supreme
effort.} Who? That old man!' That scum of the
earth ! Away, scum, to your heap of refuse ! I pass
on to life ! I pass on to love ! Carmen, to my arms !
(Rushes towards her, catches her, and takes her to the
balcony. The others follow them.} Look, what an
horizon ! What splendour ! Come, melt your soul
in mine, enfold your body round mine, and let us
mingle ourselves among yonder rays of light. Yes,
come, Carmen, come !

They are separated by force, and LAZARUS is drawn
away, and falls at last on the sofa.

BERM. The last ray of light !

The characters are disposed of in the following
manner: LAZARUS on the sofa to the right.
DON JUAN, staggering, falls on the sofa to the
left, hiding his face in his hands; as if to help


hint) PACA stations herself at his side. Toward
the left TIMOTEO and CARMEN ; JAVIER with
DOLORES in the centre. BERMUDEZ stands
contemplating LAZARUS. A pause. LAZARUS is

JAV. (in a low voice to BERMUDEZ). Is he dead ?

BERM. Would to God he were !

JUAN. How many mornings have I myself awakened
here !

PACA. True !

JUAN. Silence ! And my Lazarus is not awaking.

DOL. (to BERMUDEZ). I have nothing left in life but
Lazarus. In God's name, Bermudez, think of that.

TIM. Carmen !

CAR. It is useless, father. I shall not leave him.

BERM. Silence silence ! The day breaks the sun

begins to rise Lazarus seems to be returning to

: himself. He lifts his gaze he fixes it on the light

which springs forth. Let us listen let us listen !

This is decisive !

JUAN. To hear what he will say? Will he call
upon me?

DOL. It is on me that he will call.

CAR. He will not call on me !

LAZ. (with his face towards the rising sun}. Mother !

DOL. (running to him and embracing hint). Lazarus !

LAZ. (pointing to the sun). How beautiful !

JUAN (falling on his knees by the sofa and raising
his arms : PACA holds him}. Lord ! Lord !

DOL. Lazarus !

/ LAZ. Most beautiful ! most beautiful !
> give me_ the sun !

DOL. Ah ! My God !

The sun ! the sun ! I want the sun !


JUAN (still on his knees j falls against the sofa:
P ACA holds hitn). My boy !

DOL. (embracing LAZARUS). My darling !

CAR. (wildly embracing her father, who subdues
her). Lazarus ! My life !

BERM. For ever !

LAZ. Mother the sun ! the sun ! give me the
sun ! (He says this like a child, and with the face of
an idiot.}

JUAN. I also asked for it. Jesus ! my Lazarus, my
Lazarus !

LAZ. Give me the sun ! Mother, mother the sun !
For God's sake for God's sake for God's sake,
mother give me the sun !






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Online LibraryJosé EchegarayThe son of Don Juan; an original drama in 3 acts inspired by the reading of Ibsen's work entitled Gengangere → online text (page 8 of 8)